Proceedings of the 2015 2nd International Forum on Electrical Engineering and Automation (IFEEA 2015)

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Heat Load Forecasting of District Heating System Based on Numerical Weather Prediction Model

Hongying Yang, Shuanglong Jin, Shuanglei Feng, Bo Wang, Fei Zhang, Jianfeng Che
This paper reports an application of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) in the heat load forecasting field. The NWP is applied to obtain the correlated weather parameters of the heat load, and then the properly structured Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model is designed to perform the prediction. Satisfactory...
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Control Algorithm Research of Speed Compensator in Motor Synchronization System

Simin Xu, Shuaijun Zhou, Xiao Wu, Jun Du, Huanhuan Shi, Hao Chen
Although motor synchronization control system has already met high precision and high synchronization control based on virtual main spindle and relative coupling, it’s time-consuming to set parameter when most popular algorithm PID is applied in speed compensators to control relative coupling. To solve...
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Effect of Shed Configuration on AC Flashover Performance of Polluted Porcelain Insulators

Yawei Li, Xinghai Zhang, Xiaolei Yang, Huan Bai, Lei Sun
The flashover of polluted insulator is one of the serious problems which should be taken into account in the design and coordination of high voltage insulation. In order to clarify the influence of umbrella shape configurations on the pollution flashover characteristics of AC suspension porcelain insulators,...
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Out-of-step Protection combining Three-impedance Element Model with the Equal Area Criterion

Liang Yuan, Zhaorong Zhang, Chong Chen
This paper proposes a new procedure for out-of-step protection through the combination of a three-impedance element model with equal area criterion. The curve of the system is transferred into curve and then curve is applied to forecast whether the oscillation between the generator and the power system...
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Technology of MU Timekeeping Testing Based on Digital Transfer in Time Domain

Juan Hu, Kun Liu, Bing Ai, Qiang Shi
Merging unit timekeeping performance in the loss of synchronization signal, directly affect the synchronous acquisition of merging unit. At present, the test is only a test of pure time error. Further, the time error and the relationship between the synchronous sampling was not detected. This article...
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Mining Maximal Frequent Itemsets over Sampling Databases

Haifeng Li
Maximal frequent itemset is an important representation of frequent itemset. This paper focuses on how to achieve the maximal frequent itemsets over databases by sampling technique. We use a tree-based data synopsis to maintain the frequent itemsets, based on which, an efficient algorithm SMFI is proposed....
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Isolation and Bioinformatics Analysis of Zma1158 Protein

Kadier Yibadaiti, Yiyi Zu, Jinbao Pan, Qingpeng Sun, Min Lu
Zma1158 protein, consisted of 386 amino acids, was analyzed by bioinformatics tools. The result showed that Zma1158 was a typical NAC transcription factor in maize, and it may involve into abiotic stress response for the stress related cis-elements that detected in the promoter region of Zma1158.
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Efficiency and Stability of Capacitance of the PV System

Guozhong Zhou, Yan Cui
The output of the PV array capacitance change influence the output efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system. The study of the circuit is a stand-alone photovoltaic power generation system, theoretical analysis and simulation results can be well combined with the PV array output suggests adding...
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Influence of Modulation Rate on Energy Efficiency for Relay-aided Transmission: Amplify-and-forward Protocol

Fangfang Chen, Tao Wang, Xuping Zhai, YanZan Sun
This paper describes a general relay system on the condition of a given bit-error-rate(BER). The message bits are transmitted with the assistance of a relay node using one-way amplify-and-forward(AF) relaying protocols, and the effect of modulation rate on energy efficiency (EE) is studied. First, we...
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Design of a Parallel Multi-Filtered Compressive Sampling Model

Jian Sun, Jinhe Zhou
Based on the analysis of the existing Analog-to-Information Converter (AIC) under the framework of Compressed Sensing (CS), a novel model called the Parallel Multi-Filtered AIC (PMF-AIC) is proposed. In this model, the ideal integrators in the traditional AIC model are replaced by analog filters with...
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Study on the Influence Factors of the Success Rate in Electric Information Acquisition System

