Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference Strategy of Development of Regional Ecosystems “Education-Science-Industry” (ISPCR 2021)

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Management of the Development of a Modern Teacher’s Digital Competencies

Olga V. Alekseeva, Natalya V. Alexandrova, Tatyana P. Skvortsova, Elena M. Zorina
Motivation is the basis for managing the development of teachers’ competencies in the modern education system. The motivational component in the study is considered as a set of internal and external motives of the teacher to use modern digital technologies, accompanied by the processes of forming an...
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Forecasting the Economic Security Level of Murmansk Oblast as a Coastal Arctic Region

Roman V. Badylevich
The article is devoted to the study of the potential impact of key factors that form long-term and medium-term scenarios of development of the coastal Arctic region on the level of economic security of the Murmansk Oblast. We highlight the specifics of implementation of medium- and long-term forecasting...
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Experience of Creating Digital Twins as a Result of Monitoring the Health of Industrial Personnel

Leonid I. Baranov, Olga A. Tikhonova, Alexey N. Tsarev, Nikolay M. Tverdynin, Nadezhda I. Grishakina
One of the areas of occupational medicine is organizing the pre-shift medical examination of personnel of hazardous and extrahazardous industrial facilities, such as nuclear power plants. Appropriate medical control is not only permanent, but practically integrated into the technological process. The...
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The Role of Small Business in the Region Innovation Ecosystem Formation

Viktoriya E. Barkovskaya, Natalia S. Khoroshavina, Olga P. Ivanova
The article is devoted to studying the possibilities and conditions for increasing the role of small business entities operating in the science towns territory in the process of forming and developing the regions innovation ecosystem. A bibliographic review of scientific views on interpreting the “innovation...
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Scientific Approach to the Formation of Personnel Competence Models for the Russian Military Industrial Complex in the Conditions of Production Diversification

Tatyana A. Berkutova, Boris A. Kovtun, Anastasia V. Makhova, Artem E. Poikin, Kirill A. Sidorov
The article presents the results of a study of the formation of personnel competence models for enterprises of the military-industrial complex in the context of diversification. The authors carry out a comparative analysis of the goals of diversification and the content of marketing activities. The use...
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Place of Infrastructure in the Innovation Ecosystem of Industry

Artur D. Bobryshev, Valeriy M. Tumin, Andrei V. Savelyev, Elena E. Alenina, Vladimir A. Trifonov
An analysis of the reasons for the low innovation activity of domestic industrial enterprises indicates that one of the significant circumstances that keep constraining the mastering of new equipment, technologies, organizational and marketing decisions is the insufficient level of development of the...
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Features of Sustainable Development of the Arctic Zone of Russia

Natalia E. Buletova, Maria A. Romanyuk, Rafail R. Mukhametzyanov, Anastasiya S. Zaretskaya, Elena N. Vasileva
The need to comply with the goals and objectives of sustainable development of the situation and the values of management objects determines a set of state policy priorities to achieve an acceptable level of safety and quality of life in specific territories of the country. The purpose of the study was...
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System of Strategic Planning for Social and Economic Development of Russian Regions: New Objects, Methods and Organizational Solutions

Petr I. Burak, Viktor G. Rostanets, Aleksey I. Kabalinsky, Anatoly V. Topilin, Irina A. Rozhdestvenskaya
The article discusses the main problems of the current system of strategic planning in the Russian Federation, existing at the federal, macro-regional and regional levels. The substantive limitations of planning documents, their insufficient interconnection and hierarchy, the emergence of new strategic...
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Impact of the Migration Outflow of the Young Population on the Economic Security of the Region

Irina I. Chueva, Elina V. Polyanskaya, Lilia H. Kolmakova, Yury V. Daneykin
In the 21st century, the study of migration processes is becoming an area of increased attention and intersection of scientific interests of economists and sociologists. Migration issues are acquiring a special role for Russia, since in modern conditions of economic development, there is a tendency for...
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Formation of the Institute of Distance Learning as a Part of the Ecosystem of Modern Education

Oleg Ye. Danilov, Elena V. Korchack, Natalia L. Yugova
The modern model of education involves the use of digital educational technologies, including network ones. The emergence of such technologies caused the rapid development of distance learning and served as a prerequisite for its separation into a special type of modern education. The modernization of...
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Digital Space Analytics in Studying the Popularity of Microtourism Objects

