Proceedings of the 2018 6th International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Computing Technology (ICMMCT 2018)

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Principle of Indentation-flattening compound deformation technology and application in AZ31 Magnesium Alloy

Zhongtang Wang, Xunan Liu, Jihao Jiang
Indentation-flattening compound deformation technology (IFCDT) is defined, and the characteristics and stress-strain state of IFCDT are analyzed. The mechanism of grain refinement and texture weakened of AZ31 magnesium alloy sheet which deformed by IFCDT is analyzed. The influence law of parameters of...
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Real-time Image Haze Removal Method for Fire Scene Images

Rui Xue, Ming Zhong, Enxuan Zhang, Shasha Zhao, Dengyin Zhang
A large amount of haze in the fire scene greatly affects the survey on the scene for fire fighters. The intelligent fire control can greatly improve the fire rescue efficiency and reduce the casualty rate. In this paper, an algorithm based on the hardware conditions of the intelligent fire helmet platform...
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Research on Platform Lighting Control System Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Ke Han, Shihai Zhao, Yunlan Hu, Xiaoshu Wang, Jiangye Xu
In view of the backward lighting control methods in many domestic railway stations,an automatic lighting control scheme using industrial PC as control core and wireless sensor network to collect illuminance information for feedback control is proposed.The wireless sensor network is designed to achieve...
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Research on Power Supply Method Optimization of PLC Control System

Wulin He
The rapid development of science and technology has provided more efficient ways for the intelligent industrial control management. As one of the popular control systems, PLC control system plays an important role in determining the control of whole power supply system. The stability of power supply...
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Research on Information Service Mode for University Library in Big Data Era

Di Peng
Obtaining useful information from massive data and then feeding useful information back to users, which has become a new trend in the development of library information service in the big data era. University libraries must meet the development trend of big data, integrate information resources of library...
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Design of Music Player Software Based on Android

Xudong Wu
With the development of communications equipment network and computer science, new generation of mobile end-user has higher requirements for the functionality and performance of mobile devices. Because Android intelligent platform occupies the first place in market share with its inherent advantages,...
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Design on Fault Diagnosis Expert System for Railway Signal Equipment

Guangrong Wu
In view of the fact that the fault of railway signal equipment is difficult to diagnose, this paper designs an expert system to simulate human experts to make decisions and improve the science of fault diagnosis. The design includes four aspects: First, a system structure composed of a database, a knowledge...
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Vector Equilibrium Problem in Topological Vector Spaces

Zhiyong Wu
In this paper, the vector equilibrium problem in topological vecror spaces is discussed. By using the well-known Ky Fan section theorem, its existence theorems of solution are proved and the main results of reference [3][4] are generalized.
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Almost periodic solution for a Lotka-Volterra predator-prey system with feedback controls on time scales

Qingshui Liao
By applying the theory of inequality on time scales and the Lyapunov function method, we obtain some sufficient conditions which guarantee the permanence and existence of a unique uniformly asymptotically stable almost periodic sequence solution of a Lotka-Volterra system with feedback controls.
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Research on Wood Chips of Cation Modification and Its Adsorption of Activated Red

Longlei Wang
In this thesis, cationic monomer-grafted wood was prepared by using hard-wood chips with channels that can be used for wastewater treatment. The cationic modified hardwood has the ability to adsorb anionic dye wastewater. The cationic modified wood was used for the adsorption of dye wastes. The paper...
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Promotion Path of Transmission Efficiency of Jingchu Cultural Symbols under the New Media Environment

Yongxia Zhang
The new media, represented by the internet and the mobile Internet, has been showing strong growth in recent years. It has a wide range of influence and has caused great changes in all aspects of social life. In the new media environment, the vigorous development of the cultural and communication industry...
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Research on Stock Index Forecasting Based on Machine Learning

