Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Business Law and Local Wisdom in Tourism (ICBLT 2021)

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“Sunflower Garden” Eco-Tourism Area Development Strategy in Batannyuh Belayu Village, Marga District, Tabanan Regency

A.A.Gede Oka Wisnumurti, I Made Wimas Candranegara, Ni Made Anggriyani, Ni Gusti Ayu Made Marlin Rintha Putri
Tourism today has become a necessity for all levels of society. Therefore, tourism management must be carried out seriously by involving related parties. The Central Government also has exceptional attention to Bali as an area with enormous tourism potential and much foreign exchange. The central government...
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The Effectiveness of Licensing on Tourism Business Activity in the Area of the Toba Lake

Alfon Octavianus Sitepu, Faisal Santiago, Ricky Purwanto
Establishment of Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy at national level and the Department of Tourism in each region, the Indonesian government has focused on tourism. Through Government Regulation on Spatial Planning of the National Park, the Indonesian government announced ten tourism sites in...
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The Effectiveness of the Presence of Investment Management Agency in Indonesia

Alum Simbolon, Irene Putri Alfani Sofia Sinaga
The Indonesian government’s strategy to deal with the drastic decline in the Indonesian economy is to increase investment and domestic consumption. One of government’s modes to increase investment is that the government and Indonesian House of Representatives approve establishment of omnibus law, namely...
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The Function of Law in the Protection of Culture in Bali: A Study on Tourism Business Based on Omnibus Law

Anak Agung Gede Agung Indra Prathama
The current legal issue is that the government’s expectation of Indonesia is that tourism will be boosted with IDR budget. 14.4 trillion in 2021. The target for the development includes five areas, and Bali will be the primary target. The development of Cultural Tourism in Bali is inseparable from the...
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Management Model of Traditional Village-based Tourism Objects in the Perspective of Tourism Law

Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Jaya Agung
This study examines and analyzes existing regulatory instruments regarding the management model for traditional village-based tourism objects from the perspective of tourism law. The method used in this research is normative legal. This conceptualizes law as the thing in which t is written and contained...
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The Role of Mediator in the Settlement of Industrial Relations Disputes Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Anak Agung Sagung Laksmi Dewi, I Nyoman Gede Antaguna
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the economic and health sectors and many obstacles in resolving industrial relations conflicts. One of the ways to resolve the conflict between employers and employees are through the action of mediation. This research aimed to know the role of mediators in resolving...
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Wages Problems of Local Wisdom-based Tourism Development During Covid-19 Pandemic

Aries Harianto
This paper aims at obtaining legal solutions to build the concept of wage policies during the COVID-19 pandemic to maintain the continuity and development of local wisdom-based tourism businesses. The covid-19 pandemic has a significant impact on local wisdom-based tourism industries’ development. Decreased...
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Humanitarian Law Aspects Concerning Cultural Heritage Protection in Tourism Business: Special Reference to Jakarta Old City Area

Arlina Permanasari
Indonesia has enacted Law No. 11 of 2010 on cultural heritage and other national laws and regulations to protect cultural heritage, among others, by implementing cultural heritage ratings. Indonesia has also ratified the 1954 Den Haag Convention and its First Protocol which also regulates the protection...
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The Impact of Customary Wedding Culture Rampanan Kapa’ in Strengthening the Customary Law and Improving Cultural Tourism in Tana Toraja-South Sulawesi

Asmah Abbas, Nur Hidayah
Tana Toraja is one area in South Sulawesi-Indonesia that still maintains the cultural customs, which are the heritage of their ancestors since thousands of years ago. This is marked by the validity of customary law, for example, implementing a death ceremony called Rambu Solo’ and a traditional wedding...
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Customary Law in Constitutional Review in Korea

Byun Hae-Cheol
Customary law is defined as a law formed in social life, not by legislators. Customary laws, based on rituals and customs, have occupied an essential part of legal life. However, in the 19th century, through the codification era, customary law was replaced by written law, not only in written law countries...
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Overcome Tourism Threat Through Balinese Local Wisdom

Debiana Dewi Sudrajat
Tourism in Bali is the key to economic life for most Balinese people. The economic cycle in Bali is exceptionally dependent on tourism that takes place in various regions in Bali. Bali’s status as ‘Pulau Dewata’ or ‘Island of the gods’ has a significant impact as one of the tourisms appeals in Bali....
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Misuse of Visitation Visas by Foreigners

Desak Gde Dwi Arini
The Arrival of foreigners in Indonesia is a tourist visit and comes with the purpose of state or business visit, in tourism science known as “Business Tourism.” For example, the Arrival of foreigners in Indonesia is the leading destination for business. However, the rest of the time is used to make tourist...
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Multimodal Transport: Liability of Third Party Under International Carriage of Goods

