Proceedings of the 3rd Green Development International Conference (GDIC 2020)

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The Development of English Book for Biology Education Study Program at FKIP Jambi University

Saharudin, Regita Riani Putri, Reka Ikhfa
The Biology Education curriculum in FKIP Jambi University includes English as a compulsory subject. To respond to the urge of this curriculum, it is necessary to develop English materials for Biology Education. Tomlinson (1989) in this case stated that the learning materials comprise anything that the...
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The Response of Some Rubber Seedling (Hevea brasiliensis) Clones on Various Types of Indigenous Mycorrhizae in Ex-Coal Mined Soil Media

Elis Kartika, Lizawati Lizawati, Made Deviani Duaja, Gusniwati Gusniwati
The former coal mining activities caused marginal lands, which generally neglect land. Various activities are needed to rehabilitate the ground, especially technology that is effective and environmentally friendly. Mycorrhizae technology is an alternative strategy that should try and develop to optimize...
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Development of Functional Drink Using Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Leaves

Rahayu Suseno, Surhaini, Addion Nizori
This study aimed to develop a functional drink based on Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and evaluate the chemical, and sensory properties. The functional drink was made in a traditional method using hibiscus leaves juice and then diluted to several concentrations. The experiment was carried out using a completely...
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Brown Analysis Model for Measuring the Performance of Local Governments with Related to Budget Management: Jambi City Government Revenue and Expenditure

Rita Friyan, Netty Herawaty, Yuliana Yuliana
The purpose of this study was to assess the financial performance of the Jambi City Government using the Brown analysis method. The data used in this study is quantitative data sourced from the BPK RI Audit Result Report Jambi representatives for the period 2016 to 2019. Measurement of the financial...
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Hedonic Value and Utilitarian Value on Product Purchasing Decision in Food Truck Business

Tona Aurora Lubis
The emergence of Food and Beverages way selling by using food truck business facility. Citizens responded to it with high enthusiasm. The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of Hedonic and Utilitarian values on product purchasing decisions in the Food Truck business. This type of research...
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Effect of Nothopanax acutellaium merr on Mastitis and Milk Quality of Etawah Cross-Breed Goat

Adriani, Yurleni
Twelve Etawah Cross-breed goats were used to determine the effect of Nothopanax Scutellaium Merr on Mastitis and Milk Quality of Etawah Cross-breed Goat. A randomized block design was used in this study with 3 treatments and 4 groups. The treatments of the research were P0 = control diet, P1 = P0 +20...
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Zeolite Coating with Phenantroline for Adsorption of Ion Fe (III)

Ngatijo, Faizar Farid, Dhea Sulya Putri Dika
Natural zeolite contains impurities such as Na, K, Ca, Mg and Fe and has poor crystallinity. The presence of these impurities can reduce the activity of zeolites. To improve the character of natural zeolite, activation and modification are carried out first. In addition to removing impurities contained...
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Profiling Intercultural Communication as Global Competence for Indonesian University Students

Melati, Nyimas Triyana Safitri, Lilik Ulfiati
The skill of Intercultural Communication is needed in today’s global world. This is due to the development of digital communication and the easy movement of people across the globe that increases the chances of people to meet and interact with others who are coming from different spheres of the world....
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Strategy and Implementation Model of Market Orientation and Business Performance for SME of Batik Jambi

Ade Octavia, Zulfanetti, Yayuk Sriayudha
Relationship testing between market orientation and business performance has been widely conducted. The biggest issue is about model development, while the issue related to managerial applications is still very lacking in information, especially for SMEs. This research aims to (1) formulate a market...
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Improvement of Business Performance Through Strengthening Islamic Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Orientation: Study on Women Enterprises in Jambi City

Rike Setiawati, Besse Wediawati, Heriberta
Islamic financial literacy and entrepreneurial orientation are important factors needed by micro and small enterprises (MSEs) to run a business and achieve its performance. This study will examine the effect of Islamic financial literacy and entrepreneurial orientation on business performance. The research...
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Estimated the Requirements for Calcium and Phosphorus of Female Arab Chicken in Semi-Scavenging Systems in the Tropics

Syafwan, Yatno, Agus Budiansyah
The ability of chickens to retain calcium and phosphorus at high temperatures is low, so a lot of calcium and phosphorus is wasted through feces. This study aimed to calculate the calcium and phosphorus requirements of female Arab chicken until the first age of laying eggs in a semi-scavenging system...
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The Use of Track-Changes and WhatsApp Group as Media on English Structure Learning in Higher Education

