Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2020–Health Science and Nursing (ICoSIHSN 2020)

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Formulation and Antioxidant Effectivity Test of Single Bulb Black Garlic Lotion With DPPH Method (1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl)

Abdul Aziz Setiawan, Meta Safitri, Dwi Titan Armiyani, Ghany Herianto, Edy Marwanta
Single bulb black garlic is a fermented product of single-bulb garlic for 30 days with a certain temperature and humidity. It experiences a Maillard reaction and has an increased content of active compounds. Single bulb black garlic contains secondary metabolites in the form of flavonoids, tannins, and...
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Relationship Between Maternal Anxiety Level and Ejection of Breast Milk in the First 24 Hours of Postpartum Period

Alfaina Wahyuni, K.P Dwi Aji, Supriyatiningsih
Breast milk is essential food for a baby’s health. Many factors influence the success of breastfeeding, one of which is maternal anxiety. The infant mortality rate in Tegal is the highest in Central Java. The problem of breastfeeding supports the high rate of infant mortality. This study aims to determine...
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Expression of MicroRNA-155 in Hepatitis B Virus-Related to Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Dede Renovaldi, Juwita Radityaningsih, Puji Lestari, Nanda Qoriansas, Didik Setyo Heriyanto, Neneng Ratnasari, Sofia Mubarika Haryana
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is still a global health problem and a major precipitation factor for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). MicroRNAs (miRNAs) consist of small non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression at the post-transcriptional level, thus involving in primary biological processes,...
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Farmers Knowledge on Pesticide Safety Management in Ponorogo

Eka Rosanti, Ratih Andhika Akbar Rahma, Mahmudah Hamawi, Dian Afif Arifah
Agricultural activities in PonorogoDistrict are one of the largest contributors to the economy. However, agricultural activities related to pesticide use need attention. Based on the previous research, there were 36.7% of farmers in one of the villages in Ponorogo District were at a very high risk of...
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The Body Mass Index, Blood Glucose Level and the Quality of Life of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Patients in Primary Health Care: Cross-Sectional Study

Rima Tri Maylani, Akrom Akrom, Titiek Hidayati, Yenny Sri Wahyuni, Muhammad Muhlis
Obesity is a risk factor for DM. Quality of life is one of the parameters for evaluating the current clinical output of diabetes mellitus patients. Research has been conducted to determine BMI’s relationship with blood sugar levels and improve DM patients’ quality of life in primary care. This cross-sectional...
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Performance of Laboratory Critical Value on Clinical Laboratory Services in Supporting Patient Safety

L Rosita, P Edy.
Background. Patient safety is a cornerstone of healthcare quality, including clinical laboratory services. Management of patients related to the patient safety includes all aspect of services, which covers the process of diagnosing, giving therapy, and predicting the prognosis. An important form of clinical...
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Climate Variability and the Incidence of COVID-19 in Jakarta

Fibriani Endah Puspa Dewa, Lidya Saras Wati, Ahmad Ma’ruf Muttaqin Aminanto, Fanana Firdaus, Siska Marina, Yuniar, Sani Rachman Soleman
Since the first case was detected on March 3, 2020, the incidence of COVID-19 has exponentially increased in Jakarta. Some theories claimed that COVID-19 virus activities were affected by climate variability. The aim of this study is to search and predict the correlation between daily incidences of COVID-19...
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Relationship of Age, Body Mass Index, and Gravida in Pregnant Women With Preeclampsia in Muhammadiyah Hospital Surabaya

Maya Rafida, Nur Mujaddidah Mochtar, Ninuk Dwi Artiningtyas, Muhammad Anas
Background/aim: Preeclampsia is one of the causes of increased maternal mortality. The rate in East Java Province reached 91 per 100,000 live births. The highest cause of maternal death in 2016 was preeclampsia/eclampsia, which was 30.90% or 165 people. This study aims to determine the relationship of...
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Effects of Serum Cystatin C Levels on Increased Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure in the Elderly With Normal Renal Function

Erlina Marfianti, Auliya Nisa
Increased systolic and diastolic blood pressure is a result of the process of blood vessel degeneration that often occurs in the elderly. A number of previous studies have shown that cystatin C is a strong predictor of cardiovascular and mortality risk in elderly individuals though the mechanism remains...
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Association Between CD30 Expression and EBV-DNA Detection Status With ABVD Chemotherapy Response in Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients

Bethy S Hernowo, Hermin A Usman, Zahra Nurusshofa, Etis Primastari, Aryanti
CD30 is expressed in Hodgkin lymphoma (HL). To date, research efforts have focused on understanding its contribution to lymphomagenesis through anti-apoptotic mechanisms, and its effect on cell survival. It has been suggested that Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) plays a role in the pathogenesis of positive...
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High Proportion of Vitamin D Deficiency in Male Adolescents in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Adika Zhulhi Arjana, Ninda Devita, Titis Nurmasitoh, Ika Fidianingsih, Miranti Dewi, Umatul Khoiriyah
Deficiency of vitamin D in the world is high. Vitamin D deficiency has numerous negative effects. The purpose of this study was to determine the proportion of vitamin D deficiency in male adolescents in Yogyakarta Indonesia. This research is a cross-sectional study. The height, weight, physical activity,...
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Body Mass Index and Abdominal Circumference Towards Hypertension in Adolescent in A Senior High School of South Tangerang, Indonesia

