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Micro-grid Remote Servo System Based on the World Wide Web

Yizhi Ye, Jiaojiao Liu, Nan Lv, Jiale Liu
In order to facilitate monitor and manage various distributed generations in micro-grid, eliminate and discover malfunction of micro-grid, a micro-grid remote servo system based on The World Wide Web was designed. Discussing micro-grid’s remote monitoring system functional structure and database system....
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Spot Weld Fatigue Life Prediction of Commercial Vehicle Cab

Jing Chen, Xiaozhuan Gao, He Huang, Yanhua Liu
A new engineering method for spot welds fatigue life prediction of commercial vehicle cab is presented. The method stars with the establishment of 3D FE model and spot weld model of the cab using the MSC. Nastran, the verification of the model is performed through modal analysis results comparation between...
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Control Method at Obstacle Avoidance Stage for Spacecraft

Xueyuan Zhang
Based on the operation data and basic parameters of spacecraft, soft landing process is done reasonable simplification equivalent. Without losing the accuracy, this paper proposes the control scheme at obstacle avoidance stage. The landing preparation track is accord with the energy conservation and...
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A Study of Vending Machine Interface System and User Behavior on Multi-interface Vending Machine Improved Design

Ping Li, Cheng Li
Vending machines must offer efficient service with zero tolerance for human error, require no user training and be accessible to a wide range of users. User behavior analysis by product interface guides the user's behavior is the key to solving some practical interaction design problems. This study based...
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Study of Riveting Machine Riveting Device Based on Conceptual Design

Jiaqing Jian, Guoquan Zhang, Zhiming Yu, Hongwei Fang
In order to improve the automation of capacitor package, conceptual design and fuzzy theory is applied to establish evaluation system of the riveting device and evaluation index system of hierarchy analysis, resulting in a variety of design schemes, and finally, through the individual level relative...
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An Investigation on the Configuration of Spacesuit Soft Joints

Qilin Liu, Xiangyang Liu
The mobility joint is of critical importance for the spacesuit to move from place to place. Especially, the joint configuration has a significant impact on spacesuit flexibility. This paper classifies the most commonly used soft joints of spacesuits into three types, namely for convolute joints, wrinkling...
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The Design of Coulometric Thickness Gauge Based on Microprocessor

Limin Cai, Song Tang, Shizhen Zhang, Wu Xia
In order to solve the issues of low accuracy, existing electrolytic coating thickness, poor reproducibility, lack of self-checking, data is difficult to store and handle urgent need to address, we designed a portable gauge based on Coulomblaw. This paper describes the system design of electrolytic thickness,...
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The Simple Method to Process Intersecting Line with Macro Program

Mingqing Wang
Intersecting line usually appears on the 3-way or 4- way interface spare parts, forming the curves of surfaces. During the course of processing by CNC machine, the CNC processing program established by using computer assistant programming will greatly improve the effectiveness of programming. However,...
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Investigations on Thermal Insulation and Vapor Resistance of Body Armor Using Thermal Manikin Method

M.Q. Yuan, M. Fu, J. Yang, J.H. Jiang, X.M. Qian
With the frequent occurrences of the violence incidents, research on body armor is paid much attention to. To study the human physiological responses when wearing body armor and to improve the wearing comfort of body armor, a thermal manikin was used to measure the thermal insulation and vapor resistance...
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Hot Stamping of Boron Alloy Steels Using Resistance Heating

Zhiqiang Zhang, Xiaofei Jia, Xiangji Li, Yong Zhao
A hot stamping process of boron alloy steel using resistance heating was developed. Relationship between heating time and temperature was investigated. Hardness measurements and microstructural analyses of quenched blanks heated by resistance heating and furnace heating were performed. Miniature tensile...
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Study on the Ability and Stability of Multi-fingered Hands Robot for Grasping Explosives

Haijun Mo, Zhisheng Lin, Jiajun Zhou
The posture of the explosive disposal robot is changing constantly when it is working or carrying the explosives. The change of the posture results in the change of the loading direction and finally influences the grasping ability of multi-fingered hands. This paper focuses on the ability of the explosive...
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Gangue Utilization Methods Inquiry

Xinghua Li, Honghong Wang, Xiaomeng Li
In order to reduce the cost of coal, reducing gangue pile, increase the use of coal gangue consumption, the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, coal is mainly used for power generation, brick, reclaimed farmland, roads, underground filling, construction materials, chemicals and fertilizers, coal...
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Infrared Small Target Detecting Based on Parallel Streaming Pipeline Architecture

