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The Influence of Leadership, Communication and Competence on Performance of Employees of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Persero) Branch of Jayapura

Putri Inggrid Maria Risamasu, Samuel Batlajery, Frans Papilaya, Marlyn Eleida Alfons, Adrianus Aprilius
This study aims to determine the influence of leadership, communication and competence on the performance of employees of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Persero) Branch Jayapura and variables where laying dominant affect the performance of employees of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Persero) Branch Jayapura....

Strategy for Development of Small and Medium Micro Business Using SWOT and Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrices (QSPM) Analysis (Case Study of Panama Remake Restaurant)

Adrianus Aprilius, Elisabeth Lia Riani Kore, Putri Inggrid Maria Risamasu, Caecilia Henny Setyawati, Simon Siamsa
This study aimed to determine the strategy of restaurant development. The research method used was a qualitative and quantitative method. The results showed that the analysis results of internal factors and external factors conducted at Panama Restaurant found some things that mostly affected restaurant...

The Evaluation of Narcotic and Psychotropic Reporting Systems (SIPNAP)

Diah Kartika Putri, Prasojo Pribadi, Agus Setiawan
SIPNAP is a system used to report the use of narcotics and psychotropic drugs in Indonesia. This study aims to determine the level of usability in the narcotics and psychotropic reporting system (SIPNAP). This research is a quantitative descriptive study with a purposive sampling approach and with Cross-Sectional...

The Practice of Green Hospitality at the Operational Level (a Case of 5-Star Hotel in Bali)

I Ketut Astawa, I Ketut Budarma, Cokorda Istri Sri Widhari, Anak Agung Putri Suardani, Suardani
The implementation of green hospitality business practices also pays attention to the balance of environmental; economic; and social life. So; maintaining environmentally friendly cultural tourism is important for hotel management. The research objective is to analyze the implementation of green hospitality...

The Effect of Fraud Pentagon and Academic Procrastination Dimensions Towards Academic Dishonesty of Students of Social Science in Senior High School of Semarang

Agung Yulianto, Luthfi Fathan Dahriyanto, Rina Wijayanti, Putri Adininggar
Academic dishonesty is a dishonest behavior done by students to obtain good marks by violating the regulations so that it harms other people. The effect of students’ academic dishonesty is influenced by several factors such as academic pressure, opportunity, rationalization, individual’s ability in making...

Need Analysis And System Engineering Of Financial Planning Web-Based Application Development For Indigenous Communities At VillageCredit InstitutionIn Badung Regency; Bali

I Made Wijana, Anak Agung Putri Suardani, I G P Fajar Pranadi Sudhana
This research aims to develope Financial Web-based application For Indigenous Village Communities at Village Credit Institution in Badung Regency; the Province of Bali; Indonesia. This paper focuses on discussing the initial stages of the research namely investigating awareness and financial literacy...

The Role of Pancasila Education in Shaping Youth’s Character Towards Golden Indonesia 2045

Erni Dewi Riyanti, Fakhriyah Tri Astuti, Putri Jannatur Rahmah, Haerini Ayatina
Indonesia, with its potentials and resources, is predicted to become one of the most influential countries with the strongest economic growth in 2045. In the same year, Indonesia will celebrate its first centennial anniversary. It is predicted that Indonesia will reach a demography bonus of 100 million-productive...

Zoning System of Education in Indonesia Challenges and Their Future

Erni Dewi Riyanti, Haerini Ayatina, Fakhriyah Tri Astuti, Putri Jannatur Rahmah
The zoning system in Indonesia is issued through the Minister of Education Regulation No. 14 of 2018 regarding the acceptance of new students (PPDB) at the elementary school level, and middle school causes different effects in the implementation that occur in the community in accordance with the conditions...

Supplying 2C (Critical and Creative Thinking) Basic Concept as an Effort to Build the Ventures of Vocational School Students in Product Design

Asep Sufyan Muhakik Atamtajani, Sheila Andita Putri
Vocational education is part of the education system that prepares a person to be more able to work in one occupational group or one occupation than other fields of work. Vocational High School (SMK) is one of the educational unit level institutions that has the role of creating quality and competent...

