Proceedings of the 1st Borobudur International Symposium on Humanities, Economics and Social Sciences (BIS-HESS 2019)

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Papua’s Vertical Conflict in 2019: Existence of Free Papua Movement and United Nations Response

Achmad Busrotun Nufus, Sukron Mazid, Novitasari, Delfiyan Widiyanto, Yasnanto
Conflict between Indonesia Government and separatist of Free Papua Movement (OPM) has become a spotlight of the World and Indonesia citizens. Begins with case of racism against Papua students in Surabaya, August 16, 2019, finally there were many riots in Papua. Some people were killed and injured in...
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The Analysis of Resilience of Young Successful Entrepreneur

Paramita Pramesti, Wiwik Juwarini Prihastiwi
In running a business, entrepreneurs need to maintain consistency and business continuity. Unfortunately, the number of successful young entrepreneurs in Indonesia compared to those who are unsuccessful is still very small. This study aims to find out the process and factors that construct the entrepreneurial...
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Smart Education in Mathematics Learning for Elementary School

Rida Fironika Kusumadewi, Sari Yustiana, Sita Ayu Wijayaningrum
Understanding on concept is required for learners in Elementary schools. It takes a role as a support system needed in learning process for students and was called as smart education. It is hoped that students would more easily absorb the material received so that it would be easier to work on the problems...
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Course Book Analysis of “Islamic Studies and Character Based on the Curriculum 2013” for Grade X in the Perspective of Character Education of the National Education Standard

Muhammad Arfan Mu’ammar, Muhammad Fazlurrahman Hadi
This study is proposed to explore the feasibility aspect of a course book of Islamic studies and character based on curriculum 2013 in the perspective of Character Education of BSNP. Descriptive-evaluative research method is used in this research. Findings are gained in this study. First, from the feasibility...
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Rabbani Characters Building in Al-Islam Boarding School Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia

Muhammad Hambal Shafwan, Din Muhammad Zakariya
This research aims to reveal the character building in al-Islam boarding school Lamongan, the method used in this research was qualitative, and the type of this research is phenomenology. The results of this research are as follows. Firstly, the character building in al-Islam boarding school Lamongan...
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Localism and Cultural Preservation Policy in Indonesia: Ideas and Challenges

Sujinah, Agus Wardhono, Sofi Yunianti
Indonesia is a multicultural country. It has various cultural treasures that display a rich ancestral heritage, in addition to a heterogeneous population. Indonesia is a country that is superior when it comes to the wealth of its local wisdom. Two problems arise, namely how respond to cultural locality...
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Hermeneutic Analysis of Manqul Method in Understanding the Qur’an in LDII and Its Implications

Abd. Hadi
Al-Qur’an was revealed as a way of life. It is a text that can only be understood if it has been interpreted. According to Abdullah Darras that the verses of the Qur’an are like diamonds which each corner emits a different light and it is not impossible to look at it from another angle, it will find...
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Muhammadiyah and the Issue of Liberalism

the issue of liberalism has been talked over in the perspective of Islam and Muhammadiyah organization is no exception. This study is therefore to describe the views of Muhammadiyah on liberalism by providing advanced features of thought among the contemporary Islamic movement in Indonesia and provides...
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The Effect of Leadership Style and Financial Incentives on Employee Performance

Muhammad Anang Firmansyah, Mochamad Mochklas, Andrianto
This research was conducted with the aim to test and analyse the influence of leadership style and financial incentives both simultaneously and partially, and to find out the variables that dominantly influence the performance of employee on “MJA” Travel in Surabaya. Data collection techniques with interviews,...
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Tax Planning in Efforts to Minimize Tax Payable PPh Article 21: Case Study at PT Telkom Kandatel Surabaya

Andrianto, Muhammad Anang Firmansyah, Mochamad Mochklas
This study aimed to obtain evidence about tax planning in an effort to minimize the tax payable on the income tax section 21 PT. Telkom Kandatel East Surabaya. The data used in this study are primary and secondary data. The data obtained directly from interviews with management directly related to this...
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The Effect of Brand Image Perception and Product Quality Toward the Interest to Buy Consumer Pre-Pay IM3 Ooredoo

Didin Fatihudin, Mochamad Mochklas, Dika Arista Suryati
Indosat Ooredoo is a telecommunications network service provider company in Indonesia. The company offers communication channels for prepaid and post-paid telephone users under the brand names Matrix Ooredoo, Mentari Ooredoo and IM3 Ooredoo. IM3 Ooredoo is able to capture a wide market share, especially...
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Income Inequality in East Java Province

Nurul Laili Mauliddah, Asyidatur Rosmaniar
Inequality of income in East Java is still considered high as indicated by the high value of the Gini ratio in most districts / cities. Local government capital expenditure is one of the triggers of the high disparity, in addition to the high per capita spending and open unemployment in East Java. Therefore,...
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Free Cash Flow, Size, and Earning Management

