Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Education, Economics, Social Science, Arts, Sports and Management Engineering Conference (IEESASM 2016)

435 authors
Jia, Jing
The Research on Basic Properties, Legal Characteristics and Improvement Measures of Format Contract
Jia, Tingting
Advanced Experience and Enlightenment of American College Emergency Management
Jiang, Yan
Study on the Features and Creative Concept of Online Music Spreading
Jiang, Hongtao
Research on Recommended and Comparative Strategy of Electronic Commerce
Jiang, Anshu
Analysis of the issue of virtual economic globalization and national economic security
Jiang, Yimei
Art Design Specialty Teaching Reform based on the Practice Skills Contest Platform
Jiao, Chaomin
The Research on Basic Properties, Legal Characteristics and Improvement Measures of Format Contract
Jiao, Xiaoyun
The Basic Experience in Chinese Urbanization Since the Reform and Opening-up
Jie, Zhifeng
Analysis on Curriculum Setting of Undergraduate Specialty of Financial Management in Application-oriented Institutions
Jin, Daoxin
A Clinical Research on the 60 Cases of Intrauterine Asphyxia Rescue and Nursing
Jin, Daoxin
Research on the Clinical Nursing Observation of Infant Severe Pneumonia
Jin, Hao
Analysis of E-commerce Development Mode under "Cloud Computing" Environment
Jin, Daoxin
The Nursing of the Patients with Severe Craniocerebral Trauma Treated by Hyperbaric Oxygen
Jin, Daoxin
Nursing Cooperation in the Craniotomy of Severe Craniocerebral Trauma
Jing, Yuanyuan
Research and Protection of the National Traditional Music near Gansu with the background of"Silk Road Economic Zone"
Jing, Min
Discussion of Management Innovation of Green Construction
Ju, Changzhen
Exploration of College English Language Teacher from the Perspective of Communication Science
Kang, Di
Study on the Conflict and Integration of Sales Channels
Kong, Jiangtao
Discussion of Management Innovation of Green Construction
Lan, Haitao
Study on the College Public Basketball Teaching System under the background of Network
Lang, Shanshan
Study on the Application of Cross-Cultural Research on English Teaching
Lei, Xiaosheng
A Study on the Satisfaction of Residents in Wuhan with Community Health Service and Its Influence Factors
Lei, Xiaosheng
Thinking on Implementation of Green Management by Enterprises
Li, Yiwei
Theoretical Analysis on the Relationship between Corporate Public Welfare and Financial Capacity
Li, Qian
The Reconstruction Design of Theme Park: A Study on Floraland Centre Island of Chengdu
Li, Yan
The Design and Production of Fundamental Nursing MOOCs
Li, Ning
Transformation of Artistic Conception -- Analysis of Andrew Gorkovenko's Tea Illustrations
Li, Xiao
Research on the English Translation of Luzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Names in the Memetics Perspective
Li, Lixin
A Study on Interactive Development of Conference & Exhibition Industry and Tourism industry of Jilin Province
Li, Jiemei
Research on house-for-pension scheme in aging society
Li, Wei
On Influence of Cultural Difference of British and American Literary Criticism
Li, Cui
Study on Construction of Practical Teaching System for English Major of Applied Colleges
Li, Lvcheng
A Study on the Countermeasures and Suggestions of Technology Transfer in the Solar Cells Industry in China
Li, Jingshu
Dilemma of Chinese Art History Course and the Countermeasures
Li, Youming
Analysis of Proportion of Possession of Tourism Income in Tertiary Industry in Hainan Province based on DDD
Li, Yue
Availability Assessment of China Copper Resources
Li, Zhaoyun
Innovation and Development of Real Estate under Internet+ Environment
Li, Jianxiong
Study on the Application of Several Psychological Effects in Teaching Practice
Li, Duo
The Review Research on Chang-Zhu-Tan Urban Agglomeration
Li, Zhaoying
Research on English Study and Teaching Mode Innovation in Universities in the Guidance of Mobile Micro Learning Theory
Li, Weiqi
Study on Psychology of Audience Luxury Brand Clothing in Online Shopping
Li, Dongdong
Study on Multi-Level Accounting Personnel Training Mode based on Coordinated Development of Vocational Education and Subject Education
Li, Xudong
Strategy of the Low Carbon Economy Based on the Background of Low-carbon Urban Construction
Li, Xue
Study on the Micro Lesson and Flipped Lesson on College Physics Experiment
Li, Guanghua
Research on the Application of Electronic Commerce in the Culture Industry Development in Nanchang City
Li, Guanghua
Research on the Reform and Innovation of Logistics Management under the Background of Electronic Commerce
Li, Guohui
Study on the Curriculum System of the Cultivation of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talents Majoring in Electronic Commerce
Li, Xiaoying
Research on the Application of Fair Value in Financial Accounting
Li, Guanghua
Research of Logistics Engineering Training Mode based on School-Enterprise Cooperation
Li, Li
Countermeasures of Tourism Development in Southern Xinjiang under the Perspective of Cultural and Creative Tourism
Li, Zhaoying
