Proceedings of the Sixth Padang International Conference On Economics Education, Economics, Business and Management, Accounting and Entrepreneurship (PICEEBA 2020)

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Inputs Acquisition Process in Spiritual-Based MCS

A Study in a Chinese Indonesian Company in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia

Charoline Cheisviyanny, Sany Dwita, Herlina Helmy
This research aims to explore the inputs acquisition process in spiritual-based MCS. It was an interpretive case study in a Chinese Indonesia company in Padang which produces cassava chips and pure coconut milk. The data collection methods were interviews, observations, and documentations. We interviewed...
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Audit Quality and Fraud Detection: Evidence of the Internal Auditor of Jambi Province

Enggar Diah Puspa Arum, Ilham Wahyudi
Auditor is the third line of defence of good governance that can play a role in fraud detection efforts. Audit quality can be achieved if the auditors meet supervisory standards and beneficial for the management of state finances that are accountable, transparent, economical, efficient and effective....
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Enhancing Vocational Teachers’ Professionalism in Teaching Government Accounting

Vita Fitria Sari, Dewi Pebriyani, Mayar Afriyenti
The implementation of the 2013 curriculum in Vocational High Schools has introduced the field of government accounting in the vocational curriculum with the subject “accounting practicum for government institutions / agencies”. The 2013 curriculum introduces the terms remedial and enrichment in the learning...
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Analysis of Students’ Satisfaction in Learning Government Accounting

Blended Learning Vs Traditional Learning

Dewi Pebriyani, Ade Elsa Betavia, Vita Fitria Sari
Blended learning is a learning method that incorporates face-to-face lectures with online teaching. Online teaching can be used to distribute learning materials, assign and collect assignments; conduct quizzes, and also allows for discussions and provides feedback and other functions through the features...
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Analysis of the Fairness of Expenditure for Regional Apparatus Organizational Activities with an Activity Based Costing Approach

Halkadri Fitra, Henri Agustin, Erly Mulyani
This study aims to determine the activity spending equation model and the fairness of the activity expenditure budget with an activity-based costing approach. The research object is the regional apparatus organization in West Pasaman Regency, West Sumatra Province with the research population being all...
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The Utilization of ICT in the Covid19 Pandemic

Does It Optimize the Competences of Accounting Lecturers?

Primasa Minerva Nagari, Umi Nuraini, Dudung Ma’ruf Nuris, Crispina Gregory K. Han
The Covid19 pandemic is a condition experienced by all parts of the world. The Covid19 pandemic has drastically changed all human activities, including in the sphere of education. This study aims to analyze the utilization in optimizing the competence of accounting lecturers from the perspective of the...
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Constructing a New Alternative Concept of Income

Based on Neuro- Psychological Spiritual Methodology

Driana Leniwati
The objective of the study is to formulate a holistic concept of income constructed based on neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, and spiritual science. The data collected are based on various experienced commercial bank employees who are still active and have resigned with diverse grades and positions...
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The Effect of DER, PER and EPS on the Share Price of Food and Beverage Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Dian Indah Sari, Slamet Maryoso
This study aims to analyze the effect of DER, PER and EPS on share prices of food and beverage companies in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. This research is quantitative descriptive. The data collection method is literature study. This study took samples from food and beverage industry companies listed...
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Key Success Factors Implementation of Parking Meter System in Padang to Optimize Parking Levy Revenue

A Qualitative Study from Academicians and Bureaucrat Perspectives

Henri Agustin, Halmawati, Fefri Indra Arza
In the last 3 years (2017-2019) the average percentage of the effectiveness of parking fee receipts in the city of Padang is very low, which is only 33.17% per year.This figure should be an early warning for evaluating policies and management of collecting parking levy.This study aims to gain understanding...
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The Relationship Between CSR Disclosure and Company Profitability in Indonesia

Seto Satriyo Bayu Aji, Ondrej Castek
In this modern era, companies could depend on CSR activities to increase public trust in company products, resulting in rising company profits. This paper focuses on the relationship between CSR Disclosure and Company’s Profitability in the Asia Sustainability Report Awards (ASRA) 2019 Winner Company....
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The Determinants Factors of Accounting Students’ Interest in Sharia Career

Ade Elsa Betavia, Dian Fitria Handayani, Vanica Serly
This study aims to examine the influence of personality, self-efficacy and spiritual motivation on accounting students’ Interest in Sharia career. The respondents were 133 accounting students of Universitas Negeri Padang. The sample was determined by purposive sampling method. The data was gathered by...
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Environmental Performance, Environmental Costs and Financial Performance

Mia Angelina Setiawan, Fiola Finomia Honesty
The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of environmental performance and environmental costs on financial performance. This research uses a quantitative method. Purposive sampling method is used in sample selection in which the companies studied are mining and manufacturing companies...
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The Influence of Gender and Machiavellianism on Tax Evasion (A Study on Accounting Students)