Marista Oktaviani, Mochamad Mochklas
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of free cash flow and firm size on earnings management in banking companies on the IDX. Research period 2016–2017, secondary data in the form of annual financial reports, with a sample of 30 banking companies. The results of the FCF study have a positive...
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Implementing Environmental Economic Instruments in Indonesia: Constraints and Challenges

Siti Ruhama Mardhatillah
Command-and-Control (CAC) is a classic environmental protection instrument that many scholars told had never been effective nor efficient to reduce environmental damage. Hence, economic instruments (EI’s) becoming more popular since its ability achieving environmental target in more efficient way and...
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Legal Reconstruction of Local Government Supervision Toward Good Local Governance

Achmad Hariri
The Role of Local Government for realizing prosperous state is very important, it’s because Indonesia has the concept of a unitary state chose the principle of decentralization, so that local governments be given government affairs by the central government, known as autonomy of regions, but the autonomy...
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Integrative Social Movements in Maintaining Sustainable Environmental Development in East Java

Tri Sulistyaningsih, Suprapto, Saiman, Ahmad Hasan Afandi
This aim of this research is to explain and to make a model of social movements in sustainable environmental development. This research uses the qualitative approach to analyze Focus Group Discussion (FGD) data, interviews, and documentation. This research reveals the management of pollution and its...
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The Meaning of Home in Perception of Elderly

Zuraida, Muhamad Koderi, Murni Rachmawati, Muhammad Faqih
An inclusive city is a city that protects minority groups. Inclusive is an important issue now. Elderly is one of the minority groups that need to be considered because their physical abilities are declining and have not been a concern in the completion of the design either in the city or in the smallest...
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Legal Protection for Hospitals in Providing Health Services for Patients and Their Family

Wafda Vivid Izziyana, Andhika Yuli Rimbawan, Martha Eri Safira, Arief Budiono, Dewi Iriana
According to the Constitution No. 44 of 2009 concerning Hospitals, it is explained that a hospital is a health service institution for the people with its own characteristics which is influenced by health science development, technology advancement and the people’s socio-economic life which must be able...
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The Women’s Role in Public Leadership: The Experience of PCNA of West Jenangan, Ponorogo

Katni, Sigit Dwi Laksana, Puput Wulandari
This paper discusses the role of women’s pioneering in public leadership at the organization of the Branch Management of Aisyiyah of West Jenang, Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia. Women as pioneers of social movements at both the sub-district and village levels, collaborate intensively with various parties,...
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A Prototype Study of Klana Sewandana Figure in Wayang Golek Reyog Ponorogo as a Medium of Patriotism Implementation Character

Sulton, Prihma Sinta Utami, Betty Yulia Wulansari
Klana Sewandana is a central figure in Reyog Ponorogo’s story who is known as a powerful king with the mainstay weapon of Pecut Samandiman. This research aimed to; 1) examine the prototype forms of Klana Sewandana figure in the form of Wayang Golek Reyog Ponorogo; 2) examine the symbolic meaning of the...
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Symbolic Efforts for Maintaining Anti-Communist Discourse on Matan Magazine

Radius Setiyawan, Sri Lestari
The discourse of communism in Indonesia is closely related to the tragedies involving the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI). The meaning of the ideology of communism has become a symbolic fight arena. PKI as victims or as perpetrators of the massacre into a debate that continues to this day. The assumption...
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International Regulatory Vacuum of Cyber Espionage

Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto
Cyber espionage employs computer network to gather illegal access to confidential information from government or certain organization. The advance development of technology acknowledges the sophisticated and illegal means of receiving highly confidential data or information for certain purposes that...
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Out of Court Intellectual Property Right Dispute Resolution

Dewi Sulistianingsih, Muhammad Shidqon Prabowo
Intellectual property disputes can include copyright, trademark, patent, industrial design rights, geographical indicative rights, integrated circuit layout design, and crop variety disputes. They require appropriate resolution and provide not only legal certainty but also provide justice and expediency...
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The Behavior of Islamic Producer in Supplying Halal Food at Laziza and Waroeng Steak and Shake Surabaya

Arin Setiyowati, Kholifatu Azqiya, Umriyah
Halal products become a global Issue. Indonesia is a big market for halal products and the legalization of regulations in Halal products. The attraction between the behaviour of consumers and producers on the awareness of making halal products as a lifestyle in their economy further strengthens the position...
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Mining Beneficiation Obligation in Indonesia: Are We There Yet?

