Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Modern Educational Technology and Social Sciences (ICMETSS 2022)

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Social Education and Economic Plight: War-Time Mobile Screenings in the Resistance Base and the Great Rear Area in China During 1937–1945

Lei Fang
Mobile Screening as a typical watching and screening form is always neglected by mainstream film history. Some scholars affirm that it is a tool of political propaganda. This essay looks at mobile screenings in two areas, the Resistance Base and the Great Rear Area in China during wartime (from 1937...
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The Collision of Digital Tools and Dance Education During the Period of COVID-19

Yulu Hou
The transfer of knowledge in the traditional classes has become online-based education overnight, and when it comes to online learning, the internet, and technologically new media are again coming in to play their part. This is because advances in media have changed the way teachers and students interact,...
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Comparative Analysis of the Selections and Frameworks of Key Competencies in China, Singapore, Korea and Japan

Yiwen Xie
Intense global competition has shifted the focus of education reform to how to cultivate globally competitive talent, thus making key competencies research emerge and flourish world-wide. This article takes China, Singapore, Korea and Japan as examples and studies their key competencies selections and...
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How Does Dyslexia Influence Academic Achievement?

Qianyu Zhou
Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by problems with reading, with symptoms including accurate and fluent word recognition, poor spelling, and reading comprehension, despite adequate intelligence level and appropriate education opportunities. While the primary effects of dyslexia are mostly...
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Application Advantages of Micro Courses in the Teaching of Graduate Employment Guidance

Wenwen Zhu
In recent years, with the annual expansion of graduate enrollment, the employment pressure of graduate students has increased year by year. In addition, the teaching quality of graduate employment guidance course needs to be improved. As a new teaching method, it is very necessary and feasible to apply...
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From Theory to Practice: Research and Trends in STEM Education

Qingfeng Shen
Coined from the acronyms of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM advocates an education philosophy that is focused on multi-disciplinary integration, practical ability and innovative spirits. By virtue of its significance for training of innovative talents, increasingly more nations...
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The Psychological Impact of Authoritarian Parenting on Children and the Youth

Yuqing Chen
The early development of children is closely related to family upbringing, and the parenting style used by caregivers will affect the future development of children. As the more negative parenting style of the four parenting styles, relatively few studies were done about the children and youth's...
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Research on Innovation of Ideological and Political Mode of Macroeconomics

“One Body, Two Wings, Three Paths and Five Methods”

Xin Peng
Macroeconomics takes ‘‘one body, two wings, three paths and five methods’’ as its curriculum ideological and political teaching mode. ‘‘One body’’ refers to the main teaching line, with professional content and ideological and political content as two wings, Through the three paths of pre-class guidance,...
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An Empirical Study on the Influence of English Films and Televisions on College Students’ English Learning Achievements

Ziyi Zhou
Nowadays, many students are interested in English films and televisions because of their attractive plots and impressive scenes, and some of them are even motivated to learn English language, which can be an effective way to enhance their English language ability. This research adopts questionnaire...
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How Gender Stereotypes Impact Students’ Academic Achievement

Tianyi Zhao
Due to historical reasons, females around the world had been labelled as “not good at science subjects” for a relatively long time, and this stigma had gradually become a gender stereotype because of people’s repetition. This paper summarized the factors of gender stereotypes on female adolescents’ academic...
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The Value and Inheritance of Propaganda Culture in Qinghe District During the Anti-Japanese War

Jian Yin
Under the guidance of the “Communist Manifesto” and other red theories, the advanced elements of the Yellow River Estuary not only absorbed theoretical nutrition, thus consciously raising their own consciousness and enhancing their courage to struggle, but also led more people of the Yellow River Estuary...
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Practice and Exploration of “CDIO+PBL” Blended Teaching Concept in Professional Background Courses

Jing Chen, Xiaojie Tian, Juangsheng Jiang
In the curriculum system of military academies, professional background courses are the bridge between military basic courses and first-time courses, and the key to train students to use engineering thinking to solve military problems. At present, there are some problems in teaching, such as unclear...
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Social Capital and Chinese Higher Education Graduates’ Employments: An Empirical Study in Shanxi Province

Guotong Liu, Zilong Guo
With the continuous expansion of the enrolment scale of Chinese colleges and universities, higher education graduates are facing great employment challenges. China has always been a “society of human relationship”, and the role of social capital in employment cannot be ignored. In order to explore the...
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The Impact of Complex Language Environment and Education Policy on Education Quality in Guangdong Province