Natalya V. Dmitrieva, Galina V. Chistyakova, Irina V. Sandrakova, Tamara V. Frolova, Natalya Yu. Omarova
Since March 2020, against the backdrop of a massive decline in the global tourism market, there has been an increase in interest in micro-tourism in all countries – travelling within the region of residence or neighboring regions. The study is aimed at solving a serious problem of the development of...
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Higher Education Quality Management

Elena V. Dokukina, Marina V. Samoshkina, Yury V. Daneykin
The aim of the study is to analyze the prospects for managing the quality of higher education in the Russian Federation based on blended learning. To achieve this goal, the following tasks were performed: appropriate methods of analysis were selected, problems of the quality of higher education services...
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Outsourcing and Freelancing as Modern Labor Market Trends: Professional Requests of Youth

Irina A. Donina, Svetlana N. Vodneva, Tatyana E. Klets, Irina A. Dagaeva, Ekaterina E. Donina
The modern period of development of the Russian economy is undergoing a transformation process due to globalization and informatization and is characterized by the development of flexible forms of network interaction between actors of economic relations, close information links, the development of international...
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Modeling Instruments in Managerial Decision-Making: Actual Problems and Trends of Development

Ivan N. Drogobetsky, Marat F. Gumerov
The object of the present article are the new approaches to decision-making in management of social and economic systems. These new approaches have an aim to be more relevant to characteristics of modern economic life, such as volatility and high speed of metamorphosis. In the present exploration we...
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The University’s Role in the Development of Youth Entrepreneurial Culture

Tatiana M. Eldieva
One of the most promising areas of development of the country’s economy is youth entrepreneurship. Its role and significance are being actively discussed in federal and regional circles, in the field of education and business. The ongoing changes in the economy determine the continuous accumulation and...
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Formation and Development of the Ecosystem of Innovative Education in the Region

Kseniya A. Elistratova, Irina A. Donina, Tatyana G. Ryboretskaya
The article actualizes and discusses the formation and development of the ecosystem of innovative education in the region, an attempt is made to substantiate such an ecosystem. The purpose of the study, the results of which are presented in the article, was to substantiate the methodology of the ecosystem...
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Application of Standardization and Lean Production Methods for the Development of Management Systems at Machine-Building Enterprises

Ivan V. Emanakov, Sergei A. Ovchinnikov
Particular features of the organization of management processes at modern machine-building enterprises are considered in this paper. It has been established that in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of organizing the production of scientifically advanced products, it is necessary to...
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Gastronomic Tourism as a Resource for Managing the Hospitality of the North Caucasus Territory

Elena N. Yezhova, Oksana A. Dvoenko, Natalya Yu. Omarova
The study is devoted to identifying the resource potential of gastronomic tourism as a tool for managing the hospitality of the North Caucasus territory and promoting tourist destinations in the region. The objectives of the study were to consider the phenomenon of gastronomic tourism in terms of the...
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Creation of New Productions as a Factor of Territorial Development

Alexander V. Fedotov, Alexander Yu. Pilyugin, Yury V. Daneykin
Industrial production largely determines the economic level of the state and its development. The manufactured industrial products make it possible to meet the needs of enterprises and the population, to export goods, while obtaining a high profitability that can be invested in the creation of new industries....
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Conditions for the Educational Process Implementation in the Digital Environment

Svetlana V. Gaisina, Vasily P. Panasyuk, Roza M. Sherayzina, Marina V. Alexandrova, Natalya V. Alexandrova
The process of digital transformation of education started to actively develop with the approval of the “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” national program (order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 28, 2017 No. 1632-p), in which “personnel and education” is defined as one...
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Assessment of the Effect of Using Geographic Information Technologies in Identifying Taxation Objects and Violations of Land Legislation

Irina V. Gavrilenko, Artem O. Rada, Elena A. Fedulova
Digitalization and informatization of processes are an integral part of the society development. The industrial sector is also undergoing continuous improvement and implementation of new technologies. One of them is territorial planning based on geographic information systems. The study has been carried...
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Intellectual Activity Index of the National Innovation System: Assessment and Analysis

Elena E. Golovchanskaya, Irina A. Karachun, Yury V. Daneykin
The article analyzes the dynamics of intellectual activity index (hereinafter – IAI) of the national innovation system (hereinafter – NIS) as an object of socio-economic development of the Republic of Belarus. Improving the methodology for strategizing the NIS development by introducing the methodology...
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Incentive Mechanism of Economic Protection of Rocket and Space Industry Enterprises from Risks

