Proceedings of International Scientific and Practical Conference “Russia 2020 - a new reality: economy and society” (ISPCR 2020)

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Analysis of the Industry Specialization of Russian Monotowns (On the Example of the Arkhangelsk and Vologda Regions)

E.V. Akinfeeva, O.P. Ivanova, M.A. Nikonova
The article is a continuation of a series of publications devoted to the analysis of the industry specialization of Russian monotowns. The purpose of the paper is to analyze the sectoral structure of the industry of a monotown and assess its importance for the economic development of a monotown. The...
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Russian Legal Framework for Digital Tokens

A.P. Alekseenko
The adoption of the Federal Law “On Digital Financial Assets”, based on the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation”, was to take place before December 31, 2018. Despite this, it was adopted in its final version only on July 31, 2020. This regulatory legal act regulates relations...
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Encouraging Citizen Adoption of E-Governance – A Way to Reduce Corruption

A.V. Averin, I.V. Pogodina, V.S. Manokhin
The transformation of modern public administration is based on the introduction of transparent, with wide public participation management practices. Innovative technologies imply new forms of citizen participation in government. This applies to all areas even the rulemaking sphere. Modern technologies...
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Information Interaction of State Control Bodies in Checkpoints of the Russian Federation: Human Factor and Digitalization

I.S. Aleksina, M.V. Vasilyeva
The article analyzes the aspects of organizing information interaction in the process of implementing the functions of state control of authorized bodies at checkpoints of the Russian Federation. The authors systematize the directions of development of customs authorities in the context of the tasks...
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Strategy of Development of the Regional Ecosystem “Education - Science – Industry”

O.P. Ivanova, Yu.V. Daneykin, V.M. Tumin, V.A. Trifonov, Yu.A. Levin
The article is devoted to the consideration of the regional ecosystem “Education - Science – Industry”, the definition of the role of regional universities and scientific institutions in the technological and economic development of regions. The author’s vision of strategizing the regional ecosystem...
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Economic Processes and Social Results of Digitalization of the Educational Sphere

T.S. Afanasyeva, I.A. Ilyina, G.V. Fetisova, N.N. Pokrovskaia
The relevance of the problem under study is due to a change in the structure of modern education as a result of the integration of new information technologies and the introduction of the web economy. These external challenges are transforming the educational sphere and significantly changing the situation...
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International Scientific Research: Legal and Organizational Aspects in the Eaeu Environment

I.S. Aleksina, M.V. Vasilyeva, A.Yu. Rozhkova
The article discusses the possibilities of organizing cross-border scientific cooperation of regional entities at the level of the Eurasian Economic Union. The existing forms and the algorithm of organizational and legal support of scientific research are analyzed. An expert assessment of the factors...
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Influence of Distance Learning on the Level of Perception of New Information

T.S. Afanasyeva, N.N. Pokrovskaia, N.I. Grishakina
In March 2020, general self-isolation was announced in Russia, which became necessary against the background of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus. The incidence statistics for the new virus grew at a catastrophic rate, the lack of a vaccine and an effective form of treatment led to the fact that...
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Small Innovative Business in Science Cities: Main Problems and Development Prospects

V. Barkovskaya, V. Aleksakhina, Yu.V. Daneykin
In the course of the study, the authors indicated an increase in the importance of creating innovations by small enterprises, taking into account their ability to adapt quickly, flexibility, and mobility in comparison with large business. Modern forms of small innovative business are start-ups and engineering...
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On Application of Modern Technology in Professional Training to Improve Staff Efficiency

S.A. Bannikov, A.A. Kornienko
In the context of the global informatization and computerization of production and economic processes, the activity of an enterprise is impossible without involving people. People are a component of the enterprise’s resources that are necessary to fulfill its goals and objectives: they become “labor”...
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Digital Transformation of HR Management System

S.A. Bannikov, K.T. Abzeldinova
The most important task of the modern Russian Federation is the innovative development of the Russian economy as the basis of a new economic paradigm based on modern digital technologies. This article examines the transformation of HR processes in the context of the development of the digital economy...
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Forecasting the Contribution of Universities to Urban Development

Yu.V. Daneykin, B.A. Erznkyan, O.P. Ivanova, V.A. Trifonov, T.A. Belchik
The article presents the results of the authors’ development of an approach to forecasting the effects of the development of the “City-University” ecosystem. The directions of modernization of university campuses, domestic and foreign examples of the development of university cities are considered. The...
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Regional University in the EdTech Market of Educational Services