Sugiatmi, Munaya Fauziah
Hypertension is associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and central obesity. Hypertension that occurs in adolescence will continue into adulthood. This study aims to identify the incidence of hypertension in adolescents and its relationship with body mass index and abdominal...
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The Determinants of Diphtheria Outbreak in Cirebon City

Mohamad Rahman Suhendri, Pariawan Lutfi Ghazali
Background: Indonesia’s Ministry of Health reported 3,944 cases of diphtheria that occurred between 2011 and 2017 with 142 deaths. One of the cities with a high number of diphtheria cases is Cirebon. This study aimed to determine the factors related to diphtheria outbreaks in Cirebon.Methods: This observational...
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Effect of High-Fat Diet on Systolic Blood Pressure in STZ-Induced Diabetic Adolescent Sprague Dawley Rats

Dini Islamiana, Intan Susmita Rafsanjani, Miranti Dewi Pramaningtyas, Ana Fauziyati
Hypertension and diabetes mellitus are two major contributing factors in cardiovascular disease development. Previous studies have shown that insulin resistance is worse in obese youth than adults. This research compared the effect of diabetes mellitus and high fat diet on systolic blood pressure between...
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Correlation Between Renal Activity Index and C3 Complement Expression in Mouse Lupus Nephritis Model

Nurhasan Agung Prabowo, Arief Nurudhin, Salma Asri Novia
Background: Lupus nephritis is a disease which currently has no definitive therapy. For lupus nephritis, histological examination remains the best option to assess the degree of disease activity, which is essential for therapy evaluation and monitoring. At present, there is no single laboratory that...
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Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio and Hs-CRP Predict Mortality in COVID-19 Patients

Evi Nurhayatun, Nurhasan Agung Prabowo, Dhani Redhono Harioputro, Wachid Putranto, Dono Indarto, Bambang Purwanto
Background: Inflammation plays an important role in the pathogenesis of COVID-19 and can be an important factor in the prognosis. The innate immune response to a respiratory infection is characterised by an influx of neutrophils to the lungs, particularly the alveoli. A sustained release of anti-inflammatory...
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Culex quinquefasciatus With the Highest MHD as a Potential Filariasis Vector in Demak, Central Java, Indonesia, a Filariasis Endemic Area

Siti Istianah, Budi Mulyaningsih, Sitti Rahmah Umniyati
Filariasis is a communicable disease caused by nematode worms and transmitted by mosquitoes. It causes permanent elephantiasis which decreases productivity and carries a stigma. Filariasis becomes one of the health problems in Indonesia. The filariasis elimination program through preventive mass drug...
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The Effectiveness of Endoscope Camera in Combination With Modified Standard Laryngoscope in Endotracheal Tube Installation

Muhammad Yusuf Hisam, Tiar Ramadhan, Rahmita Adhalina
Background: Emergency is a critical condition which requires accuracy and speed of actions. Intubation is one of the most frequently performed actions in an emergency department. The success of intubation has a significant influence on the success of the emergency department. A number of factors affect...
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Analysis of the Cesarean Section Unit Cost With the Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing Method: A Narrative Review

Fahmy Abdul Haq, Firman Pribadi, Titiek Hidayati
It is necessary to think about a method of determining the cost of a cesarean section that is in accordance with the real conditions in a private hospital so that the hospital does not suffer losses. The research objective was to determine the method of calculating the unit cost of Caesarean section...
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Primary School Student Online Video Competition Model to Improve Six Steps Handwashing Ability to Prevent Upper Tract Infection

Titiek Hidayati, Suryanto
The prevalence of upper tract infection / ARI in primary schools is 15% in 2019. Currently, upper respiratory infections cause most students to be absent from school compared to other disease factors. One of the most important causes of ARI is hand hygiene; therefore, washing hands using soap is the...
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The Decrease in Hospital Visits at Universitas Sebelas Maret Hospital Due to the Level of Stress and Fear of COVID 19

Nurhasan Agung Prabowo, Hendrastutik Apriningsih, Paramasari Dirgahayu, Tonang Dwi Ardyanto, Muchtar Hanafi, Astri Tantri Indriani, Frieska Dyanneza, Niken Dyah Aryani Kuncorowati, Laily Shofiyah
Background: In the current COVID-19 pandemic, the number of hospital visits was significantly decreased. There was a decrease in the number of outpatient visits from 9911 patients in January to 5586 patients in May 2020 in UNS hospital. This study aims to know the association the level of stress, hospital...
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Bronchiectasis as A Sequealae From COVID-19

Hendrastutik Apriningsih, Nurhasan Agung Prabowo, Reviono, Tonang Dwi Ardyanto, Resta Farits Pradana
Background: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV-2). Ground glass opacity, fibrous stripe, and thickening of adjacent pleura are frequently reported sequelae of COVID-19. COVID-19 causing severe bronchiectasis...
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Abortion and Unmet Family Planning Needs: A Case Study in Java Provinces, Indonesia, 2020

Liliek Pratiwi, Harnanik Nawangsari
Background: Women with unmet contraceptive needs rarely say that they do not realize the importance of contraceptives since they typically do not have access to contraceptives sources or supply or the price is unaffordable for them. In most countries, married women who ever experience side effects from...
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Analysis of Factors for Palliative Care for Breast Cancer Patients in Java in 2020

Harnanik Nawangsari, Liliek Pratiwi
This study pays attention to breast cancer patients in Java Province in 2020 because it aims to analyze factors related to palliative care, especially for patients with cervical cancer. So, it is hoped that this research will be useful as a suggestion for breast cancer patient health services. In this...
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Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic Effects Red Rosella Flower Steeping on Diabetic Rats