Sergei S. Golubev, Alexandr S. Mironov, Alexandr S. Kosarev
The paper discusses the development of incentive plans for personnel of enterprises in the rocket and space industry, who takes risks, in view of the results of their activities. Mechanisms for constructing long-term personnel incentive plans taking into account the key indicators of risk assessment...
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Balance of Economic and Social Factors in Environmental Projects

Anna F. Gordova, Nikolay M. Tverdynin, Lilia R. Sharifullina, Olga A. Tikhonova, Nadezhda I. Grishakina
With a more than significant interest in environmental issues in society and the widespread introduction of environmental themes in the social and educational space, a number of methodological and methodical problems remain unresolved. These problems are connected, on the one hand, with comparative assessments...
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Organizational and Methodological Aspects of Monitoring the Implementation of the Business Process Automation Strategy

Vera T. Grishina, Oksana G. Bondarenko, Vladimir A. Trifonov
The material of the article reflects the results of a study that continued research work (R&D) devoted to the participation of consumer cooperation trade in ensuring food security in the Republic of Belarus and carried out through the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research on a...
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Productive University Education in the Context of Human Capital Development

Elena Yu. Ignateva, Svetlana N. Gorycheva, Marina V. Zvyaglova, Sergey M. Yolkin
The article discusses the problem of productive education at a university, identifying its general didactic structure. In the context of the development of human capital in the knowledge economy, an overview of the most significant areas of transformation of higher education is given. The urgency of...
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The Innovative Development of Industrial Production in the Digital Economy of Russia

Oksana E. Ivanova, Mikhail S. Abrashkin, Martin Sikyr, Yury V. Daneykin
The sustained competitiveness of industrial enterprises is determined by their ability to constantly innovate their methods, products and services. The article analyzes the innovative activity of individual Russian industrial enterprises and proposes strategic priorities for the innovative development...
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The Role of Distance Learning in the Development of the Digital Economy

Natalia A. Kanishcheva
The article presents the results of the analysis of the problem of digitalization of the modern economy from the point of view of the possibilities of using the positive experience of introducing distance educational technologies into the higher education system. Distance learning technologies make it...
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Comparative Analysis of Tourism Potential Assessment Methods

Olga V. Karpycheva, Anastasiya N. Rusina, Ekaterina A. Yakimova
The tourism industry is currently experiencing serious difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a significant decline in outbound tourism flows due to the closure of national borders and the introduction of restrictions by countries that were traditionally considered the most attractive...
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Problems of Modeling Macroeconomic Indicators in the Conditions of Instability of Impacts on the Ecosystem

Nikolai T. Katanaev, Elena E. Alenina, Vera V. Ziulina, Ilya A. Alenin, Mikhail A. Lastovsky
The paper provides an assessment of the state of economic theory and the possibility of its use in the mathematical description of macroeconomic processes in order to analyze and synthesize the management system of economic objects that are quasi-static in nature with a difficult to formalize pattern...
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Meta-Disciplinarity as a Factor of Success of a Modern Person: A Productive Approach

Karine R. Khachaturova, Roza M. Sherayzina, Marina V. Alexandrova, Irina A. Donina
In modern conditions of transformation of socioeconomic system, the task to improve the efficiency of activities and develop the professionalism of workers in all areas is becoming increasingly relevant. In this regard, the acute issue of modernizing higher and general secondary (high) education arises,...
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Ecosystems of the Future: Marketing and the Consumer Business Environment. Resources and the New Reality of Their Use

Alexey S. Kharlanov, Elena V. Zenkina, Valeriy M. Tumin, Petr A. Kostromin, Vladimir A. Trifonov
The article considers the current aspects of needs satisfaction in the context of the development of two strong trends: digitalization of the process of choosing and purchasing of goods and services and the emergence of the society from the state of self-isolation during COVID-19 pandemic. The key problem...
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The Role of Digital Transformation of Industrial Enterprises in the Innovative Development of the Region

Natalia S. Khoroshavina, Viktoriya E. Barkovskaya, Olga P. Ivanova
The growth of the country’s innovative potential is impossible without the innovative development of its territories. It is the regional innovative development that determines the innovative path of the state, ensures its competitiveness and helps to strengthen its position in the world market. At the...
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Development of Digital Tools for Managing Cooperative Interaction Between Defense Industry Enterprises

