Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Education, Economics, Social Science, Arts, Sports and Management Engineering Conference (IEESASM 2016)

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A Clinical Research on the 60 Cases of Intrauterine Asphyxia Rescue and Nursing

Yanhua Guan, Daoxin Jin
To explore the effective methods and clinical effect of neonatal asphyxia rescue. Method: To select 60 cases of newborn asphyxia diagnosed and treated in our hospital from January 2014 to 2016 May. After admission, all the children were performed 1 min Apgar score, and immediately taking some measures,...
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Theoretical Analysis on the Relationship between Corporate Public Welfare and Financial Capacity

Yiwei Li, Zhongke Wang
Enterprise charity is to show the enterprise is not only responsible to the shareholders' interests but also pay more attention to ecological environment, charity and more of the social public welfare of stakeholders, which has become the inevitable trend of enterprise development and the effective ways...
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Task-Based Teaching Method and Its Application in the Research of Teaching of Reading Practice

Jia Liu, Bo Zhou
In the classroom teaching, the knowledge cramming teaching mode is boring. And the task-based teaching activities emphasize that the students should "learn by doing", and the teachers should design specific and actionable tasks based on the classroom activities. In this way, the students could complete...
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A Research about The Feasibility of Applying Dunhuang Art's Artistic Innovation to Modern Ran Xie Artworks

Fei Lu
With the advent and development of the industrial age, traditional art gradually decline, the transmission, protection, development and innovation of traditional art become a problem to be solved in the construction of art culture.Innovating the traditional art with modern design concept, explore the...
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Application of digital media art in exhibit design

Yu Zhang
In this paper, interactive experience design and virtual reality technology and its application in modern display. The research discusses the concept of modern display design new displacement phenomenon. Digital media arts background modern display design, features, performance methods and basic types....
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Research and Protection of the National Traditional Music near Gansu with the background of"Silk Road Economic Zone"

Yuanyuan Jing
"Flowers" is an oral folk song in Qinghai, Gansu, Mingxia and other provinces, their lyrics wereinspired by the daily life, the Flowers reflect the local culture and national historyin flexible rhyme. This paper will focus on the national culture of "Flowers" on the "Silk Road's economic belt". This...
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Theory of Emotional Intelligence Development both at Home and Abroad

Xuanfang Hou, Xiaoyun Shao
The role of emotional intelligence was known long time ago.Goleman (1995) pointed out that the people's life achievementsresulted from intelligence factors with less than 20%, while the rest 80% were due to the influence of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is another kind of wisdom of mankind....
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Influence of the literati aesthetic taste of Art

Haiyan Zhang
The Song dynasty is the period in which thelevel of arts and crafts is relatively perfect, since the Song dynasty, Chinese people gradually formed such an aesthetic standard: "The peep of lotus flower" (freshly and beautifully) is much better than "The gorgeously wrought". It is the Song dynasty when...
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Study on Fiscal and Taxation Policies on the Development of Circular Economy

Lei Xia
Circular economy is needed in the material closed loop liquidity economy and the construction of economical society. And it is also a specific step of carrying out the scientific concept of development. The development of circular economy needs abundant infrastructure investment. And it also needs people...
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Study on Tax Evasion of Red-chip Listing

Jing Wang
The red-chip listing is a phenomenon happened in the process of bypass listing of companies at abroad in our country's economic development. And it is a process that the domestic enterprises set up shell companies in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, and Bermuda and other offshore financial...
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Cultivation Research of Professional Applied Innovative Talents in the Higher Vocational Assets Appraisal Field under the "New Normal State"

Ying Tang
In this article, through the analysis of the development trend of assets appraisal industry under the "new normal state" in economy field, and the talent demand in this industry, we should target the orientation of the talents training in the higher vocational and professional assets evaluation, and...
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CLIL in the Business English Classroom: From Language Learning to the Development of Professional Competence

Lihua Chen
The use of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in language teaching at the higher education level has the potential to encourage learners to acquire language in an immersion-style setting. This paper presents a pedagogical intervention whereby 150 Business English (BE) students in their third...
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Research on low carbon economic policy support system based on Web

