Proceedings of the 2nd International Indonesia Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies (IICIS 2021)

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Navigating the Dark Side of Digital Space

Study Case on the Phenomenon of Digital Fear of Missing Out (Fomo) in Twitter of K-Pop Fans in Bandar Lampung

Cindyta Adevia Ananda, Andi Windah
Korean culture has continuously entered Indonesia since the 2000s. K-Pop fans (Korean music fans are called) are increasingly rampant in Indonesia and closely related to the stereotype of fanaticism. Teenagers are categorized as the biggest consumers of K-Pop commodities. This is made easier by the development...
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Exploring Relative Deprivation Theory with Social Identity Theory to Inequalities: Issue of Migrants in Biak, Papua

Novieta H Sari
Facing emerging-economic market, that shifting local culture to urban culture and civilisation. For some regions, such as Biak, Papua where the indigenous people still highly uphold the concepts of kinship and tribal. The diversity of human mobility and environmental change have emerged to resistance...
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The Impact of Migration on University Education

Comparative Analysis Between Croatia and Indonesia

Robert Mikac, Achmad Yudi Wahdyudin
Migration is a phenomenon that has global, regional, and local significance in many areas, such as: development, politics, social relations, labour, humanitarian issues, the legal framework, security, and education. Globally, the number of migrants is increasing from year to year, and migration reasons...
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Explaining In-migration Using Measures of Accountability and Responsiveness of Local Governments

Devi Yulianti, Peerasit Kamnuansilpa, Intan Fitri Meutia
Human mobility, known as migration, is as old as human history. In modern times, with the development of more effective means of transport and communication, the velocity and the volume of migration have been more rapid and increasing in numbers. One classical demography theory explains this movement...
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The Agenda Setting Policy for Hajj and Umrah in Post Pandemic

Intan Fitri Meutia, Bayu Sujadmiko, Devi Yulianti, Kristian Adi Putra, Savira Nur Aini
The total number of Muslims in Indonesia is estimated at 13% of the total number of Muslims in Indonesia world. Indonesia is the second-largest country that sends pilgrims for Hajj and Umrah every year after Pakistan. Due to the global COVID-19 Pandemic, the Kingdom government of Saudi Arabia has decided...
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Social Media, Public Participation, and Digital Diplomacy

Ari Darmastuti, Astiwi Inayah, Khairunnisa Simbolon, Moh. Nizar
Social media may have roles in improving government performance in digital diplomacy, roles which may be performed by government or non-government actors. The success of Indonesia’s digital diplomacy may be achieved through public or community participation. This research put emphasis on public participation...
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Migration-Security-Development Nexus Approach in Viewing the International Migration Phenomenon of Migrant Workers in West Nusa Tenggara

Mega Nisfa Makhroja, Syaiful Anam
The increasing number of migrant workers from developing regions to developed countries, which encourages economic improvement in both countries of origin and destination countries, has dominated migration studies by economic and development approaches. The impact of the transnational migration of migrant...
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Social Capital Mapping of Indonesia Return Migrant Workers as Development Resource in Lampung Timur Regency

Meiliyana, Ita Prihantika, S. Indriati Caturiani
The literatures that exist shows that most researchers only focus on the pre-departure and placement of the migrant workers in their destination countries. There is still very limited literature about the potential of return migrant workers as a development capital. In fact, if managed properly, returnees...
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Piil Pesenggiri as Cultural Values and Urban Planning in Kota Baru Lampung Province: Opportunities and Challenges

Bendi Juantara, Darmawan Purba, Indra Bulan, Dwiyana Habsary
Kota Baru is part of the area that is planned to be the capital of Lampung Province. This city will replace Bandar Lampung City, which has now evolved into a business city with a dense population. As the implication, Bandar Lampung City is now facing serious problems related to environmental damage....
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Inequality Impact of MSME Assistance in Indonesia on Urban Migration in the Post Pandemic Era

Nana Nurwaesari, Putri Maulidiyah, Dian May Fitri
Since the Covid-19 outbreak, MSMEs have become one of the most affected economic sectors. In August 2020, the Central Government of Indonesia officially launched a special program to help MSMEs namely the Direct Cash Assistance (DCA) amounting to 2.4 million rupiah, which later this amount reduced to...
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Public Service Innovation (Innovation of “Tape Pasar” in Surakarta, Central Java Province)

Yunita Ratna Sari, Komang Jaka Ferdian, Dodi Faedlulloh
Market Tape Innovation is an innovation of Market E-Retribution Technology made by the Surakarta City Trade Office. Market Tape innovation aims to facilitate trading in paying market levies, reduce cartel money circulation, and increase traders’ awareness to pay market fees. This research uses desk research...
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Lampung Tourism Supply During the Pandemic and Post Covid-19 Pandemic

