Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Linguistics and Cultural (ICLC 2022)

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Zakat Distribution System in the Community of Muslim Farmers in Gowa District, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

Amirullah, Supriadi Hamdat, Muhammad Basir, Suparman Abdullah
This paper describes the distribution of zakat to the Muslim farmer community in Gowa district. Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam which is always called together with prayer, this shows how important zakat is in the teachings of Islam. Therefore, zakat is one of the pillars of Islam that must be fulfilled,...
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The New American Women Concept as Modern Women in the Novel My Mortal Enemy by Willa Cather: A Feminist Literary Criticism

Abbas Abbas, M. Amir Pattu, Fathu Rahman, Abidin Pammu
This article discusses one of the phenomena in American social life at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, namely the emergence of the typical New American Women. They are known as modern women who reconstruct Victorian values in traditional American society. This phenomenon...
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Integration of the Language of Makassar into Indonesian as an Inter-ethnic Communication Media in Makassar City

Asriani Abbas, Abbas Abbas
This article discusses the diversity of ethnic languages such as Chinese, Bugis, Javanese, Sundanese, Banjarmasin and others that interact with the Makassar language as an indigenous language in Makassar City. This inter-ethnic language interaction requires a neutral communication medium as the inter-ethnic...
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Auditing Communication Sinjaimo Work Culture in the New Normal Era at KPPN Sinjai

Asy’ari Nurdin, Muhammad Akbar, Tuti Bahfiarti
Due to the New Normal era of the industrial revolution 4.0, all sectors of society’s economy and government organizations must adapt and improve to carry out digital transformation, including the Sinjai State Treasury Service Office (KPPN) through the Sinjai Mobile (SinjaiMo) innovation. A mobile-based...
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The Impact of Linguistic Intelligence on Indonesian Narrative Writing Skills

Chairunnisa, Yumna Rasyid, Aceng Rahmat
The purpose of this study was to determine the linguistic intelligence of students’ Indonesian narrative writing skills. This study uses experimental research with a one-group experimental design. The participants in this study were students at Kusumanegara University, Jakarta. 100 students are a participant...
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Collaboration of the 3 Pillars of Good Governance in Overcoming Abuse Drugs in Bone Regency

Musakkar, Juanda Nawawi, A. M. Rusli
This study aims to analyze the collaboration of the 3 Pillars of good governance and forms of collaboration in overcoming drug abuse in Bone Regency. This research uses the phenomenological type of research to find meaning and explore qualitative research type data. The research focus is based on the...
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Representation of the Form and Value of Local Wisdom in the Pantun Seloka of the People of West Kotawaringin Regency

Darlis Intang
This study aims to find the form and value of local wisdom contained in the verse of the West Kotawaringin community. This is done because this seloka rhyme has many forms of connotation that require in-depth analysis to reveal the value of local wisdom in it. This study uses the semiotic theory of Roland...
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Promoting Equitable Tourism by Improving the National Musem’s Accessibility for People with Impairments

Dewi Nastiti Lestariningsih, Indah Okitasari, Febyasti Davela Ramadini
The government’s appreciation for persons with disabilities in the country, as initiated by the CRPD at the United Nations, is one of the parameters of a developed country. The purpose of this research is to discuss the national museum’s attempts to promote culture by converting Latin script into Braille...
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The Megalithic Culture of Rampi Valley, North Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi Province: Its Important Contribution During the Early Metal Period in the Indonesian Archipelago

Dwi Yani Yuniawati-Umar, Andjarwati Sri Sajekti, Nico Alamsyah
Until recently, researches on the Megalithic Culture on Rampi Valley are still rarely done and published. This paper discusses results of survey and excavation carried out in 2014 by the National Research Center of Archaeology (now the Research Center for Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology) together...
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Considering the Position of Men and Women in Kabanti Ajonga Indaa Malusa: The Concept of Preparing Ideal Family in Buton

Heksa Biopsi Puji Hastuti, Syaifuddin, Rahmawati, R. Hasina Fajrin
Buton society has verses of kabanti Ajonga Indaa Malusa containing the positioning of men and women in the family. The bhisa delivers verses to the bride and the groom through the jagani tradition, a tradition of accoutring household steadiness to the bride and the groom. The writing deliberates the...
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The Lexicostatistics of Hitu Language: Relationship of the Old Hitu Dialect, Larike, and Kaitetu

