Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Science and Technology Ethics and Human Future (STEHF 2022)

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Adeel Luqman, Qiaoyun Zhang, Wei Liu
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Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition Technology and Ethical Gender

Run Wang
In the development and application of artificial intelligence, many outdated and biased data are wrongly expanded in artificial intelligence systems. Many hidden inequalities and discrimination in human society are challenging the security of society and the privacy of people. As technology continues...
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Material Preference Analysis of Highly Thermally Conductive Flexible Substrates Based on Material Ethics

Gaonaonao Xue
With the development of space technology and the civil economy, society is placing higher demands on flexible substrates. In this paper, from the perspective of material ethics in engineering design, the idea of engineering ethics is implemented in material preferences and green material practices are...
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The Toxicity Evaluation of Novel Carbon-Based Nanoparticle Medicine and How to Choose the Suitable Animal Toxicity Test Models for It

Chenchang Zhu
Carbon nanoparticles have massive potential in different biology and medical applications areas. In order to use the novel carbon nanomaterials medicine for human treatment, safety issues are necessary to be considered, and it is essential to determine the best animal test models to evaluate the toxicity...
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A Study of the Effect of Participating in Outdoor Social Activities on the Degree of Depression in the Elderly

Shiyu Liu, Xiaojie Gong, Xiaofeng Cong, Jia Cong
With the intensification of the aging of the population in China, our society has begun to pay close attention to the current situation of the elderly participating in outdoor social activities and the current status of depression. We expect to promote the mental health of the elderly by increasing the...
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Analysis on Privacy Issues with Facial Recognition Technology

Pengyu Jiang
The implementation of face recognition technology is simple and easy to cause abuse of technology. Its contactless nature makes privacy risks more hidden. In many contexts, people lose their autonomy in facial information. Helen Nissenbaum analyzes privacy from the perspective of information transmission....
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Research on VR Design Starting with Motion Sickness

Fangtao Zhao
Virtual reality (VR) technology has been highly anticipated by the consumer market since its inception. In order to be accepted by more users, researches on VR are required to focus not only on technical efficiency and expressiveness, but also on user-friendliness. According to user feedback, motion...
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Research on the Construction of Fresh Food Traceability System in the Context of Blockchain

Kun Zhu, Chenghua Liu, Yutao Qin
In recent years, due to the occurrence of safety accidents in food processing enterprises, it is necessary to use fresh food safety traceability system to strengthen the supervision of food supply. Based on the five basic characteristics of blockchain, namely, decentralization, openness, autonomy, anonymity...
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Parenting Styles and Self-Acceptance of High School Students: The Mediating Role of Academic Self-Efficacy

Yu Peng
To explore the mediating mechanism of academic self-efficacy between parenting style and senior high school students’ self-acceptance, a total of 178 high school students were invited to fill in the Short-form Egna Minnenav Bardoms Uppfostran for Chinese, Academic Self-efficacy Scale and Self -Acceptance...
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Generation Z Perception of LGBTQ+ Group in China According to Social Media Responses and the Extent

Its Impact through Case Studies and Questionnaire Analysis

Weiqing Li, Zejun Li, Zheyu Pei, Xiaoyan Zhao
Chinese internet social media plays a significant role in understanding modern diffusing and teaching theories, which lead to behavior identification and conceptualization of the LGBTQ group in contemporary Chinese society. With the development of popular social media platforms, the minority of sex groups...
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China Legal Obstacles and Legislative Suggestions on Bankruptcy Disposal of Financial Institutions

Ziyan Sha
This article investigates the trans-national efficacy of financial institution resolution measures with regard to existing as well as soon to be amended Chinese banking institutions bankruptcy law, the Bank Resolution Regulation (BRR). The Enterprise Bankruptcy Law (EBL) of China governs the overall...
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What can China’s Wildlife Protection Law (WPL) Learn from US’s Endangered Species Act (ESA)?

Ruiqi Zhao
The existence of COVID 19 again raises people’s awareness of endangered species trading problems and calls for rethinking the relationship between humanity and the natural environment. This paper mentions the current problems faced by China in protecting endangered species and states the urgent need...
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Research on the Video Copyright Protection

Yiran Guo
Nowadays, the phenomenon of online video theft is emerging one after another. Many high-value videos created by video creators are obtained from the network and transmitted again, which makes the video creators suffer losses. The problem of video protection is becoming more and more urgent. Aiming at...
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Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for COVID-19 Pandemic

Ziwei Wang
The COVID-19 has caused a global pandemic. Until now, it has had a dramatic impact on society worldwide. COVID-19 has presented numerous challenges to the medical area. Unlike traditional approaches restraining the spread of the pandemic, artificial intelligence (AI) assists in the COVID-19 crisis in...
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The Relationship between Bystander’s Life Satisfaction and Passively Acceptance of “Public Display of Affection”: Self-Esteem as a Mediator—Mainly among College Students