Rahayu Lestari, Tety Rachmawati, Fisko Arya Kamandanu, Dani Syahrobi
This research aimed to identify and examine the efforts of the Lampung regional government in providing tourism supplies, during the pandemic Covid-19 pandemic, within the framework of the ASEAN Tourism Cooperation. The data were obtained by examining primary and secondary data, as well as deep interviews...
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The Meaning of Masculine Subjectivity in Responding to the Impact of Climate Change

Dwi Wahyu Handayani
This paper is a theoretical study of the interpretation of masculinity as a subject that refers to the position of men and power in the context of responding to the impact of climate change. Climate change refers to the phenomenon of global warming that results in disasters for humans, including increasing...
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Sustainable Development Goals and Decent Work for Women Homeworkers: Is Public Policy Important?

Novita Tresiana, Noverman Duadji, Shabina Atma Zenitha
The issue of the gender-based decent work deficit has relevance to policies, means of achieving fair, inclusive and sustainable development. Connecting decent work with the promotion of decent work through data mapping is believed to bring about positive changes at the public policy level. Data requirements...
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Designing Inter-Ethnic Communication Model in Hospitality Industry

Study Case of Migrants Tourism Providers in South Lampung Regency

Karomani, Ida Nurhaida, Andi Windah
South Lampung Regency is a well-known locus for migration destination. Therefore, it is a melting pot for almost all ethnic cultures in the archipelago. This diversity often brings various potential problems such as inter-ethnic conflicts, which are mostly triggered by the occurrence of miss-communication...
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Propaganda “Kolonisatie” of The Dutch Colonial Government

The Migration Program for The Population Out of Java in The Early 20th Century

Purwanto Putra
This study will discuss various propaganda efforts to succeed colonization as one of the programs of the Dutch colonial government in the early 20th century in the context of moving some of the population of Java to other islands. The propaganda of colonization was the impact of ethical political policies...
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Fake News as a Tool to Manipulate the Public With False Information

Munadhil Abdul Muqsith, Rizky Ridho Pratomo, Anna Gustina Zaina, Ana Kuswanti
This article explains that fake news is not a new phenomenon and is used by various parties throughout civilization. Fake news has become the subject of public discussion lately. The issue of fake news arose because of the support of technology, especially the internet. The internet has accelerated the...
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Tracing Power Relations in Campus Initiations Program

Tabah Maryanah
The purpose of this paper is to discover what knowledge gives rise to the discourse of the campus initiations program and trace the power relations in it. The study used Michel Foucault’s concept about discourse and power. Discourse is produced by a particular knowledge. There are power relations in...
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Transformation of Transmigration Areas as Ethnic Political Identity (A Study of Javanese Ethnicity in Pringsewu Regency, Lampung Province)

Junaidi Junaidi, Suwarno Suwarno, Frans Salsa Romando
The birth of Pringsewu district which is a transemigrant area on the island of Sumatra signifies the emergence of a new political movement characterized by ethnicity. Pringsewu Regency was born by ethnic immigrants without any community friction that led to violent conflict. Pringsewu Regency, which...
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Role of Digital Nomad in Supporting Tourism in Indonesia: Case Study Bali

Roby Rakhmadi
Tourism is an essential sector in Indonesia development which increase significantly in last years. It creates many opportunities for other fields to grow. Tourism can be one of the factors contribute for Indonesia wellfare. The advent of digital nomad which came from foreign countries can enforce the...
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Economic Solidarity Through Women Moslem Organization in response to Covid-19 Pandemic (A Case Muslimat NU Organization at Pringsewu Regency/Kabupaten Pringsewu)

Fitrianita Damhuri, Meiliyana, Gita Paramitha, S.Indriati Caturiani, Hana Soraya
The covid-19 pandemics affects not only health system but also all sectors around the globe. All societies without exception facing challenging situation caused by the virus. Economic sector is one of the most affected in addition to health structure. The most concerned in the society is in the household...
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Effort of “Komisi Nasional Perempuan” in Struggling for P-KS Bill in Indonesia

Putri Alifah, Restu Rahmawati, Dodi Faedlulloh
This study discusses “Women’s Protection Policy: Study About the effort of national commission of women in Struggling for the P-KS Bill in Indonesia.” This study aims to find out the efforts made by the National Commission of women in fighting for the P-KS Bill. This research is motivated by the number...
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Collaborative Strategy for the Sustainability of the Wan Abdul Rahman Forest Park (Tahura WAR) in Supporting Ecotourism in Lampung Province

Rahayu Sulistiowati, Suprihatin Ali, Christine Wulandari, Melya Riniarti, Selvi Diana Meilinda
Management of the Wan Abdul Rahman Tahura Area to be effective requires the participation and role of related parties. Community forest management partnership is one of the efforts to improve the welfare of community forest farmers. Community forest management has been identified as having great potential...
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Analysis of City Development Policy on Community Decision Factors on the Purchase of Subsidy House