Herlina Helmy, Sany Dwita, Charoline Cheisviyanny
This study aims to examine the influence of gender and Machiavellianism on tax evasion. This research is a causative research focusing on the context of accounting students. The data for this study were collected by using electronic survey distributed to 151 accounting students at Faculty of Economics,...
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Sharia Knowledge and Funding Utilization of Sharia Cooperatives Member

Helga Nuri Honesty, Mentari Ritonga, Eka Fauzihardani, Fiola Finomia Honesty, Dian Fitria Handayani
Sharia-based cooperatives are becoming a trend in society and are being used as an alternative to financing community businesses. Since usury are strictly prohibited in Islam, Sharia-based cooperatives arise from the transformation between existing cooperative systems. It was established to improve the...
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The Effect of Multi Aren Products to the Environmental Function, Economic Function and Welfare of the Aren Farmers

Idris, Hasdi Aimon, Zul Azhar, Mardi, Hari Setia Putra
This article aims to determine the effect of multi-product Aren on economic functions, environmental functions and welfare of Aren farmers in Nagari Andaleh Baruh Bukik, Tanah Datar Regency in West Sumatra, Indonesia. The analysis method uses the Smart PLS technique from 4 latent variables (X, Y1, Y2,...
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Effect on the Product and the Environment Aren Tree Based on Welfare Rural Communities

Zul Azhar, Idris, Hasdi Aimon, Hari Setia Putra, Mardi
This article aims to determine the effect of Aren tree-based products and environment on the welfare of communities in hilly areas in Nagari Andaleh Baruh Bukik, Tanah Datar Regency in West Sumatra, Indonesia. The analysis method uses the Smart PLS technique from 3 latent variables (Aren, Environment...
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Towards the Green Economy

Calculating the Degradation of Transportation Sector in Batu City

Muhammad Hasyim Ibnu Abbas, Hadi Sumarsono, Farida Rahmawati, Inayati Nuraini Dwiputri
Population growth in urban areas has a major effect on developments in various sectors, both formal and informal. As a result of these developments, population mobility is getting higher so that it affects traffic density. As a result, there are traffic jams that cause considerable losses to road users....
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Sustainable Development Clustering in East Java Using the K-means Method

Nazaruddin Malik, Idah Zuhroh, Muhammad Sri Wahyudi Suliswanto, Mochamad Rofik
East Java Province has an important role in the national economy, given its significant contribution to economic development. Of course, economic development must be oriented towards its usefulness and sustainability. Therefore, this study aims to identify sustainable development clustering in East Java...
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Online Millennial Women’s Financial Literation in Tulungagung District, Indonesia

Sri Umi Mintarti, Dian Rachmawati, Sri Handayani, Ahmad Munjin Nasih, Halimah Mohd. Yusof
This research theme is financial literation. This study aims to measure the level of financial literacy of millennials which have online businesses in Tulungagung District 2020. The are 31 respondents who share their views and give their answer to this research. The are several aspects of financial literacy...
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Analysis of Inclusive Economic Development Index and Poverty in Aceh Province, Indonesia

Nurlina, Safuridar, Ziaul Maula
Aceh Province is one of the regions in Indonesia that has an Inclusive Economic Development Index score of 5.55 and this is lower than the national figure of 5.75. However, Aceh is still in the satisfactory category. The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of Poverty, Gini Ratio Index,...
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The Resilience of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Facing COVID-19 in the Regional Economy

Sugeng Hadi Utomo, Imam Mukhlis, Abdul Rouf Atilis
The spread of the COVID-19 virus has impacted the economic activities of entrepreneurs. Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) is one business that is affected by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. This study aims to describe the conditions of MSME wingko producers in facing the impact of the pandemic....
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The Interaction Between External Factor and Financial Cycle in Indonesia

Yollit Permata Sari, Isra Yeni, Doni Satria, Joan Marta, Melti Roza Adry, Dewi Zaini Putri, Urmatul Uska Akbar
After the global financial crisis in 2008, economists believe that global economic conditions are a source of instability for the domestic economy in developing countries such as Indonesia. These external factors include fluctuations in global financial markets, volatility in commodity prices and capital...
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Analysis of Determinants of Migrant Labor in Developing Countries in Asia Pacific

Adib, Idris
This study aims to determine and analyze the influence of the relationship between Economic Growth, Unemployment, FDI and the Human Development Index on Migrant Workers in 10 developing countries in Asia Pacific during the period 2010-2018. This type of research is descriptive and associative. The type...
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Tourist Participation: Causality of Tourism Object Development and Promotion of Geopark Silokek Tourism at Sijunjung Regency

Ali Anis, Zul Azhar, Hari Setia Putra, Jemi Juneldi
This paper aims to explain the level of tourist visitor participation in the development of the Silokek Geopark tourism in Sijunjung Regency. The level of participation was analyzed using Arnstein’s typology at the planning, implementation, and monitoring stages of program evaluation. In addition, it...
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Analysis of Determinants of Village-City Migration and Economic Growth Between Provinces in Indonesia

Desy Anita, Sri Ulfa Sentosa
This study aims to explain the relationship between rural-urban migration and economic growth, further explaining the effect of regional minimum wages on rural-urban migration, labor force participation rates on rural-urban migration, government spending on economic growth, and human capital on economic...
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What Kind of Government Expenditure Can Reduce Rural Poverty in Indonesia’s Provinces?

