Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Informatics, Technology and Engineering 2023 (InCITE 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Markus Hartono, Hudiyo Firmanto, Connie Susilawati
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 4th International Conference on Informatics, Technology and Engineering 2023 (InCITE 2023) during 14-15 September 2023 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which was held in hybrid mode. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members...
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Warehouse Safety in Order Picking

Donna Kharisma, Markus Hartono
Safety in warehouse becomes one of the important factors in manual order picking process. Workplace accidents can be caused by a variety of things, including the use of incorrect tools, a lack of work processes, inadequate equipment and safety equipment, and pickers' negligence. Picker safety must...
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Designing Smart Contracts on Insurance Claims to Support the Supply Chain Performance

Josephine Permata Sari, Joniarto Parung
Blockchain as a distributed ledger technology that can guarantee transparency and speed in real time is increasingly being used to increase supply chain performance directly or indirectly. Blockchain in the form of smart contracts in the insurance business will speed up insurance claims and increase...
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Measuring E-Service Quality & Webqual 4.0 in ICMS Through Kano Method & Importance-Performance Analysis For Development Strategies

Billy Hartanto, Moses Laksono Singgih
This research focuses on the Palm Oil Company (POC), operating in Indonesia’s palm oil industry, and its implementation of the Integrated Calibration Management System (ICMS) application. The study aims to analyze the quality of the ICMS application and propose alternative solutions based on the quality...
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Lean Manufacturing to Reduce Production Time for Pressure Vessel Production

Bintang Timur Lazuardi, Moses Laksono Singgih
In a fiercely competitive business landscape, every company must optimize its resources and minimize wastage in the production process. At the Pressure Vessel Company (PVC), a study revealed various areas of waste, including non-compliant raw materials, delayed engineering documents, extended production...
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The Application of the Box-Jenkins (BJ) Method for Process Identification of the Batch Milk Cooling System

Rudy Agustriyanto, P. Setyopratomo, E. Srihari Mochni
The Box-Jenkins (BJ) method is a well-known system identification method that has been applied in several fields. Engineers use the Box-Jenkins method for quality control and process optimization in manufacturing. It can identify patterns and trends in production data, leading to improvements in product...
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Performance and Kinetic Study of Xylan Hydrolysis by Free and Immobilized Trichoderma Xylanase

Lieke Riadi, Yuana Elly Agustin, Lu Ki Ong, Ferrent Auryn Hadiwijaya, Amelia Winoto, Edrea Adelia Gunawan, Jessica Tambatjong, Tjie Kok
Enzyme immobilization is essential for enhancing the stability and reusability of enzymes in various industrial processes. To improve its feasibility, efficient yet simple immobilization techniques were required to be explored with respect to enhance overall catalytic efficiency and/or operational performance....
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Influence of Inulin and Isomalto-oligosaccharides as Thickener on the Stability of Vitamin C Containing W1/O/W2 Double Emulsion

Lanny Sapei, Emma Savitri, Hillary Emmanuella Darsono, Yenni Anggraeni
Encapsulation with a W1/O/W2 double emulsion (DE) system is a method that could protect vitamin C or other active ingredients from external influences thus increasing their stability and bioavailability. The DEs were prepared using hydrogenated coconut oil (HCNO) and middle chain triglycerides (MCT)...
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Effect of the Amount of KIO3, Water, and Stirring Time on Salt Quality in the Iodization Process

Herry Santoso, Febianus F. Setyadi, Maria Lestanur, Kevin C. Wanta, Angel Nadut, Judy R. Witono
Currently, IDD (Iodine Deficiency Disorder) is a problem that still requires attention from the Indonesian government. IDD problems can be overcome by adding iodized salt to daily food. However, the quality of consumption salt produced by small industries in Indonesia is still relatively low in terms...
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Carboxylated Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes/Calcium Alginate Composite for Methylene Blue Removal

Puguh Setyopratomo, Restu Kartiko Widi, Rudy Agustriyanto, Endang Srihari
In this research work, the adsorption of methylene blue (MB) on carboxylated poly-walled nanotubes carbon (PWNC)/calcium alginate composite was studied. The composite was synthesized by the impregnation method. The study was aimed to observe the impact of carbon nanotube dosage on the ability of the...
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Delignification and Characterization of Fiber from Durian Peel Waste

