Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Computer Science (ICEEECS 2016)

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An Improved Statistical Machine Translation Method for United Chinese-Japanese Word Segmentation

Xiaowei Wang, Jinke Wang
As Chinese and Japanese word segmentation is processed with different tagging system and semantic performance, the granularity of word segmentation results should be readjusted to improve the performance of Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). This paper proposes an approach to adjust the word segmentation...
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Normalizing Chinese Address for Internet Applications

Xiaolin Li, Shuang Huang, Tao Lu, Deng Chen
Many Internet applications take addresses as input. However, addresses on the Internet are always non-normalized, which cannot be used directly. In this paper, we propose an Administrative Divisions Extracting Algorithm to normalize Chinese addresses on the Internet. Our approach proceeds as follows:...
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Security Detection and Research of Intelligent Hardware System

Guojian Ge, Qingshu Xue
With the rapid development of Internet of things technology, intelligent hardware equipment has become an important part of our lives. It widely exists in the smart router, network cameras, smart home and smart wearable devices. By analyzing the common features of intelligent hardware devices, our research...
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The MAC layer packet transceiver system based on FPGA design and implementation

Mengjiao Wu, Jun Yang, Can Zhao, Xintao Huang
Network communication is very important in network transmission.With the continuous improvement of Ethernet technique,the transmission delay of Ethernet MAC(Medium Access Control)will influence communication quality of network.This paper realizes correct send-receive of the Ethernet MAC protocol layer...
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An Implementation of TCP Pacing Algorithm based on Multi-core Heterogeneous Systems

Qiuli Shang, Bo Tu, Bingshuang Liu, Shuaifu Dai, Jianyu Zhang
By the features of parallel processing and hardware acceleration, multi-core network processor (NP) are becoming the mainstream platform of next generation network edge devices. In order to take advantage of multi-core NP platform and improve the performance of TCP pacing algorithm, this paper proposes...
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Design of code error detector based on FPGA

Can Zhao, Jun Yang, Mengjiao Wu, Xintao Huang
With the development of social productivity and the improvement of people's living standard, the development of modern computer technology is more and more fast. In the communication system, the code error detector is the important equipment to detect reliability of communication system, and the traditional...
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Sentiment Classification on Weibo Incidents Using CNN-SVM and Repost Tree

Manshu Tu, Shengxiang Gao, Zhe Ji, Yan Zhang, Yonghong Yan
Sentiment classification on weibo has recently attracted wide attention in research community. Most previous works are focused on weibo comments regarding movies or products. Our study, in contrast, is aimed at gusty incidents on weibo. Comments of the incidents are considered either positive or negative...
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The steps about the three Dimensional Modeling of Bioprosthetic Heart Valves Based on CT Images

Dan Tang, Quan Yuan, BingShen Shen, ZhiChao Wang, Hongwei Zhu
In this paper, we use the reverse modeling softwares to complete the reconstruction of the aortic valve based on the modeling principle of the human heart valve. By using the cardiac CT scanning to get the Dicom format data and then using the three-dimension software Mimics to do the segmentation, edit,...
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An Improved AdaBoost-SVM Model Based on Sample Weights and Sampling Equilibrium

Hongchen Guo, Junbang Ma, Zhiqiang Li
The existing model which combines AdaBoost and SVM has poor performance when dealing with the imbalance dataset in multi-label classification. To deal with this problem, we proposed a new model SAB-WSVM. In our model, we modified AdaBoost original sampling methods in order to make it more balanced and...
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Research on the Route Choice of the Urban Rail Transit Network based on the Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

Lu Ye, XiaoFeng Lian, Yan Wang, DanYao Zhang
In order to improve the rationality of the route choice for passengers' travel, this paper presents an optimization method of the route choice for urban rail transit network based on the imperialism competition algorithm (ICA). The experiment results show that the proposed method is feasible and the...
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Question Classification Based on Hybrid Neural Networks

Zhongcheng Zhou, Xiang Zhu, Zhonghe He, Yinchuan Qu
Question classification is an important step in question answering system. There are many previous work based on machine learning about question classification. Although they are effective and practical, most of them require finding specific features to train the designed classifier. So it cannot be...
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A Novel Approach For 3D Surface Reconstruction Of LV Endocardium Based On SPCNN And MC

