Proceedings of the 2021 6th International Conference on Social Sciences and Economic Development (ICSSED 2021)

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Research on the Innovation and Development of Visual Communication Design in the New Media Era

Ziyan Zhang, Wenbo Hu, Zhe Yang
With the continuous development of modern society and the emergence of various new technologies, people have gradually entered the new media era. In the era of new media, visual communication design has countless innovative ideas, but it also faces the test given by the development of the times. Visual...
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An Empirical Analysis of Regional Economic Development Level in Fujian Province Based on PCA

Wangzi Xu
Fujian, a coastal province which lies in southeast China, has already become the indispensable part of the economic boost of China due to its high-quality development of the market economy. However, differences still exist in the aspect of regional economic growth. According to this assumption, this...
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On the Difficulties of Diversified Cultural Education and Teaching

Guoxin Li, Dongxing Liu, Yuemin Gao
Diversified cultural education and teaching is an important content of China’s basic education reform and it is also an effective way of current quality education. This article mainly analyzes the connotation, characteristics and development status of multicultural education, it also puts forward some...
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Investigation on Schema Theory Through Examining Information Processing

Yuting Chen
This study is to investigate the relationship between relevant information and activation of schema. The participants in this study all come from the school of the author. In order to follow the ethical guideline of keeping the participants anonymous, the author did not mention the name of the school....
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Viewing Environmental Issues from Ecofeminism --- Ecofeminism Views in “The Story of One Hour”

Jiamin Zhang
Women and nature are same in various ways due to their biological status, reproductive role, and discrimination. Ecological feminism is an organic combination of feminist and ecological thoughts that has been present in various forms from the start of feminism in the nineteenth century, articulated through...
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Role of Education on Poverty Reduction: The Case Study of Pakistan

Chenyi Zhang
Pakistan has the sixth-largest population in the world; its poverty issue attracts more attention. Education is indispensable to economic development and poverty eradication. No economic growth and poverty alleviation are possible without education. Hence it is crucial to seek the effect of education...
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A Comparative Study of Chinese and American Family Education from the Perspective of Gua Sha

Jia Fengyuan
Education is the foundation of the country’s development. It is precisely because of the power of education that it can continuously send talents to the country’s growth, thereby promoting the improvement of the country’s technical, economic, and moral standards. As an important part of education, family...
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The Application of Input and Output Theory to Primary English Teaching

Li Wanlu
Primary school is a critical period for children’s language learning, so foreign language teaching in this period is particularly important. Primary school English education is an important part of the nine-year compulsory education in China. It is also very important for junior high school and high...
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Research and Design of Screening Model of Target Customers for Internet Bank Financial Product

Naizhang Zhai, Eric McDermott
With the development of Internet finance, rapid and profound changes are taking place in the global technology and financial fields. The development of an innovative business model that combines technology and finance is booming in the field of Internet banking. In 1995, Security First Network, the first...
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The Influence and Enlightenment of Overseas Market on the Internationalization of Chinese Securities Market

Kai Yu
Since the 1980s, economic globalization has been evolving into an irreversible worldwide trend. With the acceleration of this trend, many new changes have taken place in international capital flow. These new changes have brought great influence on the pattern of international securities market, which...
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Analysis on the Irrationality and Abnormality in Life

Mofei Chen
This passage mainly focuses on two aspects. One is the irrational behavior people make while dealing with issues that involve gain and loss. The other is the analysis of one major economic incentive for people to cheat, experiments for testing the theory that money can be a strong incentive for cheating,...
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Analysis on the Difference and Development of Real Estate in China and the United States

Yiming Zhang
Differences in the development of the real estate market can reflect differences in national policies. Therefore, it is very important to understand the real estate industry in different countries. Some people buy houses in other countries as investment or face a serious housing price problem in China....
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A Study on the Correlation Between the Feasibility Assessment of Idle Public Facilities and the Project Finance

Jyh-hang Shyng, Chih-Ta Shen
The idle phenomenon of public facilities (called “Mosquito Pavilions”), which represents the waste of national resources and people’s taxes, has been increasingly serious in Taiwan in recent years, and public sectors expect to list idle public facilities into the scope of management and activate them....
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The Changes and System Construction of Spatial Planning from the Perspective of Policy Diffusion