Emma Savitri, Prayogo Widyastoto Waluyo, Leonardus Edward Layantara, Nathasya Fabiola Rusly
The limited availability of natural fiber sources makes durian peel waste an alternative source of natural fiber. The characteristic of durian peel waste, which is mechanically strength, has the potential to be developed. During the durian season, the amount of durian consumption by the community increases...
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Lean and Green Value Stream Mapping: Case Study of an East Java Furniture Factory

Reyhan Iskandar, Moses Laksono Singgih
Research on lean principles in developing countries remains limited, highlighting the need for exploring alternative methods that have a positive environmental impact. One such approach is the utilization of the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) method to develop a system for waste reduction in production processes....
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The Adoption of the Response Surface Methodology within the DMAIC Process to Achieve Optimal Solutions in Reducing Product Defect

Yenny Sari, Amelia Santoso, Nadia Angelina Putri Pangestu
The high number of defective products can cause the company to receive many complaints. This research aimed to apply the quality improvement approach i.e., the DMAIC methodology (Define-Measure-Analysis-Improve-Control), to reduce product defect. The object of discussion was the black-color cloth hangers...
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Behavior of Vehicle Platoon with Limited Output Information Based on Constant Time Heading

Agung Prayitno, Veronica Indrawati, Pyae Pyae Phyo
This paper presents synchronization of vehicle platoon with limited-output information based on constant time heading spacing policy. Two control schemes, namely neighborhood controller neighborhood observer and neighborhood controller local observer designed based on constant time heading will be applied...
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The Interaction Effect of CaCo3 Composition, Injection Temperature, and Injection Pressure on the Tensile Strength and Hardness of Recycled HDPE

Hendra Prasetyo, Yon Haryono, The Jaya Suteja
The mechanical properties of recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) are inferior compared to non-recycled HDPE. To overcome this problem, Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is added to improve the material’s mechanical properties. The temperature and injection pressure changes can affect the material’s mechanical...
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Comparing the Effects of Efficiency and Distortion in Audio Power Amplifiers with and without Tracking Power Supply Circuit Design

Yohanes Gunawan Yusuf, Veronica Indrawati
This research aims to compare the effects of efficiency and distortion in Audio Power Amplifiers with and without Tracking Power Supply (TPS) circuit design. The TPS circuit design is known for enhancing power efficiency while keeping low distortion in the amplifiers. This paper examined the performance...
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Risk Analysis to Mitigate Dominant Risk of Electrical Infrastructure Construction

Salim Afif, Moses Laksono Singgih
Over the past 5 years, the achievement of the Risk Maturity Model (RMM) level value at PT PLN (Persero) UID Bali has not yet reached the target with a gap of 0.47 from the target of 4.19 at the end of 2024. The company’s lack of optimization in using the budget period 2018-2023 may be an indicator that...
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Reducing Procurement Waiting Time through Lean Six Sigma

Bagoes Iman Prakoso, Moses Laksono Singgih
A Mass Transportation Manufacturer (MTM) is a pseudonym for the company’s name as the subject in this study, faces significant challenges in its procurement process, particularly in acquiring components from foreign suppliers, which often results in prolonged delays. This delay in procurement has a direct...
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A Model for Evaluating the Impact of Priority Rules on Flow Time and Wait Time In A Job Shop Scheduling System: A Single Machine Case

Muhammad Usman Nisar, Andi Cakravastia Arisaputra Raja, Anas Ma’ruf, Abdul Hakim Halim
In the dynamic realm of job shop scheduling (JSS), where decisions regarding the order of job processing have a significant impact on the initial state and performance of the system, addressing the effects of priority changes becomes crucial. To address this challenge, the first part of the study proposes...
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Modeling and Optimization of Location Selection of Fuel Terminal Considering Vessels and Pipeline Operations

F. Qudsi, R. T. Cahyono, N. F. Sa’idah
This study discusses mathematical modeling using the mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) technique for selecting the optimal fuel terminal location which considers not only aspects of ship and pipeline transportation, but also marine technical aspects. In addition, coverage days are also included...
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Lean Six Sigma and TRIZ to Reduce Non-Value-Added Activities of the Transformer Production Process

Adritho Zaifar, Moses Laksono Singgih
Electronic Transformer Producer (ETP, a nickname) is electronic transformer manufacturing and distribution in Indonesia. The company has encountered challenges in meeting the escalating demands for both quantity and quality from its clientele. Concurrently, the company strives to curtail superfluous...
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Driving Growth in Village Industries: Exploring Effective Financing Facilities for Micro and Small Enterprises