Li Liu
As a new branch of accounting the environmental accounting is produced in environmental governance from a variety of disciplines cross a frontier of Applied Science, it can reflect the enterprise production and management activities of the impact on the environment, promote the implementation of the...
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Research on Network Ideological and Political Education of College Students

Xiaolin Wang
With the rapid development in digital and network as the representative of modern information technology, the Internet has become a distribution center, the public opinion of the amplifier and the comprehensive national strength ideological and cultural information in the Competition. Development of...
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Research on Interior Design Education Based on Narrative Theory

Yongxin Wu
Through narrative theory use in interior design, interior design also illustrate the narrative, the diversity of interior design is unique narrative interior narrative resources, indoor narrative space theory, space mining unique narrative resources, and on this basis restore lost event indoor space,...
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Research on Innovative Inspiration of Internet Thinking on Brand Promotion Design

Zhang Xu
Internet new media precipitated by Internet companies, represented by the new economy, and also inspired the traditional enterprise marketing potential energy, all the companies are using the Internet as a new marketing, sales channels, information exchange, but also to brand competition spread to the...
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Research on the Integration Development of Digital Art Education in the New Media Environment

Yuanyuan Zhou
With the rapid development of the Internet, new media environment has become more sophisticated, in this context, and fresh vitality, driven by digital art based on the new media environment becomes the current hot name. Various colleges and universities have also set up various courses under the direction...
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China's Government Choice against Technical Trade Barriers

Rui Zhang
With the development of international trade, technical trade barriers has become the important factor of market access, which will gradually replace tariff barriers and become a kind of new technical measures to trade. Since China's accession to the WTO, export trade have suffered serious obstacles by...
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Exploring the Feasibility of Applying Memetics in Teaching English as Second Language

Yuwei Liu
As communication between countries becomes increasingly frequent and international trades as well increase rapidly, English as a world common language is useful for assisting countries to communicate with each other. At the same time, the number of people in demand of second language teaching of English...
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A Comparative Study on Risk Management of Private Equity Firms– Based on China versus UK

Yujie Wei
This study reviews literature with revolving around three issues: content of risks, incentives of risks and risk management mechanisms, which provide theoretical support and research ideas for empirical research. Secondly, this study take the questionnaire method which draws on before study to investigate...
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Reflection on the Project of Hazel Forest Tourism EcoPark in Yitong County Under the Background of Internet Plus

Hui Yang
Relying on the features of the Northeast Forestry Economy and adapting the Internet technology, a Project of Hazel Forest Tourism EcoPark is initiated in Yitong County Under the Background of Internet Plus. It will provide a breakthrough impetus for the development of forestry real economy in the central...
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The Enlightenment to the Industry Cooperation Development of the Vocational Education in Mainland China, Experience from Taiwan

Pingting Huang, Chun Fan
In recent years, Taiwan's industry-university cooperation in technical and vocational education has developed rapidly. The government departments to establish a system of cooperation window and the direction and outcome of the development of university-industry collaboration led by the government.All...
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New Perspective of Korean Social Cultural Diversity and Cultural Development: Protection and Inheritance of Folk Custom and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Xiaochuan Ji, Xiaofei Han
In recent years, the conflict between urban development and cultural protection has becomes more intense with the acceleration of urbanization progress of China. The protection of cultural heritage not only needs the perfection of relevant laws, but also requires the autonomous participation of the public....
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The Reconstruction Design of Theme Park: A Study on Floraland Centre Island of Chengdu

Qian Li, Yuanzhi Pan
The reconstruction of Centre Island is an important part of Floraland theme park of Chengdu. Based on its current status and reconstruction requirements, the theme direction and style of reconstruction have been settled. By updating the architectural form, refining its theme elements and reconstructing...
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The Design and Production of Fundamental Nursing MOOCs

Yan Li
With the development of information technology, MOOCs as a new mode of open education have raised a hot wave of education reform in the global scope, and also provides an opportunity for the development of higher nursing education in China. This paper detailed expounds the process of design and production...
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Transformation of Artistic Conception -- Analysis of Andrew Gorkovenko's Tea Illustrations