Erniati, Nuraidar Agus, A. D. Firman, Fida Febriningsih, Dendi Wijaya
Maluku Province has 62 local languages. One of the regional languages that has a large number of speakers is the Hitu language spoken by the people along the Lehitu Jezirah, Ambon Island. The history of Hitu has been revealed by several previous researchers, but there are still some frequently debated...
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Convention and the Function of Reading Sure’ Meongpalo Karellae for Bugis Farming Communities in South Sulawesi

Firman Saleh, Muhammad Hasyim, Rudy Yusuf, Syam Hermansyah, Andi Vieriawan
The existence of the Meompalo Karelae manuscript in the process of cultivating rice fields by the Bugis community in South Sulawesi, is currently a rare activity and the lack of attention from the perpetrators of the tradition itself is classified as very concerning. The results showed that the reading...
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Analysis of Organizational Culture of Journalists at PT Makassar Indomedia

Rasni Gani, Tuti Bahfiarti, Muhammad Farid
Organizational culture defines as sharing beliefs, principles, and behaviors that are the straits and personalities of a specific organization. It shows different characteristics of each organization, ranging from internal relations, policy, and service. Due to shifts in interaction patterns from face-to-face...
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Swear Words from the Transgender Lexicon in the Hate Speech Law Case in Indonesia

Salimulloh Tegar Sanubarianto, Natal P. Sitanggang, Retno Hendrastuti, Bayu Permana Sukma, Reza Amarta Prayoga, Herry Sujaini
Hate speech law cases in Indonesia also involve transgender discourse. Transgender discourse often appears in the form of a lexicon that is used to express swear words. This study aims to identify the lexicon associated with transgender that appears in the case of hate speech law in Indonesia. To get...
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The Beauty of West Java Cities Through Tourism Slogans

Sariah, Rini Widiastuti, Nia Kurnia
This study discusses the beauty of West Java cities recorded in tourism slogans, which are reviewed pragmatically using speech acts. The speech acts contained in tourism slogans refer to the type, function, and language used. The method used is a qualitative descriptive method. Data were collected by...
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Instagram Accounts for Parenting Education: A New Culture

Wirda Tri Hasfi, Muliadi Mau, Muhammad Farid
Educational resources Parenting has changed from being done offline to online, from knowledge being passed down from one generation to another to knowledge being sought while holding a smartphone. This is inextricably linked to the advancement of information technology, which enables social reality to...
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Local Wisdom in the Spatial Patterns of the Fatubesi Traditional Village, Belu, East Nusa Tenggara

Nyoman Rema, Nyoman Arisanti, Ni Putu Eka Juliawati, I Wayan Rupa
Even though the people have lived a modern life, the Fatubesi traditional village still maintains its traditional village spatial patterns. This survival occurs because of the substantial value of local wisdom inherited by their ancestors. This study aims to determine local wisdom in the persistence...
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Intercultural Communication: Barriers to Adaptation Between Ethnic Bugis and Ethnic Papuans in Jayapura City

Ismiunia Hasmar, Jeanny Maria Fatimah, Muhammad Farid
Meeting between two cultures and interacting with each other certainly requires adaptation, the adaptation that is carried out does not easily happen just like that, Jayapura City as one of the eastern regions of Indonesia which is inhabited not only by ethnic Papuans but also ethnic Bugis who are the...
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Trace the Traces of Austronesian Culture and Language Families in the Java Sea Area: Connectivity Between Bawean, Rembang, and Sampang

Joni Endardi, Gunadi Kasnowihardjo, Masyhudi, Wati Kurniawati, Restu Sukesti, Umiatun Sa’diyah
Basically, this research is a multi-year study of the research theme of “Tracking Traces of Austronesian Culture in the North Coast of Java-Madura.” Referring to the results of the research at the Plawangan Site, Rembang Regency, Central Java [2016 and 2017], and the East Tamberu Site, Sampang Regency,...
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The Structure of Collection of Short Stories Writing for Indonesian Children (Functional Systemic Linguistic Approach)

