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Social Choice of Medical Personnel Handling Covid-19

Mohammad Hidayaturrahman, Nurul Pujiastuti, Hesti Respatiningsih, Prima D. Kusumawati, Yossita Wisman
The covid-19 pandemic is still becoming a major problem in the world until now, especially in the health sector. One of the most vulnerable community groups to Covid-19 are doctors and medical personnel. Not a few doctors are sick and die. Doctors work in the back line to treat Covid-19 patients. They...

Mapping the Distribution of Stunting Toddlers in Supporting the Successful Achievement of the Millenium Development Goals (Mdgs) in Deli Serdang District

Hesti Fibriasari, Baharuddin, Dina Ampera, Syamsul Gultom, Restu, Winsyahputra Ritonga, Nurpelita Sembiring, Sukma Erni
The direction of nutrition development policy in Indonesia is to strengthen research and development, including monitoring and evaluation. This means that research is one way to develop quality nutrition, both for individuals and for the community. Data shows that Indonesia is the fifth country with...

Developing Digital Storybook to Improve Children’s Language Learning

Hesti Fibriasari, Baharuddin, Syamsul Gultom, Syawal Gultom, Martina Restuati, Winsyah Putra Ritonga, Juhriansyah Dalle, Aminuddin Prahatama Putra, Danang Biyatmoko, Ariffin Abdul Mutalib, Cut Nora Azizah, Widya Andayani
Language learning is a crucial element in children’s life. As the millennial generation, children nowadays cannot be separated from technology. Therefore, this study was aimed to develop a digital storybook to enhance children’s language learning by applying Mayer’s principles. This is a collaborative...

Flipped Learning-Based Indonesian Module Foreign Speakers: BIPA Students’ Communication Skill Improvements

Hesti Efendi, Sutama, Anam Sutopo, Musiman, Salamah
This research and development aims to create learning strategies based on Flipped Learning (FL) in BIPA classes at Universitas Muhammadiyah Lampung. This study aims to determine whether the BIPA module at Universitas Muhammadiyah Lampung is based on flipped learning and whether the BIPA learning process...

Liveboard Media Development in Learning Réception Ecrite Débutante

Dewi Tri Wibowo, Hesti Fibriasari, Tansa Trisna
This study aims to test the feasibility and develop Liveboard Media into a learning video product and study room containing Se Presenter material (Introducing yourself) in French. The method used in this research is the Research and Development method. In this study using 3 stages, namely Analyze, Design...

Development of Skin Microbiome Technology in Skin Care Products as a Solution to Maintain and Improve Health Skin

Hasna U, Maritsa, Fitratul Aini, Hesti Riany, Diah Tri Utami
This proposed research is part of a series of studies in an effort to develop and apply skin microbiome technology to skincare products so that skin health can be maintained. The role of the skin microbiome is very important so that the balance on the skin surface needs to be maintained to provide protection...

Customer Forgiveness: Can Decrease Customer Dissatisfaction?

Hesti Maria Putri, Mike Yolanda, Astri Yuza Sari, Abror
Customer dissatisfaction caused by service failure their received. Oftentimes customer dissatisfaction gives a bad impact to business owners because their share disappointed feeling to people they know or posted on their social media. This is expected to be able to contribute to the development of the...

Applying Gardening Projects to Improve Scientific Knowledge and Collaboration in Early Childhood Education

Waode Eti Hardiyanti, Rifda Mardian Arif, Ahmad, Hesti, Waode Ekadayanti
The goal of this study is to investigate children’s involvement in gardening project to improve their scientific knowledge and collaboration amongst their peers and adults in the preschool. The method of this research is a case study with inquiry-based approach using 5E (engagement, exploration, explanation,...
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The Induction of Callus in Four Diverse Black Soybeans (Glycine soja Sieb. & Zucc) with Various Combinations of Cytokinins and 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetinic Acid

Atra Romeida, Hesti Pujiwati, Supanjani, Fahrurrozi, Marlin, Reny Herawati
The black soybean (Glycine soya Sieb. & Zucc) is a species of legume native of East Asia, widely grown for its edible bean, which has numerous uses. Furthermore, it is used as a raw material in the soy sauce industry, and its protein and antioxidant content is preferred to yellow soybeans. This study...

