Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)

1231 authors
Pavlova, A S
Application of Transition Engineering Methodology to Energy Efficiency Development in the Brewery Company
Pavlova, S N
Evaluation of the Effect of Primary Indicators of Technological Innovations on the Outcomes of Innovative Activity in Federal Subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District
Pervadchuk, V P
Analysis and Forecasting of Credit Institutions Bankruptcy Using Neural Network Modeling
Peshkova, E P
Modeling Forecasting the Financial Condition of Organizations
Peshkova, E P
Estimation of Models of the Effect of Taxes on the Economic Growth of the Regions of Russia
Petrov, A Y
Professional Education and Training of Employees: On the New Doctrine of the Institute of Labor Law
Petrunina, Z V
Potential for Implementation of Asia-Pacific Region Experience in Developing Business-Incubators in the Russian Far East
Petushkova, E V
ZMET-Analysis of Communication Codes of Visual Nature
Pilyavski, V P
Mechanism of the Innovation Development in the University
Ping, Zou
An Empirical Study on the Modeling of an Optimal Investment Portfolio Using Multivariate Model of Conditional Heteroscedasticity: Evidence from the Chinese Stock Exchanges
Pipiay, G T
Solution of the Decentralized Task of Evaluating and Improving Product Quality
Pisarenko, N
Program-Targeted Approach to Labor Organization in Industrial Clusters
Pisareva, A V
Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems with the Purpose of Increasing the Economic Efficiency of Lending Financial Institution
Pisareva, O M
Processes of Reforming Regional Strategic Planning in the Conditions of Digital Transformation of Public Administration in the Russian Federation: Assessment of Results and Trends
Piskun, E I
Conditions and Trends of the Social and Economic Development of Sevastopol
Pleshkova, N A
Options of Improving Customer Focus of Small Businesses
Plotskaya, A
Conceptual Variety of Terms, Characterizing State in Social Sciences
Plyushcheva, L V
Kinaesthetic Sensations in the System of Cross-Touch Marketing
Plyushcheva, L V
Convergent Approach to Communication Technologies in Political Decision-Making
Plyushcheva, L V
Smells as an Infograming Tool
Plyushcheva, L V
Taste as a Channel of Personal Communication
Pochufarov, D O
Model of Recovery Procedures System for Continuous Technological Processes
Podoliak, O O
Methodical Aspects of Pricing for New Industrial Production
Podoliak, O O
Specifics of the Key Competences Contours for the Industrial Enterprises
Podolskaya, T
Best Foreign Practices in Modernization of State Regulation for Labor Migration in Russia: The Case Study of Thailand
Podolyan, E
Job Satisfaction as an Indicator of Effective Motivational Climate in the Organization
Podoprigora, Y
Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness of University Campuses
Polishchuk, E A
The Analysis of the Selection Criteria of the Optimal Model of the Dynamics in the Case of Extrapolative Forecasting for Short Time Series
Polyakova, O I
Strategic Directions for the Formation of the Quality of Human Capital of Education Workers Based on the Construction of a Dynamic Rating Model
Polyakova, E D
Marketing Approaches in Solving Medical and Social Problems on the Example of Diabetes Mellitus
Polyakova, E
Problems and Prospects of Modernization of Higher Education Based on the Implementation of Professional Standards in the Field of Information Technology
Pomogaev, V M
Technical Service Quality Management
Ponkratov, V V
Comparative Analysis of the Main Features of the Professional Income Tax: Russian and Foreign Experience
Ponomarev, I N
The Marketing Potential of the Region as a Driver of Its Economic Development
Ponomareva, T
Analysis of Priority Sectors of the Economy in the Policy of Import Substitution
Popov, A A
Modeling and Optimization of the Life Cycle of the Organization’s Information Resources
Popov, I A
AI-System of Stock Exchange Trading Robot for Financial Risk Hedging
Popova, T N
Automation of Cost Evaluation Methods When Choosing a Commercial Web Resource Through the Example of Primorsky Krai
Popova, E O
The Impact of Quotation Writing on the Presentation of Economic Information in the Modern Russian Media Text
Popova, N V
Clarification of Dependence of the Macaulay Duration on the Period Until Maturity
Popova, T N
Initiatives for Promotion of Public Non-Financial Reporting Based on the Concept of Sustainable Development to the Business Community of Russia
Management of Free Economic Zones at Different Stages of China’s Open Door Policy
Pozdnyakov, K K
The Role of System-Forming Committees at Boards of Directors in State-Owned Companies (PJSC) in the Russian Federation
Pravikov, O V
Assessment of Russian Stock Market Attractiveness for Foreign Investors
Pribitkov, A
Prevention of Extremism Among Young People in Modern Russia
Prokhorova, I S
Innovative Potential of the National Innovation System of the Russian Economy for Building a Digital Economy
Pronin, N C
Principles Underpinning the Development of Cross-Cultural Business Communication as Part of Master’s Degree in Pedagogy
Prosalova, V S
Implementation of Practice-Oriented Training as the Basis of University Competitiveness
