Proceedings of the International Conference "Topical Problems of Philology and Didactics: Interdisciplinary Approach in Humanities and Social Sciences" (TPHD 2018)

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Technogenic Impact of Mining Industry on Natural and Social Spheres in Areas of Passage of Economic Corridors “China–Mongolia–Russia”

A.D. Abalakov, N.B. Bazarova
The anthropogenic impact of mining industry on the environment and population is considered. Considerable attention is paid to the environmental safety of human life in terms of the toxicity of mineral raw materials mined in the areas of the “China- Mongolia-Russia” economic corridors. The objects of...
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Features of Special Prevention Measures of Extremist Crimes in the Republic of Tajikistan

Nozim Abdullaev, Valijon Abdukhamitov
The paper considers the features of special prevention measures of extremist crimes in the Republic of Tajikistan and presents the analysis of domestic and foreign studies concerning this matter. The problem of extremist criminal law standards is lack of the uniform approach to special prevention measures...
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Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Modern Rehabilitation Process of Inclusive Education

Marina A. Akopyan, Sergey V. Kotov, Larisa A. Ogannisyan
The introduction of information and communication technologies is one of the main problems in the organization of school education of students with disabilities. Means of Informatization can play a significant role in creating a barrier-free educational environment. Information computer technologies...
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Application of Information Technologies in Process of Social Rehabilitation of Students with Disabilities

Marina A. Akopyan
This article describes the nature and content of information technologies as a means of social support for children with disabilities, identified opportunities and prospects for the use and implementation of information technology in educational activities. The use of adaptive information technologies...
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Interdisciplinary Approach to Health Lifestyle Model Development in Students

Sergey Ivanovich Kramskoy, Irina Anatolyevna Amelchenko, Dmitry Evgenievich Egorov
The article deals with the interdisciplinary approach to the development of models of healthy lifestyles. The results of the research on the state of health of students, health care motivations. The issues of active lifestyle to develop the value potential of health culture are analyzed. As a vector...
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Rights and Legitimate Interests of a Child Born Using Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Farida Aminova
The paper presents the analysis of such concepts "right" and "legitimate interest" in relation to a child born using assisted reproductive technologies. The term "interests of a child" is quite often used in the family law of the Republic of Tajikistan. Nevertheless, the content of the given category...
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Aspects of Social Control in the Field of Culture

Tatiana Andriyanova
The last decades in Russia have been accompanied by a string of reforms of various social institutes aimed at enhancement of their efficiency when transitioning to the postindustrial society. Special attention of the state is paid to the cultural sphere as the most essential societal subsystem. Besides,...
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Information Technologies Use in Higher Education Institutions under Digital Economy

M.R Kulova, М.G. Bagieva, M.A. Andieva, А.М. Gagoeva, A.R. Kulov Kulov
The article deals with the issues of information technology support in higher education institutions in the context of the education process, institute management and research activities. The sociological research has been conducted using formalized interviews with teachers and students of Vladikavkaz...
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Personality Development by means of Social and Cultural Activities

Gulsina Ya. Grevtseva, Marina B. Balikaeva, Rimma A. Litvak, Anatoliy A. Pavlichenko, Ekaterina V. Krinitsyna
The article reveals the meaning, features of sociocultural technologies in the personality development. It clarifies the basic terms and presents the scientists' researches of the sociocultural technologies. The common features and structure of sociocultural technologies are highlighted. The article...
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Realization of Citizens' Constitutional Rights to Freedom of Expression and Artistic Freedom

Elena V. Barasheva, Alexey S. Stepanenko, Elena L. Vlasova, Irina I. Zedgenizova
The fundamental principles of the Russian and international anti-extremism legislation are considered in the article which includes historical aspect. Legal gaps become apparent, and the lines of approach current problem are given. The problems of realization of citizens' constitutional rights to freedom...
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Strategies of Translating Chinese Realias Into Russian Language

Olesya Pavlova, Natalia Bogachenko, Ruslan Bazhenov, Valentina Vashkyavichus
The language of the media vividly demonstrates the development of the language system, including the functioning of culture-specific concepts, namely culture-bound words or realias in modern languages. In various works on translation studies, such notions as realias and word-realias are differentiated....
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Model Of Analysis Of Restaurant Services’ Regional Market In Context Of Intercultural Communication

Veronika A. Kozlova, Natalia V. Glebova, Natalia A Berezina, Natalia I. Tsareva, Igor A. Nikitin, Alexander A. Budnik
The necessity of assessing the competitiveness of the restaurant services regional market in the context of intercultural interaction is substantiated. It provides a possibility of identifying the market as strategically attractive. The Orel region is chosen as the object of study. The intensity of the...
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Retraining of Teachers of Republic of Tatarstan in Late 50s - Early 60's XX century