Ruoming Lei, Yurun Ma, Kemin Wang, Yide Ma
The auxiliary diagnosis based on three-dimensional (3D) modeling techniques can improve the diagnosis efficiency of heart disease. In this paper, we propose a new method for the 3D modeling of left ventricle. The novel approach incorporatestwo key points: one is LV endocardium segmentation via the simplified...
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A method for identifying coded feature points on cross target based on multi-information constraint

Ju Huo, Junfeng Li, Jiashan Cui, Wei Li
In a stereo vision measurement system, Camera calibration is a key step. In order to improve the accuracy of camera calibration, a cross-target calibration scheme with coding points is designed in this paper. Firstly, coding target points of the cross target are identified and positioned. Secondly, a...
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Reliability analysis of wireless communication based on ZigBee

Lianglu Yin, Yuanliang Huang, Weixiong Chen
On the basis of analyzing the development status of the ZigBee technology, a new method to analyze the wireless communication reliability is proposed by using the signal strength (RSSI), through the formation of a wireless network model by using module CC2530PA, all the packets received in the ZigBee...
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Accelerating the Shuffle Phase to Speed up MapReduce Systems

Rujie Yu, Songping Yu, Nong Xiao
The CPU-centric traditional network protocol processing limits the utilization of network bandwidth, even with the high speed network (100Gbps); and the situation is more obvious in big data systems. The high performance network technology-Remote Direct Memory Access(RDMA), has the benefit of directly...
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Application-Layer DDoS Detection by K-means Algorithm

Chuyu She, Wushao Wen, Kesong Zheng, Yayun Lyu
Lots of methods have been proposed to detect Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks focus on the transport layer and the network layer. However, these methods may not work well when application-layer DDoS attack is launched. In this paper, we introduce a clustering method based on some features...
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Research on complexity of transport networks

Youbing Zhu
Depth study of the internal operating rules and mechanisms for transport network system theoretically comprehensive system to fully grasp the transportation network in the micro and macro levels of different complexity, improve traffic network system design and management, it has become China's social...
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Application of Fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm in image segmentation

Rongchuan Guo
Data mining was a core process step in the whole data processing system. The aim is to use specific data mining algorithms to extract knowledge of interest. The user from the database and represented in a certain way, such as the generation rules. Typically, data mining algorithms can be implemented...
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BIM virtual construction technology applied in project management

Yafei Liu, Songan Liu
With the advent of the global information technology, China's major industries have also entered the information process, but the construction industry relative to other industries, manufacturing industry, electronic industry and so is still relatively backward, and the degree of information that most...
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Application of Photoshop on the Post-Processing of Building Works

Keqin Huang
Nowadays, graphic image editing and processing has been very common in people's life and work, such as building plans produced and people's digital photo processing. The most popular image processing software Photoshop, its function is very powerful, graphic design, color printing, graphic creation,...
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Design of Digital Switching Power Supply Based on FPGA

Xiaohua Wang
With the development of power electronic technology, the control technology of power electronic device is becoming more and more complicated. The switching power supply is a indispensable component in modern power electronic equipment. Its quality and size have a direct impact on the whole performance...
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Design of Data Acquisition and Transmission System based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Xiaohua Wang
Data acquisition technology is a practical electronic technology, which is widely used in signal detection, signal processing, instrumentation and other fields. In recent years, with the continuous development of digital technology, data acquisition technology also presents a characteristic of faster...
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Research on Stepper Motor Control System based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Xiaohua Wang
The research content of this paper is to design a set of step motor control system which is relative simple, economic, but the function is more complete, adaptable, easy to operate, high reliability, can organically combine electronic technology, SCM technology and motor control technology together....
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A New Component Exploration Research Based on Mathematic Model

Lijuan Peng
With the rapid development of modern scientific technology, the electronic majors such as technology, communication, navigation and automatic control, have great breakthrough and innovation in depth and width. Some new type tip subject need miniaturization of inductance elements and simplification of...
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Portable impedance measurement system based on Embedded System

