Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Modern Educational Technology and Social Sciences (ICMETSS 2022)

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Youbin Chen, Marcus T. Anthony, Yan Ke
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Manufacturing System (ICAMTMS 2022) during July 22–24, 2022 in Xi’an, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees...
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Evaluation System and Application of Sustainable Universities in China Under Dual Carbon Background

Lexin Wang, Fengzhi Zhang, Lingzhu Chen
In the context of dual carbon emissions, the focus of sustainable university construction in China needs to be changed. Based on the existing sustainable university evaluation system, this paper studies and constructs the sustainable university evaluation system in China, and analyzes the case, and finds...
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Thoughts on the Construction of Ecological Corridor of Tourism Highway

Weigang Wang
Combined with the construction requirements of domestic tourist highways under the new situation, this paper analyzes the functional significance, construction principles, construction difficulties, etc. of ecological corridor construction, and puts forward the construction prospect of tourist highway...
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Mixed Teaching Innovation and Practice of “CNC Processing Process and Programming” Under the New Engineering Background

Zhichao Zhang
This paper is to improve students’ working ability, understand the mixed teaching mode under the new engineering background, cultivate applied skills, CNC talents to meet the needs of enterprises, CNC processing technology and programming. Through the research of school professional ability, establish...
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Research on Emergency Collaborative Incentives of Social Forces Participating in Public Emergencies from the Perspective of Smart City

Qun Chen, Chang-min Tian, Zhe Chen
Social forces are the backbone to participate in the emergency management of urban public emergencies. In the highly digitalized information environment of smart cities, there is insufficient motivation for social forces to participate in emergency management. To solve this problem, we proposed the incentive...
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Drawbacks of College Students’ Problematic Use of Social Media: Investigating Passive Impacts of FoMO in the Context of University Education

Rui Li, Linxi Tang, Lingxi Chen, Chunling Wang, Ran Tian
Albeit the impact of social media on people's lives, education especially, is enormous, with the concern of whether there are ill effects about this social-media-era phenomenon, more studies in academic circles have begun to address the relationship between people's mental health and social...
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Understand the Key Factors and Combination Paths of Chinese Government Data Governance Performance

Hongzhu Lei, Hui Cheng, Huan Gong
Countries around the world attach great importance to the performance of government data governance. However, existing research has not established a systematic analysis framework, and the interpretation of government data governance performance is limited. Therefore, from the perspective of institutional...
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Analysis of Hotspots and Contents of Foreign Adolescent Swimming Research

Dongxiang Huang, Bo Huang, Xiaobing Wang
By using Citespace, this paper made a metrological analysis and visualization analysis of 941 papers about foreign adolescent swimming from 2000 to 2021. The data was downloaded from SCIE and SSCI of web of science. Conclusions: (1) The papers showed an upward trend, with a peak in the number of papers...
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Research on the Cultivation of Engineering Talents for Information Application Base on the Deep Integration of School and Enterprise that Take the Project as Carriers

Xiaomei Song, Zaiqun Wu, Fubin Su, Meiyan Li, Huanchang Qin
At present, in the process of talents training in the application of information engineering, there are some phenomena in the school-enterprise cooperation, such as “universities are active, enterprises are not active”, the cooperation level is shallow, and the matching degree between talent output and...
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Green Transformation Development’s Theoretical Basis and Practical Countermeasures

Xiangyi Guan, Bowen Han, Yuanxu, Junfeng Xu
At present, Chinese economy’s development has entered a comprehensive green transition development stage in which green become common configuration by growing breakthrough green ecological areas and extending to production’ mode, energy industry, technical way, way of life, etc., making a way that is...
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Improving Literacy Learning in EFL Reading Course in a Technology-Integrated Class

Jiayang Guo, Bingou Li
With the flourishing development of technology in all forms and types, changes have been made in all areas of our life. Education, as one of the areas, was strongly influenced by technology, especially during the COVID-19 period. Assistive technology tools for teaching and learning that intend to improve...
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The Development of Feminist Thought in Modern English Literature

Yang Zhao
The 19th century is the greatest period in the history of English literature, with many female writers and works on women. She shook the social and cultural tradition of modern Britain with her keen insight and unique perspective, combined with rational and critical thinking, and expressed her understanding...
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The Relationship Between Critical Thinking Disposition and Argumentative Writing Performance of EFL Learners in China