On Feminine Consciousness Reflected by Jane Austen's Works
Li, Hefei
Assurance System for the Teaching Quality of Undergraduate Students in Clinical Medicine
Li, Xin
Organizations Management and Strategy of College Students' Sports Associations
Li, Chunfa
Factors Influencing Initial Trust in Cellphone Recycling Website: The Moderating Role of Consumers' Environmental Awareness
Li, Chunfa
Research of Tender Control Price in Oil and Gas Drilling Engineering Based on the Perspective of Two-Part Tariff
Liang, Jing
Discussions on Heterogeneous Barrier of British and American Literature and Cultivation of Cross-cultural Awareness of College Students
Liang, Qian
Study of Cultural Infiltration Methods on Primary Stage of Chinese for Foreigners Teaching
Liao, Yu lan
Discussions on Teaching and Learning of Agricultural Mechanics' Course
Lin, Kai
Implementation Method of Party Construction Work among College Students Based on Information Technology under New Trend
Ling, Jianghuai
How to Solve the Difficult Problem Between Banks and Guarantee Companies -- take Guarantee Companies in Guangdong province for example
Liu, Jia
Task-Based Teaching Method and Its Application in the Research of Teaching of Reading Practice
Liu, Li
Research on low carbon economic policy support system based on Web
Liu, Yuwei
Exploring the Feasibility of Applying Memetics in Teaching English as Second Language
Liu, Xiaofeng
Transformation of Artistic Conception -- Analysis of Andrew Gorkovenko's Tea Illustrations
Liu, Xiaofeng
Listening to the Objects --Analysis of LI Wei's Installation Art
Liu, Xiaolin
Construction of Higher Inclusive Education Mode for the Disabled-- A Case Study of Sichuan Province
Liu, Jin
The Formation Reasons of Ideological Content and Style for The Reader
Liu, Zhigang
Teaching Reform of Web Page Design Based on Computer Vision
Liu, Yuehua
The Cultivation Mode of Minority Secretary Major Based on OpenAPI Experimental Model
Liu, Hui
How to Solve the Difficult Problem Between Banks and Guarantee Companies -- take Guarantee Companies in Guangdong province for example
Liu, Jia
Strategies for Improving Autonomous Learning Ability of College Students in English Reading in Internet Plus Era
Liu, Sanbao
Development Dilemma and Path Choice of University Students on Entrepreneurship Education
Liu, Hong
An Analysis of the Enlightenment of Greek and Roman Mythology to English Language and Literature
Liu, Lisheng
BIM and Cultivation of Civil Engineering Application Talents in Colleges and Universities
Liu, Liyun
Cross-cultural communication ability model in English major of the CDIO evaluation
Liu, Guiyou
Sustainable Development Analysis of Teenager Football Players in Campus of China
Liu, Ming
Analysis of Proportion of Possession of Tourism Income in Tertiary Industry in Hainan Province based on DDD
Liu, Zhigang
Establishment of Evaluation Index System on Construction Enterprise's Circular Economy and Empirical Study
Liu, Biao
Study on Impact of the New Budget Law on Financial Management and Its Countermeasures
Liu, Daiqiong
Analysis of Tibetan Female Literature in New Period from Ecological Feminist Perspective——Take Sun Tribe of Meizhuo as an Example
Liu, Lijuan
Study on Operational Risk Management of Neural Network Commercial Bank
Liu, Jingnuan
Research of Coordinated and Sustainable Development of Population, Resources and the Environment
Liu, Xiansheng
Research on Entrepreneurship Ecosystem of Entrepreneurial University
Liu, Bing
Research on Universities Digital Education Resource Sharing Mechanism
Liu, Genlin
Research on Reforms of Ideological and Political Education under the Background of Administering a Country by Law
Lu, Fei
A Research about The Feasibility of Applying Dunhuang Art's Artistic Innovation to Modern Ran Xie Artworks
Lu, Yusi
Research on the Urban Economic Structure of Liao Dynasty
Lu, Tian
On Ancient China's Body and Spirit Conception and Its Modern Value --- Reference Analysis on Correlation between Network and Ideological Education of Adolescents
Lu, Jingkun
Four Basic Dimensions to Evaluate the Quality of Ideological and Political Education Theory Research
Lu, Qiuting
Study on Ideological Education of College Students under the New Media Environment
Lu, Jie
Realistic Problems and Countermeasures of Marxist ideology in China
Luan, Zhongheng
Study on New Medial Application in College Ideological and Political Education
Luo, Zhen
Basic Landscape Paradigm in Zhang Daqian's Landscape Painting
Lv, Kun
Data mining in traditional sports talent training program decision making
Ma, Yin
Teaching Reform of Web Page Design Based on Computer Vision
Ma, Wenfeng
Students' Lifetime Sports Consciousness Cultivation in College Sports Teaching
Ma, Qiang
Logistics Problems and Development Strategy under Cross-Border E-commerce Environment
Mei, Ming
Space and Time Study of the Chinese Landscape Painting
Meng, Hongling
Geospatial-temporal Characteristics of Population Aging and Its Evolution Pattern in Henan
Mu, Xiuying
Study of Training Mode for Stenography Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges on the Basis of Social Needs