I.V. Andreyanova, A.A. Serebryakova, S.E. Kuklev, O.A. Serova
The article analyzes the position of regional universities in the context of heightened competition in the educational services market. Regional universities were seen as a base for innovative changes in one area or another. However, with the advent of new educational technologies (EdTech), universities...
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Pharmacovigilance as a Tool for Ensuring Economic Security in the Russian Healthcare System

G.A. Antropova, T.I. Okonenko, O.A. Fikhtner, V.R. Veber, O.D. Nemyatykh
The article shows the role of the pharmacovigilance system for ensuring the economic security of the state by preventing and minimizing adverse reactions (ADRs) and side effects arising from the use of drugs. Important pharmacovigilance tools have been identified – the transmission of the received information...
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Competence Readiness of Personnel for Digital Economy

T.L. Sergeeva, G.A. Reznik, D.R. Amirova
Over the past two decades, digitalization has become an integral part of our daily life. The spread of digital technologies has transformed both business in which they have integrated firmly, and the entire world economy. At the same time, with the further spread, digitalization requires significant...
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Specifics of Economic Security Analysis of the Arctic Coastal Regions (the Murmansk Region Case)

R.V. Badylevich, M.V. Ulchenko
The article substantiates the relevance of economic security analysis for a number of Arctic coastal regions. The researchers analyze the specific development factors affecting the economic security of the Arctic coastal regions, as well as their assessment indicators. These factors include the structure...
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Competition as a Stimulating Factor in the Development of Science Intensive Sectors

K.S. Anukhina, I.A. Burova, L.A. Kirkorova, S.G. Minina, V.A. Trifonov
The competitive struggle of economic entities is considered through the improvement of their products and services as a stimulating factor in the development of science intensive sectors. The purpose of the study is to determine the significance and role of innovations and high-tech industries as conditions...
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Forecasting Food Prices in the AnyLogic Information System

T.N. Belova, V.V. Kupriyanov, V.S. Konkina, M.V. Kupriyanova
The article describes an original approach to modelling the food market with the use of the developed by Russian scientists AnyLogic software. The authors propose a model of system dynamics simulating the behavior of the meat and meat products market in the time period from 2000 to 2019. The acquired...
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Modern Transformations of Legal Consciousness in the Context of Digitalization of the Russian Economy

S. Vasiliev
The author analyses various approaches to understanding the legal consciousness that have recently been observed in Russia. The analysis focuses on the ways of how various views shape the concepts of the legal framework and corresponding requirements necessary for the effective promotion of the digital...
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Pedagogical Tools for the Formation of the Subject Position of Students in the Conditions of Distance Learning

L.V. Bayborodova, E.N. Shipkova
The article presents an analysis of the results of a study aimed at identifying pedagogical means of forming the subject position of students in conditions of distance learning. The need for the formation of the subject position of students is indicated, which is manifested in the child’s ability to...
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Problem of Personal Creative Development in Digital Education System

S.V. Chernov, V.I. Shapovalov
The article is devoted to the theoretical and methodological comprehension of characteristics of personal creative development in new conditions of a globalized world, one of logical consequences of them being the transition of modern education of Russia to digitalized technologies. Creative development...
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Project Management of the Formation and Implementation of State Programs for the Russian Defence Industrial Complex Development

S.S. Golubev, A.G. Shcherbakov, T.V. Shutova, Yu.V. Daneykin
An important factor in the successful defence industrial complex (DIC) enterprises development is their active innovation, which can only be provided by modern enterprise management tools. The purpose of the research is to develop guidelines for the project management implementation during the activities...
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Interaction of Educational and Innovation Clusters in Order to Improve the Innovation Security of the Western Border Regions of Russia

V.V. Gorochnaya
The article examines the current trend of mutual clustering of education and innovative production sectors in Russia. The study focuses on the western border regions of Russia as the most problematic regions affected by the geo-economic turbulence in the Russia-West system after 2014, which caused the...
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Accumulative Mortgage System of Housing Provision for Military Personnel in Russia: Problems and Solutions

L.P. Vasilyeva, O.A. Polyanskaya, V.V. Bespalova, E.A. Okomina
In the development of the system of housing mortgage lending (HML), one of the main tasks of the state is to create a modern legislative framework and regulate the ongoing processes at the level of regulatory impact in order to reduce financial risks for its participants. The state acts as a regulator...
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Institutional Support of Public Procurement Logistics: International and Domestic Experience

V.V. Borisova, N.S. Pechenko, J. Xuedong
Institutional support of public procurement logistics is presented in the context of innovative transformations based on the results of monitoring procurement processes in international and Russian practice. Based on the comparison of existing models of public procurement in the world practice, the stability...
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Development of Human Capital in the Cross-Multidimensional Space of the Russian Metropolis

