Proceedings of the 1st Annual Internatioal Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (AICOSH 2019)

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Local Wisdom And Harmonization Of Community Life In Pegayaman Village Bali

Diversity is the reality of Indonesian life, both ethnically, linguistically, culturally, or religiously. In that context, exploring the diversity of Balinese society is certainly very interesting considering that it is not just a "reality", but also a necessity and need. Thus, the pouch of community...
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The Representation of Intolerance Practices In Cyber Space

Nusa Lukman, Malahayati
Tribal, custom, race, and religion issues appear to be often played by some individuals. The issues that often arise can spur latent conflict because of the diversity in Indonesia. The chance of the latent conflict is aggravated by the freedom of information’s access  due to the rapid progress of communication’s...
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Use of Social Media In The Development of Halal Tourism In Madura

Farida Arief, Zulaikha, R. Hartopo Eko Putro
The people of Madurese are well aware of the rituals of prayers offered on the tombs of leaders, both religious leaders and personalities considered as elders of the community. The pilgrimage to the tomb then became a familiar activity conducted by the community. Not only are certain days considered...
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The NU's Youth Among The Radical Movements in Yogyakarta

Mochamad Sodik, B.J Sujibto
This article aims at examining the contestation of identity of the Islamic youth movement, which is represented by the Nahdlatul Ulama’s (NU) youths, in the midst of radical and extremist Islamic movements in Yogyakarta. The NU’s youth movements which are mostly associated with peaceful faces of Islam...
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Educational Communication in Pondok Pesantren Jagasatru Cirebon as a Hadhramis Diaspora Community in Indonesia

Nani Kurniasari
Pondok Pesantren (ponpes) Jagasatru Cirebon-West Java is a Hadhramis community in Indonesia which is applied a practical educational communication on their teaching method. Ponpes Jagasatru is one of the traditional ponpes in the middle of Cirebon city. As salafiah ponpes, Jagasatru does not apply strict...
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Identity Constructions through Language in virtual Community

Fatma Dian Pratiwi, Faruk, Wisma Nugraha Christanto R
This paper aims to examine the role of language used in female daily forums to construct the identity of the Suhu. Since, the absence of face to face communication in this virtual community, leaves only text and image in the forum as the only identity (discourse) understood by other forum members. Suhu...
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Character Education for Single Parent Children in the Quran

Moh.Toriqul Chaer, Alef Theria Wasim, Akif Khilmiyah
This paper discusses children's character education in the story of Moses' mother. The research uses library studies, with subjective hermeneutic approaches. Historical searches related to the mother Moses rely on encyclopedias, history books and the Gospels, especially the Old Testament. This is because...
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Content Analysis of Religion Program Patterns in Indonesia Local Television

This study aims to investigate the constructs and format of schedules, built by local television media in compiling the pattern of religious program aired, using a qualitative descriptive approach, where data was collected by interviewing and documenting. The location used includes, Banyumas TV, Semarang...
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The Role of Media in Forming Negative Opinions of Society Related to LGBT Community (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender) in Indonesia

Usrotul Afifah
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are always underestimated and even discriminated by society. Many Indonesian people have not been able to accept and assume that LGBT is a dishonorable thing and violates the norms of religion and society. This view was caused by the many Indonesian...
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Implementation of E-Government Public Relations for Disaster Communication

Adhianty Nurjannah, Aswad Ishak, Sakir
Indonesia is located in a disaster-prone area with various types of natural disasters on a light and medium scale that have a negative impact on the social, economic and environmental lives of its people. When natural disasters occur, effective disaster communication that involves communication and information...
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Dhikr Relaxation to Reduce Phobia in Students With Specific Phobia Disorder

Pihasnawati, Murtafiqoh Hasanah, Erita Moranita M
The research aims to know the effect of Dhikr relaxation to decrease phobia in students with specific phobia disorder by measuring the relaxation responses with Nexus-10 biofeedback unit and severity measure for specific phobia-adult. The hypothesis of the study is that there is an effect of dzikr relaxation...
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Study of Hermeneutic Phenomenology about Capital Contestation of Women Leaders at Advertising Agencies

