Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Computer Science (ICEMC 2017)

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Management and Prevention of Enterprise Tax Risk

Zhang Maoliang
With the continuous improvement and perfection of China's market economic system and tax system, enterprises pay more and more attention to management and prevention of tax risk. If the enterprise can not be dealt with tax risk timely, it is likely to affect the normal operation of enterprises and then...
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Design of Angle Detection System Based on MPU6050

Huang Jian
This paper describes the method of using MPU6050 to detect the dip angle, and designs the hardware circuit. In order to make the detection angle more accurate, the Calman filter algorithm is used in the software programming, which can effective-ly remove the interference and make the measurement precision...
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The Current Situation and Thought of Chinese Teaching of Painting

Liu Yuan
With the development of society and economy, the life quality and level have been improved. Therefore, many people now begin to focus more on the art and traditional culture. Chinese painting, as the quintessence of Chinese culture, becomes more and more important in the point of development of talents....
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Discussion of How to Write Business Letters in English on a Basic Level

Zhang Yifan
For those people who have just graduated from high school and become a major of Business English in a college, and who have just started a job involving dealing with correspondence in English, they have to know the fact that it`s not easy to use English language to write a letter in a concise manner...
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Research on the Overall Design of Navigation Computer Hardware Module Based on DSP and FPGA

Ren Fen, Sun Wen
The navigation computer plays an important role in the missile guidance system. With the development of missile guidance systems, the navigation computer is required to have higher practical performance. However, DSP navigation computer hardware module couldn't meet the requirements any more .Due to...
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Research on Characteristics of Nonlinear Analog Devices Based on RBF Neural Network

Liu Yiwei
Radial basis function (RBF) neural network is a novel and effective feedforward neural network which has been widely used in nonlinear time series prediction. In this paper, the tunnel diode is selected as a modeling object to measure the input and output characteristics in the laboratory environment....
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Reflections on Improving Business English Teaching through Web - based Courses

Sun Lu
The emergence and development of business English is the necessity of the times. It is the need of business English teaching object, learning subject, teaching goal and teaching method. Business English teaching and learning have its own uniqueness. This uniqueness decision The Necessity and Importance...
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Promotion of the Cognition of Child Abuse by Media Information in Mainland China

Tian Tian
During past several thousand of years, the term 'child abuse' was not popular in China. Most parents was not familiar with the term child abuse and there is no legal definition on it. They did not even agree that child abuse exists in China. Beating or scolding one's child is only known as a kind of...
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The Influence of the Comprehensive Second Child Policy on China's Population

Li Han, Cheng Yi, He Bingjun, Kang Shi
China's current population problems, is the introduction of the second child policy. In this paper, we evaluate the influence of the comprehensive second child policy on China's population. We first establish the appropriated evaluation index system, and then through the establishment of mathematical...
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Design of Cherry Greenhouse Temperature Control System Based on CAN Bus

Wang Anmin, Liu Shichao
The application of CAN bus in the greenhouse temperature control in cherry is introduced. The design of STM32 based controller, two wire Pt100 temperature acquisition thermistor bridge measurement circuit through the output differential signal, amplifying the information by differential amplifier LM324,...
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Analysis of Thermal Characteristics for Spindle System of the KSMC1250 CNC Machining Center

Ren Xiaozhong, Dai Jing, Duan Mingde, Zang Haichao, Zhang Zhuangya, Wang Hezeng
As a core component of precision CNC machine tool, spindle's thermal characteristics affect the machining accuracy of the machine tool. In order to understand the influence of temperature increase on the deformation of the spindle system, the simulation model of the spindle system is established by determining...
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Analysis of Quantum Security Direct Communication Protocol

Gong Jinxin
Quantum security direct communication is based on quantum physics, combined with the classic communication theory. It becomes a new communication model, its transmission of information on the high efficiency, security has been more and more extensive attention. That is, since the beginning of this century,...
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Intelligent Chatting Mobile Robot for seniors and Kids

Xu Ying
With the expansion of robot applications,the task done by the robot is more complicated. In order to meet the needs of special groups such as the elderly and children, we combine the mobile voice software development kit (SDK) of Xunfei platform with Google's software development Tool to create a voice...
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Economic Benefit Analysis of Solar Power Generation