I.A. Donina, K.A. Elistratova, V.P. Panasyuk
The article presents the concept of human capital development in relation to a Russian metropolis, a multidimensional description of its formative potential. Among the main components of the Russian metropolis cross-multidimensional space digital, social, economic, technological, information, innovative,...
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Global Dimension of the Security of the National Financial System of Russia

T.V. Ignatova, Yu. S. Evlakhova, E.V. Dudukalov, E.N. Alifanova, I.S. Aleksina
the article is devoted to the need to revise the approaches to the organization of the financial system in the modern world. The authors considered an alternative in the form of a transition to widespread use of cryptocurrencies at the national level. It is shown that adjustments in public policy due...
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Comparative Analysis of the Activities of Universities’ Legal Clinics in the Context of Domestic and Foreign Experience

N.V. Dryanykh, A.E. Lodkin, D.V. Uglitskikh, T.V. Lodkina
The need to intensify the educational process in higher education is due to the social order of society, which aims to train specialists who can be competitive in the labor market, including through the introduction of adaptive, practice-oriented and flexible educational programs, the formation of intolerance...
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The Impact of Information Technology on the Sustainable Development of an Organization

X. Zhang, E.A. Repina, A.D. Murzin
Education is the awakening of the soul, and data is the record of reality. The amount of data accumulated by human beings is growing exponentially, as the maturity of network technology and database technology and the popularization of data application. At present, data is everywhere and big data is...
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The Use of Composite Quality of Life Indices for the Assessment of the Territorial Differentiation of Regions of the Russian Federation

T.V. Zhgun
Improving the quality of life of the population is a goal of Russia’s social policy. An effective tool of social policy can be a well-grounded assessment of territorial differentiation. The dynamics of the divergence in the quality of life between regions most accurately characterizes the change in regional...
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Analysis of the Russian Experience in the Implementation of Regional Financial Regulation

R.V. Badylevich
The article analyzes the implementation of regional financial regulation in Russia at the present stage of development. The urgency of studying the issues of financial regulation of territorial development in Russia is substantiated and the content of this element of state economic policy is given. The...
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Distance Learning: Vector of Present-day Educational Paradigm

I.A. Donina, E.E. Donina, K.R. Khachaturova
The article examines the trends, problems and prospects for the introduction of distance learning in the modern educational process. The complex of information technologies provided by remote access platforms creates a unified educational environment where one user (a group of users) helps another (others)...
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Current State of Commercial Banks in a Digital Economy

N.A. Kanishcheva
The digital economy is more and more confidently entering the ordinary life of citizens and does not seem so fantastic as it did several years ago. Smart city, digital economic platform, digital medicine, robotics and much more have long entered the everyday life of any person. The introduction and development...
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Methods for Assessing the Effectiveness of the Organization of Maintenance and Repair at the Enterprise

O.V. Kadyrova, O.A. Polyanskaya, O.O. Dymova, V.V. Bespalova, E.A. Okomina
Maintenance and repair of equipment as a field of activity has come a long way in its development and formation. Currently, this type of activity is very costly in any industrial enterprise, since any malfunctions or downtime of equipment can lead to multi-million dollar losses. This explains the current...
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Legal Support of Interested-Party Transactions in the System of Corporate Social Responsibility

O.K. Kremleva, Ya. S. Sviridov, T.N. Rodionova, I.S. Kokorin, G.V. Kovaleva
The article presents a new approach to interested-party transactions as a legal mechanism that includes elements of its functioning, namely, preliminary measures and measures of subsequent legal protection. Designing legal regulation on the issue of interested-party transactions is discussed. It is revealed...
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Specific Features and Problem Aspects of Adapting the Taxi Market Regulatory Mechanism to Business Models Built on Digital Platforms

A.I. Erchak, I.M. Mikulich, V.A. Gavrilenko, M.S. Trofimova
The article reflects the results of a study of the Belarusian taxi market and trends in its development. The authors highlight the specific features, patterns of its development, as well as the problems of functioning and regulation in the context of the rapid spread of digital platforms and business...
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Assessment of the University’s Contribution to Regional Development

O.P. Ivanova, V.A. Trifonov, Yu.V. Daneykin
The results of many years of research in the field of assessing the mutual influence of regions and entities operating within the region are presented. In this article, the authors presented a fragment of a unique development - a methodology for assessing the contribution of a university to regional...
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Digitalization of Economy and Socio-Economic Development of Russia: Points of Connection