Juan Wang, Dan Shen
Critical thinking disposition is the habitual intrinsic motivation of people and the drive for learning critical thinking knowledge and skills. The present study explores the relationship between students’ CTD and EFL argumentative writing. To this end, 140 students who majored in the English major in...
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Digital Media Helps Increase the Popularity of Red Culture in Dalian City Research

Linlin Wang
Red culture is an advanced cultural resource accumulated by the Chinese people during the revolution, construction and reform process led by the Communist Party of China. The rapid development of digital media technology has provided opportunities for the extension of red culture to the general public,...
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Route Design for Freight Trip Based on an Enhanced Greedy Algorithm

Mingjun Yan
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping, due to its convenience and ever-improving digital experience, is rapidly becoming the preferred method of purchasing for by an increasing number of individuals. With the efficiency of purchasing improving, the growing number of orders puts more pressure...
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The Dilemma and Breakthrough of the Right Conflict of the Right to Be Forgotten in the Background of Big Data

Liping Huang, Chao Luo
“Right to be forgotten” (right to be forgotten), also known as “right to be forgotten”, refers to the fact that the information subject’s objective and continued retention of information related to his own rights and interests that have been posted on the Internet will lead to his social evaluation....
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A Study on the Changes in Landscape Structures of Traditional Villages

A Case Study of Jinjiang Village, Fusong County, Baishan City

Yuan Zeng, Songhua Gao, Jingxin Zhang
With the diversified development of national cultural construction protection and tourism market demand, traditional villages are increasingly valued by interested parties and favored by tourists due to their characteristic architectural styles, important historical values, and unique ancient atmosphere....
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The Development and Transformation of Public Space from the Perspective of Spatial Flow

Xin Guan
With the modernization of today’s cities, the importance of public space is emerging. However, today’s public space development is losing its unique character and is presented in a non-functional way, becoming inefficient, without quality and comfort. Therefore, one of the main directions of urban development...
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Emotion Recognition in Human Voice Speech Based on Machine Learning

Xiaorui Wang
Emotion recognition of speech is the basis of human-computer interaction interface, and has also made remarkable development in the past decade. This paper summarizes the preprocessing and feature extraction methods and different existing emotion models and database. The speech is collected and converted...
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Hong Kong Electoral System Reform Process and Reason Analysis from 2012–2021

Fanyu Lin
The composition of the Legislative Council is a major issue in the development of Hong Kong’s electoral system. This not only concerns Hong Kong’s political environment but also its social stability and economic development. This paper mainly discusses the following contents: the Hong Kong legislative...
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Effects of Positive and Negative Emotions on Working Memory Renewal

Jiaqi Liu
Emotion plays an important role in perception, attention, memory and decision-making. Working memory is a limited capacity memory system that temporarily processes and stores information. It builds a platform for information exchange between perception, memory and human cognitive behavior. The relationship...
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Research on New Media Helping Rural Tourism Development in the Context of Normalization of Epidemic Situation

A Case Study of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China

MingRui Gao
With the normalization of pandemic scenarios today, promoting rural tourism through new media technology and growing the popularity and impact of tourism-related products has progressively evolved into a development trend for destination marketing in the travel industry. In this article, the PEST model...
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A Study on the Sustainable Development Mechanism of Destinations from the Perspective of Visitor Experience: The Case of Mogan Mountain

Songyang Gang
Sustainable development of destinations is a critical way to achieve a balance between human beings and nature, the environment and development, helping to maintain the long-term healthy development of the economy, society and the environment. However, studies have focused on the influence of local residents...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures in the Implementation of the Three-Child Policy

Pengfei Lyu
With the rapid development of economy and science and technology in China, problems such as population aging have emerged. In order to effectively solve the problems of the population structure, the “three-child” policy has played a key role. The implementation of the three-child policy can optimize...
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Research on Transparency of Philanthropic Foundation in Hubei Based on Stakeholder Approach

Yimeng Zhou, Yulu Bi
While the philanthropic foundation has made great contributions to social development, some scandals has jeopardized their credibility, which makes research on information disclosure of foundation necessary. From the perspectives of internal and external stakeholders, a foundation transparency model...
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Analysis of Uber Carpooling Service

