Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture, and Education (ICOLLITE 2019)

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Compounding Signs in Kata Kolok: A Morphological Point of View

Dian Rahmani Putri
This study aims to identify and describe the compounding in Kata Kolok, a sign language used in Bengkala Village, Buleleng, Bali. This descriptive qualitative study used a generative morphological approach as defined by Aronoff (1976) with his colleagues. Aronoff (2005) developed the theory applied to...
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Affix Ma-, La-, Na- in The Dengka Dialect

Efron Erwin Yohanis Loe
The research aims to examine the function and grammatical meaning of affix ma-, la-, na- found in the Dengka dialect. The study used a descriptive qualitative method and utilized the morphological theory by Katamba (1993). This theory was used to identify derivational affixes in the Dengka dialect, particularly...
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Error Analysis of Sokuon and Choon Used by Japanese Learners

Maya Indah Wahyuni, Dedi Sutedi
The research aimed to describe the errors and factors affecting errors made by learners in writing hiragana letters involving the elements of the word sokuon and choon. It also described the way to resolve errors made by the teacher and learners. This study was qualitative descriptive research, which...
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Cacap-cacapan Functions: Marriage tradition of Lubuklinggau South Sumatra

Hartati Ratna Juita, Sumiyadi, Iskandarwassid, Tedi Permadi
The marriage tradition of cacap-cacapan is a Malay oral tradition of tribal people that is still carried out in the city of Lubuklinggau as one of the cities in the province of South Sumatra, Indonesia, that still adheres to the cultural traditions of the ancestors. The study aims to reveal the functions...
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Teachers’ Perspectives on the Implementation of Information and Communication Technology in Language Teaching

Rofika Tiara Avisteva
The development of technology used nowadays has become an important part of many activities in many fields, including language learning. In the 21st century, the development of technology also demands the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the educational system. Thus, ICT...
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Personal Selling Presentation Method for Critical and Creative Thinking Skill in Teaching and Learning

Indah Pujiastuti, Dian Lestari
Personal Selling Presentation (PSP) is a teaching method that consists of the main components including team, seller and buyer, supply and demand, brochures, and peer assessment. This method was applied to the “Telaah Kurikulum dan Buku Teks” courses. This research aims to describe how to build critical...
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Error Analysis of Japanese Relative Clause

Nuria Haristiani, Septi Ayu Maulani
The aims of this study was to analyze the type and cause of error in using Japanese relative clauses (meishi shuushoku) by Japanese language learners based on Corder’s (1975) theory. The data in this study collected through a test consists of 35 questions divided into four types of inquiry about meishi...
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Multimodality in Smartfren Printing Advertisement (Atta Halilintar Version)

Leni Dyah Arlini
Nowadays, advertisements have become part of people’s lives. We can see it everywhere and anytime, especially through the printing media, such as newspapers, magazines, or any other printing displayed on public transportation. Advertising is a text in a multimodal discourse that has complex meanings...
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The Semantic Field of Triste Adjectives in French

Alyza Kemala Ramadhani, Myrna Laksman-Huntley
Adjectives describe quantity, adequacy, sequence, order, quality, and word emphasis. Thus, the selection of the proper adjective must begin by finding the criteria which accord with the semantic aspects. In French, adjectives with triste ‘sad’ as the superordinate also have various hyponyms such as affligeant...
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The Function of Water in Sundanese Tales

Nesa Wara Puspita, Ruhaliah, Ruswendi Permana
This research aimed to describe the comparison of the function of water within Sundanese tales and the hypnogram of Sundanese tales which mentions water elements. The method used in this research was an analysis descriptive method with the structural and intertextual approach. This study was literature-based...
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Sundanese Politeness Reposition in Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Yayat Sudaryat, Jatmika Nurhadi
The fact shows that one of the forms of Nusantara culture possessed by the Sundanese people is politeness in language. Many speakers of Sundanese have deviated from the use of politeness in language even though in politeness in language stored values of local wisdom that can be used to face the Industrial...
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The Study of Five Rhetoric Principles in Indonesian President’s Speeches

