Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social Science, Humanities, Education and Society Development (ICONS 2021)

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Digital Civil Servant Recruitment Model

(Adaptive Policy for Covid-19 Pandemic)

In’amul Mustofa, Suswanta Suswanta, Muchamad Zaenuri
This study aims to find system innovations and procedures for digitally recruiting civil servants during the Covid-19 pandemic. The current recruitment system still uses the Computer Assist Test (CAT) with computer equipment provided by the committee, so that participants use it interchangeably. Simultaneous...
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The History of Sriwedari Park as a Public Sphere

Jürgen Habermas’s Public Sphere Approach

Rudy Wicaksono Herlambang, Andrik Purwasito, Warto Warto, Rahmanu Widayat
Sriwedari is a cultural heritage which is full of historical value as the King’s garden in the Pakubuwana X era. Since its inception, Sriwedari Park has been designed as a place of reflection and an amusement park for the royal family, until it was finally opened to the public. The purpose of this study...
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The Language Attitudes of the Community Members Towards Their Local Language, Konjonese of Bulukumba, Indonesia

Abdul Hakim Yassi, Harlinah Sahib, Rezky Ramadhani, Muhammad Aswad
The study reported here aims to figure out the language attitudes of the community members of the Konjonese language, a minority language in the Bulukumba Regency of South Sulawesi Indonesia. It involves three villages of sub-district Bonto Tiro; Batang, Bonto Bulaeng, and Tamalanrea. The study is descriptive...
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Technology-enhanced Learning in Indonesian EFL classes: The Case of Videoscribe

Muhammad Aswad, Abd. Hakim Yassi, Nasmilah Nasmilah, Abidin Pammu
The long-term goal of this research; (1) Providing information to educators about the benefits of applying Videoscribe software as a technology to learn English, (2) providing information on the extent to which Videoscribe can improve student learning outcomes in English, (3) To describe the steps for...
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COVID-19 Pandemic Bayanihan Initiatives: The CapSU Experience and Future Education Directions

Ian B. Arcega, Elmer M. Albaladejo, Arnel Van Aleligay, Wennie F. Legario, Ma. Dorothee J. Villarruz
The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the world’s life, drastically changing humanity’s economies, health, education, and futures. The pandemic united private and public organizations and individuals to work as one in the spirit of ‘Bayanihan.’ Bayanihan is the Filipino indigenous governance involving volunteerism...
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Cloud Computing-Based Information System as an Effort for Developing Tourism Village

Dian Suluh Kusuma Dewi, Jusuf Harsono, Dwiana Binti Yulianti, Desriyanti Desriyanti, Insyira Yusdiawan Azhar
Cloud computing-based information system is an effective way for regional development. By utilizing the existing potential dan supported by good management, the area can be used as the development of surrounding resources. Information management based on Cloud Computing can be used as a promotional medium...
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During the Covid-19 Pandemic, a Compliance Tax Was Imposed on Batik Tegalan Entrepreneurs from the Perspectives of Information, Knowledge, Accounting Systems, and Business Types

Maulida Dwi Kartikasari, Ibnu Muttaqin, Eva Anggra Yunita, Fahmi Firmansyah
The purpose of this research is to examine the impact of tax information, tax knowledge, accounting systems, and MSME business types on tax compliance during the COVID 19 pandemic. The method used in this study is to use the original data to carry out descriptive quantification in the form of a questionnaire...
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Collaborative Governance Approach in Garbage Management at Manggala District Bank Sampah of Makassar City

Mulkhaeri Ikram, Muhammad Rusdi, Hasniati Hasniati
Garbage is a complex problem in several large cities. The number of activities that occurs resulted in the accumulation of garbage that can not be controlled. One of them is Makassar which is known as the largest metropolitan city after Jakarta. The problems found in the current condition of the landfill...
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Change of Land Registration Policy in Makassar City

Valentini Febriani Bala Lande
The reason for this research is to obtain an analysis and description related to the dynamics of land registration policies from PRONA (National Agrarian Operations Project), which have been explained through Ministerial Regulation of ATR/KBPN Number 4 of 2015 to Complete Systematic Land Registration...
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Implementation Strategy Smart Governance in Makassar City (Case Study on The Missing Capil Program for The Population and Civil Record)

Sri Wahyuni, Alwi Alwi, Nur Indrayati Nur Indar
Smart City is a program that implements advances in technology and information in carrying out social life in a modern, efficient and effective manner. Smart City is applied in urban life by utilizing technology to realize smart living, smart governance, smart economy, smart environment, smart mobility,...
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Performance Evaluation of Fisherman Community Empowerment Policy in Tinambung District, Polewali Mandar Regency.