Olga G. Evgrafova, Albina A. Bilyalova, Nailya H. Sharypova, Farida T. Nezhmetdinova
At the moment, there are significant changes in the state policy in the field of education, which is caused by a change in the orientations of social development and is expressed in outward changes in the priorities of education, the emergence of modern, innovative educational institutions. In the Russian...
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Teaching Academic Writing in Foreign Language with Information and Communication Technologies

Albina A. Bilyalova, Aida A. Vasilyeva, Albina I. Islamova, Anifa K. Akhmetshina
The article is devoted to the competence developing of the students' academic writing in a foreign language with ICT (information and communication technologies) at university. The authors analyze the works on the problem of teaching the academic writing in the higher educational institutions; investigate...
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Analysis of Value-Semantic Sphere of Students in the Context of Studying Mathematic

Natalia V. Biryukova, Natalia V. Zybina
The aim of the current paper is to provide the reason for the formation and development of personal senses and values which motivate students of non-core areas to study mathematics at university. This process is considered as an essential component in vocational education of future specialists giving...
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Complex Information System based on SMART technologies

Irina V. Bogomaz, Viktor S. Budnikov, Elena V. Anastasova, Anna V. Vasilyeva
The structure of the complex information system is revealed, which includes: a component that assists the implementation of logical and meaningful relationships between mathematical, natural science and technological subject areas in the implementation of research and project activities. The concept...
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Anthropological Measurement of Modern City Space

Anastasia Babayeva, Olga Kim, Ludmila Guseva, Aleksey Bogomolov, Natalia Shmeleva
The article tackles the problems of transformation of modern city space (based on the data acquired as the result of sociological research of "subjective wellbeing" of residents of the megalopolis, Nizhny Novgorod being taken as an example). The supposition is made that authorities and professional town-planners...
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Activities of Professor N.V. Nikolsky, founder of first Chuvash newspaper "Khypar"

Anatoliy P. Danilov, Andrey A. Danilov, Margarita G. Danilova, Mikhail I. Ivanov, Marina Ye. Kroshneva
The article reveals the features of activities of the founder of the first Chuvash newspaper "Khypar" by Professor N.V. Nikolsky who developed historical and ethnographic sciences, folklore, and lexicography in Chuvashia. N.V. Nikolsky contributed to development of Soviet higher secondary schools, professional...
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Verbalization of the Macro-concept "Fate" in the Arabian Tales "One Thousand and One Nights"

Manizha Davlatmirova
The article is devoted to the linguocultural and linguocognitive analysis of the macro-concept ??? Fate in the Arabic linguistic world picture. All people have their own spiritual culture, which is reflected in the linguistic world picture; therefore, the fundamental concepts are supposed to reveal first....
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International-Legal Aspects of Protection of Human and Civil Socioeconomic Rights

Khizr Davlatov, Nilufar Imomova, Umed Mamadamonov
This paper studies the issues arising due to protection of human rights in a contemporary context. A special focus in put on economic human and civil rights. For a long time, in academia an opinion prevailed that civil and political rights are the core of the human rights system. In this paper, the authors'...
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Types of Situations and Their Event Structure

Victoria Dobrova, Polina Labzina, Natalia Ageenko, Svetlana Menshenina
In the paper the concept of "situation" in a linguistic context is discusses, and is defined as a complex of interrelated events occurring in a particular place and time. The difference between situations and events is explained, thus events are considered as part of the situation. The event structure...
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Analysis of Features of Adaptive Reactions of Students in Urban Environment

Olga A. Dragich, Klavdia A. Sidorova, Tatyana A. Sidorova, Alla G. Naimushina, Marina A. Zharkova
The aim of the study was to examine the features of adaptive reactions of the female organism under the influence of the urban environment during their study at the University. On the basis of a comprehensive study of psychophysiological indicators of urban and rural girls, for the first time psychofunctional...
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Guarantees of the Rights and Freedoms of Man Within the New Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan

Davlatsho Elnazarov, Jamshed Jamshedov
The paper considers the issues of economic, social, political, cultural and environmental guarantees of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen in the Republic of Tajikistan, their place in the system of constitutional guarantees and the national legal system, as well as in the constitutional right...
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Translation as Form of Cross-Cultural Communication

Evgeniia Erenchinova, Natalia Chumanova
The concept of translation has been considered as a social, philosophical and cultural phenomenon in the last few decades. Russian and foreign researchers treat the translation as "crossroads of cultures", sciences and human morality, thus expressing its role in the process of intercultural communication....
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Virtualization as Factor of Socialization: Expansion of Mechanisms for Mastering the World