Xiaohui Luo
in this paper, AD5934 and MSP430F169 based on the design of a portable impedance test system, the system uses MSP430F169 as the main control chip, through the I2C control module to complete impedance impedance measurement, and through the buttons to control the operation process and test results through...
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Research on Design of Switching Power Supply Based on Mobile Base Station

Xuechang Chen
With the rapid development of mobile communication service, the construction of mobile communication base station presents the trend of rapid development, the distribution of base station is more and more wide, more and more new requirements are put forward for the maintenance management of communication...
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Research on Design of Ethernet Communication Interface Based on ARM

Xuechang Chen
With the expansion of control system and the development of bus technology, the data collection and transmission technology put forward higher requirements. With the development and popularization of Ethernet technology, the serial data of these devices need to be transmitted through the network, so...
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Research on Data Mining Algorithm and Its Application in Cloud Environment

Bin Li
In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet and computer-related technologies, including photography, video, e-commerce, etc., so that the data generated around us was the explosive growth, especially after the rise of the smart phone mobile Internet technology as the representative of others...
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Research on Construction of Modern Intelligent Community Based on Internet of Things

Huachun Zhou
With the introduction and development of the concept of things, intelligent residential quarters ushered in a new development opportunity. Intelligent residential quarters combined with networking technology to enhance their capabilities to make intelligent residential quarters as a node on the wisdom...
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Research on Design and Implementation of ZigBee Gateway System Based on Internet of Things

Huachun Zhou
The development of networking technology have a significant impact on society and the economy of the whole country, the ZigBee network connects with the Internet, can be controlled to a ZigBee network device in every corner of the world, it is conducive to the further development of ZigBee technology....
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Application Analysis on Internet of Things Technology in the Logistics System

Huachun Zhou
With the development of social progress and technology, more and more IT has been used in people's daily live. As an emerging industry, internet of things technology has now been widely used in people's daily production of all aspects of life including logistics industry is one of the main directions...
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Research on flood destruction forecast of Western Zhejiang rural highway based on GA-BP neural network method

Baofeng Wang
Using genetic algorithm to optimize BP neural network can solve the problem of slow training speed of BP neural network and easy to fall into local minimum points. GA-BP neural network model for forecasting rural highway flood destruction can realize the effective combination of global optimization and...
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Research on Computer Digital Means of Film post-production

Xiao Han
Film is the product of human scientific and technological progress, and film technology innovation is the inevitable result of scientific and technological progress. Computer digital production technology can bring this revolution in the film, a great boost to the development of the film industry. Now...
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Research on flood destruction forecast of Western Zhejiang rural highway based on BP neural network method

Baofeng Wang
Since there exists a very complex nonlinear relation between Western Zhejiang rural highway flood destruction and its influencing factors, this paper chooses 6 main factors influencing the flood destruction. Establish Zhejiang rural highway BP neural network model through MATLAB neural network toolbox;...
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Computer system design based on modular about clothing

Fengqin Chen
With the continuous development and progress of social economy, people's aesthetic values and the improvement of living standards have been, when the time for costume design also becomes more and more demanding, for clothing computer system based on modular design and mass production brought good opportunities...
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The model of keep temperature in bathtub

Yiyi Pan
How to keep the water temperature even throughout the bathtub has attracted wide attention. In this paper, two models are established to analyze and discuss this issue. The entire work is composed of the analysis on water temperature distribution throughout the bathtub, the relation between water flow...
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Design and Implementation of Self-confidence System under the Information Technology

Yu Jin
In this paper, the basic principles of Marxist philosophy as the guiding ideology are based on information technology and information science. It combine the consciousness and self-confidence in theoretical philosophy with development of information technology, discusses the influence of the theory consciousness...
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Research on the Intellectual Property Protection of Cyber Source Based on Resource Utilization

Qian Gao
Based on the background of the current network era, this paper researched the problems on China's current network of intellectual property rights protection system which cannot be ignored, affecting the healthy development of the network, the right to make a lot of people have suffered losses, it is...
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Effect of Affective Computing Model on Distance Physical Education