Deddy Aprilani, Rosy Febriani Daud
The rapid growth of Indonesia’s population is quite high and many people have minimal income, causing high public interest in buying subsidized housing. The government continues to provide subsidies for the community which aims to improve people’s welfare and the government is also trying to build subsidized...
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Participatory Communication for Empowering Urban Farming Families

(Study on Family Business “Prima Flora - Prima Aqiqah” Bandar Lampung City)

Bangun Suharti, Nanang Trenggono, Andy Corry W, Ibrahim Besar
Urban farmers who have limited land, can function their land in an integrated manner which is commonly known as integrated urban farming. Urban agriculture with this integrated urban farming system has great potential to be developed and has an impact on empowering farming families and the local community....
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Altruism and Solidarity of Urban Societies in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic Through Digital Gotong Royong

Dodi Faedlulloh, Vina Karmilasari, Junaidi, Muhammad Guntur Purbuyo
The Covid-19 virus has attacked almost all aspects of human life, including the community’s economy. Globally, during the Covid-19 pandemic, 94% of workers experienced layoffs. Likewise in Indonesia, more than 3.5 million workers were affected by layoffs. A pandemic attack is a momentum to activate the...
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George Floyd’s and Racism Issue as Political Agenda in U.S Presidential Election as Depicted on Digital Media

Vidya Kusumawardani, Dodi Faedlulloh
George Floyd’s death by Minneapolis officer as depicted in both digital media ( and during May,25- June,9,2020 has triggered public opinion among U.S Presidential Nominee between Donald Trump and John Biden during U.S Presidential Election in 2020. Media, with its power has put Gorge...
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Examining Social Capital for Urban Societies in the Midst of Covid-19 Through Digital Gotong Royong

Dodi Faedlulloh, Vina Karmilasari, Intan Fitri Meutia, Devi Yulianti
Covid 19 attacks all aspects of human life on a global scale. The Indonesian government implemented a policy called Large-Scale Social Restrictions to reduce transmission. The mobility of people automatically changes due to these restrictions, especially in urban areas in Indonesia. Because high individual...
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Urban Coffee Shop: Shifting Housing to Commercial Space

Gita Paramita Djausal, Nina Yudha Aryanti, Hani Damayanti Aprilia, Wisnu Suaka Prastowo, M. Hanif Khairy Vidiantara
Growth of coffee shops reflecting the economic growth (investment and consumption), new coffee shops chose location that cause distance between coffee shops are getting closer. Early condition, the coffee shops were founded in business areas, malls or business centres. New coffee shops were built in...
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Food Insecurity and Agribusiness Expansion in Papua, Indonesia

A Developmental Paradox

Fuad Abdulgani, Muhammad Zulfikar, Bartoven Vivit Nurdin
Indonesia’s Papua region has experienced rapid economic development in the last decade through massive investment in the agricultural sector and infrastructure development. Although the industrial agri-food has expanded in the region, Papua has the highest rank of food insecurity at the national level....
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Climate Challenges of Small Island Developing States: Cases of Tuvalu, Seychelles and Barbados

Lidija Kos – Stanišić, Đana Luša, Borna Zgurić
Small Island Developing States (SIDS) present a group of small island countries that tend to share similar sustainable development challenges, which except from small, but growing populations, limited resources, and extensive dependence on international trade, include remoteness, sensitivity to natural...
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Environmental Security Threats in Bandar Lampung

A Case Study of Household Waste Management

Khairunnisa Simbolon, Indra Jaya Wiranata
Climate problems had been occurred since the first industrial revolution become more serious when handling and awareness of their maintenance are not in line with the speed of destruction. The rapid development of the industry also encourages massive production capacity and high public consumption. It...
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Water Crisis as a Security Issue: Water Securitization in People’s Republic of China

Gita Karisma, Hasbi Sidik
The global water crisis has caused a wide range of problems. Several studies focus on the worldwide distribution of water and its impact on economic sector, human health, and the social and political aspect. However, This study then discusses the water crisis as a security issue in China by exploring...
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Community Empowerment Communication Model in Urban Agricultural Management in the City of Bandar Lampung

(Study in Maju Jaya Group, Pinang Jaya Village, Bandar Lampung City)

Anna Gustina Zainal, Toni Wijaya, Vito Frasetyat, Nadya Amalia Nasution, Helvy Yanfika
Community empowerment is one of the efforts to improve community welfare through several activities, including increasing community initiatives and self-help, developing economic enterprises, and activities that can increase the community’s ability to increase their production. Community empowerment...
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Study Comparison of Plastic Waste Ocean Pollution Management Strategies Between Japan and Indonesia