Agus Sumanto, Muhammad Hasyim Ibnu Abbas, Farida Rahmawati
The rural poverty facing Indonesia’s provinces is much higher than urban poverty. it needs to be seriously addressed because rural poverty is more difficult to handle than urban poverty. The purpose of this study is to analyze whether local government spending in the provinces on health, education and...
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Batik Industry in Banyuwangi: Model of Craftsmen Community and Prospects

Ni’matul Istiqomah, Nur Anita Yunikawati, Magistyo Purboyo Priambodo, Emma Yunika Puspasari, Windra Irdianto, Marzanah A Jabbar, Fatimah Sidi
The purpose of writing this article is to analyse the state of the batik industry in Banyuwangi Regency. The writing of this article also aims to analyse the effectiveness of the batik community and business opportunities to improve the community’s economy. Research is using the methods of qualitative...
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Probability of Women Leaving Work After Marriage

A Literature Review

Isra Yeni, Joan Marta, Hari Setia Putra, Melti Roza Adry, Dewi Zaini Putri, Doni Satria, Yollit Permata Sari, Urmatul Uska Akbar
This study aims to analyse empirical studies regarding about the probability of women focusing on taking care of the household or remaining in the labour market after marriage. The method used in this research is descriptive method and explorative method from various literature reviews. Information obtained...
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Does Tobacco Consumption Affect Allocation of Household Expenditure: A Study Literature

Urmatul Uska Akbar, Yollit Permata Sari, Joan Marta, Doni Satria, Melti Roza Adry, Dewi Zaini Putri, Isra Yeni
Tobacco consumption is a continuing social problem around the world. This is because tobacco is a silent killer that contributes to mortality and chronic disease. Even though the consumption of tobacco contributes to social and health problems, it also contributes to economic problems. This is due to...
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Factors Affecting the Purchasing Power Parity of Currency of Member Countries of the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC)

Nailil Fitri, Syamsul Amar
This study aims to analyse the factors that affect the purchasing power parity of the middle income Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) member countries consisting of 9 countries (Mexico, China, Russia, Peru, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea) using the data analysis...
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Analysis of Community Participation on Sustainable Development Planning of Geopark Silokek Tourism at Sijunjung Regency

Zul Azhar, Ali Anis, Hari Setia Putra, Jemi Juneldi
This study aims to determine the level of community participation in sustainable development of the Silokek Geopark tourism in Sijunjung Regency. The data was obtained by conducting a survey to the local community, then giving a questionnaire and conducting interviews. This study also analyzes the effect...
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The Effect of Working Capital on the Profitability in Property and Real Estate Companies Listed on The Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX)

Gebrie Dwi Irhamna, Erni Masdupi
This research aims to review the influence of working capital on profitability in the property and real estate companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) by using secondary data. The sampling technique used purposive sampling. The number of samples in this study were 230 observations (46...
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Learning Media of Canva Based on Flipbook in the Subjects of Creative Products and Entrepreneurship to Improve Students’ Digital Technopreneurship Competence

Wening Patmi Rahayu, Ika Zutiasari, Siti Munadhiroh
The purpose of this research and development was to produce valid and feasible canva learning media based on the flipbook maker according to the demands of student competencies in the digital era. The assignments are given in the form of making promotional media using social media Instagram and Pinterest....
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Is the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance Able to Improve Earnings Quality

Ely Siswanto, Puri Listiani, Yuli Soesetio, Subagyo, Lulu Nurul Istanti
The purpose of this research is to analysis the effect of implementing good corporate governance on quality information of earnings. The population of this study is all non-financial firm that are included in the fast-growing company. We found in this study that board structure and process have a positive...
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Effect of Capital Strengthening, Education, and Health on Poverty Status in the City of Sawahlunto

Afridarman, Syamsul Amar, Hasdi Aimon
This study aims to reveal and analyze the effect of capital strengthening, education, and health programs on poverty status in Sawahlunto City. The population in this study were the poor in the city of Sawahlunto which were spread over 4 (four) districts, namely 1) Talawi District, 2) Barangin District,...
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The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Bank Efficiency in Developed Countries

Fadli Septianto, Viverita
This study aims to investigate the effect of CSR on bank cost efficiency. Based on an international sample of 87 banks in 20 developed countries over 2005 - 2018 periods, we apply stochastic frontier estimation procedures to compute bank cost efficiency. In the second stage regression, we use Feasible...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Transmission Through the Exchange Rate Channel in Maintaining Price Stability in Emerging Market Countries