M.A. Izmailova, M.Y. Veselovsky, V.A. Trifonov
The article analyzes the readiness of the Russian economy for digital transformation. It also highlights the necessary measures to transfer the country to a digital economy model. The possibilities of digital technologies are shown, initiating fundamental changes in all spheres of the economy and society;...
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Development of Predictive Models of Socio-Economic Systems Based on Decision Trees with Multivariate Response

A.N. Kislyakov, N.M. Filimonova, N.Yu. Omarova
The work is devoted to the actual problem of constructing decision trees with a multidimensional response of the optimal structure, which are used to create predictive models for the evolution of complex systems. The aim of the work is to generalize the experience of constructing decision trees with...
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Analysis of the Contract System Functioning Effectiveness

V.M. Latysheva, L.V. Postnikova, D.D. Postnikova, N.N. Kovaleva, O.P. Ivanova
The article deals with the relevant topic of economic research of the contract system functioning effectiveness in the field of procurement (on the example of Oryol region). The study of the contract system effectiveness is of interest within determining the effectiveness of both enterprises and their...
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Prospects for the Systematization of Legislation on the Protection of Cultural Heritage Objects Through Codification

I.E. Martynenko
The article examines the features of legislation on the protection of cultural heritage objects at the stage of its reform in the XXI century. The author demonstrates the advantages and disadvantages of codification of this area of legislation, building on the existing first experience. Analysis of foreign...
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Methodology for Managing Sustainable Socio-Ecological and Economic Development in an Innovation Focused Economy

T.V. Kudryashova, A.A. Malyshev, N.A. Korobkova
The article discusses the understanding of sustainable development in the economy. It characterizes the main approaches to the substitution of natural resources by human capital. The problems of sustainable development, solved by modern science, are presented. The authors reveal the content of approaches...
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Research of Structural Changes in the Northwestern Economic Region in the Medium Term

I.L. Minin
The article is intended to research the development of changes in the structure of homogeneous industries with the aim of creating an optimal structure of the national economy using relative competitive advantages and capable of innovative transformations. The technique of bringing two qualitatively...
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Open Legal Information Space in Russia: Theory and Practice Regionally (on the Example of the Novgorod Region)

S.I. Mitina, I.A. Isaev
The article analyzes the problems of formation and development of the legal information space in Russia on the example of the regional experience of the Novgorod Region. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the results of the implementation of the legislation on informational support. The informational...
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Marketing in the Age of the Coronavirus Infection Pandemic

T.S. Afanasyeva, N.I. Grishakina, N.N. Pokrovskaia
The relevance of this study is due to the fact that the whole world has changed due to COVID-19.This changed all business around the world.A new economic entity has arrived.A different marketing policy was needed.The Russian government noted that the Russian economy, like the rest of the world, was affected...
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Integrated Economic and Mathematical Approach to Regulation of Clustering and Innovative Development of Russian Regions

N.I. Larionova, T.V. Yalyalieva, D.L. Napolskikh
The article discusses the features and contradictions of clustering and innovative development, as well as the integrated approach to regulation of clustering processes at the regional level. The author’s approach to the development of an integrated clustering model of the economic space of the Russian...
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Structural Changes in the Agro-Industrial Complex of the Region as a Factor in Ensuring Food Security in the Transition to an Information Economy

D.L. Minin, E.S. Minina, I.L. Minin
The article presents the results of studies of changes in the agro-industrial complex of the region as a factor in ensuring food security in the context of the transition to an information economy. The main theoretical and methodological approaches to the problems of the development of branches of the...
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Preferential Provision of Medicines – Economic Problems and the Need for Reforming

T.I. Okonenko, M.S. Tokmachov, G.A. Antropova, E.S. Egorova, A.K. Khrutsky
The aging of the population in the Russian Federation and other countries has led to an increase in the number of chronic non-communicable diseases requiring higher costs of medical care. A 10% increase in the proportion of the aging population with chronic diseases reduces economic growth by 0.5% per...
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Big Data in Public Administration

L.V. Kokh, Ju.V. Kovaleva, O.P. Ivanova
Digital transformation affects all spheres of the modern economy. It also influenced the public administration system, where big data gained special importance. Modern technologies make it possible to collect huge amounts of information from various sources, both official and private. By processing and...
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Applying the Concept of Social Corporate Responsibility to Ensure the Stability of Educational Activities

