Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Transformation in Communications 2017 (IcoTiC 2017)

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Ambiavalence of Communication Technology and Local Journalists in Bandung

Darajat Wibawa
The development of information technology in Indonesia is inevitable, people are increasingly easy to get information, especially with the presence of internet that able to complete the mass media Indonesia. Internet has the ability to form a very wide public space, as a result of the earth seems to...
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Doctor-Patient of Communication Activities and Models in Free Consultation of Orthopedic Hospital Prof. DR. R. Soeharso Surakarta

Dewi K. Soedarsono, Ihsani Afifah Wardhani
The study of entitled “Doctor-Patient of Communication Activities and Model in Free Consultation of Orthopedic Hospital Prof. Dr. R. Soeharso Surakarta” aims to find out how the effectiveness of doctor-patient communication by digging information in the implementation of free consultation on activities...
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Implementation of Campaign Strategy For National Non Cash Movement From Bank of Indonesia

Dini Safitri, Martomu Buttu Nainggolan
Gerakan Nasional Non Tunai (GNNT) Program from Bank Indonesia has been running since the year 2014, but still many people yet understand how the mechanism the use of electronic-based payments transactions. In fact, Bank Indonesia is already working to encourage use of noncash transactions by the community...
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The Construction of Media and Cultural Studies Theories

Widyani Fitria Roosinda, Siti Surayah
Theoretically media studies and cultural studies are a study conducted to observe the patterns of cultural change in society that is influenced by the media in which the media takes an important role in the new forms of culture construction. There are two theories that are used to analyze the study,...
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The Influence of Motivation Factors towards Knowledge Sharing Intention and Its Impact to Knowledge Sharing Behaviour between Employess at PT. Telkom Divre 3 West Java

Hendi Kurnia
The phenomenon that occurred in PT. Telkom, the knowledge management effort as intellectual capital for competitive advantage, becomes the basis for further research on the influence of motivation factors commitment, enjoy in helping others, reputations and rewards to the intention of knowledge sharing...
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The Abandonment of Animal Conservation Ideology in Indonesian Television Programs

Herlina Agustin, Dadang Rahmat Hidayat
The mass media possesses significant roles and functions amongst a society. Referring to the idea of Denis McQuail, one of the roles of mass media is to be a reflection of the behavior of the people it represents. By looking at the media’s perspective, we would be able to comprehend people's opinions...
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Media Management In The Implementation of Human Trafficking Eradication In West Java Indonesia

Slamet Mulyana, Ira Mirawati, Meria Octavianti
The high rate of human trafficking in West Java province motivates the government to develop various programs to eliminate the crime. Local governments formed working groups such as the Task Force against Human Trafficking, which involves various elements of regional organizations, non-governmental organizations,...
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Fake News (Hoax) and Paranoid Frame of Min of Social Media User

Jokhanan Kristiyono, Otoviani Rosalia Jayanti
The presence of smart devices (Smartphones) is currently considered an answer to that desire. This device is able to make social media today capable of being accessed anytime, anywhere and by anyone who seems to be difficult to be released from various activities of society today. Even medsos considered...
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Underage Marriage: Celebrity Ustadz and Islam Hegemonic Value

Justitio Adiprasetyo, Alnashava Preciosa Jantra
Religion and science are two discourses that compete and negotiate in the history of the debates of sexuality and gender, including the determination of the criteria whether a person can engage in sexual activity and marriage or not. The scientific discourse gives guidelines regarding the minimum age...
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Parent Trust on the Immunization Program : Media Coverage over Counterfeite Vaccine in Indonesia

Neneng Nurlaela, Siti Karlinah, Yanti Setianti, Sri Susilawati
The primary purpose of this research is to discover how parent trust on the immunization program; to identify advocacy strategy on health issues with the influencer role. The finding of counterfeit vaccine in Indonesia becomes the background. Under normal circumstances, some parents choose not to vaccinate...
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Public Relation's Strategis Communication of Telkom University Using Internet-Based Technology to Attract Telkom Education Users in Bandung