Desak Putu Dewi Kasih, Made Suksma Prijandhini Devi Salain
The increase in international trade is followed by the increase in the carriage of goods services. There are various transportation modes for international carriage of goods, namely: land, sea, air, and multimodal. The problems often arise when goods are lost, damaged, or delay. Especially when using...
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Legal Standing of Foreign Workers in Tourism Sector in Indonesia and Carrying out Mixed Marriage with Indonesian People

Desi Purnani
Foreign workers working in the tourism sector in Indonesia and carrying out mixed marriages with Indonesians, then the spouses of the foreign workers may become an individual sponsors. With this sponsor, the foreign workers may also work to help his family in the informal sector. This is regulated in...
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Juridical Review of Extradition Treaty Between Indonesia and the Republic of South Korea in Narcotics and Psychotropic Crimes

Dessy Lina Oktaviani Suendra
Extradition is a form of international cooperation to arrest and hand over a suspect, defendant, or convict who is under the jurisdiction of another State to a State entitled to try them. As one of the countries that are often the target of criminal acts of narcotics among countries, Indonesia must make...
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Legal Smuggling of Share Ownership Using Nominee Arrangements Associated with a Violation of the Negative Investment Lists

Dewi Nadya Maharani, Faisal Santiago
This paper analyzes whether or not there is legal smuggling in the nominee arrangement when it is associated with the negative investment list that applies in Indonesia. The normative law is used in this paper. The result is that the nominee arrangement is part of smuggling law against investment law....
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The Manak Salah Tradition in the Songan Traditional Village, Bangli Regency, Human Rights Perspective

Diah Gayatri Sudibya
Manak Salah is as a tradition carried out by the indigenous people in Songan Village, Bangli. They think that the birth of tapered twins (male and female) is such a mistake that obliges parents and their tapered twins to isolate for three months temporarily. This was considered as inverse to humanity,...
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Dynamics of BMKT Investment Policy: Challenges in Application

Dinda Silviana Putri, Bebeto Ardyo
Changes in investment policy choices for Valuable Objects from Sinking Ships (BMKT) in Indonesia are quite dynamic. Starting with foreign freedom in the ownership of BMKT based on Law 5 of 1992 concerning Cultural Conservation, the inclusion of BMKT in the Negative Investment List (DNI) based on Perpresulation...
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The Role of Bale Mediasi in Settlement of Tourism Disputes in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)

Edi Saputra Hasibuan
Tourism development, which is a way for the Government to accelerate economic growth to realize the community’s welfare, will lead to disputes in the process. West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), which is made one of the areas in the priority of national and international tourism development, must look at sustainable...
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Environmental Law in the Tourism Development of Investment in Indonesia

Eka Poedjihartanto Paul, Zudan Arif Fakrulloh
Globally, tourism is seen as one of the sectors increasing its contribution to national income. Tourism encourages economic growth through the investment opportunities, job opportunities, business opportunities and, in the end, can improve welfare of people. Along with continued development of tourism,...
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Role of Residence Permit Section and Immigration Status in the Management of Extended Visitation Residence Permit

Evi Oktarina, Faisal Santiago
Era of globalization that is increasingly has a significant influence on the mobility of the population. For example, people travel to various places in the world, among others, for travel, work, and school. The mobility of the community certainly cannot happen without the permission of the country to...
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Actions of Tourism Business Actors Against Tourism Workers on Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic

Fatikhah Kismilarsih
This paper discusses policies to reduce employment termination because of the affect of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, made many tourists cancel their travel plans. Tourism business actors made efficiency efforts by reducing working days, including implementing the Work from Home system to reduce...
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Implementation of Concept ‘Halal Tourism’ in Nusa Tenggara Barat and Their Effect in Increasing Number of Tourists

Galang Asmara
Tourism is one sector that can intensify employment and growth of economic in Indonesia. The development of halal tourism can be seen from various countries, both countries with most Muslims and non-Muslims, including Indonesia. Several regions have implemented the concept of halal tourism, one of which...
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Implementation of Pancasila Values in Population and Civil Registration Services

Gandi Sitinjak, Zudan Arief Fakrulloh
It has known that Pancasila is an ideology, the foundation of the nation, and the Indonesian people’s philosophy that became guidelines and benchmarks for Indonesian people in their daily life. Especially in social service at the population and civil registry. However, in this era of globalization, almost...
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Economic Influence Relating to Traditional Village Role in the Welfare of Children According to Local Regulations on Traditional Village in Bali

Gede Agung Wirawan Nusantara
The change of status of Traditional Village into a subject of law makes Traditional Village possess more comprehensive legal relations, especially economic relations with the private sector. It is in the interest of the welfare of their people, especially children. Along with the change of status of...
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Strengthening Regulations to Improve Tourism in the Globalization Era