Tatiana Kuzmina, Nelli Galaktionova
The article explores the phenomenon of virtualization as a special form of socialization. The authors believe that virtual communications contribute to the formation of a new social phenomenon - the "intergenerational ring of socialization", a phenomenon that is based on the bi-directional nature of...
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Stereotypes in Jokes and Anecdotes: the Search for Ethnic and National Features

Oxana Goncharova, Svetlana Khaleeva
The article deals with linguistic manifestations of national features and ethnic stereotypes in popular Russian jokes and anecdotes. The authors make an attempt to define the specific character of anecdotes as precedent texts and to distinguish national and cultural stereotypes particular for "interethnic"...
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Identifying Russian Customary Orthoepic Norms in Process of Students' Enculturation

Liudmila Glebenko, Irina Grebennikova
When considering a person's position in culture and his / her familiarization with cultural values, the process of enculturation is of particular importance. The idea of enculturation as a process of involving the individual in the social sphere of culture is considered in relation to the University...
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Realization of Health-Saving Activities of Modern Students

Y.V. Gridnev, E.A. Maklakova, L.G. Gridneva
The article talks about the need for constant maintenance of a healthy lifestyle to maintain strength in healthy patients and recovery. Questions of influence of physical training and sports on a human body are considered. The authors described positive changes in the body when performing motor exercises....
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Specifics of Formation of Comfortable Socio-Cultural Environment as Factor in Formation of Well-Being of Modern Students

Nadezhda Gritskikh, Ekaterina Reshetnikova, Valentin Zagorodniy
The article presents the data from studies conducted by employees of the laboratory of psychological, economic and cross-cultural research of the Institute of Social Sciences of Irkutsk State University. The article examines the social well-being of students from two viewpoints: economic and socio-cultural,...
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Stimulus Word Friend as a Component of the Associative Field of Tolerance

Zevar Gulova
The paper is devoted to the analysis of the survey of Tajikistan students. The students of Kulob State University (Kulob) and Kurgan-Tyube State University (Kurgan-Tyube), Khujand University named after B. Gafurov (Khujand), University of Central Asia (Khorog) participated in the association experiment....
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Contract as a Primary Form of Evidence in Pro-Logical Criminal Proceedings of Tajikistan Primitive Society

Shukhrat Hamroev, Aleksey Parfyonov
The paper considers the influence of pro-logical civil primitive thinking on contracts as a type of primary evidence in pro-logical legal proceedings at investigation of crimes in historical Tajikistan. It also describes the author's position on the use of a contract as an evidence in pro-logical legal...
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Theoretical Aspects of Problem of Intertextuality in Modern Literary Studies

Anna A. Ilunina
The articles deals with the theoretical aspects of the problem of intertexuality. The special attention is given to the formation of the term in the works of M.M. Bachtin and J. Kristeva and to its definition in the modern literary studies. Intertextuality is seen as a central feature of postmodern poetics,...
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Phraseological Units that Represent Concept of "Oila" in Tajik Language

Diloro Iskandarova, Mahina Imomzoda
The concept of "oila - family" is one of the most communicatively relevant concepts of the Tajik conceptual sphere. The concept of "family" is one of the most communicatively relevant concepts of the Tajik conceptual sphere. The concept of "family" has a broad and diverse cognitive content in the Tajik...
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Development of Paid Educational Services in The Republic of Tajikistan: Pros and Cons

Nigora Ismatulloeva
In recent decades the problem of paid educational services in the Republic of Tajikistan has become ever more relevant. The development of paid educational services in Tajikistan has its pros and cons. The country's focus towards commercialization of the educational system also has its advantages and...
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Aesthetic and Philosophical Views on the Human in the Ancient Indian Epic and G.N. Aygi's Poems

Galina A. Ermakova, Alena M. Ivanova, Marina E Kroshneva, Marina P. Savirova, Galina N. Semenova
The article discusses typological analogies of the ancient Indian epic and lyrics by G.N. Aygi, a well-known Chuvash poet. The purpose of the study is to discover parallels between his works and the epic of the Ancient East, to reveal consequences of connections, since the genius of one people always...
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Information Technologies as Means of Creating Schoolchildren's Value-Based Attitude to Physical Training Classes

Irina G. Kalina
It is impossible to cultivate the need for physical training classes in the children using commands, this is contrary to the child’s natural resistance to enforcement (the child’s motivational sphere results in a defective transformation), and therefore, you should be guided only by their sincere interest...
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Structural Components of the Concept Space: Figurative Component, Information Content and Interpretative Field

