Proceedings of the International Conference on Learning Innovation (ICLI 2017)

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Developing Technologically Responsive Reflective Learning Model for Z Generation Learners

Endah Tri Priyatni, Siti Cholisotul Hamiah, Pidekso Adi
Z Generation is a generation born and grows up with the internet. Generation Z requires a learning model that is more than traditional learning. This study aims to develop a learning model for the Z-generation learners, which is called Technologically Responsive Reflective Learning. There are two main...
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Experience of Nursing Diploma Student Learning NCLEX through Distance Learning

Arina Qona'ah
NCLEX is a competency test for a nurse who wants to get a license as a professional nursing. NCLEX measures the ability of a nurse safely and effectively nursing. In nursing diploma institution, there is no material which discusses NCLEX. Therefore, this institution needs to prepare the students by following...
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Developing Scientific Thinking Through Inquiry Learning

Ika Andrini Farida, Dewi Retno Suminar, Nur Ainy Fardhana Nawangsari
Scientific thinking is defined as knowledge seeking. For knowledge to be acquired, students need to master inquiry skills, or the capability to design experiments and to obtain evidence. Inquiry learning facilitates students to develop scientific thinking. The researchers have different views of how...
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The Effectiveness of Integrating Local Potential on Science Process Skills and Conceptual Understanding

Insih Wilujeng, I.G.P. Suryadarma
This research aimed to find out the influence of the integration of local potential into natural science on the science process skills and the students' mastery of natural science concepts simultaneously. This research was a quasi-experiment research with non-equivalent control group design. The population...
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Creativepreneurship Spirit For Students As Prospective Advertisers

Mr Pujiyanto, Robby Hidayat, Mr Sumarwahyudi
This study was based on a self-evaluation of Visual Communication Design Study Program in the State University of Malang in whichlately the students prefer to take working thesis (skripsi kekaryaan) rather than assessment thesis. Most of the students who took the working thesis usually only made a product,...
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Competency Development of Civil State Apparatus in Term of Human Resource Management

Sintha Wahjusaputri, Somariah Fitriani
The reform of public management will in turn affect the demands of qualifications or competence of Human Resources within the government institutions. In this case, the human resource development of civil servants in the public sector must be directed to the arrangement of competence in accordance with...
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An Analyis of Student's Academic Fraud Behavior

Mr Muhsin, Mr Kardoyo, Sandy Arief, Ahmad Nurkhin, Hengky Pramusinto
This paper is intended to re-examine and analyze the student's academic fraud behavior in the perspective of fraud diamond. The research method used was quantitative research with the design of causality test to analyze the factors that influence the student's academic fraud behavior. The populations...
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1 Hour Q-Time as a Preventive Effort of Juvenile Delinquencies to Prepare the Golden Generation of Indonesia 2045

Shovi Maryam, Fathiyatul Ummah, Ahmad Munjin, Ahmad Faris
The current major problem faced by young people in Indonesia is juvenile delinquencies which increase every year. There are some factors behind these problems, such as broken home and mainly lack of parents' control. This scientific paper aims to describe the idea of creating a new innovative program...
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Influence of Discovery Learning-Based Empirical-Theoritical Study Assisted by Animation Phet on the Physics Problem-Solving in High School

Mr Wartono, John Rafafy Batlolona, Mr Sholikhan, Choirul Huda
The purpose of this study is to find the influence of discovery learning-based on an empirical-theoretical study with assistance Phet animation of the physic problem-solving in high school. The methodology used was a quasi-experiment with the pretest-posttest control group design. The technique of the...
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Blended Learning Method in a Sports School

Sapto Adi, Imam Hariadi, Moh. Fathur Rohman, Desi Ariwinanti
Sportsschool has different learning characteristics compared to the general schools. The learning activities in sports school are less than an ordinary student has. Therefore, it is needed to be more focused. Currently, the students at the sports school have not been supported by learning technology...
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Implementation of Diploma Supplement Certificate in Higher Education

Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti, Nurul Aini, Sri Eko Puji Rahayu
The Rule of the Ministry of Education and Culture number 49 of 2014 on national education standards article 24 verse 5 mentions that the college students who are deemed to graduate, have a right to receive qualifications, degree or appellation, official statements and a companion qualification (diploma...
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Verbal Tradition as a Cultural Power in Building Civilization