Gunardi, Wilma Silalahi
The tourism business is one form of support for increasing state revenues. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, countries in the world experienced a significant decline in the tourism sector. Therefore, more concentration is needed as a form of effort to increase the tourism business. The government and tourism...
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Transformation of Land Ownership with Reclamation Result Right to Manage (HPL) on Behalf of the Government of DKI Jakarta Through Capital Participation in BUMD PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk

Hari Sundjojo, Tri Hartanto, Erwin Nugrahanto
This paper will describe the transformation of land ownership resulting from the reclamation activities of the Ancol Project with the status of Right To Manage (HPL) on behalf of the DKI Jakarta Regional Government through the regional capital participation of the DKI Jakarta Regional Government in the...
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Authority of Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) in Optimizing SOE Assets in Indonesia

Harry Budi Artono
National economic development is jointly by various parties. One of them is SOE which has assets that support the value and productivity of its business. However, most of these assets become idle/unproductive and even add to the financial burden on SOEs. After enacting the Law on Cipta Kerja, the Indonesia...
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Role of Business Law School in the Development of Indigenous Culinary Tourism

Hendra Nurtjahjo, Amirudin
Each indigenous community has local wisdom related to art, food (culinary), specific rituals (ceremonies), cultural products. Regional food culture products have been widely developed as a form of culinary tourism. The role of business law schools in developing culinary tourism in indigenous communities...
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Legal Protection of Consumers Using E-Commerce Services During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Henri Christian Pattinaja
Technology development brings progress in all aspects of human life. In line with developments in this era of globalization, there are also developing economic activities in society. One of the impacts of economic developments is e-commerce activities—the development of e-commerce towards fast, secure,...
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Policy License of Law of Natural Resources Especially on Management Coastal and Small Island in Indonesia

I Dewa Gede Atmadja, Made Wiryani
As an archipelagic state, Indonesia has potentially with most natural resources on coastal areas, waters, and small islands lend. Research problem (1) why can foreign investors behave utilization management business activity in coastal area waters resource and waters around small islands? (2) How do...
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Constitutionality of Norms Used by Judges in Criminal Jurisdictions in Indonesia

I Gusti Bagus Suryawan
Legal norms are not only the basis for judges in examining and adjudicating a case. However, the essence of every court decision, in casu of a criminal judgment, is a matter of legal certainty for defendants to safeguard so that it does not violate the principles of human rights and constitutional rights...
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The Meaning of Good Faith Philosophy in Sale and Purchase Agreement of Land Rights Drawn up Before a Notary/Land Deed Conveyancer

I Gusti Ngurah Muliarta
This study examined and analyzed the philosophical meaning of the good faith principle in legal provisions in Indonesia, like contract law. The principle regarding good faith is often debated, and this is because the parties to the agreement are often dragged into legal problems. The parties having good...
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Principles of General Benefits in Arrangements of Water Resources Enterprises to Realize Welfare and Community Justice

I Ketut Kasta Arya Wijaya
The implementation of water resources management, including its business, is mandated in the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia to realize the welfare of the people in general. This mandate is regulated in Article 33 (3) that the Earth, water, and natural resources contained therein shall...
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Policy Regarding Employment After the Enactment of Law Number 11 of 2020 Concerning Omnibus Law

I Ketut Satria Wiradharma Sumertajaya
Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Omnibus Law as a law formed to raise one big issue of the worsening Indonesian economy. The changes in the policy related to employment make this research necessary to be conducted as a comparative investigation. This study aims to reveal Indonesia’s employment policies...
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The Dynamics of Women’s Position in Bali Customary Inheritace Law

I Ketut Sukadana
Balinese customary inheritance law refers to a patrilineal family system that follows the kapuruasa principle. In Bali, a woman is not an heir, but it is possible to become an heir if her parents have given her purusa status as sentana rajeg. The position of women according to Balinese customary law...
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Modes of Bank Fund Transfer Crime in Digital Transactions

I Made Aditya Mantara Putra, Johannes Ibrahim Kosasih
Fund transfer is a form of banking service the public uses in carrying out their financial transactions. The digitalization era demands the role of bank institutions to improve their services through various forms, including e-banking, phone banking, Automated Teller Machine (ATM), transfers through...
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The Role of Indigenous Communities and Entrepreneurs in Developing Village with an Ecological Insight in Bali by Implementing CSR

I Made Arjaya, I Nyoman Putu Budiartha, Ni Made Jayasenastri
The object of this research refers to the temples in the indigenous community at the research location, as well as the potential that exists and allows it to be collected by indigenous peoples to repair existing damage, maintain and preserve and finance ceremonies that must be carried out routinely in...
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Law and Land for Investment Tourism at Bali