Fitria Angeliqa
Advertising is a media product that represents reality in various signs determined by advertising workers. Gender-based advertisement text products did not accompany with the involvement of women in the advertising industry. It is because of contestation and symbolic violence that are filling every field....
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Local Content Messages Reception on Network Radio

W. Pandapotan Rambe, Ravik Karsidi, Pawito, Prahastiwi Utari
An interesting phenomenon in networked radio broadcasts today is how broadcast listeners in different cities can listen to networked radio broadcasts without losing "locality" where the listeners of the networked radio broadcasts exist. This study aims at determining whether the presence of local content...
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Religiosity and Its Effect on Employee's Perfomance

Ahmad Mardalis, Pipit Nur Indah Sari, Saleh Minhayati
This study has two objectives, first identifying the level of religiosity and the level of employee’s performance, second, analyzing the effect of religiosity on employee’s performance. This research is a quantitative research. For the selection of samples, non-probabilistic sampling technique was used,...
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Healthy Electric Cigarette Campaign on Instagram Account @ypkpindonesia

Dewi Krislamawaty, Udi Rusadi
Tobacco use is the culmination of health problems throughout the world. The number of e-cigarettes users in the world continue to increase. Various media are filled with cigarette campaigns that make smoking considered as a normal activity. Instagram account @ypkpindonesia that conducted e-cigarettes...
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Challenge for Sanad of Islamic Sciences in Disruption Era

Yayan Suryana
This article aims to explain the phenomenon of disruption in relation to an intellectual network of Islamic scholarship. Religion cannot avoid the impact of uncertainty that is present in the era of disruption. Because, disruption does not only lead to ordinary change but a major change that changes...
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Contract Marriage

Uswatun Hasanah
From various history told that nikah mut’ah is the sharia that is derived from the form of Rasulullah taqrir. Although the Prophet himself was not perpetrator of nikah mut'ah but the reaction and response of the Apostle to behavior of nikah mut'ah the companions quite a legitimacy about the rules of...
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The Effect of Al Fatihah Reflective Intuitive Reading to Decrease Stress and Increase Immunity

Very Julianto
Each stressor is interpreted differently by each individual. This depends on the point of view of individual meaning anchor. Adolescence is a developmental level which is characterized bylooking for the identity phase. It makes an adolescent has a weak anchor. In positioning the anchor, perception plays...
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Social Movement and Kebaya Design Trends in the Borderless World

Tan Paulina Candra Agista, Faruk, Suzie Handajani
Kebaya as a form of Indonesian female clothes has experienced big changes in its looks. Contestation has happened between the traditional kebaya and the modern one since fashionable kebaya was introduced by an Indonesian kebaya designer, Anne Avantie. By considering the cultural practices and preferences...
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The Dialogue of Mysticisms as an Indonesian Islam-Christian Approach on Interfaith Relation

Yanice Janis, Yan Okhtavianus Kalampung
For as the one of the biggest pluralistic country in the world, Indonesia constantly encouraged to embrace interfaith dialogue. Since the country always faced many interfaith riots, there are scholars who tried to discover many ways of dialogue. As one of the main content of religion, mysticism has been...
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Research on Adolescent Perception of Family Communication and family Religious Functions

Maulana Rezi Ramadhana, Ravik Karsidi, Prahastiwi Utari, Drajat Tri Kartono
The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between adolescent perceptions of family communication patterns and religious functions in the family. This study uses a correlational method with Pearson correlation test, and the two measurement instruments used are the Family Communication...
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Discussion in Coffee/Saraba Shop

Rolina Kaunang, Febri Kurnia Manoppo, Lilly Yulia Wasida
In facing national diversity, it is needed an approach to solve the problem of interfaith relationship. Discussion is believed to be the solution to bring together two different religions in tension. Since the discussion of religious diversity often became sensitive and triggering conflict, the researchers...
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Application of Therapeutic Communication for Drugs Addicts. Case Studies of East java Rehabilition Houses

