Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Language, Communication and Culture Studies (ICLCCS 2021)

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Bringing Culture into a Foreign Language Class: A Way to Enhance Intercultural Education in Multi-ethnic Groups

Mariya Burlakova, Aleksei Mikhailov, Tatiana Burlakova
Cultural diversity is a contemporary reality. The present-date Russia is a land where different cultures co-exist. The Russian national culture itself is far from being homogenious, and the student society is also multicultural. At the same time, the level of cultural unawareness is quite high. Therefore,...
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Sociological and Cultural Aspects of the Language Perception of the Deaf

Tatiana Kozlova, Ludmila Dementyeva, Elena Ilyina, Natalya Didenko
The article examines the basic principles of language perception, thinking and socialization of deaf people and outlines the range of problems of learning and the social role of sign language. The sociological aspect of linguistic thinking is considered in connection with the meaning of the sign language...
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Precedent Phenomena in the Process of Creating a Comic Effect in Slovak Internet Memes

Nina Cingerova, Irina Dulebova
In this article, we examine the humorous strategies and mechanism in memetic texts of the Slovak most popular satirical Internet community Zomri, which has more than 700 thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram. When examining the degree of sophistication of humour, its openness in relation to its...
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Web Forum and Social Network Speech as an Inner-Oral-Written Speech Blend

Andrei V. Paribok
Internet communication in its most recent and wide-spread varieties i.e. in specialized forums and social networks exhibits remarkable traits which can be interpreted as indications of a formative period of a new, forth mode of speech. Before emergence of this phenomenon, were known only three modes...
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Characteristics of the Concept “War” in Modern Russian Linguistic Culture

Yulia Pogrebnyak, Natalia Fursova, Evgenia Nesterova, Marina Vazhenina, Olga Nozdryuk
In this article the notional, figurative and evaluative components of the concept “war” are described as they are introduced in Internet statuses in contemporary Russian culture. The analysis of Internet statuses about war shows that the concept under consideration, being very important in contemporary...
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Effects of Chinese and English Word Segmentation on Reading Speed

Yanping Ling, Dixiu Liu
62 college students who passed College English Test Band 4 (CET-4) were selected as the participants in this study. Through two experiments, the researchers used the E-prime online experimental platform to explore the effect of word segmentation on the reading rate of Chinese and English sentences. The...
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The Economic Characteristics of Language Choice from the Perspective of Language and Society Interaction

Yueping Wang
Economic behavior, as the main social behavior of human beings, uses language as direct or indirect medium connecting to coordinate different links. Based on the interactive relationship between language and society, language choice is related to people’s economic behavior. Choosing different languages...
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The Terminological Approach to Buddhist Scripture Translation Studies

Jie Zheng, Rui Su
In order to reveal the influencing factors in the formation of translated terms, this article takes the Buddhist term Sukhāvatī as an example and explores the terminological approach to Buddhist scripture translation studies from the three dimensions of communicative terminology including language, concept...
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Quality Assessment Criteria in Business Conference Interpreting from the Perspective of Loyalty Principle

Dan Ma
From a quantitative research in business conference interpreting, informed by Skopo theory, Loyalty Principle perspectives, this paper explores an empirical study on loyalty principle applied in conference interpreting quality assessment mode from three-facet assessing objects: interpreter, interpreting...
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Formation of Students’ Written Russian Speech Skills in Organizing a Compound Sentence

Alan Tskhovrebov, Tamara Magomedova
The article deals with the organization of the teaching methods for formation of written speech skills in creating a compound sentence of students for whom Russian is not a native language. The paper reflects the experimental testing of a scientifically-based set of exercises designed for teaching a...
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A Course Guideline for the Design of Specialized English Courses for Non-commissioned Officers from the Perspective of Content-based Instruction

Wenhui Hao, Yucheng Zhou, Mei Song, Shasha Wu
Based on the perspective of Content-Based Instruction (CBI), this paper attempts to provide a guidance method for the design of specialized English courses for non-commissioned officers. By sorting out the concept of CBI and combining with the teaching practice of ESP (English for Specific Purposes)...
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Exploration into Speech (Usage of Conjunction Devices) from the Perspective of Halliday’s Cohesion Theory

Based on Donald Trump’s Inaugural Speech

Xiuying Zhou
Based on cohesive devices in Halliday’s Systemic-Functional Grammar, this study intends to analyze conjunctions in Donald Trump’s inaugural speech, exploring the function and effect of four conjunction devices in the speech. Research shows that additive function ranks the first, followed by adversative...
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The Development of Critical Thinking in Language Learning