Analysis of Factors That Affect the Repurchase Intentions on Online Shopping Sites

Mike Yolanda, Hesti Maria Putri
Indonesia is a fairly good e-commerce growth market from year to year. Since 2014, it is known that online sales in Indonesia have reached US $ 1.1 billion. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) states that the Indonesian e-commerce industry in the last years has continued to increase by 17 percent with...

Symbol Dimensions Statue Of A Snake With The Head Of Gatotkaca In Banyuwangi

Susanne K. Langer’s Symbol Study

Dwiki Nugroho Mukti, Wening Hesti Nawa Ruci, Warih Handayaningrum
Banyuwangi is a regency at the eastern tip of the island of Java which has wealth, natural beauty and has very strong cultural roots. In Banyuwangi there is a snake statue with the head of gatotkaca which is very iconic. The shape of this statue is neck to bottom shaped snake, and the neck up is the...

Inquiry Model Utilization on Android-Based Learning Media

Baharuddin, Muhammad Dominique Mendoza, Olnes Yosefa Hutajulu, Hesti Febriasari
The transformation of education in Indonesia requires various components of education to work together in the intellectual life of the nation. Lecturers are one of the determinants and implementers of education that are proclaimed by the government. Thus, it can be concluded that lecturers have a central...
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Using Night Vision Camera Robot Based on Internet of Thing

Sarjana, Sholihin, Adewasti, Emilia Hesti
One of the positive impacts of human use of technology is the development in the world of robotics which is currently developing quite rapidly, so that it can help human activities in various fields, such as industry, mining, agriculture, security and even entertainment. The robots used are usually reconnaissance...

New Political Party and Political Branding: Perindo for Prosperous Indonesia

Achmad Jamil, Sri Hesti
In political contestation, branding for new political party has a central position in political marketing. This study discusses the formation of a new political party brand that make an effort to sell political products to the target voters. The research is qualitative using a case study method, with...

The Influence of Mother’s Working Status on Exclusive Breastfeeding in the Jabodetabek Region

Hesti Astria Dewi, Diah Hadi Setyonaluri
This study aims to analyze the influence of mothers' working status and other factors on exclusive breastfeeding in the Jabodetabek region (District of DKI Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang, South Tangerang, and Bekasi), due to the low coverage of exclusive breastfeeding in the region. The data...
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The Effects of Compost Sources and Dosage on the Growth and Yield of Edamame Soybean (Glycine Max (L.) Merr) in Ultisol

Mentari Rizki Andriani, Hesti Pujiwati, Nanik Setyowati
Use of marginal land use, such as Ultisol is an alternative for the extensification of soybean production. The problem of Ultisol is the low organic matter content, so fertilization is required using organic fertilizer such as compost. This study was designed to determine the effect of the compost source...
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Implementation of Appropriate Technology for Bird Pest Removal to Replace Scarecrow with Solar Cell Based on Internet of Thing at Usaha Tani Mandiri Kertapati Palembang

Suzan Zefi, Siswandi Siswandi, Emilia Hesti, Ciksadan Ciksadan
There are several ways to increase rice production, in order to meet the ever-increasing food needs. Every effort is made to improve, however, there are always many disturbances in the form of abiotic and abiotic stresses. Abiotic stresses such as drought, flood or poisoning. While biotic is the attack...

The Application of Project-Based Learning (PBL) Through Storyboard to Improve Reading Achievement of the 10th Grade Students

Mislena, Erlina, Hesti Wahyuni Anggraini
This study was aimed at finding out (1) whether there was any significant difference in students’ reading achievement of the 10th grade students of SMA Srijaya Negara Palembang between before and after they are taught through PBL, (2) whether there was any significant difference in students’ reading...

Resource-based Learning: A Paradigm Shift in Materials Design

Hesti Wijaya
This study addresses multiple outcomes, namely process, implications, and possible future directions for developing English for specific purposes (ESP) materials and English learning materials in general, which ponder the dilemmatic issues in education. These are related to the abundance types of learning...