Qu Tianyi, Cao Xiaofang
Due to the characteristics of environmental protection, photovoltaic power generation has been deeply loved by the energy sector of all countries, so they put great effort into research and development. The initial investment of photovoltaic power generation is large, and its construction and popularization...
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Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer in Bathtub

Li Yi
We analyze both the heat loss and heat absorption of water in the bathtub, establish the model of water temperature in time and space, by establishing a coordinate system in the shape of rectangular. We use the finite element method to solve the model and take interpolation method thinking about average...
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Research on Occupational Safety and Health Service of Migrant Workers under Discrimination

Yang Xueying, Wang Yanbin, Zhu Jianding
The pursuit of equal citizenship is the basic rights of everyone. In practice, however, migrant workers and staff in the enterprise enjoy treatment of different citizens because of the influence of the structural and institutional factors. Whether in the occupational safety and health care, and occupational...
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Generating Idempotents of Residue Codes over The Binary Field

Dong Xuedong, Zhang Yan
This paper gives explicit expressions of generating idempotents of higher power residues codes of length over the binary field, where is a prime. By computing the greatest common divisors of these generating idempotents and the polynomial with computer software such as Matlab and Maple, one can get the...
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A Contrast Study between Outstanding Academic and Non-Academic Writers from middle Ages to the End of 19th Century in the United Kingdom

Tian Xiangbin, Huang Wantian
English literature has been leading the world literature and a lot of world-famous literary giants in UK, such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Joyce and so on, have made great contribution to human civilization. It is worth exploring whether this flourishing phenomena is related to the higher education. The...
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Present and Future of Network Big Data

Shi Xin
Network big data refer to the massive data generated by interaction and fusion of the Ternary human-machine-thing universe in the Cyberspace and available on the Internet. The Increase of their scale and complexity provided that of the capacity of hardware characterized by the Moore law, which brings...
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Experimental Study on Flexural Behavior of Modified Recycled Concrete Beams

Zhang Shimin, Peng Xiaohui, Liu Kangning
With silicon powder content and the hybrid fiber content as parameters, will be 1 as ordinary concrete beams and the control group, three different content of silicon powder and 2 root hybrid fiber volume content of beam as the experimental group, the modification of the flexural performance of recycled...
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Research on the Service Ability of CALIS Institutional Repository to University Scientific Research

Chen Haiyan
This paper, by introducing the construction on institutional repository of university alliance of CALIS, the author describes the system and platform construction, standard construction and resource construction of CALIS institutional repository. This paper studies the support of CALIS institutional...
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Research and Design of Single - Phase Boost PFC Circuit Based on Current Hysteresis

Yu Yongjie
Traditional rectifier circuit by the diode or thyristor, work to produce a large number of harmonics. Active power factor correction (PFC) on this basis to add high-performance full-control power electronic devices, such as MOSFET and IGBT, and control the input current to make it close to the sine wave...
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Numerical Control Turning Principle and Realization Method of Cam Shape Surface

Hu Dongfang, Guo Jianwei
In order to illustrate the numerical control turning principle of camshaft, analyzed the influence on the work-piece quality and the tool life by cutting speed and tool working angle in noncircular turning process. Established the mathematical model of the relationship between cutting speed and tool...
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Research on the Development of Personal Finance in Commercial Bank

Dai Fengzhi
The rapid growth of Chinese economy and constant accumulation of wealth have brought increasing demand for personal financial service. Commercial banks greatly focus on personal finance in order to improve their competitiveness, which will be the irreversible tendency for the development of commercial...
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An Image Scrambling Encryption Algorithm

Cai Ruwang, Wang Bin
This paper presents an algorithm that changes the pixel position and the size of pixel values of digital images on the basis of Logistic system, using simple divisibility and XOR operation. The algorithm successfully encrypts the image. Experiments show that the algorithm is simple, crack the secret...
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Discussion on the Construction of the Characteristic Collection Database of Libraries in Art Colleges-----Taking the Library of Shandong College of Art as an Example