Nargis Karimova
It is of interest to study one of the important fragments of the naive model of the world - space, to understand its concepts and knowledge recorded in the semantics of spatial words and reflected in the consciousness of native speakers as certain mental structures. The novelty of the study is the identification...
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Issue of the Comment to Article 93 of the Administrative Offense Code of the Republic of Tajikistan

Farrukh Khairulloev, Lola Kibizova
Domestic violence is a destructive social phenomenon, which is somewhat observed almost in every fourth family. Women, children, aged parents, disabled relatives most often are the victims of such offences. The paper tries to reveal some problems of the comment to Article 93 of the Administrative Offense...
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Politeness in Associative Consciousness of the Tajik Youth: Results of Association Experiment

Husein Khudoyorov
The paper is devoted to identification of specifics of associative centers of the category "politeness", national and cultural specifics through the analysis of verbal communication components and to establishment of the main features of understanding of the analyzed category by representatives of the...
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Efficiency Improvement for Public Administration of Education

I.I. Kokhanovskaya, L.B. Abdullina, N.M. Akhmerova, F.M. Suleymanova, A.L. Fatykhova
The modern level of socio-economic development requires improvement of the efficiency of public administration. The well-being of the population depends on the efficiency of public administration. Public administration is an important scientific concept which reveals and explains characteristic features...
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Reception of Production Ideas of V. Meyerhold in the Autobiographical Novel "Tyapkatan" by T. Churilin

Olga Kramar
The paper is devoted to a problem of literary reception of production ideas of the outstanding Russian Soviet Director V. Meyerhold. It is part of a research project "Interaction of art codes of different types of art in the autobiographical prose of T.V. Churilin". The novel "Tyapkatan" representing...
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Scientific Approaches to Understanding and Essence of the Legal Socialization of Minors

Olga Kravchenko, Zoir Majidzoda, Dilovar Naskov
The institute of socialization is an important form of adaptation to the conditions of life, as adoption of social experience forms individual capabilities of a person. Analysis of works by prominent scholars in various fields of science who turned their attention to studying the issues in personal legal...
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Social Well-Being in System of Traditions and Innovations

M.R. Kulova, Z.V. Kanukova, A.N. Gadieva, E.V. Fedosova
Social well-being as a multifactorial phenomenon in the process of social development plays a different role in the systems of traditions and innovations. The purpose of the article is to study characteristics and interrelationship of traditional and innovative values in the context of the Easterlin...
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Analysis of the Association Area of "Сабр" (Patience) in Tajik Linguistic Consciousness as Exemplified in Survey Results

Hafiza Kurbonova, Manizha Davlatmirova
This paper is dedicated to analysis of the association area of "Сабр" [Sabr] (patience) in Tajik linguistic consciousness as exemplified in the results of a survey of students. A free association experiment was conducted in the Tajik National University with the aim of identifying the characteristic...
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Historical and Cultural Resource Potential as Factor of Development of Tourist Territories (Belgorod Region as an Example)

Elena I Ladik, Margarita V. Perkova
The subject of this work is the historical and cultural resource potential which is considered as a factor of tourism development by the Belgorod region example. An object of a research is a historical framework of the territory. The purpose of a research is an identification of historical and cultural...
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Intercultural Dialogue in Postmodern Conditions

Olga Ladygina
The dynamic development of modern society is associated with the intensification of integration processes, which, in turn, actualize the study of problems of intercultural dialogue. The author of the article attempts to analyse the problem of intercultural dialogue in postmodern conditions. The relevance...
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Names of Characters Associated with Russian Cultural Identity

O. V. Lekareva, V. V. Zubchenko, G. V. Kholodnyak
Precedent names greatly contribute to the national cultural canon. The names of famous persons, as well as names of animals and ethnonyms are signs which symbolize national cultural values and concepts. Precedent names may be borrowed by other cultures. These processes involve changes in the name’s connotations...
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Methods of Identifying Members of Synonymic Row

Juliya A. Litvinova, Elena A. Maklakova
This article is devoted to identifying the criteria of synonymity of lexical items. The existence of different definitions of synonymy, the selection criteria of items in the synonymic row indicate the insufficient study and incoherence of this phenomenon in linguistics. The study of the semantics of...
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Meaning of Words: Description for Analytic Comparing

Liudmila A. Litvinova, Elena A. Maklakova
This article deals with theoretical and applied problems of structural semasiology. The problems are being discussed in modern linguistics. The authors note that the results of modern studies in the seme semasiology can help to increase the accuracy and objectivity of fixing the meanings of words and...
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Monetization of Information Infrastructure Products in the Conditions of Development of Competition in the Credit and Financial Sector

