Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Social Sciences and Big Data Application (ICSSBDA 2021)

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Interviewing for Solutions: Enlightenment of Solution-Focused Approach to the Work of College Counselors

Hui Zhang
The solution-focused approach is a practical psychological counseling approach that focuses on the visitors and helps the visitors to construct an interviewing for solutions. The solution-focused approach is an approach of empowering the visitors, which helps the visitors to cope with the current problems...
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Preliminary Study of the Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in the Floriculture Course Based on the Online Course Platform

Jing Wu, Zenghui Hu, Kezhong Zhang, Yazhou Zhao
“Ideological and political theories teaching in all courses” refers to the integration of moral education into the courses, which emphasizes the organic combination of knowledge transfer and value guidance. It is an inevitable choice for higher education to realize the whole process and all-round education....
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Why Does Marxism Work from the Centenary of the Founding of the Party

Ying Ding, Ningfang Yang
In the centenary of the founding of the Party, from the perspective of the Communist Party of China, thinking about why Marxism “works” is conducive to understanding that the Communist Party of China is a believer, implementer and innovator of Marxism. Under the leadership and dissemination of the Communist...
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Problems and Suggestions on Talent Supply and Demand of Cultural Industry in Tianjin

Xiying Xia
Tianjin attaches great importance to the construction of cultural industry. There is a large gap of senior talents in Tianjin’s cultural industry, which has become the biggest obstacle to the development of Tianjin’s cultural industry. This paper makes an in-depth questionnaire survey and interview on...
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Design of University Graduation Project Management System Based on Micro Service Architecture

Qing Li, Yongxiao Liu, Wendou Wu
Based on the concept of microservice, the study integrates MyBatis+Spring Boot framework, and uses Ajax technology and MySql database technology to develop the graduation design (thesis) management system. It has realized the information management of 14 core links, such as project declaration, topic...
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Research on the Political Faith Education of Students in Higher Vocational Colleges Under the Background of Full and Strict Governance Over the Party

Qian Li, Huan Xiong
The methodological research on the political faith education of students in vocational colleges is an important subject to enrich the research of the way of ideological and political education of college students. Political faith education of students in higher vocational colleges under the background...
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An Analysis on the Training Strategy of Innovative Ability of Students Majoring in Visual Communication Design

Yongxiao Liu, Qing Li, Yifan Zhao
In Chinese colleges and universities, visual communication major mainly provides high-quality talents for the media industry, with the focus on training students’ professional skills in the teaching process and the objective of training innovative talents. In such a competitive society, students are...
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On the Value of Copying in the Teaching of Oil Painting Creation

Xia Ma, Haikui Ma
At present, many oil painting teachers in colleges and universities do not attach importance to the copying, and the beginners do not understand the importance of the oil painting copying. However, copying is an important way to learn oil painting and can provide a lot of help to students in oil painting...
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Taking Multiple Measures to Promote the Construction of Computer Science and Technology Specialty

Fengjun Shang
This major uses the concept of “quality first and characteristic development”, based on the national innovation driven strategy and the “double first-class” construction, deeply implements the spirit of the national education conference, adheres to the “people-oriented”, promotes the “four returns”,...
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A Study of Basic Strategies and Construction of College English Listening Training on Machine

Lihua Tang
The Internet provides convenience for college students to learn English online. At present, there are numerous strategies for English listening training, but the combination of English listening training and Internet needs to be studied more deeply and applied more widely. Built on practice, this paper...
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Research and Exploration on the Practice Mode of Mechanical Majors Under the Background of New Engineering

Peijiang Chen, Mei Zhang, Hu Han, Xiaojie Wang
Under the background of “new engineering” construction, in order to improve students’ innovative ability and engineering practice ability, the problems existing in the practice teaching work of mechanical majors in local colleges and universities are analysed, and the practice teaching system and practice...
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Exploration of Talent Cultivation Models of Industrial Colleges Under the Background of “New Engineering”

Xuehua Jiang, Peijiang Chen
Based on the concept of “new engineering” construction, schools and enterprises jointly build and co-manage industrial colleges, strengthening school-enterprise cooperation, deepening the integration of industry and education, and focus on the education concept and training mechanism, organizational...
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Explore the World and Life: An Exploration of the Ideological and Political Construction Ideas of Econometrics

