Proceedings of the 61st International Conference of Machine Design Departments (ICMD 2020)

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Peer-Review Statements

Jaroslav Homišin, Michal Petrů, David Herák, Ladislav Ševčík
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Innovation of Car Seat Measurement Device

Vitezslav Fliegel, Petr Lepsik, Rudolf Martonka
The car seat is tested in the conditions of real car operation, ie under the conditions of multi-axis loading. We will examine all the possible parameters and maybe find some objective conclusions for the car seat design. The content of this article is the innovation of car seat measurement device in...
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Design of Low-Cost Three-Axis Actuation System

Ondrej Hadac, Petr Lepsik
Low-cost is an increasingly inflected theme in the mechanical engineering world. A cost reducing leads to the development of new solutions, that could not be used in non-commercional sector before. One of this solution is the free hardware programmable platform called Arduino. This platform is very popular...
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Testing Device for Biaxial Loading of Textile Specimens

Ales Lufinka
Testing of real properties of textile specimens is needed during the development of new textile structures. One of the basic test is determining the specimen stiffness, it means measurement of the dependence of the force on the textile material stretching. Textile materials are mostly used in technical...
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Plastic Waste Shredder

Jan Galík, Robert Kohár, Rudolf Madaj, Peter Stevko
Used plastics are all around us. Their production is excessive and presents a big problem today and an even bigger problem for the future. They are used very often for their positive qualities. Just as the pros also have their negatives. One of the biggest drawbacks is the decomposition time of this...
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Design of Load Carrier Composite Reinforcement of Zero Generation of an Electric Car Frame

Ladislav Ševčík, Martina Ryvolová
The aim of the article is to report the methods of solving the construction of the electric car frame. The electric car is designed for movement in the field. This is a functional model marked generation 0. The electric car should move in the field according to the specified trajectories with a load...
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Design of Hydraulic Quick Coupling Using DFA Lucas

Marek Šikola, Petr Lepšík
The paper deals with the design of the hydraulic quick coupling, which is based on specified parameters of international standard ISO 16028. The goal was to simplify the assembly of the quick coupling using innovative methods. Design for Assembly is a method used for reducing the complexity of the assembly,...
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Innovated Testing Equipment and the Influence of Two-Axis Loading on Comfort of Car Seats

Petr Lepšík, Vítězslav Fliegel
The car seat comfort depends on many parameters of the seat and the characteristics of the people sitting on the seat. Each person is different, behaves differently and feels differently. The seat cannot suit everyone, or it must be required the car seat to adapt automatically to the person sitting on...
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Pneumatic Suspension of the Forging Hammer

Radka Jírová, Lubomír Pešík
During the forging process, the significant impact forces from working parts of a power forging hammer appear. Usually, forging hammers are tightly connected to the ground or use standard suspension systems based on, e.g. wooden beams. Then the impact forces may be easily transmitted to the ground of...
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Hydraulic Manipulator of Injection Molds for Die Casting Design

Jan Kanaval, Eliška Cézová, Petr Obolecký
This paper contains a search of the issue of handling and handling jigs in the field of die casting of aluminum alloys. The paper deals with the design of a hydraulic manipulator of injection molds for pressure casting of aluminum alloys. Several basic variants of a possible solution have been proposed...
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Application of CAD Programs for a Gearing Geometric Model

Samuel Sivák
CAD programs are used in engineering environment on a daily basis, because of their wide use in designing, machining or evaluating process. This fact boosted the development and impact range of CAD software possibilities, but in the field of gears, there may be some shortcomings. These shortcomings are...
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Circular Flange Joints of Pressure Vessel

Jiri Zacal, Lukas Hruzik, Vaclav Mosler
For flange joints of pressure vessels, bolts are most commonly used. Even though they may seem to be only simple mechanical elements, the reality is ever so different. In some fields of engineering practice, these connections must meet particularly high technical requirements. The article discusses the...
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Applications of a Clamping Joint in a Rail Vehicle Design

Lukáš Hruzík, Jiří Struž, Jiří Začal, Květoslav Kaláb
This paper deals with design problematics of a clamping joint for the tanker frame in a rail vehicle. This car body is made from aluminum alloy. The main requirement of the joint is safe transmission the load given by the norm ČSN EN 12 663-1. At the beginning of the study is make the analysis of friction...
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Welded and Bolted Frames of Freight Electric Vehicles

Ladislav Ševčík
In the contribution is made FEM calculation of frames of freight electric vehicles. A comparison is made between welded and screwed frame joints of high strength steel. A strength check was carried out on the basis of the tensile tests of the welded material and a check with screwed version.
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Determining Optimum Air Pressure Value in Pneumatic Flexible Shaft Coupling