I Made Pria Dharsana
The Indonesian economy is under significant pressure due to the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic or Covid-19. Likewise, in the Province of Bali, efforts are being made to restore social and economic conditions to stop the spread of Covid-19, minimize casualties, and suppress the increase in transmission...
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The Existence of Telajakan Land as a Road Borders in the Customary Law of Traditional Villages in Bali

I Made Suwitra, I Made Gianyar, I Wayan Rideng
This research aims to find “coexistence” between state law and customary law (awig-awig) in the conservation of Telajakan land as a road border in traditional villages. The method applied in empirical legal research with the statutory, analytical, case, and customary law approaches. According to observations,...
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Arak Bali: Between Culture and Economic Recovery in Realizing the Vision of Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali Based on Local Wisdom

I Made Wimas Candranegara, I Nyoman Mangku Suryana, Ni Luh Sephia Adnyani Putri
Ethnic diversity plays very significant role in human life as the result of culture. This is undoubtedly the sector of excellence for Indonesia with so much cultural diversity, especially in the tourism sector based on the local culture. One example of the area that is famous for its culture is Bali....
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Analysis of Gender Equality in Education Through the Pisuke Tradition in Padamara Village, East Lombok District: Karl Marx’s Conflict View

I Made Wimas Candranegara, I Wayan Mirta, I Ketut Jika, Moh. Taqiyudin Ramdani
Gender equality is an equal condition between men and women with the same rights and conditions or quality of life. The pisuke tradition is carried out from generation to generation where men must pay a certain amount of money or goods to women outside of the dowry payment. This tradition usually occurs...
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The Synergy Between the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency Function and the Police Function in Handling Criminal Acts of Narcotics Abuse

I Nyoman Gede Sugiartha, A.A. Sagung Laksmi Dewi, I Made Minggu Widyantara
Various efforts to prevent the abuse of narcotics committed by adolescents, children, and adults and eradicate narcotics trafficking have been handled by the National Narcotics Agency and the Police. The National Narcotics Agency has the authority to carry out investigations and examinations. The Police...
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Legal Policy of Sustainable Tourism Development: Towards Community-Based Tourism of Indonesia

I Nyoman Nurjaya
Indonesia is the rich country in the terms of natural environment and resources worldwide. The region of Indonesia stretches from Sabang to Merauke that spill as the emeralds string in the equator span. Besides, Indonesia has been well-known as the multicultural country with various cultural resources,...
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Pandan War as Potential Local Wisdom in Eco-Tourism Development in the Tenganan Pegringsingan Traditional Village, Karangasem Regency, Bali

I Nyoman Subamia, I Putu Gede Septian Dhani Wijaya, I Made Agus Dwi Mandala Putra
The purpose of this writing is to examine that Perang Pandan as potential local wisdom in the development of ecotourism at Desa Adat Tenganan Pegringsingan, Karangasem district, Bali. This paper uses a descriptive method and primary data collection techniques from interviews and questionnaires from villagers...
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Legal Protection of Mutual Insurance Policyholders in the State of Default

I Nyoman Sujana
This research is motivated by the researcher’s confusion as a party who explores the company’s legal issues, especially those concerning insurance companies. In general, the legal entity for each insurance company in Indonesia is a limited liability company or at least a cooperative legal entity. However,...
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Parate Execution of Mortgage Right of Non-Agreement in the Deed of Mortgage

I Nyoman Sumardika, Ni Komang Arini Styawati, Ni Komang Arini Styawati
Mortgage holder has the authority to sell the mortgage object through the auction on their power, even there was no prior agreement outlined in the mortgage deed. The authority to sell the mortgage object on is one of the manifestations and priorities position that the holder of the security authority...
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Constitutionality of Judicial Review Versus Judicial Review in Civil Cases Based on Constitutional Court Adjudication Number 108/PUU-XIV/2016

I Wayan Arthanaya, Mas Aditya Mahottama
The availability of Judicial Review as one of the legal recourses in the judicial procedural law system is intended to protect Human Rights (HAM) without sacrificing the principle of legal certainty (rechtszekerheid), which is the foundation of the rule of law. The issue raised in this article is the...
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The Legal Study of the Coastal Border Control by Tourism Entrepreneurs in Bali as a Privacy Area

I Wayan Gde Wiryawan
Indonesia is an archipelagic country with almost 17,000 islands stretching from Sabang to Merauke. One of the islands that is the Indonesian mainstay is Bali island. Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia that generates the largest foreign exchange in the tourism sector. Bali tourism has penetrated...
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Digital Authenticity of Trade Agreements in the Era of Globalization

