Proceedings of the International Conference of Mechanical Engineering (ICOME-2022)

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Ilie Dumitru, Lucian Matei, Laurentiu Daniel Racila, Adrian Sorin Rosca
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Ellipse’s Versiera – Structure and Kinematics of the Generator Mechanism

Alina Duta, Iulian Popescu, Ludmila Sass, Mirela Cherciu, Ionut-Daniel Geonea
The structural and kinematic analyses of a mechanism presented in the specialty literature are performed. The mechanism is used to plot versiera of ellipses and ellipses. We wrote the equations for calculating the positions of the points necessary to realize the geometric model in the ADAMS® program...
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Dynamic Optimization of the Controller for the Active Suspension System of a Race Car

Vlad Țoțu, Cătălin Alexandru
This work deals with the dynamic optimization of the control system for the active suspension system of a single-seater race car. The suspension mechanism in study is an innovative one, in its design starting from the requirement to eliminate the contradictory variations of some movement parameters in...
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Design of a Parameterized Mannequin Using Rapid Prototyping Technology

Cristian Copilusi, Ionut Geonea, Cristian Vladu, Alexandru Margine
This research addresses to a mannequin design in a parameterized mode similar to a four years old child. The designed mechanical system will be integrated in an active exoskeleton, especially designed for children with locomotion problems. Thus there will be performed measurements for a four years old...
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Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis of a Mechanism for Assisting Human Locomotion

Ionut Geonea, Cristian Copilusi, Nicolae Dumitru, Alexandru Margine
In this paper we will present a new robotic system designed to assist human locomotion. The purpose of using this exoskeleton is to rehabilitate people with locomotor disabilities. We will present the kinematic diagram of a new mechanism used as the leg of an exoskeleton for rehabilitation. We performed...
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Selective Laser Sintering of Ti Alloy Powders for Hip Implants

Florin Isvoranu, Cristina-Marilena Nițu, Ștefan Ilaș, Constantin Țigăneșteanu, Mihăiţă-Costin Călin, Mihaiela Iliescu
Selective Laser Sintering, SLS, is a rapid prototyping technique, based on additive manufacturing. It enables fast, flexible, and efficient manufacturing of complex parts, customized according to the requirements of users. Research results on SLS additive manufacturing technique and its specific materials,...
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Stresses in Prosthetic Elbow Joint During Flexion-Extension Movement

Daniela Tarnita, Dragos Popa, Cristian Boborelu, Mirela Cherciu, Corina Cernaianu, Laura Grigorie, Alina Romanescu, Danut-Nicolae Tarnita
The present paper aims to study the virtual behavior of a prosthetic elbow joint. The values and distribution of stresses in the prosthetic elbow joint by using FEA on the 3D virtual model during flexion-extension movement under the solicitation of a vertical external force are obtained. They are compared...
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A Personalized Three-Dimensional Model of a Patient Using CT Images

Dragos-Laurentiu Popa, Alina Duta, Gabriel Buciu, Daniela Tarnita, Daniela Vintila
In order to obtain a personalized three-dimensional model of a patient based on CT images, the InVesalius program was initially used, which performs the initial conversion of the analyzed tissues into a specific engineering file composed of the so-called “point cloud”. This “point cloud” was imported...
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Modeling and Simulation of an Orthodontic System of a Real Patient Starting from CBCT Images

Dragos-Laurentiu Popa, Ionela Teodora Dascalu, Daniela Tarnita, Alina Duta, Gabriel Buciu, Ludmila Sass, Daniela Vintila, Stelian-Mihai-Sever Petrescu
The paper first presented the stages of obtaining a virtual model of a female patient, aged 13 years and who had multiple dental malpositions. The patient underwent a CT scan, and CT images were initially processed using the InVesalius program and three-dimensional geometries were obtained, both for...
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Analysis of a Four-Bar Linkage Mechanism in Its Classical and Compliant Form - A Comparison