Taotao Hu, Liming Wang, Jingen Wang, Hu Sheng
The paper presents a design method for high-speed image processing system based on FPGA structure. A temporal/spatial fusion filtering algorithm is proposed for detecting infrared small target. The algorithm is composed of Top-hat filter, three frames difference filter (TFDF), or operation, closing operation...
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An Improved TIP Modeling Method

Lianjin Deng, Dexiang You
This paper presents the TIP superposition progression model, improves the traditional TIP modeling technology based on single image as a whole scene data sources, modeling of long scenes, the other end model will appear ambiguity phenomenon is very serious problem. This experiment adopts multiple photos,...
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Steel Production Scheduling Based on Priced Timed Automata

Lixia Ji
Scheduling production of steel is very complex because there are many different types of intricate constraints. This paper proposes a method using priced timed automata(PTA). PTA is the formal description method and it describes the behavior of entities, attributes and constraints. Furthermore, it adds...
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Analysis and Evaluation of Operational Status of Vertical Cylindrical Furnace

Dong Sun, Dandan Yu, Guodong Feng, Yongxue Zhang, Hucan Hou, Menglong Li, Weibo Zheng, Lu Fan, Xiaofeng Hu
Vertical cylindrical furnace is the key equipment and the main structural unit in petroleum industry, so it is very significant to analyze and evaluate the operational status of vertical cylindrical furnace. In this paper, a vertical cylindrical furnace in Shengli Oilfield was taken as the research object,...
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The Application of New Materials Technology in Basketball

Yiqi Song
With the rapid development of modern materials technology, application of new materials in basketball has become more widely. By using new materials technology in basketball, not only athletics’ performance can be improved and make the game more enjoyable, but also athletics can be protected from sports...
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The Simulation about Electric-field Distribution and Gain Characteristic of GEM Detector by Maxwell and Garfield

Ai-xing Wang, Qianglin Wei, Yibao Liu
The minimum unit geometric model of signal GEM(Gas Electron Multiplier) detector has been build, and the Maxwell v11 program is used to calculate the electric potential, electric field, potential value of triangular meshes of detector, and the hemitropic faces and electric field intensity vector graphs...
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Discussion on the Essence of School Physical Education

Xiaojun Li
This study from the essence of school physical education do the cultural interpretation, in order to display relationships of sports, human and culture, and put forward with cultural connotation, making sports as a kind of human’s practice. From the perspective of culture, the essence of school physical...
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Aesthetic Reflection on P.E. Teaching Courseware Design

Qing Lan
P.E. is a discipline to interpret the beauty of the body and its actions. P.E. teaching involves a process of transferring beauty. P.E. teaching courseware should follow several aesthetic principles, so as to serve the purposes of informing and inspiring as well as those of entertaining and refining...
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On the Professional Education of Social Sports

Jian Liu, Lijun Xu
In order to satisfy the urgency of students, Entrepreneurship Education in higher education popularization is the inevitable result of social development, which is an important way to promote the sustainable development of social sports specialty. Therefore, the social sports specialty should reform...
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The Construction of Distance Education of Elite Athletes in the Education of Cultural Quality Guarantee System

Xueda Yang, Xiangdong Liu, Youzhi Zong
The healthy and harmonious growth of excellent athletes relates to not only the development of the athletes themselves, but also the benign development of the country sports enterprise. Through the questionnaire, this study investigates Chinese athletes’ cultural quality and proposes that it’s very necessary...
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Motion to Reduce Weight and Body Shape

Jian Liu, Lijun Xu
Through the analysis principle of reason and exercise on obese produce weight loss, put forward the movement to lose weight and the method of scientific health, advocate the beautiful shape of the body through exercise, ang achieve healthy and beautiful goal.
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Rubber Band Combination is Applied to Defensive Training of Basketball Player

Xinwen Li
Defense is one of the most important aspects of the game who will win. This is be gradually accepted by many people. Today we have number of various defense training methods, but using the auxiliary equipment and simulation technologies, and calculating on the basis of individual differences in athletes...
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A Study on Sports Training Management System of Some Universities in Chengdu

