Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Sports Sciences and Health 2018 (2nd ICSSH 2018)

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Computer Based Exercise Program Design

Mrs. Sulistyorini, Roesdiyanto Sulistyorini
The complete figure of sports coach’ competene consists of academic and professional ability as a whole. The academic competence is defined as the scientific basis of the training implementation tips which is the foundation for the development of professional competence. The outcome of this study is...
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Conventional and Modern Learning with Different Motor Abilities Towards Increasing Consistency of Groundstroke Forehand Drive in Tennis

Lokananta Teguh Hari W, Nining Widyah Kusnanik, Hari Setijono
This research was aimed to determine the different effects of learning approach using conventional and modern way with low and high motor ability towards the increasing consistency of groundstroke drive forehand in tennis. Research population are freshman in the Department of Sport Coaching Education,...
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Video Based Learning for Basketball Referee

Raditya Pratama, Oni Bagus Januarto
The material of mechanic court is a material that must be mastered by a basketball umpire. The research and development of this Basketball scoresheet refers to the Research & Development (R & D) development model of Borg & Gall Outcomes but uses only seven steps. The result of this research and development...
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Analysis of Biomechanics Slap Hit and Push in The Field Hockey

Erwan Prasetyo Utomo, Nining Widyah Kusnanik, Fuad Y
In the study will describe about the variables that provide support in the implementation of the slap hit and push to be used as a curriculum in the basic techniques of coaching at an early age in schools and clubs. Data retrieval is done by using two Sony Handycam HDX 450 on six athletes PELATNAS as...
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A Study of the Needs of Brain-Based Learning in Physical Education in the Senior High School

Aang Ghunaifi Dardiri, Eko Hariyanto
This study aimed to obtain data and informasi on the needs of brain-based learning in physical education in senior high school. Research method used was a questionnaire filled by class XI high school students. Data analysis was a quantitative descriptive in the form of percentages. The results of the...
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The Estimation of Male Contraceptive Methods’ Development Considering Legal, Ethical, and Religious Aspects

Anindya Hapsari, Sepfrita Katerine Aftabuddin
Contraceptives are tools that are used to prevent conception. The aim of these tools is to control population growth by controlling the rate of birth. There are many contraceptive methods, but male participation rate are still low. Untill today, male contraceptive methods are still limited. And these...
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The Influence of Cardio Workout to Aerobic Endurance

Apta Mylsidayu
This study aims to explore how changes cardio workout to aerobic endurance. The research method used is experimental method. Participants were 6 undergraduate students who have time to training and are able to follow the training from beginning to end. The aerobic endurance test instrument were the harvard...
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Multimedia-Based Learning Model for Gymnastics Skills

Ari Wibowo Kurniawan
This study aims to develop a multimedia-based learning model of basic skill of gymnastic exercise to students majoring Physical and Health Education in State University of Malang. The products of this research and development are multimedia-based learning model of basic skill of gymnastic exercise. This...
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Motion Activity through Games toward Students’ Creative Thinking Skill

Mr. Basuki, Mr. Nurhasan, Mr. Suroto
This study aims to determine the effect of motion activity through games on students' creative thinking skills. Conceptually, the goals of the Sports and Health Physical Education subjects (PJOK) is not only to develop physical abilities, but also to develop intellectual, mental, social and emotional...
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Effect of Leg Power, Arm Power, Eyes and Foot Coordination and Self Confidence on Back Attack Smash in Volleyball

Mr. Bujang, Ningrum Desy Tya Maya, Mahyudi Yafi Velyan
This study aims to determine the effect of limb power, arm power, eye-hand-foot coordination and self-confidence against smash back attack in volleyball. The research using path analysis. Population and sample of this research is athletes PELATCAB PORDA Bekasi. The results of this study explain that...
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The Knowledge of HIV Prevention and Sexual Reproductive Health among Papua Adolescent in a Health Promotion Counselling Using Friendly Module and Games