Zhiming Zhang
This paper reviews the impact of a complex language Environment and education policy on education Quality in Guangdong Province. Chinese central government puts considerable value on the universal education quality in China. Guangdong is one of the best representative provinces in China, with its highest...
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The Comparative Study of Minority Language Teaching in Comprehensive Colleges, Language Colleges and Vocational Colleges in China

Yihan Lu
The implementation of the vision and plan of the Belt and Road Initiative is based on language exchange. On the basis of statistics, more than 1,000 languages are spoken in countries along the Belt and Road Routes, of which about 60 are official languages. According to media reports, many colleges in...
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To Appreciate the Beauty of Emotions in Classical Chinese Poetry and Prose

Teaching Strategies on Aesthetic Education of Chinese Courses in Vocational Colleges

Congying Feng
Based on the Chinese teaching activities in the vocational college and combined with the uniqueness of teaching classical Chinese poetry and prose, this article attempts to guide students to taste the feelings implied in such literary works and make them more exposed to classical Chinese poetry. Thus,...
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Factors and Countermeasures Affecting the Classroom Discipline of Private Universities

Yan-xia Wang
Good classroom discipline is the premise of a smooth classroom teaching activities. It’s determinants can be divided into two kinds: one is the discipline of teachers’ own initiative. That is, through the guidance, punishment, reward and organization; The second is the students are attracted and listened...
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The Effects of Economic Development on Higher Education in China Based on Ecologic System Theory

Yilu Xin
The impact of unbalanced economic development on higher education in China is mainly reflected on the availability of educational resources and quality. Comparisons between east and west of China, urban and rural areas demonstrate that an unbalanced economy is a principal factor causing these disparities,...
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Research on Female Education Level and Gender Equality in the Workplace in China

Jiaoliang Li
As women's education levels have risen dramatically, human capital is no longer a reasonable explanation for today's “gender gap in the labor market,” so researchers have been looking for more potential reasons. Gender equality is necessary for social progress; attracting and releasing more...
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Application of Multimedia Technology in the Training Course “Thermal Theory and Application” for Enterprise Employees

Yarong Wang, Peirong Wang
With the rapid development of electric power enterprises, electric power enterprises should be upgraded to a new type of organization that constantly learns, creates and uses new knowledge and technology to meet the needs of modern power production and operation. This requires strengthening the training...
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Design and Application of Green Materials in Thematic Beauty Space

Feng Ding, Qi Zhou, Ting Chen, Yin Zhang
The application of commercial aesthetic design in space has become a kind of normality. It has become a reliable marketing strategy to create spatial images with multi-dimensional design aesthetics from various thematic Spaces. However, the problem of waste of materials and resources is also followed....
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Research and Practice on Promoting Professional Reform and Building a Good Ecology for Domestic Robot Enterprises with the Construction of Robot Industrial Institutes as the Starting Point

Taking the Construction of EFORT Robotics Industrial Institute in Wuxi Vocational and Technical College of Commerce as an Example

Lingyun Jiang
Aiming at integrating the four chains, promoting the professional reform and improving the enterprise ecology, the college and the corporation have conducted feasibility study of the construction project of “Wuxi Vocational and Technical College of Commerce- EFORT Robotics Industrial Institute” and finally...
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Study on the Influencing Factors and Evaluation Methods of Cognitive Ability

Zeyu Zhang
Nowadays, the world population is aging seriously, and the decline of the elderly’s cognitive ability has become a severe problem. Cognitive ability refers to the human brain’s ability to process, store and extract information. Cognitive decline refers to a significant and measurable decrease or abnormality...
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Problem-Based Analysis of the Effectiveness of Online Education in China’s Secondary and Primary Schools

A Reflection on the Online Education During the Pandemic

Yinxiu Ji, Wenxia Xie
Blended learning, an educational approach that combines online and face-to-face components in the classroom, is becoming the basic mode of education in the future. The comprehensive online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic in China in 2020 provides direct experience and lessons for blended learning....
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Research on the Teaching Reform of 2D Software Course for Environmental Art Major Under the Concept of “Golden Course”——Take “Digital Two-Dimensional Representation” as an Example

Taiyan Li, Rongbing Mu
With the country’s proposal of “Golden Course” and the changes in the application direction of 2D software in the environmental art industry, the course “Digital 2D Performance” needs further adjustment and reform. In the original curriculum, there are problems such as single teaching method, lagging...