Yanyan Zhuo
Stock price index prediction is an important part of stock investment. Due to the highly nonlinear and highly noisy features of the volatility of stock market, it is extremely difficult to predict stock price trend. In this paper, we use machine learning method to give stock price index prediction model...
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Applications Research of Machine Learning Algorithm in Translation System

Lu Yang, Da Chen, Wenxue Wu
In recent years, machine translation has made outstanding achievements, but there are also the problems such as fuzzy rules, insufficient data and improper order in the machine translation practice, which makes it still unsatisfactory. Machine learning can abstract learning features, and establish complex...
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Analysis on Steering Mechanics Model of Tracked Tank Cleaning Robot

Fanzhao Meng, Fude Chen, Dening Tan
The physical model of a tracked tank cleaning robot that working on the sludge ground is set up, it provides a theoretical basis for optimizing the chassis design of the tank cleaning robot. In the modelling process, the sludge resistance of the track and the ground friction are taken into account, and...
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Design of Monitoring and Control System for Indoor Flammable Gas

Rongrong Zhao, Ling Ma, Hongmei Wei, Guoguang Pang
Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) is very important to people's health, and the leakage of natural gas and chemical gas in the application seriously affects the IEQ and threatens human life and property safety. Aiming at the potential safety hazard caused by flammable gas leakage, a real-time monitoring...
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Fault Identification of Rod-less Pumping with Water as Power Based on BP Neural Network

Junyan Lv, Fanzhao Meng, Xinwei Wang
According to the time-varying and nonlinear characteristics of rod-less pumping system with water as power, a fault identification method was put forward based on BP neural network. Through studying fault mechanism and vibration signal characteristics on pumping unit, the time and frequency domain feature...
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Experimental Study on Seeding Performance of Nest-eye Metering Device

Fude Chen, Fanzhao Meng, Jing Lv
The seed metering device is the core working part of the precision seed drill, and its seeding performance directly decides the precision sowing machines. The seed-discharging mechanism and seeding performance of the adjustable nest-type seed metering device are studied, and optimal working parameters...
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Design of gripper for special manipulator of milk machine

Jiali Kong, Tingzhou Ning, Weiwei Zhang
By analyzing the working environment and mode of manipulator, the structure of manipulator was designed, which has four shafts, the upper and lower shaft, the shaft of rotation, the telescopic shaft, and the rotation shaft. The main structure of manipulator was divided into three parts, which are the...
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Design of Intelligent Detection Robot for Land and Air

Ruiqing Yang, Hongmei Wei, Zhiyong Ji
An intelligent detection robot that can realize air flight and land accesses is studied in this paper, mechanical structure and control system of the robot is designed. The robot is a new type of detection device, it consists of two parts which are unmanned aerial vehicle and crawler and these two parts...
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Design of seamless flanging machine for boiling water pot

Jiali Kong, Guiwei Wang
With the improvement of people's living standards, aesthetic values and values, more and more style boiled water pots emerge as the times require. One of the most critical processes is the flattening of the flanges in the pot, which restricted the quality and production of this kind of boiling water...
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Design of Transmission Scheme for a Special Manipulator

Weiwei Zhang, Yufeng Li, Jiali Kong, Yanxue Wang, Lihua Jiang
A kind of high automatic manipulator is designed, the joints of manipulator is controlled by servo motor The manipulator is used for manufacturing lower cover of soybean milk machine. The manipulator includes four axis which are the upper and lower axis, the rotary axis, the telescopic axis and the arm...
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Using Consensus Strategy and Interval Partial Least Square Algorithm in Wavelet Domain for Analysis of Near-infrared Spectroscopy

Dan Peng, Guo He, Linqing Li, Yanlan Bi, Guolong Yang
To improve the stability and precision performance of partial least square regression (PLS) model in near-infrared analysis application, the consensus strategy was applied in the wavelet domain. Taking the advantage of multiscale property of wavelet packet analysis, a new modelling method was developed...
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Distribution of the mooring data buoy based on small fishing boat