Ratna Indriawati, Vitis Vinivera, Tunjung Wibowo
Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease characterized by hyperglycemia and can cause dyslipidemia. One of the herbal plants that is thought to antidiabetic and hypolipidemic effects is the red rosella flower. This study aims to identify the capacity of hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic of red rosella flower...
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Diabetic Foot Exercise, and Care to Prevent Mortality and Morbidity in Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Pandemic Covid-19 Era: Case Report

Yuningtyaswari, Titiek Hidayati, Ayunindya Adila
Non-pharmacological interventions that can be undertaken include a proper nutritional diet, regular physical exercise, and smoking cessation. Diet and regular exercise will change the glucose level of Type II Diabetes Mellitus sufferers to achieve standard metabolic control, normal HbA1c levels, and...
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Case Series: Handling of Fertilization Program in the Cervical Polyp Case

Ivanna Beru Brahmana
Pregnancy programs are carried out at the Obstetrics & Gynecology clinic with infertility causes in the form of cervical polyp around 10%. Provide a series of four cases of cervical polyps in pregnancy program patients. The first case occured in primary infertile 1.5 years, P0A0 27 yo, with irregular...
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Bukoini: Is There Any Correlation Between Anti-Glaucoma Eye Drop and Primary Glaucoma Patients Quality of Life in RSUD Kota Yogyakarta?

Idiani Darmawati, Fisna Sinantia, Ameliza Kwartika
Introduction. The healthy eyes are the needs of every human being. If disorders are found in someone’s eyes, their quality of life would be decreasing. One of diseases that might distract human’s visual function is glaucoma. There are many factors which cause the decrease of glaucoma patient’s quality...
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Rural-Urban Differences in Characteristic and Lipid Profile Among Javanese Ethnic of Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Yanuarita Tursinawati, Arum Kartikadewi, Ari Yuniastuti, R. Susanti
Background: Urbanization has led to changes in human health with the inception of non-communicable diseases such as Diabetes mellitus (DM). This is generally due to the adaptation to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles, with poor diet patterns. The purpose of this research is to identify the rural and...
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Kahoot! Application in Medical Education: Quality of Lectures Improvement

Galuh Suryandari
Efforts to improve the quality of lectures with technology implementation are increasingly needed to overcome the problems of large-scale classes, one of them are Kahoot!. It aims measure and compare the improvement quality of lectures between the biomedical and clinical science groups on medical school...
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Correlation of Age, Duration of Diabetes Mellitus, HbA1c Levels, and Erectile Dysfunctions in Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Niken Widyaningsih, Dwi Nur Ahsani
Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus (DM) can cause erectile dysfunctions. A number of studies show that erectile dysfunctions (ED) are more common in a longer period of DM. Age and HbA1c levels are related to type II DM. This study aimed to reveal the correlation between age, duration of DM, HbA1c levels,...
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Can Academic Potential Tests Predict Students’ Learning Outcomes?

S. Sundari, SW Putro, GA Sadrina
The Medical Education Study Program is a favorable department study program at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Thus, the department increases the students’ input standard to keep quality. There are various kinds of tests for selecting new students, including course tests, psychological tests (TPA...
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The Evaluation of the Sensitivity and Specificity of Ultrasound Examination in Patients With Suspected Acute Appendicitis

Ana Majdawati, I Gusti Ayu Putri Anom Sari
Background: Acute Appendicitis is inflammation of the appendix, which manifests as pain in the lower right abdomen that can develop into an acute abdomen. This situation can end in the emergency room and require immediate surgical treatment. Ultrasound is the initial choice most often used for the diagnosis...
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One-Visit Apexification in Management of Gutta Percha Extrusion and Condensing Osteitis: 4 Years Follow-Up

Rasda Diana, Andina Widyastuti, Pribadi Santosa
An overfilled root canal is the most common iatrogenic error in daily endodontic practice, especially on open apex tooth, which leads to chronic periapical inflammation and failure of endodontic therapy. With various materials and techniques available, the clinician must determine the ideal protocol...
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Identification of off-Label Indications Drug for Pregnant Women in A Public Hospital in Yogyakarta Indonesia

P Utami, N Maziyyah, I Cahyaningsih, B Rahajeng, W Hariyadi
Pregnant women have special characteristics in the use of drugs that require more attention in the administration of drugs. The use of drugs outside the information listed in the leaflet or “off-label” has a risk when used by special populations such as pregnant women. This study aims to determine the...
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The Effects of Antimicrobial Peptide Gel on Angiogenesis and Fibroblast Cells in Periodontal Tissue Regeneration in a Periodontitis Rats Model Exposed by Nicotine

Ika Andriani, Atiek Driana Rahmawati, Maulida Nurhasanah, M. Ihza Humanindito
Nicotine, a major component of tobacco, is a significant contributing factor for the exacerbation of periodontal diseases. Periodontitis, one of the periodontal diseases, leads to alveolar bone damage triggered by bacteria and exacerbated by nicotine exposure as mostly suffered by smokers. Periodontitis...
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Correlation Between Frequencies and Durations of Bottle-Feeding Towards Maxillary Dental Arch Size in 7-9-Year-Old Children

Atiek Driana Rahmawati, Eggi Arguni, Iwa Sutardjo Rus Sudarso, Dibyo Pramono
Bottle-feeding is one factor that affects the growth and development of the jaw in infants. It is a normal habit at a certain age. However, if there is prolonged bottle feeding, its frequency and duration can impact and interfere with jaw development. This study aims to establish the correlation between...
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Lumbar Epidural Analgesia: Shortening Time of Active Phase at First and Second Stage of Labor

