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Biodiversity and Existing Condition of Coral Reef Ecosystem in Kondang Merak Beach Malang

Tarzan Purnomo
Coral reefs are one of the compilers of ecologically and economically important tropical marine ecosystems, but are very vulnerable to damage. Declining sea water quality due to climate change, coastal land use, and inaccurate coastal management patterns can threaten its sustainability. This study aims...
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Biodiversity of Invertebrates in Kemantren Coast, Lamongan

Dwi Rahayu, D A Rahayu, R Ambarwati, U Faizah
Kemantren beach is located in the Kemantren Village, Paciran District, Lamongan Regency. This beach is consists of sand and coral substrate. Kemantren beach is one of the small coastal islands of Java that has already reclaimed with spot of high ecotourism potency and habitat for numerous types of invertebrate....
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The Dynamics of Scientific Literacy Skills of Biology Students in Histology Lectures Using Scientific Literacy-Based Worksheet

Nur ducha, D Hariani, W Budijastuti
Scientific literacy skills are essential for students, as it related to how students can understand their environment and their various life problems. The purpose of this research was to study the dynamics of scientific literacy skills of biology students in histology lectures. This research used a descriptive...
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Chlorogenic Acid Yacon Tubers [Smallanthus Sonchifolia (Poepp. Et Endl.) H. Robinson]. On The Use of Natural Inhibitors and Storage Temperature Variations

Leny Yuanita, Prima Retno Wikandari, Dhita Ayu Permata Sari, Wahyu Budi Sabtiawan
The aim of the study was to obtain the optimum content of chlorogenic acid (CA) yacon tubers on the use of natural inhibitors through a combination of immersion in natrium chloride, ascorbic acid and citric acid with 14 days storage at 5 and 15°C temperature variations. Yacon tubers are obtained from...
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The Study of Self-Cleaning Properties of TiO2 Coated on Cotton Fabrics

Dina Maharani, D K Maharani, M M S Basukiwardoyo, S T Alawiyah, Rusmini Rusmini
This research study about self cleaning activity of TiO2 coated on cotton fabric. TiO2 nanoparticles is known as good semiconductor which have photocatalytic properties. Cotton fabric was coated by TiO2 to produce self cleaning textiles. Coating of TiO2 nanoparticles on cotton fabrics was carried using...
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Constructing Recommendation about Skills Combinations Frequently Sought in IT Industries Based on Apriori Algorithm

Latifah, Tubagus Mohammad Akhriza, Laras Dewi Adistia
To adapt the IT curriculum to the requirements of the IT industry skills, several methods have been proposed. Among them is the method of mining job advertisement data to find skills that are being sought by the industry. However, so far no significant research has focused on providing recommendations...
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Analysis of the Effect of Temperature and Time for Ultrasonication on Graphite Structure

Diah Kusumawati, Diah Hari Kusumawati, Muhammad Nurhuda
Graphite is a carbon allotrope with special bonding characteristics. These bonds can be altered given ultrasonic waves to be another form of bond or loosened. Changes in bonds will cause changes in bond characteristics to other forms of carbon allotropes. By varying ultrasonication process (time and...
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Dynamical Analysis Discrete of Euler Scheme for Harvested Predator-Prey Model with Ratio-Dependent Response Function and Prey Refuge

A Hadi, Abdul Hadi, Siti Nurul Afiyah, Vivi Aida Fitria
In this research, Euler method is applied to discretize a harvested predator prey model with ratio-dependent response function and prey refuge. The existence and stability of fixed points has been analyzed. Stability of each fixed point shown that the fixed points are stable for small size of time step....
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Applying Spherical Triangle Concept in Simulator to Determine Distance and Direction of Ship

Damoyanto Purba, Novita Hindri Harini, Agus Dina Mirianto, Zainullah Zuhri
Since Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is a very important navigator for the safety of seafaring, a cadet of Seafaring Polytechnic should learn it at class. Cadet should master how to use it properly to improve effectiveness and efficiency in seafaring. But, ECDIS only in the ship...
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Risk and Return Portfolio of Food and Beverages Companies in Ramadhan 2019

Achmad Kautsar, Nadia Asandimitra, RA Sista Paramita, Musdholifah Musdholifah, Ulil Hartono, Trias Madanika Kusumaningrum, Yuyum Isbanah
Ramadan Effect, one type of market anomaly, is a seasonal anomaly which shows a difference in average returns in the month of Ramadan compared to other months in one year. The phenomenon of increasing public consumption in the month of Ramadan is suspected to be a phenomenon that causes returns in Ramadan,...
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A Numerical Study of Diffusion-Convection Equations