Nuraisyah Jamar, Hasdi Aimon
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of monetary policy transmission through the exchange rate channel in influencing price stability. This type of research is associative research. Sources of data are secondary data and data in the form of time series 1 quarter 2010 - 4 quarter 2018. The model...
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Analysis of STEM-Based Learning Evaluation

Case Study on Economics Subjects in East Java

Sri Handayani, Sri Umi Mintarti, Dian Rachmawati, Hari Wahyono, Halimah Binti Mohd Yusof
Evaluation activities should not only be based on administrative activities but evaluation activities should be interpreted to maintain the quality of the implementation of learning activities. Various problems with education are actually one of the causes is from the development of inappropriate learning...
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The Influence of the Family Environment, Academic Atmosphere and Critical Thinking on Student Creativity Prospective Teachers of Economics in Padang City

Ricci Lonia, Yulhendri
The objectives of this study were to: 1) analyze the influence of the family environment on critical thinking of economic teacher candidates in the city of Padang; 2) analyze the influence of the academic atmosphere on critical thinking students of former economics teachers in the city of Padang; 3)...
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Whether Android-Based Learning Media Actually Improve Learning Outcomes?

Development of Digital-Based Teaching Materials in the Covid-19 Era

Buyung Adi Dharma, Mia Novita Santi, Lulu Nurul Istanti, Madziatul Churiyah
The purposes of this research and development are: (1) Create android-based learning media use the MIT Inventor App to improve learning outcomes in general administration subjects, (2) Know the feasibility of learning media developed through validation results by material experts and media experts as...
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Improve Learning Outcomes In-Office Technology Lessons by Using Appypie

Andi Basuki, Mey Wulansari, Madziatul Churiyah, Mohammad Arief
The fast development growing of technology and information that causes almost all human activities can be controlled by technology. One technology that is currently widely used by everyone, namely smartphones. Activities in the educational environment also make this technological progress as an opportunity...
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21st Century Learning Implementation: Authentic Performance-Based Assessment of Correspondence Practicum

Madziatul Churiyah, Riris Fenty Nur Rohmah, Yuli Agustina, Filianti
This research aims to develop authentic assessment instruments that have been feasibility tested by construct and content validators, and has been able to guide the special skills of students Office Administration Education Study Program in Universitas Negeri Malang program in achieving qualification...
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Realizing a Sustainable Economic Insight, Through Inquiry Learning Based on Environmental and Natural Resources Economics Supported by Digital Learning

Wahjoedi, Magistyo Purboyo Priambodo, Rizza Megasari, Emma Yunika Puspasari
This paper aims to present the results of research on the important role of learning strategies and methods, learning materials, and digital learning media in shaping the insights, attitudes and trends of environmentally sound behavior in students of the Faculty of Economics. The inquiry learning strategy...
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Analysis and Development of Learning Plans Using Project Based Learning Model in Fostering 4 Cs Skills of Economics Education Students

Yulhendri, Rani Sofya, Mentari Ritonga
Young generations in the 21st century demand a special skill which is different from the previous generation. As a matter of fact, the young generations live in the digital, the internet, the industrial revolution, and disruptive innovation eras. Besides, recently the world is attacked by a pandemic...
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The Psychological Well-Being of Poor Family

A Literature Review

Agus Irianto, Mutiya Ardilla, Mudjiran
Poor families can be said to be families that have difficulty fulfilling their daily needs. This means that individuals who are unable to meet their basic needs and also do not have wealth or money and are classified as poor individuals will have low psychological well-being and have an impact on the...
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Earnings Management Practices From Perspective a Law and Ethical Views

Sri Arita, Riyadi Aprayuda, Defriko Gusma Putra, Rita Syofyan
The purpose of this study is to look at two different points of view of the practice of Earnings Management which is a management strategy to improve its financial statements, based on a legal point of view from the generally accepted rules of accounting and an ethical point of view. The two points of...
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The Development of Book on the Literacy of Cooperative and Life-Based Pancasila Economy

Agung Haryono, Sri Handayani, Syahrul Munir, Rizza Megasari
The aim of the development of book on the literacy of cooperative and life-based Pancasila economy is to provide materials for students in order to be more literate towards cooperative and Pancasila economy in Indonesia. The research and development of this book adopted the Borg and Gall development...
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The Influence of Learning Activities, Family Environment, and Study Interests on the Quality of Learning PKWU

Craft and Entrepreneurship

Rahmawati, Susi Evanita
This study aims to analyze and see the effect of learning activities, family environment, and learning interest on the learning quality of PKWU (workshops and entrepreneurship). This type of research is ex post facto with a population of 306 people. The sampling technique used proportional random sampling...
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Development of Interactive Multimedia Using Powerpoint Applications Combined With Ispring Suite Application

Refni Aryanti, Marwan
This study aims to develop interactive multimedia learning based on android using the combined PowerPoint application with the iSpring Suite application in financial accounting for class XI SMKN 1 Tembilahan. This type of research is development research with the ADDIE model. The test subjects were all...
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Readiness to Implement Digital Learning