Yuyan Sun
As a global instant car software developed in 2009, Uber is a mobile platform for online booking of taxis at any time, automatically prompting customers to register taxi drivers with Uber near their current location. This paper evaluates Uber’s marketing strategy and current development status using...
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The Use of Syntax in Chinese: Changchun FAW Historical Old City to Update the Old City Culture

Sicheng Yan
The living area of Changchun FAW Historical and Cultural Block is a representative of “unit community”. Its “neighborhood-style” planning layout and “unit community” governance model provide a valuable case for domestic research on unit social urban planning and residential space. From the perspective...
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Coupling Mechanism and Collaborative Path of Rural Revitalization and Construction of Rural Public Cultural Services

Juhong Ma
With the implementation of various strategies and policies in national public service construction over recent years, the construction of rural public cultural services has achieved remarkable results. However, influenced by natural, historical, geographical, and economic factors, the overall level of...
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Cultural Resource Endowment, Cultural Environment, and Cultural Market Activity

A Moderated Mediation Model

Beier Chen, Chunxian Lu
Cultural soft power is essential to comprehensive national strength, and cultural resource endowment is a necessary support for a thriving cultural market. The county-level government, as the vital link of the political structure of China, is the basic unit of national governance and the carrier of providing...
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Research on Distributed Work in the Context of 5G Analysis of Distributed Base Station BBU Deployment Strategy

Ning Gao
How an optical cable network architecture integrates with the wireless access network will directly affect whether it can smoothly transition to carrying 5G services. In this context, the centralized deployment of distributed base-band units (BBUs) can effectively reduce the reliance on server rooms...
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The Development Patterns, Difficulties, and Suggestions of Sharing Farms in Hainan Province

Take Fangyuan Village in Yanfeng Town, Meilan District, Haikou as an Example

Baoer Lin, Wenfei Lin, Yueyang Ma, Erqi Jin, Junyi Zhang
Sharing farm is the key to develop rural tourism and improve tourism structure in Hainan. In recent years, sharing farm is a new way to promote the integration and development of primary, secondary, and tertiary industries in rural areas. Sharing farms in Hainan have made great progress in the past five...
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The Applicability and Prospects of CISG on Smart Contracts

Yufei Zhang
The trend in the era of digital globalization has led to innovative attempts in the field of international trade, for example, in the form of smart contracts. Smart contracts aim to digitally automate the execution of legal contracts and improve the ease of trade. However, its formation conditions, validity...
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Emotion Analysis of Microblog Epidemic Coexistence Based on BERT

Yijie Su
Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, a large number of scholars have put forward scientific and effective analysis on epidemic prevention and control through obtaining microblog data. The spatial-temporal analysis of the evolution of public opinion on COVID-19 based on microblog data is conducive...
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Research on the Traceability of Buildings in Ma’anshan, Nan’an District, Chongqing

Hongkai Zhang
Since modern times, Chongqing has driven the economic and cultural development of western China by relying on its geographical advantages. In recent years, a number of traditional architectural style districts have been discovered in the process of building a cultural city. Among them, the Ma’anshan...
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The Research on the Mechanism for the Further Integration of Rural Tourism and Local Culture

Ying Guo
In order to improve the quality of rural tourism and spread positive rural cultures, addressed by questionnaire surveys and analytic hierarchy process (APH) method, the research puts forward the integration of rural tourism and rural culture, based on the different forms of rural tourism scenarios, and...
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Analysis of the Positive Effect of Short Video on the Audience

Zengrui Zhang
As a form of media practice, short videos are favored by users for their diverse content, strong visual impact, low production costs, fast dissemination, and easy sharing. In recent years, with the help of the development of network communication technology, short video platforms have rapidly grown into...
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Enlightenment of the Traditional Wedding Customs of the Bai People in Dali, China on Modern Marriage

Yang Liu
Marriage is a civilized form of reproduction in human society and a highly economical product. Human beings have always regarded marriage as an epoch-making gift of life, and paid special attention to it. At a certain age, a man should marry and have children, and a woman should find someone to marry...
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Research on Psychological Healing Architectural Design in the Post-pandemic Era