O.K. Kremleva, T.P. Belyaeva, N.V. Mjuller, S.B. Glushachenko, G.V. Kovaleva
The article analyses thoroughly the educational legal relationship. The legal nature of its implementation is deeply studied through defining the object, the subject composition, the legal status of the educational organization, the hierarchy of state authorities that manage educational activities, the...
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Foreign Trade Potential of Vladimir Region Under Sanctions

R.A. Timofeeva, I. A. Aksenov
Current economic sanctions are an important instrument of foreign trade policy. Generally, sanctions are passed for some definite term, but they can affect the economy of the region for a long period of time. Many negative consequences (the reduction in Gross Regional Product, job cut, decrease of foreign...
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Impact of Pandemic on Digital Economy Development in Russia

T.A. Subbotina
The article is devoted to the study of pandemic impact as a global process on digital economy development in Russia. Nowadays, this problem is more than ever relevant since we have met the process of economic recession resulted from restricting measures during the quarantine. Due to the current situation,...
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Strategizing Concept and a Changing Economy

A.A. Nikonova
Fundamental changes in the concept of strategy creation are discussed in the context of changes that highlight the essence of modern economics. The results refer to threats, divided into five pillars: (1) inadequate methodology and techniques create misconceptions about economic units within the socio-economic...
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Contradictions to Regulatory Measures and Their Impact on Global and National Agricultural Markets

E.Yu. Frolova, A.A. Nikonov, R.R. Mukhametzyanov, A.F. Korol’kov, A.S. Zaretskaya
The main purpose of this study is to identify contradictions between global, regional and national regulators in the framework of the regulation of the export and import of agricultural raw materials and food. On the one hand, the formation and activity of international economic organizations is aimed...
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Identification of Structural Changes in Labor Productivity in Russia

E.V. Potaptseva, S.N. Smirnykh, M.V. Franz
This article aims to study long-term changes in labor productivity in the Russian economy. The aim of the study is an empirical estimation of structural changes in labor productivity in Russia. To achieve the goal, the methods of statistical, descriptive and econometric analysis were used. The informational...
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Development Trends of the Russian Fruit and Berry Market

R.R. Mukhametzyanov, Y.I. Agirbov, A.S. Zaretskaya, G.Z. Ibiev, D.V. Storozhev
The main purpose of this study is to identify trends in the development of the Russian market of fruit and berry products in different periods during 1990-2019, including in terms of its saturation due to imports and own production, as well as changes in demand and its consumption from side of the population....
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Intellectual Governance in the Digital Economy of Russia

M.Y. Veselovsky, M.A. Izmailova, V.A. Trifonov
The article analyzes the role of artificial intelligence in the success of the digital transformation of the Russian economy. The article shows the worldwide recognition of artificial intelligence as a leading trend in economic development in modern conditions, recorded in the national strategies for...
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Business Model Transformation: Complexity and Systematic Transition to a Digital Platform

B.B. Kovalenko, E.G. Kovalenko
Digital technologies are now becoming a key factor in maintaining the competitiveness of business organizations in the long term. The business models of companies functioning in the 20th century, which are a linear model, that is, a sequential value chain from producer to consumer, are no longer a criterion...
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Problems of Assessing the Contribution of Digital Changes and Their Impact on the Development of the World Economy

N.Yu. Omarova, M.M. Omarov, N.Yu. Belyakova
The article presents the results of assessing the state of the digital sphere in Russia and the world at the beginning of 2020, and summarizes the analytical materials of leading world experts (GlobalWebIndex’s, Knoema, We Are Social, Hootsuite, etc.), which show that digital transformation is causing...
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Tools for Predicative Analytics in the Development of the Ecosystem “Education – Research – High Technology Industry”

V.A. Trifonov, O.P. Ivanova, Yu.V. Daneykin, V.M. Tumin, D.A. Kozlov
The article presents the authors’ vision on the use of predictive analytics in determining the strategic prospects for the development of ecosystems “Education – Research – High-tech industry” in order to overcome the technological imbalance in the Russian Federation. The authors have detailed the participants...
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Managing the Quality of Passenger Service in Railway Transport Using Information Services

Yu.V. Kuznetsov, N.V. Кapustina, A.V. Yanelis, I.S. Aleksina
In the modern economy, railway transport must follow the path of innovative development, not only in the field of technology, but also in the field of service. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve problems, including the introduction of new modern technologies, digitalization of various management...
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Formation of Management Teams of Educational Organizations

S.N. Vodneva, I.A. Donina, I.A. Dagaeva
This article discusses the problems and prospects of introducing command administration into the management system of a modern educational organization, since this management context is the most promising for the current situation in the modern macro environment. The authors of the article conducted...
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The Practice of Implementing Youth Policy in the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation in the Context of Increasing the Level of Youth Self-realization