Imam Solekhudin
In this paper, problems involving time-dependent diffusion-convection equation are studied. To study these problems, a numerical method is employed to solve the equation numerically. The method used in this research is a Laplace Transform Dual Reciprocity Method (LTDRM). Using this method, the time-dependent...
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The Fuzzy Optimal Solution of Fuzzy Transport Problems Using A New Fuzzy Least Cost Method

Farikhin Farikhin, Muhammad Sam'an, Bayu Surarso, Bambang Irwanto
The fuzzy transport algorithms is used by researchers for finding optimal solution of Fuzzy Transport Problem (FTP), one of them is the Least Cost Method or LCM. The concept of LCM is to choose the least cost from the FTP table to be used as the base cell. If there is the same lowest cost, it is freely...
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The Layer Profile of the Students’ Understanding of Image Making and Image Having in Completing Mathematical Problems

Alfian Abdillah, A. S. Abdillah, Mardiyana Mardiyana, Siswanto Siswanto
Mathematical understanding is an important aspect in learning mathematics. Pirie and Kieren's theory classified that eight layers of mathematical understanding, including image making and image having. In solving the problems, these layers can show the students such a way of solving problems. The purpose...
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Students’ Proof Scheme for Mathematical Proving and Disproving of Divisibility Proposition

Ditya Rahmawati, Ditya Rifky Rahmawati, Yusuf Fuad, Endah Budi Rahaju
This study aimed to investigate and describe students’ proof schemes for disproving mathematical proposition. Previous studies examined students’ proof scheme of Calculus, Elementary Numbers Theory, Quadratic, and Geometry’s Propositions. This study examined student proof schemes of Divisibility’s Proposition...
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The Fraction Magnitude Knowledge through Representations at Students with Mathematics Difficulties

Ijtihadi Amalina, Ijtihadi Kamilia Amalina, Yusuf Fuad
Elementary school students’ knowledge of fraction magnitude may predict their mathematics achievement. Students’ mathematics achievement is influenced by their mathematics difficulties. This study exposes students’ representations in estimating fractions to indicate their fraction magnitude knowledge....
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The Use of Educational Game Media and Its Effect on Student Achievement of 6th Grade Elementary School Students in Mathematics Learning

Aqsyari Syam, Agustan Syamsuddin, Aqsyari Pujian Syam, Irwan Akib
This study aims to find out the description of the use of educational game media and its impact on the mathematics learning outcomes of grade VI elementary school students. This study included quasi-experimental research with a pre-test-post-test control group design. This study involved 29 sixth grade...
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Hybrid Learning versus Traditional Course in Mathematics Classroom for Higher Education: Students’ Achievement and Students’ Experiences

Rudianto Artiono, Yuliani Puji Astuti, Mega Teguh Budiarto
This study aimed to examine the outcome of lectures conducted using hybrid learning in Integral Calculus courses. It focused on students’ achievement and students’ experiences. Teaching materials were developed using the Plomp development model in the form of learning videos which met valid, practical...
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Understanding the Quadrilateral Concept of Junior High School Students Based on APOS Theory in Terms of Differences in Cognitive Styles

Ahmad Anam, Achmad Choirul Anam, D Juniati, Pradnyo Wijayanti
This study was designed to describe the understanding of quadrilateral concepts in junior high school students based on the APOS theory (Action, Process, Objects, and Schemes). The research used qualitative approach to explain the understanding of two junior high school students who had equal mathematical...
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The Development of Cooperative Learning Tools with Teams Games Tournament (TGT) Types to Overcome Students’ Mathematical Anxiety in Algebraic form Material for The Seventh Grades of Junior High School Students

Syahda Mahfudhoh, Syahda Umroh Mahfudhoh, Dwi Juniati, Agung Lukito
This research was aimed to (1) describe the development the good cooperative learning tools with TGT types on algebraic form material and (2) know the effectiveness of the learning on algebraic form material using TGT to reduce the students’ mathematical anxiety. This research was a development research....
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Student’s Mathematics Anxiety in Solving Mathematical Problems of Logarithms Material

Istifada Hayati, Istifada Nurul Hayati, Budiyono Budiyono, Isnandar Slamet
The process of learning mathematics, anxiety is a supporting and inhibiting factor for student learning achievement, especially in learning logarithm material. Difficulties in the form of anxiety are one of the emotional factors of students. Anxiety can also be a useful stimulus because each student...
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The validity of Teaching Materials Based on Hybrid Learning: The 21st Century Challenge