Yijie Jiang
People’s usual daily life and social order have been completely subverted by COVID-19, and their physical and mental health has been greatly affected. The intensification of the psychological crisis under the pandemic has triggered our rethinking of curative buildings. The current design of therapeutic...
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Research on the Variable Building Forms Used in Coastal Areas to Cope with Typhoons: Building Interaction

Longrui Han
Typhoons, as a type of tropical cyclone, are mostly generated in tropical oceans. Tropical coastal areas are often affected by typhoons, posing a huge threat to the safety of buildings and residents. Economic development is very important in coastal areas, which are mostly port cities. Typhoon weather...
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Research on the Development Mode of Agricultural Digital Collection in China

Fang Liu, Biao Wang, Yuzhu Liu
At present, digital collection has become a hot spot of social concern. This paper gives the development model and basic framework of agricultural digital collection in China. Firstly, this paper introduces the definition, product type, characteristics, product form, production mode and scope of digital...
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Research on the Development and Regulation Strategy of Smart Tourism Public Information Service Platform

Kun-Shan Zhang, Chiu-Mei Chen, Jie Li, Hsuan Li
The construction of Smart tourism public information service platform has become an important direction to guide the development of tourism and an important factor to determine tourist satisfaction. Using the methods of literature research, field investigation, questionnaire and data analysis, this study...
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Research on the Dissemination Path of Social Science Knowledge in Dalian Under the New Media Environment

Based on We Media and Social Science Popularization Demonstration Base

Hong Li
This study analyzes the communication mechanism of social science popularization. While discussing the opportunities that digital communication brings to the development of social science popularization, it focuses on the development countermeasures that should be taken by the digital communication mode...
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Strategy of Chinese Medicine Animation in TCM Culture Communication

Jingying Xue, Yajun Li
In the context of new media, animation provides a new direction and perspective for the dissemination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) culture, but the current situation of the dissemination of TCM animation is not satisfactory. Based on Laswell’s “5W” communication theory, this paper analyzes the...
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The Influence of Home-School Cooperation and Self-esteem on Primary School Students’ Academic Performance

Jiahan Liu
The main aim of this paper is to examine how cooperation between home and school affects a pupil’s self-esteem and academic performance. The main methods of cooperation within a home school will be introduced, including phone calls and talks, and some parents will be able to interact with teachers through...
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Research on the Whole Process Efficiency Management of Shandong Science and Technology Plan Project

Xiaotong Gai, Zhengqian Feng
The whole process efficiency management of science and technology plan projects is an important guarantee to improve the implementation quality of science and technology plan projects, improve the efficiency of fund use, control the implementation risks, and promote the transformation of project achievements....
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Effects of Heavy Metals on Phytoplankton Genetic Material in Jiaozhou Bay

Yiran Liu
Jiaozhou Bay as a semi-closed bay, its heavy metal pollution phenomenon has attracted extensive attention of scholars in recent decades. Heavy metals are a unique category due to their persistent pollution, biogeochemical cycling and ecological harmfulness. In addition, there are a large population and...
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Archive System of University Cultural Heritage Resources Based on Natural Characteristics

Wenli Jia
To establish archive system is urgent for the protection and utilization of university cultural heritage resources. Based on systematic sorting of relevant work practice and theoretical investigations, the connotation of university cultural heritage resources is clarified, and an archive system including...
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Idealisation of Female Characters in Silas Marner

Zile Liu
In the Victorian period, the role of woman gained more attention from the society than in the past. In the literature creation of this period, the images of women, especially the idealisation of them, were carefully delineated by the authors, which provoked the discussion of what an idealised woman should...
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An Experiment About if COVID Lockdown Would Affect the Probability of Depression

Tianyi Zhou
This paper mainly studied the impact of home quarantine on depression among quarantined people in Shanghai, China, when the outbreak of COVID-19 suddenly recurred in the city in early 2022. A group of people were randomly selected to collect the responses of quarantined people online. The questions the...
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Research on Climate-Resilient Buildings for Severe Precipitation

Letong Zhang
One of the main questions raised by climate change to the global architectural debate was that “What were the determinants of the livelihood of residents and how could we approach them under severe and unstable precipitation phenomenon?” An essential priority of climate mitigation and adaptation is to...
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Research on New Mode of Digital Copyright Protection and Service Collaboration in China