Yanli Jia
Based on the discourse and pragmatic theory system, the article explores the advanced English classroom teaching model and carries out an analysis of the teaching effect. The purpose of the study is to verify whether this model is conducive to improving students’ critical thinking skills as well as their...
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Image of Africa in the Linguistic Worldview of Modern Russian People

Natalia Shershukova, Yulia Pogrebnyak, Daria Vaganova
In this article the notional, figurative and evaluative components of the concept “Africa” are described as they are introduced in anecdotes in contemporary Russian culture. The analysis of anecdotes about Africa shows that the concept under consideration stands at the periphery of Russian people’s world...
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English Learning Activity and Middle School Writing Teaching

Xinhua Yuan
In the current development of middle school English teaching activities, a large number of instillation teaching based on knowledge teaching still exists, which is not conducive to improving students’ autonomy and the quality of teaching. Under the guidance of the student-oriented education philosophy,...
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Discussions on Inter-character Relations in the Textbook of “Ancient Medical Literature”

Yanhong Zhou
Textbook research is an important aspect of teaching research. Only through in-depth and careful research of textbooks, can we prepare and teach well, and finally achieve the teaching objectives. Interchangeable characters (通假字), variant characters (异体字), and ancient-present characters (古今字) are the...
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Research on College Students’ Autonomous English Learning

Yongmei Cao
As a learning method, autonomous learning is different from the traditional one-way teaching and learning mode, in which students are treated as the main body of learning, they set learning goals, complete learning tasks, and acquire knowledge all by themselves, but under the guidance of teachers. At...
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Exploration on the Reform of College English Teaching Model in the Era of Big Data

Li Yang
In the current era of big data, the teaching methods and concepts of college English have undergone great changes. Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of the characteristics of big data technology in the collection and integration of information and other aspects to build a new three-dimensional...
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Language Interaction and Gender Discrimination in Conversational AI

Ruiyu Jiang
The application of conversational AI increasingly shows up in people’s intelligent devices, and brings great convenience to people’s daily life. However, the majority of voice assistants are female voices. That causes a bad impact on female’s original characteristic appeared in modern society and leads...
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Cultivation of Students’ Multilingual Ability Against the Background of Internationalization Strategy of Colleges and Universities

Yan Teng, Xuan Liu, Yunyun Xia
Economic globalization and the internationalization of education are developing in depth. China has put forward the strategic guiding ideology for the internationalization of colleges and universities, and at the same time promotes multilingual foreign language education to a strategic development ideology....
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A Study on the Application Mode of Foreign Media News Cases in Translation Teaching

Xihong Min
The main purpose of this study is to explore the application mode of case-based teaching of foreign media news in translation teaching of undergraduates in application-oriented universities. By carrying out empirical research on case selection, case editing and the process and effect of case teaching...
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A Study on the Teaching of Advanced Chinese Listening from the Perspective of Relevance Theory

Chunjie Wang
Based on the communication view and context view of relevance theory, this paper makes a statistical analysis on the number of words and sentences, themes, expression methods, number of program codes, option correlation and the correlation between recording content and option in the first part of HSK-6...
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The Challenges and Prospects of English in China Under the Belt and Road Initiative

Jinjun Wang, Jinyi Huang
Over four decades English has been empowered as the dominant foreign language in China since the Reform and opening-up in 1978. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) launched in 2013 has had profound linguistic transformations on China’s foreign language policy and has brought observable challenges as well...
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Study on the Translation of Public Signs in Zaozhuang Scenic Spots

Li Wan
Zaozhuang, an emerging tourist destination in China, should strengthen the publicity of tourism culture, which contributes much to the development of tourism. The translation of public signs in Zaozhuang scenic spots are investigated in the paper and some common issues are proposed. Given existing research...
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Cultural Cooperation as an Important Area of Strategic Partnership Between China and Russia

Yuyao Wu
The article is devoted to the cultural cooperation between China and Russia at the beginning of the XXI century. In the modern stage China and Russia build bilateral relations with “strategic partnership” character. The aim of the study is to identify the role of cultural cooperation for the Chinese-Russian...
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Joachim Ringelnatz’s Parody of the Little Red Ridding Hood as an Anti-nationalist Response to the Brothers Grimm

Maxim Duleba
The article focuses on the most famous “fairy tale” of a popular German poet Joachim Ringelnatz, Kuttel Daddeldu Tells His Children the Fairy Tale About Little Red Cap (1923) and complements preceding scholarly discourse on the tales’ highly unconventional and subversive character by interpreting its’...
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Philosophic and Esthetic Traditions, Synthesis of Arts in the Artistic Culture of Russia at the Turn of the XIX-XX Century

