Proceedings of the 1st Annual International Conference on Natural and Social Science Education (ICNSSE 2020)

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Increasing Students’ Digital Literacy Utilizing Edublogs as a Learning Media

Sari Mubaroh, Linda Fujiyanti, Muhammad Setya Pratama
Most of SMA Negeri 1 Sungailiat students are less enthusiastic about school literacy because they feel bored when they have to read books. In addition, teachers are always the focus of learning makes it difficult for teachers to use literacy in the teaching and learning process. There’s also another...
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Study of the PGSD’S Discipline Linearity in Fulfilling Education Manpower Resources in Basic School of Madinah Islamic School, South Jakarta City

Dede Hasanudin, Safrul
This study is based on the results of the analysis of observations carried out at the Madinah Islamic School in the sub-district of Tebet, South Jakarta. The results of the data observation found that there were still teachers who taught whose scientific qualifications were not graduates of the primary...
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The Effect of Van Hiele Learning Model Based Geogebra on Students’ Spatial Ability

Widyah Noviana, Windia Hadi
This research aimed to discover the effect of Model Van Hiele Based Geogebra on Students’ Spatial Ability. The population of this research is all Students at University Muhammadiyah of Prof. DR. HAMKA. The sample in this research are students’ of the second semester of the mathematics education study...
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Writing Competency of Inspirational Stories Through ATAP Method in Asosiasi Guru Belajar

Nani Solihati, Imam Safii, Rugi Astutik
Writing Competency of inspirational stories through ATAP Method in Asosiasi Guru Belajar. This Paper aims to describe the writing competencies of teachers in Asosiasi Guru Belajar in delineate the awalan, tantangan, aksi, dan pelajaran of the teachers’ inspirational stories. Method was used in the research...
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Mosalaki: Central Point of Traditional Leadership System in Lio Ethnic Group in Sikka District, East Nusa Tenggara

Suswandari, Sri Astuti
Indonesia’s ethnic diversity has become a world-recognized identity. There are more than 750 ethnic groups throughout Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. Every ethnic group has its character and is also an image of a proud cultural system. The Lio ethnic group is one of the ethnic groups on the island...
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The Correlation Between Academic Supervision by School Supervisors and Principals with the Ability of Biology Teachers to Design HOTS Items

Iis Nurhayati, Hari Setiadi, Abdul Rahman A. Ghani, Ernawati
This study aims to analyze the correlation of academic supervision carried out by school supervisors and principals on the ability of biology teachers to design HOTS items. The research method is a survey method with corrective techniques. In this study, the data collection technique was carried out...
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The Use of Application Namely Quizizz in Elementary School Students’ Outcomes

Nurrohmatul Amaliyah, Luluk Regita Handayani
Although Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, the quality of its human resources is still low. One of the causing problems is the teacher’s hesitation in choosing learning models, and the minimum use of technology in schools. This study aims to determine the influence of science...
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Student Engagement in University STEM Course Through Digital Video Project Using SAMR Model

Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Nabilla Afzan Abdul Aziz, Suswandari, Ihsana El Khuluqo
Fostering student engagement in a university STEM course is a challenge since typical student nowadays is a digital native. Thus, adoption of technology, particularly one that the students interact in their online milieu is a prerequisite for a successful learning experience. In this context instructor...
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The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm Value with Financial Performance as an Intervening Variable in LQ 45 Companies Index.

Adisty Ammarwaty, Zulpahmi, Sumardi
This study aims to determine the effect of corporate social responsibility on firm value with financial performance as an intervening variable in LQ 45 companies index listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange during the 2016-2019 period. The type of this research was quantitative. The type of data used...
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Implementation of Religious Character Education in Online Learning for Elementary School

Trisni Hadayani, Novelia Utami, Kusmadjid Abdullah
Connectivity in the 4.0 revolution has a positive impact on world education where we can maximize technology in learning. Especially when the Covid 19 pandemic takes place in front of the accessibility of offline learning spaces, online learning is the only solution that can be used. In online learning,...
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Rented Simple Flats in DKI Jakarta and Their Residents Perceptions

Sitawaty Tjiptorini, Aisyah Ramadhani
Rented simple flats (rusunawa) are established in big cities such as DKI (Special Capital Region) Jakarta, one of which is to overcome the problem of limited residential land. Various efforts have been made by the provincial government to overcome the housing problems of its citizens, especially those...
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The Implementation of Cultivating Good Values Through Character Education in Prince’s Primary School Tangerang