Yorina An’guna Bansa, Deka Veronica, Ratih Rosita
Social media is an alternative environment in practicing language and using language. The use of WhatsApp group nowadays is rapidly increasing, it aims for education. This study to investigate the students’ perceptions on the use of track-changes and WhatsApp groups as media for learning English structure...
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The Modification of Beef Cattle’s Feces and Urine as the Source of Organic Fertilizer to Increase Sweet Corn’s Productivity (Zea mays saccharata sturt)

Sri Arnita Abu Tani, Zulfa Elymaizar, Endri Musnandar
Feces and urine from beef cattle are not yet fully optimized by farmers. If there is a modification process with the feces and urine, it can be a source of organic fertilizer. Other than helping farmers with their fertilizer needs and supply, it will also reducing the environmental pollution. The purpose...
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Optimization of Mannanase Enzymes Production from Bacillus cereus V9 Using Local Mannan Substrate

Mairizal, Filawati
Bacillus cereus V9 is a mannanolytic bacteria capable of producing a mannanase enzyme of 29.5 IU / mL with a substrate of Locust bean gun. The use of Locust bean gum as a substrate in the production of the enzyme mannanase is not recommended because it is expensive so that the enzyme produced will be...
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Mapping of Local Government Internal Control System Problems: A Content Analysis

Sri Rahayu, Yudi, Rahayu
The purpose of this study is to map the problems with the implementation of an internal control system in the local government. A qualitative approach through a method of content analysis is used in this research. The analysis used is the Leximancer instrument. The data used derived from audit reports...
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Academic Outcomes in School-Age Children with Stunting and Non-Stunting

Wahyu Indah Dewi Aurora
Stunting is defined as a chronic malnutrition condition for children. The prevalence of children under five suffering from stunting in Indonesia in 2018 is still high at 30%, still very far from the standard set by WHO, which is 20%. With this high enough figure, of course, it will have an impact on...
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The Study of Relationship Between the Number of Protozoa and Inoculum pH on the in vitro Technique Incubating Treated Colleus amboinicus

Muhammad Afdal, Darlis, Adriani
This experiment aimed to reveal the relationship between the number of protozoa and the pH of inoculum in incubating different treated Colleus amboinicus in vitro technique. A sample of dry Colleus amboinicus was powdered and then treated with four treatments. There were four treatments including Colleus...
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Developing an English Textbook for Early Childhood Education Program Students: A Need Analysis

Urip Sulistiyo, Khairunnisa, Yolanda Demiza, Nila Inayatillah, Munawaroh, Adrian Dinata Dwi Dharma, Iccha Dhirdhena Prasadat Tungga Dewi
This research aimed to develop English textbook for Early Childhood Education Program Students. The study utilized research and development (R & D) with questionnaire and interview as the data collecting technique. Questionnaires were given to the students of early childhood education program that...
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Correlation Among Morphological Characters of Local Sweet Potato (Ipomea batatas L.) Accessions in Kerinci Regency

Sosiawan Nusifera, Yulia Alia, Agus Kurniawan Mastur
Sweet potato is one of starchy tuber crop with high potential as a source carbohydrate for both food and feed. Developing this crop through breeding program requires clear understandings on correlative relationships among plant characters especially when indirect selection scheme is used. This research...
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Analysis of Vegetation Density and Land Surface Temperature Using Landsat Image in the Forest Area of KPHP Unit XII Batanghari

Eva Achmad, Rince Muryunika
Climate change is caused by global warming due to human activities that contribute to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Land-based human activities result in changes in dense vegetation, especially forest stands to land cover with low vegetation density (non-forest). Changes in land cover cause changes...
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Antioxidant Activity and Bioactive Components of Curry Leaves (Murraya koenighii) to Lower Red Meat Cholesterol: Morphological, Chemical Content Curry Leaves and Putrefaction Test of Meat

Yurleni, Adriani
This study aimed to determine the morphological characterization, area, chemical content of curry leaves, and the use of curry leaf extract in inhibiting the putrefaction process of meat stored at cold temperatures. The method used in this research was the exploration method. The number of leaves used...
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Antioxidant Activity and Physico-Chemical of Dark Chocolate Made with Cocoa Butter Substitute (Cbs) from Virgin Coconut Oils

Addion Nizori, Vonny Adinda, Arzita, Lavlinesia, Rahayu Suseno
This study aimed to investigate the effect of different concentration of virgin coconut oil to antioxidant activity, physical characteristics, and organoleptic of dark chocolate, and knows the best addition of virgin coconut oil on dark chocolate making. This study used a Completely Randomized Design...
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The Effectiveness of Online Game on Students Vocabulary Enrichment