Andrey Konovalov, Liudmila Mikheeva, Yulia Gushchina
The article tackles the Silver Age of the Russian culture as distinct period in the history of the country. Philosophers and creative community of the turn of the XIX-XX century) considered preservation of common values, fidelity to the humanitarian tradition of the great Russian culture to be their...
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Study on the Attributes of Media’s Speech Act in the Communication of International Crisis

Taking the Report of COVID-19 Pandemic as an Example

Teng Zhu
International crisis events are the focus of news report and are also important dissemination fields involving the images of national security and diplomacy. Throughout the reporting process of incidents, how the media constructs and implements one’s own speech act is related to the development of a...
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Analysis on Users’ Emotions Through Comments on Weibo Based on Integrated Crisis Model

Haolong Yu
China and the Indian military force got an encounter on Galwan Valley border in mid-June 2020. Global Times, as a traditional press media platform but has finished online transformation successfully, posted an editorial through its Weibo account, “India retreats from deals with China: Global Times editorial”...
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An Analysis of Hall’s Theory of Cultural Identity and Its Application in Flipped Class

Bo Yang, Dan Zhao, Lu Liu
This paper understands Hall’s “cultural identity theory” through the cultural phenomenon in the ethnic dense. Through the study of the connotation, definition, characteristics and construction mode of “cultural identity theory”, the author understands and digests this theory further, and through the...
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The Expression of Cross-cultural Values in American Animated Films from the Perspective of Communication

Pei Yan
Animation refers to the comprehensive visual art with images as the core medium and carrier. The essential attributes determine that its core should originate from the national cultural characteristics of the region. Contemporary American cartoons have a huge influence on global national culture. From...
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Study on the Time and Route of the Introduction of Ramayana into the Dai Ethnic Area of China

Yuyun Xue
The general view is that the ancient Indian epic Ramayana was introduced to the Dai ethnic area of China with the introduction of Buddhism. Buddhism was introduced to the Dai ethnic area on a small scale at the beginning of the century or earlier, and Ramayana was also introduced to the Dai ethnic area...
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Similarities of Expressing Disagreement by Chinese and American College Students

Yanling Xu, Yanrong Chang, Zhan Long
To explore the ways in which modern Chinese and Americans express their disagreement in intercultural communication and to reveal the reasons for their usage from the perspectives of sociolinguistics and persuasive communication and with the rapport management as the theoretical framework, this paper...
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Analysis of Language Communication Strategy to Deal with “Cultural Conflict”

Hongwu Liu
With the continuous advancement of “the Belt and Road Initiative” and frequent international exchanges, international cultural exchanges are becoming more frequent. After graduation, more college students choose to work or pursue further studies in countries along “the Belt and Road Initiative”. The...
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A Study on Characteristics of the Phenomenon of National Association, Communication and Integration Embodied in the Tibetan Heroic Epic “Gesaer”

Jing An, Qian Xiang
“Gesaer” started its narrative from the establishment of the Tubo dynasty and continued to the separation and disintegration of the dynasty. It records the most turbulent and revolutionary historical period of the dynasty. “Gesaer” describes the process of the integration of Tibetan culture and Central...
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A Study on the External Communication Strategy of Martial Arts Culture

Zhiliang Li, Zhuo Li
The study uses literature and logical analysis methods to deeply explore the martial arts culture as the crystallization of Chinese wisdom, which has moral, ethical, spiritual and self-cultivation connotations. Nowadays, martial arts culture plays an important role on interpreting traditional Chinese...
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A Comparative Study of the Aesthetic Characteristics of Chinese and Japanese Tea Culture

Ge Gao
Ancient China is the first in the world to plant tea trees, make tea and drink tea. As one of the “seven things for the beginning of a day”, tea has long penetrated the daily lives of people from all walks of life. Under the influence of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, a unique and long-standing...
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A Study of George Bogle’s Transcript on Tibet in the Logic of Colonial Trade

Xiaomei Han
The transcript left by George Bogle, an employee of the British East India Company, on his mission to Tibet is adopted as research text in the paper to explore Britain’s preoccupation with China during the period of colonial expansion. In spite of the ban on maritime trade and the foreign policy of isolationism...
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Research on the Communication Effect of Emoji Derived from Hot Topics on Social Media

Yuting Li, Meijie Wu
Emojis in the social media era have become a vital part of people’s online social activities, and their development has continuously enhanced people’s demand for online communication experience. This article sorts out the hot topics that appear on Weibo in 2020, selects the hot topics in the two major...
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A Comparative Study on the Differences of Chinese and American Business Etiquette Between China and America from Cross-Cultural Aspect