Roro Retno Wulan, Rana Akbari Fitriawan, Maylanny Christin
Tough competition in order to achieve future students in university starts from the period when prospective students are studying in their senior high school. To achieve the goal, a university should apply the right srategy to achieve its marketing success. Telkom university, one of the private universities...
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The influence of bollywood phenomenon to daily activities of housewife

Otoviani Rosalia Jayanti, Widiyani Fitria Roosinda
Television media is a mass media equipped with audio-visual capabilities, this is the advantage that makes tv being most popularto be use by audience between newspaper or radios. By watching television audiences are not only able to collect new information, but also gets a a new entertainment. Even in...
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Harmony in Diversity Through Sundanese Art and Culture

Santi Susanti
School is a better place to put on the local culture. The school role as a custodian of the local culture is applied in Elementary School of Garut. It was founded by a Chinese woman descent who loves the education. This study aims to reveal the schools efforts in doing the perseverance of Sundanese culture...
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A Growing Ideology in Radio Broadcasting

Tita Melia Milyane
This research explores the use of ideology in broadcasting on radio. Implementation of broadcasting in the media that provides public space for listeners, not apart from the ideology or beliefs adopted. Ideology is a belief system that is embraced by a group of people, institutions or organizations both...
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Impact of Digital Technologies on Social Productivity growth of Microfinance Institutions in Indonesia

Joanna Vogeley, Najmaei Delaram Lonbani
Over the past decade, many microfinance institutions (MFIs) have implemented various innovative financial solutions, including mobile-phone financial services, aiming to improve their social and financial productivity. This impact is therefore examined using qualitative and quantitative methods., we...
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The Communication Pattern of Single Mother

Lucy Pujasari Supratman
During the period of January 2017, there are at least 553 divorce cases registered to Bandung Religious Court. Most dominate divorce applicants were proposed by women. The filing of divorce filed by women has become a trend that women today are increasingly daring to file for a divorce. The purpose of...
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Analysis of Privacy Concern On Adoption of Location Based Services Technology For Blood Donor Search

Ruli Hakim Cahyono
In the era of mobile technology , it is very common to find community-based applications that use Location Based Services technology to share location information. On the other hand, geographic location, for some people are confidential related to privacy. Based on the paradox then it is necessary to...
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The Use of Modified Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology 2 (UTAUT2) to predict Student Behavioral Intention in the use of Integrated Academic Information System (iGracias) Mobile Application at Telkom University

Tarandhika Tantra, Maya Ariyanti
Mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and mobile phones have become an integral part of everyday life. Applications that can be used for shopping, banking, traveling, and other services related to daily needs for many people, have increased significantly. Telkom University develops Integrated...
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Generated Function of Meme In Online Conversation

Adi Bayu Mahadian, Mohamad Syahriar Sugandi
Meme digital content has becomes widely copied, imitated, and deployed by a lot of people through the Internet. WhatsApp messenger group became one of the instruments to spread of the meme. This study aims to understand the form and function of meme in WhatsApp messenger group conversations. This study...
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Measurement Gap of Competency in Preparing Employees for Digital Company ( A Case Study of Telecommunication Company in Indonesia)

Supriyati Nur Aisyah, Ade Irma Susanty
One of the telecommunication companies in Indonesia has a hope of becoming a digital company in order to adapt to today's business challenges. Being a digital company means to open an opportunity for a sustainable competitive growth. The first step to realize this vision is by preparing capable human...
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Public Relations Strategy Glamping Legok Kondang in Building Identity Glamour Camping

Anisa Diniati, Dio Herman Saputro
The purpose of this study is to analyze public relations strategy Glamping Legok Kondang in building identity as a glamour camping. A qualitative approach with a single case study is employed in this research to obtain research data. Findings showed that Glamping Legok Kondang has not demonstrated strategic...
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The Impact of Mayor of Bandung’s Leadership Style and Communication Strategy on Civil Servants’ Motivation and Job Performance in Bandung