Yelia Yelia, Dony Efriza
This article tells readers about the effectiveness of using online game on students’ English vocabulary enrichment. This is a quasi-experimental research which gives different treatment to experimental class and control class. Online game was used in the experimental class and conventional teaching media...
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The Induction of Biotic Stress-Resistance and Increasing Growth and Yield of Chili Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L.) Using Cow Bio-Urine and Tricho-Compost

Eliyanti Eliyanti, Budiyati Ichwan, Ardiyaningsih P Lestari, Zulkarnain Zulkarnain
This study was aimed at obtaining chili peppers (Jambi local variety) that were resistant to biotic stress through induced-resistance mechanisms, and obtaining optimal combination of cow bio-urine and tricho-compost composition that support plant growth and yield. This research was conducted from April...
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The Performance Comparison of Two Kinds of Mold-Hot-Press Machine

Sahrial Hafids, Yernisa Yernisa
Research on the development of the second-generation mold-hot-press machine using the Quality Functional Deployment (QFD) Method has been carried out. Furthermore, the performance test of the machine was compared with the first-generation machine. This research aimed to compare the performance of the...
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Technical Efficiency and Agricultural Sustainability of Jambi’s Corn Production

Edison Edison, Rosyani Rosyani
Jambi is a unique province in Indonesia that has a diverse climate and natural resources to improve the yield of many commodities like corn. In terms of improving domestic corn and decreasing production loss, more producers apply high portions of un-organic fertilizers, and pesticides, with not thinking...
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Performance of Java Super Native Chicken and Catfish Floating Net Cage Reared Above the Former Pool of the Small Brick Industries

Ardi Novra, Adriani, Fahmida Manin, Lizawati, Mursalin, Eva Achmad
This fields experiment research aims to analyze the performance of integrated super-native chicken farms and catfish that are cultivated on the floating net cages (FNC) in the former ponds of the small brick industry in Jambi Province, Indonesia. The results showed that the production performance of...
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The Impact of Rubber Auction Market Towards Transmission Price for Farmers in Jambi Province

Mirawati Yanita, HD Ernawati, Zulkifli Alamsyah
Rubber is a small-scale plantation cultivated by smallholders. Jambi Province is one example that crucially depends on its agricultural sector, like rubber. Rubber does have the potential to be one key to economic and social development in the rural area, improving the socio-economic situation of millions...
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Cocoa Butter Substitute Production by Mixing the Fraction of Palm Kernel Stearin with Tengkawang Fat

Mursalin Mursalin, Yernisa Yernisa
In the chocolate and confectionary industry, there are several types of alternative fats to replace cocoa butter (CB), including cocoa butter substitute (CBS). CBS is a CB substitute fat derived from lauric fat, namely coconut oil (CNO) or palm kernel oil (PKO) which is modified physically (fractionated)...
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The Role of the School Principal as an Educator: A Study of a Vocational School in Jambi, Indonesia

Mohamad Muspawi
The progress of a school really depends on the ability of the principal to lead the school. The purpose of this study was to describe the role of the principal as an educator in an effort to advance the school at the Surya Ibu Thehok Vocational High School (VHS) Jambi. Using qualitative methods, data...
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Students’ Psychological Problems Towards Online Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic

A Literature Review Study

Nila Inayatillah, Munawaroh, Khairunnisa, Yolanda Demiza, Adrian Dinata Dwi Dharma
This literature review study highlights the current issues about online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, which focused on students’ psychological problems. This critical review presents any relevant studies about the pandemic effect on the educational field, which shifted the conventional learning...
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Effect of Stunting on Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of School-Age Children

Wahyu I.D. Aurora, Rico J. Sitorus, Rostika Flora
The World Health Organization for Child Growth Standards estimates that at least one in four children under five years of age fails to grow optimally according to established standards. Nutritional status on height for the period under standard or stunting is a manifestation of malnutrition and is a...
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The Effect of the Heavy Metal Mercury (Hg) Concentration on the Growth Rate of Pilsbryoconcha spp Mussel

Afreni Hamidah, Evita Anggereini
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of heavy metal mercury (Hg) concentration on the growth rate of Pilsbryoconcha spp mussels and to compare the growth rates of Pilsbryoconcha spp mussels exposed to mercury at different concentrations. The type of research used is quantitative research...
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An Extensive Listening Strategy to Develop Students’ Listening Skill

Rosinta Norawati
This paper informs a second stage of an action research study intended to develop students’ listening skill through extensive listening strategy. Data were collected within listening achievement test, questionnaires, field notes and observation. The study comprised nine weekly-based interventions that...
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Performance of Supply Chain of Arabica Coffee in Kerinci Regency Jambi Province Indonesia