Yonghua Chen, Qingkui Liu, Jingbo Jiang, Zuotao Ni, Xiaolong Li
With the further advance of ocean research and the national security needs, the mooring data buoy has been widely used as an important part of ocean engineering high-tech research. How to deploy them in a convenient and economic way is very important. In the past, the deployment is often accomplished...
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Mesoporous Catalyst Co-SBA-15 Catalytic Oxidation of 2-Methyl Pyridine to 2-Picolinic Formic Acid

Jiongchen Shan, Fandong Kong, Yaqi Cao, Zhuoran Tang, Xin Yin, Huiting Zhao, Aixia Ling
The synthesis rate of 2- picolinic formic acid catalyzed by 2-methyl pyridine was studied to investigate the activity of mesoporous catalyst. The purpose is to prove that the mesoporous catalyst we used is a high performance heterogeneous catalyst. It was found that the amount of catalyst, reaction time,...
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Simulation Study on Chemical Protection of a Certain Type of Transport Vehicle

Xuezheng Zhu, Kunlin Nie, Yong Tian, Zijing Ma, Xiaocong Nie, Zhijie Wang
With the Fluent module of ANSYS software, simulation is conducted on the protection in contaminated areas for a certain type of transport vehicle encountering chemical attack. The distribution of contaminants in the vehicle is grasped, and the contamination of typical parts is analyzed to providence...
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Effection of Organic Acids on Sandstone Densification in Shanxi Formation Coal Source Rocks in Ordos Basin

Hua Zhang
By means of core observation, conventional thin slice, cathodoluminescence, scanning electron microscopy, and basin simulation, the environment cause of the sandstone micropore in the reservoir were analysed, the organic fluid and the densification development of the reservoir were studied. The results...
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Dynamic Distribution of Berth-quay Crane Based on Ship’s Priority

Yutao Zhang, Gang Zhao
As an important strategic resource, berth and quay crane are relatively scarce. If we can make reasonable allocation of berth and quay crane and make full use of them, then we can greatly improve the efficiency of port’s operations. The first objective of most of issues in the study is to minimize the...
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Study on the optimal scheduling of emergency resources for hazardous material incidents caused by human factors

Sheng Wang
The emergency resource scheduling of hazardous material incidents involves many problems, which affect the people's life and property safety. On the one hand, the paper analyzed the causes of hazardous material incidents caused by human factors; on the other hand, we have put forward corresponding emergency...
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Transformer Bushing Damage Accident Analysis

Hainan Su, Shijie Yan, Runjing Chen, Ling Jiang, Wei Zhang, Xiao Liu, Yan Guo, Ye Wei, Huijie Cao, Xiaotong Tong
Through the search for penetration cracks in the lower bushing of the main bushing, the effectiveness of the combination of oil chromatography and electrical testing is demonstrated. The structure and composition of the main transformer bushing and the common discharge forms and locations are introduced...
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Effect of Interharmonics on Flicker of Fluorescent Lamps

Huijie Cao, Huiyan Cao, Tianci Li, Yuanlin Song, Bo Zhu, Xiaolei Yang, Chengye Yuan, Yan Guo, Shuyi Tao, Shuai Wang
In order to analyze the inter-harmonic affections on the voltage flicker, the relationship between the inter-harmonics and flicker analysis are carried out. In order to be able to accurately determine the level of inter-harmonics to make the electric light flicker, inter-harmonic-flicker limit curve...
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Development and Application of Intelligent Remote Alarm Device

Liang Zhu, Yu Ren, Hongpeng Guo, Xingcai Shi, Yan Wang, Mu Liu, Xiaojun Xin, Su Zhang
With the advent of the smart grid era, the concept of power load management has also become more deeply rooted, in recent years, the popularization and installation of load control terminals have greatly improved the accuracy and timeliness of power data collection, which has important practical significance...
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Different States in Cd’s Settlement Process at Temporal and Spatial Scales