Ayub Ilfandy Imran, Nur Atnan
This study aims to determine whether the leadership style and communication strategy of a mayor can affect the motivation and job performance of the civil servants working under him/her. To answer the main objective of the study, it is necessary to know the style of leadership and communication strategies...
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Reception Analysis Meaning of Religious Tolerance at Amazon Advertisement about Friendship of Imam and Priest

Berlian Primadani Satria Putri, Dhermawan Jabbar Syahnaz
This study entitled "Reception Analysis Meaning of Religious Tolerance at Amazon Advertisement about Friendship of Imam and Priest" is aimed to find out how the informants interpreted the Amazon ads "Friendship of Imam and Priest ". This research applies qualitative research methods with the Reception...
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Effect of Jambore Betawi Culture To Change Attitude Of Jambore Youth Regional Participants (JPD) Province DKI Jakarta In 2017

Delmia Wahyudin, Roro Retno Wulan
The Jamboree Pemuda Daerah (JPD) of DKI Jakarta 2017 is one of the concerns of the Government, especially in the Office of Youth and Sports of DKI Jakarta Province to preserve Betawi culture, JPD DKI Jakarta is also used as a Betawi cultural campaign to the young generation. In 2017 as many 424 participants...
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Media Literacy Education for Youth in Bandung City

Cecep Darmawan, Hana Silvana
This research on media literacy is expected to provide an overview of how media literacy process can be applied to young people or young age. This research used qualitative approach in the form of case study. The research was conducted by designing a workshop on media literacy. The workshop consisted...
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Represantation of Women in A Collection of Short Stories "BH" by Emha Ainun Nadjib

Surya Kurnia Putu Desak I Dewi, Sugiarica Ayu Dewa I Joni
Gender inequality is manifested in various forms, such as stereotyping or negative labelling. Stereotypes of women who are weak, emotional, identical to domestic sphere are considered normal and natural. This is constructed by the mass media, so it can affect the way the public view of women’s image....
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Public Relations Management Concept of ATLU (Asking, Telling, Listening, and Understanding) in Public Communication Implementation at PTNBH, a Study in Universitas Padjadjaran

Feliza Zubair, Ade Kadarisman, Retasari Dewi
PTNBH (Perguruan Tinggi Berbadan Hukum or Higher Educational State Institution with Legalized Body) is a concept of managing higher education institution in state universities, which has autonomous status to regulate themselves. This autonomous right for higher education is written in Government Rule...
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The Analysis of Urban Legend Theme that 2012 Broadcasting Students Use when Making Film Project

Freddy Yusanto, Diah Agung Esfandari
The film titled Jelangkung was released in 2001. Rizal Mantovani and Jose Poernomo were able to bring the theme urban legend up to the screen successfully with a modern twist. The tension in the film that they presented were not merely because of the ghost apparition, but also because of cameras’ motions,...
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Outdoor Media Advertising, “Redundant Strategy of Cigarette Advertisement” (Study of the Influence of ‘A Mild’ Cigarette Point of Purchase towards Adolescent Smoking Desire)

Harry Setiawan
What a wasting effort. Point of purchase as silent sales failed in affecting the desire of adolescents aged 16-18 years old smoking behavior in Pekanbaru city. 23 non-smoker respondents stated that 0.02% P-O-P could affect their willingness to smoke as long as they are in the cafe or place that has P-O-P...
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The Influence of Reward, Leadership and Information System as the Predictior of Learning Organization towards Employees Performance in the Government Institution

Nurul Mardhiah Sitio, Ade Irma Susanty
Indonesia is the most populated country in Southeast Asia. The growth population which keeps growing brings about a rapid-growing workforce every year. The limited work opportunity is unable to absorb the workforce in Indonesia. The government, in this case The Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration...
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Defining the Concept of national Identity in Post Modern Society