Yuzhu Liu, Biao Wang
This paper discusses the establishment of digital copyright complex ecological model under the background of digital economy, including the collaborative governance mode of multi-party co-governance of digital copyright ecology, digital copyright ecological identification system, value evaluation system,...
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Research on Multi-party Co-governance Model of Commercial Digital Music Copyright Trading Market Based on Blockchain

Yang Wang, Jing Su, Yaqing Si, Yuzhu Liu
In the Internet era, Chinese’ digital music industry has achieved rapid development, and the protection of digital music copyright is of great significance in the process of its prosperity and development. Background music, as a segment of digital music, is facing various difficulties in copyright protection...
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Evaluation of Livelihood Capital of Poverty Alleviation Households in Northwest China

Zhiyi Xu
Livelihood capital is the basis for poverty alleviation households to earn a living, and the improvement and optimization of livelihood capital is the key to governance of relative poverty. In order to accurately evaluate the livelihood capital of poverty alleviation households, this paper uses the entropy...
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Social Solidarity and the First Secretary’s Assistance Performances

Jiangtao Li
Previous literature mainly explains first secretary’s assistance performances from organizational structure and personal characteristics, but does not pay enough attention to the social factor from the village. Based on comparative case studies of three natural villages in G village, we have the following...
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Traffic Sustainability Research of Commercial Complexes in Historic Districts

—Taking Taikoo Li, Chengdu as an Example

Cencen Liu
In cities, commercial complexes are usually the key nodes of traffic connection and assume certain functions of traffic evacuation and transcontinuation. Commercial complexes can attract a large number of people to produce a high gathering of high-density spatial nodes and guide people to produce activities...
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Implications of the Renovation of Ageing-Friendly Facilities in Japanese Communities for China

Zuo Wang
In light of the values of helpfulness and practicality of design for ageing, this paper aims to explore the possibility of improving public facilities for aging in Chinese communities to meet the needs of the elders to live a comfortable life based on the current aging situation in China. According to...
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Local Cultural Transformation: Change, Cognition and Adaptation

Yan Sun, Weiwei Wang
Cultural transformation is ubiquitous, and the interaction between traditional local culture and modern local culture can achieve the mutual shaping, reorganization and renewal culture through adaptation or repercussions. This study addresses cultural transformation in terms of its change, cognition...
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The End of Thucydides Trap: Sino-US Relations in the New Era from the Perspective of Risk Management and Control

Yipin Lyu
Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China-US relations have gone through stages of “strategic confrontation” and “strategic cooperation”, and now China-US relations will enter the stage of “strategic competition”. For more than 70 years, the two countries, either enemies, friends, or...
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From “Undertaking” to “Management” Analysis of Government’s Role in PPP Cooperation Model of China’s Environment Welfare Management

Yefan Shao
The PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model integrates the resources of the government and the private sector to achieve social goals. As the dominant player in the PPP model, the role and behavioral choices of government entities often play a key role in the development of PPP projects. For example,...
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On the Spatial Characteristics of Traditional Korean-Chinese Villages Under Space Syntax Theory—A Case Study of Yan’an Village, Helong City

Jingxin Zhang, Songhua Gao
The development status, mainly including the surrounding environment, afforestation and greening, and architectural form, of Yan’an Village was investigated through literature review and field visit. Based on the space syntax theory, the public spaces in this village in 2021 were quantitatively analyzed...
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Female Space in Princess Yongtai Cemetery in Tang Dynasty

Ziqi Liu
In a narrow sense, the underground space of a tomb usually has gorgeous decoration and furnishings. In this real and imaginary coexistence space, there are many two-dimensional and three-dimensional female images. The space composed of these images and the surrounding environment is called female space....
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The Transformation of Cyberpunk

From Resistant Subculture to Popular Style

Weiyi Zhang
Since the 1980s, innovations in information technology have brought unprecedented impact on human society, and the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence has been thrust into the limelight. Against this background, this study aims to explore how the symbolic meaning of the subculture...
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The Students’ Well-Being in Chemistry MOOCs in Secondary School