Supriyatiningsih, Iman Permana, Yossie Budi, Pramitha Esha
Introduction: Pain is a cause of dissatisfaction in labor. The use of lumbar epidural analgesia (LEA) in labor is widespread due to its benefits in terms of pain relief and the shortening of labor time. The study selected 50 consecutive primiparaous women in labor at Asri Medical Center. They were given...
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Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Behaviors Among Primary School Students

T Chotchai
In 1997, WHO reported that 25% of pre-adolescents used to drink alcohol worldwide. The purpose of this cross-sectional research was to explore the alcoholic beverage consumption (ABC) behaviors among 380 primary school students in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand. Data were collected by questionnaires and...
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Saliva Biofluid: Transmission Source and Potential Diagnostic Specimens for Covid-19 – A Review

Dian Yosi Arinawati
Covid-19 was first reported in Wuhan, China, due to the case of pneumonia. This virus spread through droplets from humans with or without symptoms. Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE-2), the receptor for Covid-19, facilitates the viral spike (S) protein entry to the target cells. This virus is reported...
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The Bombyx mori L., Nanofibroin Has Potential for Composite Filler Restoration

Sartika Puspita, Amira Khamila Wahyu Ening, Dwi Aji Nugroho
Bombyx mori L. nanofibroin has potential as an organic filler composite restoration because it has excellent mechanical and functional strength. One of the main requirements of the restoration material is to have good mechanical strength to wear resistance of dental restorations as well as tooth wear...
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Caries Risk Assessment in Students With Disabilities

Alfini Octavia, Trinita Lydianna, Dessy Audira, Chairunnisa Istiqomah
Background. Dental caries is the sixth-highest health problem in Indonesia. This condition has a negative impact on the quality of life of people. Therefore, we need to reduce caries by identified the risk of caries. Most of the children with disabilities have a dependency on people surrounding them,...
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Bicuspidization of Necrosis Mandibular Second Molar With Grade II Furcation Involvement

A Case Report

Maharatih Tiwi Sandjoko, Kurnia Fitriningtyas, Margareta Rinastiti, Raphael Tri Endra Untara
Innovations in dental science and the higher patient expectations that appear when the periodontal disease affects the furcation area have led to a more conservative treatment approach to save teeth. Bicuspidization is a surgical procedure performed to separate the mesial and distal roots of molars with...
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Hemisection as an Alternative Management for Mandibular First Molar With Bifurcation Lesion and Root Fracture: A Case Report

Fauziah Karimah, Eva Rizki Hutami, Tunjung Nugraheni, Ema Mulyawati
Modern advances in dentistry have provided the opportunity for patients to maintain a functional dentition for lifetime. Hemisection is a conservative way of preserving tooth. This procedure is an endodontic treatment performed by removing of the one or more roots and existing crown structure to increase...
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Non-Surgical Management of Iatrogenic Perforation in Mandibular Molar Using Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Followed by Composite Onlay: A Case Report

Henytaria Fajrianti, H.K. Adi Nugroho, Yulita Kristanti, Diatri Nari Ratih
One of the most common iatrogenic during endodontic is a perforation, especially furcation perforation on the molar. Perforation creates an artificial communication between a root canal and periodontal tissue, which could lead to pulpal inflammation extends to the periodontium. Management of perforation...
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Aesthetic Treatment of Traumatized Anterior Teeth: A Case Report

Nathania Pramudita, Fransisca Debby Rosalia, Yulita Kristanti, Diatri Nari Ratih
The emergency of a traumatically injured oral and maxillofacial region occurs frequently, and such injuries certainly need dental treatment. Therapy of traumatic dental injury aims to restore the function of the tooth; Towards this goal dentists will need a carefully managed treatment planning that often...
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Health Literacy Among Patients With Stage 2 Hypertension: A Survey in Rural Yogyakarta

Riana Rahmawati, Jasmien Aisya Sastiarini, Dhiyaulhaq ‘Aqilatul Fadhilah Hakim
Stage 2 hypertension is a major risk factor for cardiovascular events and should be treated adequately. Despite the importance of patient health literacy in hypertension management, data from patients living in rural areas are lacking. Objective: This study aimed to measure health literacy levels among...
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Diagnostic Test of Chest Radiograph on Fungal Pneumoniae

Ana Majdawati, Inayati
Fungal pneumoniae is lung infection caused by fungi in which clinical manifestations are not typical, even asymptomatic. Fungal pneumonia prevalences are 68.3% in both lung tuberculosis and non-tuberculosis. Fungal pneumoniae is often undiagnosed early but later or late diagnosed and it make fails or...
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The Correlation Between Mineral Levels and Bone Loss Risk in Postmenopausal Women

Suryanto, Suci Aprilia
Background: Calcium and phosphate are two minerals that are important for bone formation. Osteoblasts indirectly regulate osteoclast resorption activity under the influence of estrogen. Estrogen itself produces growth factors and contributes to bone formation so that bone mineral density decreases with...
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Challenge in Propolis Biocompatibility as a Potential Medicament in Dental Medicine

A Literature Review

Fatma Nur Aini, Arya Adiningrat
The application of natural materials in biomedicine has developed quite rapidly. Nowadays, such materials’ therapeutic properties become a diminishing topic, including the use of bee products. Bees produce several useful products, one of which is propolis. Propolis or “bee glue” is a honeybee product...
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The Differentiation of Triple Junction Telescopic Tube Space Maintainer From Space Maintainer Type I to Increase Intermolar With Premature Loss of Children