Perdini Idola Putri, Ellisha Nasruddin, Juliana Abdul Wahab
The concept of national identity is closely related to the terms nation, nationalism and citizenship. Within the boundaries elimination impacted by globalization in today’s society, the nation-state is no longer the singular unit of political power with absolute sovereignty. The nation will unconsciously...
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Adjunct Lecturer as a Form of Community Service in Building Brand Personality Lecturer

Indra Adibayu Novianto Pamungkas, Dini Salmiyah Fitra Ali
The digital era has begun with marked rapid development of information technology. So when the increasingly widespread digital world appears the term "everybody is a news maker". In this case a person is able to cover his own activities through social media. It is also influential in the process of personal...
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Corruptive Communication: Process and Prevention (Case Study of Indonesian Legistative Councils)

Ira Dwi Mayangsari, Faidah Naila
Number of Indonesian legislative members who entangled to sentences because of corruption cases is still high. It is caused by low monitoring of legislative budgeting from government auditor, media, public and NGO. This study examines corruption among legislative council through interaction, message,...
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Is the Middle East Cultural Imperialism in Islamic Literacy in Indonesia? (review of Islamic and Cultural Communication Perspectives in Islamic Literacy in Indonesia)

Muhammad Sufyan Abdurrahman
The study of Islamic literature in Indonesia is relevant to be discussed today as more and more information makes Indonesians literate, that the influence of Middle Eastern culture influences a lot. Especially in the works of literature, books of local adaptation fiqh, books governing the Islamic kingdom...
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Urban Legend Storytelling Bandung Tour on The Bus (Urban Legend Case Study in Bandung through a spooky story on the bus)

Maylanny Christin, Mochamad Fiteriadi
Bandung is one of the world's tourist cities that have been determined on 25 September 2013 in Beijing by UNESCO. To meet one of the index to become a world tourist city, in it there are aspects of city tour. Therefore, the city of Bandung to create a new innovation that is city tour bus called Bandung...
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Public Relations Stage Evaluation of XL Axiata's Corporate Communication Program (Case Study : The Implementation of CSR XL Future Leaders 2012-2016)

Mentari Tryana Wahyuni, Ni Nyoman Dewi Pascarani
This research was conducted to find out and evaluate the stages of PR that run by department of Corporate Communication as the Public Relations of XL on XL Future Leaders program from 2012 to 2016. This research uses qualitative descriptive method. The result of this research shows that XL's Corporate...
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Interpersonal Communication Pattern of Students and Teacher in Cicendo Disabled School, Bandung City

Nofha Rina, Reddy Anggara, Febri Herawati
The deaf children in communicating with normal people tend to use their oral skills by speech reading and spoken language of normal person. They should adjust their hearing impairment communication with normal people, while normal people who communicate with them should be slow and have clear pronunciation...
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Depiction of Women with Hairless Armpits in Deodorant Advertising in Indonesian Female Magazine

Ratih Hasanah, Abdul Wahid Nabsiah
Identifying women's drawings without underarm hair by looking at deodorant ads in women's magazines, the purpose of this paper is to describe what the visual power of advertising is based on the image and the armpit appearance without body hair. The armpits are the part of the female body that should...
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The Phenomenon of Hijab Syar’i Selebgram: Changing Your Appearance

Sririzki Ratu P Kusumaningru, Anathasia Citra
Nowadays, New Media affect people in certain effects both of negative or positive. This research was conducted to describe the way of Instagram as new media affects users to change their appearance into Hijab Syar’i through observing Hijab Syar’i Selebgram(Instagram Celebrity) on Instagram. Qualitative...
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Cyber CSR Communication Strategic of the Body Shop Indonesia (Literature Study Through Official Website Of The Body Shop Indonesia)