Tingting Xiao
Good manners not only embellish the company image, but also play a major role in generating profit. Nowadays, it is also necessary to apply etiquette to business activities. International trade exchanges have become frequent. People pay more and more attention to good business etiquette quality. As an...
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Analysis of the Differences of Emoticons in Intercultural Online Communication

Hanyu Cao
With the popularization of the online social media, the communication of various cultures in the world is becoming closer, and the use of emoticons is becoming much more frequent. Among them, there are not only emoji, a traditional emoticon, but also Animoji and “Biaoqingbao”, which have sprung up in...
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The Integration and Upgrade of the New Media Era and the Film Industry

Wen Feng
The background of new media is technological change and innovation. This is an era of development. When new media meets movies, a wonderful chemical reaction occurs. The new media film industry is both an opportunity and a challenge for the traditional film industry. New media movies also rely on their...
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Research on Sichuan Wine Culture and Brand Communication from the Perspective of Globalization

Zijun Yi, Long Jiang
With the acceleration of the process of world economic integration, brand cultural consumption has increasingly become a consumption trend, and brand competition and cultural communication have become new ways and means of competition. It has become an important research topic for Sichuan wine enterprises...
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The Influence of the Main Taboo Customs Differences Between Tibetan Nationality and English-speaking Countries on Intercultural Communication

Chun Dai
Against the background of cultural globalization, the communication between Tibetan and British people is becoming more and more frequent. However, in cross-cultural communication, the result of communication is not ideal because of unintentionally touching each other’s taboo customs and cultures. Therefore,...
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Changing from “The Writer Newspaper” to “The Reader Newspaper” — Discussion on the Transition of The Literary Gazette in the Soviet Union

Jingyu Chang
The Literary Gazette is the most influential literary newspaper of the Soviet Union and is still active in the Russian newspaper world. It is a successful media practice widely recognized by readers as the official publication of the Soviet Union. The Literary Gazette was originally an official publication...
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The Influence of New Media on the Life of Contemporary Youth

Fei Wang
Based on the impact of BiliBili website crash on multiple websites and the great attention it has received, it is not difficult to see the great impact of new media application on contemporary young people. Therefore, this paper specifically studies the impact of the rapid development of new media application...
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Reframing Intercultural Negotiation Through Cultural Discount Theory

Qingqing Hu
Regardless of the importance of exploring and dealing with intercultural differences in negotiation, there is a lack of theoretical development of intercultural negotiation. This paper attempts to reframe intercultural negotiation through cultural discount theory in response to the urgency of theoretical...
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The Literati’s Interpretation of Chen Ping’s Image in Ming and Qing Dynasties

Yunfei Li
The article mainly focuses on Chen Ping, a well-known politician and tactician in the early Western Han Dynasty, to examine the interpretation and changes of his character images in Ming and Qing literary Dynasties. The author first examines and distinguishes the texts of literary works, and on this...
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The Theme of Heart of Darkness from the Perspective of Ekphrasis

Fan Chen
Heart of Darkness is a great novel composed of pictures by words to construct space and scenes. Because words and their meanings are not strictly corresponding or homologous, ekphrasis of visional representation is a surpassing remedy. By using description, juxtaposition, paste-up, and extension, Conrad’s...
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Objectification of Caddy in William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury

Fang Xiang
The Sound and the Fury is not only about the downfall of the prominent Compson family, but also about the great effect brought by the loss of Caddy on the family. This paper tries to analyse Caddy’s degeneration mainly from the perspectives of her three brothers, the three narrators in the novel, Benjy,...
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A Dialogue with the Present: Barriers and Breakthroughs in Traditional Literary Research

Xuelian Sheng
As a branch of the study of Chinese literature, the study of the literature and folk literature in the mother tongue of different nationalities does not involve the “diversified literature”. The network media, a new medium for literature, coupled with the evolution of literature transmission and inheritance,...
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Analysis on the Implementation, Gains and Losses of the Writing System of Bouyei Nationality — Taking Bouyei Nationality in Liuzhi Special District, Guizhou Province as an Example

Linglv Wang
Through long-term communication and exchanges, various ethnic groups in China have established relatively harmonious ethnic relations. After the founding of new China, the government carried out ethnic identification and local self-government for all ethnic groups in the territory. And then, the work...
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Research Review on Discourse Markers

Xiujin Qian
As an important component of the speech system, the status of discourse markers in language research can’t be ignored. Due to different research perspectives, scholars from various countries have not yet reached a unified consensus on the definition, characteristic, function, and classification of discourse...
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Study on the Spread of Chinese Short Video in South Korea Against the Background of Cross-cultural Communication