Zhengye Wang, Gangjun Gong, Pingfei Zhu, Jing Zhao, Yafeng Wen
The electric information acquisition system is a powerful support for smart grid by collecting information from users, and the acquisition success rate is required more than 99%. However, the stable operation of the system depends on the equipment performance, technology selection, mechanism, maintenance...
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Fabrication and Characterization of 1200V 40A 4H-SiC SBD

Gang Chen, Yinglu Fang, Yun Li, Lin Wang, Song Bai, Ao Liu, Runhua Huang, Yonghong Tao, Zhifei Zhao
High voltage 4H-SiC Ti schottky junction barrier schottky (JBS) diode with breakdown voltage of 1200 V and forward current of 40 A has been fabricated. A low reverse leakage current below 1.02 × 10-4 A or 4.08 × 10-4 A/cm2 at the 25 and the reverse bias voltage of 1200 V has been obtained. The forward...
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Fabrication and Evaluation of a 2000V-4A SiC Module

Xing Hu, Ao Liu, Gang Chen
A new 2000V-4A Junction Barrier controlled Schottky (JBS) diodes module has been fabricated using 4H-SiC. The module is composed of two SiC JBS diodes, and it is used for rectifying circuits. By adopting the proper SBD metal ,optimized structures and fabrication process, we succeeded in achieving good...
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Wide Input Voltage Range Flyback Converter Design with Boundary Conduction Mode

Weifeng Zhang, Yanhui Zhang
A new design method of flyback switching power supply is proposed for wide input voltage application. The new design method is called the boundary conduction mode (BCM) design.The finished flyback converter can operate in very wide input voltage from 80V to 500V reliably with the proposed method. The...
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Multi-Motor Common DC Bus Energy Feedback Grip Based on Super Capacitor Energy Storage Application Research

Yao Chen, Xia Chen, Yulin Xu, Yue Xu, Zheng Wang
With the increase of demand for energy, energy recycling is becoming a hot spot in recent studies.The problem of motor feedback braking energy feedback system in energy fluctuation was proposed,the system is based on the combination of the super capacitor energy storage.the super capacitor can feed common...
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Analysis of Resource Sharing Model of Civil-military Integration Based on the Evolutionary Game Theory

Xiang Sun, Jie Zhang, S. Xu
The paper based on “limited rationality” and “replication dynamics” ideas of evolutionary game theory, assumes that military enterprise and civil enterprise prefer to adopt a fixed strategy, establishes an evolutionary game model of resource sharing to analyze the key factors affecting the relationship...
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Study on the Energy Storage Device in PV Generation System

Jingguo Rong, Yuan Tian
In recent years, the photovoltaic generation has become an important form of distributed generation. PV is greatly influenced by outside conditions such as light and temperature, and causes the stronger intermittent and randomness of the power output. As a result, storage devices are needed to improve...
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Research on the Multiplayer Online Virtual Experiment System Based on Kinect Somatosensory Interaction

Wenlan Guo, Jialiang Zhang, Yafei Cai, Bowen Sun
According to the needs for many people conducting a certain virtual experiment at the same time in different places, a multiplayer online virtual experiment system built by Kinect and Unity 3D engine is proposed. In this system, the Kinect is implemented to complete the motion operation, which can improve...
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Simulation of a Series Double Cavity Buffer on the Landing Gear

Xu Zhang, Da Song, Wenxiu Shang, Lixun Zhang, Kunlun Wu, Yiwen Zhang, Qihe Zhang
Adopting high performance buffer is the foundation of the landing gear on the helicopter. Based on established models on Adams/Aircraft, a novel type of series double cavity buffer on the landing gear is investigated by dynamic simulation. Corresponding simulation and analysis are achieved, which is...
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Local Heuristic Genetic Algorithm for Discovering Community of Complex Networks