I.A. Dagaeva, O.S. Feoktistova, A.V. Proskurina
One of the directions of modern state policy is activities aimed at solving complex tasks for the implementation of youth policy in various areas. The key issue here is the problem of self-realization of youth, the provision of which is viewed as a factor in achieving sustainable socio-economic development...
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Correlation of Evolutionof IT-Environment With Levels of Organizational Development: Reaching Teal-Level Maturity Through Losses Elimination

O.V. Efimova, E.B. Baboshin, V. Morgunov, A.V. Karlov
Development of the world’s economic model in the post-industrial period has led to evolutionary shifts in the concept of development of organizations: once effective models of authoritarian corporations are being transformed into self-organizing sets of economic units united by goals, principles and...
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Clustering of the Economic Space of the Volga Regions

D.L. Napolskikh
The article discusses the promising directions of clustering of the economic systems of the Volga region, as well as the localization of cluster initiatives in the economic space. The author’s approach to the development of an integrated cluster model of the economic space of Russian regions is to consider...
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Instability of the Environment as a Necessary Condition for Optimal Control of an Economic Object

S.N. Masaev
A review of economic approaches showed the lack of a universal method for assessing management decisions in the face of an increasing volume of analyzed data and changing parameters of the external environment. The method of integral indicators is proposed. Integral indicators are one of the modern methods...
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Application of a Shunting Method in Self-Government for the Synthesis of Homeostatic Regulators

S.V. Zernov
The article examines the relationship of two independent systems with shared limited but renewable resources. Their antagonistic struggle leads to the dispersal of resources and even to the mutual destruction of systems. Therefore, the mutual development of the two systems due to homeostatic control...
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Benchmarking in Managing the Formation of Strategies for the Development of Agricultural Enterprises in the Region

E.A. Rogozina, S.A. Suslov, I.G. Generalov, S.N. Zavivaev, A.S. Sibiryaev
The article highlights the problem of effective use of benchmarking as a promising direction in the process of managing the formation of strategies for the development of agricultural enterprises in our country. The purpose of the study is to determine the basic concepts of benchmarking, substantiate...
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On the Relationship Between Dependent and Basic Patented Inventions, Utility Models and Industrial Designs

O.A. Gorodov, A.L. Sachenko, E.N. Didkovskaya, Y.S. Sviridov, O.K. Kremleva
The article examines the problems of legitimizing the dependence of some protected results of intellectual activity on others. The problem of homogeneity (linear dependence) and heterogeneity (nonlinear dependence) of the dependent result of an intellectual activity with the main result is solved. The...
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Project Method at the University: Digital Experiment

O.M. Zhuravleva
Project management has a long-standing reputation as a successful mechanism in production and business that ensures the competitiveness of an organization and its financial success. Properly organized management allows one to competently organize the process of project implementation and achieve its...
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Digital University Models in the Process of Modern Transformation of Higher Education

T.N. Doroshenko, O.E. Kalpinskaya, E.A. Makarova
The article is devoted to the topical issue of modeling the mechanisms of introducing digital technologies into the educational process of academic universities, the intensity of which increases in proportion to the challenges and threats of modern society. The authors record the cardinal changes in...
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Formation of Novgorod as a Center of Radio-Electronic Industry in 1950–1960s

E.A. Makarova, M.N. Petrov
The article examines the process of formation of radio-electronic industry in Novgorod in the post-war period which began with construction and development of capacities of several factories that produced defense products and consumer goods, especially telecommunication ones. In 1950-60s, conditions...
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Analysis of Development Trends of Rosatom and Rosteс State Corporations

M.A. Nikonova, E.V. Akinfeeva
The work is devoted to analysis of indicators of financial economic and productive activities of the Rosatom and Rosteс State Corporations. As the analysis results have shown, despite the sanctions against Russia the development of Divisions of the Rosatom GK (according to the dynamics of corresponding...
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Risks and Threats to the Economic Security of a Region in the Digital Economy

M.A. Nikolaev, M.Yu. Makhotaeva
The object of this paper is to systematize the risks and threats to the economic security of the region arising from the digital transformation of the economy. Digitalization is changing the landscape of all forms of social and economic relations. In addition to new opportunities, previously unknown...
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Impact of Waste on Pollution of Agricultural Areas

G.V. Fedotova, E.R. Orlova, L.F. Sotnikova, A.F. Baranova
Land plays an important role as the main means of production. Soil as an element of the human environment is of great importance, since soil quality affects human health and living conditions. In the Russian Federation, much attention is paid to improving the efficiency of agricultural land use. This...
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Distance Learning at University: New Challenges and Opportunities