L.R. Magomayeva
The purpose of the work is to study the main directions of the difference between the new approach in the development of information infrastructure from the traditional approach, as well as the feasibility of creating a single front-end information platform that would combine mobile banking technology,...
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Ontological Motivation of the Myth-Based Novel in Ossetian Literature

I.V. Mamieva
The article discusses factors contributing to the emergence of the myth-based novel in the Ossetian literature. Based on the analysis of the works by N. Dzhusoyty, M. Bulkaty, B. Gusalov, and S. Khugaev, features structuring the artistic paradigm of the new genre were revealed. The author studies transformations...
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Technology in Teaching Classroom: Experience Review

Svetlana Menshenina, Victoria Dobrova, Natalia Ageenko, Polina Labzina
This paper offers a description of a WebQuest technology applied to a foreign language teaching. It provides a brief report on the experimental work carried out by Samara State Technical University instructors on WebQuest technology in the classroom. Theoretical study of the subject matter helped to...
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Impact of Regional Media on Public Opinion

Elvira R. Mikhaylova, Inna B. Getskina
The article presents a study to determine the methods of influence of the regional press on public opinion in order to identify the technology of managing public life in general, ranging from political and legal to interpersonal impact. The relevance of this study is due to the formation and functioning...
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Civil Law Issues in Rendering Consulting Services in the Field of Investment Activity

Parviz Mirzoyev
The article considers one of the relevant issues in civil law, namely, the problem of consulting services in the domain of investment activities. There are specific differences between consulting and information services, which are analyzed with identifying their distinctive features from the point of...
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Russia Yet Can Not Accelerate Development

V.V. Moiseev, O. A. Sudorgin, А. B. Savin, T. V. Oleynik, S.I. Kramskoy
The citizens of any country in the world dream of living in a prosperous country. The Russian political leadership is aware of these aspirations of the population and is trying to change the situation for the better: "It is investments in people that are the priority of public policy and the priority...
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Method of Multi-Criteria Estimation of Agro-Industrial Complex Vehicles

M.Yu. Karelina, A.V. Terentyev, V.V. Moiseev, V.V. Stroev
The article outlines the approach to the solution of the multi-criteria task of choosing a vehicle for certain operating conditions based on vector optimization methods and linear programming. Full disclosure of the potential capabilities of the transport system of the agro-industrial complex requires...
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Current Problems of Russian Economy

V.V. Moiseev, E.A. Karelina, M.Yu. Karelina, R.A. Khalturin, С.Е. Zaslavsky
In order to implement the breakthrough scientific, technological and socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, President V. Putin in May 2018 issued a decree "On the national goals and strategic objectives of the development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024". According...
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To Question of Economic Success of China

M. Yu. Karelina, E.A. Karelina, V.V. Moiseev, K.V. Zhigaeva, С.Е. Zaslavsky
For the last four decades in a row (1978-2018), China's economy has been developing almost without crises, at high rates, sometimes adding 10% a year. Today, China is the leading economic power, its gross domestic product (GDP) increased from $ 255.7 billion in 1979 to $ 12 trillion in 2017, i.e. more...
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Problems of Delivering Pipeline Gas to Europe under Conditions of Western Sanctions

V.V. Moiseev, M. Yu. Karelina, E.A. Karelina, D.V Zaycev, V.V. Stroev
In this paper, the authors examine the problem of ensuring the security and protection of Russian energy supplies to the European market, which is relevant for both Europe and Russia. The authors focused on the analysis of Russian supplies in the energy sector of the European economy in connection with...
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Economy of Russia: Possibility of Breakthrough Development in 2024

V.V. Moiseev, A. B. Savin, T. V. Oleynik, R.A. Khalturin
On May 7, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on national goals and strategic tasks for the development of the Russian Federation until 2024. The decree contains the main directions of socio-economic development of the country until the end of the next term of the country's leadership...
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Western Sanctions and Their Impact on Russia

V.V. Moiseev, S.N. Glagolev, M. Yu. Karelina, E.A. Karelina, V. V. Ogneva
The article considers the anti-Russian sanctions introduced by the US by a number of Western states. In 2014, after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, and in connection with the assistance of our country to compatriots in the southeast of Ukraine, a number of Western states have introduced...
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Dialect Polysemia as a Source of Interpretation of Language Signs

Larisa B. Morgoeva, Iskra N. Tsallagova
The article is devoted to the linguistic analysis of the archaic vocabulary of the Ossetian language compared with its dialect forms in order to identify similar semantic characteristics and differential features of morphogenesis. Step-by-step analysis of synonymous pairs of dialect variants identified...
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Toponyms of Tajikistan: Historical-Etymological and Lexical-Structural Analysis of Toponyms and Hydronyms