Yidan Piao
With the development of Internet technology, network short videos have shown a situation of rapid development. Chinese network short videos are not only going viral in China, but also increasingly becoming popular in Korea. By using data analysis method, literature method, illustration method, investigation...
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Functions of Inner Monologue and Free Association in Andrei Bely’s “Petersburg”

Zhao Wei
“Petersburg” is a classic masterpiece by Russian symbolist poet and writer Andrei Bely. In this novel, Bely downplayed the plot of the story, subverting the traditional plot-based, straightforward writing style, and often used inner monologues and free associations to cleverly create the flow of consciousness....
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Representation of Common Sense in Chinese Idioms

Yan Hai, Haibin Dong
Speech codes help shape common sense system in a specific yet populous culture. Some culturally saturated metaphors in traditional Chinese idioms might exemplify the functions and structures of common sense in communication, becoming commonsense social norms affecting ordinary Chinese communicative behaviors...
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The Analysis of Popular Ending Mode Namely “After Suffering Comes Happiness” Reflected in Korean TV Series

Meiping He, Mingzi Huang
Film and television works not only spread the content, but also inherit national culture. Korean TV series not only wins the hearts of audience from Confucian cultural circle, but also reflects the characteristics of Korean national culture. The reason why Korean TV series are so popular with the audience...
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The Subjectivity Evolvement of the Chinese American Women’s Writing

Qiufang Dong
Judging from the English works of the representative Chinese American women writers since the second half of the 19th century, writers adopt different strategies to deal with racism, patriarchy and cultural differences, which directly affects the construction of female subjectivity in their works. Their...
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Untranslatability Caused by Cultural Differences and Approaches to It

Hui Li
Cultural differences between China and the west have always been a pervasive topic in translation. This thesis discusses the effect that cultural differences have on translation, focusing on the untranslatability that is caused by cultural differences, in which the untranslatability on cultural level...
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A Community of Shared Future in David Barnett’s Calling Major Tom

Yuan Shen, Quan Yuan
This essay analyzes the content of Calling Major Tom in the perspective of community. Firstly, from the perspective of the relationship community, it shows the parental love, brotherhood and intergenerational communication. Secondly, due to the tense pace of life and continuous difficulties in today’s...
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Metonymy as the Means of Reflecting Oriental Culture in “Villette” by Charlotte Brontë

Jianwen Liu
Metonymy is of significance to the creation of literary works, and it is regarded as the symbol of realism. Although seen as the peak of her realistic literary career, Charlotte Brontë’s Villette receives much less attention in the academic field. Among the few research works on Villette, the focus is...
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The Globalization of Chinese Online Literature via a Bourdieusian Capital Perspective

A Case Study of Coiling Dragon

Jialing Wu, Chunfang Yi
The globalization of Chinese online literature has become more and more phenomenal in recent years. Based on the perspectives of translation sociology and particularly of the French sociologist Bourdieu’s capital theory, which involves economic capital, cultural capital, symbolic capital and social capital,...
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Analysis on the Theme Expressions in Two Chinese Versions of Pride and Prejudice from the Feminist Perspective

Ruiqi Qiao
As a full-fledged classic, Pride and Prejudice, written by English novelist Jane Austen, has a unique and non-negligible impact on generations with its outstanding artistry and profound ideas. The work contains themes of gender and women’s self-growth, manifesting Jane Austen’s central opinion that it...
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Popular Literature Trends and the Digital Game of the 1990s

Xiping Zhang
There is an internal relationship between the popular literature trend in the 1980s—1990s and the production and success of the first batch of domestic digital games in the 1990s. First of all, the pursuit of freedom and the demand for spiritual release reflected in this literary and artistic trend echo...
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Duality in Robert Frost’s Poetry: The Fusion of Tradition and Modernism

Han Wu
Amid the American modern literary circle, Robert Frost is honored as “American Poet Laureate” and is one of the greatest and the most popular poets. Based on the settings of New England, his poems that are fraught with idyllic scenery and his laboring experience are expressed through a comparatively...
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“A Little Red Flower”: Life Struggle from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Changwei Gong
Taking the life trajectories of two anti-cancer families as the background, taking the interpretation of the love story of a pair of young man and woman suffering from cancer as the storyline, the movie “A Little Red Flower” brings forth new ideas and shows the spirit of struggle for life when individuals,...
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Opinions on the Research of “Kangba Writer Group”

Liangfang Kang
At present, the research on the “Kangba Writer Group” in the academic circle is generally showing a hot trend, but there are also some problems, which are mainly reflected in two aspects: one is that people have a whole understanding of the concept of “Kangba Writer Group” and the expression is generalizing...