Wang Li
The construction of the framework of the characteristic collection database of Qilu art and culture is put forward, the platform selection and construction procedure of the database construction are introduced and the emerging problems and solutions in the process of the characteristic database construction...
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Analysis of the Emotional Expression of Packaging Color and Application of Corporate Image

Li Xiaodan, Duan Chengrui
The packaging color of goods is the first impression of goods for people and has a great influence on the purchasing behavior of consumers. This paper will discuss the combination and application of enterprise standard color and packaging color by analyzing the simplification trend of the modern commodity...
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CPI Prediction Based on ARIMA Model

Zhang Xiao
In recent years, with the increasing attention of CPI, the academic research results on CPI prediction model emerge in endlessly. So far, the forecasting model about CPI in China mainly focus on the following aspects: time series forecasting model and VAR forecasting model, grey prediction model, regression...
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Thinking and Research of Application Innovation Of Fashion Display Design

Fang Yi
With the continuous improvement of people's living standard in recent decades, people have more requirements for clothes. Fashion display design is a direct platform of consumers and clothes. An excellent fashion display design can promote the marketing of clothing products to directly show the charm...
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Design of Intelligent Control System for Greenhouse Water Pump Based on Internet of Things

Xue Dingzhu
With the popularity of networking technology, agriculture will gradually shift from a manpower centered, depending on the isolated machinery production mode to the information and software centric mode of production, therefore a variety of automatic and intelligent remote control equipment is used extensively....
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Research on Innovation of Organization Mode of Special Subject Education in Universities

Zhang Junxue, Wang Shuang
With the continuous development of the times, the pattern and form of higher education in China are constantly moving forward. Under the background of the new era, the development and innovation of the grass-roots organizations in universities have been incorporated into the planning of higher education...
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Dynamics Modeling and Simulation Analysis of the Vertical Machining Center Dual-drive Feed System

Duan Mingde, Zang Haichao, Dai Jing, Zhang Zhuangya, Wang Hezeng
In order to improve the dynamic performance of the dual-drive feed system of vertical CNC machine tools, according to the vertical machine center KSMC1250 Y axis dual-drive feed system for the study, based on the d Alembert's principle of mechanical dynamics, contained the bearing friction torque, guide...
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SIFT based Face Recognition System

Lin Yali, Huang Zhangen, Yang Huiya
In the era of rapid development of this technology, we are enjoying the convenience of technology, but also bear the personal information and property risks. Therefore, the information security technology is also constantly improving and development. From the traditional password password gradually turned...
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Research on Application of the Competition Method to Improve Learning Effects of Tennis Courses in the Universities

Wei Xin
The competition method is an effective teaching method to practice by setting competition rules in the process of PE teaching. It can be regarded as a method to practice according to competition rules and competition forms under the approximate and simulated or real and strict conditions. It is also...
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An Empirical Study of the Influence of Formative Assessment on Classroom Environment of College English Reading, Writing and Translating

Zheng Mingxia, Fang Qinghua
The study investigated the students' perception of classroom environment of English Reading, Writing, Translating class after increasing the share of formative assessment to 50% through quantitative and qualitative analysis, and explored whether there are influence differences between different level...
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Sale-Building Management Information System Based on C/S Model

Jiang Lihua, Zhu Aixia
This paper introduces the designed method and main feature of Management Information System of sale-building based on C/S model,discusses the software architecture and the network model of the system. Through analyzing all kinds of business flow in the system, the paper has introduced the main function...
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Design and Implementation of E-confrontation Simulation System Based on Radar Confrontation Research

Yuan Jianwei, Li Wenpeng, Liu Guangjian
The development of science and technology makes electronic countermeasures role in modern war is more and more big, the use of Radar reconnaissance enemy and by means of electronic countermeasure jamming enemy Radar ew equipment such as become an indispensable part of modern warfare. In this context,...
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Research of Serial Communication Based on STM32

Huang Jian
Serial port is an important external interface of microprocessor. It can be used for communication and information exchange between microprocessor and computer, and between two microprocessors. It is also an important means of debugging programs. STM32 serial port resources are very rich, and the function...
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Influence of Bearing Band on Flow Field of Projectile with Base Cavity