Genio Ladyan Finasisca, Tri Hayati
New Indonesian Law regarding Mineral and Coal Mining was enacted in 2009 with a high expectation of developing Indonesian mining sector to the next stage in particular and also to encourage economic growth. This law imposed certain new provision to the mining sector regarding downstream mining policy,...
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Various Level of Aggressive Behavior of Schizophrenia as a Basis of Criminal Responsibility

Yulia Kurniaty, Sambodo Sriadi Pinilih
The purpose of this study is to determine the various levels of aggressive behaviour in the form of motor and emotional activity in schizophrenics that affect cognitive abilities and perceptions, as a basis for objective consideration of law enforcement officials to determine whether the offender is...
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Wolio’s Oral Literary Form the Character of Millennial in Buton Islands

Nadir La Djamudi, Asrul Nazar, Kosilah
One of the cultural diversities of the Indonesian people is oral literature. Noble values in Oral Literature should contribute to shaping the millennial generation to reinternalize Pancasila’s character. The condition of the current millennial generation has been fragile due to the threat of globalization....
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Achievement Culture in National Examination at Junior High School

Subur, Istania Widayati Hidayati
High Grades of National Examination Score is school’s success indicator in gaining academic achievements. The schools will compete in improving the quality of their educational processes by encouraging students to get high grades at the Computer-Based National Examination (CBNE). This study aims to identify...
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The Internal Reconstruction of the Phonemes Proto Busoa Language

Asrul Nazar, Nadir La Djamudi, L.M. Azhar Sa’ban
As the language is endangered, language Busoa should the effort of documenting the language as a form of keeping the intellectual property of the ancestors. The purpose of this study was to determine the phonemes of proto-language Busoa. The method in this research is descriptive qualitative method with...
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The Influence of Soft Skill Competence, Altruism, Team Work, and Innovative Work Behavior on the Quality of Human Resources in BPS-Statistics Indonesia

Eni Lestariningsih, Moch Asmawi, R. Madhakomala
The advancement of communication and information technology forces each organization to continue to develop including improving the quality of human resources. The BPS-Statistics Indonesia, as an important information provider institution in Indonesia, must be able to keep up with all these developments,...
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Empathy and Its Relation to Youth Nationalism in Jakarta

Rahmah Hastuti, Pamela Hendra Heng, Naomi Soetikno
One of factual condition is when observing changes in the attitude of nationalism that occurs in society. The role of nationalism and empathy has been examined from various research studies and representing a variety of perspectives. This study was conducted on 54 individuals who are at the stage of...
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The Development of Learning Media for Land and Building Tax as an Effort to Increase Understanding of Taxation Students

Nurul Afifah, Sri Nirmala Sari
Student’s understanding of the object of the Land and Building Tax, especially for the material subject of the Rural and Urban Land and Building Tax, and the Land and Building Tax on Plantation, Forestry and Mining are considered low. The average grade of Bosowa Polytechnic students in the academic year...
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The Impact of Service Quality and Institutional Image on the Satisfaction and Loyalty of Master of Management Students

Nursaid, Sapta Hadi Purnomo, Nurul Qomariah
This study aimed to determine the effect of service quality, image of the institution on the satisfaction and loyalty of master’s degree in management at Universitas Muhammadiyah Jember. The study population was all graduate students in Management Universitas Muhammadiyah Jember, and 50 students of them...
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Revitalization of Islamic Education Teachers in the Development of Student Personality

Afiful Ikhwan, Muhammad Farid, Ali Rohmad, Aldo Redho Syam
This research is motivated by a phenomenon of education in the present which is expected in the challenges of a more severe age where when a child enters elementary school in his soul there is a personality he brings from the family. If the child’s educational lack of harmony due to family economic conditions,...
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Difference Between Productivity and Income of Rice Farming Between Semi-Technical and Simple Irrigated Rice Fields in Baubau City

Water is one the determining factors in the process of agricultural production. In meeting the needs of water for various farming needs, it must be given in the right amount, time, and quality, otherwise the growth of plants will be disrupted so that it will affect the production, productivity and income...
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Analysis of Cashew Nut Marketing Channel in Southeast Sulawesi Province

Wa Ode Alzarliani, Hardin
The condition of an effective and efficient marketing system can be used in support of the existence of price information which is not only known to traders but also related to farmers so that farmers do not depend on weak positions as recipients of low prices. Search results show the cashew nut flow...
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Application of the Position Auction

Sanidjar Pebrihariati
Auction or rather promotion actually has a very strong legal basis in Law Number 32 of 2004 concerning Regional Government governs the authority of regional heads to determine the structure of Regional Government Organizations (WTO) and filling positions. The study is aimed to analyze the auction best...
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Character Education Based on Children’s Education Jurisprudence

Tri Ermayani, Iyus Herdiana Saputra, Nasrudin
Godly children are not born but are formed by the educational process from an early age. One of the main subjects in children’s character education is fiqh. Fiqh is needed to understand children about Islamic law. Because the object of fiqh is adults, fiqh tends to be taught to school-age children, especially...
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Effectiveness of Teacher Professionalism Development Through Self-Empowerment in Primary Schools