Xiaofeng Liu, Jianan Wu, Ning Li, Qian Wu
Lots of domestic and western classic works have described the narrative scenes related to "tea". In terms of the paintings which use "tea" as their "pigment", the tea illustrations of a Russian artist, Andrew Gorkovenko, must be mentioned. Tea illustration belongs to a subsidiary branch of contemporary...
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Listening to the Objects --Analysis of LI Wei's Installation Art

Xiaofeng Liu, Liang Shang
LI Wei is a young contemporary artist from Shanghai. He works in the university, and he is on behalf of academism. LI Wei combines oriental philosophy with characteristics of western art in his installation art works. In an exhibition named "Once in Lifetime", his works typically reflect the fusion of...
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Construction of Higher Inclusive Education Mode for the Disabled-- A Case Study of Sichuan Province

Xiaolin Liu
In recent years, our government has been continuously supporting the construction of higher inclusive education for the disabled, which is beneficial for the development of higher education for those in Sichuan Province. Overall, the higher education for the disabled in Sichuan Province remained low-level...
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Research on the Urban Economic Structure of Liao Dynasty

Yusi Lu
Historically, a unified regime gave great impetus to the development of urban economy, while the prosperous urban economy promoted the development of the city in turn. After the Kihtan regime was stably established in the northern China, the civilizations of the nomad and the Central Plains experienced...
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Development Strategies of Leisure Sports Industry and It's Significance on the Process of Turning Chengdu into an Oriental Capital of Leisure

Wei Ren
This article analyzes the main content of leisure sports industry and it's significance on the process of turning Chengdu into an oriental capital of leisure. Leisure sports industry could be a new economic growth point in Chengdu. Through the gradually constructing of this sunrise industry with low...
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Research on the Construction of Digital Library in Colleges and Universities in China

Limei Tian
In this paper, the construction of digital library in China academic is considered as the research subject by introduction of the digital library, leads to the important practical significance of the construction of University Digital Library, and five important sector of the construction of Digital...
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Construction and application of micro course in college English teaching model --With audio-visual course as an example

Xia Wang
In recent years, with the rapid development of English education, English education reform in full swing. Shoulders and cultivate new type of professional and technical personnel specialized English of ability in English teaching want to be able to improve the traditional teaching mode. At the same time,...
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The Development and Interpretation of African-American Female Dramas--From Harlem to Broadway

Yingying Wang, Jun Wang
The late twentieth century has been the golden age of African-American female dramas. In this period, the female dramas from Harlem to Broadway have greatly contributed to the development of African-American female dramas. The author analyzes the development of African-American dramas in this period,...
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Analysis and Research on the Interactive Behavior of Teaching in the Digital Environment of University

Lijun Yang
No matter it is in the traditional concepts of education or the modern teaching model system, we advocate to have more interaction between the link to improve the students' attention, stimulate students interest in learning, and now under the environment of digital interactive teaching form more multiple...
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Research on The Application of Multimedia Network Intelligent Classroom in University Classroom

Yi Zhang
Intelligent multimedia network classroom as a newly emerging teaching mode, has been affirmed by more and more educators. This kind of teaching method has characteristics of fast information transmission, large amount of information and knowledge, teaching diverse, adapt to the traditional education...
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Study on the Reasons Why Chengdu Qingyang Temple Industrial Exposition Was Reorganized in the Period of Republic of China (1920-1928)

Fei Zhao
In 1920, Sichuan authorities reorganized Industrial Exposition in Qingyang Temple, which was the first time to hold this Industrial Exposition since the Revolution of 1911 nearly a decade of stagnation. The reasons included mainly: authorities had changed attitude toward the temple and advocated to develop...
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Research on the English Translation of Luzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Names in the Memetics Perspective

Xiao Li
Luzhou has a large number of non-material cultural heritage, reflecting the ancient history and culture of the essence, unique heritage and charming, to bring to the world, the name of the English translation of the intangible cultural heritage is appropriate or not of critical importance. Translator...
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Research on Educational Value of Music Education Based on Multiple Intelligences