Mahbuba Nuridinzoda
In Tajikistan, toponymic names have various forms, influenced by territorial, linguistic and other variables. This paper considers linguistic features of toponyms - names of districts and cities of Tajikistan, analyzing their lexical-semantic and lexical-structural peculiarities reflecting natural, historical...
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Understanding Needs of Mining Students Learning English

I. G. Gerasimova, I. S. Oblova, J. M. Sishchuk
The paper deals with the challenges in language education that technical universities face. The authors give a brief overview of linguistic auditing and offer a closer look at needs analysis in the context of teaching English for specific purposes. The authors suggest considering the potential of linguistic...
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Fundamental Methods of Crime Scene Examination for Identifying Evidentiary Information

Aleksey Parfyonov
This paper examines fundamental methods of crime scene examination for collecting, identifying and documenting evidentiary information during preliminary investigation. It features analysis of theoretical and applied forensic technology usage methods practiced in the Republic of Tajikistan and other...
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Rhetorical Argumentation Education in Elementary School

Oksana Peresada, Natalia Korepina, Elena Zhdanova
The paper defines the importance of the argumentative culture of a person in the modern world. It reviews the formation of rhetorical competences in elementary school students through educational disputes. The rhetorical skills are defined as the ability to influence an individual or audience with verbal...
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Convergent Journalism and Fact-Checking: from Fact Verification to a New Genre

Mikhail Petrushkov
Convergent journalism is a result of the advance of science and technology in general and development of information and communication technologies in particular. It influences various aspects of journalism, media environment and media systems. The emergence and development of new hybrid genres of convergent...
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Subjective Well-Being of Youth: Potential of State Youth Policy

Natalia V. Popova, Aleksandr V. Ponomarev, Elena V. Osipchukova, Inna S. Krutko
The relevance of studying the issues of the well-being of youth is due to the overheating of the economy, changes in the characteristics of youth. The young people’s vision of their future demonstrates their confidence in it, satisfies with the conditions of their own development and feels safe. The...
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Image of St. George in Art of Silver Age

Saltanat Makasheva, Valerii Evseev, Elena Proudchenko
The work is devoted to the artistic interpretation of the image of St. George in the art of the first quarter of the twentieth century. The article presents the trends of interpretation of traditional motifs of Russian iconography, depicting St. George Feast as a defender, warrior, victorious. The authors...
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Oriental Fairy Tale and its Influence on European Literature: Intertextuality of Texts and Translations

Sabohat Allamurodova, Bakhtiyor Rakhmanov
From times immemorial, the East provided Europe with incense and spices, as well as with its legends and beliefs, symbols and fairy tales. These tales familiarized Europeans with exotic and previously unknown world of peri and jinns, merchants of opulent Eastern bazaars, maddening beauties and young...
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Impact Modeling (Case Study of Political Talk Shows as Multimodal Events)

L.N. Rebrina, N.B Egorchenkova
On the material of the political talk show Maybrit Illner and pre-election debates, the article analyzes the mechanism of influence implemented by a combination of semiotic means within the multimodal interaction. The cognitive impact model in multimodal interaction takes into account components of different...
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Guest as Special Status of "Other"

E.V. Ryaguzova, A.K. Kravtcova
The research discusses a special status of the "Guest" as a variety of the Other, based on the cultural-specific features of the personal representations of the "I am the Other" interaction. More than 100 proverbs are used about the guest and hospitality of various culture peoples, and qualitative methodology...
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Interview Characteristics as A Print Media Genre in the Republic of Tajikistan

Nurali Salikhov, Abdukhamit Rahimov
Genre penetration, appearance of new synthesized genres based on interview, lining the text structure by a journalist with interviewees'utterances - these features evidence the initial nature of the dialogue, its evolutionary origin. Changes in the society result in chages in journalism. They are shown...
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Pledge of Securities as a Method to Ensure Fulfillment of Loan Liabilities

Rustam Shabozov
Peculiarities of pledging of securities as a method to ensure fulfillment of loan liabilities, its advantages and disadvantages as collateral form the most complicated aspect, both theoretically and practically. The complications with this type of collateral are related to a lack of special provisions...
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Personal Peculiarities as a Factor of Arctic Workers' Socio-Psychological Well-Being

Veronika Sharok, Iuliia Iakovleva
The purpose of this study was to identify differences in the aptitude of sprinters, stayers, and mixters for work in the Arctic. For this purpose, a questionnaire survey was used. The study enrolled 618 people who were considering work in the Arctic with different degrees of probability. The respondents...
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Peculiarities of the Legal Model of Relationship Creation Between a Doctor and a Patient in the Republic of Tajikistan