Socio-Economic Status of Fishermen's Household in West Sumatra Province

Melti Roza Adry, Dewi Zaini Putri
The purpose of this study is to describe the socio economic status of fishermen in West Sumatra Province. To analyze the socioeconomic status of fishermen households is used the data of the agricultural census survey "Fishing Survey of Household Businesses" from Bureau center of statistics in West Sumatra....

Factors that Affect Job Satisfaction of Academic Employee

Karina Putri Alamanda, Desita Dyah Damayanti, Dewi Kamaratih, Aniq Hudiyah Bil Haq
Employee satisfaction was a major issue affected organizational goals through the performance and achievements of its employees. Job satisfaction also affects employee’s life satisfaction and vice versa. The purpose of this research was to find out the factors that influence job satisfaction and the...
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The Effect Of Individual Counseling Toward Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior of Pregnant Woman about The Ante Natal Care in East Ciputat Public Health Center Year 2016

Wahyu A. Haryoso, Mustika Anggiane Putri, Marita Fadhilah, Taufik Zain, Risahmawati Risahmawati
The rate of maternal and infant mortality are still high in Indonesia, one of the causes is the high rate of low birth weight. There are many etiology of low birth weight, and most of them are preventable if pregnant women do antenatal care (ANC) during pregnancy. Aim of this research is to determine...
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Description of Occupational Safety and Health Promotion Program in PT. X 2017

Nanda Paramita Putri, Siti Rahmah H Lubis
Occupational Safety and Health Promotion is an attempt that created by PT. X to apply Occupational Safety and Health in the company. Implementation is mandatory to provide information related to occupational safety and health and work facilities to be conducive to safety and health in work. Occupational...

Analysis of the Preliminary Ability of Scientific Literacy on Temperature and Heat

Femmi Indriyana Fitriyati Putri, Soeparmi, Widha Sunarno
The purpose of this study to describe the preliminary ability of scientific literacy in the domain of competence. PISA 2015 establishes three aspects of the competency/science process domain in the process of evaluating scientific literacy, namely (1) the ability to explain phenomena scientifically,...

A Comparative Study of Guided Discovery Learning and REACT Strategy Toward Problem-Solving Skill and Self-Regulated Learning on Fifth Grade Students

Yurniwati, Yunia Astuti, Anis Kania Putri Januar
Guided Discovery Learning and REACT Strategy conclude to constructivism learning methods focus on students center. Consider problem-solving skills is one of the mathematics learning objectives; it needs to know which one is more effective between Guided Discovery Learning and REACT Strategy. The study...
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Hani Dwi Kartika Putri, Chyntia Glori Rosauli Tobing, Basri Fahriza
R-80 is a regional passenger aircraft with twin-turboprop engine designed by PT Regio Aviasi Industry. In this era, R-80 existence in Indonesian aviation market is still not perceived, while the purpose of creating R-80 is to supply local demand. Meanwhile, most of airlines in Indonesia prefer using...
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The effect of oxygen plasma treatment on the hydrophobicity of polyaniline surface

Nugrahani Primary Putri, Rani Putri Lavinia, D.J. Djoko H. Santjojo, Masruroh Masruroh, Setyawan Purnomo Sakti
Polyaniline is one of the conductive polymers that can be funcionalized as a sensitive layer on quartz crystal microbalance (QCM). The sensitivity of polyaniline can be enhanced via dedicated its morphology. The plasma oxygen treatment is used to modify the surface of polyaniline coating. The purpose...
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Putri Setiani, Hanifah Fiddieny, Edhie Budi Setiawan, Diah Etika Cahyanti
Efficiency of the optimal vehicle route to generate effective delivery is an important issue in the logistics world. The common methods usually practiced in delivery systems are direct shipment, indirect shipment and milk run method. The objective of this research is to analyze the optimization of delivery...

Collective Efficacy as a Factor in Group Empowerment among People with Disabilities: A Case Study of Wheelchair Tennis Players of Bogor District’s National Paralympic Committee of Indonesia

Dita Esa Putri Damanik, Sari Viciawati Machdum
Persons with disabilities are frequently underestimated because of their impairments. However, they have the same potential abilities as non-disabled people. One such potential is participating in physical activities, such as sports. Sport is not only a leisure activity for people with disabilities;...
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Prima Saputra, Wike Arinda Putri, Basri Fahriza
Building a new airport in Bukittinggi becomes necessity to support tourism industry in west Sumatera and strengthen Bukittinggi as tourist destination. Eventhough the distance from Minangkabau International Airport to Bukittinggi is 72 km, the route and traffic condition have made the time to reach Bukittinggi...

