Proceedings of the 2022 7th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2022)

1082 authors
Zhao, Jiayi
Analysis of the Rise and Fall of Pork Prices and Prediction of the Future Pork Market
Zhao, Keyi.
Industrial Heritage Tourism Sustainable Development
Zhao, Minzhu
Research for the Stock Performance of Toyota Industries Group with Multiple Valuations
Zhao, Qiaotong
House Price Prediction Based on Machine Learning: A Case of King County
Zhao, Shanhui
Influencing Factors of Investment for Companies
Zhao, ShuWen
Study on the Development of the Marine Aquatic Sector under COVID-19 Epidemic - The Case of Korea
Zhao, Shunqin
Managing Intangible Resources
Zhao, Shuwen
Study on the Development Plan of Cruise Tourism in Sanya Phoenix Island in Hainan area
Zhao, Shuwen
A Study on the Inspiration of China’s “Blue Carbon Ecosystem” for the Development of Coastal Areas in Korea
Zhao, Shuya
Explore the Reasons for Coca-Cola’s High-profit Margins
Zhao, Weixi
A Summary Report on the Government’s Strategy for Economic Recovery During the COVID-19 Period
Zhao, Wenye
Research on the Correlation of Green Bond Market
Zhao, Xiaochen
Research Proposals on the Reform of Real Estate Tax in China
Zhao, Xiaoning
Distinction of COVID-19 and Analysis on Symptoms and Hospitalization Time
Zhao, Xiaoyang
Strategies for Hotels During Crises: Covid-19
Zhao, Xingkai
An Empirical Study on the Relationship between American Stock Market and Exchange Rate under the COVID-19
Zhao, Xinrui
The Analysis of Three Main Investment Criteria: NPV IRR and Payback Period
Zhao, Yuchen
The Commodity Price Fluctuations Triggered by Political Issues
Zhao, Yue
The Impact of the Epidemic on E-commerce Industry
Zhao, Yufei
Impacts and Solutions of COVID-19 Pandemic on Logistics Industry
Zhao, Yuquan
Compare the Differences Between Overseas Payment Platforms and Domestic Third Party
Zhao, Zening
Does Drinking Truly Cut Down Individual Income?
Zhen, Zhang
Analysis and Evaluation of Railway Accounting Information System
Zheng, Caizhe
Research on China’s Income Gap
Zheng, Chen
Research on the Causes of Nintendo Switch Shortage during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Zheng, Haotian
Customer Preferences on Delivery based on Data Analysis
Zheng, Siqi
Whether Cryptocurrency is a Tool of Investment?
Zheng, Xilin
Application and Comparison of NPV and IRR Methods in the Company Investment Decision
Zheng, Xinyi
The Deal Between Amazon and MGM: How Does This Deal Assist the Development of Amazon in the media stream?
Zheng, Yang
How Does Live Stream Promote Current Economic Development in China?
Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of the Development of Xiamen Sports Industry
Zhi-li, Bi
Research on Accounting Treatment and Report of Data Assets in Universities
Zhihong, Pan
Evaluation of Highland Barley Industry Development Level in Qinghai Province
Zhong, Hanqiu
The Relationship Between Culture and Entrepreneurship
Zhong, Wenxi
Risk Management Strategy in IPO Activity
Zhong, Xiaoyuqian
Machine Learning-based Models for House Price Prediction in Provincial Administrative Regions of China
Zhong, Yinghua
Review on Digital Currency
Zhou, Chujun
The Forecasting Ability of the Chinese Stock Market and the U.S. Stock Market on Each Other
Zhou, Erheng
Effect of Financial Reporting Quality on the Cost of Capital and Investment in China
Zhou, Haitao
Zhejiang’s Advantages, Challenges and Countermeasures for Its Development of the Industries of the Future
Zhou, Jia
An Empirical Study on the Equity Nature, Ownership Structure and Corporate Performance of Mixed Ownership Enterprises
Zhou, Ping
Problems in Implementing Theoretical Concepts in Practical Accounting
Zhou, Qianwei
The Value of Talent Show to Business—Take Youth With You Series as an Example
Zhou, Qifeng
Constructing the Meaning of Martial Arts Situationalization in the Context of Internet + Sports
Zhou, Qijia
An Insight into How Companies’ Structures are Influenced by Domestic Environments
Zhou, Qiping
Warehouse Club in China Retail Market Development Status Analysis and Improvement
Zhou, Shuyan
A Systematic Literature Review on the Traditional NPV Model and Its Improved Versions
Zhou, Yingqing
Chinese High-tech SMEs and IPOs in STAR
Zhou, Yuchen
Comparison and Analysis of Machine Learning Models to Predict Hotel Booking Cancellation
Zhou, Zhe
Dynamic Connectedness Between Cryptocurrencies, Gold, U.S. Dollar Index, and Oil During COVID-19
Zhou, Zhiyu
Research on Supply Chain Finance Driven by Blockchain
Zhou, Zihan
Analysis of the Development and Trend of Liquor Industry in China
Zhu, Haoyuan
Explanation for Real Estate Speculative Bubbles Using Game Theory
Zhu, Haoze
Dynamic Impacts of RMB Exchange Rate on Chinese Real Estate Sector Index
Zhu, Jiamin
The Effect of Psychological Safety on Innovation Behavior: A Meta-Analysis
Zhu, Jingyi
Strategies for Hotels During Crises: Covid-19
Zhu, Linhui
Solutions from BITS, RTAs and MIAs for the Current Issues Involving in the International Investment Law
Zhu, Ningxiu
Hybird Work Startup Under Covid-19
Zhu, Sichen
Are Value Stocks Still Valuable: A Study of Value Strategy using Stock Data from 1999 to 2020
Zhu, Wenyu
Information Spillover Effect Changes of Major Financial Markets: Evidence from the 2015 Chinese Stock Market Crash
Zhu, Xingkai
Case Analysis: The Acquisition of Alibaba and Yahoo China
Zhu, Xiyang
Research on Financing Issues in Early Venture Capital Stage of Chinese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Field of High-tech Innovation
Zhu, Yan
Has GameStop Phenomenon Violated the Efficient Market Hypothesis? Verified with T-Test
Zhu, Yiming
Research on the Factors Affecting Stock Price Volatility
Zhu, Yiqian
International Disputes of the IMF: A Review
Zhu, Zhanwen
The Effect of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the Stock Performances of Hospitality and Airline Industries
Zhu, Zhejun
The Positions in Soccer and Marketing and Globalization of Soccer in the World
Zhu, Zhixuan
The Relationship Between Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management
Zhu, Zian
Standard Option and Power Option of Amazon.Inc and Aensitivity Analysis
Zhuang, Qiyuan
The Research About the Win-win Based on the Acquisition Model
Zihan, Teng
Research on Industrial Transformation from the Perspective of “Double Cycle”
Zou, Chuyun
Can Portfolio Investment Outperform Individual Stocks in Internet Content and Information Industry in Hong Kong Stock Market?
Zou, Jiahua
Exploring Arbitrage Opportunities between the BTC Spot and Futures Market based on Funding Rates Mechanism
Zou, Lukuan
Incorporating History into Innovation: A Case Study of LEGO
Zou, Tianyu
Application and Commercial Extension of Game Theory in Strategy games
Zou, Weiye
Whether Cryptocurrency is a Tool of Investment?
Zou, Xinyue
The Impact of China’s New Energy Vehicles on the Realization of Carbon “Zero-emission” and Future Trend Analysis
Zou, Yunzhenhong
The Research of the Relationship between Taoist Thought and Management
Zuo, Anqi
A Systematic Review of the Significance of the Development of Fisher’s Model in Financial Analysis
Zuo, Jincheng
Predicting Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Economy Based on Hybrid Model
Zuo, Yuxuan
Research on Motivation of New Generation Knowledge Employees -- A Study of Huawei Company in China
jian, Liu
Based on the Concert of “Two Mountains theory”, the Development Mode and Path of Ecological Sports Tourism in Southwest China are Analyzed