I Wayan Kartika Jaya Utama, Aldina Putri Mahasanti
Digital systems can ease the sellers and buyers worldwide and conduct the buying and selling transactions from electronic devices based on the communication. Information technology give impacts to the validity of agreement in digital trade and the factors of the obstacles to the validity of agreements....
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Ecotourism Management Based on Local Wisdom in Ubud Tourism Area Gianyar Regency

I Wayan Rideng, I Made Minggu Widyatara
The tourism sector has contributed to development in Bali. This sector provides a multiplier effect in various fields, such as job opportunities, business opportunities, and income distribution. One of the regencies in Bali relying on the tourism sector to finance development is Gianyar Regency. Among...
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Authority of Village-Owned Enterprises in Ecotourism-Based on Village Forest Management Rights in Selat Village, Buleleng

I Wayan Suarjana
Community participation, both in policy and management of forest resources, is intrinsically capable of preventing and mitigating forest damage. One of the government policies to restore the role of local or customary communities as the significant role in forestry development is through the policy on...
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Bali Tourism Law and Philosophical-based Ecotourism Management Tri Hita Karana

I Wayan Wesna Astara
This scientific work aims to discuss Balinese tourism law and Ecotourism management based on the Tri Hita Karana Philosophy. Balinese cultural tourism is based on sad Kerthi local wisdom, which grows and develops from Hindu religious values. In ecotourism management, the role of traditional villages...
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Mandatory Clause Implications on Arbitration Disputes in Indonesia

I.G.A.A. Gita Pritayanti Dinar, Anak Agung Sagung Laksmi Dewi, Kade Richa Mulyawati
Whether the other party on arbitration dispute did not have good faith to enforce the arbitral tribunal’s decision, this award will require other legal remedies to be executed later. There is an obscure norm in the mandatory clause of arbitration disputes; in-depth research is needed to examine this...
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The Impact of Mass Tourism Concept on Tourism Development in Bali

Ida Ayu Putu Widiati, Luh Putu Suryani, Indah Permatasari
Tourism is growing industries in Bali. In fact, many people are, especially in Bali, really depend on the industry. The administration of tourism must, of course, be based on the concept of sustainable tourism development. Unfortunately, in reality, tourism development models based on mass tourism development...
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Mapping of Stakeholder Legal Interests in Mineral and Coal Mining Investments in Indonesia

Ismail Rumadan
Mining investment raises the controversy of the interest in its implementation. The controversies shown are economic development versus environmental conservation, national interests versus local benefits, and also community transformation versus cultural preservation and protection of indigenous right...
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Corporate Criminal Responsibility in the Crime of Environmental Pollution in Tourist Areas

Jennifer Jennifer, Karen Michaelia Arifin
WWF data shows that Komodo National Park and the surrounding area collect 13 tons of waste every day. Many natural resources are sacrificed to gain more profit from tourism. Natural damages in tourist areas are due to the overcapacity usage of nature and the lack of supervision from the government in...
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The Essence of Regulation and Dynamics of Submission of Judicial Review in Criminal Cases in Indonesia and Phenomena in Cases of Criminal Acts of Corruption

Josep Robert Khuana
The substance of the request for a judicial review of a court decision that has permanent legal force for justice seekers is an extraordinary legal remedy. Currently, the discussion regarding the matter is still often a matter of standard logistics. It has been regulated by the umbrella of proceedings...
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Implementation of the Determination of Indonesian National Work Competency Standards at the Institutions for Airport Job Training

Kadek Apriliani
This research explores how Bali Aviation and Tourism Center applies ‘Indonesian national work competency standards based on the Decree of the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia No 226 of 2020. The research method applied in this research was normative-empirical legal research, which examined...
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Consignment Agreement Regulation Model Between Craft MSMEs and Corporations Based on the Principle of Contract Balance

Kadek Januarsa Adi Sudharma, A.A.A. Ngr. Tini Rusmini Gorda
Conducting business-related activities at this time is not only based on trust, but business actors need concrete evidence in business-related activities and a written the agreement is one of the ways that business actors can use in conducting a business cooperation relationship. If the sculptors or...
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The Strengthening of Agrarian Customary Law in Minahasa Indigenous Community Through Local Regulation

Kathleen C. Pontoh, Flora P. Kalalo, Anna S. Wahongan
This study aimed to strengthen customary Agrarian law in the Minahasa Indigenous community through local regulation. The method used in this research is the empirical approach and is also supported by local norms, both unwritten and written. The emphasis is on the realities of customary law issues in...
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Implementation of the Principle of Justice in Implementing the Death Penalty Against Criminal Acts of Corruption Procurement of Social Assistance in Handling Covid-19