Sanhari Prawiradiredja, Iwan Joko Prasetyo, Ayu Erni Jusnita
There are about 40 rehabilitation houses for narcotic addicts in east Java. It is not enough for approximately 400 thousands narcotic users. Tragically, more than 50% of drug addicts in East java are teenagers in productive age. This research try to explore how the councellors or therapists in rehabilitation...
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Wayang Kulit as New Media in Dialogical Communication

Dhanurseto Hadiprashadha
New media in Indonesia has contributed to providing space for social and cultural activities in the society. They can create ideas in various communication channels. It can be seen from the packaging of traditional culture which is driven in various segments in the digitalization of media. This traditional...
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WhatsApp as a Construction Media identity in The Internalization of the Shariah Value of Veiled Muslim Women

Virgia Aida Handini, Wahyuni Choiriyati, Kiayati Yusriyah
This study aims to determine the formation of identity carried out by Veiled Muslimah Community (KMB) through the internalization of Shariah values contained within the Community. This research method uses a Netnography research strategy. Netnography is a special form of ethnographic research that is...
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The Urgency of Starting Condition in the Religious De-radicalization Policy Collaboration: The Pesantren Perspective in Lampung Province

Maulana Mukhlis, Syarief Makhya, Imam Mustofa
Starting condition is one of key factors in determining the success of the policy collaboration, through the indicators of power or resource balance, incentive types, trust between collaborators, and pre-history of collaborators. The objective of this research was to provide recommendation concerning...
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Resilience of Digital Learning for Children in Early Childhood with Autism Spectrum in Manado

Olivia Cherly Wuwung, Febri Kurnia Manoppo, Heldy Jerry Rogahang
Children in Early Childhood (AUD) with Autistic Spectrum have a condition of developmental disorder of brain function (brain nerve cells) that can affect almost all aspects of individual development. The symptoms begin to appear from early childhood. Children in Early Childhood with Autistic Spectrum...
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Politics of Film Needed by National Film Industry in Indonesia

Redi Panuju, Stefanus Rodrick Juraman
This paper discusses the politics of film needed by the national film industry. Indonesia has many periods marked by differing forms of state interference in films. In the Dutch Colonial era, the film was produced solely as entertainment, so the theme was taken from the saga or legend that had previously...
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Depression and Mindfulness among Adolescents with Parental Divorce

Ratih Arruum Listiyandini, Chandradewi Kusristanti
Adolescents with divorced parents have more vulnerability to experience mental health problems, particularly depression. This study aims to describe the level of depressive symptoms in adolescents with parental divorce and its correlation with mindfulness. Mindfulness is defined as awareness and paying...
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PKS after 2019 Indonesian Legislative Election: a Potential Force for Religious Democracy or a Danger Toward Islamic Fundamentalism?

Ui Ardaninggar Luthtitianti
According to the Litbang Kompas and Indobarometer’s survey, The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) remarkably became the only Islamist faction that broke into the big five in the 2019 Indonesian national legislative election, along with nationalists Indonesian Democratic Party - Struggle (PDIP), Party of...
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Effectiveness of Sexuality Education Training To Improve The Knowledge of Self-Protection From Sexual Harrasment in Teenage Girl in Junior High School X Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Rara Salsabila Syani, Mayreyna Nurwardani
This study aims to increase the knowledge of self-protection from sexual harassment in teenage girls through training in sexuality education at SMP X Sleman. The participants of this study were teenage girl with a age range of 12-15 years, students of SMP X Sleman, VII grade students and had a low pretest...
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Factors Affecting Satisfaction and Loyalty Toward Islamic Banking

Sahat Aditua Fandhitya Silalahi, Achmad Muchaddam Fahham
Due to changing landscape of competition, Islamic Banks must consider both the Muslim and non-Muslim segment and pay attention to the factors that shape their satisfaction and loyalty. This study aims to investigate the effect of fairness, service quality, and image on the satisfaction and loyalty of...
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The Community Resilience in Volcanic Disaster-Prone Area