Lei Yao
Econometrics is considered as an essential core course for economics majors at local art colleges and universities. More systematic design and characteristic construction are required in the “gene integration” of curriculum ideological and political construction. Professional knowledge, industrial development,...
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A Corpus-Based Study on the Application of Connectives in Chinese College Students’ English Writing

Chunping Nan
Making use of self-built corpus and retrieval software AntConc, this paper first makes a comparative analysis of the use of connectives by non-English majors in Northeast Petroleum University and English native college students, and then compares the use of connectives by these Chinese students in CET-4...
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Research on the Network Violence and Moral Education Countermeasures of Adolescents in BaoShan City

Wenyu Li
With the innovation of network technology and the gradual popularization of mobile terminals, the number of Internet users in China is increasing year by year, among which the main group is teenagers. By virtue of advantages, the Internet has derived the form of network virtual society, which has a wide...
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A Study on the Professional Standards of Pre-service Teachers in Middle and Western Primary Schools in the Horizon of Competency

Guang Li
The research on the professional standards of pre-service teachers in elementary schools is helpful to provide references for the improvement of talent training programs in colleges and universities, and to provide specific guidance for the self-development and self-improvement of pre-service teachers....
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Investigation and Research on the Vocational Skills Training of Normal Students in Prefectural Colleges—Taking Baoshan College as an Example

Guang Li, Ning Nie, Qili Luo, Xuewen Mao, Pan Yu, Minghui Zhang
The vocational skills of normal students are important professional qualities necessary for normal students. Taking the research on the status quo of the vocational skills of the primary education teachers in prefectural colleges and universities as an example, the questionnaire survey method and the...
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Research on the Path of “New Agriscience” Talents Cultivation Under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Yuanhong Wang, Xiaoqiong Wang, Yi Liu
On the basis of studying the connotation of Rural Revitalization Strategy, the dilemma of talent training and development, and the orientation of new agricultural talent training, this paper discusses how to train new agricultural talents in local agricultural colleges and universities. Through literature...
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Construction and Reform of “Core Courses of Electrical Major” Based on Information Technology

Huida Duan, Xu Zhao
The paper studied the multi-field application of modern information technology in course construction. Including teaching resource construction, online and outline blended teaching method reform, virtual simulation technology, reform of diversified teaching evaluation system and so on. The application...
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Research on Higher Mathematics Teaching Practice Based on Curriculum Ideological and Political Education

Nan Wang, Linjing Yan, Yu Wang
Curriculum ideological and political education is a comprehensive educational concept that takes “Building Morality and cultivating people” as the fundamental task of education. How to properly integrate the ideological and political education into the curriculum in the higher mathematics classroom is...
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Visual Teaching and Simulation Experiments of High Voltage Technology in the Post-modern Curriculum View

Ying Ma, Huida Duan
The high voltage technology course is rich in content and abstract content, many course knowledge points, involving high voltage levels and limited daily teaching equipment. Build a virtual simulation experiment teaching project for high voltage technology. By building a platform such as DC withstand...
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Exploration of Patriotism Education Resources Based on Local Museums

Shuyu Jin, Jianyou Zhao, Xue Yang
At present, China is in the critical period of deepening reform and opening up. The collision of multiple cultures confronts our history and culture with great challenges. Serving as the carrier of history, culture and social civilization, the museum was born in the process of social history. It is the...
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Research on the Teaching Mode of Internet-based Flipped Classroom in Advanced Mathematics Courses

Wenjiao Fu
The flipped classroom model under the background of “Internet + education” replace the traditional classroom teaching model. This model breaks through the time and space limitations of traditional courses, and uses the advantages of the Internet to enhance students’ awareness of autonomous learning,...
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Construction of Scientific Research Innovation Training System for Undergraduates Majoring in Forestry

Yazhou Zhao, Xiangfeng He, Zenghui Hu, Jing Wu
Forestry is one of the important majors to train high-end talents for ecological environment construction and management. An important way to promote ecological environment construction and development is to cultivate undergraduates majoring in Forestry with innovative thinking in scientific research....
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Research on the Integration of Blockchain and Ecological Agricultural Product Supply Chain

Based on the Survey in Southern Jiangxi

Wei Zhang, Hui Li, Wenzhe Luo
The characteristics of blockchain technology, such as decentralization, distributed storage, openness and transparency, can effectively solve the main problems in the supply chain of ecological agricultural products in southern Jiangxi province of China. With the “Internet of Things +”, “big data +”...
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Research on Compilation and Quality Evaluation of Jilin Provincial Government Accounting Comprehensive Financial Report Based on “Dual” Perspective