Kiki Oditya Hernawarman, Faisal Santiago
This research is related to applying the principle of justice in imposing the death penalty for the perpetrators of corruption in the provision of social assistance for handling covid-19. The research method used is normative juridical using secondary data. The study results show that implementing the...
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Land Ownership for Tourism Business Investment

Liliana Tejdosaputro
As an agricultural country, Indonesia makes land the most crucial source related to economic and social aspects. Land as the primary resource was compared to capital and labor resources. Globalization makes land used for agricultural and plantation purposes and trading commodities, the mining industry,...
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Reconstruction of Immigration Control Arrangements for Refugees

Lisda Syamsumardian, Tresa Syamsumardian
The increasing number of asylum seekers and refugees to Indonesian territory causes social disturbances, political security, and order in society. Their presence can be exploited by human smuggling networks, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and international terrorist networks. This can have an impact...
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Controversy on Regulation of Foreigners Property Ownership in Indonesia

Listyowati Sumanto
This article aims to analyse the principles of land ownership by foreigners in the era of globalization in Indonesia. Copyright Law No. 11 of 2020, or omnibus law that grants foreign rights to sectors that own land and housing. The purpose of this law is to encourage foreign investment and boost the...
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Law Enforcement Against Illegal Tourists in Bali Province

Luh Putu Suryani
Bali as a tourism area that is visited by many tourists, both foreign and local. In order to provide security and comfort protection for tourists, it is necessary to supervise Illegal Tour Guides. This study uses empirical legal research that examines problems based on facts in the field and is supported...
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Determination of Non-Performance of Contract in an Orally Made Loan Agreement Without an Agreement on a Return Period in Terms of Contract Law

Lulus Purna Malintang
The agreement is an activity that cannot be separated from life Public. Through community agreement very helpful in doing everything business-related activities. Whether buying and selling, borrowing, employment agreements, and other business ventures who need an agreement, people often make oral agreements...
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Legal Protection for Tourists by Doing Law Enforcement on Travel Bureaus That Do Not Have Permit (Illegal) in Bali Province

Made Setiasa
The provisions of Law Number 11 the Year 2020 on Copyright Work (Omnibus Law) determine that online Travel Bureaus that do not have permits should follow the provisions to apply for business permits to obtain validity / or legality in the tourism business sector. How was the law enforcement for the Travel...
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The Position of the Corruption Eradication Commission in Indonesia’s Constitutional Law Perspective

Moh. Qusyairi, Asep Bambang Hermanto
The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), as in Law Number 19 of 2019, article 3 reads, “The Corruption Eradication Commission is a state institution within the executive power clump which in carrying out its duties and authorities is independent and free from the influence of any power.” However,...
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Reconceptualization Ideal Model for the Construction of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Context of Realizing Social Justice

Monica Puspa Dewi, Shamira
The research results show that the model for implementing corporate social responsibility by the conditions of companies in Indonesia is legal responsibility by adopting a tax and capital social approach. In addition, corporate social responsibility reconceptualization is carried out in the context of...
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Personal Data Protection Related to Operation of Unmanned Aircraft (Drone) in Indonesia

Moody R. Syailendra, Gunardi Lee, Amad Sudiro, Mia Hadiati
The development of transportation technology at this time is unmanned transportation technology. One of the most popular unmanned technologies is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), more popularly known as the drone. The use of drones is ubiquitous and is used by various groups, both the government and...
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Legal Protection for Bali Tourism Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Mozes D. F. Nangi
Tourism is a global business. Its development is directly proportional to the development of the world’s economic capacity. Article 1 Paragraph 3 of Law Number 10 the Year 2009 concerning Tourism defines tourism as various activities. It is supported by various facilities and services provided by the...
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Formulation of the Principle of Fairness in Settlement of Industrial Relations Disputes

Muhamad Ali Fitran, Faisal Santiago
A crucial problem in the scope of employment is the issue of severance pay in terms of termination of employment (PHK). Particularly in the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, layoffs are very massive. Some employers ignore the normative provisions regarding severance pay as regulated in Law...
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Legal Protection of Geographical Indications for Local Handicrafts in Tourism Activities in Indonesia

Muhammad Ferdian
Indonesia is the country that has enormous potential for Intellectual Property (IP), especially those related to Geographical Indications. There are many Geographical Indication products found in Indonesia. One of them is local handicrafts that are still not registered. If this is allowed, it does not...
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Rebuilding the Tourism Area of Palu City After Three Years of Earthquake: An Overview of Spatial Law Studies

Nabbilah Amir, Tutut Ferdiana Mahita Paksi
Natural disasters (earthquake, tsunami, and liquefaction) that were hit Palu City in 2018 had massively damaged the structure of Palu City. One of the affected areas is the tourism area. The tourism area is one of the sources of regional income for Palu City so that the destruction of the area automatically...
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Responsibility of the Board of Directors for the Activities of a Limited Company That Does Not Have Legal Entity Status