Andi Lely Nurmaya, Irsan, Nur Dahniar, Hijrawatil Aswat, Mita Kasih Laode Onde
The educational process is inseparable from the large role of educators will succeed or not learn that takes place at school. In carrying out the task, the teacher challenges various challenges, challenges and challenges in the field, not the least number of teachers who are less able to process the...
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Multicultural Competence and Interactional Justice on Performance of Government Apparatus: Evidence from Lampung Province

Suyanto, Nedi Hendri, Karnila Ali
The study of management control in government organizations has missed important issues to examine the role of multicultural competence in fostering working relationships and achieving better performance. This study aims at test empirically about how the influence of multicultural competence and interactional...
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Implementation of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Principle in Handling Traffic Crimes that Result in Minor Injuries

Indah Kusuma Dewi, Hardin, Faais Mufaasir Ramadhan
Settlement of traffic cases is usually through a litigation system, but now the possibility exists for a peaceful settlement provided that the perpetrators are children and the threat is under seven years in prison. This study aims to determine how the process of handling cases of criminal acts due to...
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Policy and Economy Analysis on the Application of the Smart on Grid Actuator to Public Road Lighting in Magelang City

Andjar Prasetyo, Asrori, Hotnier Sipahutar, Budi S Catur Wibowo, Gunawan, Deden Nuryadin
Magelang City with limited natural resources encourages its regional government to be able to develop its existing potential from renewable energy. One of the works that has been produced, namely Smart on Grid Actuator (SOGA) is the result of the development of the Research and Development Agency for...
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The Impact of Institutional Strategies in the Innovation Process on the Community Behavior and Local Government in Magelang City

Arif Barata Sakti, Andjar Prasetyo
Magelang City is one area that is part of the Central Java Province, Indonesia. The development process in Magelang City has the same model as other regions in Central Java Province. One important aspect in the development process is the existence of institutions that carry out development. The issue...
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The Identity of Daramjwi Character in Anatoli Kim’s Daramjwi

Mutiara Chaerani, Eva Latifah
This novel is chosen because it is written by Korean representation author in Russia. This research discusses the identity crisis issue that occurs in Korean diaspora in Russia and Central Asia. Korean diaspora in Russia and Central Asia has been going on since the 1860s. We argue that the identity crisis...
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Village Financial Management Toward Community Empowerment

Village financial management is one of the breakthroughs in village financial management towards community empowerment and it is to improve village development. The purpose of this study is to describe village financial management in empowering the community and to find out some of the factors that enable...
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Identity Politic Contestation in the Public Sphere: A Steep Road of Democracy in Indonesia

Ansar Suherman, Muhammad Rizal Ardiansah Putra, Mansur
This article aims to analyse and describe efforts to exploit public sphere by political elites in Indonesia through the use of mass media by spreading identity political propaganda, and efforts to find the agenda-setting of the mass media, especially behind the rampant loading of news about identity...
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Impact of Child Development Psychology on Conflicts Between Gunung Jaya and Sampoabalo Village, Buton of Regency

M Ulfa, R S Sadif, W O Husniah, K Unhaluddin, L M H Adan, M A Isra Miranti Aim
The environment is one of the factors that influence the establishment of individual behavior. This study aims to determine and describe the psychological impact of children’s development on conflict areas. This study uses a phenomenological approach with qualitative descriptive methods. The research...
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Sharecropping Agreement in Accordance with Maqasid Al-Syariah

Muhammad Fajar Pramono, Mulyono Jamal, Ruchhima, Nur Azizah Latifah
This research was conducted in Sambirejo village Ngawi, where the majority of the population worked as farmers and one of the systems by the community to cultivate land was the sharecropping system. The sharecropping agreement is carried out based on the traditions or customs in the village. The ratio...
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Kabanti Kaluku Panda: An Ecofeminist Perspective in Local Wisdom

Kosilah, S Hafidhawati Andarias, Arya Maulana Wijaya
Study of ecofeminism in local wisdom, especially in the indigenous people is relevant for this time. Buton has literary works of Kaluku Panda Atuwu Incana Dempa, to provide direction for social life based on environmental values and Islamic teachings. This study tries to identify of the suitability of...
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Zakat Analysis of Freelancer Profession

Mohammad Ghozali, Abdul Hafidz Zaid, A’yun Nadhira, Rahmah Fauziah
Indonesian Freelancers make an extraordinary contribution to the Indonesian economy. This is the impact of successful freelance workers in Indonesia. This freelancing profession raises several cases, one of which is the zakat that must be issued in this profession, with its development in the Industrial...
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Determinants of Intellectual Capital Performance in Indonesian Manufacturing Companies

Pandu Harirangga, Rosinta Ria Panggabean
In the last few decades, the world has been undergoing rapid advancements in science and technology that influence global economic development. A change from industrial to science-based economy has also embarked. Science holds a prominent role in the utilization of intangible resources in the form of...
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The Impact of Balai Sakinah ‘Aisyiyah Programs on Increasing Women Empowerment