Zorana Jeli
A four-bar linkage mechanism to accomplish different tasks. Those mechanisms cis used in a vast number of application in different fields accomplish different tasks. Those mechanisms can have some theoretical and practical limitations, depending on their applications. From a theoretical standpoint, four-bar...
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Applications of Some Extremal and Variational Problems to the Study of Vibrations in Mechanical Systems

Valeriu Ionica, Mihaela Bogdan, Leonard Marius Ciurezu-Gherghe, Adrian Bogdan, Ionut Geonea
The object of the present study is the mathematical side of extremi-related problems. We have studied certain applications of the variational calculus in the domain of vibrations existing in mechanical systems. The most frequently encountered problem in the matter of vibrations is the one of determining...
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Structure-Related Non-uniformities in Composite Bars Made of Hybrid Dammar-Based Resin and Reinforced with Natural Fiber Fabrics

Alexandru Bolcu, Sabin Rizescu, Nicolae Dumitru
The paper presents the factors characterizing the non-uniformities that might occur during the technological process of making composite materials. These factors were analyzed in cases of two types of composite materials made of hybrid Dammar-base resin and reinforced with hemp and linen fabric, respectively....
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Adding Some Remarks Concerning the Dzahanibekov Effect

Sabin Rizescu, Alexandru Bolcu, Leonard Marius Ciurezu-Gherghe
The paper further investigates the Dzhanibekov effect. This effect was noticed for the first time in 1985 aboard the Salyut 7 orbital station. Several different rigid bodies, each and every one of them with its main moments of inertia having close values, are analysed. Rigid bodies, each and every one...
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Design of Double Oscillating Sliding Mechanism

Valentin Corzanu, Andrei Corzanu
The major objective of this paper is to solve a synthesis problem, namely the design of a mechanism with a double oscillating slide that has the role of rotating a rocker at 180°; the relationships between the lengths of the elements that ensure its rotation without blocking are established. The geometric...
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Advanced Design Optimization Procedures for Worm Gear Drives

Antoaneta Dobreva, Vasko Dobrev, Gergana Mollova
Concerning the optimization design of worm drives, it is especially important to achieve maximum output power of the gear set, which depends particularly intensively on the efficiency coefficient of the worm gear meshing. The purpose of the study presented is to create advanced design optimization procedures...
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Analysis and Design of a Historical Bicycle Mechanism, Without Chain

Sebastian Coltescu, Simona-Mariana Cretu
The aim of this study is to make the kinematic analysis and to design a historical mechanism for the bicycle, without chain, only with links. The relationships between the angular stroke of the pedal rockers and the geometric parameters of the mechanism are established in order to achieve the synthesis...
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FEM Analysis of a Robotic System Used in Concrete Spray Procedures

Gabriel Atanasiu, Nicolae Dumitru, Simona Florescu, Nichita Ozunu
This research addresses a conceptual design of a flexible robotic system used in the civil engineering domain, respectively in concrete spray procedures. The robotic system has on its structure a 3DOF robotic arm and at the end, it will be mounted a flexible unit that can be bent in four directions under...
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Computer-Aided Kinematic Analysis of Two-Movement Follower Mechanism

Valentin Corzanu, Andrei Corzanu, Simona-Mariana Cretu
Cams and followers are parts of many mechanical systems, including those that assure rotation and translation intermittent movement of an element, example for conveyor belts or rotating stages. The paper deals with the analysis of the influence of geometrical parameters on the kinematics of two-movement...
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Analyzing Double Pendulum Dynamics with Approximate Entropy and Maximal Lyapunov Exponent

Jonathan Ting, Dan B. Marghitu
Two methods were used to study the aperiodicity of a double pendulum based on its chaotic behavior: approximate entropy and maximum Lyapunov exponents. These methods were applied to analyze the aperiodicity of a signal obtained from the angular velocity of the first pendulum. The nonlinear system of...
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Navigation Testing Procedures for the ENDORO Robotic System