The challenge of financing for micro and small manufacturing enterprises is a global issue but needs local solutions, as the industry characteristics and financing facilities are different among countries and even within countries. In the post-pandemic period, recovering micro and small industries in...
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Remarshaling in A Bin-to-Person-based Smart Automated Warehouse

Ivan Kristianto Singgih, Mai-Ha Phan, Indri Hapsari
In a bin-to-person warehouse, robots lift and then transport racks that contain items from the replenishment area to the storage area and from the storage area to the pickup area. In such an automated warehouse, it is necessary to ensure smooth item flows. One of the important decisions is on which racks...
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Comparison of Classification Machine Learning Models for Production Flow Analysis in a Semiconductor Fab

Ivan Kristianto Singgih, Stefanus Soegiharto, Arida Ferti Syafiandini
A semiconductor fab has complex wafer lot movements between machines and workstations. To ensure a smooth flow of the wafer lots, the system must be observed appropriately. Observation of such a complicated system is possible using machine learning. In this study, various machine learning techniques...
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Circular Economy at LNG Bontang Company: Transforming Aluminum Jacketing Waste Into Sacrificial Anode Products

Defi Willy Simanjuntak, Moses Laksono Singgih
In the industrial activities of the company, one of the crucial considerations and management aspects is waste. At PT. Badak NGL, an existing environmental issue pertains to aluminum jacketing waste. This waste emanates from the factory’s operational activities, thereby presenting an opportunity for...
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Restructuring Job Design Using Job Analysis to Balance Workload and Enhance Productivity

Revy Maghriza, Moses Laksono Singgih
One logistics company in Indonesia has experienced a drastic increase of 60% in the demand for imported goods from 2018 to 2022. This upward trend is expected to continue. The admin staff, leader, and supervisor of the Export-Import Department feel the direct impact and are experiencing a higher workload...
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Design of Mid Drive Electric Cargo Bike for Urban Area

Sunardi Tjandra, Susila Candra, Albertus Agung Jody Saputra, Yehezkiel D. Faraisc Putra
Some couriers use bicycles for work. However, it is not efficient because relies on their stamina, which can affect the delivery duration and capacity. E-bike can be a solution to this problem. However, its price is unaffordable for most couriers. It is necessary to modify the couriers’ bicycles into...
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The House of Risk with Multi-Actor Approach Aligned with ISO 31000:2018 for Effective Risk Management in Business with Risky Environment

Evy Herowati, Rosita Meitha Surjani, I Made Panca Bayu Tarsa Ragacca
Effective risk management requires a thorough comprehension of risks and the involvement of multiple actors in the process. In conjunction with the internationally recognized ISO 31000 standard, the House of Risk (HOR) framework provides a robust approach to risk management. This article examines the...
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Centralized AGV Control Systems based on OutsealESP32 PLC and ESP-NOW Protocol

Fransiscus Xaverius Florenza, Hendi Wicaksono Agung
In this paper, a centralized wireless AGV control system is presented using the OE32-PLC board. The OutsealESP32 PLC (O32-PLC) is a combination of the Outseal PLC Mega and the ESP32. Wire-less communication is carried out using the ESP-NOW protocol. The system is divided into three sections according...
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Improving Loading and Unloading Performance at Patimban Port Car Terminal with a Lean Strategy

Yanuar Ardiansyah, Moses Laksono Singgih
Patimban Port located in Subang, West Java, has gained recognition as a National Strategic Project. Its operations, which commenced in December 2020, area primarily designed to optimize the Car Terminal’s functionality. This terminal facilitates the loading and unloading of Completely Built Up (CBU)...
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The Influence of Noise Factors on Concentration Based on EEG Signal

Rahmaniyah Dwi Astuti, Rahma Sabilah Nurbi, Bambang Suhardi, Pringgo Widyo Laksono, Irwan Iftadi
The noise intensity with different levels can affect human cognitive abilities, performance, and brain activity. Human cognitive performance, especially concentration, is needed when doing work activities. However, there are still few studies related to the effect of continuous noise in the textile industry...
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Indonesia e-Bike Consumer Preference Trough Market Potential Research: A Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis

Andi Ameera Sayaka Cakravastia, Anas Ma’ruf
E-bike is gaining popularity and accelerating the bike industry to speed up new product development. This study aims to identify e-bike preferences desired by consumers through market research. The choice-based conjoint method analyzes consumer preferences, forecasts potential e-bike market share, and...
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Electric Vehicle Charging Allocation Considering Electricity Price Fluctuation