Factors Influencing Students’ Entrepreneurial Intention

Titik Purwati, Novi Eko Prasetyo, Putri Vina Sefaverdiana, Joko Suryono
This study examined factors influencing students’ entrepreneurial intentions, including factors in entrepreneur education and entrepreneurial interest. The study was conducted on Economic Education students at IKIP Budi Utomo. The research sample was 48 people taken through a simple random sampling technique....
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Augmented Reality Learning Media Based on Android for Sciences in Elementary Schools

Mita Septiani, Mohammad Muhyidin Nurzaelani, Muhammad Iqbal Pahlevi, Putri Eka Sevtiyuni
This research aims to produce interactive learning media based on Augmented Reality (AR) that is appropriate for science subjects on material characteristics of the eight planets in the solar system. This research is a type of research and development (R&D) using the ADDIE model, which includes the...

Public Support of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Women Workers

Luluk Rosida, Intan Mutiara Putri, Dewi Kurniasari
Working women have their own dilemma because besides working women also have to continue performing their duties and responsibilities as mothers, one of which is to keep on providing exclusive breastfeeding. Public Support or work environment support is one of the determining factors for the success...

The Application of Project-Based Learning Model to Improve Mathematical Communication Skills

Melva Melva Zainil, Melva Zainil, Anida Putri Nelsyam
This research is motivated by the low mathematical communication skills of students in the fourth grade of elementary school 20 Kalumbuk. This study aims to describe the application of the Project Based Learning (PjBL) model to improve mathematical communication skills in the presentation of data in...
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Rahmatika Rahmatika, Rindayu Alvita Putri, David P. Sirait, Aswanti Setyawati
Safety is crucial in the shipping industry, however in the current export container activity there are many factors that can cause an accident. To prevent an accident, regulation play an important role. With regulation, safety can be implemented to decrease the risk. Therefore, IMO has amended the SOLAS's...

Implementation Cooperative Learning Happy Cooking To Improve Social Emotional Skill Children Ages 5-6 Years

Safira Nurannisa Pulungan, Tomas Iriyanto, Tegariyani putri S. Sandy
Social emotional skill is one of important skill that need to improve in early years. Children with good social emotional skill would be good personality and be accepted in social environment. Purpose of this study to show how implementation of cooperative learning happy cooking to improve social emotional...
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Usability Testing to Measure Real Perception Generation Level in Introduction of Bengkulu University Building Based on Virtual Tour with 360° Object Modelling

The development of photography technology creates a 360 ° camera that carries an ultra-wide twin1-lens folded optical lens (a small double lens with a folding design). This technology can produce spherical panoramic images. Spherical panoramas are borderless and seamless image objects used to create...

The Effect of Concept Sentence Learning Model in Improving Learning Achievement of Social Sciences for Student with Hearing Impairment

Munawir Yusuf, Erma Kumala Sari, Istiqomah Putri Mirasandi
The research was conducted to determine the effect of the concept sentence learning model in improving the learning achievement of social sciences for a student with hearing impairment class VII in SLB B YRTRW Surakarta. The research used the experimental method with one group pre-test and post-test...
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Information Risk Assessment Model of Accuracy and Timeliness Dimensions

The low quality of data and information held by the organization can encourage the emergence of information risk. Accuracy is an important dimension for the quality of the information but would lose its benefits if it is delivered at the wrong time, so it needs a risk assessment that able to assesses...

Perspective from Government Officer: Ecotourism for City Branding of Pinrang Regency, South Sulawesi

Eli Jamilah Mihardja, B. P. Kusumo Bintoro, D.M. Putri, T. Widiastuti, P.M. Agustini, F. Adriati
Brand determines the success of a company, as well as branding a city. In the era of regional autonomy and transparency of information, city branding has a major role as a strategy to gain a reputation and a strong positioning in the face of competition with other cities. Therefore, this study aims to...