Ni Yang, Lu Haibo
The paper focuses on the influence of bearing band on the flow field and aerodynamic force of the projectile. Numerical model of projectile with and without bearing band are simulated under a supersonic flow condition. The flow field parameters and the aerodynamic drag coefficient of models were obtained....
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Analysis of Personalized Information Mining and Recommendation Technology in E-Commerce based on Semantic Web Ontology

Xu Hongsheng, Li Ke, Fan Ganglong
In this paper, we first introduce the hierarchical structure of semantic Web, the goal of semantic Web, and describe the definition of ontology and the properties of the elements such as concepts, relations, functions, axioms and instances. In this paper, the domain ontology is integrated into the Web...
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Research on Rights Protection of Digital Inclusive Finance Consumer

Xie Meifang
Development of inclusive finance driven by digital technology brings us benefit, risk and challenge. The increasingly obvious difficulty of protecting rights and interests of financial consumers is new challenge brought by digitalization. As digital inclusive finance is an emerging topic, research on...
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A Device for Sorting and Recycling Dry Batteries Automatically

Xia Jiahang
At present, more than 98% of Chinese waste batteries are disposed with municipal living garbage, resulting in water, air and soil pollution. However the general discarded batteries still have some power, which can be carried out for the second recycling.
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Design of Load-sensitive Multi-way Valve Test System

Xu Liping, Cai Liujin, Nan Xiaoqing
As the load-sensitive multi-way valve is being used more widely, its performance is becoming more and more important in the hydraulic system. Thus it is urgent to design a low-cost system which can quickly measure the performance of load-sensitive multi-way valve. Taking the load-sensitive multi-way...
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Multi-feature Fusion for PolSAR Image Classification of Oil Slick Thickness

Hong Shiyi, Guo Hao, An Jubai
The oil slick outline and the information of thickness are important indicators of estimating oil spill. How to estimate the oil slick thickness quickly is a hot research topic. In this paper, multi-feature fusion strategy is used to design classifier based on the potential correlation between Polarimetric...
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Research on the New Direction of Artificial Intelligence Development Writer

Kang Zhezhou
Artificial intelligence is now well known to more and more people. Especially, AlphaGo won world go champion Leeshishi. And more and more families are using vacuum cleaners. In the development of artificial intelligence, there are different kinds of voices in society. Actually, there are also a lot of...
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The Exploring Research on Private University Political Instructor Team's Building Work

Ma Chengsheng, Liu Jingchao
As part of the higher education, private colleges received more and more attention. Their teachers team construction is very important. The stand or fall of the political instructor team's construction related directly to the student management work. This paper studies on the problem. On the basis of...
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Socialist Transformation is an Important Event in the History of Chinese Socialism

Shi Kangjian
The socialist transformation has been more than 60 years' history, it is a very important event in the history of international communist movement, and it faithfully practice the Marx doctrine on thought of the success of the democratic revolution to socialist unfolding transition to make years' of dream...
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Study on the Influence Mechanism of Urban Residents' Energy-Saving Awareness on Energy-Saving Behaviors

Chen Jun, Qin Zhongfu
Energy conservation is currently one of the popular issues in academic research, while the specific impacts of consciousness in energy conservation are still the focus of research. In order to clarify how awareness in energy-saving plays a role in energy-saving behavior, this study will take urban residents...
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The Experimental Study of the Influence of Yanlingdan Prescription on the Apoptosis Protein Fas/FasL Expression of Ovarian Granular Cells in Mice with Premature Ovarian Failure

Wang Yang, Li PengHui, Li CuiPing, Wang Bin, Niu ShuDong, Wen LiBo, Zhao Kun, Wang Yuge, Wang Yuefei
Objective: The purpose of this research is to observe the influence of Yanlingdan prescription on the apoptosis protein Fas/FasL expression of ovarian granular cells in mice with autoimmune premature ovarian failure and investigate the mechanism of this prescription in the treatment of premature ovarian...
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Structure Design of Pure Electric Car

Li Xiao-Yun, Chiu Yi-Jui, Sun Ke-Ke, Li Sheng-Bo, Sun Ze-Liang
This paper used SolidWorks to design pure electric car structure, and interfaced into the ANSYS through the graphical data conversion. The finite element model of the vehicle is generated by grid division. The finite element analysis of the vehicle body is carried out. The strength and stiffness characteristics...
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Structure Improvement and Optimization of Spool Valve Throttling Grooves of the Multi- way valve