Dadi Satria, Muhammad Adek
The rhetoric performed by a state leader is an important part of an effort to build trust and unite public opinion towards the stability of state activities. A president must have qualified skills in building public communication, one of which is through speeches. Through speeches, a state leader can...
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Development of Sundanese Pupujian Interactive Multimedia-Based Learning Materials

Opah Ropiah, Ipan Ripai
This study aims to develop Sundanese Pupujian Learning Materials based on interactive multimedia. Interactive multimedia in this research refer to learning media by using Adobe Flash which contains texts, graphics, sounds, and videos. Meanwhile, Sundanese pupujian in this research refers to oral-literary...
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Reading to Learn Strategy in Teaching and Learning Writing for the Students of Sundanese Language Education Department

Temmy Widyastuti, Yatun Romdonah Awaliah, Tri Indri Hardini
The success of Reading to Learn (R2L) in improving literacy skills in several countries in the world encourages teachers in Indonesia to implement it. In accordance with the national literacy movement program developed by the government, this strategy will greatly assist the ability to read and to write...
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Knowledge Preservation of Various Types of Braid: Indigenous Knowledge of Minangkabau

Riya Fatmawati, Habiburrahman
This paper aims to describe the various types of braid in Padang Pariaman in terms of the artificial value and implicit knowledge contained in the braid. The objective to be achieved in this paper is to increase community knowledge on the types of braid in Padang Pariaman Regency and the values contained....
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The Relationship of Using the BIPA Learning Model with Indonesian Culture Toward the Learning Motivation and Learning Outcomes of the Millennial Generation of Foreign Speakers in the Southeast Asian Region

Peni Dyah Anggari, Ah. Rofiuddin, Gatut Susanto, Dewi Ariani
This study is a follow-up study from the first year of research entitled “Utilization of Indonesian Culture as a Strategy for Accelerating Oral Language Proficiency Mastery for the Generation of Foreign Millennial Speakers in the ASEAN Region “. In the first year of research, a BIPA Learning Model with...
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Didactic Expression in Islamic Novel Written By Indonesian Author

Erlinda Nofasari, Dadang Sunendar, Sumiyadi, Vismaia S. Damaianti
Islamic novel written by Indonesian authors has a didactic value. This didacticism can be seen from the expressions written by the author. This research aimed to describe the expression of didactic literacy that educates both in imaginative or fictitious forms, including moral teachings, religion, philosophy...
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Culture Literacy in Non-Formal School: Community Learning Center of Pontian Fico, Sabah Malaysia

In general, literacy is always associated with the world of education, and it is very closely related to the practice of social relations that include knowledge, language, and culture. Gerakan Literasi Sekolah (School Literacy Movement) is a solution offered by the government to answer the problems of...
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Minangkabau Historical Traces in the Novel Negeri Perempuan by Wisran Hadi

Silvia Rosa, Sulastri, Suria Dewi Fatma
Politics can hide part of the history of civilization, but literature is unable to silence it. Literature can be a fertile field that fosters history that is drowned out by a tyranny. The power of oral literature in local communities helped confirm the ‘diamond light’ of the history of a community’s...
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The Japanese Teachers’ Ability in Lesson Planning

Herniwati, Mochamad Arief Komarudin
This research aims to describe the ability and quality of lesson plans arranged by Japanese language teachers in a state senior high school in Bandung, Indonesia. The data were collected by documentation and the instruments were systemic table analysis of the lesson plan in the implementation of the...
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Character Education in Malin Kundang and Shim Cheong, a Filial Child: A comparative literary study

Afina Naufalia
A folklore is one type of oral tradition that has developed in many countries like Indonesia. Aside from being entertainment, folklore is also considered a cultural identity. Of a crucial thing in folklore is moral values that can be applied in daily life, as part of character education. Character education...
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Critical Listening in the Social Organization Community