Strengthening of School-Based Character Education (Case Study of Full-Day School at Cemara Dua Elementary School, Surakarta)

Ardaneswari Putri Cahyaningsih, Sukarno, Triyanto
This study aims to describe the implementation of strengthening culture-based character education at the Cemara Dua Surakarta Elementary School through the program’s full-day school. This research is qualitative research by describing several phenomena that occur to obtain data more deeply. Data collection...

The Mediation of Job Satisfaction in the Relation of Work Stress and Turnover Intention in Hotel Industry

Prasetio Prasetio, Arif Partono, Puspita Wulansari, Suci Trisno Putri, Ramdhani Ramdhani, Abdullah Abdullah
The study explain the effect of work stress on turnover intention through the mediation of job satisfaction in private-owned hotel in Karawang, West Java. Explanatory causal method was used to analyze the relation between variables through hypothesis testing. Nonprobability sampling method with accidental...

Psychological First Aid Training for KSR-Unisba

Dinda Dwarawati, Eni N. Nugrahawati, Anna Rozana, Bunga Lintang, Shabrina Alyani P. Raden Roro, Wildah Sifa Alimiyah, Balqis Andini Putri
KSR-Unisba members who are under the guidance and supervision of PMI Bandung, are always involved in social activities as a volunteer, such as in a natural disaster Catastrophic situation is a situation that makes the state of the survivors are in a state of crisis, as the survivors (victims) it is possible...

The Analysis of Performance Sub-Publishing of University in Central Java as the Development of Teaching Material in Editing Course

Santi Pratiwi Tri Utami, Nurlaili Irias Putri
Editing course aims to create educated workforce as editors who are a creative worker of publishing industry. There is an opportunity in the open creative industry and the urgency of providing human resources as a creative worker is a challenge. Internally, there must be strengthening effort from the...
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Mega Anindya Putri, Arzinta Firdha Harisha, Sekar Widyastuti
Self and mobile check-in are widely known and implemented in air transportation all over the world. If self and mobile check-in were implemented well, it will give impact on short waiting time and easiness for passengers. This paper analyze how important self and mobile check-in for improving customer...
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Quality of Liquid Waste and Hospital WWTP Management Strategy in Kendari

Nani Yuniar, Asnia Zainuddin, Desy Rahmawati, Linda Ayu Rizka Putri, Nirmala G Fifi, Yasnani Rahabuddin
Based on annual reports the Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Health Office in 2017, out of 12 hospitals in the city of Kendari, only 8 hospitals have wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Aims: to find out the quality of liquid waste at the inlet and outlet of the hospital WWTP, in terms of decreasing the...

Improving Foreign Language Learning by the Mean of Learning Management System: Review of the Literature

Putri Wulandari, Cucuk Budiyanto
Due to the advancement in web technologies, learning management systems are becoming involved in various fields of distance education. The computer-facilitated teaching and learning have been enticed audiences for various advantages offered by the management systems. This paper reviews the need for computer-aided...

Assessment of Learning Design with Padlet on the Writing Skills of German Language Level A2-B1 CEFR

Kharis, Dhea Elvira Ressa Putri
This study aims to answer the questions, how students respond using Padlet for writing skills in German language level A2-B1 CEFR and how the use of Padlet for this purpose to be optimized. In summary, 21 students participated, which consisted of 2 males and 19 females, within the range of 19–22 years....
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The Effect of Implementing Web Push Notification and Customer Relationship Management in E-Commerce of Silver Craft MSME

Kameswara Silver is a micro small and medium enterprises (MSME) in the silver handicraft industry. During its operation, Kameswara Silver only accepts purchases from abroad through colleagues from the company’s owners with products manually, not regulated by the system, or computerized, and the company...