Bekti Aprilia, Yessy Yanita Sari, Abdul Rahman A. Ghani
This research aims to describe how the implementation of noble values through character education at the Princes Elementary School, Tangerang. The research method used in this research is descriptive qualitative research with a case study research approach. This research was conducted on May 2020 at...
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Analysis of the Formation of Gairaigo in Japanese Commercial Advertisements for the 2016 - 2020 Advertising Period (Reviewed from Morphological Studies)

Eztha Syafira Yaniar, Yuni Masrokhah
Foreign words or in Japanese called Gairaigo (外来語) is words that taken from foreign languages, and adapted to Japanese word formation. The purpose of this research is to get to know about the formation of Gairaigo in Japanese commercial advertisements that appeared in the period 2016 to 2020, the types...
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RPTRA Activities Program in Services to the Community During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Agung Edi Rustanto, Jaenudin Akhmad
The people of Jakarta welcomed the RPTRA program organized by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. The RPTRA development program is a form of service provided by the DKI Jakarta provincial government through the provision of public spaces that can be used by the community to exercise, play, and socialize....
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Optimization Formulation of Spirulina platensis Chewable Tablet

Siti Fatmawati Fatimah, Raihan Novarida, Laela Hayu Nurani, Citra Aryani Edityaningrum
Among various natural food sources, spirulina contains β-carotene which is higher than other sources that is used to overcome malnutrition. However, spirulina was widely marketed in the conventional form such as capsules and tablets which are less favorable for consumption. In order to increase its acceptability,...
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“Investigating Students Error When Solving Whole Number Problem”: Case in Procedural Error and Concept Error

Muhammad Rusli Baharuddin, Hendra Baharuddin, Jumarniati, Pancana Beta
The study aims to explore student errors in integer counting operations. The exploration of student error is focused on concept errors and procedurals implemented class VII Secondary School in East Indonesia. A total of 100 students who participated in the study and they were 13–15 Years old. Each student...
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Electronic Word of Mouth as Business Anticipation During the Pandemic Covid-19

Novi Andayani Praptiningsih, Dede Hasanudin, Heni Ani Nuraeni
This study discusses one of the culinary business, especially beverages that are popular is Thai Tea. Competition in type of beverage business is very tight plus a brand that comes up because of the opportunity that exist. This study aims to determine the implication of e-WoM that occurs in social media...
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Quality Development of Media Online Learning in Pandemic Era

Annisaa Soeyono, IS Asty Khairi
The first quarter of 2020 is a hard time for the global community. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemics swept through the world affected many aspects of human endeavour, such as the decline in industrial production to the re-adjustments in the academic calendar of all educational institutions globally....
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Curriculum Development in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Ahmad kosasih, Hery Muljono, Syaadiah Arifin
This research is on curriculum development, the importance of curriculum development in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0. Previous research has shown that the development of the current curriculum is faced with the demands of society in general to keep up with the development of Technology. The research...
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Students’ Perception of Schoology Discussion Forum in Writing Class at Students of Uhamka

Burhayani, Kintan Kinanti
The aim of this study was identified the students’ perception of Schoology Discussion Forum (SDF). The aspects that were studied are cognitive, affective, and conative. This research used a qualitative method covering questionnaires and interviews as the instruments. The participants were 31 students...
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The Effect of Self Esteem on Nomophobia Behavior in Students of Guidance and Counselling Study Program Faculty of Teacher Training and Educational Science UHAMKA Class of 2015

Eka Heriyani, Asni, Putri Afrilia
This research aims to determine the effect of self-esteem on nomophobic behavior in Guidance and Counselling Students of FKIP UHAMKA class of 2015. The method used in this research is quantitative research methods with ex post facto research type. This research was tested on Guidance and Counselling...
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Differences of Visual Attention to Memes: An Eye Tracking Study

Mohammad Badrus Soleh, Yayu Hiza Anisa, Nur Fajar Absor, Suswandari, Rizki Edmi Edison
Nowadays, memes are used as funny yet effective approach to send the messages for people. The growth of internet and digital media in recent years make memes easier to spread around the world. There are many studies about the perception to memes among different ages. However, it is still unclear the...
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The Impact of Pandemic Covid-19 on Changes in The Distance Learning Process at The Polytechnic Campus in Bekasi

