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Mindfulness Practice in Socially Engaged Ethnographic Fieldwork

Gene Ammarell
In recent years, the Buddhist practice of mindfulness has become the subject of research in the cognitive sciences and a potent tool in clinical psychology and counseling. While Buddhism, itself, is the subject of countless studies in the social sciences and histories of religion, there is a surprisingly...
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Does Corporate Governance Moderate the Effect of Earnings Management on Tax Aggressiveness

Dewi Prastiwi
Taxes are important for a State and company. Both have a common interest in taxes. For the State tax is a source of State income, so there is an effort to maximize tax revenue. For the company, the tax is a net income deduction. Therefore, companies frequently use earnings management to control the reporting...
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Second Language Interactional Competence in Classroom Discursive Practices

Dian Misesani, Lies Amin Lestari
The purpose of this study is to identify the forms of discursive practices that make evident to the demonstration of second language interactional competence, and describing the manners of second language interactional competence shiwed by participants employment of linguistic and interactional resources...
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The Blueprints of Definition in Technical Dictionary

Fitri Amilia, Kisyani Laksono, Budinuryanta Yohanes
Definition which refers to the term concept with different formation of the form of specific words in a dictionary has been the reason of the study. Collected data were in the form of definian taken from document record, identification and classification of the norms found in the dictionaries. The data...
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Contour Intonation Transfiguration of Declarative Speech by Autistic Children

Ika Septiana, Bambang Yulianto, Kisyani Laksono
The purpose of this paper is to describe contour intonation transfiguration of autistic childrens declarative speech. Autistic childrens speech is unique when it is compared with normal childrens speech. Sometimes the speech of autistic children makes the adult think critically to understand the meaning...
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Principal Leadership in Developing School Culture

Mohammad Ridho, Mr Murtadlo, I Budayasa
The Principalss leadership plays an important role in cultivating a school culture. The aim of this study was to analyze the principals leadership in an attempt to develop a positive school culture and its impact on school achievement. A qualitative approach with case study was used. The study was conducted...
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Impacts of Social Media on Youth's Sexual and Social Behaviors

Refti Listyani, Agus Fauzi
This research examines social & sexual impact of youth social media behavior using an ethno methodology approach. Several theories are employed in this research including the theory of sociology of media, social interaction and the concept of sexuality. Results indicate that despite the promise of enhanced...
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The Role of Political Communication in Anticipating Social Conflicts Based on the Government Policy in East Java

Rr Setyowati, FX Sadewo, Martinus Legowo
Based on the sociological perspective, the results concluded that the policy issued by the government that was originally to overcome social conflicts in the community, actually raises a new problem. This shows the need for the role of political communication. Political communication is a process of...
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Green School Program Management in Fostering Students' Character

Syunu Trihantoyo, Asmi Rahma
Green school programs contribute to creating a comfortable, clean, and healthy school environment. For students, green school programs can also foster environmental cares. This study aims to analyze green school program management in developing environmental caring character in elementary school. Management...
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Students' Narrative Composition Based on the Implementation of Rubric Referenced-Peer Assessment

Ms Yunani, Oikurema Purwati, Mr Aswandi
The use of rubric in peer assessment has greatly increased in recent years. However, the result of the use of rubric in peer assessment becomes an underexplored area. Therefore, this study focuses on investigating the result of rubric referenced peer assessment RRPA on students narrative writing. This...
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The Presentation of President Obama's Ideologies in View of the Five Discursive Strategies

Mr Supeno, Slamet Setiawan, Oikurema Purwati
As a US president, Obama was not a particularly ideological person, but remains passionate about certain issues. That is, everybody should get a fair shake and should be treated with dignity or respect regardless of what they look like or who they are. Some even state that he is pretty pragmatic in how...
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A Study on the Competence of English Subject at Junior Middle School Having Low and High Order Thinking Skills

Fauris Zuhri, Mr Susanto
The purpose of this paper is to find out which contents of core and basic competence of English subject have low order thinking skills LOTS and higher order thinking skills HOTS at Junior Middle School. It discusses that learning taxonomies having six levels, remembering, understanding, implementing,...
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Revealing Intercultural Communicative Competence in an EFL High School Textbook