Ivan Kristianto Singgih, Christian Yavin Ibrahim, Stefanus Soegiharto, Olyvia Novawanda
Charging decisions on electric vehicles is an important aspect to consider for ensuring the continuity of the electric vehicle demand satisfaction. An electric vehicle system could not operate well without sufficient resources for charging each vehicle's battery after its use. In this study, we...
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Overview of Ergonomics and Safety Aspects of Human-Cobot Interaction in the Manufacturing Industry

Muhammad Ragil Suryoputro, Tieling Zhang, Senevi Kiridena
The technological advancements accompanied by Industry 4.0 have created more opportunities for collaborative interactions between humans and machines. In work environments where humans work alongside collaborative robots (i.e., cobots), there is a critical need to address ergonomics and occupational...
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Affective-based Human Factors Design: Design Thinking & Sustainability Approach

Markus Hartono
This paper proposes a refined framework of affect/Kansei-based applied to product/service experience considering design thinking and sustainability approaches. Design thinking facilitates more comprehensive step-by-step methodology starting with more human basic needs, followed by the global issues which...
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Performance Evaluation of Roof Tile Solar PV under Tropical Climate of Surabaya, Indonesia

Elieser Tarigan, Fitri Dwi Kartikasari, Fenny Irawati, Rafina Destiarti Ainul, Pradiksa Pratyahara Kirana
This paper discusses the applications of roof tiles type of PV modules. Published researches on this topic were reviewed. In addition, performance evaluation of a roof tile type of PV modules was conducted under the tropical climate of Surabaya, Indonesia. The objectives of present study are to review...
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Pillared Interlayered Clays (PILCs): Harnessing Their Potential as Adsorbents and Catalysts - A Mini Review

Restu Kartiko Widi
The Pillared Interlayered Clays (PILCs) have attracted significant attention in recent years due to their versatile applications as adsorbents and catalysts in various environmental and industrial processes. This mini review presents a comprehensive overview of the recent researches conducted on PILCs...
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Implementation of K-Means and K-Nearest Neighbor Methods for Laptop Recommendation Websites

Vincentius Riandaru Prasetyo, Mohammad Farid Naufal, Budiarjo
Along with technology development, laptops are becoming increasingly popular and are handy tools in everyday life. However, with so many brands and laptops available, people often find it difficult and need help choosing the laptop that best suits their needs and desires. A website-based system has been...
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Implementation of Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Patterns in Adaptive Blockchain-Based Transactions

Daniel Soesanto, Igi Ardiyanto, Teguh Bharata Adji
The development of cryptocurrency cannot be separated from the development of blockchain technology. However, problems arise related to the scalability of the blockchain itself. The long duration of the consensus process means that the scalability of the blockchain cannot increase. Various methods have...
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Electronic Election for Small Medium Non-Profit Organizations in Indonesian Cities

Felix Handani
Elections in Indonesia often include direct voting, enabling every community member to immediately contribute to the election process and support their chosen leader. The digital divide, the security of data and systems, verification and transparency, and the legal and social-cultural acceptance of online...
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Online Claim and Guarantee Mechanism for Electronics Peripheral in Urban Country

Liliana, Felix Handani, Daniel Soesanto, Maya Hilda Lestari Louk
According to consumer protection law, business actors must provide good services, including post-transaction services. Most of the current warranty claim process is still done conventionally, where consumers must come to the store to bring their documents and goods and ask the officer for the repair...
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Perceived Usability Evaluation of IRiS: an Integrated Recommendation Collection System

Jimmy, Kristian Tanuwijaya
This study evaluates the perceived usability of IRiS, which was developed to collect recommendations from senators related to the election of principals in the University of Surabaya (UBAYA). The primary question of this study was “Will IRiS be usable for all senators to use as intended?”. The answer...
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Incorporating Interactive Elements into Children’s Storybook to Improve Children’s Motivation to Learn Bible: Case Study on the Parable of the Sower

Ng Melissa Angga, Tyrza Adelia, Jiechella Davidson
Christian children frequently show low enthusiasm in learning the Bible due to difficulties in understanding the language and unappealing content for their taste. Moreover, their motivation towards Bible studies getting even lower by the exposure to more captivating multimedia products available in this...
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Development of Artificial Immune System in Multi-Objective Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