The Procession and Meaning of Sengen Tradition in Gayo Lues Society

Erna Hayati
This study is about the Procession and Meaning of Sengen Tradition in Gayo Lues Society. This study try to reveal the tradition which is believed by Gayo Lues society as a sacred cultural heritage which is well known as the term Sengen. In Sangen tradition, a child who is mismatch with his/her parent...
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Low Utilization of Telemedicine in the First-Year Trial: A Case in the Province of West Papua, Indonesia

Riski Nugraheni, Guardian Yoki Sanjaya, Siti Setyawati Mulyono Putri, Anis Fuad, Lutfan Lazuardi, Ariani Arista Putri Pertiwi, Surahyo Sumarsono, Mei Neni Sitaresmi
West Papua is the second biggest province in eastern part of Indonesia. Availability and accessibility of health care services are among the priority problems in this province. Telemedicine Indonesia (TEMENIN), a telemedicine pilot project from the Ministry of Health, has been implemented in 4 health...

The Relationship of Science Knowledge and Decision-Making Based on Gender on Socioscientific Issues

Haryanti Putri Rizal, Galuh Yuliani, Parsaoran Siahaan, Dr. Hasri
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between students’ understanding of science and decision-making based gender on socio-scientific issues (SSI), especially on environmental pollution in Indonesia. Science Instruction based SSI was developed and implemented to encourage students...

Noticing Students' Thinking and Quality of Interactivity During Mathematics Learning

Ratu Ilma Indra Putri, Zulkardi
Teachers have a role to implement the new curriculum in school. Therefore they need to support especially in orchestra learning process in the classroom. The goal of this research is to support mathematics teachers implement new curriculum or curriculum 2013 in the school. Such support, for examples,...

The Impact of Services Quality, Location and Word of Mouth to Repurchase Intention through Brand Image at Salon Muslimah Beauty Care Padang

Putri Maurisni, Susi Evanita
This study aims to analyze the impact of services quality, location and word of mouth to repurchase intention through brand image at Salon Muslimah Beauty Care Padang.The population of this study is all consumers who visit Salon Muslimah Beauty Care Padang with a number of samples nearly 150 respondents....

Analysis the Influences of Food Prices (Volatile Food) in South Sulawesi 2011-2017

Anas Iswanto Anwar, Sri Undai Nurbayani, Putri Rezky Indria
The aim of this study is to analyze the effect of the amount of money in circulation, import, and the number of population on volatile foods in South Sulawesi. This research uses secondary data which is time series as much as 78 periods from January 2011 until June 2017 sourced from BI (Indonesian Bank)...

Effect of Inkuiri Learning Model on Learning Outcomes Student Primary Teacher Education in Course Learning Civic Education Elementary School

Putri Maharani, Muchtar
This research is based on previous research result about inquiry learning model which shows that inquiry model is able to give positive impact to the development of student potency. Research hypothesis; Ha: there is an increase in learning outcomes and Ho: no increase in student learning outcomes of...

Social Interaction Between Etnics in Market Mastery in Sungai Penuh City Market in Kerinci Regency in a Sociological Prepective

Eka Putri Hardiyanti, Susi Evanita
The purpose of this study is to describe the social interaction between traders in controlling the market in Sungai Penuh in Kerinci Regency. The purpose of this study looks at 1) Research on the interaction between migrants and Kerinci natives, 2) factors that encourage socio-economic relations between...

Validity of Biochemical Teaching Material Equipped by Research Result of Biology Students

Yuliza, Wilny Okta, Putri, Dwi Hilda, Advinda, Linda
Introduction- the biochemical course is related to biology because biochemical discusses chemical processes that occur in the body of human being. Based on the results of the questionnaire, it was known that students did not have preparations before the lecture. Therefore, it was necessary to have biochemical...

Pancasila and Civic Education as Reinforcement of the National’s Character of High School Students in Karawang Regency to Face the Revolution Industry 4.0

Erwin Susanto, Nadya Putri, Aris Riswandi Sanusi, Fitri Silvia Sofyan
This article is motivated by researchers’ anxiety in terms of decreasing the nation’s character in high school students in Karawang Regency in order to face the challenges of the revolution industry 4.0. In the era of the revolution industry 4.0 where technology and information developed so fast, so...

Determinants Stunting of School Children in Developing Countries

Wardani Putri Sari, Pujonarti Siti Arifah
Introduction: Stunting is one of the main nutritional problems caused by malnutrition in children include schoolchildren. Adequate nutrition consumption of children can influence intelligence, motor and psycomotoric developments. Defines determinant is needed to identified of effective interventions....