Ira Wahyuni, Ardhiyan Saputra, Endy Effran
This study aims to analyze the performance of the Arabica coffee supply chain in Kerinci Regency. The selection of the research location was carried out deliberately, on the grounds that the research area was a center for Arabica coffee. The determination of farmer respondents was carried out using simple...
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The Perception of Jambi Community About the Impact of Covid-19 and Efforts to Overcome It

Herlambang Herlambang, Nofrans Eka Saputra, Supian, Agung Iranda, Marlita Andhika Rahman
The Covid-19 pandemic has created a multidimensional crisis in our lives, starting from economic issues, education, and social relations with other people. These various problems also impact the psychological issues we experience due to the coronavirus, resulting in the emergence of the public’s perceptions...
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Application of a Web-Based Four-Tier Misconception Instrument on the Topic of Work and Energy

User responses

Maison, Wawan Kurniawan, Dwi Agus Kurniawan, Azizah Hanum
This study aims to determine the user’s response to applying a web-based four-tier misconceptions instrument on the topic of work and energy (FTWEI). The method used is a mixed-method with explanatory sequential design. The subjects in this study were 30 high school students in grade ten who responded...
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Identification of Apoptosis Marker in Preeclampsia: A Pre-Eliminary Study of P53 Gene Expression in Human Placenta

Herlambang Herlambang, Rina Nofri Enis, Susan Tarawifa, Tia Wida Ekaputri
Preeclampsia still becomes a leading cause of maternal and perinatal mortality. The placenta is a critical subject in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia. Excessive apoptosis can cause the malfunction of trophoblast cells in their ability to remodel spiral arteries. Uteroplacental ischemia and endothelial...
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The Use of Information Technology in Improving the Quality of Financial Report in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Wiralestari, Rita Friyani, Riski Hernando
Micro, small and medium enterprises have an important role in the economy of a country. Although the role of micro, small and medium enterprises has been recognized nationally, these enterprises face many challenges and obstacles, especially in producing quality financial report. For this reason, this...
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Integrating the Value Pro Environmental Behavior (PEB) and Knowledge of Ecosystem Concept to Improve Students’ Critical Thinking Skill: Environmental Learning Based Project

Evita Anggereini, Jodion Siburian
The critical thinking skill is needed to analyze environmental problems that occur. Along with the increasing environmental damage due to human behavior and activities, a solution is needed that must be sought immediately. Through the learning environment, these skills are used to analyze problems, look...
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Parents’ Perception of Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Literature Review Study

Sonia Johanisa, Nurul Fadila, Yucke Kartika Desma, Nurul Afnita, Hadi Husnaini
In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, schools have been closed nationwide by the Indonesian government, due to the prevention of the spread of infection. this is done as an emergency measure. besides that, public activities are also limited. This situation challenges education in the world, especially...
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Characteristics of the Arthropod Community in Agroecosystems of Honey Pumpkin Plant (Cucurbita moschata Duch)

Wilyus, Asniwita
This research was conducted to analyze the application of the integrated pest management (IPM) model to increase the ecological resilience of the honey pumpkin plant. The research was carried out at the Research and Teaching Farm, Pest Laboratory, Laboratory of Biological Agents, Faculty of Agriculture,...
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Digital Cashless Payment Readiness Model on MSMEs Using Technological-Organization-Environtment (TOE) Framework: Study on MSME Users Gopay and Ovocash)

Novita Ekasari, Rosmeli Rosmeli, Rista Aldilla Syafri
The success of a good business is determined by a strategy that is able to compete with its competitors, one of which is by using a non-cash payment system (digital) so as to provide convenience for consumers to make payments anywhere and anytime there both for online and offline sales. Non-cash payment...
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Analysis of Reading Culture Implementation in Jambi University’s Elementary School Partners

Yantoro Yantoro
Students’ reading ability is the main skill that students must have to achieve their success in the learning process. School as the main instrument in improving the quality of human resources must be able to develop this reading ability by implementing a reading culture or habit in schools. The purpose...
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Writing for International Journals: Lessons Learned from the Experts

Urip Sulistiyo, Reny Heyanti, Kaspul Anwar, Yuzadi Yuzadi, Mifthahul Nurzanah
This study investigated how to publish a journal article in reputable International Journals. A descriptive qualitative approach was used to gather the data from the expert participants. A semi-structural interview was conducted and 5 expert participants participated in the data collection phase. The...
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A Combined Therapy Between Benson’s and Warm-Water-Foot Techniques: The Effect Towards Fatique on Chronic-Kidney-Failure Patients in the Hemodialysis Room