T.L. Sergeeva, G.A. Reznik, M.A. Kurdova
Modern system of higher education has a fundamental scientific base which allows graduates to learn comprehensively, but a new era of information and globalization in education requires modernization, new approaches to organizing higher school. Combination of powerful and accessible information technologies,...
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Legal Framework for Financial Regulation in the RF as a Factor in Ensuring the Economic Security of the Russian Arctic

D. L. Kondratovich
The article analyzes certain provisions of financial regulation, subject to the amendments to the Budget Code of the Russian Federation. The possibilities of effective financial regulation with a view to ensuring the economic security of the Russian Arctic are assessed. It has been determined that the...
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Theoretical Basis of Studying the Information Space

T.A. Selishcheva, S.A. Dyatlov, S.A. Asalhanova, T.G. Romanova, A.V. Potapenko
The article is devoted to the study of the development of the digital economy and the formation of a single national information space in Russia. The article discusses approaches to defining the concept and structure of the information space. The problems of heterogeneity of the information space in...
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Experience of Legal Clinics in Matters of Legal Representation of Clients’ Interests: Difference of Approaches

M.S. Trofimova
The world educational experience proves that the legal clinic today is the most effective element of practice-oriented training in a law school. The possibilities of clinical education allow future lawyers to acquire practical skills even before graduation. The help of a professional mentor, in fact,...
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Improvement of Operational Management of Cash Flows as a Factor of the Growth of Business Activity of Agricultural Enterprises in the Region

O.S. Kukushina, N.I. Vinogradova
Agricultural production is a risky industry, which is recognized all over the world. In this regard, the state is obliged to form, improve, and implement effective mechanisms to support agricultural producers, primarily financial. Analysis of the situation in the industry of the region indicates a significant...
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Research on the Digital Maturity of Mechanical Engineering Companies in Russia

E.V. Pavel, T.V. Kudryashova, P.A. Bykova
The article examines the process of digital transformation of machine-building companies in Russia. A brief overview of digital transformation studies conducted in Russia is presented. It is concluded that these studies are still of an overview and informational nature; the conducted studies lack a methodology...
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Systematic Assessment of The Development of Innovation Ecosystems in Russian Universities of The Northwestern Federal District

D.V. Petrosyants, K.V. Simonov, E.V. Balatsky
The article analyzes the current level of development of Russian universities located in the Northwestern Federal District (NWFD), examines various aspects of their activities, and searches for an adequate comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of a modern university that meets the standards of...
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Socio-Economic Interaction – Addressing Problems of Safety in the Community

N.M. Tverdynin, N.I. Grishakina, O.A. Tikhonova, L.R. Sharifullina
Modern society is fundamentally different from all human communities that existed during the development of world civilization. The world has become a technosociety with a number of characteristics that cannot be correlated with the formations existed before. We can talk about an established society,...
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Energy Saving and Energy Service: Economic Policy and Market Prospects

O.A. Polyanskaya, V.N. Tatarenko, V.V. Bespalova, E.A. Okomina, L.P. Vasilyeva
At the end of 2010, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted the program: “Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement”. This program provides for the replacement of devices of all kinds of energy resources for all participants in the energy market. At the same time, the realities of the...
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Digital Integration as a Factor in the Sustainable Development of the EAEU Member States

T.A. Selishcheva, A.S. Selishchev, S.A. Dyatlov, S.A. Asalhanova, O.P. Ilyina
The article shows that digital integration is becoming a driver of social, economic, and environmental integration and a factor in the sustainable development of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). At the same time, sustainable development is interpreted as the coordinated development...
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Creative Focus as Resource Mechanism for Activity Style of Sales Manager

V.I. Shapovalov, I.B. Shuvanov, V.P. Shuvanova
Association of a creative potential of a sales manager’s personality with structural components of their activity style is revealed. It is noted that a creative component of a manager is the most important one among various factors determining the effective style of activity. Creative focus is regarded...
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Human Capital as a Factor of the Intensive Development of the Company

D.A. Zhdanov, A.G. Mikirtichan
One of the key factors determining the company’s success, ensuring its progressive development and adaptation to the requirements of the digital economy, is the company’s human capital (HC). In this regard, the purpose of the study is to identify ways to support the company’s holistic and sustainable...
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Logistic Approach to the Management of Regional Innovative Development in the Conditions of the Digital Economy (on the Example of the Moscow Region)