Xu Liping, Ma Haoyi, Cai Liujin
Slide valve spool throttling grooves play a very important role for the working performance of multi-way valve. In order to solve some problems such as serious pressure loss and excessive operating force of hands, when multi-way valve is in working. An improved scheme of new type throttling grooves is...
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Study on the Effects of China-Georgia FTA on Economics, Trade and Industries Based on the Strategy of "One Belt and One Road"

Yang Fan
Based on the GTAP model, this paper is aimed to analyze the effect of China - Georgia FTA on economics, trade and industry respects of these two countries with capital accumulation model and technological progress effect. Study found that: first, China - Georgia FTA positively promotes the two countries'...
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An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Farmers' Wage Income in Heilongjiang Province

Lou Sha
China's food security issue is related to national security. The quality of farmers' life is related to the orderly advancement of grain production. As a food province, Heilongjiang promotes farmers' income growth which is always the most important issue of all work. Farmers' wage income has become the...
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A Study on The EW Effectiveness Evaluation Based on Full Pulse Information Extraction

Li Wenpeng, Yuan Jianwei, Liu Guangjian, Du Yaqing
Problem: With the evolving and rapid development of information warfare, how to effectively use of electronic warfare equipment, give full play to our capacity, has become the focus of common concern. In the course of the actual confrontation, the opponents of electronic countermeasures are often hidden...
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Exploration on Educational Mechanism of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Colleges and Universities

Wu Xiaoxia, Yu Yanmin
It is the advantage of vocational colleges and universities to participate in the innovation and entrepreneurship activities, but there are also some problems such as atmosphere construction, curriculum design, practical ability and teaching level. In order to solve the problems and promote the transformation...
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Construction Of Development Index Of Retail In China-- Based On The Evidence Of 95 Listed Companies In 2011-2015

Zhang Xing
This paper uses the panel data of China's Retail Listed Companies in 2011-2015 years, and uses the principal component analysis to build development index of retail in China. The results show that: firstly, the development index of Listed Companies in retail is the trend of decline in the 2011-2014 years,...
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A Study on the Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for University Students in Jilin Province

Lv Lin, Ou Xijun
A survey was made of the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education for the students in general universities in Jilin Province. Through a comparison with that of similar universities in other provinces, some problems and defects were found out together with relevant strategies for optimization....
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Advice on Effective Teaching Design based on BOPPPS Model

Gong Lijing, Ma Cheng, Zhang Jian, Lv JinKai, Wang Yu
The BOPPPS model consists of six elements, including bridge in, learning objective, pre-test, participatory learning, post-assessment and summary. For the implementation of BOPPPS model can have a better teaching effect, authors suggested that pay attention to after class, flexible use of various teaching...
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Security Check Model Based on Queuing Theory

Yang Mengyao
Nowadays, airlines are committed to minimize inconvenience in security while maximize security for passengers. In this paper we develop a convenient security engineering model to identify bottleneck in security, proposing proposals to improve to great extent from perspective of optimization of checkpoint...
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Study on the Application of O2O Mode in the Development of Garment Enterprises in Jilin Province

Zhang Jiaxin
In recent years, with the rise of e-commerce, many local brands clothing enterprises operating dismal, revenue is declining, especially the entity clothing store is facing high inventory, high cost problems. How to look for the next round of breakthroughs? Many clothing enterprises have turned their...
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Study on Regional Cultural Soft Power and Its Translation

Cao Runxia
National culture can enhance the country's cultural strength and penetrate into the country's economy, culture and politics. A good tradition of national culture can strengthen the country's international competitiveness. Chinese vast territory, diverse landforms and geographic spatial communication...
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Research on the Teaching Mode Reform of Power Electronic Technology Course under the Excellent Project

Xin Ping, Xue Jian, Zhu He
The reform and research of the teaching model are based on the training program for excellent engineers and the course of power electronic technology. The purpose of the reform is to enhance students' creativity and practical ability, get rid of the confinement of the traditional teaching mode, and highlight...
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Preparation and Corrosion Resistance of Biodegradable PDLLA-Mg-1.0Ca-ZnP Composite Material