An Issue from Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Medan, Indonesia

Gaffar Hafiz Sagala, Ali Fikri Hasibuan, Joko Suharianto
WHO announced the Covid-19 as Global Pandemic in early 2020? This condition immediately urged universities to migrate their instructional process to fully online learning as a result of the suggestion of physical distancing. This situation indeed results in the shock of the culture of learning and teaching....
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Process Standard in Curriculum 2013: An Analysis of Implementation

Dian Suciana Amri, Marwan
Education has an important role to increasing human resources, because quality of human resources is needed to face the increasing flow of globalization. One way to improve the quality of human resources is to improve the quality of education. One of the efforts made to improve the quality of education...
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Developing Teachers’ Social and Personality Competencies in Online Teaching: A New Challenge

Umi Nuraini, Primasa Minerva Nagari, Dudung Ma’ruf Nuris, Crispina Gregory K Han
Since entering the 21st century, teachers have been required to have ICT knowledge and skills and then are required to be able to fully integrate them into online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. Having ICT knowledge and skills can certainly increase the pedagogical and professional competence...
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Student’s Perspective on the Competency of Internet of Thing-Based Lecturers as a Basic Skill in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Annur Fitri Hayati, Jean Elikal Marna
The era of the industrial revolution 4.0 is currently needed to produce competitive human resources. Higher education is the highest institution that produces the most workforce, so universities must increase the capacity and capability of their lecturers. Educational competencies are competencies related...
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Disruptive Technology: The Effectiveness of Implementation Game Based Learning to Learning Performance

Perception Based Analysis Between Teacher’s and Student’s Senior High School in East Java

Cipto Wardoyo, Slamet Fauzan, Yogi Dwi Satrio, Putri Nuril Wulan Asih
Rapid technological developments in 21st century have an impact on advances in education. This is evidenced by the existence of a game-based learning model using smartphones. However, if teachers or students don’t have technological skills, this can be an obstacle. So it is important for both teachers...
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Analysis of MSME Players’ Financial Literacy in Payakumbuh City

Nita Sofia, Mentari Ritonga, Sri Arita
The economy of Payakumbuh city is largely driven by MSMEs. The important thing that MSMEs must have is to have financial literacy in order for them to manage their business finances. This research aims to analyze factors that affect the financial literacy of MSME players in Payakumbuh City namely gender,...
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Android Based Financial Literacy Education for Indonesian Students: A Theoretical Approach

Aan Anisah, Suwatno, Eeng Ahman, Disman
This study aims to develop a proposition about the importance of incorporating financial literacy education into the curriculum and financial literacy education development model in the 4.0 revolution era through a theoretical approach. This paper elaborates some of the findings from previous researchers...
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Exploratory Study of Student Entrepreneurial Interest in the Digital Era

Menik Kurnia Siwi, Tri Kurniawati
This study aims to describe the entrepreneurial interest of UNP students from various departments and study programs. This research is an exploratory research which functions to find the initial data of a research object so that a general description can be obtained which will be used as a guide in further...
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Redesign of Economic Learning Based on 4C Skills in Senior High School at Padang

Rita Syofyan, Oknaryana
The design of economic learning planning based on 4C learning skills is a problem, this is in response to the latest policy set by the Minister of Education and Culture related to the preparation of learning implementation plans that began to be implemented at the beginning of the 2020 learning year....
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The Use of Correlation Analysis in the Research of Higher Education in Russian Federation

Kozyrev Maxim Sergeevich, Lukashenko Dmitry Vladimirovich, Savelov Valery Petrovich, Kovylyaev Konstantin Nikolaevich, Evgeniya E Jukova
The research explores the socio-economic factors of higher education on the basis of correlation analysis. The purpose of this analysis is to identify the connection between various factors according to the results of observations of their indicators, along with identifying the measure of their reciprocal...
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Facing the New Challenges in Higher Education

Salniza Md. Salleh, Abdul Shukor Shamsudin, Siti Noratisah Mohd Nafi, Selvan Perumal
Parallel with global changes, Malaysia higher education segment has shifted and sprouted notably. As of the effort, since then, the government has taken some initiatives to stimulate the enrolment of international students in Malaysia. However, Covid 19 outbreak has disrupted not only the public health,...
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Use Behavior of E-Money: Empirical Analysis Using The UTAUT Model

Rahmiati, Perengki Susanto
In recent years, the use of e-money in many countries as a non-cash payment mechanism has increased. To evaluate the determinant factors of e-money adoption, a variety of studies have been performed. The goal of this research is to examine e-money usage behavior using the model of UTAUT (Unified Theory...
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The Effect of Profitability and Debt Policy on Share Investment Decisions in Manufacturing Companies on the IDX: Dividend Policies as an Intervening Variable

Selvi Dwijayanti, Erni Masdupi
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of profitability and debt policy on investment decisions through dividend policy as an intervening in manufacturing companies on the IDX.The population in this study are all manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange from 2014 to...
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Managing Padang Restaurant’s Consumers Trust