Desi Ariwinanti, Nurnaningsih Herya Ulfah, Febrita Paulina Heynoek, Radita Alma Lucky
To engage the adolescents in Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) promotion counselling there is the need to innovate using new media that is more appropriate to their needs and acceptable to their daily life. A crossed-sectional questionnaire survey was conducted among 66 randomly selected high school...
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The Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Increasing Physical Fitness of Baitul Jannah Islamic Boarding School Male Malang Students

Rendi M H, Desiana Merawati, Rias Gesang Kinanthi
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of exercising up and down stairs on physical fitness of Baitul Jannah Islamic Boarding School students by measuring cardiovascular endurance using the Rockport test. This study uses a pre-experimental research method with pretest-posttest technique, by...
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The Eight-Weeks Physical Exercise Program In Maintaining Power On Taekwondo Athletes In The Competition Period

Devi Tirtawirya, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Okky Indera Pamungkas
The aimed of this research is to observe and discover the influence of the speed and power Taekwondo training program in maintaining physical performance ahead of the main competition. This research applies two research methods, the qualitative and quantitative. The subjects of the research are 7 athletes...
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The Role of Motivation in Increasing Achievement: Perspective Sports Psychology

Eddy Marheni, Eko Purnomo, Firunika Intan Cahyani
The purpose of this research is to know and understand achievement motivation at junior athletic athletes of Padang. This study was conducted on 15 athletics athletes junior Padang aged 10-15 years. The method used in this research is qualitative method with descriptive approach. Methods of data collection...
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The Personality Influence on GPA: A Case Study of Sports Psychology

Eko Purnomo, Nina Jermaina, Eddy Marhaeni
Personality is the whole way an individual reacts and interacts with other individuals, in other words personality is described in terms of measurable properties indicated by a person. The purpose of this research is to see if there is influence of student personality with GPA. This study was conducted...
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The Effectiveness Test of Artistic Gymnastic Talent Scouting Selection Model – Based Application

Endang Rini Sukamti, Nawan Primasoni, Ratna Budiarti
The development of gymnastics athletes achievement in Indonesia did not show significant progress. Talent scouting is the important basic in achieving optimal achievement. The aim of this study to find children aged 7-9 years who are talented in gymnastics through artistic gymnastic talent scouting application...
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Development of Non Locomotor Motion Models For Children 7 Years Old

Mr. Bujang, Arief Darmawan
This study aims to develop non locomotor motion model for children 7 years old. This non-locomotor motion model is adapted to the characteristics and growth of the child.Research method used is research and development of Borg & Gall by using 7 stages namely: (1) Research and information collecting (2)...
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The Formation of Student Character through the Active Role of Physical Education Teachers as a Role Model

Sapto Adi
The central role of physical and sports education teachers as the main actor of interaction in learning, providing flexibility in displaying a positive role for students, in which will affect both the character and behavior of the students. The projection of this role can be done when the teacher conducts...
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Analysis Of Energy Expenditure, Energy Consumption, And Training Load Of Sepaktakraw Athletes

Mr. Rusli, Mr. Syahrudin, Mr. Ruslan
This study aims to assess the load exercise of sepaktakraw athletes based on the heart rate of athletes. This survey research uses a quantitative approach. The subjects were 20 sepaktakraw athletes. The initial stage was to take athlete heartbeat data before and after exercise. The next process were...
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Influence Of Outdoor Education on Student Self-Control

Gilang Ginanjar Hidayatullah, Nina Sutresna
The purpose of this study is to find out the influence of the outdoor education towards self control students. Outdoor pedagogy that utilizes challenging activities in an outdoor environment (usually meaning an environment not enclosed by man made structures) for the personal, social, and educational...
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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Moderate Intensity Training (MIT) Against TNF-α and IL-6 levels In Rats

Mr. Hadiono, B.M. Wara Kushartanti
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of exercise with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Moderate Intensity Training (MIT) on inflammatory profile of proinflammatory cytokines TNF-α and IL-6 on the subject of obesity.This research is used 39 wistar rats of male-sex obesity. Intervention...
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Psychological Demands and Cultural Sport Psychology in Indonesian Context