Juniati, S. Sri Devi, Tenri Dasrawati
This study aims to determine the structure of the text contained in the short story text. This research is a type of qualitative descriptive research using note-taking techniques. Data in the form of clauses, noun groups, and lexis taken in the book Penulis Cilik Indonesia (Peci) and Kecil-Kecil Punya...
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Compliments in Indonesian Cultures: A Literature Review

Karmila Mokoginta
Complimenting can be considered an important communicative event. The use of compliments can be influential in enhancing the quality of interactions especially from social perspectives. This study aims to review several researches about compliments in Indonesian cultures to find out aspects of compliments...
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Obstacles of Communication Accommodation in Parole Officers Towards Clients with Different Cultures at Class I Correctional Center of Manokwari

Marlien Lande, Tuti Bahfiarti, Muhammad Farid
Communication accommodations are carried out in order to obtain effective communication. This study aims to identify obstacles and forms of communication accommodation carried out by the Parole Officer (Pembimbing Kemasyarakatan) in providing guidance to clients who have different cultural backgrounds...
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Information Management Based on Digital Government: Experience for Luwu Regency

Muh. Rivaldi A. Tadda, Nurlinah, Sukri, Nuryanti Mustari, Lukman Nul Hakim Amran Saputra
This study aims to identify, explore and analyze the process of implementing e-government policies in information management in Kab. Luwu. The contribution of this research is to become recommendations and suggestions as well as to improve E-government in information management in the Luwu Regency government...
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The Effect of Flipped Classroom Learning Model Implementation in Student Learning Activities Post-pandemic Covid 19

Munira Hasjim
Students learning activities post-pandemic Covid 19 are still influenced by learning behavior patterns during the pandemic. Two years of online learning activities at home had a less-than-optimal impact when learning patterns took place offline on campus. Thus, lecturers must respond to this post-pandemic...
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Representation of Local Culture of “Apresiasi Budaya” Program in the South Sulawesi TVRI

Nurjanna, Tuti Bahfiarti, Muhammad Farid
Makassar as one of the big cities in Indonesia was able to maintain its cultural existence through the local broadcast of the TVRI Public Broadcasting Institute through the program “Apresiasi Budaya”. “Apresiasi Budaya” is one of the talkshow programs that are packed with nuances of Makassar’s traditional...
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How to Be a Leader: The Power of Kidung

Resti Nurfaidah, Sarip Hidayat, Ilham Purwa Fauji, Gunari Putra Erisman
The Land of Parahyangan has many oral literature and oral traditions. One of them is Ciamis Regency that has massively ritual tourism that can be seen from the the welcome to the farewell gate--leading to Banjar City, such as Situ Lengkong, tombs of the ancestors of Galuh, Imbanagara Museum, Kuta Forbidden...
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Islamic Cultural Acculturation in Arabic Inscription in the Katangka Ancient Tomb Complex, Gowa South Sulawesi

Rosmawati, Erwin Mansyur Ugu Saraka
This paper aims to explain the history of the development of Islam in Makassar, especially the meaning of the inscriptions at the Katangka Islamic tomb complex. In this case, it will be explained the form and style of the inscription as well as its content and meaning to be able to understand how the...
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Trace of Malay History in Sumatra: In the Frame of Indonesia

Anastasia Wiwik Swastiwi
‘Malay Realm’ is an expanding network of interconnected places. Indonesia is not a geographically inherent phenomenon, but rather a historical product of certain temporal events, especially the Dutch colonization and the nationalization of Indonesia. Likewise, the configuration referred to as the ‘Malay...
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Effectiveness Writing Drama Based Scripts Local Wisdom of High School Students Country 2 Majene

Ernawati, Wahyuni, Husain Syam, Desti Kurniasari
This study aims to (1) describe the ability of write drama script based wisdom local in SMA Negeri 2 Majene. Students (2) prove the effectiveness of -based drama learning Mandar local wisdom in class XI SMA Negeri 2 Majene. The design in this study used a Randomized Pretest-Postest Comparation Group...
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Current Projects of the Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Science for the Study of Paleoart