Matej Urbanský
At our workplace, we deal with research in the broad field of machine parts and mechanisms. It is very appropriate and needful to utilize the knowledge gained from our extensive research also in an educational process. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to present one of our educational activities,...
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Design and Analysis of Railway Power Pack

Praveen Malik, Petr Lepsik
This paper includes the designing of the Railway Power Pack used by the Container Corporation of India. The power packs when in motion are subjected to several forces and their failures have resulted in many casualties. The work starts with the designing of the Power Pack container, with all its major...
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Analytical Solution of Stress Redistribution in Simple Beams

Eliška Cézová
This paper presents a simple way of derivation of analytical solution for the stress (load) redistribution within a simple beam composed of multiple individual profiles. To demonstrate the main ideas a cantilever beam is considered, consisting of finite number of parallel sub-beams. The external load...
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Algorithm to Calculate Sliding Velocities for Spherical Roller Bearings

Slavomír Hrček, Róbert Kohár, Michal Lukáč, Ján Šteininger, Jozef Jenis
The excellent operating properties of the mechanisms are conditioned by the quality design of the geometry of the individual components. Roller and ball bearings, which are frequently used components, have no exception and are an important part of them. One of the important parameters for a geometry...
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Adhesion Properties Evaluation of Heat Treated Steel 100Cr6 with Applied DLC Coating

Jozef Bronček, Martin Vicen, Peter Weis, Viera Konstantová, Jozef Jenis
The article deals with determination of tribological and basic properties of heat-treated bearing steel 100Cr6. It is typical steel for production a small and medium size of rolling bearings. For reducing the friction coefficient of functional surfaces of heat-treated bearing steel 100Cr6, the application...
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Mechanical Properties of Groove Squared Profiles Made of Carbon Composite Material with Cured Epoxy in Shape Form and by Vacuum

Ľuboš Kučera, Tomáš Gajdošík, Igor Gajdáč, Jozef Škrabala
This article describes mechanical differences in behaviour of groove squared profiles, which are made of carbon composite material. Specimens were made by winding of prepreg carbon fibre filament around Rexroth profile. Afterward was epoxy of first specimen cured in shape form and the epoxy of second...
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Application of Finite Element Method and MSC Adams Software in Design Process of Truck Trailers

Andrzej Harlecki, Adam Przemyk
A method of a dynamic analysis of a special kind of trailers with the central axle (axles) towed by truck is presented in the paper. Within the method, vibration and also strength calculations of frames and other components of the selected trailer can be carried out. Interface of MSC Adams software,...
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Algorithm to Calculate Frictional Power Loss Between Bodies During Rotation Under Contact Stress

Slavomír Hrček, Michal Lukáč, Ján Šteininger
The article deals with the proposed algorithm for calculating the frictional power loss generated by the influence of sliding in bodies during their rotation under contact stress. PTC/Creo Parametric CAD system was used for creation of parametric 3D virtual model of rolling bearings due to FEM analysis....
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Complex Risk Predictions and Analyses of Designed Technical Product

Josef Dvořák, Stanislav Hosnedl
There exist a lot of engineering design methodologies, methods and/or tools implemented in guidelines and standards which help engineering designers to reduce constructional, safety, environmental, etc. risks of designed and/or existing technical products. However, their common feature is especially...
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Numeric Simulation of Part Assembly During Pressing Within Assembly Production Process

Pavel Srb, Josef Vosahlo, Michal Petrů
The article deals with numerical analysis for a study of the stress distribution and deformation of the component assembly during pressing within the assembly manufacturing process. The assembly design consists of a steel casing and a steel bottom and top lid. The fusion of the casing to the lids is...
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Theoretical Analysis of the Experiment: Changing the Axial Force in the Bolts of the Clamping Sleeve Under its Axial Load

Lukáš Hruzík, Jiří Struž, Květoslav Kaláb
This paper deals with theoretical analysis of experiments for measuring axial forces in bolts of a clamping sleeve. A dynamic force occurs in the bolts of the sleeve where the clamping sleeve transmits axial force. FEM analysis of the clamping sleeve proves that the axial force has a dynamic character,...
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An Effective Development of Residual Stresses in Fused Deposit Modelling (FDM): An Overview

Dignesh Thesiya, Petr Lepsik
Additive manufacturing (AM) is a layered manufacturing technique. It can produce parts/printing layer by layer. When the deposition process involves a number of process parameters such as temperature gradients, build orientation, raster width, raster angle, layer thickness, and disposition pattern, etc....
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The Effect of Helical Gears Parameters on Specific Sliding