Laelia Dwi Anggraini, Sunarno, Rinaldi Budi Utomo, Dibyo Pramono
Background: Dental caries may lead to premature loss of the deciduous tooth. If it is left untreated it will lead to abnormal occlusion in children. The appliance used for preventive orthodontic is a space maintainer (SM). The existing appliance is rigid so far and does not follow the jaw growth. Thus,...
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The Effect of Novamin on Surface Roughness Dental Enamel After Debonding Orthodontic Bracket

Tita Ratya Utari, Bayu Ananda Paryontri, Aini Muzayyana
The acid etching process is required in orthodontic when attaching brackets to the enamel. It will result in microporosity so that the adhesive material enters the structure, and micromechanical retention occurs, which increases the adhesion strength. However, this process causes roughness and hydroxyapatite...
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The Effects of Monday Thursday Fasting on Blood Pressure and Oral Hygiene Level on Clinical Dental Profession Student

Erlina Sih Mahanani, Dinda Triani Ahyati, Hana Aulia Hapsari
Fasting has many health benefits for the human body as there is a detoxification process or release of toxic substances in the bod. One of the benefits are on blood pressure and oral hygiene. This research aims to identify the difference of blood pressure and oral hygiene level between clinical dental...
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Steroid Inhaler Therapy and Oral Manifestation Similar to Median Rhomboid Glossitis (Case Report)

Dwi Suhartiningtyas, Syifa Nabila Farah Fauziah Nur
One of the oral manifestations in the use of a steroid inhaler is Median Rhomboid Glossitis (MRG). It is a benign condition that is asymptomatic and appears as central papillary atrophy of the tongue. This case report presents the use of a steroid inhaler in an asthma patient with manifestation in the...
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Tensile Strength and Microscopic Adhesion Observation of Dental Composite Restorative Material Manufactured From Sisal Nanofiber as Filler

Dwi Aji Nugroho, Widjijono, Nuryono, Widya Asmara, Aulia Rahmasari, Ensa Dyota
Background: Dental Composite consists of inorganic filler material that does not have chemical adhesion to organic materials. Tooth structure and adhesive materials contained many organic materials. Inorganic fillers could be substituted by organic material. This material was sisal fiber. These fibers...
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Lumbar Epidural Analgesia as a New Paradigm: Views of Women in Rural and Urban Community in Yogyakarta

Iman Permana, Supriyatiningsih, Pramitha Esha Nirmala Dewi
Pain in labor has been problematic for women regardless their socio-economic status. Lumbar Epidural Analgesia (LEA) was suggested to provide high-quality pain relief and minimizing side-effects both for maternal and the fetus or on the outcome of labour. The aim of this study was to explore the awareness...
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Complex Esthetics and Endodontic Treatment With Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown Supported by Fiber Post and Smart Dentin Replacement as a Core for Anterior Upper Maxilla

Erma Sofiani
Background. Restoration of endodontically treated tooth may bring more risks of fracture than a vital tooth. The decision making should be taken based on clinical appearance and consideration. This case report informed crown restoration with fiber post and Smart Dentin Replacement after root canal treatment...
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Acrylic Based Individual Ocular Prothesis

A Case Report

Fahma Kunsputri, Haryo Dipoyono, Endang Wahyuningtyas
Background: Ocular defects due to eye enucleation may affect patient psychologically. Individual ocular prothesis have several advantages compared to stock ocular prothesis. Acrylic based is one of the most used individual ocular prothesis. Objective: To describe a simple method of fabricating ocular...
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Oral Health-Related Quality of Life and Dental Caries Status Among Elderly People in Bantul Yogyakarta Indonesia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Sri Utami, Yulianti
One of the indicators of poor oral health in older people is dental caries. Dental caries affects quality of life consisting physical, functional, social, and emotional welfare throughout each individual’s life. This study aims to determine the correlation between dental caries status and quality of...
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Salivary Calprotectin in Patient With Oral Candidiasis

Afryla Femilian
Calprotectin, a calcium and zinc-binding protein found in non-keratin squamous epithelial membranes, is a cytosolic protein produced by neutrophils and monocytes, which can be found in serum plasma, urine, saliva and other body fluids. Calprotectin has antifungal activity by inhibiting yeast development...
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The Odontogenic Keratocyst Detected Accidentally With Radiological Features

Erwin Setyawan
Odontogenic Keratocyst (OKC) usually appears asymptomatically; thus, it is likely to be found incidentally. World Health Organization (WHO) classifies OKC into tumors as they have similar characteristics. Although it is classified as a non-malignant tumor, odontogenic keratocyst can occur repeatedly....
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Relationship Between Body Image and Eating Pattern in Woman Adolescents

Agus Sarwo Prayogi, Ulya Maulida, Induniasih, Ana Ratnawati, Abdul Majid, Harmilah
Adolescence there is concern for body weight and body shape. This encourages teenagers to go on a diet. A good eat pattern needs to be established in an effort to meet nutritional needs. Body image in adolescents will greatly affect their diet including the selection of food ingredients and the frequency...
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Adaptive Response of Colorectal Cancer Patients With Stomas on Quality of Life and Body Images: A Literature Review

Agus Suparno, Fitri Arofiati
Each year, approximately 1.8 million people develop colorectal cancer [CRC], the third most frequently diagnosed cancer [10.2% of total cases] among both sexes globally. Changes occur in food patterns, clothing, social life, body image and irritation in the stoma area. The condition of being a person...
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Evaluation of Potential Drug-Drug Interactions in Hypercholesterolemia Patients at Teaching Hospital Surabaya