Yuquan Guo, Xiongfei Li
Community of complex networks has attracted much attention. For the problem, we propose a local heuristic genetic algorithm (LHGA). Mutation of LHGA is combined with local heuristic function from the perspective of networks dynamics and makes convergence rate of this algorithm expressively improved....
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Study of on-line Monitoring of XLPE Cable’s Device and Assessment by Fuzzy Theory

Juwei Ye, Qinghuan Qin, Chen Luo, Shufang Li, Kai Su, Yineng Bao, Zhanglong Zhang
With the increase of XLPE cable we used in power network, the corresponding technology of on-line monitoring becomes increasingly important. For improving the accuracy of on-line monitoring assessment of XLPE cable, we researched an assessment method and device of XLPE cable’s insulation state by Fuzzy...
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Research on the Insulation Monitoring Devices for DC Power System Based on the Technology of AC Injection

Baichao Wang, Qiang Yin, Xudan Guo, Songtao Li, Hao Yang, Ganglin Cai
In view of the problem of AC injecting into DC bus in the substation, the harm of AC injection is described, the characteristics of AC injection are analyzed, the detection technology of AC injection is researched, and the insulation monitoring devices for DC power system is designed. The kind of this...
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Highway Electric Vehicle Charging Load Prediction and its Impact on the Grid

Huiyi Wang, Xueliang Huang, Lixin Chen, Yuqi Zhou
In this passage, a new method is proposed to predict the load of electric vehicles (EVs) on highway. In this method, a simplified highway network containing charging stations is established, based on which we can generate an adjacency matrix. Then the origin and destination (OD) of vehicles are extracted...
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Research on the Insulation Monitoring Devices for DC Power System Based on the Detection Technology of DC Bus to Grounding Capacitance

Zhijun Luo, Xiaodan Ren, Hao Yang, Ganglin Cai, Chu Qing, Yanling Luo
In view of the influence of grounding capacitance to low frequency signal injection method, a new detection technology is proposed based on DC bus to grounding capacitance. This method does not affect the normal operation of DC power system. The insulation monitoring devices for DC power system is designed....
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Influence of Modulation Rate on Energy Efficiency for Relay-aided Transmission: Decode-and-forward Protocol

Rui Sun, Tao Wang, Fangfang Chen, QingHua Huang
In this paper, we investigate the effect of modulation rate on the energy efficiency of a two-hop communication system with the assistance of a half-duplex decode-and-forward (DF) relay, considering the given bit error rate (BER) and using the M-QAM modulation. First, we formulate the optimum model of...
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Kinect's Opisthenar Vein Image Acquisition Method

Lian Zhang, Zixiang Gao, Yongxiu Zhou
Although the current opisthenar vein image acquisition is less demanding, but practical applications often require special equipment, this paper describes a theme based on Microsoft Kinect sensors opisthenar vein acquisition. Using Microsoft's Kinect sensor to collect the opisthenar vein image, introducing...
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The Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Tubular Columns Filled with Steel-Reinforced High-Strength Concrete

Xiurong Yang, Li Song
In order to study the mechanical properties of steel tubular columns filled with steel-reinforced high-strength concrete (STSRHC) under eccentric compression , this paper establishes the formula of bearing capacity , analyzes the effect of eccentricity, slenderness ratio, strength of materials and other...
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Exact Analytic Formulae of Beam Pointing Based on Achromatic Risley Prisms

Shupeng Zhou, Jinying Li, Qiang Wang
The mathematic relationship between the given orientations of two-prism groups and the corresponding pointing position of outgoing beam is the basic prerequisite needed in applications of achromatic risley prisms to steer beam in free space. Based on vectorial law of refraction, this paper finishes the...
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Application Research on Motor Fault Monitoring on Audio Signal Recognition Technology with SOPC