Niadi Rivaldy Putra, Martha Tri Lestari, Kharisma Nasionalita
The Body Shop has also done positive campaigns that are in accordance to their vision and mission as a cosmetic company that uses vegetarian based ingredients. The Body Shop Indonesia is rated as capable of focusing their attention regarding CSR information that is in line with the values of The Body...
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The Art if Governing : Joko Widodo's Dinning Table Diplomacy

Jaya Sandi Saputra, Vinianto Andika Adiputra
The current political strains are diverse, with strategies being undertaken to smooth political careers and self-image in front of the mass media. The goal is to attract the interest of the voters. These strategies are also applied by Joko Widodo, the seventh President of Indonesia, also known as Jokowi....
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CNN Indonesia News Discourse Analysis of Cigarette Price Increase Issue in August 2016

Windy Pratiwi, Ni Made Ras Amanda Gelgel
This research was conducted to find out the discourse presented by CNN Indonesia in announcing the issue of cigarette price increase in August 2016. This qualitative research use discourse analysis method of Teun A. Van Djik. The results of this research indicate that CNN Indonesia raised the discourse,...
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A Study of Strategic Communication in Supporting the Performance Management System: A Case at an Indonesian Private University

Yuliani Rachma Putri
The purpose of this paper is to describe about the role of strategic communication in implementing and institutionalising Balance Score Card (BSC) as a performance management system at an indonesian private university. The nature of faculty management’s role in communicating the key performance indicators...
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The Effect of Video Advertising Content Oreo Wonderfilled Tale Feat, Yuna, GAC, The Ransom Collective # Wonderfilled Version on Consumer Response (Descriptive Quantitative Study on Bandung City Community)

Putra Dwi Zakkie Syavitri, Rah Utami Nugrahani
YouTube is one of the media social of web video sharing often used as an advertising medium. Companies that use YouTube as an advertising medium is PT. Modelez Indonesia with product is Oreo using video ads, an ads that the same as in the television media. Video ads are used in this study are video ads...
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The Influence of Interpersonal Communication Customers Care of Patient Satisfaction at Orthopaedic Hospital Purwokerto

Juwita Ratna Deassy Sari, Roro Retno Wulan, Ruth Mei Ulina
This research discusses the influence of interpersonal communication customer care to patient satisfaction Orthopedic Hospital Purwokerto. The purpose of this study was to determine how much influence interpersonal communication customer care to patient satisfaction Orthopedic Hospital Purwokerto. The...
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Customer Attitudes Analysis to Purchase Replica of Casio's Watch (Study in Bandung City Citizen)

Candra Wijayangka, Kristina Sisilia, Ekaputra Mahendra Ruhendi
Counterfeiting now become a global issue that is not happen only in developing country, but also in developed country. Especially in Bandung city that’s on high counterfeiting activity city list. And Casio wrist watch also become the main target of counterfeiting. Because it can be used on both male...
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Relationship Analysis between EVA, EPS, ROA, ROE on MVA for Measuring Financial Performance Case Study on Telecommunication Operator Companies Listed In IDX Period 2011-2016

Kusnadi Kadar, Brady Rikumahu
The main objective of this study was to examine the relationship between EVA, EPS, ROA, ROE on shareholder value as represented by MVA on telecommunication operator companies which listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with the observation period 2011-2016. Results of analysis, independent variables...
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Reconstruction of Democracy Practice In Achieving Welfare Of West Java People

Fatma Diah Sjoraida, Dede Mariana
This study discusses the practice of democratization in West Java and its correlation with the improvement of people's welfare. This paper also discusses the performance of government in providing public information services and how the local House of Representatives channel the society aspirations....
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Barriers and Obstacles in Communication in the Nuances of Global Cultural Diversity

Rita Destiwati, Junardi Harahap
The diversity of cultures in the world is an absolute thing to exist with the various phenomena that exist that must be ready to be properly implemented and indispensable for understanding the culture of others properly. Culture is owned by almost every nation in the world, with diverse ethnic groups...
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High-Low Context Communication in Busisness Communication of Indonesian