Yuyao Wang, Xin Wang
Although China’s various plans have played an active role in promoting the process of urbanization, the parallel, self-contained, and content overlapping and conflicting issues of multi-sectoral planning hinder the effective use of spatial resources, and spatial planning system with “Multiple Planning...
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Transformation and Strategic Development of Human Resource Management in Public Sector Under Digital Economy

Wang Shuguang, Zhao Shuyang
Digital economy is a new economic form after the traditional economy such as agriculture and industrial economy. It takes modern information network as an important carrier, the key production factor is digital knowledge and information, and the effective use of communication technology as an important...
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Application Classifications of Decentralized Finance and the Development Strategies

Xidi Zhang
Decentralized finance is a decentralized network based on smart contracts of blockchain technology and specific decentralized applications (DAPPS). It not only can enhance users’ information privacy and transaction equity, but also has incomparable advantages in protecting asset security, reducing financial...
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Empirical Research on the Impact of Child Gender on Household Happiness

Niu Yuxin
The gender of children affects household happiness, labor supply of parents, economic expenditure and consumption capacity. Exploring the influence of children’s gender on family happiness can help us to understand the micro family decision-making mode and family consumption structure, which is of importantly...
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A Study on the Communist Party of China’s Expressions in Discourse on Women’s Liberation During the War of Resistance Against Japan: Taking the Xinhua Daily as an Example

Ting Zhang
Since its foundation in the 1920s, the Communist Party of China (CPC) had paid substantial attention to women’s liberation problems in China under the guidance of Marxist theory on women’s liberation. During the War of Resistance against Japan, Xinhua Daily, as the only publicly-issued CPC party newspaper...
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Discussion on Situational Teaching of Business Negotiation Course Based on Practical Mode

Taking the Course Reform of International Trade Business Negotiations as an Example

Yu Lulu, Li Zhao
the research results in the field of business negotiation will play a very important guiding role in evaluating and improving the competitiveness of enterprises, especially foreign trade enterprises. By examining the endogenous relationship between the comprehensive competitiveness of international business...
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Research on the Causes and the Policies of Poverty in Rural China

Shuyang Zhang
This article analyzes the factors that lead to population poverty in rural China areas from the perspectives of natural conditions, ideological awareness and educational resources: the relatively closed natural conditions lead to the imperfect infrastructure; the outdated smallholder economic consciousness...
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Teaching Design of Flipped Classroom Based on Problem Leading-in

Xin Gao
As one of the important specialized courses of electrical engineering and its automation, the traditional “one-word-hall” teaching mode has been unable to meet the demand of this course, it is disadvantageous to the improvement of students’ independent study and innovative practice ability. In view of...
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Research on the Investment Value of Sainsbury’s

Bowen Xiao, Qian Chen, Ziyang Yu
This paper provides an analysis and evaluation of the market position and approximate future development of Sainsbury’s. Value investing strategy is used to examine if it is a good decision to invest in Sainsbury’s. The news about the firm’s failed merging with Asda and the effect of Coronavirus and...
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Research on the Nonlinear Effect of Investment on Regional Economic Growth Based on Semi-Parametric Model

Xue Yong-gang
Based on the data of regional economic growth in Guangdong Province from 2000 to 2019, this paper analyzes the impact of investment, consumption, human resources and export on regional economic growth based on semi-parametric model. The conclusions can be gain as following: (1) Consumption and human...
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How Does User Experience Affect Network Effects of Social Media Platforms?

