Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)

1117 authors
Wang, Keying
How to Shape the Brand Magnetic Field? The Generative Logic of Consumption Resonance
Wang, Liang
Analysis on the Impacts of COVID-19 on Food Industry and the Countermeasures
Wang, Lifu
The Business Competitiveness and Future Proposing of Alibaba Group
Wang, Lina
Equalization of Basic Public Services and Social Trust
Wang, Lingyu
Board Gender Diversity and Corporate Cash Holdings: Evidence from China
Wang, Luchen
The Rebranding Path of LI-NING
Wang, Mengyang
Company Comparison: General Motor Corporation VS Geely Auto
Wang, Mian
Revealing the Wage Phillips Curve on the Relationship Between Wage Growth and Unemployment Rate
Wang, Qikai
The Research on the Investment Value of Online Fitness App in China
Wang, Qing
The Effectiveness of Private Domain Traffic Strategy in Large Cooperation
Wang, Qinxuan
Industrial Expansion and Brand Empowerment of Intangible Cultural Heritage Technologies Under the Background of Industrial Science and Technology
Wang, Qitong
Crude Oil Futures Hedging Strategies During COVID-19 Using VaR-Garch Models
Wang, Rui
Research on the Impact of the COVID-19 on the Consumer Goods Industry Group in the U.S. Stock Market
Wang, Ruizhe
The Impact of COVID-19 on Soccer Economy
Wang, Ruolin
Research on the Impacts of Covid-19 on U.S. Medical Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model
Wang, Ruoshui
Market Change: How to Transform and Upgrade Luxury Goods in the New Era
Wang, Ruyi
The Analysis of Competitive Business Strategy Among Platform Enterprises Like Taobao, Jingdong and Pinduoduo
Wang, Shixiang
Correspondence Between Constructive Real Numbers and L Number in Constructive Mathematics
Wang, Shiyao
Duration Strategy for Bond Investment Based on an Empirical Study
Wang, Shuwen
Analysis of COVID-19 on Resource-related Industries
Wang, Silun
Application of Game Theory in Carbon Trading Mechanism
Wang, Taiyu
The impact of corporate finance structure on firm value-Evidence from A-share listed companies in China’s manufacturing sector
Wang, Taiyu
Study on Establishment of Enterprise Financial Risk Assessment Model Based on Entropy Weight TOPSIS
Wang, Ting
Examination of U.S. Finance-Related Industry Under COVID-19 Based on Fama-French model
Wang, Xianzi
Evidences and Explanations for the Momentum Effect in the World: A Literature Review
Wang, Xiaoke
The Concealed Fact: Relationship of Healthcare Performance and Income Inequality in the United States Based on Factor Analysis
Wang, Xiaowei
The Impact of Technological Innovation on Economic Growth: Evidence from China
Wang, Xiaoyi
Regulation on China Internet Finance
Wang, Xin
The Effectiveness Factor on Brand Strategy
Wang, Xingyi
Financial Performance Analysis on the Innovation of Xiaomi’s Profit Model
Wang, Xinyang
The Impact of COVID-19 on National Economic Development: Evidence from China and Japan
Wang, Xinyi
Study on Evaluation of the Level of Enterprises Management and Choice of Business Strategy from Enterprises Annual Financial Statements
Wang, Xinyi
Analysis of Development of Birth Control Policy in China Under Economic Perspective
Wang, Xinyuan
Analysis of Four Technology Related Industries Before and After COVID-19 Based on Fama-French Five-Factor Model
Wang, Xiyao
Strategic Planning and Branding Management of Chinese E-commerce Business: A Case Study of Three Squirrels
Wang, Xiyuan
How to Build Brand Equity for the SMEs in the Chinese Catering Industry
Wang, Xukun
Research on Venture Capital and Technological Innovation: Based on the ChiNext and Science and Technology Innovation Board
Wang, Yafan
Heightened Herd Behavior in Financial Market Under Covid-19
Wang, Yi
The Development and Usage of NPV and IRR and Their Comparison
Wang, Yi
How Do Managers Hedge Against Oil ETFs in the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Wang, Yibo
Analysis of Internet Celebrity Brand Marketing Strategy
Wang, Yidan
Research on E-commerce Platform of Online Shopping Consumers
Wang, Yingru
The Impact of the Pandemic on Chinese Economy
Wang, Yingyue
Research on Beyond Meat’s Profitability Problems and Strategies
Wang, Yiran
Pricing Strategy Research of Chinese Video Website Platform in Internet Era
Wang, Yixian
Research on Impacts of Bribery on Different Business Sectors
Wang, Yongxi
How Do Managers Hedge Against Oil ETFs in the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Wang, Youqi
What Marketing Strategies Did Mercedes-Benz Use to Succeed in the US Market?