Ali Rosyidi, Oikurema Purwati
Since the goal of teaching English is now shifted from communicative competence to intercultural communicative competence ICC, English teachers should rethink of and be selective on using teaching sources which are mainly referred to textbooks. Many studies were then conducted to analyze the cultural...
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Protraction of Javanese Philosophy In Djarum 76 Advertisement Video Series

Asidigisianti Patria, Nova Kristiana
This study aims to describe the genies characteristic in the advertisement as a representation of Javanese culture since Djarum 76 Cigarette is an original Javanese cigarette. This study aims to investigate the point of attraction of Djarum 76 advertisement and the implementation of Javanese local wisdom...
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The Unique Vowel Play for Negative Quantifier in Javanese Reduplication

Slamet Setiawan, Ayunita Leliana
Native speakers of a given language, including Javanese, may not be aware of their detail language system. This is due to the fact that they are able to use their first language through natural process of language transmission from care givers and members of community. Furthermore, it seems that they...
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Learning English through the Use of Classroom Language in Community Service

Atik Herlianawati, Lies Lestari, Mr Suwono
The study investigated how student tutors of Big Buddies Club, a community service tutoring English to elementary school students, learned and used classroom language in the prep training and tutoring program. The subjects of this qualitative study were four students tutoring a group of class 3 and 4...
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Improving Students' Scientific Arguments Guided Inquiry Ability Through Student Textbook

Bagus R. Wijaya, Yuni Sri Rahayu, R Agustini
Student of preservice biology teacher should be able to hold the scientific facts discovered through the inquiry process using scientific argument. The purpose of this study was to facilitate students scientific arguments ability through guided inquiry based learning. The approach adopted in this study...
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Indonesian Children Acquisition on Single Word Utterance Stage: A Case Study

Bambang Yulianto
This The study is aimed to explain the language sound acquisition of Indonesian utterances of a child aged 1,0 to 1,6, including the characteristics of the language sounds consonants and vowels and 2 its distribution. The study is based on the qualitative research approach. Viewed from the light of language...
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EFL Teachers Perceptions and Practices of Information Literacy

Didik Syaifullah, Pratiwi Retnaningdyah, Lies Lestari
This qualitative inquiry examined two English teachers perceptions of information literacy IL in the secondary schools. The study sought to illuminate individuals understanding, opinions or belief of information literacy. To collect data, semi structured interviews were employed as the research instruments....
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Strategies for Avoiding Business, Failure of Local Franchise

Yessy Artanti, Nindria Untarini, Mr Sanaji
This study aims to implement the entrepreneurial marketing and adversity intelligence on business performance of local franchise. The criteria of selecting respondents are domestic franchiser companies local in the field of food and beverages service which are included in the AFI Association of Franchise...
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Local Wisdom in the Plurality of Religious Life: Lessons from Tenggerese

FX Sadewo, Mr Artono, Martinus Legowo, Zainuddin Maliki
There is a worrying lesson in the transition of democracy. The transition from one regime to the other regime lead to a change of political constellation. This change will bring religious, ethnic and other issues into political identity. Strengthening political identity in a plural society produces a...
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Islamic Work Performance of Muslim Employees

Mr Harinoto, Christea Frisdiantara, Anwar Sanusi, Boge Triatmanto
This study aimed to analyze the linking of Islamic work ethos to the performance of employees through organizational commitment in a city government. The types of research include explanatory research, by developing survey methods, using questionnaires with city government employees as the respondents....
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The Developments on Audit Quality in Indonesia, The Qualitative Analysis on the Practitioners' Expectations

Irma Tyasari
Indonesia has a continuous concerned on its audit quality AQ since the impact of global changes on the countrys accounting profession. The data was obtained from face to face interviews with practitioners which have given the notion on how far Indonesia has already gone to enhance its AQ. Review of documentary...
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The Representation of Vocoid "?" in Indonesian Phonological Development of Preschool Aged Children with Hearing Impairment

Rahayu Pujiastuti, Bambang Yulianto, Ms Kisyani
This study aims to describe the representation of vocoid ? phonological developments in the Indonesian language on deaf preschool age children. Therefore, the collection of data is done longitudinally. A data source is a group of three deaf children TKLB B Nursery School of Students with Special Needs...
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The Development of Supplementary Book Based on Direct Reading Thinking Activities to Increase the Intensive Reading Learning Outcomes