Dongfang Yang, Haixia Li, Xiaolong Zhang, Qi Wang, Lianguo Zhao
Using investigation on Cd in surface waters in 1988 in Jiaozhou Bay, this paper analyzed the vertical changes of Cd contents in waters, defined the settlement processes of Cd contents at temporal and spatial scales. Results showed that in April 1988, in the outer side of the bay mouth, Cd contents in...
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Research on Prevention and Management of Substation Operation

Bo Li, Wenguang Zhang, Hengxin Zhao, Chuang Wang, Huiyan Cao, Jing Jin, Shuguang Zhan, Wenfeng Hao, Jiming Zheng, Tianhao Wang
With the rapid improvement of the economic level of our country, people have put forward more and more high demands on the safe operation of the power grid. The safety of substation operation is directly related to the safe and reliable power supply of the power network. Therefore, in the operation of...
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The Field Inspection and Analysis on Electric Energy Metering Device

Qiuxia Jia, Yan Zhao, Tianhao Wang, Chuang Wang, Xiao Shi, Yang Hu, Yang Su, Zhili Tian, Xiao Liu, Wenfeng Hao
In the process of rapid social development, there is an increasing demand for electricity in all walks of life, it makes people pay more and more attention to the accuracy of power measurement. In order to the legitimate rights and interests of both sides are effectively guaranteed, it needs to be on-site...
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The Discussion of Bird Hazard Prevention and Control Measures on the Transmission Lines

Xiao Shi, Hui Tang, Xue Wang, Shuguang Zhan, Yingxi Li, Lin Han, Na Li, Qi Wang, Hengxin Zhao, Bo Fang
The activities of the wild bird in the natural environment open space make the normal and stable technical performance of overhead transmission lines caused serious obstacles. The effective governance measures of bird hazard are active from thorn, the windmill anti-bird instrument and insulating repelling...
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The Discussion of Field Management on Electric Energy Metering Device

Zhitong Liu, Chen Li, Yuan Chang, Songjie Shi, Jiguang Xue, Gang Liu, Qiuxia Jia, Zhili Tian, Shuguang Zhan, Hui Tang
Electric measurement is a very important factory enterprise work, it is also the key for the energy measurement and product cost accounting. The quality management of electric energy metering device is a very important work and is also the key to electric power enterprises and users to establish a trust...
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Research and application of infrared leak detection technology for SF6 equipment

Tianshu Hai, Bo Li, Yaowei Wu, Tianci Li, Yuanlin Song, Yang Su, Yang Hu, Wenfeng Hao, Chenyang Liu, Lin Han
The infrared leak detection technology of SF6 equipment can detect and locate the gas leakage without power failure, and realize the real-time transmission of fault image, improve the efficiency of maintenance, ensure the safe and stable operation of SF6 electrical equipment. In this paper, the problem...
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Measures to Prevent Power Transmission Line from Tree Obstacle Accidents

Hong Zhang, Tianshu Hai, Yuanlin Song, Yang Hu, Jia Liu, Ling Guan, Chuanzong Zhao, Qi Wang, Jiming Zheng, Yadong Si
Tree obstacles are trees that may affect the safety and stability of power transmission lines. The paper introduces that the high-voltage transmission line is an important part of the power grid. In the construction and operation of the transmission line in China, it is often challenged by environmental...
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Analysis of Two Points Grounding Accident in CT Secondary Circuit

Yuanyi Li, Yueyue Li, Qixin Nie, Qian Cheng, Hui Tang, Yuan Lin, Fusheng Zhang, Diancai Shi, Ren Liu, Chuanzong Zhao
The current transformer (CT) is a kind of transformer. The working principle of CT is briefly introduced.Combined with the actual case of relay error trip accident, the specific cause of the accident caused by two point grounding of the secondary circuit loop of the current transformer is further analyzed....
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Analysis of the Refuse Action Failure of 10kV Circuit Breaker

