Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)

1117 authors
Lu, Andy Rui Chen
An Analysis of Determining the Most Valuable Company Based on Financial Analysis and Principal Component Analysis Methods
Lu, Chenxiao
The Spillover Effects of U.S. Monetary Policy on Global Economy
Lu, Fan
The Progress of Digital Currency Electronic Payment
Lu, Jiali
The Role of Customer Behavior and Relationship Management in Modern Enterprise Marketing
Lu, Jiayi
Risk Analysis of Enterprise Financial Derivatives: Evidence from MGRM Company
Lu, Jiayue
A Summary of the Marketing Strategies of Luxury Cosmetics Brands
Lu, Jiongcheng
Evaluation on the Synergy Degree of Digital Finance and Regional Economic Development
Lu, Kuan
Analysis of the Development Prospect of AI Companies in China
Lu, Mingyu
The Study of Virtual Fitting Room in China
Lu, Ruiyang
Research on the Cross-cultural Communication Strategy of Chinese Internet Celebrities Based on SWOT Analysis in Video Forms
Lu, Simin
Comparison of Different Asset Pricing Models Based on Alibaba and Tencent Stocks
Lu, Xuhan
The Rebranding Path of LI-NING
Lu, Xupeng
Fast Growth of Keep (An Online Fitness APP) During COVID-19 Pandemic
Lu, Yihao
The Business Competitiveness and Future Proposing of Alibaba Group
Lu, Zhengze
Thoughts on Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Grass-roots Financial Management Under the New Situation
Lu, Zhipian
The Report of School Violence Platform
Luo, Chenxi
Analysis of the Potential Risks of Winning the Bid at a Low Price in Construction Project Management
Luo, Denggyao
Investment Advice for CNOOC Based on External Risks and Analysis of the Company’s Financial Situation
Luo, Huiru
Evolution of Sanitary Pads: From the Traditional Product to a Tethered Digital Platform
Luo, Jiajun
Influence and Prospect of Chinese Hog Futures- Live Hog Industry Perspective
Luo, Juncheng
Which One is the Best Safe Haven During the Special Time, Bitcoin or Gold?
Luo, Libao
The Use of Information and Communication Technology in Educational Management in the 21st Century for Higher Education Trend in China
Luo, Lin
Analysis of Synergistic Effect Based on Regional Fintech and Regional Inclusive Finance
Lyu, Linfeng
Analysis of Success Factors and Developing Potential of Pop Mart
Lyu, Sijin
Heightened Herd Behavior in Financial Market Under Covid-19
Ma, Cindy
Analysis from The Bank of China on The Crude Oil Treasure Incident
Ma, Heming
Investment Portfolio Establishment Based on Index Model Linked with Different Constraints
Ma, Jingjing
Analysis of McDonald’s Marketing Strategy in China
Ma, Qijing
U.S. Medical-related Industry Under Covid-19: Impacts and Reflections Based on Fama-French Model
Ma, Qiying
Analysis on How Social Media Influencers Affect Purchasing Tendency
Ma, Siyao
Impact on the Volatility of the Bitcoin Price with the Implementation of Macro-Regulation
Ma, Xiaoping
The Labor Cost Management of Marine Engineering Project Based on Activity-Based Costing Method
Ma, Yihan
A Business Analysis for the Taier Company Based on STP Model and Market Forecasting
Ma, Yihang
Analysis of the Richness of Functions of Mobile Banking Services and Users’ Satisfaction
Ma, Yiteng
Chinese E-commerce Competition
Ma, Yunqi
A Review of Economic Policy Uncertainty
Ma, Zijian
Evaluation for Ant Financial Group’s Investment Value Based on POCD analysis
Manyi, Shi
Analysis of the Market strategy of Enterprises Based on Fan Economy in China
Mao, Yirun
The Sudden Effects of Crude Oil Futures
Mao, Yuxin
Corporate Research and Development Strategy and Stock Price Crash Risk
Meng, Fanchen
Strategy from the Perspective of Supply Chain
Meng, Hangcheng
Research on the Impact of COVID-19 on Middle and Small-sized Enterprises
Meng, Jiahan
Study on Precision Marketing Strategy of Foreign Trade Corporation
Meng, Jinhan
Analysis of COVID-19 on Resource-related Industries
Meng, Wendi
Marketing Strategies of Chinese Cosmetic Brands in Local Market
Miao, Xinyu
Strategy from the Perspective of Supply Chain
Mingchun, Qi
Research on the Construction of Financial Technology Risk Prevention and Control System
Mou, Yimin
Economic Policy Uncertainty and Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from China
Nan (Nancy), Nan
The Impact of the Epidemic on Employment
Nie, Junming
Duration Strategy for Bond Investment Based on an Empirical Study
Nie, Weisong
The Application of Mental Accounts of Behavioral Finance in Internet Economy