Guanbiao Li
The success of social media platforms depends significantly on whether it is able to create large network effects such that advertisers and businesses are attracted to their platforms. The sole purpose of social media platforms is to get people to interact through different types of communication, including...
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Discussion on the Methods of Improving Computer Teaching

Qinghua Xu
Want to improve the students’ computer learning efficiency, first of all is the key to stimulate students interest in computer learning, let the students enthusiasm for learning computer, so that they can give full play to the ability of autonomic learning to active learning, if teachers computer classroom...
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Analysis of Apple’s Marketing Strategy

Binghui Lan
Marketing has several meanings, one of which is defined as a kind of business activity to realize the consumption needs and satisfy the enterprise’s purpose. This paper mainly analyzes the current corporate marketing situation of Apple Inc. by combining the market field of Apple and studying the marketing...
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Analysis on the Chinese Stock Market

Haotian Tan
The Chinese stock market has experienced a lot of turmoil ever since its establishment. Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong markets have undergone different changes. It will be important in understanding the current situation of these markets to start by analyzing the history of these Chinese markets....
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Reflections on the Promotion of Farmers’ Ecological Consciousness at This Stage

Xiao Ning Yang, Min Zhang
General Secretary Xi Jinping stresses the importance of unswervingly promoting the harmonious co-existence of man and nature to ensure the sustainable development of the Chinese nation for generations to come. Farmers account for the majority of the population in China. They are not only the main body...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of the State-Owned Enterprise’s Implementation of Stock Incentive

Sun Lichun, Wang Dan, Guo Kuifeng
With the introduction of a series of policy documents on mixed ownership reform, employee stock ownership, and equity incentives, many types of state-owned enterprises have initially met the policy conditions for exploring and implementing equity incentives. State-owned enterprises need to carefully...
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Analysis on the Cross-Border E-Commerce Under COVID-19

Yichen Li
Based on the characteristics of China’s cross-border e-commerce, This article analyzes the impact of COVID-19 on cross-border e-commerce of China from three dimensions: foreign trade situation, international logistics and global supply chain. Taking TMALL GLOBAL as a case to analyze. This article outlines...
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Research on Comprehensive Budget Management of Logistics Enterprises

Dandan Guo, Baojiang Geng, Yuyang Wen
The comprehensive budget management as a management mechanism, existed synthetically in the strategy of the enterprise, in an important position. However, many logistics enterprises in China have encountered many similar problems in implementation of comprehensive budget management, and the results obtained...
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Research and Analysis on the Current Situation of Land Transfer

Liu Ziyi
Since the founding of The People’s Republic of China, land transfer has been an important part of China’s economic development, land reform, farmers’ rights and interests, the construction of a well-off society throughout the year, and poverty alleviation. Since the 19th National Congress of the COMMUNIST...
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Limited Attention, Competitive Information and Earnings Announcement Effect

Tian Xu
This paper takes the 2007-2019 semi-annual and annual report of Chinese A-share listed companies as the research object, using multiple regression to examine the existence of earnings announcement effect and the relationship between investors’ attention, competitive information and earnings announcement...
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Effective Incentive for Knowledge Workers in the Post-Epidemic Era

Yunfei Xu, Han Wang, Jian Zhao, Dan Wang
With the vigorous development of knowledge economy, talents, especially high-quality talents represented by knowledge workers, have become the key to the survival and development of enterprises. In essence, the competition between enterprises is the competition between talents, especially knowledge workers....
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Mobile Mediated Communication: Emoji Usage and Play Frame

Qi Su, Xiaoxiao Chen
Emoji has already become a ubiquitous language for Mobile Mediated Communication (MMC) worldwide. And emoji usage has many implications from text messaging to social interaction. It helps users convey emotional information via nonverbal cues. Although prior sentiment analyses provide clear pictures of...
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Strategic Focus and Sustainable Development of Intelligent Management of Large-Scale Events

Yicheng Luo, Jiankang Zhang
Large-scale event management is the process of integrating and coordinating the people, things, information, funds and other resources invested in large-scale event and transforming them into event products and services. This study combed the large domestic competition intelligence management experience...
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Influencing Factors Research on Regional Greenway Route Selection in Changchun

Han Yaohui, Lin Huiying
Greenway is the key to the current and future urban ecological construction and sustainable development. Based on the results of excellent greenway practice cases at home and abroad, this article summarizes the main influencing factors of Greenway route selection in Changchun City, including 4 categories...
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Discussion of Online Teaching of Information Retrieval Course for International Economics and Trade Major