Răzvan Sabin Stan, Gabriel Gruionu, Anca Loredana Udriștoiu, Andreea Valentina Iacob, Mircea Cătălin Constantinescu, Lucian Gheorghe Gruionu
Lung cancer is the leading cause of death among different type of cancers worldwide. To decrease the recorded mortality rates, earlier diagnosis and timely treatment are essential. The two-degrees-of-freedom robotic and image guided navigation system, ENDORO is designed to find peripheral pulmonary nodules...
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Analysis of a Cantilevered Beam Using FEMCAS

Ştefan Cristian Castravete, Gabriel Cătălin Marinescu
This paper presents the analysis of a cantilevered beam using both the commercial FEA software Abaqus and FEMCAS a new software developed for structural analysis. The theoretical approach is described. The results from FEMCAS were comparable with theoretical calculation as well as with Abaqus which shows...
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Analysis of a Cantilevered Beam Under Parametric Uncertainties

Gabriel Cătălin Marinescu, Ștefan Cristian Castravete
This paper presents the analysis of a cantilevered beam under parametric uncertainties using FEMCAS a new software developed for structural analysis. The theoretical approach is described, including linear analysis module with parametric uncertainties - Monte Carlo simulation, the Perturbation method...
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Experimental Approaches Regarding a Children Rehabilitation Test Bed

Cristian Copilusi, Cristian Vladu, Ionut Geonea, Alexandru Margine
Through this paper there are presented some approaches regarding the experimental research of a walking test bed especially designed for children with ages between 4 to 6 years old. The proposed test bed consists of an exoskeleton and a treadmill. The exoskeleton has six actuation units for motion assistance...
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Comparative Analysis of Pedestrian Throwing Distance Following a Collision with a Vehicle

Oana Victoria Oţăt, Ilie Dumitru, Dragoş Tutunea, Lucian Matei
Starting from the statistical data in the field, according to which the most vulnerable road users are pedestrians, with the highest number of deaths, the present research deals with the problem of the impact between a vehicle and a pedestrian. The main purpose of this study is to carry...
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Pollution Caused by Thermal Engines When Using Biofuels

Marin Bica, Dragos Tutunea, Eugenia Trasca
The environment is naturally polluted with reversible effects through biological and biochemical cycles. Artificial pollution from industry activities disrupts natural cycles with irreversible consequences. Internal combustion engines are among the most polluting machines manufactured by humans. Worldwide...
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Modeling the Characteristics of an Electric Propulsion System for a Small Vehicle

Alexandru-Adrian Ancuța, Ștefan Voloacă, Grigore Danciu, Gheorghe Frățilă
The paper propose the modeling and simulate the characteristics of an electric propulsion system that equips a small vehicle that can be used in crowded areas of the cityes in order to reduce the pollution and for this we will use the parameters of Renault ZOE model. Also, in the first part, the paper...
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Intelligent Transport Systems Used in Inland Waterway Transport and Their Contribution to Pollution Prevention

Ionel Baloșin, Angelo Andrei Midan, Bebe-Adrian Olei
The paper presents the intelligent transport systems used in inland waterway navigation on the Romanian Danube sector, general information on their organization and operation at national, regional and local level, as well as the connection with other functional systems at European level - current situation...
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Study of CO2 Emissions in Platoon Driving

Cornel Constantin, Cristian-Alexandru Rențea, Marius-Valentin Bățăuș, Gheorghe Frățilă
Modern cars now have more intelligent systems than never before. Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication’s which improve the safety and driving comfort can also be used to decrease fuel consumption and emission. One potential use of these technologies is to...
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Research Regarding of the Autonomy of the Electric Vehicles in WLTC Test Cycle

Corneliu Minzatu, Valentin Nișulescu, Marius Toma, Cristian Rențea
Some of the most important objectives expected of today’s electric vehicles, as well as from manufacturers and end-users, include electricity consumption, autonomy, which should be able to unequivocally substitute the results obtained by vehicles equipped with a thermic energy source. Based on these...
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Aspects of Measuring Brake Parameters on Heavy Trucks Using a Roller Brake Stand