Prosvirina, I I
The Influence of the Globalisation Factor on Premiums in Merger and Acquisition Deals of Electric Power Companies
Pudovina, A I
Features of Knowledge Economy Formation in Corporate Training
Pudovina, A I
Non-Standard Means of Staff Development
Pushina, N N
Cost Efficiency Indicators of Lean Production Instruments
Pyanikova, E A
The Use of Marketing Instrumentarium to Ensure a Balanced Healthy Diet of Young Students
Pyanikova, E A
Marketing Approaches in Solving Medical and Social Problems on the Example of Diabetes Mellitus
Pyatanova, V I
Creation of New Forms of Bond Taxonomies, Allowing to Obtain the Required Quality of Guarantees and Profitability
Pyzheva, Yu I
Assessment of the Well-Being of the Russian Population
Pyzhikova, N I
The Regional Brand Formation in the Category “Processed Products of Oilseed Crops”
Qi, Chen
Image of Russia in the Chinese Culture of the 21st Century
Rabtsevich, O V
Housing Investment Market Development as Quality of Life Improvement Factor
Radugin, A A
Renovationism (Obnovlenchestvo) as a Theological Instrument for the Adaptation of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Socialistic Revolution
Radugina, O A
Renovationism (Obnovlenchestvo) as a Theological Instrument for the Adaptation of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Socialistic Revolution
Radugina, O A
Interaction Between ‘Global’ and ‘Local’ as Development of Brand New Forms of Sociality and Components of Glocalization Process
Rafian, K A
Features of the Current Stage of Russia’s Innovative Development
Rakutko, S Y
Optimize the Choice of Counteragent Based on the Application of the COSO Internal Control Model
Rashkovskaya, K A
Renovationism (Obnovlenchestvo) as a Theological Instrument for the Adaptation of the Russian Orthodox Church to the Socialistic Revolution
Razumovskaya, M I
China’s Economic Integration in Central Asia in the Context of the Proclaimed “One Belt, One Road” Initiative
Razumovskaya, M I
Organizational Models of Network Integration in General Education
Redreev, G V
Technical Service Quality Management
Remesnik, E S
Application of Fishburn Sequences in Economic and Mathematical Modeling
Retinskaya, T I
Role of Translators–Interpreters in the Development of Regional Tourism Cluster
Reutov, V E
Formation and Promotion of the Territory Brand of the Neuromarketing Tools
Reutov, V E
Neuromarketing Study of Consumers’ Cognitive Perception of Labeling Information on a Product’s Package
Rogachev, A F
Economic and Mathematical Modeling of Food Security of the Subjects of the Russian Federation
Romanenko, E V
The Culture and Institutions: Features of Interaction and Impact on the Economy
Romanov, P A
Financial Innovations’ Risk Management
Romanova, A A
Financial Innovations’ Risk Management
Romanova, I
Digitalization of Labor Relations
Romanova, N
Cultural Code as a Unit of a Provincial Town’s Cultural Life (On the Example of the City of Murom, Vladimir Region)
Romanova, E
Education of Civil Engineers: Emphasis Upon Team Work or Self-Development?
Rovenskay, V V
Professional Stress and Organizational Working Conditions of Space-Rocket Industry Employees as the Factors Determining Their Activities Productivity
Rozhkov, D V
Tools of State Regulation of National Healthcare
Rubtsova, N
The Tourism Sector of the Baikal Region from the Perspective of Russian-Chinese Cooperation: Opportunities and Threats to the Sustainable Development of the Region
Ruchkin, A V
Development of the Foreign Economic Ties and International Relations in the Region: Case of the Sverdlovsk Region
Rudenko, M N
The Management Mechanism of Sustainable Development of Regional Tourism
Rudenko, L L
Actualization of the Confidence Phenomenon in the Hospitality Industry as a Tool to Increase the Economic Efficiency of the Enterprise
Rudenko, L G
The Mechanism of Infrastructure Support for Development of Small Youth Entrepreneurship
Rudenko, M N
Tools of State Regulation of National Healthcare
Ruzaeva, I V
Russian Regions in the Global Economic Space
Ryabova, E V
Comparative Analysis of the Main Features of the Professional Income Tax: Russian and Foreign Experience
Ryapolova, Y P
Evidential Significance of the Results of Operational Search Activities at the Stage of Criminal Case Initiation According to Russian Criminal Procedure Legislation
Ryazheva, Y
Assessment of Production Setup and Upgrade Investment Risks
Rybakova, E E
Project Activity in Teaching ESP
Ryzhova, A
Calculation of the Tax Burden for an Automobile Enterprises
Ryzhova, A
Pension Provision in the Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation
Rzhepka, E A
Specific Features of Japanese Economy
Sadovnikova, N A
Financial Engineering of Structural Products as a Tool for Credit and Tax Risk Management in Order to Ensure the Sustainability of Groups of Industrial Enterprises (Clusters)
Safargaliev, M F
The Impact of Human Capital on Innovation Activity in the Region
Safina, A V
Potential to Mitigate Social Inequality Through Individuals Taxation Reform
Safina, Z S
Influence of the Financial Market in the Conditions of Economic Globalization
Safronova, E V
Circulability of Medicines in Russia: Historical and Legal Retrospective