Proceedings of the International Seminar on Public Health and Education 2018 (ISPHE 2018)

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Evaluation Of Health Program Using Fresh Instruments As An Effort To Make A Friendly School for Children In Semarang City

Efa Nugroho, Trinita Septi Mentari, Gusti Sesanti Sandra Nastiti, Alfriina Puspa Lambang
Health promotion programs at schools have not reached the expected indicators. The purpose of this study was to get an overview of the implementation of health programs at junior high schools in Semarang. This research used quantitative and qualitative design. The sample were 4 junior high school in...
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The Correlation between Genital Hygiene and Pathological White Discharge on Students at Vocational High School

Anies Muzayyanatul ‘A Midwifery, Erlinda Ratih Wulan
One of the factors that can cause pathological vaginal discharge is Genital hygiene that is not true. This study is aimed to determine the Genital Relationship Hygiene with Pathological Whitishes to the students in SMK this research is cross sectional with the samples number of 86 female students taken...
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Sweet Orange Juice : Blood Glucose Level After Having Anaerobic Activity

Indra Himawan Susanto, Ananda Perwira Bakti, Yetty Septiani Mustar
The influence of blood glucose during exercise is a factor that affects the performance of the athlete. Blood glucose levels can be affected by things like activity or exercise, food and stress. If blood glucose levels decline, the function of brain cells is disrupted because nerve cells do not store...
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Application Of SDA-03 ( Software Detection Autism -03) To Detect Autism Children Disabilities In The Early Ag

Ricko Irawan
The background from this study is that most of parents know their children had autism since in elementary school even junior high school, whereas autism can be detected early, delayed in identificating autism children cause difficult and complicated disease to be cured. The result of this study is software...
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Intake of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage and Metabolic Syndrome Components in Adolescents

Evi Kartini, Fillah Fithra Dieny, Etisa Adi Murbawanni, A.Fahmy Arif Tsani
Adolescents with metabolic syndrome have a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Risk factors of metabolic syndrome include central obesity, hypertriglycerid, and hyperglycemia. High intake (>50 g/day) of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) is known to be positively associated with increased...
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The Impact of Industrial Noise Exposure On Hearing Loss and Hypertension Decline of Labour in Central Java

Cr. Siti Utari
Noise is the danger factor that influences all environment, both industrial environment and environment in general. The effect of noise can be a disturbance sense of hearing form of deafness. For examples is the lowering percentage of hearing level and for another impact is on hypertension. This study...
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Resistance Status of Aedes Aegepty Larvae Against Temephos in Gunungpati Subdistrict, Semarang

Widya Hari Cahyati, Nur Siyam
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) is a major problem in Indonesia. In 2016, Incidence Rate (IR) = 77.96/100.000; Case Fatality Rate (CFR) = 0.79%. Semarang City, the Capital of Central Java Province, is an endemic area of DHF. Gunungpati is a subdistrict that has a high incidence of DHF. Some health workers...
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The Effect of Red Guava Juice to MDA (Malondealdehyde) Levels on The Athletes in The Garuda Bintang Football School Getting Sub-Maximal Physical Activity

Winara Winara
The purpose of this study was to determine effect of red guava juice to changes in MDA levels in the blood of atheletes after getting physical activity sub-maximum, difference effect between a high pulse and low pulse rate on the results of MDA levels, effect of red guava juice 100 grams and 150 grams...
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Effectiveness of Red Guava Juice in Increasing Erythrocyte Index for Prevention of Anemia in Adolescents

F.P. Hardimarta, C.A. Yuniarti, M.N. Aini
The aim of study is to determine the effect of red guava juice on the erythrocyte index profile of adolescent. Method of research is pre experimental with one group pretest postest design. 30 students at AAK 17 August 1945 Semarang were selected by purposive sampling technique. Guava juice are given...
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Reliability of “Nutriatlet” Application as Diatery Assessment Method for Athlete

Irwan Budiono, Tandiyo Rahayu, Soegiyanto Soegiyanto, Oktia Woro Kasmini Handayani, Lukman Fauzi
Nutrition intake assessment needed as an early detection of athletes nutrition problems. Therefore, it was required the modification of conventional consumption survey method to obtain nutrition intake data fast and reliable. The objective of study was to test suitability of consumption survey with "Nutriatlet"...
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Optimizing the Growth of Toddler Through Nutrition Counseling