Kseniya S. Kochetova, Elena V. Kulyasova
The modern production of weapons, military and special equipment is characterized by a high level of material and science intensity, the involvement of a large number of scientific and industrial organizations in the production process, the geographical remoteness of enterprises from each other, which...
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Tutor Support of the Educational Process to Increase the University Students’ Satisfaction with the Quality of Education

Marina A. Konovalova, Ksenia A. Rudenko
In the article, the authors examine the dependence of the degree of student satisfaction with the quality of education on the availability of tutor support for the work of project groups of first-year students of Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University. The influence of tutor support on the formation...
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Formation of Educational Ecosystem as a Key Priority of the Russian Education Development Strategy

Larisa D. Kozyreva, Alexsander I. Kotov, Natalia D. Morozova, Natalya V. Alexandrova, Elena V. Migunova
The article analyzes the educational ecosystem in the context of the strategic development of education. The purpose of the article is to study the experience of implementing the ecosystem approach while organizing the educational process in accordance with the challenges of the emerging information...
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Tools for Increasing the Efficiency of Using Fixed Assets in the Context of Digital Transformation of the Economy

Tatyana V. Kudryashova, Elena F. Zhukova, Natalya V. Subbotina
The most important factor in increasing the production efficiency of an enterprise is its provision with fixed assets in sufficient quantity and assortment, as well as its fullest possible use to achieve the development goals of an economic entity. The well-organized management of their use is the basis...
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Development of a Telecommunication Company’s Accounts Receivable Management System

Yulia V. Lazich, Irina N. Popova
The purpose of the study is to develop practical proposals for optimizing the management system of accounts receivable of telecommunications company customers, considering industry specifics. In the scientific literature, the issues of managing accounts receivable, improving its quality, and improving...
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Institutional, Financial and Digital Aspects of the Ethical Entrepreneurship Structure in Ecological Economics

Yuri A. Levin, Olga P. Ivanova, Galina Yu. Fomina, Andrey V. Volkov
The relevance of the research is due to the role of ethical entrepreneurship in a green economy, the increasing need for an ethical justification of the attitude to nature, the transition to the production and consumption of environmentally friendly products in the conditions of the growing global environmental...
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Approaches to Assessing Sustainable Development of Territories and Features of Their Application

Aleksey A. Malyshev, Natalia A. Korobkova, Tatyana V. Kudryashova
The article presents an analysis of approaches to the content of the concept of sustainable development and methods for its assessment. The relevance of the research topic is justified by the trends of the spread of a green economy. These trends have been formed, among other things, taking into account...
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Cognitive Concept of the Analysis of Hype Processes in the Digital Economy

Vladimir F. Minakov, Sergei A. Dyatlov, Oleg S. Lobanov, Tamara A. Selishcheva
This article is devoted to study the digital transformation features of socio-economic processes in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. Regularities of digital transformation and reorientation of business processes to vector of high technologies, automatic and robotic systems, neural networks, artificial...
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The Study of Structural Changes in the Industry Debt of the North-Western Economic Area in the Tactical Period

Ivan L. Minin, Dmitry L. Minin
The article is aimed at studying the dynamics of industry debt of industries in the domestic currency of the north-western economic region of the Russian Federation in order to form an objective structure and dynamics of the distribution of overdue credit funds, taking the actions of the Central Bank...
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Mechanism for the Formation and Development of Management Personnel Reserves for the Purposes of Ensuring the Innovative Development of the Defense Industrial Complex

Alexandr S. Mironov, Pavel G. Podgainii
The military-industrial complex (hereinafter – MIC) has always been and remains the most high-tech segment of the economy, occupying a leading place in the real sector. In addition to the most important function of ensuring the security of the state, the MIC is a source of positive qualitative changes...
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On the Issue of Sociality of Regional Development Strategies

Elena A. Morozova, Sofia O. Nazarenkova, Natalia M. Egorova, Anna V. Mukhacheva
The study is aimed at analyzing the sociality of regional socio-economic development strategies. In any of them, economic and social components can be distinguished. The social part is usually understood as a target one, aimed at meeting the various needs of the population, and the economic part as providing,...
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Value Added as an Indicator of Effectiveness of Strategizing High-Tech Sector in Raw Material Region