Melastuti, Y Fatmawati, Wahyuningsih
Kidney is an important organ that functions to maintain blood composition by preventing the accumulation of waste and controlling fluid balance in the body. A Hemodialysis is a blood replacement therapy used on a kidney performed for 4-5 hours 2-3 times a week with the aim of removing the waste products...
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Exploring the Benefits of Digital Storytelling for Enhancing Teaching and Learning

Hary Soedarto Harjono, Mujiyono Wiryotinoyo
This paper presents excerpts from a literature study, which is part of a larger study to explore the benefits of digital storytelling (DST) in strengthening student comprehension, students’ engagement and motivation in higher education. Specifically, the study is focused on the use of DST as a learning...
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Male Participation in Childbirth in Muaro Jambi Regency Indonesia

Guspianto, Ismi Nurwaqiah Ibnu
Male participation affects decision making in finding, reaching, and utilizing childbirth services, especially when women’s capacity in decision-making is very limited, lack of access to health resources, heavy workloads, less supportive cultural norms and gender discrimination. This study aims to assess...
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Toxicity Test of Muara Jambi Areca Nut (Areca Catechu L.) Extract on Rat Bone Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Humaryanto, Esa Indah Ayudia, Muhaimin, Silmi Mariya
Osteoarthritis (OA) is a joint inflammation process that happens when chondrocytes failure in maintaining the balance between degradation and extracellular matrix synthesis. Thus, it results in changes in the diameter and orientation of collagen fibers that change cartilage biomechanics and make joint...
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The Effects of Human Albumin, Normal Saline and Jambi’s Honey as Anti-Adhesive Agent in Laparotomized Rats

Miftahurrahmah, Marpaung Willy, Tan Reza Ade, Anati Purwakanthi, Indah Esa
Postoperative peritoneal adhesion formation after surgery is result of peritoneal surface trauma and tissue ischemia. anti-adhesive agent is one of methods to reduce tissue adhesion. Honey has a long history medicine as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and wound healing agent. Thirty-six healthy male...
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Studies on the Commercialization of Research Outcomes with a License at Jambi University

Dwi Suryahartati, Windarto
Higher education institutions are one of the centers of research activities throughout the world. The amount of research and research results that can be commercialized is not comparable. The policies for the independent campus and the independent learning have an influence on the research amount. Research...
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Developing Web Quest Based General English Textbooks for University Students: A Need Analysis

Sri Wachyunni, Urip Sulistiyo, Khairunnisa, Kaspul Anwar, Mifthahul Nurzanah, Yuzadi Yuzadi
The purpose of this research is to develop a General English for University Students textbook for learning English in the first semester in the Indonesian Language Education Study Program, FKIP Jambi University. In the early stages of developing the textbook, the researchers carried out a needs analysis...
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Validity of Junior High School Mathematics Textbooks to Support Mathematical Literacy Skills

Wardi Syafmen, Novferma, Febbry Romundza, Ari Frianto
Mathematical literacy is very important for the society in the 21st century. An individual is able to see literate not only understands mathematical concepts or materials but can also apply his understanding in solving problems according to the context of the real world. However, mathematical literacy...
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Acute Toxicity Study of Durian Mesocarpium Ethanol Extracts (Durio Zibethinus Linn) in Healthy Mice

Fitrianingsih, Sani K Fathnur, Diah Tri Utami
Durian (Durio zibethinus Linn.) has been shown to have toxicity effect on acute toxicity in vivo. Objective: This study aimed to determine the acute toxicity of the Durian Mesocarpium Ethanol Extracts (EEMD), various doses of Durian Mesocarpium Ethanol Extracts (EEMD) by examining in vivo to the healthy...
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Formation of Academic Papers of Regional Regulations in the Indonesian Constitutional System

Kosariza Kosariza, Meri Yarni, Netty Netty
Regional Regulations have a very strategic role in the implementation of regional governance. Various efforts to improve the quality of the Regional Regulation keep continuing, including through Law Number 12 in 2011 concerning the Formation of Laws and Regulations which require the preparation of Academic...
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The Analysis of Human Resources Quality of Educational Staff

Zulfanetti Zulfanetti, Ervan Johan Wicaksana, Yatno, Irianto, Siti Hodijah, Muskibah, Yantoro
This study aims at: 1). Identifying competencies condition of education staff in the Graduate Program in the University of Jambi; 2). Analysing the factors that affect the competence of teaching staff in the Jambi University Postgraduate Program. This study used primary data with descriptive and quantitative...
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MSME Socio-Economic Analysis in the Context of Development of the Muaro Jambi Temple Area