Rizki Agnestria, Kisyani Laksono
The aim of this research is to develop a supplementary book based on Direct Reading Thinking Activities DRTA to increase the intensive reading learning outcomes of the fourth grade elementary school. This research refers to the four D model that consists of defining, designing, developing, and disseminating....
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A Closer Look into Primary School Students' Self Efficacy in L2 Learning across Gender and School Location

Syafi'ul Anam, Mr Susanto
Self efficacy is believed to drive learners to have a greater cognitive and motivational engagement in learning activities, and accordingly help them to perform better. This study, therefore, aimed to look into the profile of students self efficacy levels across school location and gender. The data of...
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Female Subjectivity in Lisa See's Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Neurina Islamiyah, Much Koiri
In a society where the patriarchal system exists, generally, women are put below men and have limited access and freedom. They are being oppressed and controlled. The oppression limits the women moves, thus, they exhibit what is called as female subjectivity. In the novel Snow Flower and the Secret Fan,...
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Revealing Multiliteracies in English as a Foreign Language Classroom

Agus Khairi, Pratiwi Retnaningdyah, Mr Aswandi
Teaching English as a foreign language is aimed to give knowledge for students in facing globalisation era in which English used as international language. Therefore, teaching and learning process should take into account about multiliteracies, those are considering difference of culture of global community...
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Indigenous Ritual as Adhesive Social Harmonization: The Meaning of Peusijuek for Young People of Aceh, Indonesia

Agus Supriono, Mr Ridwan, Ms Sarmini
The Aceh people in the activities of the traditional order of life steeped in culture and religion. One of the most urgent ritual is peusijuek so that almost all customs activities performed this ritual. This paper aimed to describe the meaning of ritual peusijuek as a medium of adhesive social harmonization...
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Young and Powerful Characters: An Analysis of Illuminati in Manga

Diana Darma, Mamik Wedawati
Man power in literary work has become a popular topic nowadays. One of its implications is the concept of illuminati. This concept conveys indifference between logic and faith, which develop in an issue of dominance in the existence of manhood. As a contemporary concept it is also a controversial issue...
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Multicultural and Character Education as the Model of Mental Revolution Movement to Prevent Santri Radicalism

Haris Supratno, Resdianto Raharjo
The goal of this research was to find the model of character and multicultural education as the model of mental revolution movement to tackle santri radicalism in Pesantren in East Java. This research used a qualitative method. The data sources were taken from the informant, including teachers, Pesantren...
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Food Sovereignty of Communities in the Margins of the Nation: Staple Food and Politics in Mentawai, West Sumatra

Maskota Delfi
In Indonesia the main staple food is often perceived to be limited to rice consumption. This is perhaps enforced by the beras sejahtera Rastra government 2017 program in distributing rice quotas to the economically challenged groups in society, and secondly by the virtue of a strong government focus...
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Representation of Eco-spirituality Perspective in Baiat Cinta di Tanah Baduy by Uten Sutendy

Rahmi Rahmayati
This study described the representation of eco spirituality in the novel of Baiat Cinta di Tanah Baduy by Uten Sutendy. The analysis was conducted based on the study of ecocriticism. As the result, the characters who had eco centric perspective showed positive attitudes toward the environment, like keeping...
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Corporate Social Responsibility Effect on Information Asymmetry

Rizky Eriandani
This study was aimed to answer the question of whether Corporate Social Responsibility CSR disclosure as one form of voluntary disclosure can reduce the asymmetric information in Indonesian capital market, as a developing country. In other words, whether information about the performance of CSR provides...
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Hyperreality in a Football Live on Television

Rojil Aji, Eko Hermawan, Mr Riyadi
Today spotlight of direct camera in a football match is inevitable. Hundreds of cameras are always prepared in every football match in order to catch every second of the events, both inside and outside the stadium. As the result, we can access football matches anywhere from our television or our cellphone....
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The Profile of Self Efficacy Beliefs among English Teachers without L2 Teaching Degree

Wiwiet Savitri, Syafi'ul Anam, Suvi Akhiriyah
Teachers belief of their own competence, especially subject matter and pedagogical, is instrumental in teaching success and failure. This self belief, commonly called self efficacy, is believed to determine teachers effort, persistence, goal setting, and aspirations for themselves and their students....
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Reading Strategies Used by Senior High School Students to Comprehend English Texts