Anna V. Moskvina, Irina V. Filimonenko, Tatiana P. Likhacheva, Varvara V. Borodkina, Svetlana V. Mikhailova
The article examines the issues of structural technological inclusions characteristic of the raw material region and the way out of them due to various options for strategizing economic activity. The emphasis is made on the competitiveness of products of high-tech business and its ability to accumulate...
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Production and Export Potential of the Grain Sub-Complex of the EAEU Countries

Rafail R. Mukhametzyanov, Anastasiya S. Zaretskaya, Gulnara K. Dzhancharova, Nikolay G. Platonovskiy, Nataliya V. Arzamastseva
The grain sub-complex is the most important structural element of the agrarian sector in many countries of the world. The production of grain and its processing create the basis for satisfying the internal needs of the country’s population for those food products in which this type of product is used...
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Digital Twins of the Urban Ecosystem to Ensure the Quality of Life of the Population

Anna V. Mukhacheva, Maria N. Ugryumova, Irina S. Morozova, Mikhail Yu. Mukhachyev
The development of digital twins of the urban ecosystem is gaining popularity and is the mainstream of the digital development of the territories of the world. Already today, there are domestic developments for the creation of digital twins, including the urban ecosystem. The aim of the article is to...
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Current Processes of Digital Transformation of High-Tech Engineering Enterprises Economy

Vjatcheslav V. Nefedev, Aleksandr A. Vershinin, Yanina V. Patturi
Nowadays, a considerable number of production processes depends on the development of information technology. At the same time, almost every market participant has the opportunity to use digital transformation, which makes this process not only useful, but also affordable. At the same time, there is...
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Transformation of the Management of Industrial Companies in the Context of Digitalization

Alla V. Nikonorova, Vera G. Aleksakhina, Olga P. Ivanova
Management of industrial enterprises is changing significantly in the context of the development of digital technologies. The article examines the directions of management development in modern conditions of digital transformation, explores the possibilities of using new technologies to improve the organization’s...
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Analysis of the Medicinal Assortment as a Factor of Increasing the Competitiveness of Organizations in the Pharmacy Market of the Region

Tatyana I. Okonenko, Oxana A. Fikhtner, Galina A. Antropova
In the pharmaceutical market, there is fierce competition in its retail segment. In such a situation, the growth of competition between pharmacy organizations forces us to make adjustments to the assortment policy, which can affect the competitive position of an individual pharmacy in the region. The...
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The Role of University Additional Professional Education in Regional Ecosystem Development

Vasily P. Panasyuk, Oksana G. Achkasova, Natalya V. Alexandrova, Elena V. Migunova, Marina A. Zhigalik
Any country’s human resources quality is a key factor in its competitiveness, therefore, the current development of lifelong learning support systems is determined not only by the mechanisms of professional competencies enhancement in accordance with new market demands and technological changes, but...
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On the Role of Interpersonal Communications in Human Resources Management in Modern Companies

Polina E. Parakhina, Sergey A. Bannikov
The importance of the study of interpersonal intra-corporate communications is due to the fact that the productivity and motivation of a person’s labor activity depends on his attitude to this activity itself, as well as to the management and the team in which he works. Therefore, the formation and improvement...
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An Approach to Risk Assessment of an Investment Project for the Development of a Coal Deposit

Marina V. Pisarenko, Andrey B. Efremenkov
To assess the risk of an investment project for the development of coal deposits in conditions of the initial data uncertainty, methods of fuzzy logic are used, which allow operating quantitative and qualitative information, including the one difficult to formalize. To take into account the uncertainty...
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The Role of Social Media in Implementing the Concept of “Soft Power”

Alla L. Popova, Mikhail V. Kanavtcev, Egor Y. Lukyanchikov, Valentina F. Averianova
The study examines the role of social networks in social and political processes. Today, social networks are an effective tool for the implementation of “soft power”, having a significant impact on the political agenda, international relations and social processes within states. In fact, social networks...
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Pedagogical Aspects of the Ecosystem Approach to Professional Training of Staff for the Digital Transformation of the Region

Alexander N. Privalov, Yuliya I. Bogatyreva
The article discusses the concept of professional training of future IT teachers as part of the human resources development ecosystem for the digital transformation of the region. The authors argue that school IT teachers are the most important part of human resources necessary for digital transformation...
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Civil Law Regulation of Investments in the Scientific and Educational Ecosystem of the University

Anna S. Pugacheva, Nailya I. Askarova
Civil law regulation of investments is associated with an increase in the role of capital investments in the processes of creating new technologies, implementing scientific and educational projects. There are two approaches to the civil legal regulation of investments: object and activity ones. Within...
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The Concept of Region Tourism Management