Hong-lei YIN, Shu-zhu JIANG
Affected by COVID-19, universities can only teach online. In the online teaching process of information retrieval courses for international economics and trade majors, rationally plan the teaching content, select group training and micro-learning on teaching methods, and select cloud classes and Dingding...
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On Reform and Innovation of Ideological and Political Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Fengzhi Huang
Under the background of the new education and teaching, the reform and innovation is very necessary in the teaching of ideological and political courses. On the one hand, the current situation of ideological and political education and teaching is no longer in line with the expected situation of education...
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Research on the Operating Efficiency of Listed Companies in the “National Quality Award” Based on the DEA-Tobit Model

Quanyu Zhang, Xin Zhao
The “National Quality Award” is an award won by domestic companies with excellent quality management. It is awarded to companies with excellent overall quality management models. Studying the management experience of these companies will help guide various companies to enhance their competitive advantages...
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Research on ZARA Strategy from the Perspective of SWOT Analysis Method

Hu Duoyan
Though a leader in the fast fashion industry, ZARA encounters, in its development process, a multitude of problems and bottlenecks. In this paper, SWOT analysis is applied to analyze this brand. The results show that: ZARA has lower product prices, unique and numerous designs, high production efficiency,...
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The Impact of Education Costs on Family Fertility Rate in China

Jiangnan Wang
According to the social report, the rate of fertility in China is around 1.65 continuously at a relative low level since 2000 [4]. Therefore, to find out the reasons behind the low fertility and encourage the childbearing couple to have children is of importance. To explore the reasons of low fertility,...
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Research on Application-Oriented Talent Training Under Production-Learning-Research Teaching Mode

Ziyan Zhang, Zhe Yang
Production-Learning-Research cooperation is a new form of education in today’s society. It combines universities, enterprises and some scientific research institutions, using different educational resources to cultivate professional and practical talents needed by society, and helping college students...
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Analysis on Psychological Factors Impacting Insider Trading

Zijing Yao
Insider trading is one of the most representative commercial deception. Although insider trading is unethical and illegal, it still happens frequently in the U.S., even around the world. There are many studies focusing on the relationship between insider trading and moral problems, but there is lack...
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Sustainability Investment of a Two-Echelon Supply Chain under Cap-and-Trade Regulation

Yuyu Chen, Jianfei Gu
Taking into account the consumer has a low carbon preference, under the dual driving force of environment production and economic benefit, the manufacturer will invest in emission reduction technology in the upstream and downstream, such as introduce emission reduction equipment or cleaner production...
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Research for Maintaining Cross-Strait Peace and Economic Development in the Post-Epidemic Era

Hung-Chi Hsu, Hui-Lin Hsu, Mei-Zhen He
The study based on the post-COVID-19 epidemic era to analyses the confusing international economic situation. The article studies the contradictions and antagonisms of the United States, China and Taiwan, and explores the best interests of cross-strait relations through a model of competition and cooperation....
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Forecast of National Higher Education Scale Trend Based on GM (1,1) Model

Feiyan Shen, Mengxia Yang, Wei Deng, Sijia Zhong
The three indicators of the number of schools, educational personnel and full-time teachers have a correlation with college size, which can be quantified. Therefore, by collecting data from the last five years in China, a grey forecasting model (GM) was used to predict the quantitative changes of these...
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Research on the Key Issues in the Implementation and the Key Elements of Scheme Design of State-Owned Enterprises’ Stock Incentive

Sun Lichun, Lan Guoqing, Ren Yuan
State-owned enterprises should explore the implementation of equity incentives based on the basic laws of modern enterprise management, comply with reform policies, and make scientific decisions on the selection of equity incentive objects, reform risk prevention and control, reform cost management and...
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On the Prevention of Financial Risks in Engineering Projects

Liang Liang
To do a good job in financial risk analysis of engineering projects, we should combine the development background of investment projects and the actual development of investment project companies to determine the strategic implementation plan of the company and establish a systematic project operation...
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The Characteristics and Dissemination Methods Innovation of Internet Celebrity with Online Video Live Broadcast

Based on the Perspective of Opinion Leaders

Chen Wenjun, Wang Lu
By analyzing the relevant literature of opinion leaders and online opinion leaders, combined with media analysis reports, we defined the identity of the opinion leaders of Internet celebrities with online video live broadcast. We believe that the Internet celebrities with online video live broadcast...
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Analysis on the Student Learning Center of UC Berkeley and Implications for Chinese Universities