Kurniati Rahayuni
Psychological demands are social pressure projected to athletes which evoke emotional, cognitive and behavioral changes. Through utilizing cultural sport psychology (CSP) paradigm, this literature review discussed several concepts in sport psychology which potentially prominent as psychological demands...
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Relationship Between Body Mass Index (BMI) With Agility of Elementary School Children

Imam Hariadi, Nurrul Riyad Fadhli, Dona Sandy Yudasmara
The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between BMI of male and female students with agility level. This study uses a cross-sectional method; the subject of the study is students of elementary school level second to sixth grade. The conclusion of this study is that there is no significant...
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The Competency Of Physical Education And Sport Teachers In Papua Province Indonesia

Jonni Siahaan
This research purpose to observed the competency of physical education and sport teachers at Town Jayapura, Regent Jayapura and Regent Keerom in Papua Province with survey. The competency of physical education and sport teachers as a variabel independent through survey with posttest design only. There...
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Life Kinetic Training In Improving The Cognitive Functions

Mr. Komarudin
In Indonesia, Life Kinetic training in improving the cognitive function of football athletes is rarely limited. Therefore, football athletes are often not focused on doing their duties. Exercises in developing countries are more varied in leading to multi-tasking exercises through Life Kinetic training,...
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The Effect Of Learning Strategies And Confidence Toward Learning Outcomes Basketball Chest Pass

Apriani Leni, Joni Alpen
The purpose of this study was to determine the difference between learning strategies Enquiry and Strategy Problem Based Learning (SPBM) as well self confidence of Chest pass on learning outcomes basketball. This research was conducted in class X (Ten) SMAN 14 Pekanbaru. This study used a treatment by...
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Identification of High School Physical Education Teacher Assessment Model

M.E Winarno, Dona Sandy Yudasmara, Mr. Taufik, Riyad Fadhli Nurrul
The purpose of this study was to determine the forms of learning assessments used by High School Physical Education Teachers in Malang City. The research method used is descriptive with an evaluation approach to learning activities. The results showed that the Physical Education (PE) learning assessment...
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Contribution of Physical Condition and Self Efficacy Towards the Gyaku Zuki Chudan

Memet Muhamad, Aridhotul Haqiyah
This study aims to determine the effect of power arm, flexibility and self efficacy towards the gyaku zuki chudan on the national athletes karate the of Indonesia. The research method is a descriptive associative, and the analysis technique is path analysis. The sampling technique used is total sampling...
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Effect of Push Up and Pull Up on Jump Shoot Results in Hand Ball Games

Mia Kusumawati, Dindin Abidin
The purpose of this study is to find out how much Push Up and Pull Up Exercise Effect on Flying Shoot Results in Handball Ball Games Student Handball Community Unisma Bekasi. This research was conducted in Unipreneur Unisma Bekasi field from September 11, 2017 to October 11, 2017, the method used in...
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The Effect of Learning Dribble Variation Using Modification of Plastic Balls on Improving The Results of Football Dribble Skills Learning

Fahmi M.Y.N, Siti Nurrochmah
This study aims to determine the effect of learning variations of straight and zig-zag dribble on increasing the results of learning football dribble skills. The result of analysis of one way anova Fcount = 5,324 > FTable α = 0,05 = 4,149 and the significance difference (LSD) test obtained by vs = 1,0159...
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The Effects of Continuous and Interval Training Toward V̇O2max Increase for Male

Moch Yunus, Endang Sri Wahjuni, Mr. Supriatna
The research aimed at investigating the difference of continuous and interval training toward maximum ⩒O2 increase.The research used randomized group pretest and posttest design. Population of the research were students of Sport Training Education Faculty of Sport Sciences Malang State . Sampling technique...
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Problem Identification of Professional Development of Physical Education Teachers in Elementary School

Mr. Mu'arifin
This study aims to identify problems confronted by Physical Education Teachers (PE) of elementary schools (SD) in their professional development. The collected data is utilized as a requisite in determining alternative problem-solving coaching. The survey method is used to identify seven existing problems....
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Anthropometric and Motor Performance of Junior Badminton Athlete