Napsiah, Budhi Gunawan
This paper aims to describe the efforts of community resilience in the eruption-prone area of Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia. A qualitative method was employed through interviews and observations to collect the data from participants selected through a snowball sampling technique....
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Social Media Effect on Divorce

Maria M Widiantari, Pawito, Prahastiwi Utari, I.D.A Nurhaeni
Social network sites offer many advantages to interact and communicate. On the other side it also increased the risk especially on personal communication. In this descriptive qualitative study we examine the marital privacy information disclosure on Facebook, online infidelity, and the effect of both...
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From Magics, Dances, to Cafés: The Role of Sufism in Constructing Identity among the Urban Youth

Achmad Zainal Arifin
This paper aims to elaborate the role of Sufism, especially within conventional forms of Sufism (tarekat) in shaping the construction of identity among the Urban Youth. The rise of Urban Sufism, as characterized by the mushrooming of Sufi-like practices among the urban Muslims across the country, such...
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Uncertainty Reduction on President Candidates’ Social Media for Presidential Election 2019

Karina Dyota Madyaratri, Fany Nabila, Fitria Angeliqa
This research aims to see the extent of Instagram-based political campaign can reduce public uncertainty towards the presidential candidates for the 2019 Presidential Election. This research use Uncertainty Reduction Theory to find the research result, positivist as its paradigm, with quantitative method...
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Digital Literacy and HOAX on Social Media

Rika Lusri Virga, Nanang Andriadi
The development of communication technology by the Smartphone currently makes everyone share information very quickly. Information that is spread through cyberspace is easily accepted by people who read it and often results in problems in the real world as the information is not undoubtedly accurate....
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Balinese Hindu Women

I Nyoman Yoga Segara
This article is the result of a study on the practice of a patriarchal system that sets Balinese Hindu women in a weak position. They are subordinated by the dominance and hegemony of masculinity habituated over a very long period of time. Habituation is carried out using various symbols of religion,...
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Continuity of Prophethood and Messianic Sainthood

Iffat Aulia Ahmad
Finality of prophethood is one of the central doctrines of Islamic orthodoxy. Nevertheless, there occur plenty of prophetic traditions that foretell the advent of Jesus in the latter days. To reconcile the apparent contradiction, Muḥyī al-Dīn Ibn ‘Arabī (d. 1240/638) developed a novel classification...
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Instagram's Users Behavior and Communication Identity

Fajar Iqbal, Ravik Karsidi, Prahastiwi Utari, Sri Hastjarjo
Instagram has become a communication trend among UIN Sunan Kalijaga students. Most of students have an Instagram account as a means of interacting and connecting with their colleagues as well as those outside of campus life. The presence of Instagram has also provided a new space for the emergence of...
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Forensic Communication Speech of Prabowo Subianto Victory Claim on Post Presidential Election 2019

Fitria Widiyani Roosinda, Ibnu Hamad, Julyanto Ekantoro
Indonesia has finished its election day on April 17, 2019 then and on the same day, almost all the television‘s quick count announced the number of win for the Jokowi-Amin pair, while the Prabowo-Sandi pair was in the next position. Two days later, Prabowo announced a speech which containing his victory...
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The Use of Social Media and Urgency for Islamic Education

Bono Setyo, M.Iqbal Sulthan
At present communication and information technology is experiencing very rapid development. Especially with the discovery of internet technology, a communication network that connects one media (electronic) to another without knowing distance or boundary. According to the research report, We Are Social...
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Identity Branding for Islamic University in IR 4.0 Era

Lelita Azaria Rahmadiva, Bono Setyo, Niken Puspitasari
Today the world has entered an era where everything can be easily accessed through the internet, called the industrial revolution 4.0 era. In this era, educational institutions, particularly Islamic Universities, are encouraged to perform branding activities because Islamic values in curriculum and learning...
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Ethical Leadership and Leader Follower Value Congruence : The Moderating Role of Collectivism