Marheni Eka Saputri, Gilang Trisha Saraswati
Cross-cultural communication is an integral part of Indonesia. Using the characteristics of high context and low context from Edward T Hall, this study intends to describe the style of communication in Indonesia, whether included in the communication of high context or low context. This research uses...
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The Metafunction of Visual Texts of Indonesian Traditional Cosmetics Advertisements

Kurnia Iis Nurhayati, Gartika Rahmasari, Dadang Suganda, Atwar Bajari
This study aims to explain the importance of visual texts in conveying meaning in advertisements in addition to verbal texts. Just as verbal / linguistic expressions that can be adapted in terms of different word classes and sentence structures, visual structures can also be communicated through different...
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Community Branding Kopi Anjis #Anjisforgoo

Itca Istia Wahyuni, Martha Tri Lestari, Dini Salmiyah Fitrah Ali, Indra Adibayu Novianto Pamungkas
Brandtouchpoints is any points of contact that describe the positioning. Kopi Anjis is one of the coffee shops in Bandung that branding their brand using the community campaign. Community campaign is considered to be one brandtouchpoint that differentiate with other coffee shops. Coffee shops in Bandung...
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What are the Monitoring System Factors for the Halal food?

Ratih Hendayani, Surya Pangestika, Yvaraj Ganesan
The need for supervision of raw materials for Halal food with the basic ingredients of beef due to the number of meat fraud at both the distribution stage from upstream to downstream, forces the business that involve in Halal Food industry to have some system to support the supervision. The previous...
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Information and Communication-Based Governance : West Java's Anticipation in Facing ASEAN Economic Society

Fatma Diah Sjoraida
This study investigates the efforts of West Java Government in facing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by adopting the latest system of technology. This is based on the fact that the implementation of the AEC is both a challenge and an opportunity as well as a concern because many do not know the impact...
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Communication Pattern between Journalists and Public Relations in West Java Provincial Working Group

Rana Akbari Fitriawan, Reni Nuraeni
The role of Public Relations (PR) is considered very important as publicity and internal and external communicator in the achievement of purposes and targets of West Java Provinciail government or its institutions. One role of the public relations is to foster good relations with journalists. Through...
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The Role of Digital Applications as Supporting Tool in Teaching and Learning Activities in Senior High School in Bandung

Dini Salmiyah Fitrah Ali, Martha Tri Lestari
Nowadays, the technological progress is unbeatable with the increasing smartphone user and the level of use of internet access. This study describes the role of Digital Application as supporting tools in learning activities. The type of research was descriptive qualitative using in-depth interview and...
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Local Braodcasting Resistence against Ologopoly Media Broadcasting Television (A Critical Studies of the Media and Convergence Structuration Owners)

Aep Wahyudin
If we look at the broadcast television, then we will realize that there are several local televisions have begun on the acquisition by television based in Jakarta. And television turned out to be dominated by one group or the owner media. From the sentence above, we can conclude that the merger of several...
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The Construction of Buzzer Identity on Social media (A Descriptive Study of Buzzer Identity in Twitter)

Rismi Juliadi
The aim of this study is to describe the construction of buzzer identity on social media. Buzzer is one of the actor in social media who has the role as an influencer who persuades the followers on a particular topic in Twitter. Buzzer sometimes provides Twitter’s biography (bio) in order to describe...
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Strategic Communication and Performance Management For Research and Development: A Review of Literature Proposed Research Agenda

Yuliani Rachma Putri, A.K. Siti Nabiha, Zubir Azhar
The purpose of this paper is to conduct a review on the normative and empirical literature and on the role of strategic communication in conducting, implementing and institutionalising the performance management system for R&D activities. The nature of manager’s role in communicating the key performance...
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Using SMS Gateway’s Model to Strengthen Agriculture’s Stakeholders Relation with Farmers