Natalianingsih Natalianingsih
In Bandung district,toddler with status less body weight as much as 10355 toddlers (3.72%) and who haveexperienced very less weight (
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The Major Factor of Hypertension, Study Case at Posbindu Cipayung, East Jakarta

Cicilia Nurteta, Atik Kridawati
The objective ofthe study is to explain the relationship between physical activity, family history, age, obesity and stress with hypertension. The research method is a quantitative study with cross-sectional study design. The population in this study are Posbindu visitors who are aged> 15 years in Cipayung...
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Maternity Plus Class Model in Improving Efforts of Labor Planning and Preventing Pregnancy Complications at Risk in Rural Communities

Arulita Ika Fibriana, Muhammad Azinar, Anik Setyo Wahyuningsih
The development of the Maternity Plus Class become a model of innovation in revitalizing the role of maternity class programs for family education in planning labor and preventing pregnancy at risk complications (P4K). This research was conducted in 4 villages in Singorojo Kendal sub-district. The design...
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The Influence of Asmaul Husna Dhikr to Psychological Wellbeing of Employees

Evi Ni'matuzzakiyah
The form of violence change according to the age, workplace bullying is a serious problem that happen until nowadays, it includes physical bullying, verbal bullying, psychological bullying, and social bullying. Workplace bullying behaviors are pervasive in some healthcare organizations leading to difficult...
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Biomotor Ability Profile of Indonesian Male Rugby Athletes for Asian Games 2018

Junaidi Junaidi
Description in this research is the use of Muscle strength, Explosive power, Cardio endurance, Flexibility and Coordination as a measure of athlete biomotor ability at male athletes. The measurement their Biomotor ability held at the Faculty of Sport Science of Jakarta State University. The research...
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Development Model of Basic Skills Training Shot Put O’Brien Style Techniques Based on Biomechanical Studies

Danang Rohmat Hidayanto, Agus Kristiyanto, Sapta Kunta Purnama
The purpose of this study is to know what students do, including basic techniques, glide, final stage, task, and repulsion performance. The research method used is Research and Development approach. Samples used in this study are students of vocational high School Kalijambe grade X TKR. Therefore, it...
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Fundamental Movement Skills Game on Intellectual Disability Children in Primary Special Education

Selvi Atesya Kesumawati, Tandiyo Rahayu, Hari Amirullah Rachman, Setya Rahayu
The Fundamental Movement Skill (FMS) of the intellectual disability (ID) children, whether it is mild or moderate, has a disorder, therefore there is a need to guide the ID of the child on optimal FMS and gain pleasure through movement. Getting game exercise is one form of game designed purposely by...
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Artistic Swimming Helps the Intelligence Development

Wasti Danardani, Soegiyanto K.S., Hari Setijono, Mr. Sulaiman
Artistic swimming is a branch of sport which has an element of swimming, gymnastics, ballet, and dance. There are two kinds of training; land training and pool training. The training which is done on the land to increase physical capacity. Moreover, the training done in pool to improve skills. Appearance...
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Development Ability of Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity on Children Age 6 to 12 Years Reviewed from Topography Link and Sex District Of Bima

Khairul Amar
This study aims to determine the development of aerobic and anaerobic capacity and capability in men and women aged 6 to 12 years living in the coastal areas. And also the comparison of aerobic and anaerobic capacity building capabilities of boys and girls at the age of 6 to 12 years living in the coastal...
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Personality Characteristics In Individual And Team Sports

Hermawan Pamot Raharjo, Donny Wira Yudha Kusuma, Hartono Mugiyo
This study compares the personality characteristics of athletes in individual and team sports. 197 athletes (105 individual, 92 team, 131 males, and 66 females) completed the SPQ-20 Sport Personality Questionnaire. This questionnaire is composed of four sub- scales of 20 personality traits. The data...
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Effect of Fartlek Training to the Improvement of VO2Max on Athletes Runners of 800-meters

Sarmidi Sarmidi
The research has aimed to improve vo2max on 800-meters runner of Banjarmasin Athletic with fartlek training. The problem in this study is the athletes did not experience a significant increase especially in endurance during exercise, reality on the field, during training many experience exhaustion is...
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The Influences of Gymnastics And Motivation Toward The Reduction of Body Fat Level

Eva Faridah
The purpose of the study is to know the influences of Zumba towards the fat level reduction in body. This research was done at Studio Gymnast 88 for 12 weeks. The types of the study are quantitative research, experimental method, and 2x2 factorial designs. The research shows that there is a significant...
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Changes In Blood Sugar Level After Cycling For 30 Minutes