Baharman, Andoyo Sastromiharjo, Vismaia S. Damaianti, Yeti Mulyati
This study aims to describe the profile of critical listening skills in the social organization community in the city of Makassar. This research method leads to the development by the type of Design-Based Research (DBR) adapted from Reeves at the stage of practical problem analysis by researchers and...
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Analysis of Japanese Refusal Speech Acts to an Invitation as a Tatemae

Raden Regine Melansyah, Nuria Haristiani
This study examines the use of refusal speech acts as tatemae in Japanese language. One culture that is representative of describing the behavior of Japanese society is honne (one’s true feeling) and tatemae (behavior that hides the true feelings) culture. Japanese society tends to respect the harmony...
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Representation of Femininity in French Perfume Advertisements: An Analysis of Multimodal Discourse

Tri Indri Hardini, Beli Gustiawan
An advertisement can be built and represented through multimodal text. Multimodality refers to the use of more than one mode at the same time. This study aims to explain how the verbal and visual modes of French perfume advertisements represent femininity and to express the meaning of the representations...
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The Cultural Values of Ronggeng Tayub Kaleran in Mekarsari, Ciamis

Aep Saefurrohman, Dede Kosasih, Dian Hendrayana
The purpose of this study is to find out the history and the development of Ronggeng Tayub Kaleran; Ronggeng Tayub Kaleran performance process; and the cultural values contained in Ronggeng Tayub Kaleran. This study uses a qualitative descriptive-analytical method. The techniques used in this study are...
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An Analysis of Language Shifting: The Use of Danseigo by Women in the Workplace

Muhammad Peri Syaprizal, Qistike Handay Pugar, Nuria Haristiani
There are several varieties of languages found in Japanese. These include danseigo (man language) and joseigo (woman language). Both of these languages are still used by Japanese people nowadays, but there is a shift in its use. One type of shift in these languages is that danseigo recently also used...
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Erika’s Self-Defence Mechanisms in La Pianiste

Fitrohza Gilang Nurzamsyah, Suma Riella Rusdiarti
Since the beginning of psychoanalysis, the discipline has a close relation to any form of literature. Psychoanalysis can be used to analyze literature, and literature also often provides examples of psychoanalysis theories. Within time, the emergence of films makes it easier to do both. This article...
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Code-Mixing on Milang Béntang AKTV Programme

Dini Fitriani Noor Robiah, Yayat Sudaryat, Hernawan
This research is motivated by the phenomenon of multilingualism that occurs in Indonesian society, especially in West Java, which causes problems with code-mixing. This study aims to describe the types, forms, and factors underlying the occurrence of code-mixing events in the AKTV Milang Béntang programme....
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The Denotational Power of Speech in Ma’marakka Ritual

Sisilia Mangopo
This study aims to analyze the denotational power of the utterance in the ritual and secondly and to observe the features of the ritual. Using a qualitative method, the research took place in Sangalla’ District, Tana Toraja. The data were collected using participant observation in the place where the...
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Violence, Science, and World Hegemony in Semilyar Ikan Memakan Anjing-anjing by Absurditas Malka

Siti Masitoh, Athifah Chairunnisah, Faizul Munir
Within the revolutionary strategy for power domination, ideology has become a convention that unites subordinate class society in achieving hegemonic leadership. The said issue is also found in literary works which becomes the media for the author to deliver the ideology he wants to convey, as contained...
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Deforestation and Power in Joko Pinurbo’s Poems: A Literary Ecology Analysis

Sri Muniroch, Luthf Annisa, Wulan Arifiany
In this era, the problem of natural damage and environmental damage is a problem for every country. The natural and environmental damage that often occurs is reduced forest land or deforestation. There are various causes of the reduction of forest land or deforestation, such as forest fires, illegal...
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Using Quizizz as a Formative Assessment Tool in German Classrooms

Pepen Permana, Irma Permatawati
The progress of ICT encourages the presence of various types of online test tools which can bring benefits in learning. One of them is Quizizz, a game-based online test that enables entertaining multiplayer teaching activity and allows learners to practice with their gadgets. By using a quasi-experimental...
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Moving from the Logic of the Page to the Logic of the Screen: A Review Research on Multimodal Pedagogy in EFL Classroom Contexts