Ana Khusnul Faizah, Nani Wijayanti Dyah Nurrahman
Drug-drug interactions increase the effectiveness of therapy but can also have undesirable effects on toxicity. A pharmacist has the responsibility to prevent the undesirable effect of drug-drug interactions. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the potential drug-drug interactions in hypercholesterolemia...
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Pharmaceutical Storage Evaluation in Warehouse and Outlet of Apotek X Bantul Yogyakarta in 2018

Andy Eko Wibowo, Widya Putri Lestari
The management of pharmaceutical preparations is a very important part of a pharmacy, because it is the main source of income, wrong or inefficient storage of drugs can cause drugs to expire, the number of dead stocks and drug rotation is not optimal. Errors in storage can make a drug become damaged...
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Formulation and Antioxidant Activity of Serum Gel of Ethyl Acetate Fraction From Musa x paradisiaca L.

Arini Syarifah, Arif Budiman, Siti Atun Nazilah
One of the plants that had potential as a natural antioxidant was raja banana skin. The fraction of ethyl acetate of raja banana skin (Musa x paradisiaca L.) had antioxidant activity (IC50) with value 50.25 ppm. The fraction of ethyl acetate of raja banana skin will be formulated into serum gel. This...
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Nurses’ Role in Discharge Preparation for Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients

Azizah Khoiriyati, Kusnanto Kusnanto, Ninuk Dian Kurniawati
Introduction: Patients with post hospitalized heart attack often feel insufficiently ready for the hospital to home transition. Problem focused on patients and health care providers can contribute to the significant residual risk seen in patients with acute coronary syndrome. Therefore, nurses could...
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Effects of Anti Tuberculosis Side Effect on the Quality of Life of Tuberculosis Patients in RSKP Respira Yogyakarta at the Period of January-June 2019

Bangunawati Rahajeng, Nabila Shafira, Pinasti Utami
The emergence of side effects in the use of anti-tuberculosis drugs is reported to disrupt daily activities; thus, it can affect the quality of life of TB patients. This study aims to determine the relationship between the side effects of anti-tuberculosis drugs and TB patients’ quality of life. This...
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Risperidone Induced Xerosis and Tachycardia in Schizophrenia Patients: A Case Report

Bangunawati Rahajeng, Pinasti Utami, Astrit Ikafitriani
Background: Risperidone is one of the atypical antipsychotics usually used in schizophrenia therapy. Like most antipsychotics, risperidone has several side effects. Xerosis and tachicardy are rare side effects of Risperidone with incidence <1%. However unfortunately, the numbers of case reports about...
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Application of Pain Scale Assessment in Patients Attached Mechanical Ventilator in Intensive Care Unit

Barkah Waladani, Isma Yuniar, Endah Setianingsih, Naura Nazhifah Rahmah, Indah Yunita
Special equipment in Intensive Care Unit such as the installation of mechanical ventilation causes the patient to be unable to express the condition he feels, one of which is pain. This study aims to determine the suitability of pain assessment using Critical Pain Observation Tool (CPOT) and Non Verbal...
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Formulation of Body Scrub Cream From Extract of Arabika Green Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) as Antioxidant

Damayanti Hilda, Aprilliani Arini, Clarissa D. Nancy
Arabica green coffee beans (Coffea arabica L.) have many chemical contents in the seeds, namely tannins, alkaloids, flavonoids, coumarin and quinones. Arabica green coffee beans also have antioxidant activity because they have polyphenols. Oil cream in water is very preferred for topical use because...
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Heavy Metal Analysis on Blush on Online Selling by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Method (AAS)

Diana Sylvia, Dini Lanjar Sari, Nita Rusdiana
Cosmetics are a daily human need. The number of cosmetics on the market is thought to contain hazardous or toxic substances, one of which is heavy metals. Based on BPOM RI Regulation Number Hk. Year 2011 Regarding the requirements for heavy metals in cosmetics, the very limit for Pb...
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Measuring Self-Care and Diabetes Distress Among Diabetic Patients

Dwi Prihatiningsih, Agustina Rahmawati
Impact of diabetes distress on diabetes self-care practices have been widely investigated but little known about the implication of the diabetes self-care on diabetic distress. This study is a correlational study that aims to discover the prevalence of distress and its correlation with self-care behavior...
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Formula Optimization of Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer With Lemongrass Essential Oil

Dyani Primasari Sukamdi, Muhammad Fariez Kurniawan, Vella Lailli Damarwati
During the covid-19 pandemics, the government required people to comply with health protocols. Some health protocol demands are such as using masks and maintaining personal sanitation independently. The application of sanitation and hygiene aims to protect the public from the covid-19 virus. Independently,...
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Women’s Empowerment and Infant and Young Child Feeding Practice in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review

Eka Mishbahatul Mar’ah Has, Nursalam Nursalam, Yuni Sufyanti Arief
Adherence to the WHO guidelines for infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practice in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) is unsatisfactory. Women’s empowerment has been noticed as the key factor which mediating intra-household resources to achieve optimal IYCF practice. Thus, we undertook a systematic...
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Al-Qur’an Murottal Therapy to Reduce Cardiovascular Reactivity to Handgrip in Hypertensive Pre-Elderly Subjects