Tang Li, Xia Liping
Undergraduate education is the top priority of the strategic plans of a university. Providing efficient and well-placed learning support services for undergraduate students can instrumentally improve the quality of undergraduate education. This paper analyzes the service contents, service forms and service...
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Analysis of the Impact of 5G Development on the Macroeconomy

Michael Fahn, Shiming Yan
Modern mobile communication is remarkable journey for human to conquer. From 1G to 5G, humans always attempt to break the limit and to discover the future of technology. The fifth generation promotes the living standard and alleviates poverty in the rural areas, which brings convenience and wealth to...
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Population Urbanization, Industrial Structure Change and Regional Economic Growth

Based on Yangtze River Economic Zone

Yang Lu, Lilan Ye
Based on the panel data of 41 major cities along the Yangtze River Economic Belt in China from 2004 to 2018, this paper uses the GMM estimation method to empirically analyze the impact of population urbanization and industrial structure changes in the Yangtze River Economic Belt on regional economic...
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Is Executive Risk-Taking a Bridge Between Compensation Incentive and Innovation Intensity?

Sun Xiaolin, Wang Sixue
Scholars at home and abroad pay attention to the influence of executive incentive on Enterprise R & D innovation, most of them discuss the relationship between the two, ignoring the path of action. This paper studies the relationship between executive compensation incentive and enterprise innovation...
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Discussion on the Teaching Model of Subject Participation Based on the Map Teaching Method Taking the Course Reform of Geography of International Trade

Wang Ning, Li Zhao, Zhang Bei
With the acceleration of globalization and the implementation of the “One Belt One Road” strategy, our country’s economic and trade scale with other countries in the world has further expanded, The deepening reform of economic and trade cooperation puts higher demands on my country’s foreign trade talents....
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Transaction Costs in Option Pricing: An Extension Model

Yunze Dong
This paper is divided into two parts. First, we consider a modified version of the Black-Scholes option pricing model which takes transaction costs into consideration by combining knowledge of Brownian Motion and Ito Process with mathematical tools of calculus, probability theory and mathematical statistics....
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Serial Crowdfunding Financing Performance Based on ELM Theory

Zhong Yumei, Li Jingdong
Serial crowdfunding has increasingly become a financing channel for small and micro enterprises, and plays an important role in promoting the development of enterprises. Based on the ELM model, from the perspective of investors, we constructed a serial crowdfunding financing performance model to explore...
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How Ethnic Diversity Affects Tax Capacity: Evidence from Finland and Sweden

Xinyi LI
Compared to sheer economic scale, the answer to which country contains higher tax capacity may not be so apparent since tax capacity is a relatively complicated problem to measure. As a robust empirical regularity, tax capacity is proved to share a positive relationship with state capacity. To the extent...
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Construction of Smart Management System for Large-Scale Sports Event: A Case Study of Hangzhou Asian Games

Jingna Du, Jiankang Zhang
The purpose of this study is to establish an Smart management system for large-scale sports events. Through the summary of the relevant literature, this paper finds out the problems existing in the sports event management system and the factors affecting the efficiency of the event management. According...
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Research on the Impact of COVID-19 Epidemic on China’s Retail E-Commerce Industry

Chengcheng Lv
While the COVID-19 epidemic has had an unprecedented impact and impact on the traditional economic model, it has played a huge role in promoting the new retail industry. Under the COVID-19 epidemic, on the one hand, the new retail industry chain successfully penetrated into the fresh food field, which...
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An Analysis of China-CEE Cooperation from Geo-Economic Perspective: Aspects, Layers, and the System, 2012-2019

Ziyu Zhou
The research purpose of this paper is to discuss whether the cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries can be evaluated in an approach of geo-economic perspective. In order to measure the turnout, the paper quantifies the cooperation degree into the actual numbers of consensuses...
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The Historical Origin of Changchun Green Space System Planning Molds City Characteristics

Liu Baochang, Sha Xiangxiang, Shi Yucheng
City characteristics is an important carrier to improve urban quality and inherit urban culture, and green space system planning can play an important role in shaping urban physical and geographical characteristics, urban cultural characteristics, urban artificial environment characteristics. Changchun...
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Analysis on the Impact of Value and Risk Perception on Investment Behavior of Agriculture Product Quality and Safety