Yanjing Li, Chenye Wang
Since social networking become more and more prevalent, it has become part of people’s daily life, quietly influencing people. Also, social networking site provides a stable platform for “public display of affection” behavior. Couples are likely to do so. However, they don’t realize how it will influence...
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The Application of Human Judgment and Statistical Judgment in Medical Decision-Making and the Analysis of the Reasons for the Deviation of Human Judgment

Yinzhu Mao
Human judgment and statistical judgment are the most commonly used judgment methods in life. Rational use can effectively help people improve work efficiency and accuracy. This paper is devoted to studying the advantages and disadvantages of these two judgment methods in the medical field. Only when...
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Effects of Diet on Type 2 Diabetes Based on Gene-Environment Interactions

Yifan Liu
There is evidence that cross-inhibition of genes and the environment is associated with the development of chronic disease in humans. Diets that do not match genotypes also affect epigenetic modification of genes, which affects gene expression. This article takes type 2 diabetes as an example, the method:...
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The Change of Educational Marriage Matching Pattern After the Founding of New China

Jielu Li, Xiaojie Gong, Xiaofeng Cong, Jia Cong
After the founding of The People’s Republic of China, social modernization and industrialization developed rapidly, and the pattern of educational marriage matching appeared new characteristics. In order to explore the characteristics of its change trend in depth, this paper, based on the theory of homogeneity...
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In the Context of Population Aging

The Path of Constructing the Model of Community Home Care

Yinghan Li
Since China entered an aging society in 1999, the growth rate of the elderly population has been faster than that of the total population in China. With the acceleration of aging society, how to understand the actual needs of the elderly and realize the transformation from the “old-age care ” of young...
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Research on the Impact of Social Support on the Health of Urban and Rural Elderly Based on the Analysis of CFPS Data in 2018

Yaohui Xu
Based on the 2018 China Family Panel Studies (CFPS) data, a generalized ordinal logistic regression model was used to analyze the impact of social support on self-rated health in the elderly. The empirical results show that, in general, social support has a significant impact on the self-rated health...
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The Correlation between Obesity and COVID-19 in Public Health

Yuqi Li
COVID-19 and obesity are thought to pose a dual threat to public health care systems. Obesity has been identified as a vital risks factor toward COVID-19 in several researches, trials, and medical reports; specifically, and has been identified as the predominant risk factor among younger individuals....
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Relationship between Cystic Fibrosis with CFTR and a Common Mutation DelF508 with Its Treatment

Yilan Ling
Chronic obstructive pulmonary illness, decreased pancreatic exocrine function, and excessively increased sweat electrolytes are all symptoms of cystic fibrosis, a hereditary exocrine gland disease. The cystic fibrosis gene has a number of mutations. G542X, G551D, Gly542X, Asn1303Lys, and others, for...
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Ethical Issues and Attribution of Gene Editing Technology

Rui Yang
Humans are in an era of high-tech development, a new era of biology based on genetic technology. Gene editing technology is a science and technology with broad application prospects and great development space, but it not only brings scientific and technological progress, but also causes a series of...
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Research on Existing Challenges and Possible Approaches to Achieving Carbon Neutrality in China

Binhan Wang
Since fossil energy is not renewable, it will eventually be exhausted. At the same time, with the emission of carbon dioxide, the earth’s temperature rises, resulting in the melting of glaciers, sea level rise and a series of environmental problems. This paper discusses the technical challenges and system...
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Analysis of Contemporary College Students’ View of Love under the Theory of Social Exchange

Aihu Wang
By using the social exchange theory of Hobbes, Blau and others, taking the love view of contemporary college students as the theme, and using the data analysis method of qualitative research, this paper obtains the preliminary conclusion of this study: the mutual gift between lovers is an essential link...
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Research on Security of Big Data in China

Jingxuan Wang
In the contemporary society, we receive mountains of information moment by moment, Including television advertising and mobile phone advertising. What big data is doing is to find valuable information By the mass information. Users’ privacy has met an unprecedented challenge. As a lot of new technologies...
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Process Monitoring and Control of Drug Fluidized Bed Granulation and Its New Application

Yaoyao Wang
Nowadays, fluidized bed granulation is a widely used technique in the pharmaceutical industry. Several factors, including process settings, powder qualities, and binder properties, impact its performance. The monitoring of the fluidized bed granulation process is a complex process. This paper describes...
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A Comparative Analysis of the Study of Optimization Schemes for K-Means Algorithm Clustering Centers in High-Dimensional Data

Jinglu Tian
As an important concept of artificial intelligence in the field of information mining and in the broader field of deep learning, clustering analysis has attracted a large number of researchers to think about and improve its research methods, application areas and disadvantage optimization to different...
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Comparison of Ecological Economics Policy between Developed Countries and China