Yingying Yang, Yuanyi Li, Qixin Nie, Qian Cheng, Lishuai He, Diancai Shi, Xue Wang, Chuanzong Zhao, Yuan Lin, Fusheng Zhang
In power system, the normal operation of power grid is based on the intact equipment. According to the past operation experience, once the abnormal state of circuit breaker rejection occurs in the operation of power network, it is very likely that the accident will happen. And such abnormal state often...
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Analysis of the Burning Accident of 10kV Voltage Transformer

Yadong Si, Xue Bai, Wei Ma, Yuhui Zhang, Ling Guan, Xue Wang, Chuanzong Zhao, Peng Liu, Ren Liu, Hui Tang
Voltage transformer (PT) is an instrument transformer, which is used to transform voltage on line. Chaoyang power supply company has occurred two 10kV three-phase five column voltage transformer burnt out accident. From the angle of accident analysis, the cause of the accident is analyzed. The main reason...
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A Fault Finding Analysis of Transformer Internal Defects

Yini Dai, Jiani Liu, Haipeng Jin, Hao Xu, Nan Liu, Wenjing Wang, Yuting Wang, Zhao Zhang, Bo Zhu, Yi Qu
Transformer is the main equipment, whose stable and reliable operation play an important role in the state grid. The process and method of finding overheating faults are illustrated through the case of a 66kV transformer internal fault. At the same time, it is verified that the gas chromatographic analysis...
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Gravity Characteristic and Sedimentation of As in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Zhenqing Miao, Sixi Zhu, Ming Wang, Yunjie Wu
Using investigation data on As in Jiaozhou Bay in 1982, this paper analyzed the seasonal variation, vertical variations and horizontal distributions of As, and revealed the gravity characteristic and sedimentation of As. Results showed that As’s contents in surface and bottom waters in July 1982 were...
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The Rectification Measures on High Fault of 10kV High Voltage Isolation Switch

Hui Miao, Jingxin Jin, Hua Zhang, Wanyi Zheng, Yuanda Zhu, Chuang Wang, Xingjun Cheng, Zhaoxia Wang, Chang Liu, Xiaolei Yang, Chengye Yuan
The equipment mainly includes isolating switch, circuit breaker, conductor, insulator, arrester and measurement and control protection device. According to the survey, there were 180 failures in 2017, and the failure rate of the high voltage isolation switch was 10. 53%. In order to improve the power...
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The Types of Stealing Electricity and Prevention Measures

Yang Fei, Chuang Wang, Bo Liu, Rui Yang, Xue Bai, Yingxi Li, Shuo Cheng, Guibin Hu, Deyi Guo, Peng Liu, Hui Tang
This paper states the common stealing electricity types, it is remote control stealing electricity, resistance is strung into watt-hour meter, there is space of stealing electricity, obvious short current coil, interference of high power electric signal and using electricity bypass the metering device...
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The Research Review of the Stability of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Generation System

Dewu Ye, Yingying Yang, Bo Liu, Yi Qu, Jing Liu, Yutao Liu, Yuan Lin, Junping Guo, Xiao Shi, Wei Zhang
The rapid development of large-scale photovoltaic power generation is an effective means to alleviate the energy crisis and saving haze. With the continuous expansion of photovoltaic grid-scale, grid access conditions are increasingly demanding. Given the inverter under different grid conditions, its...
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Research on the Stability of Multi PV Inverters Connected to Weak Grid Based on Impedance Analysis

Qinghao Wang, Dewu Ye, Bo Liu, Yi Qu, Jing Liu, Yi Wang, Guobin Liu, Yuanlin Song, Hui Chen, Junping Quo
In paralleled grid connected PV inverters system, when the design of the inverter control system is connected with the weak grid, the control performance will become poor, and even the operation is not stable. In this paper, a method of impedance analysis is presented, and the equivalent impedance of...
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Grounding Type and Application for Transmission Line Pole and Tower