N. Shukurova
The peculiarities of the legal model of relationship between a doctor and a patient in the field of private medicine present relevant research subject. The medicine of Tajikistan preserves traditional paternalistic ideas. At the same time, Tajikistan, taking into account the market character of commercial...
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Legitimacy of Political Power in Modern Russia: Problems of Implementation

Alexander Kerimov, Anna Shutaleva
The paper is devoted to the analysis of the problems of the legitimacy of political power in modern Russia and the identification of factors that delegitimize political power. In the paper, the category 'the legitimacy of power' and the problems of the legitimacy of political power in modern Russia are...
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Folklore Text Introduction into the Global Information Space

Diana V. Sokaeva, Elizaveta B. Dzaparova, Dzerassa M. Dzlieva
The folklore of any nation is a complex system of oral works which interacts with other systems of spiritual life, such as literature, social and political life of society, etc. Folklore texts can be incorporated into the life of people naturally or introduced into the global information space through...
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Peculiarities of the Transferring of Stylistic Techniques and Devices in the Process of Translation of Tajik Literary Prose

Rafohat Sultanova
Adequate and correct presentation of figurative information contributes to the correct perception of such aspects as the intention of an author, his experience, semantic shades and connotations used by him. The means of linguistic expression go beyond a certain linguistic norm, drawing attention to an...
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Limits of Government Intervention in the Regulation of Civil Law Relations in the Republic of Tajikistan

Takhmina Sultonova
The analysis of the civil legislation provisions of the Republic of Tajikistan with respect to the correlation of mandatory and permissive principles of the regulation of civil law relations presents one of the most important tasks. Conducting such an analysis makes it possible to detect contradictions...
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Between Folklore and Literature: Mastery of A.N. Tolstoy-Storyteller

Varvara A. Golovko, Zhirkova Zhirkova, Natalya V. Svitenko
The study of the interaction of traditional folk culture and professional art, folklore and literature for more than a century is considered to be one of the main directions of humanitarian knowledge. The article is devoted to the analysis of the author's transformations of Russian folklore in the "fairy-tale"...
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Agreement of Water User Associations Services on Agricultural Water Supply

Umidjon Ulugov, Alexey Zolotukhin
The article reveals a new and unexplored civil law construction of a contract for the provision of agricultural water supply services, which presents the basis of the financial and economic well-being of water sector in agriculture. Possessing the elements of work, delivery and services contract, this...
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Technology of the Formation of Frequency Dictionaries for Quantitative Analysis of Tajik Literature

Makhmud Umarov, Takhmuradova Diana
The article provides a brief description of the developed tools for the formation of frequency dictionaries. The main stages of the technology of the formation of frequency dictionaries and performing statistical analysis of poetic material are determined. To create a human-computer system that implements...
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Mehmon and Ziyofat as the Components of Hospitality Concept in the Tajik Linguoculture

Zamira Valieva
The article reveals the contents of the words "mehmon" (a guest) and "ziyofat" (treat, regale) as components of the concept Hospitality in Tajik linguistic culture. Through the examples from Tajik literary works, the ethnic specificity of each of the concepts is revealed separately. Synonymous means...
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Higher Education Market Segmentation

Alexander E. Sudarikov, Eduard Kh. Muratbakeev, Marianna V. Voronina, Zlata O. Tretyakova, Alexandra A. Sudarikova
The relevance of this study is to analyse the higher education market segmentation of the northwestern federal district of Russia by conducting a survey among high school students, building a cluster analysis or segments based on the results, analysing the market of educational services. The purpose...
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Ethical Standards in Economic Relations: Relevant Aspects of Development of Russian Regions

A.V. Yarasheva, S.V. Makar, Z.M. Khasheva
The availability of financial infrastructure is an important component for development of Russia and its regions since its functional characteristics ensure economic growth. However, according to studies of Russian economists, not all regions of the country have established regional banks. In this regard,...
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Methodology and Practice of Teaching of Philological Cycle Subjects at the Technical Faculties of Russian Universities

O.K. Evdokimova, V.I. Gorbunov, V.V. Andreev, A.M. Ivanova, A.N. Zakharova
The relevance of the research is reasoned by the fact that for professional self-realization of graduates of technical qualifications of university training, a high-level knowledge of modern Russian literary language, as well as a business style of communication, both in oral and in written form, becomes...
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Linguistic Markers of Native Speakers