Huang Meina, Yang Shuiwen
Objective: Preparation of the novel material for bone repair. Methods: PDLLA coating method was used. Results:The PDLLA-Mg-1.0Ca-ZnP composite material was prepared by using both PDLLA coating and the phosphate coating (recorded ZnP), and the corrosion resistance of PDLLA-Mg-1.0Ca-ZnP were tested. Conclusion:...
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Survey of Attacks and Defenses on Stack-based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Wang Wei
With the rapid development of computer and related information technologies, risks associated with computer system are increasingly rampant[1]. And buffer overflow vulnerability is still the primary mean used by many hackers to attack soft application especially developed in unsafe programming languages...
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Analysis of Nonlinear Phenomena in Industry University Research Cooperation Innovation System

Jiang Wei
This paper analyzed nonlinear phenomena in industry university research cooperation innovation system. It was pointed out that the industry university cooperative innovation system has nonlinear phenomena and the cooperative innovation behavior is a complex dynamic system. The cooperative innovation...
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On the Innovative Elements of Cowboy Clothing

Qiao Nan
Through the analysis of the development process of cowboy clothing, the paper studies the innovation perspective and characteristics of cowboy clothing. A comprehensive, in-depth, stereoscopic analysis and combing of the main innovative elements of cowboy clothing are carried out, especially the fabric....
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Translation of Chinese Traditional Cultural Elements from the Perspective of Ecological Translatology

Nie Jingsi
In the translation between Chinese and English, it is a relatively difficult part to translate Chinese traditional elements, so it must have a comprehensive and perfect translation system. In recent years, the translation of traditional Chinese cultural elements from the perspective of ecological translatology...
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Meshing Performance Analysis of Spiral Bevel Gears Based on Assembly Misalignment

Xia Hepeng, Deng Xiaozhong, Xu Aijun
The influence of different assembly misalignment on the meshing performance of spiral bevel gears was studied. Based on the principle of local synthesis, the meshing model of spiral bevel gears is established. The tooth contact analysis of spiral bevel gears is introduced. Taking a pair of spiral bevel...
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Research on Inspection and Grade Evaluation of Product Quality Based on Fuzzy Mathematics

Sun Yanhong, Liang Kun, Gao Xinxin
Based on the switching power supply as an example, through the establishment of evaluation index system of switching power supply quality, the weight coefficient of each evaluating indicator is given by experts using the cycle calculation method and the direct digitization method as the basis for quality...
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Research on Smart Jiujiang by Internet of Things

Liang Ningli
Smart city is a concentrated expression about the urban sustainable development and a new mode of contemporary urban development which providing a more high-efficient and flexible strategic support for urban governance. It is based on the comprehensive application of Internet of Things and the large...
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Parallel Corpus, Translation Studies and Translation Teaching

Bai Jingang
Based on the study of the literature review, this paper discusses the investigation of the parallel corpus to the universals of translation, the norm of the translation and the style of the translator as well as how the teaching and learning material can be obtained, translation model be testified using...
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An Analysis on the Electronic Technology Teaching and the Cultivation of Students' Innovative Ability

Xu Renbo, Li Jinfeng, Zou Youhui
At present, the demands for high-quality and innovative talents are becoming stronger and stronger, and the innovative consciousness in cultivating students is becoming the inevitable requirement in teaching. This paper studies some measures to promote the development of students' innovative thinking...
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Preparation and Characterization of the Polyurethane-Chitinous Composite Packaging Film

Huang Meina, Yang Shuiwen
Objective: Preparation of the novel material for biodegradable plastic packing. Methods: Copolymerization of polyurethane and chitinous is used for preparation the composite packaging films. Results: The copolymers of Polyurethane-Chitinous was prepared with Screw extrusion method. Moreover, the oil...
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An Empirical Study on Influence of Flipped Classroom on College English Listening and Speaking Classroom Environment