Mădălin-Florin Popa, Dorin Capata, Nicolae Burnete
Performance analysis and measurement of braking parameters are two essential aspects for the correct operation of braking systems but also for their development. The identification of wear patterns and the analysis of wear trends make it possible to develop new systems and make a massive contribution...
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Study of the Influence of Speed and Type of Roads on Vibrations Transmitted to an Electric Tractor Driver

Alin Oncescu, Ioan Catalin Persu, Ilie Dumitru, Daniela Tarnita
This article presents the results obtained following the experimental analysis of the whole-body vibrations transmitted by an electric tractor designed for two types of road and two different speeds recommended by ISO 2631/1 to the driver. The acquisition of experimental data is carried out with the...
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Night-Time Experiments on Driving RHD Vehicles in LHD Traffic Conditions and Pedestrian Crossing Safety

Tiberiu Daniel Ionita, Nicolae Ispas, Bogdan Nituleasa, Dana Luca Motoc, Anghel Chiru, Daniel Dragoş Truşcă, Veronica Pampa
Vehicle lighting systems are critical to the safety of night road traffic. Depending on the level of road lighting (urban or extra-urban), the lighting system settings and the nature of the light source used, the position of the steering wheel (LHD - left hand driving or RHD - right hand driving) the...
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CAE Approach in Combustion Modeling on a Classic Internal Combustion Engine and Ignition Timing Modeling

Mihai Paraschiv, Gheorghe Frățilă
The homologation process of the internal combustion engines (ICE) is becoming more difficult with the passing of time. Coupled with the need for massive investments in new technologies, such as hybrid or hydrogen powertrains or 100% electrical vehicles, the economy in the traditional automotive manufacturing...
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Integrating the Circular Economy in Forming the Future Naval Engineers

Olimpia Ghermec, Cristian Ghermec
The circular economy has established itself as the economic model that can make a major contribution to achieving the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations through the 2030 Agenda. The European Union has adapted the model to its demands so as to transform the European economy in order...
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Study Concerning Contact Strain and Stresses in Radial-Axial Bearings

Ionut Geonea, Ilie Dumitru, Alexandru Oprica, Nicoleta Gencărau
In this paper we will present theoretical notions, supplemented with studies performed with the finite element method on the distribution of forces in the axial radial ball bearings, as well as the distribution of deformations and stresses on the raceways and rolling bodies of the bearings. The theoretical...
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Microwave Heating of Exhaust Systems from Combustion Engines for Improvement of After treatment Systems

Sorin Vasile Savu, Robert Cristian Marin, Andrej David, Adrian Bebe Olei, Ionel Danut Savu, Iulian Stefan, Gabriel Constantin Benga
The cold start effect of combustion engines leads to high rate of NOx emissions because the gases temperature of the exhauster is lower than the functioning temperature of selective catalyst reduction systems. This paper aim to present preliminary research, in terms of modelling the thermal field and...
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Analysis of CO2 Emissions for a Supercharged Engine and a Series–Parallel Hybrid System

Gabriel Constantin Benga, Sorin Vasile Savu, Iulian Stefan, Adrian Bebe Olei, Ionel Danut Savu
The emissions of CO2 represent an important factor for the automotive industry in the climate change at the global level. The paper aims to study the influence of driving conditions on the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for two different types of propulsion systems: one conventional propulsion system...
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Experimental Stand to Investigate the Sealing Properties of Piston Rings Used in Automotive Industry

Dragos Tutunea, Ilie Dumitru, Laurentiu Racila, Ionut Geonea, Oana Otat, Cristina Rotea
The internal combustion engine has been used for many transportation applications but his efficiency is low mainly to his mechanical and thermal losses. The combustion chamber is designed to be perfectly sealed; however a small part of air and fuel mixture leaks toward the crankcase especially due to...
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Determination of the Probability of Failure of the Starter of a Passenger Car