Xiaoyuan Wen
Knowledge and talents are the main driving forces for social advance and country development. In today’s world, the competition between economic, technology, national defense and other fields are ultimately the talents competition. Meanwhile, the competition between sports talents in our country become...
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Research and Analysis on the Status Quo of and Countermeasures for Professional Taekwondo Athletes in Southwest china——Mainly in Sichuan and Chongqing

Xiaoyuan Wen
It was in 1994 that Taekwondo was officially introduced into China. After that, Taekwondo was put on the list of China's Ninth National Sports Games. Just a few years, China achieved so outstanding results in the Olympic Games as to promote Taekwondo's rapid development in China. The development during...
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Leisure Healthy Green Construction under the Perspective of Symbiosis Theory

Jianping Shu, Denfang Chen, Bin Yang, Xiaoyuan Wen
Under the condition of city leisure sports public service is shortage of supply. We study on urban and rural health green way by using the empirical method and literature method, as well as based on the theory of "mutualism". To think recreational sports is the demand of urban residents and way, healthy...
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Sports Environment and Sunny Sport Activities in School

Bin Xu
The text explained the concept of environment, sports environment, and school sport environment, stated the components which constitute the school sport environment and school sport- environment’s impact on the sunny sport activities through the study way of document materials. The text also put up with...
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Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of Ecological Environment Construction of School Sports

Bin Xu
The ecological environment of school sports is an environmental system which centers on the school physical education, and plays controlling and adjusting role in the emergence, existence and development of school sports. School ecological sport is an important part of ecological campus. It is also the...
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College Students' Health Education and College Sports Environment

Bin Xu
Health education and physical education environment are two significant factors that affect college students set up the correct health perspectives, enhance their health consciousness, have healthy behavior and life style. If the influence of sports environment is consistent with health education in...
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How to Improve the Athletes' Physical Fitness

Bin Xu
Sports training includes physical, skill, tactics, psychology and intelligence ability training. The physical training is an important part of sport training among them. Physical condition has direct influence on the athletes' performance level. We should carry on the analysis on the physical training...
Proceedings Article

The Role of Physical Training in Badminton Teaching

Bin Xu
Badminton has been deeply loved by the people all the time. With the change in human body quality, basic equipment, and the level of science and technology, the badminton players need higher requirements in physical fitness; in addition, the movement itself needs a good fitness. Thus this paper will...
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Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of Physical Training for Male Athletes in Dragon Boat Race

Bing Li
Since the reform and opening up policy, the dragon boat project has been developing rapidly, and now it’s widely spreading all over the world. Owing to the Olympic spirit, the dragon boat race has gradually transformed itself from a folk sport to a competitive sport. Athletes are required to have a good...
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On the Application of Psychological Training in Athletic Training

Bin Xu
Humans have senior intelligence which general animals do not have .it is necessary to use human intelligence furthest, with a higher standard to consider our sports training. The article research and discuss the application of the psychological suggestion training in sports training in psychology .The...
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Status Analysis of Training of Professional Talented in Medical Information Education

Yuanqiang Wang, Shangfu Hao, Xiao Zhang
With the rapid development of digital medicine, health big data and medical Internet of things, the demand for the talents with stronger comprehensive ablility of information has become more highlighted. On the basis of status analysis, the paper finds that enrollment scale, curriculum structure, stabilization...
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Qualitative Analyzing and Evaluating Energy Efficient Datacenters Based on Cloud Model in Cloud Environment

Ke Han, Xiaobo Cai, Hui Rong
The green cloud becomes a center of attention, how to evaluate the energy efficiency of the cloud environment has been one of difficult and attractive field . Cloud models are the effective tools in transforming between qualitative concepts and their quantitative expressions. This paper designs an uncertainty...
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Roll Angular Velocity Real-time Tracking Algorithm Based on Geomagnetic Information with Frequency-locked Loop

Zhen Wang, Fengqi Gao, Min Gao, Zhicai Lu
A new rolling rate tracking method based on frequency-locked loop (FLL) was present in order to solve problems by low price, exact measurement and in-time correction mean for rocket projectile. The geomagnetic field component was firstly measured by magneto-resistive sensor and the frequency of signal...
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Influences of Software Postures on Software Interface Design

Chao Gao, Kunqian Wang
By exploring aesthetics in human-computer interface applications, thus summed up, how to improve computer interactive interface to enhance the beauty of the user when the efficient use of human-computer interaction and the use of feelings.
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Consensus and Obstacle Avoidance of Partially-informed Multi-agent System