Zumrotul Fauziah, Ahmad Munir, Mr Aswandi
This survey study explored reading strategies employed by senior high school students in Bojonegoro East Java, Indonesia. The study aimed to find out how often the students use of Global strategies, Problem solving strategies, and Support strategies employment in comprehending English texts. It also...
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Case Marking on Constituents Constructed by Verbal Predicate: The Comparison of Japanese, English, and Indonesian

Mr. Roni, Slamet Setiawan
Discussing Japanese, English, and Indonesian is interesting because of its prominent differences. Among the most noticeable issues is the case marking for different constituencies. In respect to predicate filled by the verb, the verbal phrase becomes the mothers constituent in the sentence. The complement...
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Violence against Women and Resistance in Nawal El Saadawi's Woman at Zero Point and Alberto Moravia's The Woman of Rome

Nurul Hidayati, Budi Darma, Ali Mustofa
This research analyzes women violence and revealed by the main female characters in Nawal El Saadawis Woman at Point Zero and Alberto Moravia's The Woman of Rome. The research is qualitative study and the research used Foucault's theory of power relation. The data are in form of sentences related to...
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Do Vocabulary Learning Strategies Correlate to Reading Comprehension

Mr Muhaimin, Mr Suharsono, Ahmad Munir
This paper aims to analyze correlation of vocabulary learning strategies VLSs and reading comprehension. The study was conducted with a quantitative approach and employed thirty students of senior high school as the participants. The data were collected through questionnaire and statistically analyzed...
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The Identity of Madurese Women: Between Tradition and the Development of Modernization

Ms Sarmini, Ulin Nadiroh, Syarifah Hasanah
Madurese culture put women as a symbol of self esteem. Although the women in this ethnic figure renowned as tough and hard working, they are unfettered by tradition. This paper focuses on investigating Madurese womens identity between tradition and modernization. The research method used in this reseach...
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Values of Local Wisdom in Dlongop Batik Motif

Fera Ratyaningrum, Eko Oemar
The development of traditional batik is created and lifted from the roots of Indonesian culture and nature, of which is rich in local wisdom described in the motif. Discussing the development of traditional motif is similar to talking about values. Local wisdom in the development of traditional batik...
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Developing Biology based Monopoly Game as Media to Enhance Students' Learning Outcome and Social Ability

A Firmansyah, S Indana
The purpose of this study is to describe the development of biology based monopoly game as media to support students learning outcome and social ability. Using the Four D Model, we created and developed a set of biology based monopoly game and tested it to junior high school students n equal 24. This...
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SILK as Kanji Learning Model for Students at Japanese Department

Amira Kocimaheni
Japanese language learners at the university level must master the knowledge of Japanese letters, which consists of kana and kanji. There are no difficulties for the students who have already been familiar with Japanese letters to know the characteristics of kana and kanji. On the contrary, students...
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Determinants of Organizational Performance in Private Universities

Mohammad Mudzakkir, Endi Sarwoko, Iva Nurdiana
Private university had higher risks e.g. performance decline, bankrupt than the state ones because it depended on the annual students admission. Therefore, this study aims to determine a simple model of organizational performance determinants in university that can be applied to private university. The...
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The Relationship between Parents Socio-Economic Background and Students' Science Literacy in Indonesia Evidence from Programme for International Students Assessment PISA 2015

Ms Mariana
Progress of a nation is determined by the ability of its human resources in mastering science and technology. Science literacy has an important role for students to prepare the quality of Indonesian human resources in the future. The objective of the study was to identify the socio economic variables...
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Developing Intercultural Awareness through Poems in EFL Classrooms

Fithriyah Abida, Rahayu Kuswardani
The use of poems has not been practiced in Indonesian EFL classrooms especially in high school context. Literary materials are generally introduced to students who study English as a foreign language in university level. However, in the context of foreign language teaching, the use of English poems in...
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Deviant Behaviors of Teenage Drug Users

Mr Warsono, Ms Sarmini, Syarifah Hasanah
Drugs seems to be an endless problem and become an international problem which can be a serious threat to our next generation. This paper focused on the problem of drug abuse among teenagers in a region in East Java. The setting of this research was state vocational senior high school because the number...
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Implicating Mental Models, Local Interpretation, and Analogy of Facebook Comments Upon the News of Paris Attack 11,13