Anastasiya N. Rusina, Ekaterina A. Yakimova, Olga V. Karpycheva
The paper considers topical issues of the development of domestic tourism management systems. The purpose of the article is to develop a management concept for the tourism industry, which allows for a comprehensive analysis of the current state and development potential of the tourism industry and formulate...
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Improving the Enterprise Activities Based on the Lean Technologies

Tatyana L. Sergeeva, Yanina V. Patturi, Dmitriy S. Petrov
Intense competition and innovative activity characterize the modern business industry. In order to achieve high efficiency of business processes, remain competitive and earn profit, provide customers with quality products within the shortest time possible, the company needs to optimize production, timely...
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Regional Marketing Implementation Structure within the Formation of the Region’s Ecosystem

Mariya V. Shendo, Elena V. Sviridova, Ekaterina V. Kravec, Olga P. Ivanova
The concept of ecosystems is becoming more and more popular and has its uses not only in business, but also in public management, both in the country and in individual regions. This is actively facilitated by the development of digital technologies and their introduction into production and private life....
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Educational Management of Foreign Students at the Higher Military School: An Ecosystem Approach

Roza M. Sherayzina, Marina V. Alexandrova, Lira Yu. Monakhova, Varvara V. Kurdubova
The problems associated with the management of the educational process of students in a higher military school from the point of view of the ecosystem approach in pedagogical science and practice have not been previously studied. The ecosystem approach is considered by the authors as a new management...
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Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions for the Development of Social and Communicative Competence of Future Educational Managers

Roza M. Sherayzina, Tatyana B. Chugunova
A modern leader must have not only professional knowledge, but also such important and necessary qualities as purposefulness, energies, a sense of responsibility, sociability, organizational skills, an ability to reflect, i.e. social and communicative competence, which is key in the structure of professional...
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Digitalization of Administration of Foreign Economic Transactions of Industrial Enterprises

Tatiana V. Shutova, Aleksey A. Kostin, Dmitriy A. Kozlov
Expanding industrial production capabilities means gaining a competitive advantage not only for large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses, but also for leading economies to maintain, and in some cases improve their position in international trade. Undoubtedly, the Industrial Internet of...
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Integration of the EAEU Countries: Qualitative Changes

Natalya Yu. Sopilko, Valeriy M. Tumin, Irina Yu. Eremina, Elena V. Zenkina, Olga P. Ivanova
The paper presents an analysis of various modern approaches to assessing the integration effects of countries in international practice regarding the quality of their development. The main goal of the study is to substantiate the economic feasibility of further development of the integration of the EAEU...
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Digital Simulation of Economic Processes

Tatiana A. Subbotina
This article is devoted to the study of digital simulation as a method of strategic management of economic processes. Digital transformation has affected all spheres of development, especially the economy and its sectors. However, digital simulation of economic processes is still not considered a priority...
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Formation of Creativity Skills in Engineering Education Through the Disciplines of the Humanitarian and Legal Cycle

Olga V. Sudakova
The article substantiates the role of creativity in the formation of meta-competencies of students, future engineers. The experience of the departments of transport law and personnel management of the Samara State Transport University (Samara, Russia) in teaching disciplines of socio-economic and humanitarian...
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Smart Contract as an Institutional Basis for Sustainable Development of the Region’s Economy

Tamila S. Tasueva, Vera V. Borisova
The issues of sustainable development of territories are increasingly coming into the field of vision of scientists and practitioners. The institutional framework of the region’s infrastructure implements the principles of sustainability and adaptability. The use of smart contracts can facilitate strengthening...
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On Big Data, Management Systems and Corporate Culture

Rimma A. Timofeeva, Lyudmila A. Kirkorova
The paper explores the problems associated with new technological solutions that have emerged in the era of digitalization. First of all, this applies to Big Data technology. Technology diffusion statistics and development forecasts are presented. The authors identify two factors that negatively affect...
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Key Aspects of Shaping HR Strategy of MC Kolmar LLC at Various Stages of the Company’s Life Cycle

Anna E. Tsivileva, Sergei S. Golubev
The purpose of the conducted research is to highlight the main directions and tools planned for application in HR-strategy of coal mining company to improve the efficiency of work with personnel, increase the quality of human capital, as well as to increase the attractiveness of the company for employees...
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Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas Sector during Transition to Renewable Energy Sources

