Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Contemporary Education and Society Development (ICCESD 2019)

126 authors
Xu, Xiaoqiang
Red Tourism and the Revitalization and Development of the Old Revolutionary Areas in Sichuan
Xu, Juan
Research on Risk Prevention and Control of Educational Statistics in Big Data Era
Xu, Zhiyong
Research on the Influence of Differential Leadership on Employees' Work Engagement
Xu, Rui
Research on the Four-Element Integrated Model of Organic Agriculture Development in Jiangxi Province
Xu, Juan
Research on Talent Cultivation Model of Higher Vocational School-Enterprise Cooperation Based on Cost-benefit Perspective
Xu, Juan
Research on the Professional Adjustment of Professional Layout and Professional Structure--Taking Hunan Modern Logistics Vocational and Technical College as an Example
Yang, Xiaoliang
Research on the Path of Ideological and Political Construction in Higher Vocational Education in the New Era
Yang, Ying
On Deconstruction of Linguistic Signs in Rhetorical Activities—Taking Advertising Slogan as an Example
Yu, Zhimin
Research on the Path of Ideological and Political Construction in Higher Vocational Education in the New Era
Yu, Xiuli
Research on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Private Colleges and Universities in Jilin Province
Zadorin, Maksim
Governance principles of collaboration between state and indigenous peoples of Arkhangelsk Governorate-Based on archive materials
Zéman, Zoltán
A Study on the Realization Mechanism of CSR
Zeng, Yudong
Innovative Exploration of Model Education in Mainland Universities in the Context of Diversity-Taking the "5A Excellence Leading Program" of Jinan University as an Example
Zhai, Linqing
Analysis on the Legitimacy and Rationality of Shelter Education System
Zhang, Jianzhong
ASEAN-China Cooperation Under the Framework of CAFTA
Zhang, Yu
Study on Virtual Reality Technologies in the Teaching of Residential Interior Design
Zhang, Zhimin
Analysis on Text Structure
Zhang, Huanping
A Study on the Current Situation of Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility-An empirical analysis based on the owners’ view
Zhang, Ting
Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction of Teachers Team in the Training of Applied Talents of Administration Major
Zhang, Heqiong
Research on the Educational Reform of Economic Mathematics for the Professional Application and Quality Training of Students Majoring in Finance and Economics in Higher Vocational Colleges
Zhao, Qiaomei
College English Grammar Teaching Guided by Constructivism Learning Theory
Zhao, Mei
The Enlightenment of the Practice of Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zones in Domestic and Abroad on the Construction of Yunnan Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zone
Zheng, Gang
Characteristics of The Times of Chinese Film and Television Advertisement Creation Against the Backdrop of Media Convergence
Zheng, Ziyan
Analysis and Solution of College Students' Joining the Party in the New Era
Zhou, Lei
The Enlightenment of the Ideological and Moral Cultivation and the Legal Basis Curriculum in Colleges and Universities on the Reform of Educational Methods
Zhu, Guangliang
Application of Complex Adaptation System Theory in Construction of Private Higher Education Institutions