Zhen You, Shangling Song
to solve the problem of emotion absence on modern distance education, an affective computing model based on expression recognition was proposed, whose theoretic foundation was affective computing and whose kernel technology was to estimate and comprehend learner's emotion states by catching and recognizing...
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Study on Optimization Design of Micro-Class of Information Technology Based on ADDIE Model

Shangling Song, Zhen You
To meet the students' autonomous learning and fragmented learning needs, micro-class of information technology was proposed. To optimize the design of micro-class from systematic method, ADDIE model was proposed. ADDIE model can play more operational and practical guiding role in the design and performance....
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Big data applied in secondary education student's achievement by using principal component analysis

Rui Li, Meiyan Tian
With the advent of the era of big data, data analysis, penetrated into all walks of life among the analytical method has become more abundant. And inside the field of education, especially for high school inside analysis of the data it is relatively simple, which most high school's data is students'...
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A Tentative Study of Hydrological and Ecological Parametric Remote Sensing Retrieval and Estimation

Yan Li
In this article, a deep analysis and exploration is conducted on hydrological and ecological parametric remote sensing. Based on a brief analysis of hydrological variables and ecological parameters, the interaction between backscatter coefficient, polarization information and precipitation intensity...
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Research on Key Technologies of Distributed Storage in Cloud Computing Environment

Tao Liu
As a new commercial computing model which sharing resources, cloud computing is widely used in the field of data storage, it stores massive amounts of data in the data center and provides transparent, secure and reliable computing services and data storage for upper applications and services. It has...
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Research on Cloud Data Center System Design in Intelligent Community

Tao Liu
With the development of computer technology, communication technology and Web technology, intelligent building has been widely used and accepted for many years. In this paper, the key technology of cloud data center system design is analyzed. At the same time, the realization principle of the system...
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Study on the Applications of 3D Visualization System of Geographic Information

Yan Li
In information system, 2D geographic information has insurmountable shortcomings. It is difficult to meet people's demand for 3D real information. With constant development of scientific and technological information, 3D visualization system emerged. 3D visualization system is to solve problems that...
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Research on Cache Coherence Key Technology in Multi-core Processor System

Su Zhang
The multi-core processor integrates more than one computing core into a single processor and enhances the processor's computing performance through parallel computing of multiple cores. Single-chip multi-processor architecture is the area of concern. This paper briefly discusses the CMP multi-level Cache...
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A Brief Analysis of Status of Interaction Design in Industrial Design under the Background of Informatization

Hao Zheng
With the continuous development of our economy and society, China has already stepped into the information age,which not only enlarged the scope of industrial design but also given rise to increasingly stronger dependence of industrial design on interactive experience among users. The interactive design,...
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Research on Scheduling Optimization of Cloud Computing Resource Load Based on Culture Firefly Algorithm

Kexin Zhang
Cloud computing is a new computing technology with great potential value. It utilizes large-scale hardware and virtual resources to provide users with dynamic application services. In order to maximize the use of cloud resources, give full play to the maximum potential of cloud computing, mining efficient...
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Research on the Cache Performance Optimization Technology of Multi-Core Processor Chip

Su Zhang
In the dual drive of process and application, multi-core structure has become the current trend of high-performance microprocessors. The competition of multi-core single-chip limited cache and bandwidth will further highlight the bottleneck of memory access. With the development of multi-target application,...
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Optimal Models of Home Energy Management System

Qingzhu Wan, Yalan Chen, Yuan Bian
Residential sector is a potential field of energy conservation and emission reduction in smart grid. Smart home can reduce electricity cost and carbon emissions by optimal the energy use of household appliances. We bulid day-ahead dispatch schedule models which are minimize electricity cost model and...
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Optimization of boiler's convection tubes based on Genetic Algorithm

Tianyu Zhang, Qingfeng Zhang, Zhenning Zhao, Liang Cheng, Gaojun Liu
Genetic Algorithm (GA) is created by Prof. John Holland from Michigan University, deriving from the Darwin's theory of evolution, Weizmann's theory of species selection, and Mendel's theory of inheritance. In present study, the Genetic Algorithm is introduced to optimize the boiler convection tube bank...
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Logistics risk and demand research Based on neural network prediction