Haixia Wang
Based on the dual objectives of government accounting reform, the reform of government comprehensive financial reporting system is closely related to the needs of government asset management, government debt management and government performance evaluation. This paper focuses on the selection of information...
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Research on the Impact of Overseas Investment on Corporate Social Responsibility of Listed Textile and Garment Enterprises

Ya Wang, Jiawen Peng, Jingyi Mai, Lei Yao
In the context of economic globalization and the Belt and Road Initiative, it is of great significance to explore the factors that influence textile and garment enterprises, which are an important part of China’s enterprise organization, to fulfill their social responsibilities, for the sustainable development...
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The Recovery Strategy of Rural Tourism in the Post-Epidemic Period

Jianchun Yang, Guifang Zhu
The sudden pandemic COVID-19 has caused a huge impact on the rural tourism industry in the process of high-quality transformation and development. The outbreak and spread of COVID-19 not only exposed the shortcomings of the rural tourism industry, but also provided new opportunities for the future development...
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Research on the Countermeasures of Relative Poverty Alleviation in Underdeveloped Areas

Yue Li
Based on simple analysis of current problems occurred after significant victory in poverty alleviation in the border area X of western Yunnan and in the process of efforts to continue the rural revitalization practice, this article illustrates the impact of these events on society as well as the causes,...
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Research on the Improvement of Cultural Consumption Quality of Beijing “Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage+”

Miao Zhang, Jiayi Li, Lei Yao
This paper takes the intangible cultural heritage of textiles as a perspective and uses a questionnaire to understand the knowledge of Beijing consumers about textile intangible heritage and cultural consumption in Beijing, as well as the satisfaction of cultural consumption. This paper proposes suggestions...
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Research on the Realization Path of “Textile Intangible Heritage +” Projects’ Commercial Value Based on Productive Protection

Xulan Zhang, Lei Yao
With rich and colorful cultural connotation and expression methods, Textile intangible heritage provides people with identity, cultural confidence and emotional continuation. “Textile intangible heritage+” is a series of protection and innovation activities based on the utilization of Textile intangible...
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Research and Demonstration of Bid Selection Decision Model on Construction Engineering

Haixia Li, Qinmi Zhang, Daxin Ren, Ying Song
The Principal Component Analysis method (PCA) is introduced into the bid selection decision-making of construction enterprises, the influencing factor index system of bid selection decision-making of construction enterprises is established, the dimensionality of the determined index system is reduced...
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Research on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the High-quality Development of the Logistics Industry

Based on the Perspective of Total Factor Productivity

Yunping Chen, Siying Hu
At present, artificial intelligence technology has become a critical weapon to promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry. This article first describes the mechanism of artificial intelligence affecting the total factor productivity of the logistics industry, and then based on...
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Construction and Evaluation of High-Quality Development Index System for Private Cultural Service Enterprises

Ji Zhu
The high-quality development of private cultural enterprises is an important engine to improve the modern cultural industry system and market system. This paper defines the connotation of the high-quality development of private cultural enterprises theoretically, and holds that private cultural enterprises...
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Analysis of Giles’ Metaphor Translation in Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio in Light of Relevance Theory

Kaiwei Yan
Liao Zhai Zhi Yi is deemed to be the peak of Chinese classical novel and is already widely disseminated throughout the world. Herbert Allen Giles was a famous British sinologist and had translated several Chinese works. That’s why we choose Giles’ approaches to metaphor translation in his translation...
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Developing an Approach to Colour Assessment of Works of Art on Aim to Creating a Comfortable and Harmonious Interior

Oksana Pylypchuk, Andrii Polubok, Olga Krivenko, Olena Safronova, Danylo Kosenko, Nataliia Avdieieva
This study was specially tailored to develop an approach to colour scheme evaluation for works of art within an interior with aim to create a comfortable and harmonious living space. To achieve the study objectives, the following methods were applied: article review; systematic review of key compositional...
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On the Construction of New Countryside in the Pearl River Delta

Deyu Chen
Agriculture, rural areas and farmers have traditionally been the key issues in our country’s modernization. Since the reform and opening up, especially the rural areas in the Pearl River Delta region, rely on the superior geographical location and the country’s preferential policies to develop rapidly....
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Research on the Status and Problems of Beijing “Textile Intangible Heritage +” Experiential Tourism

