Proceedings of the 2021 6th International Conference on Social Sciences and Economic Development (ICSSED 2021)

351 authors
Zeng, Zhiqian
Analysis on the Limiting Factors of Achieving the Mission of State-Owned Enterprises
Zhai, Naizhang
Research and Design of Screening Model of Target Customers for Internet Bank Financial Product
Zhang, Chenyi
Role of Education on Poverty Reduction: The Case Study of Pakistan
Zhang, Jiamin
Viewing Environmental Issues from Ecofeminism --- Ecofeminism Views in “The Story of One Hour”
Zhang, Jiankang
Strategic Focus and Sustainable Development of Intelligent Management of Large-Scale Events
Zhang, Jiankang
Construction of Smart Management System for Large-Scale Sports Event: A Case Study of Hangzhou Asian Games
Zhang, Jiankang
Anji Case, Zhejiang Experience, and China Approach of Rural Revitalization
Zhang, Ke
Study on the Pattern and Development Trend of River-Chief Mechanism in Cross-Boundary Governance from the Perspective of Holistic Governance
Zhang, Lei
The Confusion of Growth
Zhang, Li
On the Cultivation of Students’ Innovative Ability in Higher Vocational Computer Teaching
Zhang, Min
Reflections on the Promotion of Farmers’ Ecological Consciousness at This Stage
Zhang, Mingyu
The Problems of Developing School-Enterprise Cooperation in Vocational Education Under the Background of Deepening the Integration of Industry and Education
Zhang, Quanyu
Research on the Operating Efficiency of Listed Companies in the “National Quality Award” Based on the DEA-Tobit Model
Zhang, Shuyang
Research on the Causes and the Policies of Poverty in Rural China
Zhang, Ting
A Study on the Communist Party of China’s Expressions in Discourse on Women’s Liberation During the War of Resistance Against Japan: Taking the Xinhua Daily as an Example
Zhang, Weiling
Research on Intention of “Little Yellow Dog” Intelligent Garbage Recycling Machine
Zhang, Xiaoyan
Anji Case, Zhejiang Experience, and China Approach of Rural Revitalization
Zhang, Xidi
Application Classifications of Decentralized Finance and the Development Strategies
Zhang, Xuan
The Impact of Government and Major Customers on Firm’s Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Zhang, Xupei
The Effect of COVID-19 on High-Tech Industry of China
Zhang, Yiming
Analysis on the Difference and Development of Real Estate in China and the United States
Zhang, Yue
Discussion on Network Marketing of China Railway Express Return Capacity Based on Planned Transport
Zhang, Zhenfei
The Impact of Digital Technologies on Entrepreneurship Education
Zhang, Ziyan
Research on the Innovation and Development of Visual Communication Design in the New Media Era
Zhang, Ziyan
Research on Application-Oriented Talent Training Under Production-Learning-Research Teaching Mode
Zhao, Jian
Effective Incentive for Knowledge Workers in the Post-Epidemic Era
Zhao, Li
Discussion on Situational Teaching of Business Negotiation Course Based on Practical Mode
Zhao, Li
Discussion on the Teaching Model of Subject Participation Based on the Map Teaching Method Taking the Course Reform of Geography of International Trade
Zhao, Shiyong
Foreign Direct Investment and Business Creation in China
Zhao, Xin
Research on the Operating Efficiency of Listed Companies in the “National Quality Award” Based on the DEA-Tobit Model
Zhao, Yixing
Revisiting the “Gresham’s Law”: Examining the Mechanism of the Dual Identities of Social Enterprise on Social Governance
Zheng, Tian-Qi
Antecedents and Efficacy of Design-driven Innovation Based on the Perspective of Knowledge Flow
Zhengqiang, FENG
Research on Cross-Border M&A Performance of Chinese Metallurgical Enterprises from the Perspective of LBO Financing
Zhong, Sijia
Forecast of National Higher Education Scale Trend Based on GM (1,1) Model
Zhou, Ping
A Study of China’s Ancient Supervision System and Its Reference
Zhou, Qianlan
On the Reform and Innovation of Ideological and Political Courses in Higher Vocational Colleges
Zhou, Xiaobin
Research on Measurement and Use of Customer Value and Loyalty
Zhou, Yanjun
Design of Employee Performance System in State Owned Enterprises Based on TSH Framework
Zhou, Ziyu
An Analysis of China-CEE Cooperation from Geo-Economic Perspective: Aspects, Layers, and the System, 2012-2019
Zhu, Pengyu
Study on the Online Teaching Practices of Enterprise Resource Planning Course
Zhu, Xiaoning
Study on the Construction of Evaluation Dimensions of Accessibility of Basic Public Health Services in China
Zhu, Xiaoning
A Study on the Interest Factors of “Collaborative Inertia” of Intergovernmental Public Service Provision in China
Zihan, Wang
Analysis on the Marketing Strategy of Chanel
Ziyi, Liu
Research and Analysis on the Current Situation of Land Transfer
Zongguang, Wang
Research on the Industrial Competitiveness of Service Outsourcing Industry in Hangzhou
Zuoming, Liu
Research on the Impact of New Reform Indicators on Current Human Resources Work of Electric Power Enterprises
Zuoming, Liu
Research on the Situation of Mid- and Long-term Incentive Mechanism Construction in State-owned Power Enterprises
lulu, Yu
Discussion on Process-Oriented and Task-Driven Scenario Simulation Teaching Mode
qian, Gao xiao
Research on the Conjunction Point Between Government and Market in the Allocation of Resources in Market Economy
yao, Liu Yao
Identification and Analysis of Risks Faced by Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives
zhao, Li
Discussion on Process-Oriented and Task-Driven Scenario Simulation Teaching Mode