Xiaoli Wang
The logistics industry plays an important role in the economic development,almost every city logistics park has been established.Zhengzhou logistics industry is still in its infancy,but development is rapidly,effectively support the development of regional economic development and change of the pattern...
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Information Hiding data security based on Wireless Sensor Networks

Zhidan Wang
Information hiding technology is very important to wireless sensor network security, copyright protection and so on. This paper uses RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) as hidden information carrier and designs a Information Hiding Algorithm (RIHA). It does not affect original data or bring additional...
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Research on an agile enterprise architecture design method

Xiaoyi Yu, Yan Cui, Haiji Wang
Recently, many companies have built their own enterprise architecture to manage the complexity of the whole company. According to the traditional method of enterprise architecture, the speed of enterprise architecture change is slower than the speed of business change. This leads to the inconsistent...
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Design of Web-based Microscopic Traffic Simulator Using Silverlight Technology

Can Chen, Guishan Tan
Based on the study of Web GIS and Silverlight technology, a Web-based microscopic traffic simulator was designed. It can not only dynamically display the changes of vehicles' status but also output the simulation results for further research and analysis of the traffic operation. The design framework...
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Decision-making System of Travel Route Price Comparison Based on Cloud Computing

Peng Cui, Hui Wang
In the context of rapidly growing number of domestic tourists and travel routes provided by travel websites, tourists have run into trouble in choosing the optimal route. Under such circumstance, decision-making system of travel route price comparison based on cloud computing is designed to integrate...
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Place Name and Address Matching Method Based on Semantic Mining

Huanhuan Lv, Hui Zhang, Yuhua Wang
A place name and address matching model based on semantic mining is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the semantic features of place name and address description information is analyzed. Then, spatial object cognitive representation model geographic ontology is constructed to formalize the place name...
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The application of binary path matrix in backtracking of sequences alignment

Zhongxi Cai, Chengzhen Xu, Ying Wang, Wang Cong
The sequence alignment is an extremely useful tool for molecular and evolutionary biology, and several programs and algorithms have developed for this purpose. The dynamic programming still keeps the most important position due to its highest accuracy, however, the accuracy of the algorithm is obtained...
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Emergency Decision Support System of Urban Rail Transit Based on Business Process Technology

Lili Chen, Saiqiao Zhang
This paper describes the decision support system based on business process technology which could apply various data and models to assist decision-makers at each level in achieving effective and scientific decisions in the presence of emergencies in the field of urban rail transit. Combining with the...
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Research on a filtering method for integrated navigation vibration interference

Xiao Zhang, Yue Wang
Low-flying and long-endurance SUAV generally use the piston engine to provide power. The vibration signal in the airframe exhibits a characteristic of multi-vibration-source, wide-band and non-stationary due to lightweight design of SUAV. The vibration will be captured by MIMU, which can significantly...
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A dynamic distribution of the input buffer for on-chip routers

Lifang Fan, Xingming Zhang, Ting Chen
Each port has a same buffer in typical network on chip input ports .Under the condition of the imbalance load in the work ,there will be a port all buffer used and some other ports has many idle buffer .It will reduce the NoC buffer utilization ,then influence the NoC overall performance .In this paper...
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Design of Intelligent supermarket cashier service system

Zhiyuan Chen, Yameng Zhai, Li Tian
The intelligent cashier system uses LabVIEW to identify two-dimension codes and PLC to realize the movement control. The main functions of the system includes: transferring the stuffs based on the collection of location information by photoelectric sensor; taking photographs to identify the two-dimensional...
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Real-time Calibration Algorithm for Three-axis Magnetometer

Heda Zhao, Chunsheng Lin, Hongxin Zhang, Guojun Zhai
This paper presents a real-time calibration algorithm for tri-axial magnetometer. A non-linear state space model for calibration related parameters is derived by the invariance norm of local geomagnetic field, and cubature Kalman filter (CKF) is used to estimate calibrating parameters in sequential manner,...
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Research and Simulation of satellite orbit modeling