Nur Hadi
Tengger community shows a social phenomenon that is strongly influenced by verbal tradition. Their condition, which is in an intersection, between the desire to preserve tradition and change direction into modernization, needs to get a deep and critical appreciation. This research was conducted by using...
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The Use of ITCs on Counselors to Enhance Professionalism: a Preliminary Study

Carolina L. Radjah, Adi Atmoko, Irene Maya Simon
The purpose of this study wass to examine the usage of ITCs by a counselor. This study conducted a survey method to gather the data from five cities in Indonesia, among of them are Malang, Kupang, Ponorogo, Manado, and Palangkaraya. The participants of this study were the counselors that consisted of...
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Sports Access Learning (SAL) to Promote Self-Regulated Learning: a Need Analysis

Wasis Djoko Dwiyogo, Mr Supriyadi, Sapto Adi
This study aimed to capture the need analysis of sports access learning (SAL) in to promote self-regulated learning for sports education students. The participants of this survey were 89 students of bachelor degree and master degree of sports education at the State University of Malang. This study was...
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E-Science Indonesia: Innovation, Integration, and Utilization: Explanatory Study members in Central Java: Muria Kudus University, Islamic University of Nahdlatul Ulama Jepara, and Institute of Health Science PKU Muhammadiyah Solo

Albertoes Pramoekti Narendra
This study discusses E-science Indonesia One Search related to integration, innovation, and utilization for its users. Indonesia One Search is one of the open scientific databases that contains various works of both books and research reports from various universities and the community. The method used...
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Research Trends in Integrating Tablet Computers with Learning in Primary Education

Puri Selfi Cholifah
This study aimed to explore several studies to map their trends in the integration of mobile and tablet computer with learning in primary education. As many as eleven studies that had been undertaken from 2013 to 2017 were identified to conduct this simple meta-synthesis research. The research findings...
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Comparison of Environmental Science Learning Outcomes Using Research-Based Learning for Biology Students

Mr Sueb
The use of research-based learning in environmental science course has been done since a long time ago. Research-based learning enforced students to conduct group research based on their topic. The purpose of the research is to identify the outcomes of environmental science learning via research-based...
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The Utilization of Wonorejo Mangrove Ecotourism Area as a Contextual Learning Source

Sri Murtini, Mrs Sumarmi, I Komang Astina, Dwiyono Utomo
Wonorejo ecotourism area has not yet been utilized as a learning source. Regarding to this fact, this study was intended at investigating the suitability of Wonorejo ecotourism area as a learning source, and the effectiveness of Wonorejo ecotourism area as a learning source. This study was conducted...
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Do We Need to Learn About Human Rights Values?: Jurisprudential Inquiry Model of Teaching in Senior High School

Muhammad Japar, Dini Nur Fadhiillah
This study aimed to collect the data of human rights values through Jurisprudential Inquiry model of Teaching. This model increases the split society, so we need to appreciate the difference values as an effort to have a sense of unity. Education is the beginning of citizen character building through...
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Building Undergraduates' Biological Capabilities through Reconstruction of Life-based Learning Curriculum

Hadi Suwono, Umie Lestari, Betty Lukiati, Sri Rahayu Lestari
21st century biological science is recommended to meet the people's needs in four key areas, namely sustainable food production, environmental protection, renewable energy, and human health improvisation. Indonesia is a country that is rich in biodiversity, as well as high levels of environmental susceptibilities...
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Model of Teaching "Participatory Observation in Islamic Education" to Improve Religious and Social Characters of University Students: a Preliminary Research

Ahmad Munjin Nasih, Achmad Sultoni, Ah. Zakki Fuad
The implementation of Islamic education in Indonesian universities is criticized to be cognitive oriented, conventional, and to give less attention to moral issues of students. The research aimed to describe a teaching model that improves students' religious and social characters called "participatory...
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The Effect of Module Implementation with STAD Cooperative Learning Toward Process Skills in Science and Cognitive Achievement of 8th Grade Students

Yayuk Prihatnawati, Muhdhar Mimien Henie Irawati Al, Mohamad Amin
Teaching and learning using module as a teaching materials at Laboratory Junior High School Universitas Negeri Malang conducted individually and in groups gives heterogeneous cognitive learning outcomes. The one of solution that can be used to overcome these problems is implement the module based on...
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Concept of Life Skills Based-Adult Education for Housewife