The Use of Storyboard: Project-Based Learning Implementation in Teaching Speaking to the 10th Grade Students

Desi Ramasari, Erlina, Hesti Wahyuni Anggraini
This paper is aimed to examine whether or not (1) there was any significant difference in students speaking achievement of the tenth-grade students of SMA Negeri 2 Banyuasin III before and after they were taught through Project-Based Learning (PBL) method using storyboard, (2) there was any significant...

Social Media for Learning English: The Views of Pre-service EFL Teachers

Nova Lingga Pitaloka, Hesti Wahyuni Anggraini, Armilia Sari
Social media can help learning English because the basic principles of social media are in line with language theory which emphasizes collaboration and social interaction in the construction of knowledge. The aims of this study were to find out whether pre-service EFL teachers get the effects of social...
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Design of Technology Salted Fish Dryer at Salted Fish si Abang Center Palembang Based on Internet of Thing

Sarjana Sarjana, Emilia Hesti, Ibnu Ziad, Eka Susanti, Sholihin Sholihin
One of the existing UMKM industries is the salted fish manufacturing industry at the Siabang Salted Fish Center Palembang. Salted fish are in demand by various types of people ranging from children to parents. Making salted fish is the simplest preservation with low cost. The process of making salted...

Task Characteristics and Prompt Effect on Test Performance: IELTS Academic Reading

Hesti Rokhaniyah, Oddy Virgantara Putra
Reading is a complex and interactive activity that needs resources to develop. In essence, reading lets learners examine arguments, make prediction, inference, or interpretation, and explore implication and consequence. Hence, the research aims at investigating how test takers’ performance in IELTS academic...

Students’ Knowledge, Perception, and Motivation on Preservice Teacher Profession Education Program

Joan Hesti Gita Purwasih, Desy Santi Rozakiyah, Anif Fatimatus Sholicha, Azmil Mohd. Tayeb
Being a teacher is not easy in the present. Teachers are required to have the professionalism and to be adaptive to the development of the modern era today. Such ability is needed to make Indonesian education develop better and competitively at the international level. Therefore, to improve the quality...

Technology Capacity Development Model as an Effort to Build a Conducive and Competitive Internal Environment of MSMEs in the Global Market

Anes Arini, Hesti Respatiningsih
The acceleration of digital transformation in Indonesia is growing faster and companies capable of transforming can survive in this competitive era. For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), this condition is certainly not only a challenge but also a great opportunity to remain competitive so...

Semiotics in Advertising As A Way to Play Effective Communications

Sri Hesti Heriwati
Advertising can be regarded as a marketing activity in addition to its function for the means of communicating. Advertising in principle is a product of mass culture and cultural products of industrial society characterized by mass production and consumption. That is, the mass is seen no more as a consumer...

Intensity and Politeness in the Interrogative Sentences of Javanese Language

Hesti Widyastuti, F.X. Sawardi, Henry Yustanto
Intensity is the highest distance between the neutral lines and the curve of a wave. This magnitude is often called amplitude. A sound or speech that has a high intensity or large-amplitude, then the sound or speech utterance will be increasingly loud (Rogers, 2013). In certain societies, especially...
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Design and Configuration of 4G Repeater Booster Device at 1800MHZ

Sopian Soim, Ade Silvia Handayani, Emilia Hesti, Ciksadan Ciksadan, Nyayu Latifah Husni, Abu Hasan, Rivaldo Rivaldo
The signal quality received by the mobile device may be poor due to impediments between the base station and the mobile station, such as building structures or vast distances. This poor quality will cause communication issues, therefore need a repeater at the receiver. The difference between active and...

The Development of Pocket Book Learning Media Based on Mind Mapping, Dynamic Material Application of Indonesian Democracy in Senior High School

Sri Rahayu Pudjiastuti, Suparno, Mohamad Sutisna, Hesti Mustika Ati
The purpose of this study is to; (1) developing pocket mapping based learning media on mind mapping material on the implementation of democracy in Indonesia, (2) studying mind mapping learning media based on mind mapping, and (3) to find out the effectiveness of mind map based learning pocket media in...
Proceedings Article

Improving Yield and Performance of Shallot on Ultisol Through Application of Dolomite and Chicken Manure

Merakati Handajaningsih, Hesti Pujiwati, Doni Putra Pertama Nasution, Marwanto
Production area of some vegetables has been shifting from highland to lowland due to the decline of acreage. The main problems of growing shallot on ultisol Bengkulu are low soil pH and reduction of organic matter. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the shallot performance and yield after the...
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Development of 3D Mulitmedia as a Learning Tools Online Based Virtual Reality