Siti Kustini, Didi Suherdi, Bachrudin Musthafa
Due to the global proliferation of information technologies and communication channels, today’s students are increasingly engaged with multimodal, multimedia along with printed-based literacy practices and are significantly exposed to new information and mass communication on daily basis. As a result,...
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Exploring Learning Experience in Shaping Teachers’ Beliefs in the Light of EIL in ELT Context

English as an international language (EIL) calls for a paradigm shift from teaching Standard English to teaching EIL that recognizes English varieties and promoting source culture as a suitable basis for EFL learners rather than rely on Standard English norms. Many studies have portrayed teachers’ beliefs...
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The Use of Moodle in Systematic Strategy Training

Irma Permatawati, Pepen Permana
Strategy training aims to provide learners with a repertoire of strategies and appropriate strategies for them. Awareness, implementation, and evaluation are the steps of systematic strategy training. It is important to talk about strategies at regular intervals during strategy training and to remind...
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Can Japanese Speak in Pure Japanese?: The Inevitability of Gairaigo in Japanese

Aulia Raversa, Nuria Haristiani
Japanese lexicon are divided into four categories, namely 1) Wago (words with pronunciation and morphology are in accordance with native Japanese linguistic conventions), 2) Kango (words introduced from China with kanji which are read using on-yomi pronunciation), 3) Gairaigo (words borrowed from foreign...
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Women’s Perspective on Love, Loyalty, and the Other Woman in Indonesian literature

Yasnur Asri, Yenni Hayati, Muhammad Adek
This paper tries to see how women writers see topics of love, loyalty, and the other woman through literary works spread across the periods in Indonesian literature. The data in this study were taken from short stories written by various female authors published in 1940-2000 which were assembled in a...
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Investigating Corrective Feedback in Speaking Practice: Students’ Preferences

Siffa Annisa Fitri Ramadhani
Corrective feedback (CF) has been seen as an essential facet in promoting students’ second language learning, including in speaking practice. CF in speaking practice might cause a distraction if it is not provided solicitously according to how students prefer to accept. This study aims at investigating...
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Media Transformation of Local Wisdom to Empower Cultural Literacy

Malta Nelisa, Ardoni, Desriyeni
Technological sophistication accompanied by fast access to information makes it easy for the public to know all information. The limits of the information obtained can no longer be controlled. This phenomenon has an influence on knowledge of traditional culture which is increasingly faded and eroded...
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Hybridity in Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Child of All Nations

Muhammad Rangga Padika, Nita Novianti, Ruswan Dallyono
Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s novel, Child of All Nations, tells the story of Minke, an upper-class Javanese living under Dutch occupation. In this second book of the Buru Quartet series, Minke must come to terms with his allegiance and identity in the colonial world. This article examines Child of All Nations...
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Analysis of Code-Switching in Japanese Language Classroom

Dian Dwi Novianty, Nuria Haristiani
This study aims to describe the forms of code-switching and the causes of their occurrence in Japanese language classrooms. The object of this study includes nine Japanese language learners with level 4 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N4) in a language training institution in Bandung. The data...
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Effect and Students’ Perception of the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) Teaching Method Implementation in French Writing Class

Dinda Novia Arifani, Riswanda Setiadi, Dante Darmawangsa
Writing descriptive texts in a foreign language is still considered difficult due to the lack of learner’s motivation, lack of vocabulary mastery, and the lack of using proper grammar. Therefore, a method is needed to overcome these difficulties. The ESA (Engage, Study, and Activate) method is believed...
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E-Readiness Analysis in Development of Information Technology Library: Case Study of Library of Universitas Negeri Padang

Habiburrahman, Gustina Erlianti
This study aims to identify the level of e-readiness of the Library of Universitas Negeri Padang in the development of information technology-based libraries using the e-readiness tool developed by Mutula and Brakel (2006). Data in this study were obtained from questionnaires, interviews, observations,...
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Poverty, Mysticism, and Religiosity of Sumatera Inland Communities in Bidadari-Bidadari Syurga Novel by Tere Liye: Genetic Structuralism Analysis Lucian Goldman