Prayogi Dwina Angga
This study aims to describe the anthropometric and motor performance profile of junior male badminton athletes in South Kalimantan. The model of this research is descriptive quantitative. The used method is survey with data retrieval technique using test and measurement. This research was conducted on...
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Effect of Light Intensity On Eye Fatigue

Restu Kurniawati, Mr. Mardji, Agung Kurniawan
The improper light intensity can cause eye fatigue in a person. Based on preliminary observation in the Technical Implementation Unit of Job Training (UPTPK) Singosari-Malang, it was known that the light intensity in the welding room at UPTPK Singosari-Malang was ranging from 101,25 lux to 102,97 lux....
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Multilateral Training Model in Sport Performance

Ria Lumintuarso
This research aims to produce the training method in sport performance base on multilateral development and its effect in performance. This study uses a research and development approach. The samples consist of 16 primary schools extracurricular in Yogyakarta Province, by purposive sampling technique....
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The Use of Blended Learning Model Integrated with Learning Management System in Beach Volleyball Learning Subject in Faculty of Sports Science State University of Malang

Mr. Roesdiyanto, Mrs Sulistyorini, Nurrul Riyad Fadhli, Mr. Taufik
The purpose of this research was to develop beach volleyball learning product using blended learning model integrated with E-learning of State University of Malang (UM). The research method used was the research and development method (R&D), with the following steps (a) needs analysis, (b) initial product...
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Adaptation to the levels of MDA and SOD Enzyme Activity of MICT and HIIT Exercise On Wistar

Samsul Mu’arif, Mr. Widiyanto
The purpose of this study is to reveal the influence of moderate intensity continuous training (MICT) and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) against the levels of malondialdehyde (MDA) and superoxide dismutase enzyme activity (SOD) in blood circulation. The sample in this study used 21 male Wistar...
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The Effectiveness Of Health Promotion Through Song Towards Mother’s Knowledge On Balanced Nutrition In Kindergarten Student

Rahma Ismayanti, Mazarina Devi, Septa Katmawanti
Malnutrition still a major public health problem in Indonesia. Lack of nutrition can not be resolved, the prevalence of malnutrition continues to rise. Efforts to optimize the delivery of Pesan Umum Gizi Seimbang need to be done to the community, through health education and promotion, as well as information,...
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How Indonesian Media Frame the Harms and Benefits of E-cigarette

S.P Ratih, B.J Maycock, R. Damayanti, D. Anshari
Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarette), of which the health effects are still unknown, have been sold in Indonesian market since 2010. We sought to examine the portrayals of harms and benefits of e-cigarette in online news media as they have been the new main source of information among Indonesians. This...
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The Evaluation of the Physical Fitness Test for Female Junior High School Students

Mr. Syamsulrizal, Yeni Marlina, Mr. Ifwandi
The human will be energetic in doing daily life activities as the impact practicing sport consistently and consequently. Practicing sport instills moral values, noble character, sportivity, discipline, avoid discrimination such religion discrimination, tribe, difference social status, and other form...
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The Effect of Dumbbell Swing Exercise Method to the Arms Muscle Strength of Petanque Athletes

Tatang Isknadar, Azi Faiz Ridlo, Yolanda Dwi Oktaviana
The study aims at finding out the effect of dumbbell swing to the arms muscle strength of Petanque sports training athletes in Bekasi. The method of the study was experimental method. The population of the study was 15 sports training athletes in Bekasi, in which 8 athletes of sports training was chosen...
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Exclusive Breastfeeding Survival And Factors Related to Early Breastfeeding Cessation in Indonesia

Tika Dwi Tama, Erni Astutik
Give only breast milk for the first six months is recommended for optimizing the infant’s growth and development. In fact, the rate of exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia is relatively low. This study was aimed to assess the survival probability of exclusive breastfeeding and identify the factors related...
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Step Dynamics Analysis in 100 m Sprint Biomechanics Study in Elite And Junior Sprinters

Veeramani Chidambaram, Ria Lumintuarso
This study aimed to determine the frequency of the step of 100 meters sprint, the research method used is to analyze the video with dartfish. The results of this study indicate that the anthropometry profile greatly determines the sprint running speed of 100 meters.
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Learning Result of Mawashi Geri Karate