Valeriy M. Tumin, Alexey S. Kharlanov, Elena V. Zenkina, Petr A. Kostromin, Vladimir A. Trifonov
Modern energy sector is going through the era of quantitative and qualitative changes which influence all its stakeholders: companies manufacturing and consuming energy, state, population, environmental protecting organizations. This process cannot be accurately predicted since oil, gas and coal mining...
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Publication Activity as an Indicator of Contribution of Flagship University to Regional Development

Olga E. Vanyushkina, Maria N. Ugryumova, Anna V. Mukhacheva
The article is devoted to the analysis of publication activity of the flagship university (scientometric indicators of teachers and researchers) as one of the key indicators for assessing the contribution of the flagship university to the social and economic development of the region. While solving the...
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Formation of Export Potential of Regional Economy

Zoya A. Vasilyeva, Irina V. Filimonenko, Tatiana P. Likhacheva
Change in the structure of global commodity markets’ demand for high-tech science-intensive digital technologies influence the existing structure of economies of raw material regions and form new requirements for the product portfolio of exports. One of the main trends of export regional potential is...
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Implementation of Investment Projects in Industry as a Factor of Ensuring the Economic and Spatial Development of Russian Regions

Mikhail Ya. Veselovsky, Vladislav I. Nikolaev, Vladimir A. Trifonov
The national security of Russia depends on achieving the breakthrough in socio-economic development ensured by the use of innovations and revealing the spatial potential of the country. The economic growth of regions and countries is currently ensured with the inflow of investments into large infrastructure...
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Decision-Making Models in the Problem of Building a Minimum Cost Road System

Anatoly A. Zabelin, Evgenia S. Kogan
The article proposes methods for solving the problem of building a system of roads of minimum cost in the case when the costs of constructing roads are random variables. Earlier in the scientific literature, the issues of estimating the probabilistic characteristics (of such problems as, for example,...
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Banking Ecosystem from Positions of Ensuring Economic Security

Dina V. Zaloznaya
This study examines the features of the formation of banking ecosystems from the standpoint of ensuring their economic security. The factors that determine the bank’s ability to choose an ecosystem approach and distinguish an ecosystem from a holding vertically integrated structure are identified. The...
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Marketing Communications in Territorial Brand Promotion: The Regional Aspect

Elena A. Zamozhnykh, Eugene A. Pobedinskaya, Natalya Yu. Omarova
Branding has become one of the most powerful ways to develop territories. Branding tools increase recognition and attractiveness, as well as help territories to compete for the end consumer in highly competitive industrial markets. The main research purpose was to identify such effective marketing communications...
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Interaction of Organizations of the Defense Industry Complex and High-Tech Civil Companies: Models of Cooperation

Denis A. Zhurenkov, Artem E. Poikin, Diana B. Dzaurova, Julia A. Basalaeva
The article presents the results of a study of the systematization of models of cooperation between organizations of the military-industrial complex (MIC) and high-tech civilian companies, as well as identifying new forms of their interaction to intensify the processes of diversification. A systematic...
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Features of Research on Gender Aspects of Management Activity in Entrepreneurial Structures

Elena S. Afanaseva, Magomed M. Omarov, Ivan L. Minin
Currently, despite the development of management theory, many business leaders continue to ignore the specifics of gender relations in the management system. At the same time, in practice, it becomes necessary to take into account gender characteristics and make extraordinary management decisions for...
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Features of Development and Implementation of Potential of Credit Institutions in the Arctic Regions of the Russian Federation

Roman V. Badylevich, Elena A. Verbinenko
The article is devoted to the study of features of formation and implementation of potential of credit institutions in the regions of the Russian Arctic. The role and place of commercial banks in investment processes at the regional level was investigated. The factors influencing the investment activity...
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Scientific and Methodological Approach to the Rating of Organizations of the Russian Military-Industrial Complex Developing Civilian Manufacturing

Tatyana A. Berkutova, Alexander A. Zgruev, Denis A. Zhurenkov
The purpose of the study is to develop a scientific and methodological approach to rating the enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Russia in the course of the development of civilian production and the development of markets for high-tech products of dual and civilian use. The results of...
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Regulatory Methods for Sustainable Development Planning of Urban Areas: Perspectives for the Development of National Standards