Fang Qinghua, Jiang Jiabei
The study investigates influence of flipped classroom pedagogy on College English Listening and Speaking classroom environment, focusing on class difference as well as individual difference in students' perception of CELS classroom environment. Quantitative and qualitative analyses show that flipped...
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Explore the Integration of Cost Leadership Strategy and Differentiation Strategy

Geng An, Chen Lifen
Cost-leading strategies and differentiation strategies have their own characteristics and scope of application. However, with the change of modern production management mode and the development of information network technology in the information economy era, a single competitive strategy can not get...
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Urban Economic Development and Multinational Corporations in Western City of China under Globalization

Cao Yingyi, Ma Haiying
The analysis of the relationship between urban economic development and multinational corporations in western China shows that: investment for multinational corporations in western region is dominated by southwest cities, that cities in Guangxi take up the highest proportion, whereas amounts for foreign...
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The Research on the Singing Voice Timbre of the Eastern Yugur Traditional Folk Songs

Lyu Shiliang
The Yugur folk songs with distinctive ethnic characteristics. Traditional folk songs retain more features of minority folk songs, and have important research value and cultural value. The eastern folk songs due to historical and geographical factors, and in the process of language integration, with the...
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Theoretical Analysis of the Relationship between Technological Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection

Feng Jiahui
Based on the theoretical perspective, this paper examines the relationship between intellectual property protection and technological innovation in developing countries or regions. Based on the technology spillover under closed economy, this paper constructs a Cournot competition model based on sub-game...
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Research on Energy-saving Control of Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

Bai Lei
The energy-saving optimization of three-phase asynchronous motor is studied in this paper through the analyses of its working principle and structure. Via a three-phase AC regulator of neutral line-free star connection, six thyristors VT1 and VT2, VT3 and VT4, and VT5 and VT6 of the regulating model...
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A Test Suite Generation Method for Component Interaction Testing

Li Liangming
Composition technology is the key factor of component based software development. Assembling component models to derive interaction test cases is a common way of component interaction testing; however, one of the consequences is the difficulty to test different component models sufficiently and the other...
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Application in the Teaching of Principal Component Analysis

Ren Xueli, Dai Yubiao
The classroom is the main ways for students to obtain knowledge, there are a lot of curriculum knowledge points and complicated, so it is difficult for students that are required to master all the knowledge. In order to improve the learning effect, the knowledge points should be distinguished to the...
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Applied Research of Krashen's Language Monitoring Model Theory in College English Listening Teaching

Sheng Dongmei
The aim of this study is to search for the best teaching method to improve the college students' listening ability. This paper presents an analysis of the theory of Krashen's language monitoring model theory .This theory shows that inputting plays an important role in the process of listening. This paper...
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Prediction of Surface Roughness for HSM Based on BP Neural Network

Chen Ying, Sun Yanhong, Yang Zhengwen, Wu Guangdong
A predictive model is presented for the surface roughness in high-speed milling of P1.2738 (plastic die steel)based on BP Neural network. The data for establishing the model is derived from the experiment conducted on a high-speed 5-axis machining center by factorial design of experiments. Compared with...
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Construction of Archives Culture and Development of Archives Information Resources

Li Qun
The value of archives is very valuable, because it records a lot of data, and the high degree of real data, and more importantly, archives resource has very high cultural value. The rational use of cultural resources of archives in the process of social development, can promote the cultural resources...
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Study on the Cultivation Strategy of Anglo-American Culture in College English Teaching

Xu Rui
The training strategies and methods of English teaching in the university and junior-high school stages are dissimilar. In college education, students usually ignore the study of Anglo-American culture. Lacking knowledge of this part easily leads to the barriers of cultural feelings and misunderstanding...
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An Empirical Study on the Linkage Effect between Shanghai Composite Index and Standard & Poor's 500 Index

Luo Lingyun, Li Chenggang, Hu Jue
In this paper, we use the R language to establish the VAR model, select the daily data of the Shanghai Composite Index and the S & P 500 index from April 5, 2012 to December 24, 2016, and analyze the linkage effect between the two indices through the impulse response and variance decomposition function....
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Research on the Influence of the Circulation Industry and Economic Growth Based on Grey Relational Analysis