Miao Zhang, Yongliang Wang, Lei Yao
This article takes the Beijing area as the research area and proposes exploring the upgrade of Beijing experience tourism from the perspective of textile intangible cultural heritage. Beijing is the capital of China and has a profound cultural heritage. It is the gathering place of textile intangible...
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Research on the Mechanism of the Benefit Linkage of the Whole Chain Linking Farmers with Farmers Under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Local experience from Wenjiang District, Chengdu

Pei Wang
Industrial prosperity is the foundation of rural revitalization, and interest linkage is an important driving force for the development of rural industries. Therefore, research on interest linkage in the context of rural rejuvenation is of great significance to promote the high-quality development of...
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The Mechanism and Strategy of Blockchain Technology Driving the Development of Supply Chain Finance

Songqin Ye, Jiangjiarui Zeng
This article is based on the security, traceability, immutability and transparency of blockchain technology, aiming at the pain points of information asymmetry, financing difficulties, expensive financing, and weak supervision in the development of supply chain finance, to study how to use the core technologies...
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Design and Application of the Case Report Form for the Clinical Observation on Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Wanye Zhang, Shuyue Li, Siyun Ma, Zhongyu Zhou, Feng Gao
This paper aims to design a case report form for the clinical observation on acupuncture and moxibustion (hereinafter referred to as “CRF”) to standardize the collection of clinical data of acupuncture and moxibustion, serve the clinical research on acupuncture and moxibustion, and provide support for...
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A Retrospective and Frontier Research on Human Resources Service Industry in China

Bibliometric Analysis Based on the CiteSpace Knowledge Graph

Junling Wang, Wanshi Liu, Kaijie Guo
Based on the papers on human resources services collected from CNKI Journal Library as basis and Cite Space software as a tool, this research conducts high-yield institution analysis, author collaboration analysis, author-keyword coupling analysis and research topic analysis of the related literature,...
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Effect of Acute Alcoholic Liver Injury on Electrical Impedance in Rat Liver

Yitong Song, Yinglu Yao, Huiyingxin Guo, Wenjie Hu, Yinfang Xu, Zhanxiu Cai
Bio-impedance technology is a new detection technology used to extract medical information concerning the physiological and pathological conditions of tissues based on the electrical properties and changes of cells in biological tissues. This article discusses the development history, characteristics...
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Ideological-Political Construction and Practice of “Modern Climatology” Based on Big Data

Lingli Fan, Guangya Zhang
Curriculum ideological-political education is an effective way to attain the whole process and all-round education. It actively explored the ideological-political construction and practice of “Modern Climatology” course, and established the educational objectives of knowledge imparting, ability training...
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Rule of Acupoint Combination in Acupuncture Treatment of Xiang Bi Disease: A Study Based on Association Rules

Wenjiao Fu, Shuyue Li, Wanye Zhang, Feng Gao, Zhongyu Zhou
The database was created through clinical data collection, and the rules of acupoint compatibility of filiform needle acupuncture in the treatment of Xiang Bi disease were studied by association rules. The acupuncture points of needle were extracted from the database, and the Apriori algorithm in SPSS...
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Loss Distribution of Drought Disasters in Yunnan Province Based on ECM Model

Kaimin Li, Guang Li, Yuanyuan Zhang
This paper attempts to analyze the relationship between drought disaster area and direct economic loss in Yunnan Province based on the method of co-integration test and the error correction model. Firstly, the stationarity of the sequence is judged according to the auto-correlation and partial auto-correlation...
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Network Model and Analysis of Construction Project Safety Risk and Stakeholder Based on SNA

Qinqin Zhang, Ying Song, Junwei Shi
In this article, the WBS-RBS risk identification method was used, combined with the case analysis, to identify the main stakeholders and safety risks involved in the construction project. Based on SNA, a 2-mode network model of stakeholders and security risks was constructed, and the network relationship...
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Optimal Modelling and Estimation of a Class of Dynamic Signals in Big Data System Analysis

Xiaonan Xiao
Taking the time series analysis of complex stochastic processes as the main line, this paper makes an in-depth study on a kind of random dynamic information flow widely existing in science and technology, and obtains the nonlinear dynamic model and its optimal control and prediction method under the...