Petr I. Burak, Tatiana I. Zvorikina, Algirdas Yu. Maniushis, Marina M. Novikova, Marina N. Voit
The article presents the results of research on the application of normative methods of planning sustainable development of urban agglomerations. The key planning method among such as: scenario methods; multifactor models; Delphi method; collective survey; predictive graph; extrapolation method; normative...
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Role of Educational Institutions in Shaping the Ecosystem of the Region

Irina A. Donina, Yulia A. Lyakh, Karine R. Khachaturova
The article is devoted to substantiation of the central role of educational institutions in the formation of the region’s innovation ecosystem. Modern society is characterized by active transformations in all spheres of life activities; the ranges of production, economic, social, foreign and domestic...
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Features of Marketing Tools Application to Irrational Consumer Behavior during Social Upheavals

Alexey S. Kharlanov, Elena V. Zenkina, Valeriy M. Tumin, Petr A. Kostromin, Vladimir A. Trifonov
The paper explores the psychological and economic aspects of changing consumer behavior towards irrationality, as well as the emergence of new consumer habits during the pandemic of new coronavirus infection. A literary review of approaches to irrational consumer behavior against the backdrop of global...
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Russia’s Sustainable Development Policy in Combating Climate Warming

Aleksey A. Malyshev, Nikolaj N. Solodkov, Tatyana V. Kudryashova
The article covers the connection between the sustainable development policy implementation and combating slowing the rate of climate warming in terms of the Russian regions’ development. The purpose of the article is to determine the directions of the regional sustainable development policy in accordance...
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Russia as a Subject of the World Market for Staple Tropical Fruits

Rafail R. Mukhametzyanov, Anastasiya S. Zaretskaya, Gulnara K. Dzhancharova, Nikolay G. Platonovskiy, Natalya N. Ivantsova
The production of tropical fruits and their supply to the world market is one of the spheres of employment for a significant part of the citizens of developing countries, a source of income for their families and foreign exchange earnings for the countries concerned. At the same time, for the countries...
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Transformation of the Personnel Training System for the New Economy

Tatyana L. Sergeeva, Dinara R. Amirova
Currently, digital transformation has affected all areas of the country’s public life and continues to cover all processes, all organizations and the entire population. It involves changing not only the technological structure, the established forms of doing business, but also the ways in which people...
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Development of Ecological Thinking in Students-Managers in the University Ecosystem

Roza M. Sherayzina, Marina V. Alexandrova, Natalya V. Alexandrova, Elena M. Zorina, Yulia A. Tsapaeva
In the modern VUCA world, the higher education system is changing due to the needs of society and the economy, as well as widespread digitalization. To train competitive specialists, primarily in the field of economics and management, universities create their own ecosystems. They are designed to ensure...
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Toolkit for Productive Management of Self-Development Support for Basic School Students

Roza M. Sherayzina, Elena V. Yushkevich
The article notes the importance, relevance and the need for the formation of the ability for self-development in high school students. It has been substantiated that the formation of these abilities is possible at the secondary level. The difference in approaches to the implementation of management...
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Energy Transition to Renewable Energy Sources and Its Consequences for Russia

Valeriy M. Tumin, Maksim M. Novikov, Shen Wenhao, Petr A. Kostromin, Yury V. Daneykin
Russia, as a key exporter of energy resources, may face the problem of disrupting socio-economic well-being, given the high dependence of the budget on oil revenues. In this context, the country is faced with a strategic dilemma: to try to risky transition to carbon-free technologies, thereby going beyond...
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Regional Policy of Using Digital Innovation to Build a City Digital Twin

Mikhail Ya. Veselovsky, Maxim A. Sidorov, Yury V. Daneykin
The integrated development of the modern urban environment, in accordance with the trend towards digitalization of socio-economic relations, is closely related to the concept of a digital twin. The use of this concept long before its final formation was reflected in the field of economic modeling, however,...
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Typology of Arctic Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation by Development Level of Regional Financial Systems

Roman V. Badylevich
The article is devoted to the study of development level of regional financial systems of the Arctic constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The study found that the regional financial system was the basis ensuring the implementation of financial relations in a certain territory and connecting...
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Formation of the Foundations of Ecological and Economic Culture in Preschoolers in the Conditions of a Megalopolis

Roza M. Sherayzina, Marina V. Alexandrova, Marina S. Zadvornaya
In the modern world, the problem of human ecological and economic culture is defined as a global challenge of social significance. It is no coincidence that the first decades of the 21st century were marked by an increased scientific interest in the study of the problem of ecological and economic education...