Elly Trisnawati, I’anah Al Azizah, Ikhlas Muhammad Jenie
Cardiovascular reactivity is a response of the cardiovascular system when it reacts to physical stress or psychological stress that can affect hemodynamics. Murottal therapy as a complementary treatment to lower high blood pressure and it is an efficient therapy that can be easily done by every individual....
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The Review of Patients’ Quality of Life With Chronic Kidney Failure

Endang Sunariyanti, Restu Nur Hasanah Haris, Trisna Lestari, Nur’aini, Sefi Megawati
Chronic kidney failure is a disease with a global prevalece of height. The high incedence of chronic kidney failure requires special care to improve the quality of life is the state where a person feels compertabel and saitisfied in everyday life, including physical, emotional, social and spiritual functions....
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Anxiety, Depression, and Coping Mechanism Among Outpatients With Heart Failure

Fanni Okviasanti, Ah. Yusuf, Ninuk Dian Kurniawati
Anxiety and depression have been identified as common condition experienced by patients with heart failure (HF). Some HF patients who are unable to manage their anxiety and depression show poor coping mechanism. The aim of this study was to identify the correlation between anxiety, depression, and coping...
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Community Nurses’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Towards Child’s Growth and Development Promotion Program in the Community Health Care Center

Ferika Indarwati, Khoirunnisa Miyono, Andri Putriasi, Siska Manunggar, Nisa Hasanah
Promoting child growth and development is one of the Indonesian community health center’s priority programs. Children’s growth and development at early ages play a crucial role in defining children’s future health trajectories. This study aims to describe community nurses’ knowledge, attitude, and practice...
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The Correlation Between Pregnant Women Knowledge Level, Perception, and Compliance With Ferrous Fumarate Tablet Consumption in a Primary Health Care Institution

Ginanjar Zukhruf Saputri, Susan Fitria Candradewi, Ana Hidayati, Diar Winarti
Anemia in pregnancy is one of the causes of death in pregnant women. Approximately, 41.8% of anemia cases occurred in pregnant women, with the highest prevalence rate of 61.3% in the African region and 52.5% in the Asian region. WHO states that 58% of anemia in pregnancy is caused by iron deficiency....
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Optimization of Gold Nanoparticles and Molecular Beacon Probe for DNA Detection by Colorimetric Method

Hari Widada, Mar’atus Sholikhah, Sabtanti Harimurti, Dyani Primasari Sukamdi, Abdul Rohman, Riris Istighfari Jenie, Sismindari
Gold nanoparticles are platforms that can be immobilized with a probe; thus, they can be used as biosensors. In the health sector, biosensors are utilized for biomedical applications, such as for DNA marking and cell isolation. In addition, it can be used as a method for Halal Authentication applications...
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The Relationship of Smoking Habits, Cholesterol Level and Diabetes Mellitus (DM) History With Stroke Incidence in Patients at PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Sruweng

Hendri Tamara Yuda, Asri Munajah, Podo Yuwono
Stroke is a health problem that attacks the neurological system. It may result in brain damage, paralysis and even death. Hypertension, smoking, Diabetes Mellitus, heart diseases, blood cholesterol levels, alcohol, and drug abuse are some of the risk factors that can be changed. The total outpatient...
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The Potential Effect of Citrus Sinensis Extract on Malondialdehyde (MDA) Levels in Rat Induced by Cigarette Smoke

Ika Setyawati, Nunki Indah Hidayati
Cigarette smoke contains numerous substances containing free radicals and can prompt oxidative pressure. The buildup of free radicals cannot be neutralized by antioxidants for essential cancer prevention agent supplements from outside. In relation to that, the peel of citrus sinensis is expected to contain...
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Factors Affecting Blood Glucose Stability in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Indah Wulandari, Kusnanto Kusnanto, Sony Wibisono, Bella Andriani, Andri Restu Wardani, Sela Anugrah Huri
Blood glucose stability is important for type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in order to reduce the risk of co-morbidity due to diabetes mellitus. The stability of blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes mellitus was influenced by several factors such as age, sex, duration of illness, race, diabetes...
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An Analysis of Health Workers’ Quality of Life in Indonesia During COVID-19 Pandemic

Ingenida Hadning, N. Qurrotu’ Ainii
Pandemic of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has an impact on the life quality of health workers as the frontline in handling COVID-19 patients. This study aims to determine health workers’ quality of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study was conducted in a observation with cross sectional...
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The Effectivities of Yoga Gymnastic to Decrease the Level of Postpartum Blues Incidence

Kusumastuti, Hastin Ika Indriyastuti, Lutfia Uli Na’mah
Postpartum blues in postpartum mothers are often neglected and ignored so they are not diagnosed and are not cared for properly. If the postpartum blues cannot be recovered, this situation will be developing into postpartum depression and even postpartum psychosis. The rate of postpartum blues incidents...
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The Relationship Between Family’s Affective Functions and Cyberbullying in Adolescents

Laili Nur Hidayati, Rizki Afita Oktafianti
Excessive use of the internet in adolescents can raise the risk of violence in cyberspace (cyberbullying). The impact of cyberbullying can range from depression to suicide and can reduce achievement levels at school. Adolescents who commit cyberbullying are caused by a lack of communication and affection...
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In Vitro Study of Kaempferia galanga L. Compound, δ- 3-Carene, Against 5-Lipoxygenase

Lusi Putri Dwita, Supandi, Yeni
Kaempferia galanga has anti-inflammatory activity and worth developing as lipoxygenase inhibitors. The aim of this study was to determined δ-3-carene, one of the potential compounds of K. galanga, as a lipoxygenase inhibitor. The LOX-inhibitor activity was tested in-vitro. The result showed that the...
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Ergogenic Activities of Some Plants of Family Araliaceae on Mus musculus