Xiaoyan Huang
The line project of pole and tower grounding device in Sichuan Province are analyzed in this paper,It points out some problems transmission line tower grounding existing at present.Several kinds of grounding types for transmission line pole and tower are discussed in detail.A closed loop grounding device...
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Inter-commodity Arbitrage Based on Stochastic Process Model

Quan Gu, Xinghui Lei
This paper mainly discusses statistical arbitrage model in the application of agriculture futures inter-commodity arbitrage. Based on the substitution relationship, three arbitrage strategies have been designed. Different from the traditional threshold setting method, this paper puts forward the optimization...
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The Profitability of Crush Spread: Statistical Arbitrage Method

Quan Gu, Xinghui Lei
This paper examines the crush arbitrage of soybean and rapeseed futures, which is based on inter-commodity arbitrage in the oil processing process. The paper takes soybean, soybean meal and soybean oil futures listed on the Dalian Commodity Exchange, rapeseed, rapeseed meal and rapeseed oil futures listed...
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Research on Futures Price Volatility Transmission Effect: Evidence from the CBOT and DCE Soybean Futures

Quan Gu, Xinghui Lei
Based on the principle of financial market prices of infection and linkage, the Markov state transition autoregressive model is used to make a comparative study on the Dalian Commodity Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade soybean futures price linkage relationship. Research model can be well portrayed...
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Signal Recognition Model of Ginseng Diseases and Insect Pests in Agricultural Internet of things

Laiwu Yin, Shuyun Cai, Changcheng Li
In view of the relationship between diseases and insect pests in the growth process of ginseng, the safety of ginseng planting production and the key scientific problems of product quality and yield are solved, and the signal identification model of ginseng disease and insect pest is adopted to ensure...
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Discussion on Calculation Method of Positioning Error

Shuping Lv
During the machining process, in order to ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece, the workpiece occupy a certain position relative to the machine tool and the tool, and it also can be clamped quickly and reliably, this process equipment that accepts processing or inspection is called the machine...
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Domain-oriented Entity Set Extension Based on Bipartite Graph

Liming Du, Abdulhamid Yahaya, Gui Li, Fengying Wang, Jie Dong
This paper mainly studies the problem of entity set extension in domain data. On the basis of bipartite graph methods, given an improved algorithm which consider the general case that the edges of the graph have different weights. The designed algorithm can dynamically adjusts the the size of the entity...
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Electrical Control System of Intelligent Feed Truck Based on Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Xianying Zheng, Qingyun Meng
In the breeding industry, the use of manual feeds has problems such as inefficiency and high labor costs. In view of the actual needs of the capital and factory buildings in the farm, this paper determines that the electrical system of the intelligent feed truck adopts an economical human-machine interface,...
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A Novel Revocable Personal Health Record Scheme Using outsourced CP-ABE

Nana Huang, Liang Shen
With the rapid development of the cloud computing, personal health record (PHR) has become a hot topic recently. However, the most important issue is how to implement secure and efficient data sharing scheme since PHR is often outsourced to be stored at a third party. Therefore, the research on a secure...
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A Clock Synchronization Method for Multi Platform Combined Electric Drive Vehicle Real Time Simulation System

Haifeng Wang, Jie Li
In order to realize the clock synchronization function of dSPACE real-time simulation platform, RT-LAB simulation platform, Vortex real-time dynamic simulation system and hardware controller, etc, a hybrid clock synchronization method is proposed in this paper. The master clock server output includes...
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Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Numerical Simulation of Polymer Flooding

Baotao Zhou
Numerical simulation is of great importance as implementation guides of polymer flooding projects. The history matching process is one of the main tasks of numerical simulation. However, there are still significant difficulties remaining in the history matching process of polymer flooding simulation...
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Analysis on the Effect of High Concentration Slug before Stopping Polymer Injection