Venny Oktaviany
This study aims to determine how the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the learning process. The study used a qualitative descriptive survey method that describes distance learning activities as an effective solution for learning during a pandemic. This study involved 27 students as students at the...
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The Strategy of Journalism Education Institutions in Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Sri Mustika, Wininda Qusnul Khotimah
The Covid-19 pandemic has an impact not only on public health, but also on the economic, social, and humanitarian sectors. Institutions related to the press, such as press companies and press institute were no exception affected. One such institution is the Dr. Press Institute Soetomo (LPDS) Jakarta,...
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Combination of Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Methods and Simple Additive Weighting in Scholarship of Decision Support Systems

Ragel Trisudarmo, Eko Sediyono, Jatmiko Endro Suseno
Scholarships are educational assistance given to individuals or students with the aim of providing relief from financial costs for the continuation of the education pursued. Scholarships at SMK Auto Matsuda There are two types of scholarships which are grouped based on achievement criteria, status and...
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Development of Teaching Materials Based on Technology Literacy Through the Website for PGSD FKIP UHAMKA Students

Khoirunnisa Pertiwi, Mimin Ninawati
This study aims to develop literacy-based teaching materials through a website called BAGUR’SD for PGSD FKIP UHAMKA students, and to find out the quality of this product that has been produced so that it is suitable for use in the learning process on campus. The research method was carried out in two...
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Education and Role of Female Workers in Oil Palm Plantations, State Border Areas

Lili Dahliani, Tafatihul Qur’ani
Palm oil (Elaeisguineensis. Jacq) comodity has a strategic role in the Indonesian economy, mainly as an export commodity that contributes to Indonesia’s foreign exchange income which has provided employment for 4.42 million workers in oil palm plantations in Indonesia. There are 566,972 workers who works...
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LAPS-Heuristik Learning Model Toward Students’ Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability

Dwi Ayu Ningsih, Hella Jusra, Ayu Faradillah, Fitri Alyani, Fery Firmansah
This study aims to determine whether or not there is an effect of the Logan Avenue Problem Solving (LAPS) - Heuristic learning model on students’ mathematical creative thinking abilities. This research is quantitative research and uses the quasi experimental research method. The study population included...
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Students’ Listening Difficulties in English as a Foreign Language Learning at Secondary School in Indonesian Context

Syifa Nadhira, Silih Warni
This study aims to investigate the students’ difficulties in listening and to explore the factors of students’ listening difficulties. The writer uses mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) with questionnaire and interview as the data collecting techniques. The participants of this research are...
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Utilization Instagram as a Marketing Communication Media in the Covid-19 Pandemic

A Case Study: Oppa Akademi Korean Language Course Institute

Yuan Ryanta Hartoyo, Onny Fitriana Sitorus
This study aims to determine the use of social media Instagram as a marketing communication medium carried out by the informal Korean language course institute, Oppa Akademi, located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Given the Covid-19 Pandemic, which must change all activities to be online-based, including...
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Implication the Application of Social Gay Network on Digital Era 4.0 and Society 5.0

Novi Andayani Praptiningsih, Wini Tarmini
Friendship between members of the community is close and solid. Although the background of socioeconomic status is quite diverse, in general the members of the gay community come from the middle to upper class. This can be understood because members of the gay community come from urban communities, where...
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Development of Weaning Index on Islamic Community Based on Religion, Nutritional, and Psychological Aspect: A Qualitative Exploration

Ony Linda, Imas Arumsari, Izza Rohman
This study aims to develop index of weaning based on religion, nutritional, and psychological aspect as the tool to assess the weaning behavior in the Islamic community. In-depth interview was conducted with experts of Qur’an, Hadits, nutrition, and psychology. This study was conducted on November 2019...
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Adaptation of the Application of the Authentic Assessment Model During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Suciati Rahayu Widyastuti
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the education sector must adapt to new habits. Student assessments also adapt to the learning process that is carried out online. This is a challenge for the school and especially for educators and students. This study used 200 grade 7 student’s from 8 State Junior High...
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Muslim Representation on Children’s Cyber Literature in Indonesia Deconstructive Semiotics Study

Sujinah, Encik Savira Isnah
The emergence of children’s cyber literature with Muslim backgrounds presents diverse Muslim representations. This is interesting as a form of religious literacy, so that it is easier for children to understand. However, the diversity of representations makes children confused about what Muslims are,...
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Triple Helix: How the Model Affects Small Medium-Sized Enterprises

Somariah Fitriani, Sintha Wahjusaputri, Ahmad Diponegoro
A Cross-sector collaboration among university, government, and industry/business in the context of the Triple Helix model has become the central issue of addressing the growth of the global economy, particularly, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine...
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Developing an Android-Based Guidebook to Dragonflies and Butterflies