Kexin Han
Well-being has long been the subject of study and attention since it is the aim of human endeavor. With the initial goal of longing for kids to grow up happily, well-being also enters the chemistry classroom. It takes on the highest purpose of the highest education to direct students towards a joyful,...
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Research on Teaching Design of Professional Background Courses Based on PBL Teaching Mode

Jing Chen, Xiaojie Tian, Xiaowei Chen
Problem-based learning (PBL) is a new learning method that originated from American medical education in the mid 1950s. The core idea of PBL is student-centered, emphasizing the use of knowledge and skills to solve practical problems, so as to achieve the learning process of constructing experience....
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Problems and Countermeasures of CNKI

Xiumin Ye
“CKNI incident” has exposed the unavoidable problems of platform market positioning and intellectual property rights in the development of knowledge sharing platform. This issue is directly related to the rights and interests of authors, the dissemination and sharing of knowledge, and affects the process...
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Analysis of the Current Situation of School Bullying and Its Strategy------Possible Solutions and Methods of Prevention

Tianxi Ma
Campus safety is one of the critical factors in promoting students’ healthy physical and mental development. In recent years, school bullying, as a significant problem threatening school safety, has become increasingly important and a concern by society, and scholars at home and abroad have conducted...
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A Cases Study of the Application of TBLT in English Teaching in Chinese Secondary Schools

Fengrui Ci
Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT) has been proved as an efficient pedagogy in English Language Teaching (ELT) and is generally applied by Chinese secondary school teachers in order to cultivate students’ comprehensive English ability. The mainstream studies of TBLT are conducted from teachers’ perspectives...
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Study on the Connotation and Improvement of Data Literacy of Business Students in Higher Vocational Colleges in the Context of Business Intelligence

Lijuan Xu, Xuanyu Li, Jiajun Feng
This paper expounds the connotation of data literacy in the context of business intelligence, analyzes the status quo and problems of data literacy education for students in higher vocational colleges, and discusses the countermeasures to improve the data literacy of business students in higher vocational...
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Exploration on the Reform of Ideological and Political Education in Engineering Mechanics

Yanmei Wang, Lingli Han, Jingxian Mei, Jinyu Li
In the new era of education background, the party and the state put forward the ideological and political education concept of curriculum. Curriculum ideological and political education is to integrate ideological and political education into all aspects of professional course teaching, so as to achieve...
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Analysis on the Current Situation and Influencing Factors of Some Teenagers’ Identification with the History of CPC in Jiangsu Province

Xun Wang
The history identity of CPC is an important part of the party identity. It is the emotional conversion and political belonging of all social members to a party’s history by realizing, understanding, recognizing and following. Teenagers are its important subjects. Under the empirical analysis, there is...
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Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Teenagers

Jin He
With today’s rapidly developing technology, the usage and influence of social media has become a critical issue of concern. So is the impact of social media on the development of society and people positive? With the penetration of the Internet into thousands of households, will the popularity of social...
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Research on Practical Teaching of Employment-Oriented Web Technology Based on CDIO

Xiangwei Qi, Longxiang Zhang, Haifang Li
This paper integrates and improves the teaching resources of “Web programming (Java Web)”. Based on CDIO and under the guidance of CDIO-CMM (Capability Maturity Model), this paper puts forward a new practical teaching system of Web programming courses and a new method of course teaching on content, form,...
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The Effect of Screen Media on Children

The Change from Negative to Positive

Siqi Liang
Given the inconsistent findings on the evaluation of screen media and its effect on children, the current paper aims to provide a relatively comprehensive understanding of the controversial topic. The effects of screen media are discussed and illustrated from the perspectives of children’s development...
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Research on Public Sports and Health Literacy Education in Universities in the Post-epidemic Era

Miao Zhang
Due to the large-scale spread of the new coronavirus, all industries in my country have been greatly affected, and my country has gradually entered the “post-epidemic era”. Public physical education and health literacy education in colleges and universities are issues that need to be paid attention to....
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Research on the Cultivation of Intercultural Communicative Competence in Junior High School English Teaching

Based on the Components of Intercultural Communicative Competence Proposed by Brain Spitzberg

Hongyao Yu
This paper illustrates an empirical research on the cultivation of intercultural communicative competence (ICC) in junior high school English teaching, which introduced the components of Intercultural Communicative Competence Proposed by Brain Spitzberg. In view of the trend of globalization, the cultivation...
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A Socio-pragmatic Analysis of “Versailles Literature” from the Perspective of Dramaturgical Theory and Memetics