Victor Simanjuntak
The purpose of this study was to know the effect of learning approach and motor educability toward the learning result of Mawashi-geri karate in Physical Education Program, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Tanjungpura University. The research method applied in this study was experimental design....
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Practical Self Defense Training Model Based On Submission Technique in Pencak Silat

Mrs Widiastuti, Abdurrauf Abdul Karim, Karisdha Pradityana
The purpose of research and development model exercise fighter practical martial arts in an athlete PPS Satria Muda indonesia. Research and development it uses the methodology the development of research and development ( D & D ) of Borg and Gall. Analysis of data the research uses the standard significant...
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Effects of Rhythmic Gymnastics Exercise Based on Chair Media to Physical Fitness of Students

Yunita Lasma, Fadlu Rachman
This aim of this research is to know of the effect of rhytmic gymnastics exercises based on chair media to physical fitness on senior high school students. The test instrument of this research is the Indonesian Physical Fitness Test (TKJI). The sample of this research amounted to 40 people who are students...
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Physical Fitness Test for Senior High School

Mr. Zulfikar, Mr. Nuzuli, Sukardi Putra
This research aims to evaluate the degree of physical fitness of high school students in the area of Aceh Besar regency 2018 using the instruments of the TKJAB specifically developed for the area of Aceh Besar regency. The results of the analysis of data obtained summary as follows: average physical...
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Anxiety and Performance of Scuba Diver

Rumpoko S.S, Sitiasih V.S, Sudarmanto E
A diver suffering from anxiety symptoms will definitely have an impact. Physical and psychological factors that will give negative effects on performance, and advanced exposure can cause loss of control of the body, cardiorespiratory system increases and cause panic. Anxiety is a psychological symptoms...
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The Role of Parent for Their Children’s Confidence in Soccer Activity U-11 Players

Hidayat Humaid, Ferry Yohannes Wattimena
The purpose of the study was to find information about how much the role of parent for their children’s confidence who train in Ragunan soccer school. There has been much literature and anecdotal accounts reporting poor parental behaviours in the youth sporting context. Pre-existing studies on parental...
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The Influence of Playing Approach (Permainan Bebentengan Dan Hitam Hijau) to the Students Learning Outcomes in Sprinting Ability

Sri Sundari, Ranni Rahmawati Kurnia, Joen Parningotan Purba
The learning of playing approach is a model of phsycal learning activity as one of the appropriate method in which the active involemen of students in learning while playing. The purpose of this study is to determine how the influence of playing learning approach on student result in sprint learning....
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Correlation Between Social Support And Strees Level on The Elderly Patients of Diabetes Melitus Type 2

Yualita Putri Pamungkas, Rara Warih Gayatri
This study aims to know the correlation between social suppot and stress level in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in the Janti’s Public Health Center. This research uses the method correlational quantitative approach, with cross sectional design, and sample in this study were patients with type...
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Model of Defending Tactics For Students Aged 14-16 Years Old

Syaiful Bahri, Fahrial Amiq
This study aims to develop exercise model of defending technique for football that is packaged in the form of video. This study Research and Development design from Borg and Gall which was modified by the researchers. The research procedures were: (1) Conducting research and data collection, (2) Developing...
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Students Motivation In Joining Basketball Class

Yulianti M, Utama D.D
Based on the observations that researchers do on students of class VIII SMP Negeri 1 Salo when they practice basketball. The problem is that not all students are eager to follow the lesson and also not all students master the basic technique of basketball. The purpose of this study is to determine the...
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Effect of Standing Jumps and Box Drills to Explosive Power in Momtong Dollyo Chagi

Evi Evi Susianti, Astri Astri Ayu Irawan, Andi Andi Muhammad Aswan
This study is used to find out: 1) the difference in explosive power of kick momtong dollyo chagi between plyometrics standing jumps and box driils on taekwondoin at Senior High School 1 Leuwiliang, Bogor, 2) The difference in explosive power of kick momtong dollyo chagi between plyometrics standing...