Augustin Constantinescu, Gheorghe Mitroi-Popa, Mario Trotea
The paper presented the mathematical processing of data on the probability of failures for 150 starter electric motors of the car type application of a Poisson distribution law. The data regarding the situation of the faults occurred, at the starting electric motors, on 200 thousand km were provided...
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Comparative Studies of the Behavior of Anthropometric Test Devices at Frontal Impact

Stefanita Ciunel, Mihai Clinciu
The importance of motor vehicle testing stems from the fact that different types of testing, as an integral part of the process of research, development, construction, manufacture, operation and repair, make a decisive contribution to their continuous improvement at all stages. The tests are aimed at...
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Consideration on New Application for Rotary Engine

Adrian Sorin Roșca, Ilie Dumitru, Ionuț Geonea, Doina Roșca
The paper takes a view on different solutions for rotary engine, such as Mallory and Kaeurtz engine, focusing on Wankel engine. For this one is presented the mathematical background used at inner stator curve, based on peritrochoid or epicycloid curve. The authors makes a cinematic analysis for a triangular...
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Study of Heat Transfer in the Walls of the Body Superstructure of a Vehicle for Transporting Frozen Meat Carcasses

Horia Beles, Iulian Stanasel, Dan Craciun, Florin Bogdan Scurt, Bogdan Adrian Tolea
The scientific paper presents a study on heat transfer in the sandwich walls of the body superstructure of a vehicle for transporting frozen meat carcasses. The transport of perishable products (dairy products, meat, ice cream, vegetables, medicines, etc.) requires particular attention, both to avoid...
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Studies on the Influence of Process Technological Parameters on Geometric Accuracy in 3D Printing of PLA Parts by FFF Printing Technology

Adrian Cernăianu, Corina Cernăianu, Eugenia Stăncuț
The paper aims to present studies on the influence of technological process parameters on geometric accuracy and surface quality, when printing with 3D printers using FFF (FUSED FILAMENT FABRICATION) technology, using PLA wires, 1.75 mm. The research was carried out using a Creality Ender 3D printer,...
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Study of the Stop Phenomena at the End Sliding Plate Movement with Reciprocating Rectilinear Motion Driven by Direct Current Motors

Adrian Cernăianu, Corina Cernăianu, Eugenia Stăncuț
The paper aims to present a series of applied studies on specific phenomena, which occurred when stopping the mobile sledge-type subassemblies with reciprocating rectilinear motion. These phenomena can influence the accuracy of the movements necessary for the technological processes of processing on...
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The Influence of Sliding Pressure Operation on Some Elements of the Thermal Cycle

Marin Bica, Dragos Tutunea, Eugenia Trasca
In the context of the development of energy demand of all categories, the manufacturing industry is directly interested in finding and developing new solutions for its production in accordance with the requirements and standards at the European and global level. These solutions require higher efficiencies...
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Microstructural Investigations of 3D Printed Reinforcing Network in Recycled Silicone Rubber Composites

Daniel Popescu, Marian Popescu, Roxana Cristina Popescu
Recycled silicone rubber has grown interest due to its excellent mechanic properties, obtained at favorable production costs, which are supported by the use of already available materials waste. Here, we have used three different 3D printed polymeric networks (photopolymerizing resin (SLA), hard photopolymerizing...
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Internal Turning of the Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) at High Feed

Ileana Pascu, Iulian Popescu, Raluca Malciu, Anca Didu
Experiments were made for the internal turning of Teflon at high feeds, collecting the resulting chips. There were studied the chips and the machined surfaces using a magnifying glass and a microscope. The shapes and dimensions of these chips were analyzed, explaining their correlation with the feed...
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Evaluation of Residual Stress In Specific Welded Nodes of River Ships

Dănuț Savu, Adrian Olei, Andrej David, Sorin Savu, Iulian Ștefan, Ionel Baloșin, Angelo Midan
Rivers ships are complex welded structures, built of specific volume sections. Each volume section contains tens or hundreds of nodes, characterized by high restraint conditions. Due to the welding process, each node experiences local concentration of stresses. The paper aims to present a double, analytical...
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Differential Thermal Analysis in Microwave Hybrid Field of Some Composite Ceramic Materials