Gong Qin, Jun Zhou
This application research adopts the development kit named DE1-SoC, which can realize real-time collection about the voice signal of the motor rotation, and remove noises with anti aliasing filter. We research the corresponding spectrum in frequency domain after the combining STFT transformation. Using...
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Measurement Analysis of Electromagnetic Disturbance of the Secondary Sides of TA&TV in Local Control Cubicle of Dead Tank and Live Tank SF6 Circuit-breaker

Qiang Xu, Jianfei Ji, Jiayu Huang
The secondary circuit in substations is in a strong electromagnetic environment, and intelligent devices may be affected by electromagnetic disturbance signals. Meanwhile, with the local installation of intelligent devices, the electromagnetic disturbance of its working environment may be further strengthened....
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Urban Forestry Management Information System Based on GIS - A Case of Tangshan City

Xiaohong Wang, Yajing Liu, Lina Guo
GIS technology was introduced in the information management system of urban forest, and Tangshan City urban forestry management information system is established. The system has the capabilities for data acquisition, storage, analysis and updating of different kinds of spatial information. There were...
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Reliability Sensitivity Analysis of Rub Impact in Coupled Fault Rotor

Changqing Su, Fanyi Guo, Qikun Shi
On the basis of the dynamic equations of rotor system with pedestal looseness, rub impact and crack, the random response method of rotor system with pedestal looseness is researched. The method is based on stochastic perturbation theory and the Kronecker algebra, matrix calculus and random perturbation...
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Anti-Corrosion Design of Grounding Body in Power Transmission Line with Cathode Protection Method

Rui Liu, Peng Huang, Juan Mo
The grounding body in the power transmission line engineering is buried underground for long term, which will be eroded by soil environment. If it passes by the DC grounding pole, corrosion will be aggravated. Aiming at the 220kV line engineering in 500kV Dongpo substation and the 110kV line engineering...
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A Multi Sub-band Sliding Detection Algorithm of Ship Shaft-Rate Electric Field Signal

Rui Cheng, Runxiang Jiang, Shenguang Gong
In order to effectively extracting out weak ship shaft-rate electric field signal immersed in strong ocean background noise, a multi sub-band sliding detection algorithm capitalizing on Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) with Fourth-Order Mixed Cumulant (FOMC) Diagonal Slice is proposed. Firstly, EMD...
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Design and Analysis of Electrical Automation Control System Based on Computer Technology

Xiaorong Wang, Taohua Ma
In recent years, our country has been a great leap forward development, the level of industrialization of our country's economic and social development is to continue to improve, and this and the electrical automation control system design and application is not open. The electrical automation control...
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Computer Electronic Control Technology and its Application

Taohua Ma
In the case of information technology, the application of computer in various industries is becoming more and more extensive, which provides many opportunities for the development of computer electronic control technology. At present, the computer electronic control technology need to involve the subject...
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The Application of Digital Technology in the Protection and Inheritance of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Martial Arts

Tenglong Yin
at present, the inheritance of the intangible cultural heritage of the martial arts has been in a fix, but the application of digital technology provides a new way for the development of the martial arts. The digital technology system of the intangible cultural heritage is a digital service platform...
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Realizing the Visualization of Plane Wave in Conductive Medium by MATLAB Graphics Technology

Lifen Li
The matlab programis usuarallyused to make simulation of electromagnetic distribution and the transmission of waves, which dynamiclyshows the propagation of waves. This article focuses on simulating the dynamic process of the propagation, reflection andrefraction of uniform plane wave in a different...
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Research on the Network Application of the Central Plain Martial Arts as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Internet + Era

Tenglong Yin
The coming of the Internet + Era provides new chances and opportunities for protecting and inheriting Central plain martial arts as an intangible cultural heritage. The Central plain martial arts established the database of the intangible cultural heritage of Central plain martial arts by combining with...
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Magnetometer Calibration Algorithm Based on Analytic Geometry Transform