Liqin Zhang
With high concentration or high molecular weight with high concentration plugging slug can enhance recovery further, which make full use of high concentration polymer viscoelastic before stopping polymer flooding. These layers are usually well developed and connected, and has a certain pressure rise...
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A Method of Image Enhancement Based on Non-sharpening Filtering and High Filtering

Lihua Sun, Enliang Zhao
This paper proposes a new method of image enhancement. Firstly, the image is sharpened by Laplace operator, and then the low frequency part of the image is removed by non-sharpening filtering, the high frequency part of the image is retained which will obtain a high pass image. At last the high filtering...
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Finite Element Analysis Electric Sightseeing Vehicle Frame Based on ANSYS

Jianwei Ma, Yuansheng Cui, Ziliang Feng
Structural Parameters of frame of electric sightseeing vehicle are designed, three-dimensional model of frame is established using CATIA Software, static analysis of established frame model is conducted under full-load condition using Ansys, the result shows that designed intensity satisfies intensity...
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Research on the Construction Method of Sustainable Resource Database on a Dual Platform Basis

Yi Lu, Zhenbo Yang
With the popularization of network technology, the construction and application of network resource database has become a hot spot. However, there are common problems in the construction and application of the resource database, such as the slow update and unstable quality of resource database construction,...
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On Applications of Ion Chromatography in Analysis of Chemical Substance in Food and Drink and Food Safety Problems

Xinlu Lian
The harmful substance in food and drink often brings the harm of different degrees to people's health. The lack of effective substance in health food cannot meet the needs of people's supplementary nutrients. Therefore, it is very important to detect the amount of harmful substance in common food and...
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Current Status of Tibetan Sentiment Analysis and Cross-Language Analysis

Li Liang, Fang Tian, Benwang Sun
Summarizes the status of Tibetan text sentiment analysis, and analyzes that its current problems are mainly the deficiency of basic tools for text processing and the lack of annotated sentimental corpus. This paper proposes to apply cross-language techniques to the construction of Tibetan sentiment dictionary...
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Research on SLP-based Equipment Layout Method of Decontaminating Station

Zicheng Hu, Xuezheng Zhu, Fei Li, Zhijie Wang, Te Chen, Huizhuo Li
In order to satisfy the requirement of equipment layout of the decontamination station, using SLP theory and method to transform the decontamination objects and decontaminant into logistics objects, and the internal equipment layout of the decontamination station is designed. First, determine the decontamination...
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Computer Development and Application in Network Environment

Yang Li
The development of computer technology has now been integrated into our daily lives and played a good role in the integration of various production activities and other technologies. This article will briefly discuss computer-related applications and developments, and combine information security with...
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Universally Composable Attribute-based Group Key Exchange

Zenghui Zhao, Yunfang Hao
Several protocols implementing attribute-based group key exchange, which allows users with certain set of attributes to establish a session key, have been proposed in recent years. However, attacks on attribute-based group key exchange in current research have been considered only in stand-alone fashion....
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Analysis on Network-based Sensor Technology

Fei Wang
Now, with the rapid development of science and technology in China, computer networking technology is leading the development of the time, giving a strong support for people’s daily life. Various traditional industries have been integrated with computer technology, which is an evitable trend in line...
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Investment Trend and Influential Factors Research in Xi’an Real Estate Development - Based on BACE

Zhiwei Shao
According to the macroeconomic data in Xi’an real estate industry from 1988 to 2016, the long-term development and short-term fluctuations of real estate investment (REINV) conform to the following rules: firstly, continue their own developmental inertias; secondly, the impact on Xi’an REINV mainly comes...
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Shallow Discussion on Simulation Design of Cleaning Robot Controller Based on Matlab