Eko Kurniasih Pratiwi, Istania Widayati
Women empowerment is an essential goal in achieving sustainable development worldwide. In 2016, however, Indonesia ranked 105 out of 159 countries in the Gender Inequality Index. It indicates that women’s leadership capacity and gender equality in Indonesia must be improved. Balai Sakinah ‘Aisyiyah (BSA)...
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A Cognitive Semantics Analysis of Wolio Proverbs Related to the Human Body

Firman Alamsyah Mansyur, Ratna Said
Proverbs are expressions of language that show a close relationship between language, culture, and human cognition. Therefore, this paper aims to explain the cognitive mechanisms that cause humans to form proverbs that use their body from a cognitive linguistic point of view. The method used is a qualitative...
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Critique of Racism in the “Waktu Indonesia Timur” Program on NET TV

Rosalia Prismarini Nurdiarti, Rani Dwi Lestari
Intolerance, conflict, cultural disorientation and racial discrimination are trends in socio-cultural pathology which are relatively easy to find today. These events are recorded in Indonesian territory and are an actual reference to raise the problem. Indonesia, which consists of various races, ethnicities,...
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Religious Character as the Main Base of Education in Indonesia

Achmad Husaen Sastra Negara
Indonesia’s educational goals are still limited in emphasizing the academic aspect. This paper tries to provide a conceptual idea to offer a paradigm of religious character as the main base of education in Indonesia. The purpose of this paper is to find out the strategy of a plan on how to a play religious...
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Indonesian Adaptation of Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy Scale

Aftina Nurul Husna, Nur Akmal
Entrepreneurial self-efficacy (ESE) is a crucial psychological variable intensively studied in Indonesia entrepreneurship research. However, it lacks of reliable and valid instrument to measure the construct. This research aims to adapt Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy Scale (ESES) into Bahasa Indonesia...
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Al-Haram Law Discovery Process in Indonesian Ulama Perspective: A Study of Abdul Hamid Hakim’s Thoughts

Agus Miswanto
This research is a literary study of the thoughts of a prolific Indonesian cleric, Abdul Hamid Hakim, on his trajectory in determining the provisions of illicit. To parse his thoughts, the study uses Islamic legal theory approach; and for analysis it uses content analysis. From this research it was found...
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The Impact of Mind-Mapping Method to Student’s Career Decision-Making

Sovi Septania, Tansri Adzlan Syah
Technology is constantly changing the way we work which will emphasize variance of work itself. It created a host of new position of job which never before existed. The career options available today is nothing like they were 20 years ago. Career decision-making present an important role to endorse productive...
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Learning Values Model in Early Childhood Education: A Case of a Nature School in Central Java, Indonesia

Fauzi, Ifada Novikasari
Values based education is currently a concern in the development of contemporary education. Some schools have applied indoor or outdoor values education. Outdoor education is an interesting option since students may directly interact with the environment. This article aims at introducing values based...
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Zakat Corporatism: The Way to Improve the Management of Zakat Institutions in Indonesia

Lungid Wicaksana, Kristina Setyowati, Didik Gunawan Suharto
The emergence of a new law on the management of Zakat raises pros and cons, both among the citizen and private sector zakat institutions. What’s more, recently, there were rules regarding payment of 2.5% zakat for Civil Servants. This seems to make the private sector zakat institution more subordinated....
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The Principal’s Policy in Developing Religious Culture

Sri Badriyati, Suliswiyadi, Nurodin Usman
The purpose of this study is to describe: 1. the form of religious culture in elementary Muhammadiyah elementary schools in the district of Muntilan, 2. the principal’s policy in developing religious culture, 3. The impact of success after developing religious culture. This study uses qualitative research....
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Superior Local Content Curriculum Development Management of Al Firdaus Islamic Elementary School

Hozaimi, Imam Mawardi, Imron
Local content in the curriculum structure becomes a space for superior curriculum development for schools, especially private schools. This has become an attraction for the community. Excellence is not only to attract the interest of the community, but also must be managed properly. This research aims...
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The Headmaster’s Policy in Establishing Partnerships for Improving Private Vocational Schools Quality

Khasanah, Imam Mawardi, Imron
This study aims to determine the Headmaster’s Policy in establishing Partnerships for Quality Improvement in Private Vocational High Schools. Data obtained through interviews, observations, and documentation. Informants were chosen purposively, and data sufficiency was used by snowball sampling technique....
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Management for the Development of Mosque-Based Religious Characters

Lukman Nur Hakim, Imam Mawardi, Imron
This research is aimed at knowing the development management of religious characters, management of Tanwir Mosque and Jami’ Mosque, and knowing the role of Tanwir Mosque and Jami’ Mosque in implementing the religious characters in Muhammadiyah 1 Alternative Elementary and Junior High School of Magelang....
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The Synergy Among Stakeholders in Management of Village-Owned Enterprises (BUM Desa)