Iris Martin, Eric Wibisono
Setting logistics routes and product distribution in everyday problems, such as delivery of fresh products, requires an algorithm that can produce decisions in a short time. This type of problem belongs to a methodology popularly known as the vehicle routing problem (VRP). VRP is NP-Hard, and its complexity...
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Has Website Design using Website Builder Fulfilled Usability Aspects? A Study Case of Three Website Builders

Argo Hadi Kusumo
The significance of e-commerce is particularly crucial for businesses. The enhancement of sales can be achieved through the contribution of e-commerce. In the current era of digitalization, it is unnecessary for SMEs to develop e-commerce platforms from scratch. Instead, they can opt for affordable website...
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Design of Employee Bus Routes for Madiun City Government Based on Home Locations and Presence Location History

Daniel Hary Prasetyo, Arizia Aulia Aziiza, Endang Sulistiyani
Madiun City is strategically positioned as the center of regional activities in the western part of East Java Province. Based on the data presented for the City of Madiun in Figures for 2022, the number of residents and private vehicle units is almost the same. Hence, road congestion is likely to occur....
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Arabic Letter Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Learning to Write Quran

Mohammad Farid Naufal, Muhammad Zain Fawwaz Nuruddin Siswantoro, Andre
Learning to write the Arabic language, particularly the Arabic letters used in the Quran, is essential for individuals who aim to understand and recite the holy book accurately. In this research, we propose a classification method utilizing Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) with MobileNet architecture...
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Alveolar Bone Quality Classification from Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography Images using YOLOv4-tiny

Monica Widiasri, Nanik Suciati, Chastine Fatichah, Eha Renwi Astuti, Ramadhan Hardani Putra, Agus Zainal Arifin
Bone quality is essential in dental implant planning for successful implant placement. Bone quality can be determined based on bone density observed from Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) images which are commonly used in dental implant planning. The most accepted classification of alveolar bone quality...
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Exploring the Impact of Mobile-Based 3D Simulation on Student’s Achievement and Satisfaction in Physics Education

Lisana Lisana, Edwin Pramana
The purpose of this study is to investigate the efficacy of utilizing a mobile-based 3D simulation to support students in the 11th grade in their learning of physics. The precise subject matter that was selected for this piece of research was the equilibrium of rigid bodies. There were 91 students from...
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An Encrypted QR Code Using Layered Numeral Calculation for Low Powered Devices

Rafina Destiarti Ainul, Susilo Wibowo, Irzal Zaini
Providing security system for every electronic data exchange through internet as the unsecured medium has become an essential regulation. Conventional Caesar Cipher had less computation complexity than other security method that really appropriate with low powered device requirement. However, it is susceptible...
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Spices Identification in Essential Oil Producers using Comparasion of KNN and Naïve Bayes Classifier

Fifin Ayu Mufarroha, Achmad Zain Nur, Mohammad Rizal Rahabillah, Achmad Jauhari, Devie Rosa Anamisa, Mulaab
Indonesia is a spice-growing country, providing a variety of spices with numerous health advantages. Aside from being a producer, Indonesia is the world’s largest supplier of spices. Spices have a wide range of usage, including food ingredients, herbal medicines, and essential oils. Essential oils are...
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Long Short-Term Memory Method Based on Normalization Data For Forecasting Analysis of Madura Ginger Selling Price

Devie Rosa Anamisa, Fifin Ayu Mufarroha, Achmad Jauhari, Muhammad Yusuf, Bain Khusnul Khotimah, Ahmad Farisul Haq
Forecasting is a method for estimating a future value using past data. The selling price of Madura ginger needs a forecasting analysis to predict future prices because, until now, the selling price has increased significantly. This analysis aims to increase trade business competition and maintain sales...
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Analyzing the Probability Density Distribution of Sustained Phoneme Voice Features in the PC-GITA Dataset for Parkinson’s Disease Identification

Nemuel Daniel Pah, Veronica Indrawati, Dinesh K. Kumar, Mohammod A. Motin
One of the possibilities for developing computerized diagnostic tools for Parkinson’s disease (PD) is to utilize the voice change known as Parkinsonian dysarthria. Voice features extracted from sustained phonemes have been statistically investigated as parameters for this purpose. However, the commonly...
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Drowsiness Eye Detection using Convolutional Neural Network

Heru Arwoko, Susana Limanto, Endah Asmawati
Eye fatigue while driving can cause drivers to be drowsy and less alert, which can potentially increase the risk of an accident. Existing data shows that the number of accidents in the world is increasing from year to year. One of the most common causes of accidents is fatigue and the leading cause of...