The role of Halalness, Food Service and Satisfaction

Okki Trinanda, Astri Yuza Sari
This research aims to analyze the effect of (1) Halalness towards Padang Restaurant Consumers Satisfaction, (2) Food Service towards Padang Restaurant Consumers Satisfaction and (3) Consumers satisfaction towards Padang Restaurant Consumers Trust. This research was conducted in West Sumatra by taking...
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Strategic Orientation and Business Performance in West Sumatera

Whyosi Septrizola
Competition during this period of disruption was getting higher and spread to the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) level. With good and sustainable business performance growth, this provides an opportunity for MSMEs to become large businesses or even go public. Businesses must be managed...
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The Effect of Leadership, Training, and Career Development on the Performance of the West Sumatra Police Personnel

Ariesna, Syamsul Amar, Susi Evanita
This study examines the influence of leadership on training, career development, and the influence of leadership, training, and career development on performance. The number of respondents was 346. The analysis technique used was path analysis to determine the influence of leadership, training, and career...
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The Effect of Entrepreneur Orientation, Technology Capability and Marketing Capability on Family Business Performance in Padang City Using Social Media as Moderating Variables

Rahmat Rizki, Perengki Susanto
This study aims to analyse the effect of entrepreneurial orientation, technology capability, marketing capability on the performance of family businesses and moderated by the use of social media. This research is a causative research using PLS (Partial Least Square) analysis technique. The population...
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The Influence of Emotional Intelligence, Work Climate and Work Discipline on Employee Performance

Rosy Mutia Satrina, Yunia Wardi, Rosyeni Rasyid
This study aims to determine and analyse the effect of emotional intelligence, work climate and work discipline on the performance of the employees of the Islamic Hospital Ibnu Sina Padang. The research design is a design of causality. The population of this study were all employees at Islamic Hospital...
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The Influence of Post Millennial Generation Behavior on Travel Intention to the Ecotourism During the 5th Phase of New Normal or COVID-19 in Indonesia

Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Arum Prasasti, Andro Agil Nur Rakhmad, Wahyu Nur Hidayat, Asako Takada
The countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are one of the main tourist destinations in the world. Indonesia became the fourth country in ASEAN with the highest number of arrivals. The existence of COVID-19 pandemic has a direct impact on Indonesia’s tourism sector. The respondent...
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The Effect of Intellectual Capital (IC) on Financial Performance

Financial Sector Listed on Indonesian Stock Exchange

Nia Gusna, Erni Masdupi
The research examines effect of Intellectual Capital (IC) on financial performance (financial sector listed, on Indonesian Stock Exchange). This study used method was the explanatory. The data source used is secondary data. This study used a purposive sampling technique. Population is all financial companies...
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Analysis of Online Business Management During Covid-19 Pandemic

Sri Umi Mintari, Sri Handayani, Dian Rachmawati, Ahmad Munjin Nasih, Halimah Binti Mohd Yusof
Online business is currently booming and growing rapidly. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced all sectors to impose social restrictions. It also certainly has an impact on businesses. Businesses made offline must simultaneously turn strategies into online businesses. Therefore, the proficiency of female...
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Job Insecurity, Work Engagement and Job Performance of Employees in Flexible Working Arrangement: Exploring the Mediating Role of Psychological Well-Being

Uliyatun Nikmah, Fanny Martdianty
Organizations and employees must be alert and adaptive in facing volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. Uncertainty in the workplace as well as the workforce can pose a threat to performance. This study aims to analyse the effect of mediating role of psychological well-being in explaining...
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Is Internal-External Environment Still Important on MSMEs Competitive Advantage for Business Sustainability During Covid-19 Pandemic?

Adelia Shabrina Prameka, Ben Roy Do, Sudarmiatin, Suryo Hadi Wira Prabowo, Rayie Tariaranie Wiraguna
Competitive advantage is a determining factor for a firm’s succession and responds to global business competition. During COVID-19, MSMEs need to sustain good internal business factors and the government and external stakeholders’ role in creating clear policies and guidelines. This study aims to identify...
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The Influence Work Culture and Work Quality on Service Quality in the Governments of Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatera Province

Aldri Frinaldi, Jumiati, Nora Eka Putri
The Problem in this research is regarding the quality of service provided by employees in local government. The variables that influence it in this study are work culture and work quality, for that we need an analysis in this study to reveal “is there an influence between work culture and employee work...
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Leadership and Commitment to Organizational Change of Government Employee in Padang, West Sumatra

Mega Asri Zona, Ilham Thaib
The aim of this research is to examine the influence of two leadership styles (transformational leadership and transactional leadership) on commitment to organizational change of government employee in Padang, West Sumatra. This research object is employee working as government employee in Padang city....
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The Impact of Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management on Competitive Advantage