Jie Lin
“Versailles Literature” is a popular online phenomenon on Chinese social networks that is in essence a type of humblebrag. The impression management techniques of “Versailles Literature” on Chinese social media are investigated in this study through a quantitative and qualitative analysis of 150 authentic...
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The Influence of Spiritual Leadership on Job Satisfaction: The Mediating Effect of Employee’s Optimism and the Moderating Effect of Machiavellian Personality

Guanming Chen, Chenghong Huang
The purpose of this study is to explore the mediating effect of optimism between spiritual leadership and job satisfaction. This study proposes that spiritual leadership has positive impact on employees’ optimism and job satisfaction based on the spiritual leadership theory and resource conservation...
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Improving Classroom Ecology Under the “Double Reduction” Policy in China

Yuyu Mo
China’S “Double Reduction” Policy has reduced the burden of heavy homework and extra off-campus tutoring for students, but the quality of teaching and learning in schools and the validity of student’s learning have been questioned. The policy proposes “to improve education ecology”, which leads to a...
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To Construct an Anti-doping Education Model Based on the Current Situation and Problems of Anti-doping Education in China

Hongjun Liu, Shiwei Xu
In recent years, Chinese athletes are expected to “compete for clean gold medals” and “compete for gold medals in sportsmanship.” The Outline for Building a Leading Sports Nation also explicitly includes doping control as part of the efforts to promote the rule of law in sports. This paper focuses on...
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The Transformation of Gender Representation in Pixar’s Toy Story Franchise

Yiqiao Li
The Toy Story franchise deserves an in-depth gender analysis due to its commercial influence, technological contribution, and achievement in the realm of animated film. This research may contribute to a relatively complete representation of gender in animations. It argues that the Toy Story series shows...
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Design and Practice of Blended Teaching Mode Based on Rain Classroom in “Security System Engineering”

Fei Peng, Lingli Han, Yanmei Wang
With the development of Internet + and the popularization of smart phones, there are more and more channels for students to acquire knowledge, and the traditional teaching mode can no longer meet the existing teaching needs. Based on this, this paper takes the demonstration course of Security System...
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Equity Issues in the Process of Massification of Higher Education in China: A Perspective on Public Funding Per Student

Yanhan Zhang
The massification of higher education in China has led to more students being given the opportunity to continue their development, but the equity issues involved have not been properly addressed. Rather than narrowing with its development, inter-provincial and inter-regional differences are becoming...
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College Education and English Immersion Courses in China

Lu Zheng
Due to the growing status of internationalization, English immersion pedagogy has shown strong significance for the cultivation of students’ language comprehension in Chinese universities. Though there has been much discussion on English immersion theoretically and practically, few discussions on the...
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A Comparative Study of Sino-German Higher Vocational Education Based on the CIPP Model

Yi Zhu
As China enters a new stage of development, industrial upgrading and economic restructuring are accelerating, the demand for technically skilled personnel in various industries is becoming more and more urgent, and the important status and role of vocational education is becoming more and more prominent....
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Learning Process Through Virtual Reality: A Theory-Based Application

Lulu Ni
Virtual reality (VR) technology has significant application value for the teaching and learning process. Supported by the constructivism theory, VR technology can effectively promote the reform and development of education. VR technology has been applied in both disciplinary and non-disciplinary teaching...
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Problem Analysis and Countermeasures Based on the Chinese Language Acquisition of Preschool-Aged Chinese in the Philippines

Jialin Wu
Presently, Chinese language education in the Philippines is undergoing transformation and development. In order to promote the process of Chinese language education in the Philippines, the author understands the current status of Chinese language learning among preschool-aged based on the interview....
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The Impact of Double Reduction Policy on Compulsory Education in China

Ruichen Meng, Minzhe Pu, Haixin Wang
Recently, the Chinese government has implemented a “double reduction” policy to reduce the excessive quantity of compulsory education students’ homework and extracurricular training. Consequently, the double reduction policy will affect the subjects involved in the educational process to some extent....
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An Analysis of Ways to Improve Community Residents’ Satisfaction with Primary Health Services Under China’s Hierarchical Medical System Based on Social Security System

