Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)

1117 authors
Ren, Zhengqi
Overview on the Growth and Development of TikTok’s Globalization
Ren, Zhiyi
Effect of Rural Social Pension Insurance on Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods
Rong, Runsheng
Identification of Optimal Risky Portfolios for Hedge Fund
Rongde (Raymond), Tao
View of Consumerism of High School Students and Factors That Shaped Their Concept
Ruan, Jiaqi
Impacts of Covid-19 on Consumption-Related Industries Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model
Ruan, Linzheng
Research on the Application of Cloud Computing in the Future Market in China
Rui, Tang
Study on the Surgical Scheduling Problem Considering the Uncertainty of Operation Time
Sabetzadeh, Farzad
Modelling Time Series Customer Preference Based on E-commerce Website
Sha, Yijin
An Analysis of Determining the Most Valuable Company Based on Financial Analysis and Principal Component Analysis Methods
Shan, Feitong
Is All-Weather Strategy Underperformed During COVID-19? An Evidence from US’s Etfs Market
Shan, Liang
Investment Sentiment in Finance Market
Shan, Wanlu
The Progress of Digital Currency Electronic Payment
Shan, Xiangyi
Business Analysis in Modeling of Financial Risk
Shan, Yulin
The Feasibility of Starting Up Business Mobilife: A Medical Company with Mobile Technology
Shang, Boyan
The Hong Kong Consumer Voucher Scheme Attempts to Rehabilitate the Economy from the Shock of Covid-19 Pandemic
Shang, Ke
Capital Structure and Arbitrage
She, Peiyi
Study on Evaluation of the Level of Enterprises Management and Choice of Business Strategy from Enterprises Annual Financial Statements
Shen, Junzhe
Disney Marketing Strategy Review
Shen, Tzuying
Investigation for Smartfood’s Market Ability Based on Regression Analysis
Shen, Xin
Correspondence Between Constructive Real Numbers and L Number in Constructive Mathematics
Shen, Xinzhou
Research on Consumer Behavior Based on the Perspective of Behavioral Economics
Shen, Yue
Examination of U.S. Finance-Related Industry Under COVID-19 Based on Fama-French model
Sheng, Jiahui
The Application of POCD Framework to Current Online Platform Venture Capital Investment
Sheng, Yingjie
The Impact of Oil Prices on the U.S. Stock Market
Sheng, Yingjie
Feasibility Study of Bitcoin Hedging the U.S. Stock Market
Shenran, Ji
A Study of the Impact of Chinese Star Cai Xukun Starring in the Prada Commercial Code Human on Chinese Young Consumers
Shi, Chengyi
Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance and Corporate Idiosyncratic Risk
Shi, Diandian
The Effects of the Paris Agreement on Stock Markets: Evidence from Clean Energy Stocks
Shi, Haoyu
Adolescent Obesity: Case Study of McDonald’s Happy Meal
Shi, Jingyi
Research on Enterprise Platformization Based on Organizational Structure Reform——Taking SF Express as an Example
Shi, Junyu
The Morality Impact of Price War and Low Salary on the Chinese Delivery Industry’s Workers
Shi, Muhan
Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance and Corporate Idiosyncratic Risk
Shi, Ruhua
Analysis of Recent Development of Spectrum Auction and Forecast of Future Development
Shi, Wenyi
Research on Fan Operation in the Entertainment Industry
Shi, Wingnam
Brand New Milk Tea Market: Chinese Milk Tea Development and Brand Analysis
Shi, Zanqi
The Influences of Markowitz Model with Different Constraints for Optimal Portfolio
Shuang, Enhan
Post-Olypmic Economic Risk Analysis and Avoidance measures -- Taking Tokyo Olympic Games as an Example
Song, Hao
Research on Disney’s Possible Expansion Strategy in Asian Market
Song, Qi
Research on Sustainable Product Design Strategy in Sharing Economy in Post Epidemic Period
Song, Yixuan
Research on the Role of Chinese Board of Directors in Anti-hostile Takeover
Song, Yizhen
Adolescent Obesity: Case Study of McDonald’s Happy Meal
Song, Zhuoyuan
Self-Evaluations and Social Comparison
Su, Weixi
Learning from the Past Ten-Year Effects of Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)
Sun, Bohan
Analysis from The Bank of China on The Crude Oil Treasure Incident
Sun, Bowen
Research on the Internal Management Communication of Enterprises Based on Wanda Film
Sun, Jiatong
The Research on the Impact of Covid-19 on U.S. Resource Stock Market
Sun, Qi
Impact of COVID-19 on Service-related Industries of U.S. Market Based on Fama-French Five-Factor Model
Sun, Qianfei
Influencing Factors of Stock Price Crash Risk
Sun, Qi’an
Corporate Social Responsibility and Cash Holdings
Sun, Shaoheng
A Study of Brand Communication Strategies of Xiaomi
Sun, Wanting
The Changes of Apple’s Stock Price During the Pandemic