Cicci Yuliah Manaf
Karama Village and Tangnga-Tangnga Village are two coastal areas in Tinambung District that have been touched by the program for the procurement of nylon gill net fishing gear. The program for the procurement of nylon gill net fishing gear is a form of activity carried out by the government in order...
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Revealing the Profile of Student Concept Understanding in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era with a Five-tier Format Assessment

Doni Setiawan, Jaelani Jaelani
This study aims to reveal the profile of students’ conceptual understanding in the era of the covid-19 pandemic using a five-tier format of assessment using electricity and magnetism. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive research. This study used a sample of students majoring in engineering...
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The Role of Imuem Mukim in Advocating for the Prevention of Environmental Pollution in Aceh Jaya District

Mahdi Syahbandir, Dahlawi Dahlawi, Wais Alqarni, Munawwarah Munawwarah
Environmental damage in Aceh Jaya is still a problem for the community to this day. Some of the problems that occur are the behavior of littering, air waste from a company to flooding problems due to damaged water culverts. In preventing these problems, it is necessary to have the role of local indigenous...
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Improving the Competency of Vocational School Teachers through Online Training

Herawati Budiastuti, Dhyna Analyes Trirahayu, Tifa Paramitha, Bambang Soeswanto, Endang Kusumawati, Retno Indarti, Emmanuela Maria Widyanti, Mukhtar Ghozali
Improving the competency of teachers at a vocational school (SMK) in Bandung carried out by lecturers in the Chemical Engineering Department of Politeknik Negeri Bandung is the main goal of this study. This also answers the hopes and proposal of the Principal of this SMK to continue cooperation in improving...
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Dynamics of Education Policy Implementation in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Makassar City

Safaruddin Safaruddin, Juanda Nawawi, Nur Indrayati Nur Indar, Muhammad Tang Abdullah
The dynamics of learning during the Covid-19 pandemic that took place in Indonesia. The implementation of a reform in the education system creates diverse dynamics in the implementation of educational policies in the teaching and learning process. This study aims to describe the dynamics of education...
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Values of Character Education on Children’s Poetry by Turiyo Ragilputra

Tri Mulyono, Sukini Sukini, Basukiyatno Basukiyatno
This paper intends to describe the Indonesian children’s poetry character education values written by Turiyo Ragilputra. The objects of this research are Indonesian children’s poems by Turiyo Ragilputra in Surat dari Samudra, Agus Budi Wahyudi, et al, Central Java Language Center, 2018. Qualitative descriptive...
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Implementation of Basic Education Policy in Central Mamuju District

Busdir Busdir, Muhammad Akmal Ibrahim, Badu Ahmad, Gita Susanti
This study aims to determine the implementation of basic education policies in Central Mamuju Regency. From an academic point of view, this researcher is expected to be useful for the development of Public Administration. This type of research is qualitative and the data analysis used is phenomenology...
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Restoration of Tourism in Indonesia New Normal Era Through CHS Program in Bali Tourism

Erny Rosmiyanti, Sri Sutjiatmi, Calista Qotrunada Azzahra
The COVID-19 pandemic is a worldwide epidemic that has altered people’s life systems. The Covid-19 virus pandemic has had a significant impact on the tourism industry, resulting in decreased revenues and visits. Individuals must reintroduce themselves to a normal way of life in order to maintain their...
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Explore Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, and Sales Promotion to Increase the Sales Volume of PT. Pegadaian Cabang Brebes

Mas’adah Mas’adah, Ahmad Hanfan
The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of cross-selling, up-selling, and sales promotion on sales volume using partial and simultaneous variables. This research hypothesis states that (1) cross-selling has an effect on sales volume. (2) Upselling has an effect on sales volume. (3) sales promotion...
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Understanding Earnings Response Coefficient from Growth Opportunities, Earnings Persistance, and Intellectual Capital; Empirical Study from IDX-30 Indexed Companies

Handi Handi, Dien Noviany Rahmatika, Baihaqi Fanani
This iresearch iaimed ito ianalyze ithe iinfluence of the earnings response coefficient based on growth opportunities, earnings persistance and intellectual capital in financial statements of IDX-30 companies on 2017 until 2019. The population in this study was 45 companies, with a purposive sampling...
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Game-Based Learning in Improving English Vocabulary and Detecting Metacognitive Awareness Among English for Specific Purposes Undergraduates

Wilson Tan, Nadya Supian, Kok Sung Cheah
The happening of the Covid-19 pandemic has shifted learning from physical lessons to online lessons. In higher education institutions, while English for Specific Purposes is a subject offered to teach English language relevant to the undergraduate’s future profession, many undergraduates possess poor...
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Women’s Involvement in Policy Formation Regarding Covid-19 in Indonesia

Diryo Suparto, Oemi Hartati, Ike Desi Florina
Pandemic covid 19 is an outbreak that changes the order of life of people around the world. This paper attempts to look at the involvement of women in the Establishment of policies regarding covid-19. This becomes important because the issue of gender mainstreaming and women’s leadership is getting louder....
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Self-regulatory Strategies Used by Malaysian University Students in Reducing Public Speaking Anxiety: A Case Study