Jiaojie Li, Wei Zhang, Yupu Yang
In this paper, we study the collective obstacle avoidance problem when only part of agents is informed of obstacle information. The control protocol is proposed to lead second order agents trend to state consensus in the existence of smooth convex obstacles. Both the position and velocity of agents will...
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Research of the Adaptive Routing Algorithm Based on State Perception in a Reconfigurable Network

Xiao-min Zhang, Chao Wang, Li-ming Liu
To improve the effectiveness and accuracy of the message transmission in a reconfigurable network efficiently, this paper proposes a reconfigurable fault tolerant model and a mechanism based on the minimum cost path in a reconfigurable network, it also proposes an adaptive routing algorithm based on...
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Multi-level Comprehensive Evaluation Model Based on Triangular Fuzzy Numbers and Gray Relational Theory

Heng Yang, Gening Xu, Xiaoning Fan
According to grey correlation method is used for multi-level comprehensive evaluation model of the optimal design scheme selection, the fuzzy index exists in the design scheme index, based on triangular fuzzy number of grey correlation theory is proposed on the multi-level comprehensive evaluation model....
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Design and Realization of Oil Rapid Detector

Xin Li, Letian Teng, Wennan Miao
With the enhancement of public awareness of food safety, the rapid detection of edible oil and other oil is in great need today. Using the relative dielectric constant difference among various oils and considering the effect of temperature on oil property, an instrument for rapidly detecting and identifying...
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Design and Implementation of monitoring and Management System for Discrete Manufacturing Process Based on IOT Technology

Qibing Lu, Buyun Sheng
For active perception of multi-source information, coupling of heterogeneous information, and effective integration of manufacturing information and knowledge layer, this paper proposed some key technologies and a new implementation framework. The RFID and other sensing technologies were used to acquire...
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Research on the Layering A* Algorithm for Real-time Navigation

Xiao Tan, Tao Chen
According to the existing problems in the applications of embedded navigation, this paper designs the hierarchical search A*algorithm, based on the transferring road network, to meet the need of real-time navigation. In the algorithm, a hierarchical search strategy is applied to route programming of...
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Research and Implementation of a Network Secure System Based on Honeypots

Bingqing Luo, Zhixin Sun
Aiming at the shortcomings of the traditional honeypot on massive global scanning attact, this paper constructs a novel network secure system based on honeypots (NSSH). Afterwards, this paper discusses the classic architecture of NSSH, which consists of four parts, firewall/router, analysis network,...
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Design and Implementation of Semantic Resource Management Platform Based on LDAP

K.Q. Wu, C.C. Liu
With the development of information technology, nearly all resources are presented in an informational way. But it’s uncommon to manage resources platforms with resource semantic annotation. LDAP (Lightweight directory access protocol) is applied widely for its simplicity and integrity. OWL (Ontology...
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Brightness Temperature Changes from Satellite Infrared Information before Wen'an Earthquake

Yaling Ning, Haijie Lv, Congxin Wei, Jiashu Xu
Using MODIS thermal infrared data of satellite and geostationary satellite thermal infrared brightness temperature data for Wen ' an 5.1 earthquake in Hebei province during 2006, the temporal and spatial characteristics of the earthquake were systematically calculated and analysed. Studies show that...
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Recovery and Help System for the Elders Based on GSM

Zhiliang Chen, Liguo Tian, Meng Li
In modern society, along with the rapid development of society, the recovery and help system for the elders is born at the right moment. It discussed in detail the design idea and design scheme, and gave the working principle and the overall block diagram of the system based on the ATmega128 MCU and...
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The Application of Well-log Data in Mirco Fault Identification

Jiayi Wu, Yi Bao
Mirco fault has strong concealment in seismic data interpretation, the fault which is not easy to identify tend to complicate the oil-water relationship in oil-bearing blocks. Combined with the feature of seismic profile reflection to determine the relative change trend of reservoir top interface depth...
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The Sustainable Development of Rural Areas

Maria Colucci, Annunziata Palermo, Mauro Francini
Up to now, a large part of the debate and the initiatives involving rural areas have still tended to concentrate on activities orientated to markets (qualification of the productions, valorisation of the system of services to tourism, interventions on the valorisation of cultural resources), leaving...