Jiaxin Li
In recent years, more and more countries aware that the black economic development is unsustainable. Different countries and organizations have taken measures to promote the development of an ecological economics society. China has already constructed a worldwide economic powerhouse. In the twenty-first...
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The Algorithm-Based Platform Economy: A New Terrain of Control and Resistance

Yukun Sun
The rise and spread of platform economy, along with more flexible employment relations, is constantly changing the labor practices of most developed and developing countries. The predominant focus of popular public narratives is on the economic value of algorithms. On the contrary, the task of this article...
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The Decline of Fertility in China from the Perspective of Status Consumption

Mengshuang Li
Low fertility rate is a major demographic problem facing Chinese society. If it is not paid attention to, it may lead to systemic risks in the social and economic fields in the medium and long term. This paper argues that status consumption is also the leading factor leading to the decline of fertility...
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The Alienation of Gaze — the Construction and Gender Practice in the Fanfiction

Xuan Yu, Yu Han
There are many similarities in the Fanfiction literature in online literature and Tanbi literature, but the texture logic of its text is obviously different from the creation of Tanbi. This article explores the text analysis and participation research methods to explore the creation of the same humanistic...
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A Review of the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Imperfect Information Games Represented by DouDiZhu

Chuan He
Recently, deep reinforcement learning has achieved superhuman performance in various games such as Go, chess, and shogi. Compared with Go, DouDiZhu, also known as Chinese competitive poker, belongs to Imperfect Information Games (IIG), including hidden information, randomness, multi-agent cooperation,...
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Elements of Zhihu Users’ View of Moral Rights in the Case of Female Medical Staff’s Rights and Interests Being Encroached

A Grounded Theory Study Based on Zhihu Answer Text

Kaige Zhang
Moral rights usually refer to the legitimate rights granted by the moral system and guaranteed by the corresponding obligations. Sorting out the generation and origin of the concept of rights and moral rights, then, by reviewing three news reports about the encroachment on the rights and interests of...
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The Development Direction of Information Security in Wireless Communication

Weiyao Li, Jiayu Li
In today’s society with the rapid development of information technology, wireless communication technology has been widely used in people’s life. People only need a mobile or fixed terminal device to enjoy the convenient services such as voice, video and data exchange brought by wireless communication...
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The Application of Robotic 3D Printing in Neuroprosthetic Interfaces

Yang Yang
Currently, robots can replicate artificial limbs with high precision. Various electrode implantation methods have been proposed to give users more control over prosthetic limbs, which differ in the way signals are transmitted inside and outside the body. However, the inevitable disadvantage of these...
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Meta Analysis of the Relationship between ADHD Children and Creativity

Xiaotong Zhu, Hanqi Zheng, Kedi Chen, Yixuan Zhang, Yuying Liu
The creativity of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been widely proved in all stages of human development. School-age children and adolescents are an important period for the development of creativity level. The relationship between the creativity level of school-age children and adolescents...
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A Comparative Study of Chinese Address Segmentation Methods

Jiaqi Yu
Nowadays, natural language processing continues to grow with its popularity in research and commercial fields. With this trend happening, researchers now put more effort into applying machine learning to achieve natural language processing. This paper concentrates on the word segmentation aspect of Chinese...
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The Ecological Thought of Ancient Chinese Agriculture and Its Contemporary Value

Yinghan Zhao
Chinese traditional agriculture ecological thought, after thousands of years the development of agricultural production practice, the reasonable kernel is to emphasize internal coordination between all key elements of agricultural production system, such as the coordinated development of agriculture,...
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Review and Prospect of Small Town Youth Research from the Perspective of Sociology

Zhikun Liu
Small town youth group is a new group in recent years. Different scholars have conducted various studies on it. Only by reviewing the past research can we grasp the future research direction. In the past, the academic research on returning youth mainly focused on the youth who went to the countryside...
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The Impacts of the Use of Chlorine-Containing Disinfectants on Water Quality under the Background of the COVID-19: A Case Study in Hong Kong

Yuhan Jiang, Dexin Liu
With the advent of COVID-19, for the purpose of epidemic prevention, chlorine-containing disinfectants have been put into use in various aspects of life and medical treatment. The sudden peak in usage might put tremendous pressure on the river system. This paper takes Hong Kong as an example to find...
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Covid-19 VaccinePassport Management System on Blockchain Platform

Gengzao Wu
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s travel has been severely impacted. Proof of vaccination must be quickly linked to travel passports to facilitate people’s travel, but its success will depend on the availability of a platform that enables data sharing. This platform needs to enable data...
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Construction of Quality Improvement System of PE Education in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Curriculum Ideology and Politics