Sun, Wenzhi
Analysis from The Bank of China on The Crude Oil Treasure Incident
Sun, Yupei
The Concealed Fact: Relationship of Healthcare Performance and Income Inequality in the United States Based on Factor Analysis
Sun, Yuting
The Hedging Policies of BP with the Systematical Analysis
Sun, Yuxin
Does Institutional Investor Ownership Influence Corporate Inefficient Investment? Evidence from China
Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Urban Agglomeration Competitiveness in Pearl River Delta
Tan, Run
The Influence of Advertising Co-creation on Brand Building on the Perspective of Value co-creation Theory
Tan, Yisong
Compositional Stochastic Model Checking Probabilistic Automata via Assume-guarantee Reasoning
Tan, Yuanhan
China’s Rise to Changes in Southeast Asia’s Political Landscape
Tang, Bixue
A Review on the Relationship Between Portfolio Concentration and Fund Manager Performance
Tang, Jiacong
Comparisons of the Different Views of Face Negotiation Theory
Tang, Jiayue
Analysis of Management Strategy of MXBC
Tang, Minlan
Potential Arbitrage Analysis
Tang, Qizhen
Factor Investing Strategy Investigation and Optimization for Chinese Stock Market with Backtesting and Implementation
Tang, Rui
The Influence of Big Data on Purchasing Behavior
Tang, Ruiyu
Study on the Strategic Development of Foreign Manufacturing Industry Under the Chinese Fad
Tang, Shuai
Institutional Investor and Firm Financialization: Evidence from China
Tang, Xin
Analysis on the Influence of Inflation on Financial Markets and Institutions in China
Tang, Yiran
Analysis of the Richness of Functions of Mobile Banking Services and Users’ Satisfaction
Tang, Yuntian
The Impacts of Trade Protectionism on the Indian Economy
Tang, Zhuorong
The True Effects of Winning Wars
Tang, Zifeng
Analysis of Firms’ Share Repurchases ‘Causation: A Case Study of Starbucks
Tao, Boting
Analysis of Financial Risks in the Process of Enterprise M&A-Taking Alibaba M&A Process as an Example
Tao, Yi
Research on Brand Remodeling and Marketing Strategy Optimization of Chinese Domestic Cosmetics in Post-pandemic Era
Tian, Feng
Thoughts on Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Grass-roots Financial Management Under the New Situation
Tian, Hansong
Analysis of the Marketing Strategy of Bilibili and the Reasons for Its Success
Tian, Yi
Comparison of the Applicability of Markowitz Model and Index Model Under 5 Real-World Constraints for Diverse Investors
Tian, Yuchen
Research on the Influence of Covid-19 on U.S. Business Service Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model
Ting, Tzuyun
Investigation for Smartfood’s Market Ability Based on Regression Analysis
Wan, Shengtong
The Relationship Between Women Household Activity Hours and the Wage Gap Between Men and Women
Wan, Ziqi
Analysis of Size and Momentum Anomalies in CAPM
Wang, Boyang
Research the Impacts of Covid-19 on U.S. Entertainment and Publishing Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model
Wang, Chenhui
Investment Sentiment in Finance Market
Wang, Chuyan
Using Fama-French Five-factors Model to Analyze the Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. Medical and Health Industries
Wang, Feiyue
Application of Game Theory in Carbon Trading Mechanism
Wang, Gaorui
A Business Analysis for the Taier Company Based on STP Model and Market Forecasting
Wang, Guolin
Analyze the Impact of REITs on the Irish Real Estate Market
Wang, Haiyan
Marketing Strategy During the Pandemic: A Study of Chinese Live Streaming E-commerce Based on Taobao Live
Wang, Hao
RMB Internationalization and Banks’ Transnational Operation Strategies
Wang, Houqing
Survey on Consumption Demand of Quick-frozen Steamed Dumplings in Hefei City——Research Based on Consumer Decision-making Perspective
Wang, Jiashuo
Smart Pet Collars Possess Potential in the Chinese Market
Wang, Jiaxin
Research on the Choice of Enterprise Value Investing Under the New Environment
Wang, Jiaxuan
Analysis on Chinese Economic Development Under Post-Financial Crisis Environment Based on IS-LM Model
Wang, Jingyi
An Analysis of Determining the Most Valuable Company Based on Financial Analysis and Principal Component Analysis Methods
Wang, Juan
Optimizing Business Environment by Developing E-government Services
Wang, Junhao
Does Internal Control Reduce Firms’ Stock Price Crash Risk? Evidence from China
Wang, Kai
Analysis of China’s REITs Factors and Development Suggestions
Wang, Kaixing
Corporate Social Responsibility and Cash Holdings
Wang, Kelai
A Comprehensive Study of the Reasons for Underpriced IPOs
Wang, Keran
A Review of Domestic and International Research on New Media Marketing