Susanti Murwitaningsih, Maryanti Setyaningsih, Dimas Putra Sandajaja
Dragonflies (Odonata) and butterflies (Lepidoptera) play very important roles in the ecosystem and there are a great many of them. It is estimated that there are more than 5,000 types of dragonflies and 17,500 types of butterflies in the world, among them around 800-1,000 types of dragonflies and 2,200-3,000...
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The Role of the School Principal in Enhancing Teacher Professionalism at Sekolah Indonesia Kuala Lumpur (SIKL)

Rizki Amrillah
The main objective of this study was to investigate the role of the principal on the improvement of teacher professionalism at the Indonesian Kuala Lumpur School. It is also intended to confirm the most influential role applied at school by the Principal as the teacher felt. Furthermore, this research...
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Evaluation Implementation Curriculum 2013

Ihsana El Khuluqo, Istaryatiningtias, Eva Syarifah
This reseach aims to reveal the results of the implementation of the 2013 Curriculum by using the descriptive qualitative method with CIPP model (context, input, process, product). The method that is by getting data scientifically, including collecting data using observation, structured interviews and...
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Gender Equality and Injustice Against Female Main Characters in the Collection of Indonesian Women Writers

Nur Amalia, Nawawi
Feminist literary criticism put forward in this study aims to reveal gender equality and injustice experienced by female main characters in literary works in the form of a collection of short stories written by Indonesian women. The injustice put forward by women writers who try to show the world how...
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Polya’s Four Phases Exploration in Solving Linear Program Story Questions Based on Student Beliefs

Joko Soebagyo, Hosen Habibie, Iwan Gunawan
This study aims to explore the four phases of Polya in solving story problems in linear programming material in terms of student beliefs. Polya’s ideas about the four phases of solving math problems are of particular concern to mathematics educators. This study reveals the four phases of Polya by looking...
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The Analisys of the Roles Teacher for Implementing Learning of 4.0 Industrial Revolution (A Case on Elementary School of Jakarta)

Nurrohmatul Amaliyah
The background of this research is based on a phenomenon from the primary school teacher candidates. These teachers will face a study process in the classroom with various student character in this millennium era nowadays. The teacher candidate must have an essential skill to face the learning ambiance...
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Correlation Between Students Creative Thinking Ability in Solving Environmental Problem with Achievement of Environmental Education

Meitiyani, Mega Elvianasti, Agus Pambudi Dharma
Education has the opportunity to develop creative individuals who have ideas and solutions in responding challenges and providing solutions the problems in the 21st century. The research conducted to measure the relationship between students’ creative thinking skills in solving environmental problems...
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Correlation of Self Confidence with Social Interaction Implications for Social Capability Development in Counseling Guidance Services

Dwi Dasalinda, Neni Nopitasari, Nurul Fajri
Social interaction is a dynamic social relationship involving relationships between individuals and groups. Therefore, good social interaction needs to be developed in students. However, many students have difficulty in social interaction. One of the factors that influence social interaction is the level...
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The Influences of Principal’s Academic Supervision, Organizational Climate and Teacher’s Work Motivation on Teacher’s Performance in The Al-Hamidiyah Islamic Education Foundation, Depok

Dwi Alfiani Rusmawati, Abdul Rahman A. Ghani, Ihsana El Khuluqo
This research was conducted on May, 2020 with the aim of analyzing, testing and knowing the the influence of principal’s academic supervision, the organizational climate, and teacher’s work motivation, on the teacher’s performance in the Al Hamidiyah Islamic Education Foundation, Depok. The sampling...
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Divorce Phenomenon Among Young Couples (Analysis of Family Motives and Meanings on Divorce Women in Bandung)

Fahrianoor, Fitri S. Isbandi, Asriyani Sagiyanto, Tri Widyastuti, Ade Rahmah, Wulan Apriani
Family is the smallest unit in the society. Many families are less able to carry out their roles and functions, resulting disharmony in developing their families until the occurance of divorce. Nowadays divorce in the family which once considered taboo is often happened. As reported by at...
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From Eco Marine Mart to Ecotourism: Development of Local Wisdom and Marine Creative Economy as Tourism Excellence

A. T Alkhudri, N Heriyanto, F Zulfikar, Sukiman, T T Nugroho
This study aims to describe the potential of ecotourism in the development of local wisdom and the creative economy of marine as a leading tourism object. The research was conducted on the people of Harapan Island and Kelapa Island, in the Thousand Islands Regency, DKI Jakarta Province. The approach...
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The Representative Speech Model of Gay Coming Out: Pragmatic Study