N.S. Khoroshavina, V.I. Nikolaev, V.A. Trifonov
Regional innovative development is the basis for the country’s innovative breakthrough. This circumstance becomes especially relevant in the context of the digitalization of the Russian economy. After all, it is innovation that becomes the starting point of digital transformation. In this regard, it...
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Digital Design of the Region’s Logistics Infrastructure

T.S. Tasueva, V.V. Borisova
The growth rates and balance of the region’s economy largely depend on the level of development of the logistics infrastructure, which ensures synchronization of the actions of all participants in the supply system during transportation, procurement, cargo handling and storage of inventory items. In...
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Main Directions of Digitalization in China

P.V. Troshchinskiy
The article is devoted to the study of the process of large-scale digitalization of the Chinese state, which has affected almost all spheres of the country’s public life. Guided by exclusively pragmatic considerations, using vague legislation, the authorities of the People’s Republic of China took the...
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Constructing a Multi-Production Function for Investment in Agricultural Organizations

A.D. Cheremukhin, A.N. Igoshin, A.V. Fedotov, O.P. Ivanova
The development of intelligent systems of agricultural management increases the requirements for models that describe the process of agricultural production. To date, there is a need to develop a new class of production functions that describe simultaneous delivery of several types of products by one...
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Environmental Risk Assessment of Industrial Enterprises on BRICS Countries Industry Materials

S. Cheng, A. Murzin, O. Dubskaya
This article starts with data related to the industrial development of the BRICS countries, and begins to pay attention to the corporate environmental risks of China, Russia and other BRICS countries. After analyzing the pros and cons of several risk assessment methods, it focuses on a simple and easy-to-operate...
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Geographic Aspects of Integration of Ecological and Economic Systems

A.A. Malyshev, N.N. Solodkov, Ya.V. Patturi
Modern solutions to economic problems require a systematic approach that covers the social and ecological aspects of management. In this regard, the ecological and economic approach is becoming widespread in the practice of making management decisions. In this case, the object of management is ecological...
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On the Peculiarities of Consumption of the Population of the Arctic Regions of Russia

T.P. Skufina, S.V. Baranov
The article is devoted to identifying the characteristics of consumption of the population in the Arctic regions of Russia, established on the basis of comparison with the general Russian situation. The need to separate the socio-economic space of the Russian Arctic from the all-Russian state is due...
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Study of the Features of Adaptation of Intellectual Capital in Regions with Weak Economy to the Conditions of “Big Challenges”

A.P. Suvorova, O.M. Repina, N.Yu. Sudakova, S.A. Rudenko
In the modern economy, the model of state management of territorial development is changing. It is being built taking into account the complex external environment and the existing “big challenges”. The authors studied foreign experience and highlighted approaches to establishing significant factors...
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Stability or Variability: Promising Models for the Development of Territorial Systems

N.G. Yushkova, O.A. Fikhtner
The research formulates the scientific problem of the reorganization of territorial systems in modern conditions, caused by the pronounced polarization of the space of life. The methods currently used to solve it do not classify the methods of functioning of territorial systems in terms of their acquisition...
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Assessment of the Direct Economic Effect of Increasing the Retirement Age in Russia

T.P. Skufina, S.V. Baranov, V.P. Samarina
The article is devoted to the assessment of direct economic effect of gradual increase of the retirement age in Russia from 2019 to 2028 by 5 years for men and women. The importance of obtaining such a quantitative assessment is substantiated and the methodology is validated. The methodology includes:...
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New Approach to the Socio-Economic Management Theory

S. V. Shmanev, L.V. Shmaneva
The economic transformations carried out in the country are accompanied by numerous problems that lead to an increase in public discontent and to the quality of governance and the results of reforms. This is dictated by objective circumstances. Indeed, many ongoing projects, as well as the leadership...
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Prospects for the Development of Blended Learning Practice in Russia in the Context of Digitalization of the Higher Education System

E.V. Dokukina, I.P. Salmanova, Y. V. Daneykin
The modern socio-economic system is developing under the influence of the digitalization trend, which covers many areas o2f activity in Russia. Digitalization has a significant impact on the higher education system. One of the most promising approaches in this area is blended learning. This article discusses...
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Optimization of Inter-Cluster Economic and Financial, Information and Logistics Interaction in Conditions of Stochastic Uncertainty

S.N. Jashin, E.V. Koshelev
Simulation technologies based on the principles of stochastic optimization can bring a significant financial effect in planning the investment development of both individual innovation and industrial clusters and federal districts of the country. In such conditions, it becomes important to study the...