Iulian Stefan, Gabriel Benga, Danut Savu, Sorin Savu, Adrian Olei
Microwave heating is a green technology that provides many advantages over conventional heating. In this paper, we analyse some composite ceramic materials, formed by barium carbonate and hematite powders. There were used three mixtures with micron, submicron and nanometric particles size. All the mixtures...
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Analysis of Turning Process of Pure Titanium Using Finite Element Method

Dumitru Panduru, Marin Bica, Nicolae Craciunoiu, Ionut Geonea, Emil Nicusor Patru
In this paper finite element analysis is applied to evaluate the results regarding the stress and deformation during the turning process of the commercially pure titanium. The results are a very important task to appreciate the state of the piece, from point of view of stress and deformations, during...
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Analysis of Milling Process of Aluminum Alloy Using Finite Element Method

Emil Nicusor Patru, Marin Bica, Nicolae Craciunoiu, Ionut Geonea, Dumitru Panduru, Leonard Ciurezu-Gherghe
Due to the tendencies to deform the component during milling process, and, as it is known, this can affect the dimensional characteristics, and not only, is very important to evaluate total deformation, equivalent elastic strain, equivalent stress, directional deformation, on X, Y and Z axis, shear elastic...
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A Comparative Approach on Successive vs Simultaneous Drilling

Mircea-Viorel Dragoi, Luminita Parv, Marius Daniel Nasulea, Marian Rusu, Razvan Rotaru, Gheorghe Oancea
This work presents research on the two possible ways to machine multiple holes on the same part, arrayed placed. The problem is approached from the economical point of view. The objective is to provide a tool able to help in choosing the best solution, either in terms of expenses, or of processing time,...
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Implementation of the Lean Manufacturing 6S Technique - Case Study

Cristina Ileana Pascu, Raluca Malciu, Claudiu Nicolicescu, Stefan Gheorghe
Lean Manufacturing is an integrated socio-technical system, whose main objective is to eliminate waste. One of the basic techniques of Lean Manufacturing is the 6S technique which helps to improve productivity. The 6S technique is not only the basis for all improvements, but also it supports the positive...
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Design and 3D Printing of a Mini Vacuum Table with FDM Technology

Leonard Ciurezu-Gherghe, Ionut Alexandru Pauna, Atanackovic Ilija, Alexandru Ogarca
The paper presents a fastening system of parts of small size and thickness of a vacuum table type. The proposed solution is intended to be used in the clamping and machining of this type of part mainly on the vertical machining center Young Tech YMC 1050, but also on other production systems. The virtual...
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Evaluation Methods of Energy Performances in Buildings

Eugenia Trasca, Marin Bica
Since the introduction of the buildings that targets the first energy conservation regulations in the 1970s and the increasing emphasis on the field in the late 1990s and early 2000s, a wide range of methodologies have been developed for predicting, analyzing and evaluating the energy performance of...
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Study of the Influence of the Thermal Insulation System on the State of Stress, Deformation and Vibration of a Rehabilitated Building with a Structure of Reinforced Concrete Frames

Mihai Ṭãlu, Bogdan Pãpãdie, Ştefan Ṭãlu, Daniela Vintilã, Diana Cãlbureanu, Raluca Malciu, Mãdãlina Cãlbureanu
The paper presents the influence of the thermal insulation system applied following a thermal rehabilitation process on a block of flats with a GF + 6F height regime, regarding: the resulting linear deformation state, the stress state and the building's own vibration modes. The study model used...
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Study on the Comfort Microclimate at the Educational Building in Research Laboratories

Alina Mariana Codita, Madalina Calbureanu, Nicolae Mihai Marinache, Adriana Ionescu
The article presents some conclusions on the comfort microclimate at educational buildings, by monitoring the temperature during the summer. The laboratories are located in two buildings, which differ from the point of view of the construction and building envelope, different positions, from the cardinal...
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The Link Between Historical Research and Structural Rehabilitation in the Case of Palace Building from Craiova