Ramdan Pelana
The purpose of this study is The change in blood sugar levels after cycling for 30 minutes. This was an experimental study. The criteria of this study are 17 years old, weight 50-55kg, glucose level 110-140mg/dl. The results of the calculation of blood glucose values before and after cycling obtained...
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Analysis of Energy Need and Adequacy of Athlete Based on Physical Activity Measurement by Using Pedometer

Deny Yudi Fitranti, Fillah Fithra Dieny, Choirun Nissa, Hartanti Sandi Wijayanti, Vintantiana Sukmasari, Maria Dolorosa Sus Renata
Physical activity is an important component in measuring energy need of an athlete. Pedometer is a tool to estimate energy expenditure from physical activities based on footsteps. This study aims to analyze the differences of energy needed and adequacy on athlete based on physical activity measurement...
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Development Of Warm-Up Models For Hockey Game

Novi Marlina Siregar, Friska Restiani Faradita, Hartman Nugraha
The study is aimed to make a warm-up game of hockey and improve motivation training, research for four months in September - December 2017. The research method is using the method of research and development (R & D), according to the Sukmadinata models, where this study uses three stages of the preliminary...
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Anthropometric Factors and Physical Condition Dominant Determinants Overhead Throws and Batting Skills In Softball

Arif Eka Saraya, Mr Sugiyanto, Muchsin Doewes
Anthropometric factors and physical condition, among others, height, arm length, arm muscle strength, hand-eye coordination, balance, and reaction time. This research goal is to determine the anthropometric factors and the physical condition of the dominant determinant of overhead throws and batting...
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Effect 1 Vs. 1 as Continous Game Against Learning Outcomes Dribbling and Controlling in Football

Mochamad Ridwan, Gatot Darmawan, Frisillia Adiyta Mukti
1 Vs. 1 continuous is a game model in football with a one-on-one player, the first player to dribbling and control the ball and the second player as the opponent who becomes the shadow to seize control of the ball from the first player. The purpose of this study is to find information from existing problems,...
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Effect of Plyometric Tuck Jumps and Lateral Hurdle Jumps on The Ability of Takraw’S Male Athletes to Do Smash Kedeng

Mr Sulaiman, Agus Raharjo, Wahyu Zaenal Abidin
Smash Kedeng is important to get points in Takraw’s game, but it's very difficult to do. Therefore, it is necessary to develop appropriate training. This study aims to examine the right exercise to improve smash Kedeng ability. This experimental research used sample of 20 male athletes using two independent...
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The Palm Date Treatment to Anaerobic Muscle Fatigue on Running Athlete

Mursid Tri Susilo, Ms Mardiana
The fitness of an athlete is very important. Running athletes need enormous energy in a short time thereby they should increase the risk of anaerobic muscle fatigue. One of the effort to delay it was by increased of glycogen deposits and potassium intake which indicated to prevent and reduce anaerobic...
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Biomechanical Analysis of Snatch Technique in Conjunction to Kinematic Motion of Olympic Weightlifters

Moh. Kusuma Nanang Himawan, D. Rilastia, M. Syafei, R. Nugroho, B. Budihardjo
The snatch requires the barbell to be lifted from the floor to a straight-arm overhead position in one continuous motion (Gordon et al, 2012). The increase of performances is depending on the improvement of proper technique and training methods (Hung-Ta et al, 2010). Determining the effects of barbell...
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Effect of Physically Programmed Examination to Value Maximum Oxygen Volume (Vo2max) at Justice Cricket Junior Samarinda

Muhammad Ramli Buhari, Hasan Hasan
VO2max is an important factor that contributes to the endurance of aerobic athletes. It reflects the cardiorespiratory capacity of a person, so the more oxygen that can be transported and consumed by the muscles that are on the move, the better the endurance of the athlete. The purpose of this study...
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The Throwing Techniques in Martial Arts for Beginner on Match Category

Kartini Kartini, Sugiyanto Sugiyanto, Siswandari Siswandari
The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the composition of motion throwing techniques in martial arts in accordance with qualitative biomechanical analysis for beginners. The throwing techniques are done with series of complex motion, so the fighter needs a model of exercise that can facilitate in...
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Exercise Method of Hockey Basic Technique Skills