Elena Levanova
The article focuses on the research conducted by the staff the Palaeo Art Centre of the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Science on the comprehensive documentation and study of rock art sites from various regions of Russia. During the years 2014–2022, rock art projects were successfully...
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Application of the AHP Method in the Study of Archaeological Resources Management Based on Indigenous Community in Central Sumba Regency

Nyoman Arisanti, Nyoman Rema, I. Gusti Ngurah Jayanti, Pilipus Jeraman
The management of cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, requires an adequate strategy to be right on target. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method is one of the decision-making methods that are currently being used in the management of cultural heritage. The management of cultural heritage...
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Professionalism of State Civil Services in Public Services in the Department of Population and Civil Registration of Luwu District

Kemal Pasha, Rabina Yunus, A. M. Rusli
The purpose of this research is to find out the level of professionalism of the work of the State Civil Apparatus in public services which in this case involves several aspects that we must understand together and also examine the application of Standard Operating Procedure in the Population and Civil...
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Repetation of Personal Pronouns in Taba Language

Mujahid Taha, Ratnawati, Dedy Ari Asfar, Prima Hariyanto, M. Asri B., Ahsan Yunus, Hugo Warami, Awaludin Rizal
Taba language is one of the regional languages in North Maluku Province. This language belongs to the Austronesian language family. The last condition of the vitality of this language is threatened with extinction. So far, the study of the linguistic microstructure of the Taba language has not been carried...
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The Essence of Shalat as an Islamic Spiritual Ritual in Semiotics Study

Noerjihad Saleh, Ayub Khan
This article discusses one of the ritual actions among Muslims, namely Shalat or Prayer. The meaning of Shalat based on Islamic law is some words and deeds that begin with takbir and end with greetings, Muslims worship Allah SWT or God of the Universe according to predetermined conditions. The meaning...
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South Sulawesi Tales as the Character of the Nation Through Animation Film Learning Models

Nurhayati, Munira Hasjim, Muhammad Hasyim
There are many tales from South Sulawesi that can be used as educational media. Since ancient times in South Sulawesi, fairy tales have been used by parents as a means of education and entertainment for children. These tales are very important and need to be preserved. The characters contained in fairy...
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Social Criticism on “Nah Ini Dia” Rubric in Poskota Online Newspaper

Restu Sukesti, Mukhammad Isnaeni
Language is used to express one’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions about something. Language is also a media for criticizing the social situation, such as in the “Nah Ini Dia” (NID) discourse rubric in the Poskota online newspaper. The reading of this rubric is a social satire for the community, including...
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Social and Religious Functions of Megalithic Culture in Sangihe Island, North Sulawesi

Sriwigati, Hasanuddin, Nasrullah Azis
Sangihe Island is one of the large Islands located at the northern tip of Sulawesi Island which has several forms and types of megalithic culture spread both on Sangihe Island and the surrounding small Islands. Each type of megalithic culture certainly has a social and religious function in people’s...
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Uwatta’s Interpersonal Communication Patterns in Maintaining Sect of Belief Through Tolotang Community Rituals

Dhia Naufalia Ilmi, M Iqbal Sultan, Muhammad Farid
Every human community has an agreed social structure or standard order as well as functions inherent in each part of that social structure. Tolotang is also a term for a school of beliefs that are adhered to and known since ancient times as a society religious and has high integrity in upholding its...
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Social Stratification in Melattigi Mallariada Balanipa Mandar Tribe

Wahyuni, Tuti Bahfiarti, Muhammad Farid, Ernawati
This research aims to describe social stratification in the implementation of the custom of practicing the mallariada order of the Mandar Balanipa tribe. This research is a type of qualitative research. The data in this study is the result of observation, documentation and in-depth interviews with resource...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Good Governance in the Department of Community Empowerment and Village of Gowa Regency

Ramdhani Utamy Muchtar, Nurlinah, Suhardiman Syamsu
In realizing a good government The effectiveness and efficiency of governance is one of the principles that play an important role. In reality, the implementation of local government that is currently felt is still relatively weak because in general the regional work units or Regional Work Units (SKPD)...
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Women’s Resistance to Religious Values in the Novel Adam Hawa by Muhidin M. Dahlan: Feminist Literary Criticism Review