Ning, Zhengjia
Corporate Income Tax Planning Methods and Research of High-Tech Enterprises
Niu, Wenhui
Personality Characteristics and Anchoring Effect in the Newsvendor Problem: A Laboratory Study
Niu, Zhen
Investigating the Impact of Social Media Marketing on Millennial’s Purchase Intention of Sports Brands in China
Niu, Zirui
Evaluation on Start-up Companies Based on POCD Framework: Case of Brightinsight
Nuoxin, Huang
The Impact of Financial Inclusion on Residents’ Investments in the Digital Economy
Ouyang, Baozhen
Analysis of U.S. Consumption-related Industry Based on Fama-French Model Under COVID-19
Pan, Ruhua
Strategy from the Perspective of Supply Chain
Pan, Siling
The Study of the “Size Effect” on the Market Efficiency and the Market Anomalies in NASDAQ
Pan, Siyu
How Tax Reduction or Exemption Influence Prices --Empirical Evidence from Cases About Tampon Tax Reduction or Exemption
Pan, Xingying
Leadership Style and Business Success: Case Studies of Chinese Business Leaders
Pan, Yuxiao
Research on Marketing Mix Strategy of PDD E-commerce Platform
Peishan, Sun
Luxury Brands Culture and Marketing: How Does Chanel Stay popular
Peng, Chenyang
Research on the Influence of COVID-19 on Transportation Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model
Peng, Siman
The Validity of CAPM: A Critical and Conclusive Study with Empirical Evidence from the UK Security Market
Peng, Xiaoxuan
Investigate the Capital Structure of Facebook Based on Financial Model
Peng, Yilin
Marketing Strategies and New Focus for Luxury Companies under COVID-19 Pandemic
Peng, Ying
How to Build Brand Equity for the SMEs in the Chinese Catering Industry
Peng, Ziyang
Challenges for Huawei to Go Global Under the Trade Disputes
Piao, Yiyang
The Sudden Effects of Crude Oil Futures
Pu, Luran
A Business Analysis for the Taier Company Based on STP Model and Market Forecasting
Qi, Boyang
Why Luckin Coffee Survived After Its Scandal?
Qi, Guanyi
A Summary of the Marketing Strategies of Luxury Cosmetics Brands
Qi, Ruixiong
Business Model Innovation of Yungang Cultural Industry Based on the “Internet +” Format Perspective
Qi, Ruiyuan
Strategic Direction for the Development of SMEs - Based on the Successful Experience of POP MART
Qi, Wanxin
The Development of Tik Tok’s Global Market
Qi, Yue
Comparison of Different Asset Pricing Models Based on Alibaba and Tencent Stocks
Qi, Yunyi
Policy Performance Analysis of Six Stability and Six Guarantees Based on Empirical Analysis
Qi, Zhou
Retail Investor Attention and Firm Investment Efficiency
Qi, Ziheng
Difference Between Virtual Idols and Traditional Entertainment from Technical Perspectives
Qian, Dan
The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Global Hedge Funds
Qian, Jinjin
Research on Lego Multi-channel Development: Success and Improvement
Qian, Lei
Influence of Communication and Motivation to Team Innovation
Qian, Pengjun
The Comparison and Contrast Between the Protectionism and Free Trade in England
Qian, Zichen
Brand Community Strategy of Lululemon
Qiantao, Hu
Industrial Internet Based on Value Co-creation Theory Platform Ecosystem Innovation Strategy Research
Qin, Haoran
The Relationship Research Between Brand Association, Brand Awareness, Brand Satisfaction, and Brand Loyalty in Three Squirrels’ Virtual Image
Qin, Shuwen
Research on Tesla’s Price Strategy in China
Qin, Zelong
The Analysis of the Innovation Factor Can Affect the Success of the Startup Company
Qiu, Feiming
Research on Building Industry in U.S. Stock Market during COVID-19
Qiu, Xuechen
Leadership Style and Business Success: Case Studies of Chinese Business Leaders
Qiu, Ziyang
The Impact of Oil Prices on the U.S. Stock Market
Qu, Ke
Comparison of the Applicability of Markowitz Model and Index Model Under 5 Real-World Constraints for Diverse Investors
Qu, Sizheng
Challenges and Countermeasures of Chinese Cross-Border E-commerce Development in the United States
Qu, Zeyu
A Research on Disneyland at Home and Abroad
Ran, Huining
The Analysis of Brand Co-branding Strategy
Ren, Jiaying
The Research of Tesco’s Current Investment Portfolio and Some Recommendations
Ren, Qingyang
The Different Perception and Reaction of Customers Towards Traditional Marketing and Influencer Marketing in Food Industry
Ren, Yi
The Relationship Between Women Household Activity Hours and the Wage Gap Between Men and Women
Ren, Yuchen
The Development of Tik Tok’s Global Market