Lukas Klapetek, Jiri Dobias, Petr Cigan
Specific sliding is an essential factor in terms of surface wear of involute gears (involute gear teeth). At the same time, their values affect the heat generation in gearing. Since the values of the specific sliding reach its maximum at the gear tips and roots, the wear of these parts is the most significant,...
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Modern Approaches in the Design of Measuring Equipment

Lukas Hruzik, Jiri Struz, Jiří Havlík, Květoslav Kaláb
This paper describes an advanced design procedure used in the design of two test devices. The paper describes the use of advanced numerical modelling methods applying FEM. Emphasis is placed on the accurate determination of the natural frequencies and the natural shapes of the test equipment frames....
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Contribution to the Determination of the Coefficient KHβ-C According to the Standard ISO 6336

Miloš Němček, Šárka Hurníková
The standard ISO 6336 was released in 2006 and is a key standard for gearing loading capacity calculation. The first part of this standard is a basic one for a determination of very important factors (KA, KV, KHα, KHβ, KFα, KFβ). There are some new annex. Annex C is used to analyse crowning conditions...
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Mechatronically Controlled Bogie of High Speed Train

Filip Jeniš, Ivan Mazůrek
With the development of high-speed rail, the requirements for control the motion of rail vehicle bogies are increasing. The chassis setting is responsible for the safety and comfort of the vehicle. The main problem is the conflict of the damping requirements for different driving modes. On one hand,...
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Specific Requirements for Technical Documentation in the Automotive Industry

Václav Vaněk, Martin Gorschenek, Roman Polák
This paper focuses on solving some of the problems arising in the design process groups in the automotive industry. The geometrical specification of machine parts in the automotive industry creates a number of problems, the solutions of which is not entirely trivial and even the current standards do...
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Designing as a Problem Solving with the Use of Knowledge and Methods DFX - Teaching Design in Context

Ladislav Němec, Stanislav Hosnedl, Petr Skřivánek
The article presents a new subject in the bachelor’s study of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at university UWB, bringing to students with basic knowledge of construction a comprehensive view of the design task. Software support is mentioned here, enabling students to more easily...
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Possibilities of Application of Virtual Prototyping and 3D Printing Methods in Practice

Václav Kubec, Ondřej Lukáš, Jaroslav Vavřík, Michal Brázda
The present contribution describes 3D printing of a part and related engineering design techniques which are used for virtual prototyping. Using these advanced techniques, one can cut the consumption of material in the production of machine parts by reducing the parts’ weight while respecting the applied...
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Modern Teaching in the Field of Measurement, Diagnostics and Testing of Vehicles with Alternative Propulsion Using New Technologies

Igor Gajdáč, Tomáš Gajdošík, Ľuboš Kučera, Branislav Patin
The article deals with a modern form of teaching the subjects Measurement, diagnostics and testing of machines, Alternative drives, Engineering design III, IV, Innovation of technical systems, which are taught at the Department of Design and Machine Parts at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the...
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Corrections to the Standard ISO 6336 (Part 1)

Miloš Němček
The standard ISO 6336 – Calculation of load capacity of spur and helical gears, got out in 2006. There were some amendments later, but a lot of errors and typos still remain. These can cause some misunderstandings during applications of the standard, and they are irritating for users of this standard....
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Cardan Shaft Load and Its Variation with Length

Jiri Struz, Lukas Hruzik, Jiri Havlik
This paper follows the results of measurements carried out on trucks of different types. The emphasis is on the load on the cardan shaft and the variation of this load with its length. The effect of the angle between the shafts on the magnitude of the load torques is also investigated. In addition, attention...
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Methodology Measurement of Inclination Gears in Operation

Petr Cigán, Václav Mosler, Lukáš Klapetek
This article deals with the design of methodology for determining the behaviour of a gear on a needle bearing. The knowledge of behaviour of the gear on a needle bearing is important for the gear modification. The modification of the gear that is mounted on a needle bearing cannot be calculated only...
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Measurement and Evaluation of the Test Bench with an Open Flow of Mechanical Power for Gearboxes Testing

Frantisek Brumercik, Tomas Gajdosik, Matus Cuchor
The article deals with assembly, measurement and evaluation of the gearboxes test bench with open flow of mechanical power. The article describes building a bench with tested gearboxes and its connection to a Ward-Leonard system. Subsequently, the procedure for connecting the bench to the electric network...
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Design of an Experiment Verifying the Effect of the Cardan Shaft on the Drivetrain Vibration

Jiri Struz, Lukas Hruzik, Jiri Havlik
At present, the unevenness of the cardan shaft, more precisely the Hook joint, can be described mathematically. This formulation of the non-uniformity is based on the knowledge of the angular velocity of the drive and driven shaft. However, there is no real understanding of how the non-uniformity affects...