Budi Prawoto, Budi Priyo Prawoto, Rudianto Artiono, Dwi Nur Yunianti
This study aims to develop calculus teaching materials based on Hybrid Learning. It can be used to prepare students with the 21st-century challenge. This research is expected to help students in facing the learning process in the future. Also, this research aims to help the students to engage in the...
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Flexibility of Guardian and Artisan Selected Students in Solving Fraction Problems

Yenny Novitasari, R Setianingsih, Y F Novitasari
The aim of this study is to describe flexibility of students with guardian and artisan personality types in solving fraction problems. This study is a descriptive study using qualitative approach. The subjects consisted of two 8th grade students that were measured by Personality Classification Test (PCT)...
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Students' Ability to Arrange Learning Devices Using Discovery Learning Model in Innovative Learning II Course

Pradnyo Wijayanti, P Wijayanti, Ismail Ismail, I Kurniasari
Based on curriculum development in primary and secondary schools, Unesa Mathematics Department through the KKNI curriculum has tried to adjust 2013 curriculum, which is to teach students about learning with scientific and constructivist approach. This is done in the subject of Innovative Learning II...
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Prospective Students’ Math Talk in Solving Secondary School Mathematics Problem

Dini Fardah, Dini Kinati Fardah, Puspita Anggraini Setyaningrum, Evangelista Lus Windyana Palupi, Anggietyas Damaningrum, Ahmad Wachidul Kohar
To activate the cooperation or collaboration skill of the students, educator often make small groups of students and give some topics to be discussed. However, we often ignore the activities that occur within the group. This article describe the process of problem solving occurred in 3 groups of prospective...
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Development of Student Worksheet for Improving the Self-efficacy and Ability to Argue of Chemistry Teacher Candidates Study on Junior High School Students Behavior Based on Keirsey Personality Type

Farah Erika, Zainul Arifin Imam Supardi, Tukiran Tukiran
The purpose of this study is to explain the validity of student worksheets based on argumentation and self-efficacy learning that has been developed. The development of the student worksheets refers to the design of the Wademan model development research model. The student worksheet applied phases of...
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Training Digital Literation by Digital Book Format Electronic Publisher Themes of Climate for Junior High School Students

Siti hidayati, Siti Nurul Hidayati, Siska Vernanda, I W Dasna, Munzil Munzil, S Wonoraharjo
This electronic document is a “live” template and already This study aims to train the digital literacy of seventh-grade junior high school students with electronic books in electronic publisher format. The book used in this study has been validated previously included in the category of very feasible....
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The Effectiveness of Predict-Observe-Explain Strategy to Reduce Misconception in Thermochemistry

Imroatuz Zakiyah, Wahono Widodo, Tukiran Tukiran
Thermochemistry is one of materials that had low student’s understanding ability on National Examination in 2013-2015 which only gets 55.45%. This low percentage because of student still has misconception. Misconception can cause students having low ability to understand a concept. This misconception...
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The Role of Local Wisdom-based Student Worksheet on Scientific Reasoning

Noly Shofiyah, Enik Setiyawati, Nurdyansah Nurdyansah
The aim of this research is to analyze the students’ scientific reasoning skill by the use of Students’ Local Wisdom-based Worksheet. This is a Quasi Experimental research with One Group Pre-test Post-test design. Research population are the entire students of science education of UniversitasMuhammadiyahSidoarjo....
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Developing Instructional Video to EnhanceBiology Pre-Service Teachers’Metacognitive Skills

Endang Susantini, Sifak Indana, Isnawati Isnawati, Sonia Dianita Sayitri
An instructional video might help learners to conceive learning attainment better or acquire specific skills. This study aimed to describe video quality, metacognitive skills, and responses of pre-service teachers. The video was developed using ASSURE model consisted of six stages; analyzing learner,...
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Improving Science Literacy Skills for High School Students Through Guided Inquiry-Based Learning

Ernita Aulia, Ernita Vika Aulia
The main objective of this study was to describe the effectiveness of guided inquiry-based learning to improve high school students’ science literacy skills. The science literacy skills was the ability to engage with science-related issues, scientific ideas, and reflective thinking. Evaluation criteria...
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The Effectiveness of the Learning Devices Using Investigation-Based Multiple Representation to Improve Students’ Problem Solving Ability on Reflection and Refraction Materials