E.A. Kozhemyakova, M.E. Petukhova, Simulina Simulina, A.M. Ivanova, A.N. Zakharova
The article analyzes the relevant in modern sociolinguistic conditions notion of "native speaker". The identification of traits, or linguistic markers, determining whether the speaker is a "native speaker" has a high practical significance. A pronunciation marker, a grammar marker, a lexical marker,...
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On Some Basic Methods of Analysis of Content and Structure of Lexical-Semantic Fields

Alexander Zhouravlev, Victoria Dobrova, Lilia Nurtdinova
In the paper, two basic methods of analysis of the meaning of lexical units and a general structure of lexical-semantic fields are considered. The main subject is to understand the essence of the componential analysis method and the field approach. The analysis of their definitions provided by various...
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Juvenile Justice and the Defense of the Rigths of a Child in the Republic of Tajikistan

Aleksey Zolotukhin, Valijon Abdukhamitov, Vladimir Koshcheev
The article is devoted to the issues of the formation, present state and development of juvenile justice in the Republic of Tajikistan. Nowadays the juvenile justice system in the Republic of Tajikistan is in initiation stage. Nevertheless, there are a number of public authorities, focusing on the regulation...
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Transformation of the norms of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights in the Republic of Tajikistan

Aleksey Zolotukhin, Dilshod Sidikov
The article analyzes the legal system of the Republic of Tajikistan, the norms and requirements of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), as well as the norms and provisions of agreements to which TRIPS refers, in particular the Paris Convention for the Protection...
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Development of Justice and Legal Culture of the Russian Population: The Past and the Present

N.A. Vakhnin, E.S. Novikova, G.V. Stankevich
The paper considers the development of legal culture of the modern population claiming the status of developed and democratic society. The purpose of the study is to identify factors and conformity to the laws of history, which affected the revival of the jury trial in Russia. It is noted that the history...
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All-Class Military Service in Russia: Draft and Discharge in the 1870-1890s

S.N. Rudnik
The history of compulsory military service of all classes in the Russian Empire still remains insufficiently studied. The Charter of 1874 provided for numerous privileges for recruits and family status benefits, which excused from military service. The article touches upon this aspect of military service,...
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Psycho-Acmeological Features of the Intellectual Sphere of Students with Hearing Impairments

E.B. Akinina, I.P. Cherkasova, L.K. Fortova, A.A. Popova
The article deals with the psycho-acmeological features of the intellectual sphere of students having hearing impairments, revealed using efficiency criterion of educational and professional activities. As a result of the research of the intellectual sphere of deaf students, a high level of eye-mindedness...
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Changing Role of Self-Study Work in the University Education of the 21st Century Students

E.I. Arzhilovskaya, A.V. Chumakova
The article considers new requirements for the organization of self-study considering specific features of Millennial students, i.e. students of the 21st century. Despite similarities revealed by the youth worldwide in connection with IT, Russian students have some specific features. Moreover, Federal...
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Professional Orientation of Special Needs School Pupils: Psychological, Pedagogical and Social Aspects

I.P. Cherkasova, O.V. Filatova, L.K. Fortova, Ts.G. Samvelyan
The article talks about schoolchildren having visual impairments and facing difficulties of choosing a profession. The authors present a project of psychological and pedagogical support in the professional identity development of schoolchildren with visual impairments in the process of the project specific...
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Features of the Course of Professional Crises in Sporting Activities

O.V. Filatova, V.O. Filatov, E.A. Vinarchik, O.M. Ovchinnikov, Ya.S. Chayukova
The article overviews professional crises in sporting activities. Studies show that a professional sports career is a longstanding sporting activity aimed at demonstrating high sporting achievements and constant sporting improvement. Sporting activities are quite complex and carried out in extreme conditions...
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Needs of Information and Communicative Culture Formation in Higher Education: Risks and Prospects

L.K. Fortova, A.M. Yudina, M.S. Fabrikov, M.V. Deneko
The article deals with the differentiated understanding of information and communicative culture in higher education. The prospects and risks in formation process of the personality culture are found. They are created under the influence of multidirectional information and communicative flows. They correlate...
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Formation of Information and Communicative Culture of Students of a Humanitarian Profile

L.K. Fortova, A.M. Yudina, A.V. Gudkova, V.A. Mashkina
The article discusses the need for a special system of approaches to create a methodical system of formation of information and communication culture in higher education. The pedagogical approaches contributing to the development of the studied phenomenon are defined and ranged. The necessity of integrating...
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Current Trends of Prevention of Delinquent Behavior of Marginal Students

L.K. Fortova, O.M. Ovchinnikov, G.S. Ostapchenko, A.M. Yudina
The article describes the main directions of prevention of delinquent behavior of marginal students in higher education. The role of general, legal and everyday culture is shown in the study of this phenomenon.