Meldi Rendra, Sari Wulandari
Agricultures’ problems have not been elaborated in the ICT model. The problems need to be solved with an adoption of technology which is called as ICT that is consist of ICT Mediated Agriculture Extension in rural areas to disseminate the knowledge of information by Decision Support System (DSS), Management...
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Gay Community’s Role in Helping the Commission to Prevent The Spread of HIV AIDS in Sumedang

Evie Ariadne Shinta Dewi
One of the group of population which stated by the National AIDS Commission (KPA) Sumedang, were at a high risk of contracting HIV-AIDS is a gay men. Indeed KPA Sumedang declare a trend towards increased population in Sumedang Gay group characterized by the presence of the Gay communities, such as PERI...
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Smart City and Diffusion of Innovations Process: Communicating “Solo Destination” as IoT Implementation of Smart City in Surakarta

Monika Sri Yuliarti, Sri Hastjarjo, Likha Sari Anggreni
Nowadays, there is a rapid development in the trend of a smart city concept. Since the end of 1990’s, many cities have initiated smart city concept. In Indonesia, some cities have been declared as the smart cities. One of them is Surakarta, which also known as Solo, in Central Java province. Meanwhile,...
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Communication Competence for Tourism Industry: Phenomenology Study about Building Competences based on The Local Wisdom of West Java

Betty Tresnawaty, Dyah Rahmi Astuti
Competition between industries or companies engaged in the service sector has been increased, which is the front line of a company, it is needed to build the ability to communicate are qualified to improve the quality of service. West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has a wide range of...
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Investigating the Ethical and Logical Dimensions of Online News

Bambang Sukma Wijaya, Mirana Suharyanti, Dessy Kania
This paper examines the ethical and logical discourse of online news from the perspective of indonesian news consumer. Two steps of studies were conducted. the first was through in-depth interview and discussion with five active news consumers. there are three aspects that often raise concerns about...
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Self-Disclosure toward Understanding Youth with Disabilities (preparation for Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities 2016)

Diah Agung Esfandari, Syarif Maulana
This study examines the way in which a trainer without communication or psychological skills, trains 300 Indonesian disabled youth in Jogjakarta, Cirebon, and Bogor. The trainings are done to prepare the selected disabled youth for a global IT competition that will be held at the end of this year, in...
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E-Village and Communication Network in Rural Development

Susri Adeni
Rural development should be done in line with the Law Village Act No. 6 of 2014, followed by Government Regulation No. 43 of 2014. One of the mandates or regulations is a special allocation fund received by the village. It is estimated that the number could reach about Rp 103,6 trillion. Second mandate...
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Influence Contextual Factor on the Indonesian Journalist’s Job Competency: Proactive Behavior as Mediator

Reni Nuraeni, Cheng-Ling Tan, Azman Azwan Azmawati
This study focuses on examining the influence of contextual factor on the Indonesian Journalist’s Job Competency. The literature review indicated journalist practices of a contextual factor influence Journalist’s Job Competency. The synthesis of the literature reveals that the proactive behavior can...
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Women and Political Communications in North Sulawesi

Leviane Jackelin Hera Lotulung, Evie Ariadne Shinta Dewi
The existence of women in Indonesian politics has been controlled by election law. This concrete with the pattern of affirmative action and zipper system. Verdict, North Sulawesi Province placed itself at a percentage of 33.3 percent or 15 legislators out of 45 the total number of all women representation...
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Journalism, Women and Gender

Nurtyasih Wibawanti Ratna Amina
The presence of the "Women's Theme" is thought to bring the atmosphere (in whatever sense either positive or negative). Due to the presence of such women in the world of men the theme of women can still present as a conditioning and whip in all activities especially for business and politics. However,...
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Marketing Communication Strategy of Halal Tourism by Tourism of West Sumatra Province

Ira Hasianna Rambe, Martha Tri Lestari
Formerly, halal label we can find on food, beverages, cosmetics and drugs. However, as the development of the lifestyle of the developing community ranging from financial products such as insurance, Islamic banking, and non-alcoholic entertainment places and no sex, even today the tourism sector such...