Xue Ting Tee, Tjin Ai Tan Joanna, Wirawahida Kamarulzaman
Despite the increase in the number of Malaysian graduates entering the workforce, they have often been criticized of lacking proper presentation skills and having poor command of the English Language. Public speaking anxiety is believed to be the root of the issues faced by Malaysian graduates. While...
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Malaysian Onion Army and Othering: Radicalized Trolling Hunters on Twitter During Pandemic

Norena Abdul Karim Zamri, Nur Nasliza Arina Mohamad Nasir, Mohammad Nurhafiz Hassim, Syaza Marina Ramli, Faisal Mohd Amin
With the growing popularity of social media, inequality and discrimination in online spaces has received increasing attention. Hate speech, cyberbullying, online misogyny, and online racism are often either impractically vague or impractical narrow concepts to describe the complex ways in which “othering”...
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The Effect of Flipped Classroom Model Towards Students’ Reading Comprehension

Yuvita Yuvita, Endang Sulistyaningsih, Nissa Dhiya ‘Ulhaq
The purpose of this paper was to determine whether the flipped classroom model has a beneficial effect on students’ reading comprehension during their second semester at Universitas Pancasakti Tegal in the academic year 2020/2021. To accomplish this, a total of 39 students were randomly assigned to two...
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Students’ Perceptions: Bilingual Language Used in EFL Classroom

Aulia Larasati, Yoga Prihatin, H. Sumartono
The purpose of this study is to ascertain students’ perceptions of teachers’ use of bilingual language in English language instruction in the classroom. This study employs a qualitative approach as the foundation for its research. The study enrolled 241 students in grades 11 at SMA N 5 Tegal. The data...
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Malaysian Youth Perception Towards Let’s Get Vaccinated Campaign Conducted by the Malaysian Government on Social Media

Mohammad Nurhafiz Hassim, Nur Nasliza Arina Mohamad Nasir, Norena Abdul Karim Zamri, Syaza Marina Ramli
The goal of the Let’s Get Vaccinated Campaign in social media is to provide public awareness and exposure on the importance of taking the vaccine to prevent the spread of Covid-19. For example, a campaign like ‘Yakinivaksin’ is an awareness campaign aimed at fighting myths and misunderstandings about...
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Factors Influencing Farmer Behavior Towards Training with Special Topics of Agribusiness in East Java, Indonesia

Joko Mariyono, Tabrani Tabrani, Mahben Jalil, Putu B. Daroini, Evy Latifah, Apri Kuntariningsih
The training was implemented to equip farmers with knowledge and innovation targeted to chili and vegetable farming. Using survey data from East Java Province, this paper evaluates the impact of training implementation on the production of chili and tomato, knowledge of integrated crop management (ICM),...
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Student Moral Quality Measurement Framework Based on Ancient Javanese Philosophy

Purwo Susongko, Habibie Wilyama Dwi Sunu, Yuni Arfiani
Ancient Javanese philosophy provided a framework for measuring students’ moral qualities. The moral quality of a person in Ancient Javanese philosophy is divided into three levels of consciousness namely high (Satva), medium (rajah) and low (Tamah). This research aims to analyze the needs of tests that...
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Leadership and Work Environment: The Impact on the Performance of MSME Employees in Tegal City

Setyowati Subroto, Mei Rani Amalia
MSMEs in Indonesia have a very important role, we can said that they are the backbone of the Indonesian economy. Based on BPS data, about 99% of existing business units are MSMEs, which able to absorb about 96.3% of the workforce from the number of productive workers available. In order to maintain and...
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Social Capital in Dealing the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ainur Rofieq, Susi Dian Rahayu, Sulastri Sulastri, Yanto Supriyatno, Aos Kuswandi
The purpose of this research is to describe the relationship between the village authority and the community in dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. The notion of social capital is employed to assess the interactions that occur in this study. This study employs qualitative approaches. Data were gathered...
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Good Village Governance: Analysis Implementation Good Governance in the Village Kupu, Brebes Regency

Dwian Hartomi Akta Padma Eldo, Akhmad Habibullah, Arif Zainudin, Tasirin Tasirin
This study aims to see how the implementation of Good Village Governance at the village level. Since Village Autonomy was granted through Law No. 6 of 2014 concerning Villages, Villages have been free to manage their government. The object of this research is Kupu Village, Wanasari District, Brebes Regency....
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Research on the Profitability of Rural Banks in Indonesia: A Comparative Study

Roberto Akyuwen
BPRs’ size, in terms of asset and capital, is substantially smaller than the commercial banks. However, they are playing a significant role in supporting micro and small enterprises. The total number of BPRs today is more than 1,500 units and spread all over Indonesia. One of the most important performance...
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Performance of Health Service on Home Care and Marine Ambulance Telemedicine in The City of Makassar

Hargitayanti Hargitayanti, Muh. Akmal, Hasniati Hasniati
This study aimed to measure the performance of home care-based health services and marine ambulance telemedicine in Makassar City. Public health has a vital role in improving the quality of human resources, poverty alleviation, and economic development. The Human Development Index puts health as one...