Desfhie Yolenta, Budi Jatmiko, Tjipto Prastowo
The aim of this study was to explain the effectiveness of the Investigation-Based Multiple Representation (IBMR) learning model to improve the physics problem solving abilities of high school students on reflection and refraction of light. The effectiveness of the learning device was analyzed based on...
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The Regularity of Science in Moonlight Sonata Instrument is used in The Design of Physics Learning

Sofa Maria
The main purpose of edutainment is to increase enthusiasm for learning. However, the implementation of physics learning still lacks emphasis on the learning process that meaningful and relevant, especially in Indonesia. This study were purposed to make the design of physics learning by integrating science...
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Integration of Scientific Article Writing in the Animal Systematics Course to Train Scientific Literacy

Ulfi Faizah, Reni Ambarwati, Dwi Anggorowati Rahayu
One of the 21st century skills needed by students is scientific literacy skill. Students who take Animal Systematics courses which are need to train in scientific literacy skills through scientific writing activities. This study aimed to describe about integration of writing scientific articles in systematic...
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The effect of problem based learning with gallery walk strategy to creativity and communication skills

Titin Sunarti, Dilla Ayu Septiana
This research aimed to analyze the effect of Problem Based Learning with Gallery Walk Strategy to creativity and communication skills in physics. This strategy was effective to conceptual topic. Therefore in this research, the chosen topic was global warming. This research was conducted to two groups...
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The Development of Learning Devices with the Etnoid (Ethnoscience Android) Assisted Guided Inquiry Model on Vibration and Wave Materials

Faudina Permatasari, Madlazim Madlazim, Wahono Widodo
This research was conducted in two stages; preparation stage which was aimed to develop the device, followed by implementation stage of learning in classroom using the pretest posttest design. The validation test consisted of media validation tests by media expert lecturers from the chemistry department...
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The Development of Student Worksheets (LKPD) in Learning Science through Group Investigation Learning to Train Critical Thinking Skills of Junior High School Students

Enik Kurniawati, Tjandrakirana Tjandrakirana, Sifak Indana
The purpose of this study is to produce a Student Investigation Worksheet (LKPD) based on Group Investigation learning to train the appropriate Junior High School students’critical thinking skills based on validity, practicality, and effectiveness. LKPD was developed with a 4-D research design namely...
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Chemical Materials Mastery of High School Students in East Java

Bertha Yonata
This article reveals student achievement in the Indonesia National Examination on Chemistry Material at the high school level in the East Java Province from 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018. The chemistry exam consists of Basic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry,...
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Exploration of Balai Materia Medica Batu: Field-Trip Supporting Biotechnology Learning

Hasan Subekti, Herawati Susilo, Ibrohim Ibrohim, Hadi Suwono, Aris Rudi Purnomo
Field trips provide an opportunity to learn about life in the real world through exploration activities. This descriptive study aims to describe the process and response of students to the action of field trips to Materia Medica Batu (MMB) to support biotechnology courses. The participants in this study...
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Use of Computerized Games on Chemistry Learning

Achmad Lutfi, Rusly Hidayah, Ika Arum Hidayah
This study aimed to determine the impact of the use of computer-friendly games on Chemical Adventure as a medium to study Chemistry on learning outcomes, learning interests, and student responses. The form of research used was Pre-Experimental Research with a single group design Pretest-Posttest One...
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Enhancing the Digital Literacy of Pre-Service Biology Teacher through Animal Systematics Course

Reni Ambarwati, Ulfi Faizah, Dwi Anggorowati Rahayu
Digital literacy is one of the important skills that must be mastered by Biology Teacher. An effort has been applied to integrate the learning of Animal Systematics with the training of digital literacy for pre-service biology teachers. This research aimed to evaluate the digital literacy of pre-service...
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A Critical Analysis of Dramatization on Evacuation Drill

mita anggaryani
This paper presents a critical analysis of dramatization used in an evacuation drill in Indonesian elementary schools. Practical safety procedures become more prioritized than theoretical knowledge when it comes to saving a life from the risk of a natural disaster. Evacuation drill provides practice...
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Development of SEA-MEA (Self Efficacy Academic-Means Ends Analysis) Learning Model to Increase Problem Solving Skills

Djoni Setiawan, Wasis Wasis, Budi Jatmiko
Problem solving skills are urgently needed in everyday life and teachers should train in this global era. One of the models that can train problem solving skills is problem based learning (PBL) model. PBL model still has some weaknesses. Students find difficulties in the learning, the result of learning...
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Competency Profile of Junior High School Teachers in Developing High Order Thinking Questions of Science Subject