Yongjian Yang, Xiaolong Xiao, Wu Liao
Based on the analysis of Hard- and Soft- Iron effects of magnetometer’s errors, a tilted ellipse model for two-dimensional plane was formulated. According to the analytic geometry theory, a magnetometer calibration algorithm was proposed to calibrate the tilted ellipse into a standard circle by translation,...
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A Preprocessing Method for Field Strength of Electromagnetism Spectrum Monitor Signal Based on EMD

Xiaopeng Gu, Shuguo Xie, Chao Wang
In the mobile field strength test including road testing and so on, because of the complexity of the city electromagnetic environment, the received field strength value is easy to be affected by Fading and therefore the result is not accurate. In this paper, A Preprocessing Method for field strength...
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Application Analysis of Data Mining in Power Enterprise

Jian Tang
With the progress of the society and the development of information and communication technology, information system is rapidly expanding in various industries and fields. There are more and more data that these systems collect, process, and accumulate, and the growth rate of data volume is larger and...
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The Development of Centering Perforation Machine for Ingot

Xing Gu, Ning Lin, Weijun Wang, Qx Lin, Xiang Gu
This paper introduces the currently manufacture process of seamless pipe and the main factors that reduced seamless pip quality and quantity during production. Developing a machine that can automatically detect center point of raw ingot and punch oriented hole besides, it’s controlled by a remote control...
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Research on the Straightening Stroke Prediction Precision of Guide

Hong Lu, Sheng Gao, Jianwen Chen, Xiong Xiao, Fengren Yi
In order to improve straightening precision and efficiency, theory analysis and experiment is adopted to build straightening stroke prediction model. A theoretical prediction model is built and analyzed based on elastic-plastic theory. Then, a strain measuring scheme is proposed based on wireless sensing...
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Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Seepage on the Displacement Law of Different Overburden Strata

Yunping Wang, Deshen Zhao
The combination of different rock properties will make different effects of the Deformation and Failure in Overlying strata, this paper uses the ADINA finite element software to establish two-dimensional model to simulate analysis the four kinds of different overburden structures displacement field variation...
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Numerical Analysis of the Stability of Deep Buried Roadway under Mining Disturbance

Yunping Wang, Deshen Zhao
A two dimensional finite element model is established to simulate the effect of pore water pressure on stability of surrounding rock of roadway of soft rocks and the distribution laws of water pressure during coal mining, according to the engineering geological data. Simulation results show that, the...
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A Cover Type Hollow Extrusion Die for The Semi-hollow Al-profiles

Xuemei Huang, Rurong Deng
the determination methods of semi-hollow profiles were introduced.A new protective die structure was analyzed.and the selection of design parameters was introduced.the structure has a good effect on improving the strength and the life of the die and the quality of the products was showed that it is a...
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Analysis of Temperature Field of High Speed Gear Box Based on ANSYS Workbench

Linghui Wei, Honghai Xu
Using the computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer theory and mechanics theory to analyze the internal heat source types and heat transfer path of high speed gear box, and establishing the steady-state heat transfer model. Based on the finite element theory, the finite element model of fluid solid...
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Design of an Ultrasonic Range Finder with DSP MSP430 Embedded System

Hongfu Zhou, Qin Fan
This research designs an ultrasonic range finder where a MSP430F413 embedded system is used as a controller system. The research presents the instrument architecture with ultrasonic transmitted circuit, received circuit, embedded system. Also it study that the temperature and time interval error influences...
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Influence of the Thermal Parameters and the Structural Parameters on the Performance of Clutch Pressure Plate

Chao Jin, Yubing Gong, Shunying Pan, Defeng Zhang
The clutch pressure plate was easy to produce high temperature and axial thermal deformation under the extreme operation conditions, which results in clutch ablation, torque transmission capacity /slip faults. In this paper, a new channel clutch pressure plate was proposed that set a radial cooling channels...