Cristian Oliviu Burada, Andreea Gabriela Trif
The structural rehabilitation of buildings with cultural value represents a complex field for practice. We had the opportunity to participate in the project of rehabilitation of Palace Hotel, one of Craiova’s most iconic buildings. The Palace Hotel is a historical monument and it was built with the original...
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Strategy for Facade Restoration in Case of Craiova’s City Hall Building

Andreea Gabriela Trif, Cristian Oliviu Burada
Restoration projects involve, first, a very careful measure of intervention decisions in relation to the cultural value of the protected monument. The façades of the building represent the most exposed elements, being on the one hand the most visible for visitors, but also the most sensitive in front...
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Using Winkler Hypothesis in ETABS Software for the Case of Building Structures with Raft Foundation

Adriana Ionescu
The purpose of this paper is to determine the correct method to simulate the seism behavior of a structure with a raft-type foundation, taking into account the elasticity of the soil using the Winkler hypothesis. This paper presents a comparison between two methods of modeling in the ETABS program a...
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Software Application for Stiffness Relaxation New Method of Bouc-Wen Hysteresis Differential Model Used in Simulation of Romanian Friction Dampers

Mihai Negru, Adriana Ionescu
This paper presents a new Stiffness Relaxation method of the classic Bouc-Wen hysteresis model, used to simulate the hysteresis loop of Romanian friction dampers SERB-C-194 in seismic analysis of buildings equipped with this type of seismic dampers. The classic model does not accurately simulate the...
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Dynamic Seism Analysis of a Medium-Height Building Equipped with Two Variants of Anti-seismic Dampers

Adriana Ionescu
This paper presents a study of seism analysis of a reinforced concrete frame structure with a height of B + 5S, made in order to determine the performance of the damping system with viscous fluid that equips the superstructure for buildings of medium height (15–20 m). For this, the GenEcAm program developed...
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Influence of Damping Coefficient Value of Fluid Viscous Damperson Seism Behavior of a Ten Stories Building Using ETABS Software

Mario Trotea, Diana Călbureanu, Alina Codiţă
This paper presents the seism dynamic analysis of a ten-stories building equipped with anti-seismic viscous fluid dampers, in order to determine the influence of the damping coefficient c on the building relative displacements and dampers forces during seism. By modifying the damping coefficient c, three...
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New Strength Degradation of Bouc-Wen Hysteresis Differential Model for Romanian Anti-Seismic Devices Used in Buildings Seism Protection Systems

Mihai Negru, Adriana Ionescu, Cristian Oliviu Burada
In this paper is presented a new mathematical differential model used for simulating the hysteresis phenomenon of romanian seismic energy dissipating devices which are usefull in seismic protection of buildings suprastructure. Existing mathematical models do not provide adequate modeling of the behavior...
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Integrated AHP and SAW Methods for Selection Green Building Materials for Insulations

Luminita Grecu, Gabriela Demian, Mihai Demian
In this paper we propose a selection method for green building materials for insulations, based on an integrated AHP - SAW method. Building materials and thermal insulation materials must have a minimal impact on the environment so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also ensure high energy efficiency...
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Comparison Between the Results Obtained in Static and Modal Seism Simulations of Tall Buildings Using ETABS

Diana Călbureanu, Adriana Ionescu
This paper presents the seism analysis of a tall building structure (33 m) made of reinforced concrete frames performed according to Romanian Design Code P100–1/2019. This design code allows the seism analysis of a building to be done with the method of equivalent static forces and with the modal method...
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Concrete Pavers with Addition of Recycled Glass

Ramona Pintoi, Alina Romanescu
To save the environment we need to recycle. In order to save natural resources we must recycle glass products. These recycled glass products are crushed and the necessary sorts are created, namely 0/4 mm and 4/8 mm, which we can partially replace from the aggregates of ballast or quarry needed to make...