Sholihin Sholihin, Eka Susanti, Emilia Hesti, Sarjana Sarjana, Adewasti Adewasti
Practicum or experiment is an important learning method to be implemented in learning because it can provide direct experience for students to introduce, familiarize, and train students to carry out scientific steps and procedural knowledge. During the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching and learning activities...
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Application of Convolutional Neural Network for Identifying Cocoa Leaf Disease

Annisa Fitri Maghfiroh Harvyanti, Rifki Ilham Baihaki, Dafik, Zainur Rasyid Ridlo, Ika Hesti Agustin
Cocoa or Theobroma cacao L. is a plantation product that has high economic value and is very popular for its processed fruit. The large market demand for cocoa is not proportional to the low level of productivity. The main issue in cocoa plantations is the high incidence and rapid spread of disease....

Analysis of Global Sharia Mutual Fund Performance and Benchmarking Using Dow Jones Islamic Market Index

Robiatul Hidayah, Hesti Wahyuni
This research aims to analyze the performance of Global Sharia Mutual Funds in Indonesia and analyze market performance projected with the Dow Jones Islamic Market Index as a benchmark. This type of research is descriptively quantitative. The data collection instrument is documentation. The data collected...

Hermeneutics of Virtual Legal Education in 360° Reality

Rosa Tedjabuwana, Anthon F. Susanto, Hesti Septianita, M. Alvi Pratama
The use of virtual reality in education and the professional field in the past two years. The so-called 360-degree virtual technology enables us to simulate space and conditions that are either rare or unexplorable in the real physical world. This research aims to know the limitations in current-day...

Teacher Presence and Social Presence in Online Language Learning in Higher Education: Students’ Perceptions

Hesti Wahyuni Anggraini, Zuraida
Online learning in recent years creates new growing bodies of knowledge. This study reported the students’ understanding of teacher presence and social presence in online learning. It also summarized the students’ viewpoints on the challenges and threats, motivation, self-efficacy, and also positives...

Does Pandemic Covid-19 Affect Foreign Tourist Visit in Jakarta?

Firda Rahmawati, Nurafni Eltivia, Nur Indah Riwajanti, Hesti Wahyuni
The purpose of this study is to predict foreign tourists visiting Jakarta. This research uses quantitative data methods. The data of this research is data on foreign tourist visits to Jakarta which were taken from January 2011 to September 2020 from the National Statistical Bureau. The results of the...

Language Learning as Group interactions in dialogic book reading in kindergarten

Hesti Putri Setianingsih, Suparno Suparno
This article discusses the interaction of children in groups during the reading of a dialogue book as a second language learning at school. An English native instructor at a kindergarten school is observed and recorded activities while reading picture books to children aged 5-6 years in a small group...

The Application of CNC Machine Creating Lai Batik with Natural Dyes from Lai Leaves (DURIO KUTHEJENSIS)

Hesti Rosita Dwi Putri, Rizka Ayu Yuniar, M. Fulkha Tajri
Batik in the Penajam Paser Utara (PPU) region of East Kalimantan is increasingly in demand by the public, the high market demand requires faster batik production, however, batik craftsmen are still very few in the PPU region. The use of CNC machine technology is utilized by the Sekar Buen batik business...

The Development of Learning Media Réception ɐcrite ɐlémentaire WEB-Based

Hesti Fibriasari, Evi Eviyanti, Faisal Abas Siregar
This study aims to determine the use of web media in learning Réception ɐcrite ɐlémentaire to be able to improve the ability and motivation of students in the Réception ɐcrite ɐlémentaire course. The method used in this research is Research and Development method. In this method, it uses 6 research...