Qi Chen, Huili Yao
The prospect theory is introduced into the evolutionary game to construct the profit perception matrix of the decision-maker of quality and safety investment which is more in line with the actual situation, and deduces the sufficient conditions and influencing factors for the production enterprises not...
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Study on Watershed Ecological Compensation Mechanism Based on Evolutionary Game Theory

Yunpeng Hu, Shubo Jiang
Watershed ecological compensation is an effective way to protect the ecological environment. By balancing the interests, the cost and benefit of the protector and the destroier of the ecological environment can be reasonably matched, so as to realize the sustainable development of the economy and society...
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Research on Company Financial Performance After Asset Reorganization: Take Midea as an Example

Mengzhen Shi
This article aims to analyze the company’s financial performance after major asset reorganization based on the case of Midea Group. This article has conducted a detailed literature review. Besides, it actively explores related theoretical results and real cases and analyzes the financial performance...
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Analysis on the Status Quo of Sexual Violence in China

Yan Yun
Sexual violence is a serious exploitation of civil rights and has caused serious and long-term harm to the victim’s psychology. This article will focus on the current status of sexual violence in China. This article will classify the place where sexual violence occurs, and analyze the status quo and...
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The Effect of COVID-19 on High-Tech Industry of China

Xupei Zhang
COVID-19 causes damage to the world in various aspects especially in the market of high-tech, an industry that is supposed to have a bright future. In order to indicate a real situation China faced during the pandemic, this paper uses two examples and their financial performance to point out the recession...
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Knowledge, Demand and Habits Towards Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) of College Students: Cross-Sectional Survey Study of Southwest China

Luo Lin, Song Naiqing
Purpose: To determine the knowledge, information acquisition channels, and information topics of college students during the COVID-19 epidemic, and to provide decision makers with empirical data to help formulate future health strategies and health education strategies. Methods: Using online surveys,...
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Research on the Role and Countermeasures of Community Home-Based Care Model in Shaping and Improving the Image of Grass-roots Government

Gao Ying
At present, the aging of population is serious in China, so the problem of providing for the aged is a key problem of the society. Community home-based care service model has gradually become one of the main pension models under the study background. The main implementation and management of community...
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Creativity, Symbiosis and Intelligence: The Practice and Optimization Strategy of Urban Community Art in Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Che Xuesen
Urban community art is a new form of public art, which is a public space that combines the real life conditions of urban community residents and the actual participation of residents. The development and practice of urban community art not only promotes the times and history, but also includes the spontaneous...
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Crisis Communication Tactics of Chinese Internet Influencers

Shang Junyi
This essay aims to find out what crisis that internet influencers may possibly meet based on current examples and how they can act for effective crisis communications, some may be particular to Chinese internet influencers. By collecting and analyzing the current examples of the crisis of Chinese internet...
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Research on My Country’s Private Investment Scale Efficiency Based on Solow Model

Sun Min
In my country’s economic development, government investment has always been an important political and economic means of stimulating economic growth. Government investment is also the fastest and most effective way to promote economic development. For example, after the subprime mortgage crisis in the...
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Research on Relationship Between Local Government Expenditure and Total Output in China

Jiaqi Qin, Zheng Tao, Shansong Huang, Nancy Ye, Gaurav Gupta
Since the impact of the international financial crisis in 2008, countries have expanded their expenditure levels to varying degrees in order to promote economic development and recovery. The paper first establishes a theoretical model of the relationship between government expenditure and the contribution...
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Research on the Relationship Between Online Learning Behavior and Learning Effect of College Students in the Digital Learning Environment

Xiaolei Lu, Jing Qiu, Ruiwu Wu
This study determined 7 indicators that affect the learning effect of online learning behaviors by consulting relevant literature materials, and used SPSS21.0 to analyse and research the learning behavior data of college students. The study found that the length of the online learning time interval has...
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Application and Development of Big Data in Legal Case Investigation

Bo Ye, Xinyue Liu
With the rapid development of information technology in recent years, many criminal cases tend to be intelligent and covert, and the traditional investigation mode has been difficult to meet the social management needs of the development of the times [1]. With the continuous development of big data technology,...
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Analysis on the Influence of Fiscal and Taxation Policies on New Urbanization

Yanjun Yang
With the upgrading and improvement of industrial structure, the construction of new urbanization will eventually promote the overall economic development of the society and increase the national tax revenue. Based on the analysis of the impact of fiscal and tax policies on new urbanization, this paper...
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Can Ethical Leadership Reduce Workplace Deviant Behavior?