Zulfanetti Zulfanetti, Heriberta Heriberta, Etik Umiyati
The aims of this study are to analyze: 1). the socio-economic conditions; 2). the factors that influence MSMEs in the development of the Muaro Jambi Temple area. This study used primary data with descriptive and quantitative methods with multiple regression analysis tools. The results showed that the...
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The Effectiveness of Argument-Driven Inquiry in Promoting Students’ Argumentation Skills About Colloids

Dessy Rizki Amelia, Asrial, Muhammad Haris Effendi-Hasibuan
This study aimed to investigate the effect of argument-driven inquiry (ADI) in promoting students’ argumentation skills about colloidal concepts in comparison to inquiry-based learning (IbL) strategy. Factors that affected the students’ skills between the strategies were also identified. Three classes...
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Analysis of Rubber Price Differences in Jambi Province

Mirawati Yanita, ErnawatI Hamid, Zulkifli Alamsyah
Rubber is the most valuable export crop produced by small scale agriculture and plays a crucial role in inclusive economic development. Rubber becomes very close to the farmers because of cultivation and processing techniques and provides economic value directly. Jambi Province also one of the third...
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The Early-Year Children’s Engagement and Scientific-Phenomena Recognition in Indonesia

Susi Hindarti, Urip Sulistiyo, Afreni Hamidah, Muhammad Haris Effendi-hasibuan
Developing the early-year children’s engagement is crucial to promote their interest in learning, particularly in the science-related lessons. This article reports about the engagement of 15 early-year children in a childhood education program in Jambi city Indonesia and their recognition of some scientific...
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Development of Contextual Based Textbooks on Plant Structure Subjects: Organum Nutritivum Material

Upik Yelianti, Pinta Murni, Muswita
Lack of adequate textbooks is a major obstacle for students in learning materials. Often students feel bored, because textbooks that are usually used the pictures of plants that are colourless. The purpose of this research is to develop a textbook that is more attractive and is equipped with pictures...
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Taxpayers’ Compliance in the City of Jambi

Wiwik Tiswiyanti, Kamadie Sumanda, Wirmie Eka Putra
Taxpayer compliance is an act of obeying and being aware of taxation provisions. This study aims to analyze the factors that influence taxpayer compliance in the city of Jambi. The variables examined in the study were tax amnesty and taxpayer knowledge. Respondents in the survey were taxpayers, both...
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Business Sustainability in the Pandemic Covid 19: Study at MSMES in Jambi City

Ilham Wahyudi, Wiwik Tiswiyanti, Sosiawan Nusifera
The Covid-19 pandemic impacted various sectors, including Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The research aims to: 1) Analyze the level of sustainability of MSMEs in Jambi City 2) Efforts that can make so that MSMEs can survive and have a competitive advantage; 3) Provide a theoretical basis...
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The Role of Sumatra Fault Zone of Dikit Fault Segment to Appearance of Geothermal Features on the Grao Sakti, Jambi, Indonesia

Hari Wiki Utama, Yulia Morsa Said, Anggi Deliana Siregar, Bagus Adhitya
Geothermal features manifestation appears in Grao Sakti, Renah Kemumu, Merangin Regency, Jambi Province and their associated of Sumatran Fault Zone and Barisan Range Zone. It is very important to understand the connection both of geothermal manifestation and fault zone of the Dikit Fault Segment (DFS)....
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Geodynamics Relationship of Sabak Back Arc Volcanic and Geragai Geothermal Features, Tanjabtim, Jambi, Indonesia

Hari Wiki Utama, Yulia Morsa Said, D.M. Magdalena Ritonga, Eko Kurniantoro
Jambi Sub-basin is a sedimentary back-arc basin in Sumatra with the numerous geodynamic processes of the extensional basin. It is a prospect and producer of hydrocarbon Sumatra, Indonesia, and it’s part of the South Sumatra Basin. The presence of trachy basaltic lava on the Sabak (Jambi Sub-basin), Tanjabtim,...
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The Development of Information Systems in Documentation Management of Critical Care Nursing

Fadliyana Ekawaty, Dini Rudini
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is one of the units in the hospital that clients receive intensive medical care and monitoring. There, nurses carry out the nursing care process. All steps in the process must be properly documented. Although nursing care documentation is very important for both patients and...
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Application of Thwaites’ Score in Central Nervous System Infection in an Immunocompetent Patient: Case Series

Mirna Marhami Iskandar, Sotianingsih, R.M. Al Kindi
Patients with infection in the central nervous system can deteriorate rapidly, so an empirical approach needs to be performed promptly with relevant supporting data that can be produced as early as possible. Decision-making in such cases can use scoring systems such as Thwaites diagnostic score. However,...
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Application of Digital Innovation with a Freemium Business Strategy to Increase Sales of Accounting Software in Indonesia