Muhammad Abdul Khaliq Wahid, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Sudarmo, Didik Gunawan Suharto
Law No. 6 of 2014 concerning Villages which provide opportunities for villages to obtain BUM Desa, an institution managed by village communities and the focus of economic development for improving the welfare of rural communities. This study aims to analyse strategies for building synergy between stakeholders...
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Human Resource Policy: A Strategic Research for Sustainable Tourism Outcomes in Karimunjawa Tourism Village

Budi Setiawan, Agus Budi Santoso, Sugeng Eko Putro Widoyoko, Didik Widiyantono
A combination of appropriate government policies, laws, and regulations, with the development of human resources (HRD), contributes to the long-term sustainability of tourism destinations. This research, therefore, determines the role of government policy in HRD as a contributor to tourism development...
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Gender Equality Rights Discourse in Indonesia: Muhammadiyah Reading Models

Agus Miswanto
Renewal in the Muslim world, still leaves problems in gender relations. Not a few, some reforms have actually reduced the role of women only in the domestic sphere. This research looks at the model of reading gender discourse in Muhammadiyah, which is known as a reformed organization in Indonesia. This...
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Yoga Pranayama Dhiirga Swasam with Sukhasana Position on Reducing Blood Pressure in the Elderly

Nurmai Lindasari, Enik Suhariyanti, Sri Margowati
The deterioration of the function of organs especially in the elderly causes the elderly to be prone to attacks by various chronic diseases, including Hypertension. Non-pharmacological therapies that are used include yoga. This study is going to determine the effect of Yoga Pranayama Dhiirga Swasam with...
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The Annexation of “Repeated Listening and Role Play Technique” to Improve the Students’ Ability

Wa Ode Riniati
It aims (1) To know what extent can the annexation of repeated listening and roleplay technique improve the listening ability of the students, and (2) whether the using of this technique can motivate the students in listening comprehension. The respondents consist of 35 students; they were Second Semester...
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Policy Study on Literacy Movement Reading in Southeast Sulawesi

Azaz Akbar, A M Ali, Kamarudin
Building a true culture requires a mature approach. Reading culture through the School Literacy Movement in its implementation has not run as expected. Reading 15 minutes of textbooks is not a solution in building a culture of reading and writing, because students are generally interested in reading...
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Development of Product Assessment Instrument Based on Contextual Learning

Sari Yustiana, Rida Fironika Kusumadewi
This research aimed to develop product assessment components and instruments based on contextual learning, and investigate the quality of the developed instruments. This development research applied the procedures developed which consists of 10 steps, namely: research and information collection, planning,...
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Rhythmic Gymnastics Development to Increase Rough Motor Skills in Elementary School Student

Jeane Betty Kurnia Jusuf, K Khatimah, Y Rahmawati, Julianur, N A Mahardhika, Januar Abdilah Santoso
The purpose of this research was to identify the rough motor skills of students before and after the rhythmic gymnastics’ activities, and the application of it to improve rough motor of the students. The sample was from the upper class of Islamic Centre Elementary school which where the students’ rough...
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Learners’ Attitude Toward the Implementation of Standardized Test of Academic English Proficiency Test

Elok Putri Nimasari, Restu Mufanti, Rohfin Andria Gestanti
English language competence plays an importance role for social and economic sectors. As one of required skill for the market demands, English test is often conducted to measure one’s ability for both active and passive English language skills. Recent studies have found that the commonest international...
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Implementation of Model Student Team’s Achievement Divisions to Student Achievement

Minzani Aufa, Akhmad Liana Amrul Haq
This research is an Action Research with the aim to determine the effect Student Teams Achievement Divisions (STAD) model on the learning achievement through five stages, such as planning, implementation, observation, measurement, and reflection. The results show that the level of learning achievement...
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How Do Effective Digital Marketing and Brand Ambassador Stimulate Purchase Intention Today?

Choirun Nisa, Diesyana Ajeng Pramesti
This study aims to examine and analyse how effective digital marketing and brand ambassadors are in influencing purchase intentions in this digital era today. A quantitative method with a purposive sampling technique applied in this study to 100 respondents. Data testing was performed using multiple...
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Perceptions, Knowledge, Attitudes of Non-Health Students About Medicines

Fitriana Yuliastuti, Prasojo Pribadi, Mochammad Nicko Alfariz, Devi Kemala Dewi
The lack of knowledge, perceptions and wrong attitudes in society about drugs causes irrational use of drugs. This research aims to assess the perceptions, knowledge and attitudes of non-health students about medicine at the University of Muhammadiyah Magelang. The design of this study used a cross sectional...
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Level and Temperature Monitoring System in Blending Process Using Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network

Astrie Kusuma Dewi, Andrian Aziz Burhan Abid Sahaya, Wahid Sugiman
The use of cable transmission media has several drawbacks related to distance problems, geographical factors, the initial cost of procurement is quite expensive, and the arrangement of the cables is not practical. Wireless based systems appear to answer these challenges, one of which is the Wireless...
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Gender, Attitude, and Behavior of Drinking and Smoking in Teenagers