Jihua Li
The teaching goal of physical education curriculum in colleges and universities has always been to strengthen students’ physique and cultivate their sports skills, but the educational function of the curriculum is insufficient. Under the current background of curriculum ideological and political ideas,...
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Research on the Operation of Charitable Projects by Internet Public Fundraising Platforms

Yuqing Sun
The advent of the Internet has opened up a new world for the development of philanthropy. Projects online has improved the opportunities for charitable projects to enter people’s field of vision. However, one of the determinants of whether a project can obtain donations is the operation strategy adopted...
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Research on the Problem of Old-age Care for Female Elderly Living alone in Rural Areas

Manshi Pei
In recent years, the issue of old-age care for the elderly has attracted widespread attention in the society. Due to gender disadvantage, older females may be more vulnerable among older adults. In most rural areas of our country, there are some rural elderly women who live alone and have a long distance...
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Intelligent Applications to Smart Cars Based on 5G MEC with Iot

Zhenyi Zhu
With the rise of 5G as a burgeoning computing method, MEC technology has gained traction. It gives a revolution in automotive field with its low latency and high response. The article introduces the concept of MEC and gives coordinate development status first. Compared to traditional network and cloud...
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The Bottom Line and Full Cycle of Ethical Embedding

Ethical Changes in Science and Technology in China’s Emerging Technology Era

Qianwen Chen, Xiangchao Guo, Dapeng Zhang
The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change is completely changing the original global innovation map and optimizing the global economic structure, and the original ethics of science and technology is constantly facing challenges, resulting in a series of problems of...
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Advantages and Challenges of Roller Compaction Process for Dry Granulation

Feiyang Wu
Granulation, which is a technology of expanding particles by coagulation, is one of the most significant unit operations for the production of drug dosage forms (mainly capsules and tablets). In the granulation process, fine or coarse particles are transformed into large aggregates called particles....
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On the Independent Personality of Chinese Women -- From the Perspective of Philosophy

Wenshuang Zhu
This article will discuss the problem of shaping female independent personality from the perspective of philosophy. This paper first discusses the causes of the formation of women’s non independent personality: one is the profound social and historical reasons; the second is the reason of women themselves;...
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Prediction of University Comprehensive Score Based on Regression Analysis

Yutong Li
Machine learning [1-5] is regularly accustomed to various fields to resolve troubles that are not able to easily solve in founded on computer methods. The most straightforward and frequent algorithms in machine learning is linear regression. Linear regression is a method for performing predictive analysis...
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Analysis on Autophagy Dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease and Revelant Bioethic Issues in Its Healthcare

Jiaze Gao
Alzheimer’s disease is a common degenerative disease that manifests itself primarily as tau tangles and amyloid beta protein plaques. In the last five years, studies on lysosomes have sparked interest in autophagy and autophagic dysfunction, yet the specific role of autophagy in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s...
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Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Endowment Security for Landless Farmers

Taking Weizi Street, Changyi City, Weifang City as an Example

Fengchao Liu
With the rapid development of my country’s economy and society and the continuous acceleration of urbanization, the phenomenon of land expropriation has become more and more common. However, there are also many problems that cannot be ignored in this process, especially the issue of old-age security...
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Study on the Social Discourse Construction and the Cognition of Modernity

Yu Wang
Modernity has always been a topic of discussion in sociology. It seems to be closely related to all the phenomena and problems in our society today, in the other way we abstract all the characteristics and states of modern society as modernity. he construction of the concept of modernity has been deepened...
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The Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Online Public Welfare Crowdfunding

Xiaoyang Wang
Online public welfare crowdfunding makes up for the shortcomings of traditional public welfare crowdfunding institutions, but it also has many problems. This paper takes online public welfare crowdfunding as the research object, analyzes the development status of online public welfare crowdfunding in...
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Research on the Influence and Governance of “Fan Circle Culture” on Youth Values from the Perspective of Social Identity

Xin Li
The theory of social identity believes that the sense of identity and belonging that an individual obtains when integrating into a group is also actively creating his own unique characteristics to show his personality and express himself. Nowadays, with the development of the economy and the improvement...
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Study on the Phenomenon of High Price Bride Price in Rural Areas -- A Case Study of L County, Shandong Province

Guotao Yan
The frequent occurrence of high betrothal gifts in rural areas has aroused widespread concern in society and aroused strong interest in academia. This paper explores the phenomenon of sky-high bride price in rural areas, and analyzes the reasons for the phenomenon of sky-high bride price from the individual...
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A Study on Job Satisfaction of Community Health Service Center Employees

Taking Tangta Street as an Example

Xiaoxiao Zhong
Since the 1990s, under the background of national supervision, policy guarantee and social support, China’s community health service has made good progress and development. Based on this background, this article mainly tang tower street office of community health service center as investigation object,...