Semantic Aspect of Deletion Argument in Javanese Subordinative Conjoining Clause

F.X. Sawardi, Hesti Widyastuti
The same constituent in conjoining clauses is deleted in the second clause. These deletions are determined by two conditions: syntactic condition and semantic condition. The syntactic conditions are that both constituent occupy the same syntactic functions. While semantic conditions are the same elements...
Proceedings Article

Classification of Disease in Rice Plant Leaves Using the Method Convolutional Neural Networks

Laila Badriyatuz Zahro, Dafik, Ika Hesti Agustin, Zainur Rasyid Ridlo
Rice plant disease is one of the factors causing high losses due to crop failure. Plant-disturbing organisms often attack rice plants, especially on the leaves. This can damage rice plants and cause crop failure. Manual diagnostic activities on rice plant leaves will help identify and classify the types...

Comparison of Vocabulary Trilingual (Sundanese, Javanese, Malay) in Segaran Village Batujaya Sub-District Karawang Regency

Dessy Nurhabibah, Yayat Sudaryat, Hesti Widiastuti
The aims of the research are to find out and define the trilingual vocabulary forms and patterns, vocabulary aspect trilingual, and comparative lexical structure of the trilingual. The method used in this research is qualitative descriptive, and the study employed observation and interview as techniques...
Proceedings Article

Potential For The Development Of Ecotourism Of Begadung Island, Bangka Regency

Hartuti Purnaweni, Kismartini, Hesti Lestari
Bangka Belitung Province is an archipelago that has tremendous tourism potential because of its natural wealthand socio cultural potencies which enjoys increasing popularity among tourists. However, it isnow ironically threatened by tin mining activities, including in Bangka Island, in which Bangka Tengah...

Build Student Knowledge about Natural Resources and Hazard Potential Through Field Social Studies Laboratory Product

Agus Purnomo, Joan Hesti Gita Purwasih
The Kelud eruption in 2014 gave the impression that Blitar District was a safe area. This thinking results in the event of a disaster in the future the community becomes blunt in attitude. On this rational basis, this article aims to identify potential natural and disaster risks on the southern slopes...

Analysis of Factors that Influence the Risk of Occupational Accidents in Terms of Behavioral Aspects (Study on Aircraft Paint Removal Workers in PT. X)

Hesti Fiskalisa Purbayanti, Tri Martiana
Aircraft Paint Removal is an activity that has a high risk to cause occupational accident. Human factor is the main determinant of occupational accident. One of the human factors is the dangerous behavior of the workers. Dangerous behaviors are unsafe acts in work relating to the knowledge, attitudes...

Women's Struggle Against Colonial Imperialism in the Tetralogi Novel Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Ira Rahayu, Hesti Muliawati, Tri Pujiatna
In connection with the effort of the form of women's struggle, this research focuses on feminism study towards tetralogy novel Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. This research is a study of literature with the study of feminism. This research was conducted to find out the relationship between literary...
Proceedings Article

Minimizing Risk of Accidents by Selecting Reverse Delete Fuzzy-FMEA Route

Rifki Ilham Baihaki, Rosanita Nisviasari, Dafik, Ika Nur Maylisa, Ika Hesti Agustin, Valeriana Lukitosari
Roads are often used to travel from one place to another. To shorten the trip, it is usually done via the shortest route. Choosing the shortest route cannot be separated from the risks that can occur, such as accidents. Risk management serves to minimize this from happening. Analysis of the feasibility...

Mediating Role of Good Corporate Governance to Intellectual Capital and Firm Value

Hesti Wahyuni, Erlin Melani, Apit Miharso, Zakiyatul Fuadiyah
Intellectual Capital performance tends to increase the firm value. The effect of intellectual capital to firm value will increase rapidly whenever supported by robust implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG). This study is performed to observe mediating effect of GCG to the intellectual capital...

Understanding of Kindergarten Teachers of the 2013 Curriculum of Early Childhood Education

Rohita Rohita, Hesti Hapsari Sekarlawu
Curriculum 2013 Early Childhood Education (ECE) is a curriculum that applies in the world of child education in Indonesia today. In this regard, Kindergarten teachers must be able to understand the 2013 ECE Curriculum (K13) so that they can provide various activities and experiences that can optimize...

The Impact of E-Commerce on the Marketing Performance of MSMEs During the Covid19 Pandemic Mediated by Competitive Advantage

Hesti Respatiningsih
This study aims to develop a basic theoretical model and a new empirical research model to resolve the conceptual controversy about the use of e-commerce in improving marketing performance through the concept of competitive advantage as a mediating variable. The competitive advantage variable that bridges...