M. Artabah Muchlisin, Firasti Agung Nugrahening Sumadi, Angga Wahyu Hidayat, Nehru Marino Awal, Ahmad Shobrun Jamil
Ergogenic is defined as the equipment, techniques and substances used to enhance sports performance. Ergogenic aid is classified into various forms, such as nutritional, pharmacological and physiological. One of the most well-known natural ingredients as an ergogenic substance is ginseng (Panax ginseng)....
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Drug Use in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Outpatients

Maria Caecilia N. Setiawati, Ika Puspitaningrum, Nyoman Kertia
The Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease, affecting most of the patients’ organ systems. The disease is considered to be a chronic disease and its effect makes unpredictable flares. According to Yayasan Lupus Indonesia (YLI), in this decade, the total amount of SLE patients is...
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The Impact of Smoking on the Therapy Outcomes in Patients With Pneumonia Infection at RSP (Pulmonary Hospital) Respira, Yogyakarta

Mega Octavia, N.D Pramitha Esha, Dianita Sugiyo
Smoking is known to cause interstitial lung diseases, such as interstitial pneumonia and the prognosis, which are well seen when patients quit smoking. Smoking cigarette negatively affects the effectiveness of therapy, cure rates, and a higher risk of recurrence in pulmonary TB. This study analyzes smoking...
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Variation of CYP2C9 Gene and Glycemic Control in Diabetic Patients: A Literature Review

Nidaul Makwa, Dyah A Perwitasari, Imaniar N Faridah, Lalu M Irham, Haafizah Dania, Rita Maliza
The prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 (DMT2) is continuing to increase worldwide. The variety of responses to the oral antidiabetic is influenced by several factors, including genetics, physiology, pathophysiology and the environment. Genetic factors are estimated to contribute 15–30% to differences...
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The Effect of Qigong Exercise on the Teacher’s Work Stress Level

Nina Dwi Lestari, Winda Setyadewi
Teachers are a population at risk of experiencing work stress due to excessive workloads. This condition requires management so that it does not affect work productivity and health.This study aims to identify the effect of qigong exercise on the teacher’s work stress level. This research method is Pre-Experimental...
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Determination of Methampyrone Levels Using Thin Layer Chromatography and UV Spectrophotometry Method in Gout Herbal Medicine

Nita Rusdiana, Diana Kartika Wulansari, Diana Sylvia
Based on data from the National Food and Drug Administration, there are 46 withdrawals of herbal products on the market because they contain hazardous chemicals such as MTP, phenylbutazone, dexamethasone, allopurinol, CTM, sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, and paracetamol. MTP is one of the analgesic-antipyretic...
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The Influence of Family Support on Self Efficacy of Chronic Kidney Disease

Nur Isnaini, Risang Sukma, Happy Dwi Aprilina
Introduction: Patients with chronic kidney disease must be able to undergo hemodialysis therapy, medication, fluid restriction, and diet. Self-efficacy of patients is needed so that all therapies can work well. Besides, family support is no less important so that patients are confident and able to undergo...
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Macronutrients Analysis of Porang Tubers (Amorphophallus muelleri Blume) Fermentation With Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Bacteria

Nur’aini, Intan Wulan Dari, Abdul Aziz Setiawan, Dian Ratih Laksmitawati
Indonesia has various types of tubers offered to be developed, one of which is porang tuber (Amorphophallus muelleri Blume). Amorphophallus muelleri Blume has macronutrient content. Macronutrients consist of carbohydrates, starches, fiber, glucomannan, protein, and lipid. Porang tubers have higher glucomannan...
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Prospective Study: Study of Asthma Therapy and the Relationship Between Asthma Control Levels and Quality of Life of Asthma Patients

Pinasti Utami, Bangunawati Rahajeng, Razmi Wulan Diastuti, M.T Ghozali, Ingenida Hadning, Nurul Maziyyah, Indriastuti Cahyaningsih, Salmah Orbayinah
Asthma treatment generally aims to control asthma recurrence so that patients can lead an everyday life with few or no symptoms. In addition, low levels of asthma control are associated with a decreased meaning of quality of life. Therefore, this research aims to determine the study of asthma therapy...
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The Relationship of Nutritional Status and Perineal Wound Healing Among Post-Partum Women

Pipit Festy, Yuanita Wulandari, Maghfiratus Syawaliyah
Postpartum mothers with a history of episiotomy during vaginal delivery are prone to perineal wound infections. Nutritional status has an important role in the process of wound healing. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of nutritional status with the process of healing perineal...
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Analysis of Essential Oils Utilization in Enhancing Immune Systems in the Pandemic Era

Puspawan Hariadi, Hartini Haritani, Yuyun Febriani, Abdul Rahim, Tri Puspita Yuliana, Ersi Arviana Ikhsan
In December 2019, a new virus strain of coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) has been reported. One prevention that can be done is to increase immune systems by using essential oils. This study aims to analyze the essential oils used during a pandemic. A Qualitative descriptive method with a random sampling...
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Nurse’s Knowledge and Accuracy in Using Comfort Scale

Putra Agina Widyaswara Suwaryo, Juliyanto, Endah Setianingsih
More than 30% of critical patients have significant pain while resting and more than 50% of patients experience significant pain during the routine care process. Pain is difficult to measure and treat in patients with reduced awareness because direct reports from patients are important in the assessment....