Nikmatur Rohmah, Muhammad Hazmi, Siti Kholifah, Taufiq Timur Warisaji
The risky behaviours in a teenager were proven to be able to affect health. However, there was not much evidence when it was correlated with the gender. This study aimed to identify the correlation of gender and attitudes towards the behaviours of drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking. The research...
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Analysis of Educational Efforts Towards Teachers’ Perception on Adolescents’ Reproductive Health and Its Problems as an Optimization of Competencies in Mentoring Teenage Girls at School

Diyan Indriyani
Teenage girls at school highly need a mentoring in improving the understanding of adolescents’ reproductive health with all its problems. Teachers are the closest ones to students while studying at school. The increase of teachers’ understanding on reproductive health in adolescents’ can be an easier...
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Analysis of Occupational Accident in Household Garbage Man Community in Jember, Indonesia

Asmuji, Sofia Rhosma Dewi, Cahya Tribagus Hidayat
Household garbage man is a job that is at risk of causing illness and accidents due to work. The type of waste produced by households has diverse characteristics with all the negative impacts it causes. This research is a quantitative study with a correlative design that aims to identify the correlation...
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Ciherang Rice Agronomy Performance on the Balance of Nitrogen Intake from Azolla Compost and Urea

Muhammad Hazmi, Habib Waliyuddin, Hudaini Hasbi
Production of Ciherang Rice mainly planted in East Java decreased due to soil fertility decrease, especially Nitrogen nutrient as a result of intensive agriculture and excessive use of inorganic fertilizers. It was necessary to improve the soil fertility by using organic nutrient resources, particularly...
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The Influence of E-Counselling Application on the Students’ Counselling Interest

Paramita Nuraini, Nofi Nur Yuhenita, Endah Ratna Arumi
Counselling services in schools represent teachers’ responsibility on students in solving their problems. It is purposed to develop their value optimally. The students were not eager to consult their problems through guidance and counselling services. This study aims to determine the effects of e-counselling...
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Study of Correlation Between the Interest of Counselling Through E-Counselling Application and Students’ Self-Disclosure

Nofi Nur Yuhenita, Paramita Nuraini, Tawil
This study aims at investigating the correlation between the interest of counselling through e-counselling application and students’ self-disclosure in Junior High School (henceforth called as SMP) Muhammadiyah Pujotomo Magelang. Self-disclosure is a communication acted out by individuals to make themselves...
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Accuracy of Financial Distress Model Prediction: The Implementation of Artificial Neural Network, Logistic Regression, and Discriminant Analysis

Triasesiarta Nur, Rosinta Ria Panggabean
The ability to predict financial failure forms an essential topic in financial research. The various models developed to predict the occurrence of Financial Distress and serve as an early warning system for the company’s stakeholders before bankruptcy occurs. Enhanced accuracy of the predictions improves...
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Perception of Craftswomen Toward Stagen-Based Innovation Products

Dian Retnaningdiah, Retno Ika Sundari, Djandjang Purwo Sedjati, Titiana Irawani
This study is aimed at investigating to what extent the awareness or willingness of artisans in the village Argosari toward 9 innovation products made of stagen. Descriptive analysis was employed to reflect the data obtained from the process of identifying HR and products. Chi-square analysis was used...
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Firm Size, Financial Distress, Audit Quality, and Earnings Management of Banking Companies

Angela Kurniawati, Rosinta Ria Panggabean
The era of globalization has stimulated the spirit of competition of companies in an ever-intensifying business race of various sectors. In an attempt to sustain the life of the company, earnings figures are kept positive to attract investors and to elevate the company’s social status. This study aims...
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Adopting Supply Chain Management Model to Measure Fishermen Cooperative Performance

Akhmad Yunani, Ery Supriadi
A uniqueness of cooperative enterprise is distinguished principles; user-owner, user-controlled, and user-benefited. In terms of supply chain, this uniqueness should have impact on the business performance as there is almost no asymmetric information among the entities in the supply chain system. This...
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Online Social Support Communication of Breastfeeding Mothers on Facebook Group

Wichitra Yasya, Hardinsyah, Pudji Muljono, Kudang Boro Seminar
Improving maternal and child health is one of the Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved. Breastfeeding is a natural and sustainable strategy to achieving that goal. One factor proven to have a positive effect on breastfeeding behaviour is the optimization of social support. In the age of social...
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How Much Does Islamic Corporate Social Responsibility Affect Zakat Performance? Data Processing Using Eviews

Friztina Anisa, Veni Soraya Dewi, Nur Hidayah
This study aims to determine whether ICSR management influences the zakat performance ratio (ZPR), at Sharia Commercial Banks in Indonesia. ZPR is one indicator of financial performance used in Islamic banking, the Islamicity Performance Index, which is a comparison between the amount of zakat and net...
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CMC Perspective Study: Community Empowerment Through the Use of Computer-Based Digital Media in the Village Government Public Relations Strategy