Ni Gusti Ketut Sri Astiti
This paper talks about the duty of the chiefs on the exercises of the restricted responsibility organization that is not yet legitimate status. This paper plans to distinguish and dissect the lawful results and duties of the overseeing chiefs who have restricted risk legitimate status. Kinds of exploration...
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Legal Consequences of Termination of Employment in Hospitality Tourism Sector Due to Force Majeure Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ni Komang Arini Styawati, I Wayan Subawa, I Wayan Werasmana Sancaya
The condition of tourism businesses in the hotel sector in Bali is now experiencing a significant decline since the emergence of Covid-19, which hit the whole world and impacted the absorption of workers, which decreased drastically. Many workers have experienced termination of employment due to economic...
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Investment Policy According to the Direction of Investment Policy in Indonesia

Ni Luh Made Elida Rani
To attract investors to invest, a country needs to determine a conducive and investment-friendly investment policy. A conducive investment policy is a policy that can facilitate and attract private investment in general and foreign investment in particular, encouraging foreign investors and domestic...
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Zoning the People’s Market in the Middle of the Modern Shops in the Badung District Aspect of Business Competition

Ni Luh Made Mahendrawati
The existence of people’s markets in Indonesia is not just an economic matter. However, it is also a matter of norms, cultural domains, and civilizations that have long been going on in various parts of Indonesia and are an essential aspect of the national trade system. People’s markets throughout Indonesia...
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The Principle of Balance to Realize Justice of the Parties in Standard Agreements for Business Format

Ni Luh Made Mahendrawati
Business people in various contracts commonly use standard business format agreements; progress in the economy with the development of digital businesses today demands efficiency in costs, energy, and time. Standard business contract agreements do not reflect the principle of balance of the parties in...
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The Concept of Regulations of Spatial Planning in Rural Areas Based on Local Wisdom in a Sustainable National Spatial Planning System

Ni Made Jaya Senastri
In regulating the sustainable spatial planning in rural areas based on local wisdom, the cultural dimension should precede other dimensions as it contains a set of values. Prioritizing cultural dimension, among other dimensions considering Indonesia’s plurality as a state, nation, and community. The...
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Traditional Market Revitalization in the Persfective of Cultural Tourism Development in Denpasar City

Ni Made Puspasutari Ujianti, Anak Agung Sagung Laksmi Dewi
The tourism developed by Denpasar City is cultural tourism based on the Tri Hita Karana as a philosophical foundation for tourism development. Traditional markets are a supporting element of cultural tourism by the Vision of the City of Denpasar, “Creative Denpasar with Cultural Insights in Balance Towards...
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Creating Certainty, Benefits, and Justice in Contract Law for Tourism Investment in Indonesia

Niru Anita Sinaga
The tourism industry has an essential role in the development of a country. Creating a good contract did not guarantee it would be appropriately executed (default). The conformity of contract law principles can be used as a basis for settlement. These principles are related to one another, cannot be...
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Investigation of the Economic Criminal Action of Subsidied Fertilizer Abuse in the Solok Resort Police’s Criminal Reserse Unit

Novit Kosmiko
The abuse of subsidized fertilizer that occurred in Solok Regency is not an official retailer appointed by the Government to sell the subsidized fertilizer. The act of the perpetrator violates the provisions as referred to in Article 1 of Perpu No. 21 of 1959 concerning Aggravating the Threat of Punishment...
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Recovery of State Losses in Corruption Law Enforcement Effort

Nurhidayat Nurhidayat, Megawati Bhartos
The Law on corruption which should be a solution to the process of eliminating corruption in Indonesia, turns out to have some problems in its implementation, primarily related to the articles on state losses as referred to in Article 2 and 3 of Law Number 31 of 1999 as amended in Law Number 20 of 2001....
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Legal Regulation for Coastal Areas for the Purpose of Traditional Ceremonies and Tourism Activities

Nyoman Predangga
Coastal areas have the potential to improve the economy and community welfare. The area can be used as an ecotourism object and a sacred place for the Hindu community, used for traditional ceremonies. Each has the right to the activities carried out. However, visitors can interfere with ceremonial activities...
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Waste Management Policy Model in Order to Reduce Plastic Waste Hacks

Nyoman Sutama
The goal of this research is to find a solution to the waste problem, which involves determining how to govern management rules in order to limit the development of plastic garbage. How to model waste management in order to decrease plastic trash creation. This is normative law study, which examines...
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Legal Aspects in Indonesian Digital Marketing Business: What should Be Complied With?