Wini Tarmini, Novi Andayani Praptiningsih, Rahmiwati Marsinun
This research is entitled Representative Speech Model of Gay Coming Out: Pragmatic Study. The research method used a qualitative descriptive research design. Data collection was carried out by recording data with in-depth interviews, FGDs, and observations. The data analysis technique used the interactive...
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School Committee Support for Improving the Quality of Education Services

Endang Sri Budi Herawati, Naufalia Nuraya, Adiman, Rusi Rusmiati Aliyyah
Education should not just be the responsibility of the government. The community should play an active role in supporting the implementation of education, especially in the region. Community participation in the education unit level is in a container called the School Committee. The optimization of school...
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Local Bureaucratic Governance and Discretion of Street Level Bureaucracy in Implementation of Food Diversification Policy in Indonesia

Alwi, Didik Iskandar, Muh. Firyal Akbar
Local bureaucratic governance is the implementer of a policy that has a rigid and measurable system. Such a system will be a dilemma faced by street-level bureaucracy when it is faced with the target group of a policy. To avoid this dilemma situation, this institution needs to have a pattern of perceptions,...
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Student Thinking Levels in Solving Open-Ended Geometric-Function Problem by Algebraic Representation Approach

Yatha Yuni, Fiki Alghadari, Ayu Wulandari, Syafa’at Ariful Huda
The mathematical problem mostly has been involved in the measurement of student ability according to study objectives and data needs. In this study, geometric-function problem has been used to data collection, analyzed problem type, and students thinking levels based on their completion. The sample of...
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Social Change of the Maranggi Village Community - Plered, Purwakarta Regency (Before and After Studies Becoming a Culinary Tourism Area)

Silvy Mei Pradita
The purpose of research is to know social transformation Maranggi Village Purwakarta District, West Jawa Province. Before and after becomes culinary tourism area. Many societies familiar within Sate Maranggi’s culinary. Traditional food which uses tomato seasoning and cayenne paperwhich is smoothed have...
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Understanding the Effect of Mental Health: The Mediation of Patience and Enxiety

Fahrul Rozi
The aim of this study was to examine the effect of mental health mediation on the relationship between patience and anxiety. The number of participants in this study was 418 people (mean age: 25.12. SD = 7.07) with 61% female. The measuring instruments used are the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale[1],...
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Level of Student Stress Management UHAMKA Guidance Counseling Study Program in Pandemic Covid-19

Asni Asni, Atin Nur Khotimah, Nurul Fajri
The background of this research is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which results in learning activities being carried out at home. Learning activities at home often cause stress in students. Especially the final semester students of their thesis are hampered due to limited time for face-to-face guidance,...
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The Local Fairy Tales for Teaching Writing

Wahyu Taufiq
The study investigated the use of local fairy tales in teaching writing, particularly in narrative text during pandemic covid19 in TEFL Context. This research used a pre-experimental design using a class of ten grade students of a high school in East Java Indonesia. The results show that the pre-test...
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Development of Flipped Learning Based on Android for Elementary School

Yulian Findawati, Ida Rindaningsih, Wiwik Dwi Hastuti
Need of information technology today in education is commonplace, one of which is distance learning. The Reverse Learning Method (Reverse Learning) is an emerging form of blended learning, where learning is carried out online before students enter the classroom and then engage in classroom learning activities...
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The Implementation of New Normal Online School in the Elementary School

Vevy Liansari
The Corona Virus Diseases (Covid-19) pandemic happened in Indonesia since March 2020. It made all activities that gather large numbers of people to be avoided. Nowadays, the activities teaching and learning process change into online learning during the new normal period. The function of online learning...
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Motorized Pedicabs in Indonesia’s Legislative Framework

Fachmi Ian Yahya, Noor Fatimah Mediawati, Mochammad Tanzil Multazam
The modernization factor has caused the traditional pedicab modified into a motorized pedicab,which raises the pros and cons of the community as well as the law enforcers that regulate legislation in Indonesia. The research problem of this study is “whether there are laws and regulations in Indonesia...
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Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Self Esteem: Finding and Concerns

E Mulyadi, E Oktavianisya, Z Rafti Ulfa
The aim of this study was to identify self-concepts on Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) in Indonesia. Although LGBT is banned in Indonesia, research shows that many LGBT lives in Indonesia. They accept their condition and consider it a gift, but they feel uncomfortable when traveling everywhere,...