Litani Kemala Widhi, Erika Setyanti Kusumaputri
The aim of this research was to understand the relationship between Ethical Leadership and Leader Follower Value Congruence with Collective Culture as moderator. This research used theory Cable & Edwards (leader follower value congruence); Brown, Trevino & Harison (ethical leadership); Singelis, Tiandis,...
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Aqidah (Religious Belief) and Mental Health

Zidni Immawan Muslimin
This study aims to determine the relationship of the aqidah (religious belief) with positive thinking and resilience to Psychology students at the State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta.. The research subjects in this study were 75 psychology students who were working on the final project...
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Character Problems of Elementary Students and Parental Engagement in Schools

R Rachmy Diana, Muhammad Chirzin, Khoiruddin Bashori
Character is one of the important issues in the process of children's education. Education are not only meant to deliver children to be intelligent and competent, but also directed to deliver children to become individuals who have a positive character that makes it a person who plays a role in building...
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A Comparative Discourse on The Status of Indian Women in The Light of The Quran and Manusmriti

Roy Vettikuzhiyil Joseph, Emanuel Gerrit Singgih, Abdul Wahid
This paper titled “A comparative discourse on the status of women in the Quran and Manusmriti: Empowerment of women through education in the modern times in India”, aims at analysing the status of women portrayed in Hinduism and Islam based on Manusmriti and the Quran. No religion in their core, teaches...
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The Construction Of The Identity Of The Members Of His Council Taklim Ilal Jannah

Erwan Baharudin, Ernawati
The emergence of various types of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp is no longer used by young people who have hobbies that are identical to just for fun. However, users of social media have entered into certain religious circles such as majelis taklim. The purpose of the study was to...
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An Analytical Study of Abdullah bin Nuh. Response as Modern Ideologies

Mohammad Noviani Ardi, Fatimah binti Abdullah, Abdullah Arief Cholil
The development of modern ideologies particularly materialism, Marxism, and communism have become a matter of alarming since the early 20th century in Muslim world through colonization and imperialism. Indonesia as the one of the world’s largest Muslim population in the world did not miss on globalization...
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Digital Literacy Effort by Indonesian Churches in The Midst of Hoax Problems

Jeane Marie Tulung, Yan Okhtavianus Kalampung
Facing the problem of massive Hoax in the Internet realm, Indonesian Communion of Churches published a Christian Handbook for Social Media using. This is an interesting participative action on Digital Literacy. Christianity as a Religion in Indonesia embraces the internet as a phenomenon which needs...
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Career Congruence with Parents from the Perspective of Gender

Dian Ratna Sawitri
Adolescent-parent career congruence was defined as the degree to which the adolescents perceive parents as fulfilling career exploration, career planning, and career goal setting needs, and the degree to which they perceive parents to be happy, proud, satisfied, or agreeable with their career progress,...
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The Night Market as A Contra Hegemony of Seller Against The Power of Capitalism and The Government

Cosmas Gatot Haryono
In the midst of the "onslaught" of online store developments, there are still many Indonesians who still rely on traditional markets to meet their daily needs, one of which is the night market. Although it is always connoted as a public market and entertainment market, the economic transactions that...
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Silaturahmi (Gathering) Tradition of Muslim-Christian Families in Kampung Jawa Tondano

Lilly Yulia Wasida, Rolina A.E Kaunang, Febri Kurnia Manoppo
Building close and positive interfaith relationship is not easy, especially when the present life is much influenced by massive information developments which are not always positive. Baku pasiar tradition that is practiced by the people of Kampung Jawa Tondano become a means of binding relationships...
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Islam and Democracy in Post-Suharto, Indonesia

Asep Nurjaman, Jainuri
Indonesia is one of the largest Muslim democratic countries in the world. However, practically, there are many barriers making some scholars doubt that Islamic teachings support or relevant to the democratic system. The purposes of the article are (1) to examine the concept of democracy in Islamic vew...
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The Dynamics of Government Policies Over E-Commerce In Indonesia