Fangyun Li, Wei Zhao
Cleaning robot can provide cleaning services, which is greatly needed in the market. Matlab software can be applied to better conduct the simulation of cleaning robot controller, which can solve contradictory problems between requirements of students for the class and actual class environment, and can...
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Discussion on Common Electricity Stealing Methods and Preventive Measures of User Electric Energy Measurement

Xiao Liu, Huijie Cao, Jia Shan, Huiyan Cao, Yingying Yang, Hua Wei, Ling Jiang, Hainan Su, Jingxin Jin
In order to cope with the problem of electric power stealing in the power supply company for a long time, according to the influence factors of the accuracy of the electric energy measurement, from the four aspects of current, voltage, phase and installation connection, several common ways of stealing...
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The Realization of Fuzzy PID Algorithm in Air Conditioning Control System

Wei Zhao, Fangyun Li, Jing Ge
The application of fuzzy PID algorithm in air conditioning control system not only offers the latter a chance to adjust parameters intelligently, but also helps to get the capability of intelligent frequency modulation. This paper hereby explains the realization methods of fuzzy PID algorithm in air...
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Analysis of Large-area Blackouts Caused by Errors in Rainfall Bombs

Jianchun Xu, Hainan Su, Ling Jiang, Tian Xin, Yangzhuo Yue, Guodong Shi, Jingxin Jin, Xiaodong Song, Jia Shan, Mengzi Zhang
On March 12, 2017, in the Qingyishan area of Dandong City, a number of multi-point accidents with similar accidents occurred in a short period of time. Through the accident investigation, it was found that white powder adhered to the surface of the failed power equipment. After the accident, the white...
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Current Status, Development Trend and Key Technology Analysis of Space Laser Communication

Chunxiao Zhong
This paper starts from domestic and foreign current status of space laser communication, and analyzes the development trend and key technology of space laser communication.
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Analysis and Suggestions on Measurement Error of Electric Energy Meter

Shujiang Guo, Ling Jiang, Jianchun Xu, Hainan Su, Deyi Guo, Defang Chen, Yangzhuo Yue, Guodong Shi, Shuyi Tao, Bo Liu
With the transformation of power network in recent years, the metering function of electric energy meters plays an important role in electric power work. Due to the defects of the electric energy meter and the external uncertainties, measurement error is easy to cause when measured. In addition, a certain...
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Design and Simulation of Intelligent Controller of Cleaning Robot

Fangyun Li, Wei Zhao
Cleaning robot is widely applied in modern society. This paper introduces the development of cleaning robot and its utilization characteristics and requirements, and briefly analyzes the design and simulation of cleaning robot controller from various aspects.
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On Improving the Efficiency and Quality of Meter Reading and Charging

Shujiang Guo, Lei Feng, Huijie Cao, Hui Miao, Xue Wang, Yingying Yang, Ye Wei, Huiyan Cao, Shuai Wang
In the management of electric power enterprises, meter reading, accounting and charging are not only three important aspects of electric power marketing, but also the key-point of the work at the same time. This paper puts forward opinion on how to improve the efficiency and quality of meter reading...
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Study on Research Development and Application of Urban Logistics Platform Based on Android

Junliang Wu, Liqing Mao
Android is an advanced development language applied to mobile devices, with great prospect for the application to market. This paper analyzes the development and characteristics of Android, and introduces the development and relevant application of urban logistics platform based on Android.
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Research on Control System of Ice Storage Air Conditioning Based on Fuzzy Control

Wei Zhao, Fangyun Li, Jing Ge
With the advanced development of the society, ice storage air conditioning system develops towards intellectualization. The control system of ice storage air conditioning is required to be equipped with parameters of intellectual regulation to control the temperature. In operation, ice storage air conditioning...
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Exploration on Design Methods of Fire Extinguishers Based on the Level of Demand

Wenfei Hu
According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the number of fires in China has been increasing progressively year after year and it is more than 125,000 each year on average; thereinto, 152,157 fires occurred in 2012, with 1028 deaths and direct economic losses of 2.177 billion yuan....