Rinie Puspitawati, Rinie Pratiwi Puspitawati, Bil Bila Ade Laila, Nurul Hikmah
This research aim is to describe the ability profile of junior high school teachers in developing high-level thinking questions for science subjects. This research was a quantitative descriptive study of junior high school teachers from Java and Eastern Indonesia. Data was obtained by collecting questions...
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Student Response on Solving Waste Problem in Department of Biology through Conservation of Natural Resources and Environment Course

Winarsih Winarsih
Conservation of Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) is mandatory course to be taken by all student in Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Main learning outcome of this course is for students to be able to solve problem relating to application of natural resources and environment conservation...
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Development of OrSAEv Model Learning Materials to Improve Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Skills (Preliminary Study)

Sapitri Rahayu, Madlazim Madlazim, Tjipto Prastowo, Eko Hariyono
This study aims to determine the tsunami evacuation skills that have been applied in schools. This research is qualitative and quantitative. This trial phase was conducted at State Junior High School 1 Besuki, tested to 15 students of class VII. The sample selection is chosen from the population using...
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The Practicality of Scrap-mod as a Learning Media on Molecular Geometry

Rusly Hidayah, Tiara Yusi Destari
The aim of this research is to obtain the practicality of scrap-mod as a learning media on a molecular geometry matter. It is reviewed based on the activities of the students and responses of the student. This research used the R&D (Research and Development) method which is a limited trial stage. Data...
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The Application of Rhizobacteria and Indigenous Microorganism on Cow Rumen in Soybean Plants (Glycine max L.)

Meli Astriani, Abdul Latief Abadi, Siti Zubaidah, Endang Suarsini
Soybeans are national food crop commodity with a high level of consumption per year. Efforts to increase soybean production are accomplished through fertilizer application. The utilization of chemical fertilizers, however, can negatively impact the environment. One alternative to the application of fertilizer...
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Analysis of Consumption Habits of PostPartum Herbal Concoction in Postpartum Mothers

sri banun istiqomah, Sri Banun Titi Istiqomah, Sri Fatmawati, Wiwit Denny Fitriana, Taslim Ersam
Postpartum period is the period after the fetus and placenta are born until the recovery of uterine devices such as the condition before pregnancy which lasts for about 42 days. During the puerperium, the body of a mother will experience physiological changes in the physical and psychological changes....
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In-vitro Propagation of Elephantopus scaber Using Seeds as Explants in Various Culture Growth Media

Yuliani, Fida Rachmadiarti, Sari Kusuma Dewi, Mahanani Tri Asri
Elephantopus scaber plant contains various secondary metabolites, such as flavonoids, phenolics, saponins, terpenes, triterpenoids, sesquiterpenes lactones, elephantopyns, and deoxyelephantopin, which can act as antimicrobial, antifungal, and bioinsecticides. Elephantopus scaber can be potentially grown...
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Hepar Histology of Mice(Mus musculus L) Indicated by Pre-Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 (Pre-Type 2 DM) After Red Rice Yeast Treatment

Rudiana Agustini, Erlix Rakhmad Purnomo, Agus Widodo
The hepar is an organ that has a complex and vital role, which can be damaged. Hepar damage can be seen from the condition of the cells. His study aimed to provide a histological description of mice hepar (Mus musculus L.) that was indicated by pre-type 2 DM (pre-type 2 DM) after the treatment of red...
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Endemic Bacteria Potential for Decomposing Pesticide Prophenophos and Chlorantraniliprole from Pesticide-Exposed Soybean Field in East Java

Mahanani Asri, Mahanani Tri Asri, Evie Ratnasari, Lilik Suyatmi, Yuliani Yuliani
Pest control in soybean field in general still uses synthetic pesticide. Soil bacteria from pesticide-exposed field are potentially able to decompose pesticide residue in during certain period of time. This research aimed to find out the potency of isolated endemic bacteria from soybean field in Jombang,...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Nanogold and Nanosilver as Leprosy Drug Candidates and Their Activity Tests in Leprosy Patients; Case Study

Titik Taufikurohmah, Djodjok Soepardjo, Hari Armadianto, Rusmini Rusmini
One of nanogold uses is as leprosy drug, because it has activity to increase cell proliferation and collagen biosynthesis. These two activities are necessary in the process of recovery and closure of wounds, including in leprosy. Nanosilver can act as anti-bacterial material, including against leprosy...