Wenle Yuan, Xuanmin Lu, Jinjie Cao, Wensheng Luo
China's Beidou satellite navigation system has completed the regional network in Asia Pacific, and successfully applied in surveying and mapping, telecommunications, transportation, disaster relief and public safety and other areas, resulting in significant economic and social benefits. With the wide...
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A Stable Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Jinke Huang, Xiaoguang Fan, Shuai Li, Shaohua Chen
Hierarchical routing is one of the fundamental but challenging topics in mobile ad hoc network, which combine proactive/table-driven with reactive/on-demand routing protocols and take advantages of both. And as an imperative means of hierarchical routing protocol, clustering approach provides an efficient...
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Design of Missle Borne TV Guidance Image Processing Semi-physical Simulation Platform

Mengda Liu, Xiong Chen, Kun He
Real-time detection and tracking of moving target is an important part in modern warfare, its authenticity and real-time quality determine the success or failure of the war. This article has designed a DSP based moving target detection and tracking semi-physical simulation system in the application background...
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Three-dimensional Solid Element Based on the Finite Element Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation

Chao Ma, Hao Liu, Yang Zhao
In multibody system dynamics, the absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF) uses power functions as interpolating polynomials to describe displacement field. It can get accurate results for flexible bodies that undergo large-deformation and large-rotation. In this paper, an eight-node ANCF solid element...
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Important Things to Consider In Health Information Exchange (HIE) Process

Yuyun Zhang
As part of Health information technology model, Health information exchange (HIE) seek to improve health information security, integrity and interoperability, thus requires consolidated and extensive standards to guarantee the secure and convenient information storage and exchange. This paper is a literature...
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A general workflow for differential expression analysis of RNA-seq and introductions on related tools

Zhong Zhang
RNA-seq technology have been used widely in many biological research field, but analyzing the enormous RNA-seq data is still a big challenge to biologist without sufficient knowledge of bioinformatics. Considering that the differential expression analysis is a crucial and tricky application of RNA-seq,...
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The Application of Visualization in Scientific Computing (VISC) on Geotechnical Engineering

Ting Zhang
Compared to other engineering designs, due to the complex dynamics of geological conditions and the uncertainty of geotechnical engineering conditions as well as the concealment of this project, geotechnical engineering design needs to change constantly in the process of construction, on the basis of...
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The analysis of space junk clean-up program based on Fuzzy preference decision time-dependent model based on entropy weight and ameliorative AHP

Xinyue Tantai
NASA demonstrated that there are more than 500,000 pieces of space debris around the earth. It is necessary to remove the space junk because they do great harm to the aircraft. How to remove the space junk has become a universal concern..In this paper, two models are established to determine commercial...
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Experiments and Fault Analysis of Low Voltage Hydroelectric Station in Microgrid

Yi Yang, Engang Tian, Jingsong Chen, Xiaohui Li, Huaren Wu
Different from the wind energy and solar energy, the hydro-generator is not intermittent energy, which can overcome the disadvantages of wind-mill generator and PV array in microgrid. This paper describes the static experiments, dynamic experiments and the grid-connected tests of low voltage hydroelectric...
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Wind Power Prediction based on Random Forests

Zehong Zhou, Xiaohui Li, Huaren Wu
With a massive increase of wind power, the prediction of wind power is becoming increasingly important. The algorithm of Random forests has many advantages such as less adjustable parameters, higher precision of prediction and better generalization ability. This algorithm has been widely applied in numerous...
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Application of the Particle Filter in Manuver Target Turn Tracking Algorithm

Zhenda Lei
The non-linear target-tracking method has been extensive researched to solve turn maneuver target. Particle filter is suitable for any non-linear, non-Gaussian system that could be represented with many kinds of turn manuver,Good Methods are needed in Manuer Tracking. Particle filter is demonstated that...
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Design of the combinational logic circuit system for automatic control suction pump

Minghui You, Qixiang Sun, Liping Yin, Shijun Li, Xue Li, Jingsheng Liu
In this paper, we analysis and designed an automatic control circuit, which is very impo- rtant for vehicle permitted both automatically controlled and a single LED ,respectively. The results showed the functions that The suction pump works properly can be adjusted with automatic control circuit. An...
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An Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Gray Bit Plane for Flame