Peter Jeremiah Setiawan, Hansel Ardison
This article examines the types of legal compliance that must be carried out by digital marketing business actors based on normative juridical methods accompanied by a statutory approach and a conceptual approach. Business actors who will perform actions or business processes on digital campaign content...
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Contercyclical and Omnisbus Law

Sustainable Welfare Regulation Model in Accelerating Economic Benefit in Tourism During the Unintended Consequences of Covid-19 Pandemic in Coastal Areas

Putri Purbasari Raharningtyas Marditia, Asmin Fransiska, A. Aris Swantoro
The Indonesian government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic is Government Regulator Number 23 the Year 2020 on National Economic Recovery Policy (Kebijakan Pemulihan Ekonomi Nasional/PEN). This paper aims to elaborate policy response due to the economic sustainability for the community and analyze...
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Comparison Between the Provision of Fair Compensation in the Implementation of Patents by the Government and Compensation for Procurement of Land for Public Interest

Putu Ayu Sriasih Wesna
Property rights such as land and intellectual property can be taken over in the public interest. There is an attempt to undertake conversations or debate that includes landowners in establishing the amount of compensation due to property purchase in the public interest, as governed by Act Number 2 of...
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Legal Protection for Workers’ Rights in Company Bankruptcy Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Putu Eka Trisna Dewi, I Ketut Satria Wiradharma Sumertajaya
The Covid-19 pandemic has been spreading worldwide and has paralyzed various sectors of people’s lives, especially the economy, including Indonesia. As a result, many companies went bankrupt, resulting in many terminations of employment contracts. In-Law Number 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower, workers...
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Observing the Role of Local Governments in Bali in Stimulating the Business Sector

Putu Gede Arya Sumertha Yasa, I Made Budi Arsika
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic situation of Bali declined sharply. As foreign tourists suddenly did not go to Bali, we disastrously affected locals mainly engaged in tourism and tourism-related industry. They tend to look for alternative jobs, mainly in the informal sectors, to ensure their...
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Regulation for the Tradition of Ngaben Through Crematorium According to Balinese Society’s Customary Law and Local Wisdom

R. A. Nanik Priatini
Ngaben is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. It has become a nation’s cultural heritage and is still being implemented to date. The ritual of Ngaben is a cremation ceremony that is accompanied and equipped with ceremonial facilities called Banten, carrying the corpse...
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Crimines and Corruption Culture Related to Tourism Business Investment

Ricky Purwanto, Faizal Santiago, Alfon Octavianus Sitepu
It is an indisputable fact that Indonesia is a rich country. However, there is rampant poverty that prevails due to the widespread culture of corruption in this country. Especially in Tourism Investment, while the State of Indonesia is a State of Law (rechtsstaat); a classic question arises why there...
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Juridical Review of Investment Problems with an Environmental Inspection According to Provisions of Law Number 25 of 2007 Concerning Investments

Rineke Sara
In the advancement of the business, particularly in the current business area, it cannot be rejected that the Coronavirus pandemic impedes financial improvement exercises in Indonesia. This does not preclude the chance of affecting venture issues in the business venture in carrying out and creating organizations...
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The Effectiveness of Renewing the State Property Data Collection System of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia

Rosfiana Rosfiana, Faisal santiago
This paper analyzes the renewal of the State Property (BMN) data collection system of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia. This study uses normative analysis. Indonesia is a developing country. These developments cover every sector of social life and governance, including systematic data collection...
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Protection of Local Products Through the Law of Geographical Indication

Rr.Aline Gratika Nugrahani
Indonesia’s potentiality currently enhances significantly of its local products. Those are necessary to be protected due to their attachment to their locals, man, and natural resources. By geographical indication (GI), local products should be protected from counterfeit or infringement from other illegal...
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Halal Tourism Policy in West Nusa Tenggara Province During the Covid-19 Pandemic

RR. Cahyowati, Luh Putu Sudini
West Nusa Tenggara is a tourism hotspot with the potential to expand halal tourism. Lombok, in particular, is one of the greatest halal destinations, boasting the best halal tourist and halal honeymoon locations in the world. During the Covid-19 outbreak, the study’s goal was to look into halal tourism...
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Legal Protection for Terminated Foreign Workers Due to the Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic in Bali

Ryan Soma
Covid-19 pandemic has emerged as a miracle that has had an incredibly enormous impact. It has made economies all through the planet cripple and unfavorably influenced business. As a champion among other traveler areas globally, Bali has become a social event place for explorers from around the globe....
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Extraordinary Crimes Prevention: A Positive Legal Study and Social-Humanistic Approach

Sigit Karyadi, Faisal Santiago
Terrorism is one of the extraordinary crimes. The government, assisted by various elements of society, has taken the crime of terrorism seriously. On the other hand, apart from the status of terrorism as an extraordinary crime, the approach to terrorism should focus on preventive measures. Preventing...