Much. Samsul Huda, Janje J Sapulete, Zulfikar Zulfikar
In this research, 20 from 54 the cluster of the student is random sampling. The research was focused on three aspect; training method and motivation achievement to the ability of the basic techniques of hockey students. The data were collected with questionnaire and analyzed with tuckey analysis. Result...
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The Effect of Endurance Exercises Method to Increase VO2Max Wrestling Athlete in Indonesia

Rubianto Hadi, Hari Setijono, Soegiyanto Soegiyanto, Setya Rahayu
The results showed that VO2 Max as a whole result of pretest result 46,95%, result of test of Cycle I increased to equal to 49,43%, and result of Cycle II test become better reaching 50,21%. The conclusion from this study is that the training interval method can increase the VO2 Max Atlet Wrestling Program...
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Perception of Athlets And Trainers on Use, Security, and Company Tools of Extinguishers on The Exercise Skills of Bolavoli Motion

Agung Wahyudi
The problem brought from this study is how the trainer and bolavoli athlete respond to the application and the use of the bolavoli thrower on the practice of bolavoli motion skills. The objective is to know the perception of trainers and athletes on the application and the use of the ball-throwing tools...
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The Role of Training of Goal Setting and Muscle Relaxation to Self Confidence Swimmer of Central Java Training Center 2016

Sungkowo Sungkowo, Kaswarganti Rahayu
The purpose of this study is to determine the role of goal setting training and muscle relaxation against self-confidence enhancer swimmers from Central Java Training Center 2016. The population is the swimmers from Central Java Training Center 2016 in 2016, which amounted to 8 people. Then the sampling...
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The Impact of Aqua Jogging Exercise on Hematological Response in Obese Women

Siti Baitul Mukarromah, Hardono Susanto
This study was aimed to determine the effect of aqua jogging on the hematology in obese women. Experimental Randomized pre-test post-test control group design, 36 obese women, age 45-50 years, divided into 3 groups, aqua jogging, resistance training and control (n = 12). Body Mass Index (BMI) hematological...
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Differences between Road Bike and Mountain Bike on Decreasing Blood Sugar Level after Cycling for 30 Minutes

Yasep Setiakarnawijaya
This study was aimed to determine the difference blood sugar level decrease after cycling for 30 minutes using road bike and mountain bike. The concept of measurement of blood glucose level using glucometer and it is taken after the sample doing cycling for 30 minutes. This Quasi experimental research...
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Personality Profiles Using Mbti Test For Sport Talent Identification For Students

Donny Wira Yudha Kusuma, Hermawan Pamot Raharjo, Hartono Mugiyo
Making an accurate and valid prediction about the long term success of an athlete in professional sport is likely a difficult aspect of the roleof professional coaches. To date however, personality inventories have yet become common place within this evaluative process; and thus, their predictive utility...
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The Positive and Negative News Coverage Released by the Media that Influenced the Psychology of the Students

Heny Setyawati, Tandiyo Rahayu
The development and the performance of athletes need to be disclosed to the society in general, through mass media though uncontrolled news may give negative side effect which is contra productive for the sports coaching, including mental defectiveness of an athlete. This study is to examine The positive...
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Exploring Spirituality of Sport for Research in Indonesian Context

Anirotul Qoriah
Sport is a multidimensional phenomenon, encompasses various purposes ranging from health-focused physical activities to spiritual-enhancing practices. Spirituality contributes to a person’s well-being, and recent studies begin to examine the potentials to integrate spirituality into the practice of consulting...
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The Phenomena and Impact of Public Participation on Sport at Big City (Surabaya And Semarang) Car Free Day Area

Fery Darmanto, Agus Widodo Suripto, Henny Setyawati, Kartika Septianingrum
This research is conducted in big city Car Free Day area, especially Semarang and Surabaya to find out public participation and the impact of sport performed at car free day area. This research is qualitative research by using observation and interview methods. The technique of analyzing data is using...
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Qualitative Study of Exclusive Breastfeeding Succeded among Working Mother

Galuh Nita Prameswari, Arif Rahmat Kurnia
Infant Mortality Rate in Indonesia was 32 deaths per 1000 live births, whereas Under-five Mortality Rate reaches 40 deaths from 1000 live births. One of the factors which underlie those numbers was the low rate of exclusive breastfeeding. In Central Java, exclusive breastfeeding was still below target...
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Community Empowerment Model Based on Local Wisdom As an Effort to Reduce Maternal Mortality Rate in Jeneponto Regency