M.Anwar Masadi, Fatimatus Zahro
The description of Indonesian society’s reality is frequently discussed in Indonesian novels since earlier times. The description itself is commonly discussed in the form of poverty, social conditions, and religiosity in Indonesian society as comprehensively illustrated in Bidadari-Bidadari Syurga novel...
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Implementation of Reggio Emilia Approach in the Mastery of Indonesian Language Vocabulary in Early Childhood in an Islamic School in Bandung

Dian Sudaryuni Kurnia, Yeti Mulyati, Andoyo Sastromiharjo, Vismaia S. Damayanti
This study aims to improve the acquisition of Indonesian vocabulary in early childhood in an Islamic school, in Bandung. The focus of his research is on the implementation of the Reggio Emilia Approach (REA) to improve the mastery of Indonesian vocabulary in early childhood 5-6 years. This study used...
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The Use of the Indonesian Word ‘Akan’ in Literary Work Across Three Centuries

Shara Monarizka
According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (The Indonesian Dictionary), the word akan may act as either an adverb that indicates things or actions taking place in the future or a preposition that relates verbs with any class of words. Commonly, the word akan in Indonesian language is directly translated...
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The Humorous Speech Act in Longser Drama Manuscript: The Study of Socio-Pragmatic

Farid Rizqi Maulana, Yayat Sudaryat, Hernawan
In Sundanese society, humor is commonly seen in all forms of communication. Even in folk art, it has become a special genre in longser drama. Humor that arises sometimes violates the rules of language use that make communication not smooth (Leech, 2015). The rules of conduct are also often violated so...
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Information-Seeking Behavior of Students with Visual Impairments in Facing the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Gustina Erlianti, Riya Fatmawati
Key capabilities that must be owned to survive the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is the ability to manage information. This information management is very closely related to information-seeking behavior which requires vision, hearing and speaking abilities. But how do those who have physical limitations,...
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An Analysis of Japanese Verb Tomeru as Polysemy

Tranika Rahma, Dewi Kusrini, Ahmad Dahidi
This study attempts to investigate the basic meaning of verb tomeru, and the meaning of the variant expansion of tomeru, and the relationship between those meanings. The study was conducted using a descriptive method. The data were collected from Japanese novels published in the 2000s and online newspapers...
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Stereotype, Ambivalence, and Mimicry in Uwe Timm’s Morenga (1978)

Dudy Syafruddin
Cultural encounters between the West and the Rest during colonialism are often based on unequal relations. Many of these encounters are revealed in literary works, one of which is Morenga by Uwe Timm (1978). The novel, which revolved around the German colonial period in Deutsch-Südwest Afrika, became...
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Nyimur Ritual as a Healing Media and Refusing Bad Luck in Traditional Knowledge System of Kasepuhan Ciptagelar Communities

Yatun Romdonah Awaliah, Danan Darajat, Elva Yulia Safitri
This research is motivated by the presence of nyimur traditions in the community life of the native village of Kasepuhan Ciptagelar, South Sukabumi, Indonesia. This tradition is held every year and is believed to be a healing ceremony and refusing bad luck so that the life of a child in the future will...
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The Men Who are Lost in Time: Alienation in Matt Haig’s How to Stop Time (2017)

Rifki Gustian Romdon, Ahmad Bukhori Muslim
Postmodern condition, marked by the advancement of the globalization of media, technology, and economy, raises a sense of discontent in the society. Detachment, isolation, and alienation are examples of how development affects human’s sociological and psychological state. This study attempts to propose...
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Morality Aspect in the Short Stories of Seno Gumira Ajidarma

Yulianeta, Halimah, Sri Ulina Br Sembiring
This study attempts to reveal morality in the short stories of Seno Gumira Ajidarma. Morality in these short stories can be used as a source of knowledge, feelings and moral actions to become a morally ideal character. Data were collected from the book “Senja dan Cinta yang Berdarah: Antologi Cerita...
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The Speech Acts in News Translation: Pragmatics Analysis in Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper

Imam Jahrudin Priyanto
Translation in the media has many dimensions, both ideologically and pragmatically. This study focuses on pragmatic studies of texts containing direct and indirect utterances of translated news items in the Pikiran Rakyat. This study followed the speech acts theory from Austin and Searle and Newmark’s...
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Analysis of Lexical Hedges: Sociopragmatic of Representative Speech Act of Main Woman Character in Sweet 20 Movie

Neidya Fahma Sunendar, Dadang Sudana, Wawan Gunawan
Language is a medium of communication for every human being. It may differ between different gender in terms of the words or how it is delivered. This study attempts to investigate lexical hedges in the representative speech act of the main woman character, especially in Sweet 20 movie. The selection...
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The Use of Naritachi to Memorize Kanji

Noviyanti Aneros, Restu Pangestika, Melia D. Judiasri, Herniwati
This study is motivated by difficulties faced by intermediate-level Japanese language learners, namely the lack of understanding of the meaning of kanji so it makes it difficult to memorize kanji. This study aims to determine the connection between the meaning of kanji and the formation of kanji, to...
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Teacher Talk in Encouraging Students’ Participation in the EFL Classroom

Yanty Wirza, Ummu Imro’atus Sholihah
This research paper presents the investigation on the most teacher talk used in an EFL classroom, how it encourages students’ participation and the students’ perceptions of the teacher talk and their performance. In this research, the writer employed a descriptive qualitative design. The data were gathered...
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‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’: The Comparison Between Two Folklores Bawang Merah Bawang Putih and Putri Arabella

Asmawati, Yenni Hayati, Indah Galang Dana Pertiwi, Muhammad Adek
Folklore found in Indonesia has a moral value that is beneficial for its readers or listeners. The folklores occasionally have similarities with folklores from other regions both in terms of the intrinsic and extrinsic elements of the works. For example, folklores Bawang Merah Bawang Putih from Indonesia...
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Research Map of Sundanese: An Explorative Study on Thesis in Sundanese Department in Indonesia

Ruhaliah, Hernawan
The theses of undergraduate students in the Department of Sundanese Education (DPBS) in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Indonesia, can be divided into four big groups, namely language, literature, culture, and teaching and learning. This study aims to map the research trend related to Sundanese, explored...
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The Value of Religious Humanism “Syair Imtihan (Examination Rhyme)”

Irma Nurlatifah, Tedi Permadi, Yulianeta
Rhyme Imtihan is old literature read in the ascension ceremony and the final procession after carrying out the exam. Imtihan that was carried out at the Nurul Huda Pajagalan Islamic Boarding School as a form of conservation of cultural richness that contained religious humanist values that the community...
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Word Order Errors in Phrase Structure in BIPA Students’ Essays

Murni Maulina, Nuny Sulistiany Idris
Indonesian Language Learning for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) is inseparable from the difficulties faced by teachers and learners. The different types of languages between the first language and the second language that are being studied by students raise difficulties that cause errors in BIPA learners when...
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Speech Act of a Person with Mental Disorders: A Clinical Pragmatic Analysis

Husni Thamrin
This research was to determine the speech acts of speaking dialogue in person with a mental disorder (schizophrenia) in terms of clinical pragmatic perspectives. This study is conducted qualitatively with identification and classification in the form of speech acts of the person with pragmatic disorders....
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Analysis of Value Clarification Technique Learning Model Through Pilot Methods in Learning to Improve Affective Intelligence

Ryan Dwi Puspita, Anggi Citra Apriliana, Cep Yudi Nugraha, Rahman
This study discusses the VCT (Value Clarification Technique) learning model through the pilot method of Civics Education learning to improve the affective intelligence of elementary school students. The purpose of this study is to describe the results of a comprehensive analysis of the VCT (Value Clarification...
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The Use of Speech Act as Communication Strategy of Children with Autism

