Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education, Management and Computing Technology

656 authors
Zhang, Zhuru
Comparative Analysis of Character of Mineral Deposit between High-grade Scandium and Anatase Ore Deposit in Qinglong Shazi and Laterite Gold Deposit in Western Guizhou, China
Zhao, Chenchen
Carbon Footprint Analysis and Reductive Project Evaluation of Iron-making Enterprise Based on LCA
Zhao, Chenchen
Environmental Impact Analysis of Wastewater Treatment Process Based on Life Cycle Assessment
Zhao, Guixin
Research on Teaching Strategies of Deep Learning based on the Mobile Internet
Zhao, Hongxia
Research on the Structure of College Students’ Network Participation under the Background of Informationization
Zhao, Hui-Min
Application of task-based teaching mode in college English teaching
Zhao, Huizhou
The Practice and Thinking of the Flipped Classroom Model in the E-Commerce Course
Zhao, Jichang
Research on Safety Protection of Oil Depot Diversion Tunnel
Zhao, Jie
Study on Spatial Distribution Feature of Industry Population of Taiyuan from 1990
Zhao, Jun
Research on Cultivation Platform Construction of Financial IT Outsourcing Talents
Zhao, Lishuang
Research on Methodology in Acquisition of College Data Structure Course
Zhao, Pai-hang
The Analysis of the Current Situation and Development Prospect of Bolt Pretension
Zhao, Wei
Research on Strategies for Promoting Reform of English Translation Teaching in Colleges and Universities
Zhao, Xinyuan
The layered water injection research of thin oil zones of Xing Shu Gang oil field
Zhao, Yang
The Improvement of CRM in Social Networking: A Case Study of Alibaba & Sina
Zhao, Ying
Research for Accident Decision Making Method of Water Supply Network Based on Case Reasoning
Zhao, Yong bin
On Muscle CCO Intermittent Hypoxic Training
Zhao, Yuling
A new approach for event study of private placement announcement effect: Evidence from China
Zheng, Hongbo
Research of Oil Spill Response Technology
Zheng, Jianyu
Improvement Research on Computer Assistant Proverb Translation
Zheng, Ke
The Entrepreneurial Learning Process And Influential Factors of Entrepreneurs in Business Model Construction
Zheng, Liguo
Implementation of PE Teaching Method under Innovative Educational Concept
Zheng, Liguo
Issues and Countermeasures of Microblog Sports Event Communication
Zheng, Shiyong
Design and Implementation of Supermarket Personnel Management System Based On Java
Zheng, Wei
Transformation of Marketing Mode of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in New Media Age
Zheng, Yanlin
On the Practice of ‘Algorithm Analysis and Design’ Course Based on Blackboard Platform
Zheng, Yanlin
A Conceptual Design Framework for Big Data Based Learning Analysis
Zheng, Yanling
On the Teaching Technical Innovation for Multimedia -Based Engineering “Method of Mathematical Physics”
Zhi, Xiuli
Research on Socialist Core Value Education for Art-majored College Students
Zhong, Weiyu
Analysis on Vegetable Logistics Cost under Perspective of Optimizing Supply China
Zhong, Weiyu
Development Mode of Cold-chain Logistics of Guangxi Agricultural Products and Innovation Strategies
Zhou, Dan
An Investigation of Freshmen’ Attitudes Toward Their Native and Nonnative English Teachers
Zhou, Jianru
C and C + + Language Application Similarity Analysis
Zhou, Jie
Discussion of Government Behavior Problem in Human Resources Market
Zhou, Jie
Research on Issues and Countermeasures of Urban-rural Endowment Insurance Integration
Zhou, Wanyi
A Brief Analysis of Opportunities and Challenges for Accounting Personnel in the Big Data Era
Zhou, Xuanwei
Necessary Optimality Condition for Vector Optimization Problems in Infinite-dimensional Linear Spaces
Zhou, Yanjie
A Novel Role-Based-Access-Control(RBAC) Framework and Application
Zhou, Yanjie
Role-Based-Access-Control: A Novel Approach
Zhou, Yanli
The Application of Image Elements in the Clothing Store Display
Zhu, Junfang
Investigation of the casualties of terrorism events in Columbia
Zhu, Junwu
Research Design of Intelligent Tourist Guide System and Development of APP
Zhu, Qiang
Design and Implementation of Supermarket Personnel Management System Based On Java
Zhu, Qing
Foreign Language Teaching Relying on Literary Text
Zhu, Qingjie
The Method of Internet Sharing for Innovation Experiment in Engineering Education
Zhu, Xiaowei
The Design of Multimedia Interactive Courseware Based on FLASH
Zhu, Yushuang
The Effect of Mineral Composition for Diagenesis and Reservoir Physical Property of Ordos Basin-in Case of Chang 7 Reservoir in Jiyuan Area
Zhu, Yushuang
Research on Computer-Aided Second Language Learning (CALL) and the Role of Teachers
Zhuang, Guzhang
Research on Collecting Copper from Chalcopyrite by Flotation in Yunnan
Zhuang, Liangting
Layer-by-layer Assembled Multilayer Membrane with Controllable Amount of Growth Factors for Osteogenic Differentiation
Zou, Caixia
Business Methods Patent Justifiability Exploration based on Philosophy Perspective of Intellectual Property Rights
Zou, Kui
Examining the willingness, reasons, features and for people to “escape” from Beijing
Zuo, Baoxia
The Standardization of the Translation of “Action and Indications” in the Traditional Chinese Patent Medicine Instruction
Zuo, Min
Knowledge Management in the Cultivation of Science and Technology Persons
Zuo, Min
Taobao Shop Credit Evaluation Model Based on BP Neural Network
Zuo, Weiwei
Study on Construction Science & Technology Development using AHP-SWOT Method