An Analysis Based on Localization Scale

Yabin Bian
Workplace Deviant Behavior of employees is harmful to the interests of other members and the organization. In order to reduce such behavior, the study aims to explore the influence mechanism of ethical leadership on Workplace Deviant Behavior by introducing the organizational ethical climate as a mediator...
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Research on the Impact of COVID-19 on China’s Real Estate Industry

Huatai SONG
China’s macro economy is greatly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic (hereinafter referred to as “C19E”), and due to the spread of the epidemic abroad, the Chinese economy will still be affected by the global epidemic after the domestic epidemic is controlled. In the short term, the outbreak of the C19E...
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The Problems and Countermeasures of Computer Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Juchun Fu
Society to the requirement of computer teaching, with the development of times and the progress of information technology, a new promotion, therefore, reform of computer teaching in higher vocational colleges must be properly, but also because there are many problems in current computer teaching in colleges...
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Research on Measurement and Use of Customer Value and Loyalty

Xiaobin Zhou
This paper aims at determining how customer value and loyalty are measured. The paper relied on previous literature to attain the perceived results. From past literature, the measurement of customer loyalty and value is subjective because of human attributes such as attitude and behavior. It is therefore...
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Research on Tourism Consumption and Economic Growth Under Conditions of Public Health Incident

Consider Macau as an Example

Zhixuan Li, Ruixue Gao
Tourism, a very important industry for the improvement of economic and people’s living standards of countries and regions, is extremely impressionable by external factors, from economic crises to public health incidents. Therefore, it is overly important to study the changing trend of tourism and economy...
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Research on Marketing Strategy of Chinese Domestic Cosmetics Based on Female College Students’ Consumption Characteristics

Binyan Li
With the development of China’s economy and the improvement of individual’s living standards, female college students are playing an increasingly important role in the cosmetics consumption market. They are the main purchasers of domestic cosmetics in China. By using literature research method and case...
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Cooperation and Competition Among Enterprises and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Lin Jun
My thesis is talking about economy, and it discusses the relationship between cooperation and competition between enterprises and their respective advantages and disadvantages. The survey methods used are descriptive literature and research method. It also involves the concepts of competition and cooperation....
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IT Industry Recruiting Knowledge System

Tien Yu Huang
Professional workers are essential assets for enterprises. With the development of big data applications, mobile computing and electronic commerce, the needs of IT industry professionals are increasing. Enterprises cannot be competitive with others without recruiting, training and keeping them. Because...
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Analysis on the Development History and Trend of “Three System Reforms” of State-Owned Enterprises

Sun Lichun, Qi Jinchang, Zhang Hualei
The “three system reforms” of state-owned enterprises are aimed at the reform of state-owned enterprises’ labor, personnel, and distribution systems. The labor system is mainly reflected in the employment methods and labor relations. The personnel system mainly refers to the management of leading cadres,...
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Construction of a Micro Teaching Ecosystem Based on Cloud Class

Shu-zhu JIANG
The development of mobile Internet and online teaching platform provides the possibility to construct a micro-teaching ecosystem. The micro-teaching ecosystem should include curriculum platform construction, teaching method reform and teaching evaluation feedback. During the epidemic, relying on the...
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Discussion on Network Marketing of China Railway Express Return Capacity Based on Planned Transport

Yue Zhang, Xi’an Sun
As the Belt and Road Initiative continues to develop, China Railway Express becomes the important way for import and export merchant to carry out trade transportation between Chinese and countries along the “One Belt and One Road”. Based on the analysis of the actual operation situation of China Railway...
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The Impact of Digital Technologies on Entrepreneurship Education