Wang Qiuying, Zhao Dehai
The effects of circulation industry and economic growth has always been an important content of current academic research, This article is based on the 2007-2016 10 years data using the grey correlation analysis of affecting the three industries of national economy growth and has carried on the empirical...
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Reconstructing the New Concept of Football Education in Colleges

Luo Shuaicheng, Zhou Xiaomin
Football sport, as a sport event with a long history, has been popular with the masses of Chinese by virtue of its passion and teamwork characteristics. Especially during the football sports development and football training practice, it has obtained the experience of football construction and detailed...
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Nuclear Fission in Fast Breeder Reactors and Its Economic Outlook

Wang Zhanbo
This study specifically analyzes the economic viability of nuclear fission fast breeder reactors. Through the collection of large amounts of data and field surveys. We choose a city in the United States to try to make a viable solution to analyze its economic benefits. The higher safety requirements...
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Discussion on the Innovation of Traditional Graphic Art in the Hakka Culture

Liu Wei
In the national culture, the Hakka culture is an important part of our country's pluralistic national culture, and has unique connotation and spirit. the traditional graphics as a visual element in Hakka culture has distinctive personality and unique style. Hakka traditional graphics is derived from...
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Research on Security and Protection of Users' Privacy Information in Mobile Social Network

He Wen, Huang Tao
With the rapid development of mobile network technology and the popularity of intelligent terminals, the scale of mobile social network users continue to increase, making personal information security and privacy protection as mobile social network users generally concerned. This paper gives a simple...
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Research and Practice on Digitization Construction of University Archives

Zhang Ying
The digital construction of archives in colleges and universities is the main body of archival building and development in the 21st century, which is an important part of the construction of "digital campus". This paper clarifies the significance of the digital construction of archives in colleges and...
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On the Compilation and Construction of Campus Culture of University Archives

Li Qun
Archives compilation is an important service of Higher Vocational Colleges archives department. The archives compilation work quality and level directly reflects the archives service quality and scientific level, this work also in spreading and promoting campus culture plays a crucial role in the [1]....
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Correlation Analysis between Gender and Different Anxiety Dimension and CET4 Scores

Song Yongyan
In order to understand the relationship between gender and different anxiety dimension of foreign language learning, CET4 total scores and the scores of the three skills (listening, reading and writing), a random sample of 196 sophomores were investigated on each anxiety dimension of foreign language...
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Research on the Evaluation of Emergency Logistics under Emergency Management System

Zhang Naiping, Wang Xinjie
In view of the current domestic emergency logistics research direction is relatively simple and practical this paper tries to make the emergency logistics be included in the dynamic research of the emergency management system. Analyzes the key influencing factors of the emergency logistics by Combination...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of College Students' Job Satisfaction

Lu Haochuan
A umber of college graduates increased year by year and the employment pressure is increasing. Through the literature analysis, the factors affecting the job satisfaction of college graduates is divided into three dimensions: family social capital, human capital and school support. This paper design...
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Thoughts on the Study of Dance Education at Brigham Young University

Tan Bo
Brigham Young University is a comprehensive university class church, its artistic concept of education leading reputation in the art world. Through exchanges with American universities, I found multiple effects in different embodiments, as well as different educational concepts and teaching methods proper...
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Research on Intelligent Tourism Application Based on Big Data

Dai Zhiqiang, Xiang Changguo
With the development of cloud computing and big data, technology has entered the era of big data, big data mining and intelligent applications are the hot spots of current scientific and technological research. This paper describes the background, features of big data development etc., combines the characteristics...
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The Effect of CPA and Urea Distribution on Growth of Banana Seedling Stage and Fate of Nitrogen

Huang Lina, Xu Wei, Cheng Shimin, Zhao Zhiru, Wei Shouxing
Using pot experiment, study the L size crosslinked polyacrylamide (L - CPA) and urea with way of banana seedling growth and nitrogen absorption, leaching, residue, apparent loss of n to the influence of reasonable L - CPA in banana seedling stage. The results showed that in the banana seedling stage...
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Research on Collision Detection in 3D Games

Ye Li-na
This paper first introduces the basic principle of collision detection and collision of several commonly used detection method, and make comparison of them, and point out the advantages and disadvantages, finally put forward a fast collision detection algorithm based on optimal bounding sphere, and on...