Xing Deng, Jinlan Li, Fujian Feng, Lin Wang, Zhongming Yu
Flame region judgment is an important part of fire detection system; meanwhile the flame of intelligent monitoring system also has important practical significance to national fire control safety. Therefore, this article puts forward the flame image segmentation method based on gray level bit plane....
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A Water Quality Evaluation Algorithm Based on Factor Weighting Model

Tantan Man, Huobin Tan, Kebing Zhang
The water pollution level is affected by many factors that may have different pollution degree in different rivers. The factor weighting model combining the factor analysis model with the fuzzy mathematical model can have the advantages of both sides. The results based on the simulated pollution data...
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A CMOS Broadband Distributed Mixer

Chengpeng Liu, Guoqiang Wang
In this paper, we first analyze the structure of mixer and analyze its key parts. Secondly, it analyzes the important parameters of mixer, which is helpful to finish the design better. Finally, we pay attention to the particularity of mixer, mixer design, simulation results to meet the design requirements....
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2~16GHz Distributed Broadband Amplifier

Chengpeng Liu, Guoqiang Wang
A distributed configuration for a broadband amplifier is presented in this paper. broadband amplifier has been realized by 0.2um GaAs process in ADS2011 simulator. amplifier should be designed to trade-off noise figure, gain, bandwidth, and return loss. The aims of design are to provide less ripple variation...
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Research and Simulation of the effect on distributed network protection with distribution generation

Zhaohui Wang, Haipeng Nan, Bohao Feng
According to the classification and characteristics of the distributed generation, analyzes its influence on current protection for distribution network. Using the actual power grid data in MATLAB/SIMULINK to build the model, and confirmed that distributed power distribution network access will cause...
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Research on switching control strategy of micro grid with load

Bohao Feng, Xiangyang Yu, Zhaohui Wang
Smooth switching between grid connected and isolated island operation mode is the precondition of safe and stable operation.For photovoltaic system, the PQ control is adopted in the grid/island mode, and the energy storage system, the grid connected mode is controlled by PQ, and the V/F control is adopted...
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Design and Realization of Modularized Marine Observation Data Transmission System

Yubo Wen
Observation expansion has brought new requirements for validity, security, stability and integrity of observation data transmission in recent years. Under this background, this paper designs a modularized marine observation data transmission system, describes its overall architecture and software design...
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The Inductive Practice and Essentials of Motion Graphics Design in Interface Design

Jian Zhang
The emergence of the Internet has changed the way of graphic design, from the practical design based on the entity to the virtual network design, from the plane and static design to the multi-dimensional dynamic design. The change of the over-all environment has improved people's demand for visual performance...
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Cost Estimation for the Pure Electric Family Car's Whole Life Cycle Based on Partial Least Square Regression

Yi Huang, Kechun Huang, Junmin Wu
The pure electric family car as an example, we use the partial least square regression to get the mapping relationships between design parameters and acquisition costs, operation cost, recycling scrap cost during the phase of design. The calculation results show that remaining mileage and battery capacity...
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Design of electronic lock based on single-chip microcomputer

Biqing Li, Zongning Li, Chongjun Yang, Shiyong Zheng
Starting from the point of view of simple and practical, using STC89C52 and low power CMOS type Eý PROM AT24C02 as main control chip and the data memory unit, combined with external matrix keyboard input,1602 LCD, alarm, unlock and other circuit modules to make electronic code lock is introduced in this...
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Discussion on Several Typical Computer Network Security Technologies in China

Liangying Chen
The application and development of computer technology have driven and promoted the change of information technology. The computer and information technology have a wide range of penetration and affinity, which influences the world economy and social development in all aspects. In twenty-first Century,...
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Analysis on Technical Statistic of Basketball Based on Correlation Coefficient

Yue Wang
As a competitive sport, basketball is a remarkable important project of the world's major international sports competitions. The record of technology statistical indicators which is commonly used in the basketball match made the measure of various key factors in basketball match from the qualitative...
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The Research on Customers' satisfaction on Rough Set in Vegetable Quality Tracking System and its Influencing Factors

Boming Xu, Shifeng Liu
The people of China are paying more and more attention to food safety problem, vegetables as an indispensable part of food has become the focus of the food safety supervision. This paper based on the survey data of used vegetable quality traceability system user of Beijing, using rough set theory to...
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Design and Development of a Web-based Engineering Graphics Exercise System