Akhmad Aflaha, Rizki Budhi Suhara
Introduction to the issue was CMC is a communications transaction in which the use of two or more computers that are networked internet as well as the forms format is applied via a text-based interaction. Digital media has a unique character to the problems of production, distribution and public communication...
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Inventory Control Analysis Using Economic Order Quantity Method

Rudi Abdullah, Samsul Bahari Bahar, Asrianti Dja’wa, La Ode Dedi Abdullah
This study aims to determine the Analysis of Inventory Control Using the Economic Order Quantity Method in CV. Melai Fresh, data collection is done by using a preliminary survey, literature study and field survey. Data analysis uses descriptive analysis. The results of this study indicate that the number...
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Calculation Analysis of Batako Press Production Cost in CV. Batako Anugerah Baubau, Indonesia

Endang Tri Pratiwi, La Ode Dedi Abdullah, Rudi Abdullah, Asrianti Dja’wa
The purpose of this study was to determine whether the production cost of press brick in CV. Batako Anugerah Baubau was right. The population in this study is the calculation of the products basic cost of Press Brick Products in CV. Batako Anugerah Baubau. The sample in this study is the calculation...
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Increasing Digital Sharia Banking Transactions in Completing Society Needs via EDC Machine and Laku Pandai (Personal Agent)

Rochmat Aldy Purnomo, Arief Budiono, Ajeng Pipit Fitriani, Adi Santoso, Choirul Hamidah
This conceptual paper is show that muslim society is more aware of the importance of sharia banking as a necessity. The Muslim society pays attention more to the usury consequences and risks when they are dealing with conventional banks because the interest provided by conventional banks is considered...
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Risk Control Analysis of Distribution Operations in LPG Storage Using Fault Tree Analysis Method

Agus Sutanto, Eva Faza Rif’ati, Nabila Indira Indrianti
Risk is a probability of occurrence beyond the unexpected events in any human activities and could become a disadvantage. Distribution operational in LPG storage, various activities will cause danger and hazard that can inhibit the distribution operational. These hazards can have an impact on productivity,...
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Pertamax Quality: Study of Customer Satisfaction Through Importance Performance Analysis Method in MOR 4 Semarang

Hanifa Azzahro, Andian Ari Istiningrum
Pertamax is one of the fuels sold by Pertamina with Research Octanne Number 92. Pertamax is claimed as the fuel having higher quality than Premium and Pertalite because of its good performance and environmentally friendly. However, the sale of Pertamax in Semarang has been stagnant for the last five...
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Mapping of the Market Potential of Feasibility Study of the Use of Balun Gas Well, Cepu Sub–District

Utilization of the Balun Field Gas Well, Cepu, is related to fulfilment and improves the welfare of the Cepu people and its surroundings, then a mapping of the market potential in the area of potential gas wells in Balun Field. Utilization of the Balun Gas Well from PM 2 Balun has a gas reserve of ±...
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The Effect of Profitability, Company and Board of Commissioners’ Size on Zakat Expenditure in Islamic Bank

Nur Kholidah, Muhammad Arifiyanto, Miftahur Rahman Hakim
Islamic banks as financial institutions engaged in Sharia finance services have been supposed to issue zakat following Islamic rules and legislation so that the purpose of benefits and blessings can be achieved. However, the awareness to pay Zakat company can be said still quite low in Indonesia. This...
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Ziswaf Collection Strategy on LAZISMU X, Indonesia

Miftahur Rahman Hakim, Leni Susanti, Nur Kholidah
The concept of zakat is recommended to create a balance of individual and social life. The collection of zakat in LAZISMU X is still slightly contrary to its enormous potential. This study aims 1) To find out the of zakat’s fund collection method on LAZISMU X 2) To find out the application of business...
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Twitter Data as Decision Tree Parameter for Analysis of Tourism Potential Policies

Edy Subowo, Imam Rosyadi, Hadwitya Handayani Kusumawardhani
This research provides an analysis of tourism potential in Pekalongan Regency based on Twitter media so that it can provide input for related agencies to develop new potential tourism objects. Decision tree method with C4.5 is used to classify positive reviews where tourists will visit again and vice...
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Dynamic Level of SMES E-Commerce Readiness Level: An Empirical Investigation in Indonesia

Rochmat Aldy Purnomo, J J Sarungu, Bhimo Rizky Samudro, Tri Mulyaningsih, Rizki Listyono Putro
The purpose of research is to describe the profile of SMEs, evaluate and measure the level of e-commerce readiness ability of SMEs which doing in Indonesia, which starting in Ponorogo. The analytical tool used is an ecometer that serves to measure the level of ecommerce readiness capability for registered...