Wang, Yuan
Transformation of Enterprise Innovation Achievements and Enterprise Growth Under Environmental Protection Regulation
Wang, Yuechen
Research on the Role of Chinese Board of Directors in Anti-hostile Takeover
Wang, Yuxiang
Study on Precision Marketing Strategy of Foreign Trade Corporation
Wang, Yuyao
Bond Pricing and Immunization Strategy - Asset Allocation in Bond Investment
Wang, Yuyuan
Learning from the Past Ten-Year Effects of Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)
Wang, Zanchao
NBA Social Media Marketing Strategy: From Globe to China
Wang, Zhao
Using Search Index to Predict the Volatility of Exchange Rate Based on HAR Model
Wang, Zhen
Analysis of Current Situation of CNY
Wang, Zhen
Evaluating the Accuracy of Net Present Value and Initial Rate of Return Investment Rules
Wang, Zhengyu
Influencing Factors of Stock Price Crash Risk
Wang, Zi
Analysis on the Positive and Negative Effects of Science and Technology
Wang, Zichang
Covid-19’S Effects on Inequality in The American Labor Market from Three Perspectives: Skill, Race, and Gender
Wang, Zilin
The Application of POCD Framework to Current Online Platform Venture Capital Investment
Wang, Ziqiao
Exploring the Difference of Chain Brand’s Operation from the Perspective of Economics: Taking Disneyland as an Example
Wang, Ziwei
The Analysis of Capital Structure
Wang, Ziyi
The Morality Impact of Price War and Low Salary on the Chinese Delivery Industry’s Workers
Wang, Zuer
Innovation & Entrepreneurship “Regenerate” A Fashion Entrepreneur Has a Flair for Fighting Poverty
Wang, Zuqian
The Impacts of Trade Protectionism on the Indian Economy
Wei, Chuanhao
Analysis of Synergistic Effect Based on Regional Fintech and Regional Inclusive Finance
Wei, Mengling
The Influence of American Consumption Habits on the Theft of American Credit Cards
Wei, Qianhui
Influencer Marketing for Start-ups: The Rise of Micro-influencers
Wei, Ranyi
Research on the Operating Mechanism and Supervision of Platform Economy
Wei, Xinyi
Investment Analysis on the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Company Under Covid-19 Pandemic
Wei, Yufan
Research on the Development of Supply-Chain Finance in the Context of Digital Transformation
Wen, Audrey Elizabeth
Bidder and Seller Strategies in Online Auctions: A Review
Wen, Manyu
Research on Competitive Strategy of Coca-Cola Company
Wen, Ran
A Research on Disneyland at Home and Abroad
Weng, Dang
Strategies for the Service Industry to Effectively Overcome the Crisis: Meituan’s Specific Practices During COVID-19
Weng, Xinyu
Impact of Price Framing on Consumers
Wenxin, Gai
Influence Mechanism of Bilili Gourmet Videos on User Interaction Intention
Wong, Ethan
Covid-19’S Effects on Inequality in The American Labor Market from Three Perspectives: Skill, Race, and Gender
Wong, HoiYat
Bidder and Seller Strategies in Online Auctions: A Review
Wong, Zu Guang
Walmart China Face the Marketing Strategic Issues and What’s their Future Plan
Wu, Banglun
Research on the Impact of China’s “Double Reduction” Policy on Out-of-School Remedial Classes
Wu, Dongye
Comparisons of the Different Views of Face Negotiation Theory
Wu, Fei
Digital Transformation and Ecosystem of Smart Pillows
Wu, Guangzheng
Research on Tesla’s Price Strategy in China
Wu, Haiwen
The Hong Kong Consumer Voucher Scheme Attempts to Rehabilitate the Economy from the Shock of Covid-19 Pandemic
Wu, Haiyan
Business Model Innovation of Yungang Cultural Industry Based on the “Internet +” Format Perspective
Wu, Jiayi
The Current Situation and Future Trend of the Platform Economy
Wu, Jingliang
Analysis of COVID-19 on Resource-related Industries
Wu, Shenkai
A Sorting Strategy for Alpha Based on ROE Linked with Global Financial Market
Wu, Shihang
Risk Analysis of Enterprise Financial Derivatives: Evidence from MGRM Company
Wu, Shuran
Analysis of McDonald’s Marketing Strategy in China
Wu, TingGuan
Value Investment Under the Effect of COVID-19
Wu, Tong
The Impact of Oil Prices on the U.S. Stock Market
Wu, Wan
Research on the Tourism Development of Traditional Villages in Leizhou Peninsula from H-I-S Perspective
Wu, Wenjing
Research on Health Communication Strategies of Short Video on Popular Medical Science
Wu, Xinyi
Internet Finance Faces Risks and Countermeasures
Wu, Xunheng
The Flawed Borders of the Middle East
Wu, Yude
The Impact of COVID-19 on Worldwide Economics
Wu, Yupu
Research and Analysis of Asset Pricing Model Based on the Empirical Test of Stock Price