Gandy Wahyu Maulana Zulma, Erida
This study aims to provide empirical evidence about the strategy of freemium software which is a new business model in the digital era by applying the Dual Mediation Hypothesis (DMH Model) to investigate the effects of the freemium strategy as a promotional tool to increase user interest in purchasing...
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Chemical Properties of Ground Red Chili Based on Dihydrocapsaicin at Different Heating Process

Dharia Renate, Lavlinesia, Editha Renesteen, Indriyani, Novita Sari
Heating process of ground red chili can affect chemical compound of dihydrocapsaicin that can caused less spicy. The objective of this research was to determine the effect of heating process of ground red chili based on the chemical compund of dihydrocapsaicin, and also moisture and vitamin C. Research...
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Legal Protection of Local Wisdom in the Context of Intellectual Property Rights Law: Study of Traditional Knowledge of Lubuk Larangan in Jambi Malay Indigenous People

Dwi Suryahartati, Firya Oktaviarni, Windarto
The Lubuk Larangan Tradition is one way for most of the indigenous people in Jambi Province who live in the watershed to protect the water and fish that are almost extinct. This tradition is carried out with certain skills and knowledge that are based on local wisdom and are based on the values contained...
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Clinical Assessment Using Disease Activity Index in Experimental Animal Model of Inflamatory Bowel Disease Induced Dextran Sulfate Sodium

Hanina Hanina, Tia Wida Ekaputri, Lipinwati
Ulcerative colitis is an inflammation in the intestinal tract. Animal models of ulcerative colitis were used to study unknown pathogenesis and identify new drugs. Animal models of ulcerative colitis could be induced by chemical agents such as dextran sulfate sodium, trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid, and...
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Caring Behavior and Associated Factors Among Nurses in Jambi Teaching Hospital

Muthia Mutmainnah, Luri Mekeama, Yuliana, Tuti Ariyani
Nurses play an important role in the implementation of services, especially in the health sector. This service requires nurses to carry out professional nursing care in improving the quality of service. This professional nursing service is supported by the knowledge and competence that comes with caring...
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Anti-Hepatitis B surface Titer as Indicator in Faculty of Medicine Universitas Riau Hepatitis B Vaccination Program

Rahmat Azhari Kemal, Huriatul Masdar, Fajri Marindra Siregar, Dedi Afandi
Indonesia is endemic for hepatitis B virus infection. However, the prevalence has decreased which might be contributd to national immunisation programme starting in 1997. As a protective effort, since 2014, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Riau (FK UNRI) has implemented mandatory hepatitis B vaccination...
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Students’ Perceptions of English Creative Writing Using the Weblogs

Yanto Yanto, Nurul Fajria, Tubagus Zam Zam Al Arif
This research aimed to understand student’s perception toward the use of weblogs and how weblogs help them in improving their writing skills, also investigate the positive aspects and barriers occur in the learning. This study used a mixed-methods design, in which the data were collected through online...
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Individual Characteristic and the Causes of Death in Lecturers at Jambi, Indonesia

Ummi Kalsum, Helmi Suryani Nasution, Ismi Nurwaqiah Ibnu
Work as a lecturer is highly risk because of the workload, stress and unhealthy eating patterns or lifestyles as well as levels of welfare that are not proportional to performance demands. Recently, there has been an increasing number of premature deaths due to non-communicable or degenerative diseases....
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Effectiveness of Health Promotion Through Video Media and Leaflets About Early Detection of Cervical Cancer Using the Visual Inspection Method of Acetic Acid (IVA) at Talang Banjar Community Health Center Jambi City 2020

Winda Triana, Sulastri Fitriani, Enny Susilawati
Data from the Sub-Directorate for Cancer of the PTM Directorate, Indonesian Ministry of Health 2019, the cervical cancer early detection program using Acetic Acid (IVA) was held in 5,000. Jambi Province ranks 21 with a total early detection coverage of 8.42%. IVA test has a sensitivity of 65% -96% and...
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Exploring Student Metacognitive Failures Based on Red Flag in Mathematic Problem Solving: A Case Study in Mathematic Education Program

Nizlel Huda, Jefri Marsal
The purpose of this article is to explore student’s metacognitive failure based on red flag in mathematics problem solving. Red flag is a term that indicates the metacognitive failure was occurred, which is characterized by (1) there is an error detection, (2) no progress at processing step of activities,...
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Study of the Critical Limits of the Ground Water for Peatland Fire Prevention