Dian Wahyunianto, Djatmika, Dwi Purnanto
Autism is considered as the cause of linguistics impairment. It was believed to be responsible for a pragmatic deficit for the person with autism. This study aims to describe how children with autism use speech act as the strategy of their communication in the classroom. The data was taken from one special...
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The Model of Poetry Writing Learning Based on Authentic-Collaborative Assessment in High School

Suci Sundusiah
The insistence on the need for poetry writing instruments in school encourages efforts to compile authentic instruments for poetry assessment. The assessment did not only focus on the final work of poetry, but also on the process of creating poetry. This study examined the effect of learning to write...
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Adaptation Strategy as a Social Engineering: A Case Study of Changing Corn to Coffee Fields in Tanah Karo District

Celerina Dewi Hartati, Yulie Neila Chandra, Rosramadhana
This paper discusses one of the adaptation strategies of peasant society in Tanah Karo, North Sumatera. The eruption of the Mount Sinabung had impacted on the condition of the people in Tanah Karo, such as crop failures of corn. As a strategy, local people start to implement an adaptation of planting...
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A Transitivity Analysis of Ria Ricis and Atta Halilintar’s Promotional Captions on Instagram

Putri Rizki Lestari, Eri Kurniawan, Ruswan Dallyono
This study aims to discover the lexico-grammatical features and social function of Ria Ricis and Atta Halilintar’s, promotional captions on Instagram. The frameworks used to guide this research included Gerot and Wignell’s explanations about the lexico-grammatical features and social function of the...
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Lexicogrammatical Features of ELF Speakers in an Asian Students Association Small Talk in Indonesia

Ernie D. A. Imperiani, Hera Amalia Mandasari
This study examines the nature of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) interaction among English users whose mother tongues are different. Specifically, this study aims to investigate the lexicogrammatical features evident in a small talk among Asian students. The data are elicited in a mixture of authentic...
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Use of Mrs.Kanji Web Application to Enhance Japanese Kanji Learning

Linna Meilia Rasiban, Marsheila Febriani, Renariah
This paper presents Mrs kanji, a web application for learning Japanese kanji characters developed by authors over the past one and a half years. This study aims to create and develop applications that are used for learning and memorizing kanji letters based on the website application, which contains...
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The Ambivalent Construction of Child Characters’ Subjectivity in Four Indonesian Children’s Films

Nia Nafisah, Riris Kusumawati Sarumpaet, Joesana Tjahjani
The notion of subjectivity is a concept of personal identity which deals with the self and its relations to the social structures. This study reveals the ambivalent construction of child character’s subjectivity in four Indonesian children’s films: Laskar Pelangi, Serdadu Kumbang, Lima Elang, dan Langit...
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Developing Synectic Models with Hypnosis in Teaching Writing Short Story Through Value-Based Behavior Approaches

Mimin Sahmini, Dadang Sunendar, Sumiyadi, Isah Cahyani
The objective of this study is to develop a synectic learning model with hypnosis to make students feel pleasured and happy during learning activities to write short stories based on cultural value. Each student values one another during the creative writing process. The method of this research is Design-based...
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Sociocultural Intervention Strategy for Primary Literacy Teaching

Riswanda Setiadi
Currently Indonesia ranks low in literacy culture, especially reading and writing. This means that the education system in Indonesia has not been able to create a culture of literacy among learners. In addition, communities and families have not become a model for their children in conducting various...
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The Phenomenon of Using Potential Form in Indonesian as Foreign Language Learners Utterance

Ida Widia, Rosita Rahma, Mar’atushshalihah
The amusing aspect of learning Indonesian as a foreign language is by adopting potential forms that adult learners realize it or not. This potential form is generally influenced by the analogy that foreign language learners formulated within the Indonesian language. The most frequently found potential...
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Enhancing Students’ Writing Ability Through ‘Junior Journalists’ Program in Elementary School Using PAKEM Model

Isah Cahyani, Hadianto D Daris
The present research was conducted based on the students’ writing ability which was considered low. One of the appropriate models to use is PAKEM model (Active, Creative, Effective and Joyful Learning), which puts students to act out as junior journalists. A mixed-method was employed in the present research....