Yonghui Ji
Education music education value, for a long time is not easy for people to understand. Multiple structure theory of contemporary American psychologist Gardner for us to explore and examine the value of music education in educating people to provide a new perspective. The theory that human intelligence...
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The role of computer aided design in fashion design teaching exploration

Fengqin Chen
At present, the application of computer technology in teaching has very wide, use of computer technology and multimedia technology assisted teaching has become a clothing teachers in colleges is an important method of teaching. This article first summarizes the merits of the computer aided design, based...
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Mechanism Research of Emotional Intelligence

Xuanfang Hou, Xiaoyun Shao
Emotional intelligence could affect job performance. As a kind of ability, emotional intelligence has been widely used in enterprise development. But, so far, there are different points of view among scholars about how the emotional intelligenceaffects job performance. In this paper, from the two aspects,namely,...
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The application of traditional Tibetan auspicious patterns in the clothing design

Yugang Chen
This paper analyzed the formation of Tibetan traditional auspicious patterns and the reasons, and introduces its developing process, and then focuses on the use of Tibetan auspicious patterns and the innovation points, optimizing the cultural inheritance in the field of fashion design in China has certain...
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Research on the Clinical Nursing Observation of Infant Severe Pneumonia

Yanhua Guan, Daoxin Jin
Severe pneumonia in infants is a common disease in clinic, and it refers to the lung disease accompanied by other complications in other organs and systems, such as heart failure, respiratory failure, microcirculation disturbance, shock etc., and some patients even accompany with empyema, pyopneumothorax...
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The Way to Improve Students' Ability to Identify Social Thought in the College Ideological and Political Education

Ling Wei, Huan Yu
The college ideological and political education is brought by numerous dazzled, complex, changeable and other diversification of social thought. The efficiently and correctly respond to these social trends is not only the primary task of the college ideological and political course, but also cultivates...
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The Formation Reasons of Ideological Content and Style for The Reader

Jin Liu
The Reader is a film adapted by Stephen Daldry from the novel of the same name, the film tells the hobbling lifetime story of a man and a woman, they bear historical yoke, gently destroyed each other's lives. In this paper, the humanity and dignity story of The reader has been analyzed from the film...
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Teaching Reform of Web Page Design Based on Computer Vision

Lei Tian, Yin Ma, Zhigang Liu
Teaching Web page designed to co-ordinate the planning, the overall style of uniform. In order to make the site each page there is a whole, we should around a visual center to build an overall visual convey teaching information, Designers to comprehensively consider the various visual elements, especially...
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The Cultivation Mode of Minority Secretary Major Based on OpenAPI Experimental Model

Yuehua Liu
With the development of economic globalization, the cultivation of minority secretary major should follow the principle of compound talents training mode and improve the overall quality of the talent of minority secretary major. Secretary major training plan has shortage of teaching content and lacks...
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The Teaching Reform of Humanities Courses Based on the Cultivation of Professional Chinese Ability

Xiaohui Yi
After forecast, calculation and analysis, the shortage of talents in social market mainly lies in the related humanities fields. And through the survey found that school humanities curriculum has a lot of problems, such as: too few courses in related fields, practice ability culture curriculum scarce,...
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The Operation Mode of Network Education of Socialist Core Values in Higher Vocational Colleges

Jing Zhang
Every day in the Internet emerged a large number of page about Study the Party Constitution and rules, become qualified Party members ,the socialist core value concept, through the network of micro channel and micro Bo forwarding, socialist core values has been deeply teachers and students in Higher...
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Analysis of the impact of tourism industry on the integration of new urbanization in the tourism industry based on regression analysis

Junying Zhang
Tourism industry plays a very important role in developing the regional economy. The paper mainly analyses the current domestic tourism industry linkage effect on promotion factors of domestic new town economy in details. It understands economic contribution value of capital input, the amount of labor,...
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The role of improving the teaching quality for students' evaluation on higher vocational college teachers

Yanni Hu, Bo Huang, Lei Zhao, Huan Zheng
Students' evaluation of teaching is an important way to improve the teaching quality of teachers in Colleges and universities. The paper established the scientific rating system through the evaluation of teaching data mining, and it constantly sum up experience to promote teachers' training quality,which...