Rahmika Putri Elda, Dina Patrisia, Abror, Muthia Roza Linda
The purpose of this study was to examine the impact Intellectual capital and information management with respect to competitive advantage. This study has been conducted in Padang City, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Research respondents are bank employees who have worked for more than 5 years and have structural...
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The Influences of Transformational Leadership, Career Development, and Compensation to Job Satisfaction at Padang State University

Wide Pratama, Yasri, Susi Evanita
This research aimed at finding out the influences of transformational leadership, career development, and compensation to job satisfaction at Padang State University. This study used 30 employees as sample at Padang State University. Questionnaire was used as a research instrument and distributed to...
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Internalization of Intellectual Capital Model Conception of SMES for MSME Entrepreneurs

Sulastri, Yuki Fitria, Chichi Andriani
The purpose of this research is to internalize and increase knowledge of intellectual capital to SME actors in the city of Padang. The population in this study were all SMEs under the guidance of the Department of Cooperatives and UMKM in the city of Padang. The sample was determined through a purposive...
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The Influence of Organizational Climate Support on Psychological Well-Being and Employee Loyalty with Psychological Capital as Mediating Variables

Sebastian Rai Tanjung, Syahrizal, Abror
This research aims to analyze the influence of organizational climate support on psychological well-being and employee loyalty with psychological capital as a mediating variable at the National Narcotics Agency of West Sumatra Province. The population of this research is employees The National Narcotics...
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The Influence of Work Climate, Job Placement, and Career Development on Employee Performance in the Local Government Service of Padang Panjang

Yeni Herawati, Syamsul Amar, Abror
Employee performance in the organization is significant considering it could be useful to determine the effectiveness of the organization’s work. This study aims to analyze the effect of work climate, job placement, and career development on employee performance in the Local Government Service of Padang...
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Internalization of Entrepreneurial Values on Written Batik Craftsmen in Creating Business Independence

Wening Patmi Rahayu, Djoko Dwi Kusumojanto, Novia Tri Hapsari, Indrayani, Agus Wibowo
This research examines the implementation of the entrepreneurial values internalization, its benefits, and impacts in establishing business independence in the written batik industry. The internalization of entrepreneurial values needs to be instilled in batik craftsmen to maintain their business. It...
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Firm Value Factors in the Mining Sector in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Sulastri, Norma Dwi Kartika Sari
This study aims to examine the effect of political connection and tax aggressiveness on firm value. This research is a quantitative research. Sampling method used in this research is purposive sampling with total of 22 companies’ annual report data. Secondary data is being used which obtained from Indonesia...
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Relationship Between Social, Technology, Personality, and Psychology Factors on Intention in Pre-Employment Training

Lina Affifatuholihah, Farah Putri Wenang Lusianingrum, Solehatin Ika Putri
The Pre-employment Card Program was created as a solution for rising number of unemployment during the COVID -19 pandemic. The pre-employment card program has eight digital platform partners for online training delivery. There are various types of pre-employment card training. With more choices of types...
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Analysis of Organizational Commitment, Motivation, Work Ability, and the Working Environment to Employees Performance in the Covid-19 Era

Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Herni Widiyah Nasrul, Ishan Nurdin, Yuli Susilowati, Ervin Nora Susanti
This study is to analyze the influence of: commitment of organizational on employee performance, motivation of work on employee performance, ability of work on employee performance, environment of work on employee performance, and commitment of organizational, motivation of work, ability of work, and...
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The Role of Social Support as Moderating Variable of the Influence of Proactive Personality and Organizational Justice on Proactive Work Behavior

Darma Ira Putra, Syahrizal
The exploration objective was to determine the role of social support as a moderator on the influence of proactive personality and organizational justice on proactive work behavior. Information was gathered among 160 worker working in PT. Karya Agung Megah Utama, Agam area. The examination instrument...
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Analysis of Factors That Affect the Repurchase Intentions on Online Shopping Sites

Mike Yolanda, Hesti Maria Putri
Indonesia is a fairly good e-commerce growth market from year to year. Since 2014, it is known that online sales in Indonesia have reached US $ 1.1 billion. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) states that the Indonesian e-commerce industry in the last years has continued to increase by 17 percent with...
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Effects of Indonesian Students’ Financial Literacy on Financial Behavior

Suyanto, Doddy Setiawan, Rahmawati, Jaka Winarna
The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effect of financial literacy on Indonesian students’ financial behavior. The data were collected using questionnaires. Respondents who participated in the study were 347 students collected using a convenience sampling method. Furthermore, the data were analyzed...
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Third Party Fund Analysis Towards Bank Risk in the Banking Industry in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Shintia Mairani, Dina Patrisia
This study aims to determine third party fund analysis towards bank risk in the banking industry in Indonesia stock exchange. An increase bank risk through assets and an increase in the total of third party funds that must be accepted banks as well as that development of course assets which tends to...
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The Effect of Life Cycle on Dividend Policies of Manufacturing Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Anisa Aryani, Dina Patrisia
The purpose of this study is to assess the impact of the effect of life cycle on dividend policy of the Indonesian Stock Exchange. The population of this study are all manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange during period 2014 to 2018 uses secondary data. The sampling method used is...
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The Effect of Satisfaction on Marketing Mix on Loyalty of Outpatients Lubuk Basung Hospital