Yusriani Yusriani, Muhammad Khidri Alwi
The study was aimed to find a model of community empowerment based on local wisdom as an effort to reduce Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR). The research method was dominant-less dominant design. The result showed that the behavior of pregnant women in the effort to decrease the risk of MMR was a high risk....
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Analysis of Preventive and Health Promotion Program Using IPO Model in Primary Health Care in Semarang

Prasetijono Prasetijono, Citaprasetya Citaprasetya
Primary Health Care (PHC) has a strategic role to develop and maintain prevention and health promotion programs. This paper researched was done in PHC in Semarang, by evaluating the indicators in Input-Process-Output (IPO) Model. The supporting factors for health promotions are availability of funds...
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Development of Health Education Materials for Junior High School Students

Martin Sudarmono
Teaching materials are very important in teaching and learning in schools. In Junior High School, the teaching materials used are not same with the curriculum, especially teaching materials of health education in physical education subject. The purpose of this research is to produce learning materials...
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Multilateral Model Exercise of Sprint on Track and Field for Elementary School

Ika Novitaria, Moch. Asmawi, Rizky Nurulfa
The learning orientation should be tailored to the child's development, content and material affairs as well as the way the delivery should be tailored so as to be interesting and fun. The aim of this research is to develop a multilateral model exercise of the sprint on track and field and to find how...
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Swimming Learning Model For Elementary School Students Who are not Brave to Swim

Abdul Sukur, Ika Novitaria, Hamim Khiara Ananda
Swimming is one of the materials in physical education taught to elementary school students. However, many elementary school students are not brave when having to learn swimming for various reasons. Therefore, this study was conducted with the aim to produce a model of swimming learning for elementary...
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The Role of Blended Learning on Cognitive Step in Education of Sport Teaching by Adjusting the Learning Style of the Students

Abi Fajar Fathoni
Education of sport teaching is often done by using face to face teaching where the teaching model is only effective for the students with kinesthetic learning style. However, for the students that have visual and auditorial learning style, it is less effective to use only face to face teaching. The purpose...
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The Perceptions of Undergraduate (S1) Students of Physical Education, Health, and Recreation on Non-Formal Education Course in Regular Class of Odd Semester 2017/2018

Soegiyanto Soegiyanto, Ipang Setiawan, Dhimas Bagus Dharmawan
The present research is aimed to analyze and study students’ perceptions on Non-formal Education course. This research was survey research with quantitative descriptive approach. The instrument of the research used questionnaire and the indicators were knowledge, proficiency and learning process. Sample...
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Revealing Physical Educational Misconception of the Students in Sport Biomechanics Linear Motion

Dwi Cahyo Kartiko, Muhammad Habibbulloh
The aim of this research is to reveal misconception in Sport Biomechanics Linear Motion. The Data of misconception collected by standard question of diagnostic test that given to students of Physical Education, Faculty of Sport Science, State University of Surabaya. The samples choose using simple random...
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The Survey Level of Physical Fitness of Football Club in STKIP Taman Siswa Bima

Irfan Irfan
The objective of this study is to know the level of Vo2max in football players. The type of this study was descriptive qualitative research. Sources of data in this study is to use primary data because the data is taken directly by researchers through Multistage Fitness Test. While secondary data is...
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Empowerement of Trained Health Volunteers to Increase Detection Rate of Children with Developmental Delay in Urban Kendal, Indonesia

Lukman Fauzi, Sri Rtana Rahayu, Lindra Anggorowati, Nimas Dwi Ayu Rizki
Early detection at integrated health post in Kendal is only in growth aspect. Health workers and volunteers never measure and monitor developmental aspect among children. This makes developmental delay among them cannot be early detected and treated. Trained health volunteers (HV) are HV who are trained...
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Developing a Long Passing Skill Measuring Instrument For Soccer School Student

Ardi Nusri
This study aims to produce a long passing skill measuring instrument of soccer school student. This study applied research and development method by using experimental design with the steps; (a) draft development, (b) validation, (c) small group experiment, (d) large group experiment. The small group...
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The Effects of Skills-Based Health Education on the Knowledge of the Students , Attitude, and Behavior towards the Prevention of Environment-Based Diseases