Muslimat, Fathu Rahman, Nurhayati, Andi Faisal
The results of this study describe the problem of women’s resistance to religious values as one of the social phenomena in the novel Adam Hawa by Muhidin M. Dahlan. The purpose of this study is to describe the forms and causes of resistance by women to religious values in the novel. This is expressed...
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Improving the Quality of Life for Beneficiary Families Through the Family Hope Program in Sopai District, North Toraja

Resky Sirupang Kanuna, Juanda Nawawi, Nurlinah
The Family Hope Program is one of the government initiatives designed to reduce social welfare issues. This program offers poor and vulnerable families conditional cash assistance. These requirements pertain to enhancing the quality of human resources, specifically health and education, as a measure...
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Analysis of the Planning for Sustainable Development of the Bantimurung Natural Park (Sustainability Tourism) (Simbang District, Maros Regency)

Muh.Gemilang Pagessa, Nurlinah, A. Lukman Irwan
This study aims to examine and analyze the collaboration between Regional Apparatus Organizations and strategies in planning the development of the Bantimurung tourism area The type of research used is qualitative research. The location of this research is Maros Regency, South Sulawesi. While the types...
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Grogol Village: Majapahit Settlement in Trowulan

Yusmaini Eriawati, Dimas Nugroho, dan M. Fadhlan S. Intan
Talking about Trowulan, we are generally faced with two problems: Trowulan as a city and as a settlement. Grogol, located on the Trowulan site, is one of the residential areas at the “village” level that existed during the Majapahit Era. The site, which covers an area of approximately 10 hectares, has...
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The Iron Civilization of Matano Lake, South Sulawesi: Paleometallic to Historical Periods

Rr. Triwurjani, Shinatria Adhityatama, Suryatman, Dida Yurnaldi, Joko Wahyudiono, K. D. Dimas Muslim, Alqiz Lukman, Harriyadi
Artifacts of funnel axes, which characterize the paleometallic period, were found in Lake Matano. The discovery of several weapons in the form of kris, machetes, knives, daggers (badik) shows that the Matano area is a metal-producing area. In the Nagarakrtagama Manuscript, it is stated that the Majapahit...
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Ancient Liyangan: Settlements Friend Mountain

Sugeng Riyanto, Nanang Saptono, M. Fadhlan S. Intan, Putri Novita Taniardi
Since its discovery by sand miners in 2008, the Liyangan site in Purbosari Village and Tegalrejo Village, Ngadirejo District, Temanggung Regency, has become a priority in the research program of the Yogyakarta Archaeological Center. Several archaeological objects were discovered during a series of studies...
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Existence and Cultural Influence of Malay Peoples in the Banda Islands of the Central Moluccas from the 16th to the 19th Century

Sarjiyanto, Nurul Adliyah Purnamasari
A significant contribution to the advancement of civilization in the Nusantara (Indonesian Archipelago) has been made by the Malay people, one of the ethnic groups. Particularly in Southeast Asia, the Malay language has been widely used since the 16th and 17th centuries. Malay language was also used...
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The Traces of Multiculturalism in Islamic Tombs in Palembang

Retno Purwanti
The ancient tombs in Palembang date back to the kingdom and Sultanate of Palembang. These graves have tombs and headstones of various types and decorations. Based on the types of tombstones and decorations, ethnic and cultural diversity can be identified, indicating traces of multiculturalism during...
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Dolmen: Grave Coverings in Sangihe Island

Sriwigati, Nasrullah Azis, Dimas Nugroho
Megalithic culture is one of the cultures found and spread almost throughout the archipelago. Sangihe Islands Regency as one of the islands positioned at the northern tip of Sulawesi Island also recognizes megalithic traditions through dolmen remains. The chronology of the dolmen use period began to...
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Identity and Gender in the Architecture of the Rongkong Indigenous Community House

Nafsiah Aswawi, Nurafiah Aswawi, M. Irfan Mahmud
Rongkong, as one of the districts in North Luwu Regency, and the existence of its indigenous people in the past has been partially described in the study done by Albert Christian Kruyt (1920), a Dutch anthropologist. In 1954 when the DI/TII rebellion burst, Rongkong was unoccupied in almost all of its...
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Cultural Traces of the Plantation Industry of Gutta Percha Cipetir in Sukabumi Regency, West Java, Indonesia