Liping Huang, Jicong Zhao
With the highly development of computer network technology, in order to improve the enthusiasm of students' autonomous learning and promote the teaching pattern to student-centered, in this paper, the inform of engineering graphics assignments training (EGAT) mode is explored and the development technology...
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Uncertain Event Presentation and ECA Modeling in Clinical Pathway Variation

Runqi Cao
Clinical pathway computer modeling, implementation and control is an important way to enhance clinical pathway implementation effect and also a cardinal channel to achieve efficient medical services. In the process of the research above, find an effective way to manage the variation of clinical pathway...
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The Empirical Research on the Continuous Usage Intention of Mobile Internet Users

Jinbo Wang
In recent years, the Mobile Internet has become the focus of competition in the global information industry. This paper studies the main factors influencing the consumers continue to use the Mobile Internet, collect relevant data by using the questionnaire method, and analysis of the data by EVIEWS;...
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Advantages and Implementation Steps of BIM-based Construction Project Management

Xiang Li, Lei Cao
BIM technology is building information modeling based on construction project, relevant information and data. Digital information technology can be used to simulate all kinds of information of construction project, so it is widely applied in construction project management. This paper mainly discusses...
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Analysis of Electrical Circuit Fault Problems of Electromechanical Equipment

Tao Chen
Under the background of national economic development, the application range of electromechanical equipment becomes wider, and electrification degree also improves. Thus, safety of electrical circuit operation receives much attention. But, in the long operation process of electromechanical equipment,...
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A Study on TCP/IP Network-based Embedded Linux Intelligent System

Lili Fan
With the development of embedded technology, we are supposed to further develop embedded monitoring system of low cost, which attracts much attention. This system, however, is not suitable for household application from the aspect of cost. In view of this, we designed an approach of realizing monitoring...
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Analysis of Game Influence Factors of Martial Art Event Competition

Kaihua Xu, Yali Xu
This paper analyzes game theory of winning rules of competitive martial art event from the macroscopic and microcosmic perspective and looks for athletes; selection of confrontation/non-confrontation strategy so as to strongly promote improvement of competitive martial art training level. This theory...
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A Survey of Binary Tamper-resistance Techniques for Software Protection

Xianya Mi, Yi Zhang, Baosheng Wang
Software safety issues have become severe problems in modern information industry. Binary tamper-resistance techniques as an important means for software protection, have become a worldwide popular research topic. In this paper, we firstly introduce basic concepts of software cracking and protecting,...
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Trellis Coded Multi-h CPM for Serially Concatenated Schemes

Xian Liu, Hua Fang, Kegang Pan, Xiaofei Pan, Bin Gao, Nan SHA
Trellis coded multi-h CPM schemes have been shown in the literature to have attractive power-bandwidth performance at the expense of increased receiver complexity. In this paper, trellis coded multi-h CPM is adopted in the serially concatenated schemes as the inner encoder. With such schemes, interleaving...
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A greedy-network-based approach for human disease module identification

Meng Jin, Zhiyuan Yang, Jianwei Lu, Tianwei Yu
The accurate classification of disease module from gene expression profiles is quite challenging for new biomarkers because of high noise in gene expression measurements and the small sample size [1]. Studies have shown that network-based gene selection is more reliable than individual genes. Because...
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Research on Maneuvering Flight Trail Simulation of Air Combat

Qi-ke Wu, Deng-Kai Yao, Gu-hao Zhao, Tian-chi Sun
Flight trail planning is a very important part of the airspace planning. The traditional flight trail planning was mostly based on kinematic equation and spatial geometric relationships while neglecting the wind disturbances. Refer to improve the accuracy and security of the airspace planning and reflect...
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Network Repair Strategy Based on the Failure of Airline

Yuxiang Zhang, Minggong Wu, Xiaorong Wang, Xiangxi Wen
Contraposing to the network repair problem of airline network after edge failure, an optimization model was proposed based on network repair study and hub airline network theory. The model regarded the best performance under certain cost as the objective function. And it satisfied different requirements...