Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Education, Economics, Social Science, Arts, Sports and Management Engineering Conference (IEESASM 2016)

435 authors
Zhang, Zhu
Research on Basic Teaching Mode Reform of Computer Major Combined with Major Applications
Zhang, Dachun
Research on the Integration of the Winter Sports Travel Industry in Northeast Region
Zhang, Chuyue
The Role of Creativity in Entrepreneurship
Zhao, Fei
Study on the Reasons Why Chengdu Qingyang Temple Industrial Exposition Was Reorganized in the Period of Republic of China (1920-1928)
Zhao, Lei
The role of improving the teaching quality for students' evaluation on higher vocational college teachers
Zhao, Jinquan
Curriculum Reform Study of Policing Technique and Tactics under Rule of law
Zhao, Yang
A Brief Analysis of Cultural Colonialism
Zhao, Qiaohong
The Lack of English teachers' Intercultural Communicative Competence and the Promotion Strategies
Zhao, Huirong
A Research of Ecological Design of Suzhou Urban Green Space Landscape
Zhao, Ying
Primary Exploration of Teaching Mode Innovation—Progressive Teaching and Three Classes Linkage
Zhao, Xi
Analysis of the issue of virtual economic globalization and national economic security
Zheng, Huan
The role of improving the teaching quality for students' evaluation on higher vocational college teachers
Zheng, Chaocheng
Carbon sink forest in Expressway under the guidance of low carbon transportation
Zheng, Wang
Discussion on the Promotion Strategies for Job Satisfaction of Teachers in Private Universities
Zheng, Xing
Study on the Innovation of Business Model of Full-service Airline
Zheng, Jing
Research on Communicative Ability Training Mode under Network Business English
Zhong, Shuangxi
Study on the Legal Status of Computer Network Crime and Its Legal Prevention
Zhou, Bo
Task-Based Teaching Method and Its Application in the Research of Teaching of Reading Practice
Zhou, Yuanyuan
Research on the Integration Development of Digital Art Education in the New Media Environment
Zhou, Zhou
Study of Existing Problems and Countermeasures of Agricultural Product Export Trade in Shanxi
Zhou, Linwang
Study on Opportunities and Challenges of College Ideological and Political Work under the Era of Cloud Computing
Zhou, Xiaoyan
Research on Economic Trade Relations between Shaanxi and ASEAN under One Belt One Road Strategy
Zhou, Xi
Research on Principles and Models of Internet Finance Regulation in China
Zhou, Xiaohao
Factors Influencing Initial Trust in Cellphone Recycling Website: The Moderating Role of Consumers' Environmental Awareness
Zhou, Xiaohao
Research of Tender Control Price in Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering Based on the Perspective of Two-Part Tariff
Zhu, Fen
Study on Challenges of Foreign Language Specialty and Innovative System in the Transformation and Development Period of Colleges
Zhu, Yong
Ways to Improve Judicial Protection System of Human Rights
Zhu, Xinyue
Analysis of urban dew intensity variable regular pattern
Zhu, Xiaodong
Deep Learning in Effective English Teaching Strategy of Senior High
Zhu, Xiaodong
The Study of Multi-modal Teaching on the Development of L2 Learning
Zhuang, Lina
Research on the Employment and Entrepreneurship Education of University Students under the New Circumstance
Zhuang, Tianhui
Research on Poverty Alleviation Funds Allocation Efficiency based on the Precise Overcoming of Poverty
Zong, Yani
Study on College English Teaching Model based on Autonomous Learning
Zou, Yi
Analysis on the Improvement of China's College Student Affairs Efficiency from Comparative Perspective
Zuo, Lu
The Oriental Fantasy of the Empire -- the Oriental image of the Victoria era literature