Helvira Yessy, Yasri, Idris
This study aims to analyze the effect of satisfaction on the marketing mix on the loyalty of outpatients at Lubuk Basung Hospital. The population of this research is the patients of Lubuk Basung Hospital, with a total sample of 100 respondents. The analysis technique used in this research is path analysis....
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Correlation between Job Motivation, Job Satisfaction, and Perceived Organizational Support with Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)

A Literature Study

Robi Juli Pandra, Yunia Wardi, Abror
This paper is a review study which focus to discuss the correlation between job motivation, job satisfaction, and perceived organizational support (POS) with OCB. This type of research is explanatory research, using literature review design to determine the relationship between job motivation, job satisfaction,...
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The Effect of Paternalistic Leadership on Employee Innovative Behavior in Indonesian Startup Companies: The Mediating Role of Psychological Empowerment

Tri Handayani, Yanki Hartijasti
Companies can become more innovative by leveraging the ability of employees to innovate. It is operationalized through innovative behavior and highly influenced by the leader. Empowerment is considered capable of mediating the effect of leadership on innovative behavior. Employees with innovative behaviors...
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The Effect of Competitive Advantage, The Role of Information Technology on Revisit Intention in Nagari Tuo Pariangan: Tourist Satisfaction as an Intervening Variable

Dini Masly, Yunia Wardi
This study aims to analyze the effect of competitive advantage and the role of information technology in Nagari Tuo Pariangan Tanah Datar District and tourist satisfaction as an intervening variable. This research is a causative research with PLS (Partial Least Square) analysis technique. The population...
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The Effect of Stress, Work Environment and Work Engagement on Employee Performance

Muhammad Sawir, Yasri, Abror
This type of research is explanatory research, looking at the relationship of free variables is stress, work engagement, and work environment on employee performance. The relationships between study constructs were tested using the Smart PLS 3.0. Data were collected from 120 employees from urban village...
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Ecotourism Strategy for Indigenous Community to Contribute Socioeconomic Resilient in Pulau Merah Area

Magistyo P. Priambodo, Ni’matul Istiqomah, Nur A. Yunikawati, Emma Y. Puspasari, Fatimah Sidi
Tourism has become one of the largest economic sectors and is the service sector with the fastest growth rate in the world today. Increasing the number of destinations and investing in tourism development, has transformed tourism as a prime mover the socio-economic progress of a country one of them is...
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Analysis of Financial Performance for Nagari Panampuang Saiyo Owned Enterprises

Erni Masdupi, Tri Kurniawati, Halkadri Fitra, Dini Faisal
This study aims to see the financial performance of Nagari-Owned Enterprises (BUM-Nag) Panampuang Saiyo, Agam Regency, West Sumatra Province by using analysis of liquidity ratios, solvency, activity and profitability. The study used secondary data in the form of financial reports in 2018 and 2019. The...
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Organizational Justice Dimensions and Perceived Organizational Support: Preliminary Findings

Rini Sarianti, S Armida
This study examines the influence of the elements of organizational justice covered by three specific forms of justice. Distributive justice, procedural justice, and mutual justice (POS) based on organizational support. The population for this study is nurses from all private public hospitals in Padang....
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The Effect of Experiential Marketing on Customer Satisfaction Through Experiential Value as Intervening of Variables on Xiaomi Smartphone User

Thamrin, Adrian Rahmana Aresa
This study aims to analyze and prove the effect of experiential marketing on customer satisfaction with experiential value as an intervening variable. In this study, 150 students were active or were still registered at Padang State University and used Xiaomi smartphone brands. The analytical method is...
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The Impact of Services Quality on Brand Experiences: The Mediating Role of Customer Engagement

Firman, M. Sargio Saldino
The primary purpose of this study is to analyze: (1) The impactof Services Quality on Customer Engagement, (2) The impactof Services Quality on Brand Experiences, (3) The impactof Services Quality on Brand Exeriences through Customer Engagement, (4) The impactof Customer Engagement on Brand Experiences.This...
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Factors Forming Firm Performance of Micro-Businesses

Megawati, Aimatul Yumna, Charoline Cheisviyanny, Abel Tasman
Micro-businesses are part of MSMEs and an economic booster, a vibrant and profitable segment in any developing country such as Indonesia. As a business entity, micro-enterprises are expecting to have good company performance to survive. This study aims to analyze the four factors that shape micro-enterprises’...
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Influence of Product, Price and Promotion on Purchase Decision of Toyota Agya Car with Brand Image as Intervening Variables in Padang City

Ragiev Zubarjan, Idris
This study aims to determine the effect of products, prices and promotions on purchasing decisions for Toyota Agya cars with brand image as an intervening variable in the city of Padang. This study used a survey approach using a questionnaire to collect data from Toyota Agya car users in Padang City....