Junfei Zhang, Xinmiao Guo, Chunbo Gong
Building a hierarchical medical system is the top priority of China’s medical system reform, and it is also a necessary path to improve the health of the public. In this perspective, the article focuses on the work of community primary care, relies on the social security system, stands on the people’s...
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On the Blended Learning Mode of College Physical Education Under the Background of “Internet+”

Yanhua Tang
In recent years, online teaching has become the normal form of college physical education, and the blended learning model that combines online and offline is a new teaching model that adapts to the current environment. The coordination of multiple methods of college physical education teaching under...
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The Fortress of Educational Inequality

An Empirical Analysis Based on Beijing Municipality

Zhiji Feng
Educational equality is one of the most important issues in the education field. This paper examines the issue of educational equality at the compulsory education level in Beijing, adding the perspective of “free choice equality” to the previous theories about education equality. Rawls proposes the “veil...
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A Preliminary Discussion on the Teaching Mode Based on CDIO Engineering Thought

Xiangwei Qi, Xinqiang Zhou, HaiFang Li
CDIO engineering idea constructs the teaching mode from a macro perspective, pays attention to integrating theory with practice, closely links enterprises, and pays attention to the cultivation of students’ comprehensive ability. In the process of localization of CDIO mode, we must combine their own...
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Cultivation of Translation-Oriented Terminological Competence in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Zhiping Li
Terminological competence is an important quality necessary for translators, consisting of the abilities to recognize, extract, retrieve, translate and manage terms in different fields by using terminology software and tools. Construction of terminology courses is a direct and effective way to cultivate...
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Exploring the Architecture of Online Education Platform Supported by Blockchain Technology: Taking the Chinese University MOOC Platform as an Example

Jingjing Su, Yonghong Wu
In the current era, the development scale of online education is expanding, but the rapid development has exposed many drawbacks. As another disruptive technology after big data and cloud computing, blockchain technology has a strong feasibility to effectively solve the problems in online education platform...
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The Impact of Product Picture Advertisements and Product Video Advertisements on Chinese Consumer Purchase Intentions

Yongda Chen, Yiyang Han, Yuan He, Jiaqi Xu
Over the past few decades, there have been more and more forms of product advertising, and the use of product advertising has also increased. Among this, picture advertising and video advertising have become the most common ways for marketers to promote. Consumers also tend to learn and buy products...
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Research on Multi-dimensional Interactive Process of Blended Learning Oriented by Ability Cultivation

Hua Xiang, Kaicheng Wu, Ning Shen, Jiacheng Zhu
In recent years, online courses have developed rapidly, and blended learning has been generally used. In blended learning, instructional interaction has changed significantly. Oriented by Ability Cultivation, this paper studies the interaction types and modes of blended learning, establishes a multi-dimensional...
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Research on Course Teaching Design Based on OBE Concept

Dongsheng Yang
The article is exploring the course design ideas, focusing on the post ability training, which is based on the OBE education concept. The strategies and concrete measures of course teaching based on OBE concept are studied to provide theoretical support and guidance for course teaching reform.
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An Analysis of Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Chinese Higher Education

Kexin Feng
In recent years, Sino-foreign cooperative education is rapidly emerging in many Chinese universities and more and more students are considering studying in this type of institution. This is because they directly bring in quality foreign teaching resources and provide students with an international learning...
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The Impact of Second-Language Acquisition on Cognitive Development

Yan Sun
Second language acquisition of children at an early age has become almost prevailing. Parents and educators have long been concerned about the effects of early second language acquisition on young children’s cognitive development. Some studies found that the cognitive development of children who learned...
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Research of Reform and Practice of Applied Curriculum in Business Education

Jiajia Chen
In order to meet the needs of the development of the times and promote the higher-quality development of higher education in China, the Ministry of Education of the State Council has put forward new requirements for the direction of talent training in colleges and universities that pay more attention...
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The Influence of Household Registration Policies in Guangdong Province on Migrant Children’s Education in Compulsory Education Stage

Jinchao Chen
Compulsory education has always been the main factor in Chinese education values. Since the reform of China, the rapid growth of economics and the need for construction opened massive opportunities for people’s employment, allowing a massive population to move from the countryside to urban areas. Therefore,...