Heri Junedi, Agus Kurniawan Mastur, AR dan Arsyad
Indonesian Government Regulation No. 71/2014 requires all parties to maintain the groundwater level less than 40 cm below the ground level to prevent land fires in peatlands. This regulation is quite burdensome as it will be tough to do during the dry season. The research results on peat, which has a...
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Legal Harmonization of Civil Dispute Settlement Use for Legal Unification

HM Hosen, Rosmidah
The current civil dispute resolution law is still pluralistic and spread in various laws and regulations, however, it is still maintained as a guide in examining, hearing and deciding civil cases in Indonesian courts. Legal pluralism can cause conflict of norms and create legal uncertainty in the resolution...
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CH4 Gas Mitigation Strategy with the Use of Interpretative Structural Modeling Method

Hutwan Syarifuddin, A. Rahman Sy, Dodi Devitriano
Climate change is related to greenhouse gases (GHG), one of the sectors that produces GHG is the livestock sector which comes from enteric fermentation and manure management in the form of CH4, CO2 and N2O. The livestock sector contributes around 18-51% of anthropogenic GHG. The national contribution...
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Developing English Speaking Material Based on Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) for Junior High School Students

Agustina Wulandari, Erni Yusnita, Suci Nuralita Sari
In daily life, language occupies the most important aspect because it is a means of communication among humans. With the existence of language, there are many things humans can do in expressing the ideal of liking and disliking discovering the world, and other things. In order to be able to communicate...
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Teachers’ Teaching Strategy to Improve Students’ Speaking Achievement in Online Learning

Nanda Rosi Parera, Berta Yohana, Rosy Kumala Sari
This study focuses on Teachers’ Teaching Strategy to improve Students’ Speaking Achievement in Online Learning. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the learning system in school. Therefore, teachers are required to be creative to improve students’ achievements in online learning. In the world of education,...
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Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) as an Innovative Material for Arsenic Removal from Mining Effluent

Rainiyati, Ahmad Riduan, Sarah Fiebrina Heraningsih
Arsenic is toxic element, accumulate in the environment as main contaminant in aqueous waste stream. This study aimed to analyze the capability of raw palm oil fuel ash (pofa) as a potential adsorbent to remove arsenic contamination in the wastewater of mining effluent. Technology applied in this study...
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User’s Perspective on the Quality of Notary Master Graduates in the Concept of Work

Yetniwati Yetniwati, Elita Rahmi, Diana Amir
This paper aims to: 1. Analyze professional quality of alumni in applying their knowledge in the perspective of the user as alumni partners; 2. Analyze the professional quality of alumni in the perspective of their employees in the context of work creation. This study used a social systems approach....
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Optimization the Effect of Decanter Cake with Fermented Fertilizer of Cow Urine in Edamame Growth and Yield

Made Deviani Duaja, Elis Kartika, Buhaira Buhaira, Wahyuni Putri Armita
Decanter cake (DC) is one of the oil palm mill solid wastes that contains macro and micronutrient elements especially high Nitrogen levels. Using it as organic fertilizer could substitute half of the chemical fertilizer dose. The alternative decrease in chemical fertilizers requires nutrients from organic...
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Strategic Development of Post Mining Land (Ex-Peti) for Rice Farming

Aprollita Aprollita, Ira Wahyuni
The research objective was to analyze the lowland rice farming development strategy on ex-mining land. This research was conducted in Pangkalan Jambu Subdistrict, Merangin Regency, the location selection was done deliberately. The sampling method is Simple Random Side with a sample size of 40 families....
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Analysis of Factors That Affect the Financial Performance of Banks

Yenni Vera Fibriyanti, Lilik Nurcholidah
Stakeholders analyze financial reports to assess the financial performance of banks which are used for making decisions (investing). This study aims to analyze the factors that affect the financial performance appraisal of the national foreign exchange private commercial bank and to analyze the effect...
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Growth Responses of Apical Shoots Rootstock Rubber with Retardants Application and Effect on Grafting Success

Sarman Sarman, Zainal Ridho Djafar, Yakup Parto, Heru Suryaningtyas
This research aimed to study the effect of retardants concentration on the inhibition of apical shoots of rubber rootstock and analyze the relationship between the apical bud dormancy and grafting success relating to the influence of retardants. The study was conducted in the Teaching and Research Farm...
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Analysis of Patient Safety Culture Among Nurses in Inpatient and Outpatient Care Unit Jambi Teaching Hospital

Muthia Mutmainnah, Kamariyah, Luri Mekeama, Nila Budi Setia, Muhammad Syir
Patient safety has become a global concern since the publication of the Institute of Medicine report in 1990. Nurses are health workers who play a very important role in patient safety. The patient is on the nurse’s responsibility 24 hours a day. Nurses fulfill all the basic needs of the patient every...