Armand Luthfan, Julian Aldrin Pasha
This paper will discuss the dynamics of government policy in Indonesia towards the development of e-commerce. In this study will analyze how the political dynamics that occur in the Indonesian government, so that this policy experiences many obstacles in implementation and when produces new policy. The...
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Emotional Intelligent Training to Increase Self-Adjustment on Female Muslim Students in Pesantren

Amalia Dewi Nursyifa, Lisnawati, Denisa Apriliawati
Self-adjustment is one of the required abilities in every individual, especially adolescents. One of the factors that can influence self-adjustment is emotional intelligence. This study aims to investigate the role of emotional intelligence training on self-adjustment on female muslim students. This...
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The Reception of Indonesian Lecturers on Hoaxes and Hate Speech When Using Social Media

Yanti Dwi Astuti
Internet usage is very popular in Indonesia which reaches 52% of the total population, but the majority of the people use the internet to chat and access social media sites, not access data either downloading or uploading important information on the internet. Social media has two roles, as content producers...
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‘Beyond The Wall’ as an Interreligious Dialogue Approach For Social Transformation in Indonesia

Daniel Syafaat Siahaan
Indonesia is classified as a developing country. As developing countries in various parts of the world is always faced with the context of problems, Indonesia likewise. Indonesia is faced with the context of various problems. Unfortunately, these problems are always easily thrown to the government to...
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The Failure of Islamic Populism: The Case of Indonesia’s 2019 Election

Abubakar Eby Hara, Agus Trihartono
This paper attempts to discuss the failure of Islamic populism in Indonesia. In the 2019 general election, populist jargons departing from Islamic teachings was used in the campaign to win the election. Islamic populist jargons are generally interpreted as an effort to voice the pure voice of the people,...
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The Beginner Voters in The Thick of Attack on Political Advertising

Agusly Irawan Aritonang
A contest of general election, especially a Presidential election, becomes a phenomenon which is interesting to observe. The mixture of communication activities run by each couple of the candidates, which are in the form of opened campaign speech, political debate and also advertising on media, are...
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Digital Life Middle-Class on Instagram

Rama Kertamukti, Heru Nugroho, S.Bayu Wahyono
Instagram, today as a result of technology that is acculturated with economic, social and cultural factors, brings leisure to the middle class, they do activities freely in life such as hobbies, recreation. The middle class in accessing Instagram is reduced by the Instagram algorithm to be a one-dimensional...
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Marketing Mesh as the Communication Strategy to Face the Revolution Era of Industry 4.0

Diah Ajeng Purwani
Consumer path in this era is divided into five stages (5A) namely Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act and Advocate. Customers first get to know your product or service, get interested in it, If they like the experience, they recommend in their family and friends, both online and offline. Mesh Marketing is an approach...
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The Strategy of Survival of Dayak Communities in Tanjung Maju Village, Sungai Laur, Ketapang District, Kalimantan Barat

Sulistyaningsih Muryanti, Tri Mulyani
Abstract— The Dayak society have a dependence on nature to fulfill their daily needs. For example: the needs of feeding, planks, medicines and fulfillment of economic needs. They have a strategy of management natural conditions to survive. Their management is a part strategy of the subsistence society....
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Tolerance Education for Early Childhood in Industry 4.0

Febri Kurnia Manoppo, Yanice Janis, Olivia Wuwung
The North Sulawesi Province has a plurality of realities, such as the inter religious relationship that takes place safely and peacefully, and the motto "Torang Samua Basudara" which is the symbol of tolerance. Based on that, the researchers were interested to find out whether the reality of religious...
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The Effect of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress on Blood Sugar in the Elderly Based on the Aspect of Islamic Psychology

Faqih Noviana, Dhian
Diabetes mellitus has been treated using drug therapy and a strict diet as food intake. However, there has not been much treatment related to the effect of psychological factors as the cause of physical illness. According to the Qur’an, the emergence of Diabetes Mellitus is caused by two main things,...