Sri Hapsari, Askardiya Mirza Gayatri, Deden Ibnu Aqil
The purpose of this research is to improve the housewife life skills through adult education in the region of Bedahan, West Java. This region has sufficient good human resources so that it can contribute to the rural development in the region. The potential of this human capital should be empowered to...
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Empowering Teachers' Professionalism for Students' Better Learning through Reflective Training: A Theoretical Framework for Sustainable EFL Teacher Professional Development

Gunadi Harry Sulistyo, Sri Rachmajanti, Mr Suharyadi, Siti Muniroh
This paper aims at proposing a theoretical framework for a training platform developed for English language teacher professional development in the context of Indonesia. This proposed frameworks motivated by the concern on the existing training practices that tend to thus far have affected on students'...
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Learning Articulation through Scientific Discussion with Social Movement Actors to Improve Learners' Characteristics as Social Change Agents

Mr Waskito
This article aims to explore learning articulation as a part of learning culture through scientific discussion with social movement actors that can improve the learner characteristics as a social change agent. This study uses a qualitative approach from the articulation theory perspective. The data collection...
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Application of Bloomian and Marzanoian Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Physics Learning Assessment: an Inevitability

Edi Istiyono, Wipsar Sunu Brams Dwandaru, Intan Megawati, Mr Ermansah
Assessment in learning is perceived to be effective when it can measure the abilitis of students. Assessment in the 21st century emphasizes more on the realm of high-level abilitis. The objectives of this study were i) comparing Bloomian and Marizanoian higher order thinking skills (HOTS) in terms of...
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Effectiveness of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) to Improve Students Achievement and Students' Self-Efficacy in Cognitive Psychology Course

Hazhira Qudsyi, Hariz Enggar Wijaya, Nur Widiasmara
This study aimed to determine whether application of Contextual Teaching and Learning can improve student's achievement and self-efficacy in Cognitive Psychology Course Period 2014-2015. The participants of this study were 230 college students. This study used quasi-experimental design with one group...
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The Effects of Inquiry-Based Learning Strategy on Chemistry Undergraduate Students' Conceptual Understanding and Science Process Skill Achievement in NMR Spectroscopy

Mr Sutrisno, Rini Retnosari, Hayuni Retno Widarti
The purpose of this research was to investigate the effect of IBL strategy on chemistry undergraduate students' conceptual understanding and science process skill achievement in NMR Spectroscopy. This research involved two classes of Determination of Organic Structure course. One of them was chosen randomly...
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Developing Life-Based Speaking Syllabus for Librarians in A Blended Learning Platform

Nur Mukminatien
This paper presents a procedure of developing a Speaking syllabus for librarians designed for a blended learning (BL) platform, a combination between face to face and online format. Considering that the syllabus is designed for developing learners' oral competence, the target speaking skill is directed...
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Influence of Local Wisdom-Based Blended Learning Module for Environmental Geography Towards Problem-Solving Skill

Mrs Sumarmi
The module aims at guiding and directing activities in a learning process as well as helping students in learning and mastering certain competencies. In addition, the module is also a type of assessment tool to evaluate learning achievement. The purpose of the study was to find out the influence of local...
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Improving Children's Love to Local Culture Through Culture-Themed "APE" Puzzle Product

Mr Ponimin
Educational Game Tool (APE) that is used for early childhood in pre-school institution – Kindergarten of Batu City, East Java Province has less local culture theme. It made the early-age children aren't familiar with their own culture. They need local culture-based APE product as a media to boost children's...
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Reading and Writing Skills of Scientific Articles for Undergraduate Students: Benefits and Challenges

Dyah Sunggingwati
This study aims to explore challenges and benefits attained by students when they read scientific articles for their purpose of research outline. Five English education students of the 5th semester in Mulawarman University, Indonesia, participated in this study. They were required to search 12 scientific...
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Implementation of Blended Learning Innovation in Graph Theory Application Course to Face the Education Challenge in the 21st Century

Sapti Wahyuningsih, Darmawan Satyananda, Anusua Ghosh
Facing the education challenges in the 21st century, Indonesia needs resources that have systematic, logical, creative and cooperative problem-solving skills. A learning alternative in constructivist view that can be applied to improve students' activity and creativity is to apply blended learning innovation...
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Determinant of Consumptive Behavior: Study on Accountancy Colleger

Mrs Suparti, Dodik Juliardi, Mohamad Arief Rafsanjani, Henry Praherdhiono
The present study aimed at examining the effect of socio-demography (age, gender, working experience, and academic skill) on financial literacy and students' consumptive behavior. This study was conducted on students of Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economic, Universitas Negeri Malang (State University...
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Religion Education with Beyond the Wall Model to Promote Tolerant Behavior in The Plural Society of Indonesia