Yuni Wijayanti, Anik Setyo Wahyuningsih
Environmental-based diseases are one of the causes of death. This research aims to analyze the influence of Skills-Based Health Education (SBHE) on knowledge, attitude, and behavior of the elementary school students in Sekaran Semarang towards the prevention of environmental diseases. The study used...
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The Contribution Of Eye and Hand Coordination To Under Pass Volleyball of Extracurricular Students of SMP Negeri 4 Pekanbaru

Sasmarianto Sasmarianto
Based on the writer's observation in the field showed that the ability of under passing students in extracurricular activity of SMP Negeri 4 Pekanbaru is still low. This study aims to determine whether there is a contribution of eye and hand coordination of under passing the volleyball of extracurricular...
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Building Cooperation Interpersonal Skill in Physical Education Lessons Through Traditional Game

Sasminta Christina Yuli Hartatiti, Anung Priambodo, Bernard Djawa, Bayu Budi Prakoso
Cooperation as interpersonal skill is one of the four important competencies that must be possessed by learners to be able to lead a successful life in the 21st century. Teachers, who are usually only concerned with assisting students to meet certain hard-skill qualifications, are now also required to...
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Immunization Coverage on Infants in Three Districts of Central Java Province

Sutopo Patria Jati, Martini Martini, Budiyono Budiyono, Ayun Sriatmi, Nikie Astorina
The coverage of complete basic immunization in Central Java decreased from 100.7%, 93.4%, and 97.2% during 2013-2015, as the number of measles cases increased from 32, 308 and 576. The aim of this research was to analyze the coverage of immunization in Semarang City, Brebes District, and Surakarta City...
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Comparison between Sport Massage and Aquatic Exercise to Decrease the Level of Lactic Acidin Students of Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Kuswahyudi Kuswahyudi, Syefrina Salsabila
This study aims to determine how much the ratio between sport massage and aquatic exercise to decrease lactic acid levels on students of UniversitasNegeri Jakarta. This research was conducted at Gelanggang Olahraga Rawamangun in December 2017. The method used is the experiment method One Group Pre-test...
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Application of Safety Education on Junior High School Teaching Materials

Evi Widowati, Herry Koesyanto, Sugiharto
Children in junior high school are stand in transitional period between elementary and senior high school. These junior high school students are still on the period of growth and development. Therefore, they are included as vulnerable group. They always want to move and have excessive energy, so that...
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Radiographic Evaluation of Odontogenic Keratocyst: A 14-year Retrospective Study

Nor Hidayah Reduwan, Jira Kitisubkanchana, Suchaya Pornprasertsuk- Damrongsri, Sopee Poomsawat
Odontogenic keratocyst is regarded as a relatively common developmental odontogenic lesion representing 12% to 14% of all odontogenic cyst of the jaw. The lesion is of important interest for its potentially destructive behaviour and relatively high recurrence rate from 21.1% to as high as 35.4% in patients...
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Procalcitonin in Children with Relapsing Steroid- Sensitivenephrotic SyndromeA 14-year Retrospective Study

Dian Ismawardani, Oke Rina Ramayani, Yazid Dimyati, Zulfikar Lubis, Atan Baas Sinuhaji, Rita Evalina
Abstract—Sensitive-Steroid Nephrotic Syndrome (SSNS) is the most common chronic glomerular disease in children with high incidence of relapse. Infections were statistically significant risk factors for recurrence in SSNS. Current findings suggest that procalcitonin (PCT) may not only be a valid marker...
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Effectiveness of Food Safety Awareness Program to Build Early Childhood Development

Bertakalswa Hermawati, Sofwan Indarjo, Efa Nugroho, Dyah Mahendrasari Sukendra
The objectives of this study was to determine the change of mother's behavior after given intervention related to food safety in early childhood. The study design was before and after experimental design. The sample were 62 mothers. Intervention with educational model through film media related with...
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Relationship between Enuresis and Children’s Quality of Life

Vanny Fitriana Sari, Oke Rina Ramayani, Elmeida Effendy, Munar Lubis
Enuresis had been reported affecting children in many aspects of life such as physosocial, emotion and school performance which leads to Quality of Life (QoL) impairment. This study aims to assess the relationship between enuresis and children’s quality of life. A cross-sectional study was performed...
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Relationship between Bilingual Environment and Indonesian Language Development in Children

Dwi Herawati Ritonga, Sri Sofyani, Lily Irsa
Language development is one of the most important developments in children, influenced by internal and external factors. One of the most influential external factors is verbal environment. Specific language disorder can occur in one language in children with bilingual environment in the first three years...