Lia Nuralia, Prima W. K. Hutabarat, Astyka Pamumpuni, Ratri Wulandari
The cultural traces of the Cipetir gutta percha plantation industry in Sukabumi are the cultural traces of colonial heritage from the Dutch East Indies Government era, which are important historical evidence of the existence of an export commodity trading industry that sells well in the world market....
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The Evidence of Malay Ethnicity in Sedanau and Its Surrounding, Natuna, 18–19 Century

Libra Hari Inagurasi, Sarjiyanto
This paper exposes the identity of the Malay people on Sedanau and its surrounding islands, Natuna, Riau Archipelago, which is reflected in their cultural heritage. Sedanau people consist of several ethnic groups, including Malays and Chinese. This paper applies archaeological methods combined with historical...
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Chronology of Lithic Culture in Prehistoric at Flores: Case Study on Liang Bua Site and Soa Basin

The province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is among the areas in the eastern part of Indonesia, which geographically and regionally is bordered by Australia and Timor Leste. The area that consists of some big islands (often known as Flobamor: Flores-Sumba-Timor) and a number of small ones has a strategic...
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Railways and Sugar in Cirebon

Iwan Hermawan, Octaviadi Abrianto, Desril Riva Shanti
In the Dutch colonial era, sugar is one of the important products of Cirebon, but the abundant sugar production was not supported by good transportation means and infrastructure which hindered the distribution of the product. This problem was resolved by the construction of a railway line by the SCS...
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Waruga: A Stone Coffin in Minahasa, North Sulawesi

Ipak Fahriani, Irfanuddin Wahid Marzuki, Paulina E. H. N, Henki Riko Pratama, Vivi Sandra Sari
North Sulawesi is a land bridge that connects Austronesian culture and Sulawesi. This area is the home to megalithic sites, heritages of Austronesian-speaking people, found mostly in Minahasa. One of the artifacts is a tomb coffin or famously known as Waruga. It is an invaluable heritage and once functioned...
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The Adaptation Pattern as the Development of Lithic Technology in the Southern and Northern Mountains Areas of Java

Indah Asikin Nurani
In maintaining their lives, prehistoric humankind, especially in the Pleistocene up to the beginning of the Holocene era, were still highly dependent on the availability of natural surroundings. The cycles of nature, technology, and culture are inseparable because anything that changes nature will also...
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Tracking Multicultural Indication at Muria Peninsula in the Hindu-Buddhist Period

Hery Priswanto, Baskoro Daru Tjahjono, Endang Widyastuti, Andri Restiyadi, Sutanto Trijuni Putro
The Muria Peninsula is a cluster of volcanoes due to volcanic activities in the northern part of Java Island. Administratively this area includes three districts namely Jepara, Pati, and Kudus. Mount Muria is the largest and highest mountain in the peninsula area, reaching 1625 m above sea level. The...
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New Data on the Occupation and Culture of Toalean and Austronesian Speakers in Maros, South Sulawesi

Hasanuddin, Bernadeta AKW, Akin Duli, A. M. Saiful, Suryatma, Z. Mas’ud
This research aims to find out the cultural diversity and patterns of Austronesian and Toalean human occupation. The method used is survey and excavation in open locations and rock shelters. In addition, excavations were carried out at the Bulu Bakung open site, Sibokoreng and Cenra-cenranae rock shelter....
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Commodities and the Dynamics of Commercial Shipping Activity at Gorontalo in 19th Century

Hasanuddin Anwar, Retno Sekarningrum, Muhammad Nur Ichsan Azis, Irna Saptaningrum, Hendri Gunawan
The aim of this study is to describe and analyze of Gorontalo port which had important role and position in the trade shipping network in the archipelago because of its geographical location connecting Singapore, Ternate, Tomini Bay and Makassar. This condition is strengthened by the avail ability of...
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Prehistoric Trade in Papua, Indonesia

Erlin Novita Idje Djami, Bau Men, Rini Maryone, Klementin Fairyo
The study of prehistoric trading in the Papua region is very interesting to do. The existence of various kinds of artifacts found that were not sourced or not made in the Papua region, is thought to have existed as a result of past trading activities. Archaeological evidence shows that trade in the Southeast...