Elsa Ariana, Khoirunnisa Indah Cahyani, M. Ghazy Ramadhan, Irvan Yama Pradipta, Indra Jaya Wiranata
This paper describes the idea of a comparison of the policy framework of the ocean pollution management strategy, involving G20 member countries, especially countries in the Asian region with a sample of developed and developing countries that have the largest archipelago in Asia, as part of an effort...
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Green Products Image in the Perspective of Young Consumers

Irma Ramadhani, Jeni Wulandari, Ghia Subagja
Green products are becoming a trend for the business world to be involved in environmental conservation. However, few studies have examined its effect on corporate image, especially among young people in developing countries. This study provides an overview of the relationship between green products...
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The Using of E-Office in Efforts to Achieve Company Performance with Excellent Performance Model

Hani Damayanti Aprilia, Damayanti
The development of the times and technology demands the creation of a system that can improve company performance. One system that is believed to be able to improve company performance is the use of e-office. With e-office, companies can achieve optimal performance. Achieving optimal company performance...
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The Danger of Environmental Damage from Disposable Mask Waste During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Study of Student Habits in Using a Mask and Alternative Solution

Vina Karmilasari, Devi Sutrisno Putri, Dodi Faedlulloh, Risandi Koswara
The covid-19 outbreak has changed the structure of people’s lifestyles. The obligation of health by wearing a mask is an obligation for everyone in every activity to protect themselves and others from the threat of covid-19 transmission. Changes in people’s lifestyles by using masks turned out to cause...
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Resilience in Disasters: A Survey to The University Students in Lampung Province

Simon Sumanjoyo Hutagalung, Ita Prihantika
Pandemics create various impacts in all sectors of life and groups. Youth who include student groups in University are vulnerable, even though they have good socio-economic categorization. The resilience of this group is facing the pandemic will have a positive social, political and economic impact on...
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Impact of Green Innovation, Cultural Environment, Company Performance During Covid-19

Supriyanto, Suripto, Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Putri Irmala Sari
The purpose of this study is to determine the awareness of oil and gas companies who are involved in inexperienced innovation practices and have an impact on corporation performance. Especially from the effect on the cultural environment on corporation performance, with inexperienced innovation as a...
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Pentahelix Model Collaboration in Tourism Industry Development Policy in Pesawaran Regency

Dian Kagungan, Noverman Duadji, Intan Fitri Meutia
The long-term goal of this research is to produce a model Penta helix collaboration in tourism development in the village of Harapan Jaya, Way Ratay District, Pesawaran Regency. The method used in this study is a descriptive method with a qualitative approach, primary data collected through interviews...
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Tebakak Leaves Plates as an Eco-friendly Disposable Plates: Cultural Roots, Technology and People Transformations

Martinus Martinus, Gita Paramita Djausal, Sri Ratna Sulistiyanti, Meizano Ardi Muhammad, Mareli Telaumbanua
Plastic has become the dominant problems in recent years since it become the dominant material for food packaging. More than 600 thousand tons of plastic becoming waste in 2019. Leaf as food packaging material has been known since the dawn of civilization In Indonesia itself leaf and other plant’s organic...
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The Urgency of Virtual Tour for Sumatran Butterfly Conservation

Meizano Ardhi Muhammad, Gita Paramita Djausal, Martinus, Sony Ferbangkara, Alia Larasati
Traveling is part of the activities for doing tourism. We have experience in tourism destinations. Due to COVID-19, people have limitations on the mobilization to travel. In 2020, a report was telling that tourism is the most affected business sector. Since the pandemic, we need to change our interactions....
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Boosting Public-Private Partnership for sustainable Waste Management in Metro City

Dadang Karya Bakti, Toni Wijaya, Suprihatin Ali, Ita Prihantika
This paper discusses the urban waste management issues that many cities in developing countries face. Waste that is not properly managed has an impact on the quality of human health and the environment. This study takes a case study approach, with data collected through in-depth interviews, observation,...
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Disaster and Distance Learning: Exploratory Factors Analysis of Online Learning Effectiveness During Pandemic

Eko Budi Sulistio, Simon Sumanjoyo Hutagalung
Various efforts have been made to continue to carry out learning during the pandemic. It is crucial to evaluate the correlated factors in supporting the effectiveness of distance learning during this pandemic. The survey research was conducted using online questionnaires to students at the University...
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Green Politics Theory: Industrialization and Environment

Fitri Juliana Sanjaya, Robby Darwis Nasution, Nabillah Audia Putri Utami, Ninda Mirantama
This paper discusses shifting focus of security studies to global environmental issues. Environmental issues have become global issues that affect the sustainability of life. Not only developing countries, but also developed countries have experienced environmental and political ecology problems. One...