A Literature Review for Progress and Prospects

Zhenfei Zhang
After the outbreak of COVID-19, the digital transformation of entrepreneurship education has received considerable critical attention. In this context, this paper aims to stand in the intersection of technology and education, and conduct a systematic analysis regarding the impact of digital technologies...
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Research on the Brand Strategy of SexyTea

Yifan Hao
Because of the low barriers for entering the tea drink, competition is fierce, thousands of regional tea brands flourish and then fall before they accomplished the expansion in a short period. The giants in the tea drink industry always keep a steady increase. It seems that the market of tea drink is...
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Research on Foreign Travelers Credit Management Model on the Basis of China’s Transit Visa-Free Policy

Qi Kai
China’s transit visa exemption policy has established an open and inclusive image of great power, which has played a function to promote both international exchanges and personnel exchanges and to enhance the status of relevant port cities as an international transportation hub. On the basis of exploring...
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Research on Immersive Teaching Innovation of Real Estate Development Based on BIM Simulation

Jian-Xun DENG
In order to strengthen the teaching innovation and reform of real estate development course, aiming at the weak situation of practice teaching of real estate development course for graduate students, this paper proposes to introduce the new BIM modeling technology and adopt the teaching method of “immersive...
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Study on the Construction of Evaluation Dimensions of Accessibility of Basic Public Health Services in China

Xiaoning Zhu, Siqi Chen
Constructing professional and comprehensive evaluation dimensions of basic public health service accessibility is the key to promoting equalization and accessibility of basic public health services. This study constructs specific evaluation dimensions for the accessibility of basic public health services...
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Optimized Design of Dynamic and Real-Time Cash Flow Statement Interface on Mobile Terminal

Li Hongxia, Liu Chang
With the rapid development of the information technology era, mobile apps with different functions continue to emerge. In early 2020, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the number of users who use mobile apps to work online has also increased significantly. This requires that the interface...
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A Study on Coordinating the Relationship Between Human Development and Social Development from the Perspective of “Real man”

Yuanyuan Kong
“Real man” and related theories are Marx’s important thesis on human and social development. It closely links human development and social development through historical practices. At the same time, “real man” have its inherent stipulations: practice, history, and openness, which makes certain requirements...
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The Inscription of Chinese Women in Citizen Textbooks of the 20th century

Ziyan Xin
This paper examines from textbooks whether the status of women has changed from the early to the end of the 20th century, and explores the possible underlying reasons for the changes in the status of women. It shows that the status of women has not been greatly changed during this period, and women are...
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Identification and Analysis of Risks Faced by Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives

Zhou Teng, Liu Yao yao
In the context of rural revitalization, as the basic micro-main body of modern agricultural economic development, farmers’ professional cooperatives, on the one hand, undertake the historical mission of building a new agricultural management system, and on the other hand, they are committed to solving...
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Research on Student Management of Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Mobile WeChat Mini Program

Li Junfei, Zhao Longhai
With the changes of teachers and students, the student management of higher vocational colleges in China is facing some new problems. This article analyzes the problems faced by the managers today, introduces the characteristics of WeChat Mini Program, and explores and practices the application of WeChat...
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A Study on the Interest Factors of “Collaborative Inertia” of Intergovernmental Public Service Provision in China

Xiaoning Zhu, Yanyu Chen
In China, the supply of public services, once limited to administrative districts, has gradually broken through the rigid constraints and become a complex regional public service supply problem. Local governments have begun to change their traditional closed management style and strengthen horizontal...
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Research on the Precise Support Mechanism for Graduates with Employment Difficulties in the Post-epidemic Era

Huang Yongyin, Li Huiliang
At the beginning of 2020, a sudden will coronavirus worldwide, triggered a series of economic and social crisis, many enterprises in the outbreak of the storm declared bankruptcy, and part of the enterprise have to compress the human resources spending, reduce the recruitment, employment market supply...
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Research on the Financialization of Media Industry

Huang Yi
If information technology is the engine of the development of the media industry, then capital can be said to be the fuel that pulls the engine.In the process of China’s deepening reform and opening up, the traditional media industry has gradually realized industrialization and enterprise transformation....