Imron Arifin, Aan Fardani Ubaidillah
One of the characteristics of religion education is endeavoring to establish and develop individual piety and social piety. Individual piety is personal, while social piety always pays attention and cares about the social conditions. In social life, school is one of institutions which represents the...
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Open Learning Systems for Learners with Capabilities as Innovators at State University of Malang

Henry Praherdhiono, Mr Sulton, AJE Toen Lioe, Jihad Hammad
Development of learning system in the network with the involvement of Massive Open Online Program (MOOCs) at the State University of Malang, is a priority scale. The open system is the fastest step in developing student's ability to innovate. The study provides an analytical note 1) who the students...
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Developing Geography Learning Model to Strengthen Student Character

Budi Handoyo, Mr Purwanto
Reflecting the people development at the last decade showed that there was a more and more decay of the people moral. The cases of corruption, violence, pornography up to mass cheat on the exam have contaminated the young generation as well as children. The realities raise the new awareness to strengthen...
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Curriculum Model of Capability Development through Transdisciplinary Courses System

Mr Sulton, Eka Pramono Adi, Herawati Susilo
The study was an in depth study on the method of developing the capabilities of learners through professional elements performed in the transdiciplinary system for each course in each study program at State University of Malang. The study was conducted in order to get the whole picture of the capabilities...
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The Use of Blended Learning Model Integrated with Learning Management System in Volleyball Learning Subject in Faculty of Sports Science State University of Malang

M.E. Winarno, Mr Taufik, Nurrul Riyad Fadhli, Dona Sandy Yudasmara
The purpose of this research was to develop volleyball learning product using blended learning model integrated with E-learning of State University of Malang (UM). The research method used was the research and development method (R&D), with the following steps (a) needs analysis, (b) initial product...
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Effect of Activity-Based Learning on Student Learning Achievement in Construction Management

R.M. Sugandi, Mr Suparno, Made Wena, Mr Pribadi, Hasan Ismail
This study aimed to investigate the advantages of using the ABL method incorporating experiential learning in a blended environment over the conventional learning. This research was an experimental research with a 2x2x2 factorial design. The research participants were 56 students obtained using the saturation...
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Teaching Basic Skill of Economic Education University students

Ripho Delzy Perkasa, Dian Shaumia
This research aims to determine and analyze: 1) teaching basic skill of Economic Education University students' UMMY Solok education year of 2013, 2) Improvement of teaching basic skill of Economic Education University students' UMMY Solok after it is given material knowledge of teaching basic skill...
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Reyog Bulkiyo as a Cultural Potential in The Natural Laboratory of Sounthern Slopes Of Kelud Volcano And its Use For Social Studies Learning Based on Environment

Siti Malikhah Towaf, Mr Sukamto
Implementing integrated-contextual teaching and learning based on constructivistic theory is needed in Social Studies Education. This study describes the importance of the Natural laboratory and its cultural potentials such as Reyog Bulkiyo and how to use it in promoting an integrated contextual teaching...
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Production Analysis of Bakso Based on The HACCP Method to Support Food Quality Control Courses

Rina Rifqie Mariana, Laili Hidayati, Soenar Sukopitojo
This research aimed at analyzing the production process of meatballs based on the HACCP method to manage food safety in an integrated manner from raw material selection, raw material storage, material processing, processed material storage, product distribution, and presentation. The research findings...
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The Analysis of the Connection Between the Proportion of Expenditure and Food Consumption and the Food Security of Tengger Ethnic Group's Household and the Education on Indigenous Food

Titi Mutiara Kiranawati, Nunung Nurjanah, Rudi Nurdiansyah, Lismi Animatul Chisbiyah
The purpose of this research is to analyze the food security of female household of Tengger ethnic in Ngadas village of the sub district of Poncokusumo, in the regency of Malang. This research used the method of Descriptive Analysis, which used the method of Case Study or the research that pictures a...
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Investigating Indonesian Teachers' ZAD in the Representation of Fractions

Rustanto Rahardi, Edy Bambang Irawan, Santi Irawati
This article aims to formulate the alternative of coherently integrated steps of learning fractions for elementary schools based on the analysis of subjects' ability. The subjects consist of 33 university students (future elementary school teachers), 29 elementary teachers spread out in Indonesia, and...