Lisetyo Ariyanti, Regine Margareta
This paper analyses the relationship among three fields, they are mental model, analogy, and local interpretation which are used as the basic principles to understand the problem in distinguishing peoples responses toward verses in Quran. It uses the theories of Laird Johnson 1983 and George Yule & Gillian...
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Strengthening the 21st Century Skills of Elementary School Students through the Implementation of Project Based Learning

Mr Riyadi, Yuni Rahayu
The purpose of this study is to improve the 21st century skills on elementary school students through the implementation of project based learning. These skills play an important role for students to survive. This study was conducted on 24 students of Public Elementary School in Indonesia, of which were...
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The Correlation between EFL PBT Paper Based TOEFL Prediction and Verbal Assessment Test Scores of Engineering Students

Luh Ariyati, Lies Lestar
An EFL Test, a English assessment PBT prediction is developed by ITS Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya Centre for Languages and Cultures to measure the students English proficiency as a part of their graduation requirements. The test has caused the majority of students postpone their...
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The Profile of Students' Lesson Plans in Instructional Design Class

Ririn Pusparini, Esti Kurniasih
Four competences that must be possessed by teachers are professional, pedagogical, ethics, and social competences. Related to pedagogical competences, English Education Study Program of Unesa has a subject to support the professionalism of students who will be a teacher, that is Instructional Design....
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Model of Language Competence Upgrading Program for English Teachers in Indonesia

Him'mawan Nugroho
This paper aims at proposing a concept in maintaining English language teachers language proficiency as an inseparable part of their professionalism. Reviewing several previous researches dealing with English language teaching and English teachers professional development is the method used in this paper....
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Syntactic Simplicity in Dyslexic Children's Utterances

Mr Mulyono, Ketut Artawa, Prima Asteria
As kids suffering from language deficits, dyslexic children have unique linguistic characterisitics. This research aims to examine syntactic simplicity in dyslexic childrens utterances. The data was collected through observation, audio taping, and elicitation whereas a minimalist theory was employed...
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Spirit of Tolerance (Kanyou) in the Novel Utsukushisa To Kanashimi To by Kawabata Yasunari: The Study of Cultural Stylistics

Ina Pratita
This research was conducted to explore the cultural values that grow and develop and dominate the Japan Society, a way of thinking that is contained in the spirit of tolerance Kanyou. The main character is a woman, named Otoko, whose played a role to depict a cultural stylistics in the community. This...
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Improving Processing Data Skills on Econometrics. Could Cybernetic Learning Theory Practice Do it?

Ni'matus Sholikah, Choirul Nikmah, Albrian Prakoso
Implementation of cybernetic practice in econometric courses to improve student learning outcomes and data processing skills. This study is a classroom action research with two cycles. Cybernetic learning theory practice of econometric courses is learning that collaborates on theoretical knowledge and...
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Consolidating the Local Governments Responsiveness through Directorate General of Highway Construction and Maintenance Fast Reaction Unit URC BIMA for Road Maintenance

M. Farid Ma'ruf, Dilla Sevtiana, Mohammad Rokib
The majority of the governments authorities that are granted to the local government through region autonomy motivates creativity and innovation of the local government in developing good local governance. This research described and analysed the roles and attemps of local government in handling damage...
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Specific Migration in Indonesia Mudik and Balik Lebaran

Ketut Prasetyo, Mr Warsono
Lebaran is a Moslems religious ceremony in Indonesia. Usually, in lebaran, every Moslem visit their family. In Indonesia, mudik is a term to represent a migration when Moslem goes back to their village from city, while when returning from village to city is known as balik. By referring to the data obtained...
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The Impact of Changes in Society on the Use of Languages

Djodjok Soepardjo, Mr Warsono
Language as a means of communication undergoes some shifts or changes along with the changes of the society. This paper, therefore, seeks to explain some facts and look at the cause of language changes. The change in languages results from the internal and external factors of languages. In terms of external...
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EFL Materials Development Based on Project Based Learning for Vocational High School

Arik Susanti, Anis Trisusana
The purposes of the research were to know students needs in learning English and to describe the process of developing EFL materials based on Project Based Learning PjBL. It will provide English materials that are suitable for the learning objective and consider the learners needs in studying English....
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Sociocultural Aspects of Transgender's Slang

Mr Surana
This study examines the sociocultural aspects of waria's slang. Considering the current problems, descriptive method was used to describe the results of this study. The object of this study is the various language used by the transgenders in their daily communication. The data were collected, categorized,...