Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Social Science (isss-15)

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Optimal Resource Allocation of the Press

Xue Yang
The paper studies the optimal resource allocation of the press. Four decisive factors are market share, satisfaction, sales and the number of ISBN assigned. We are made to increase the profits of the press and reduce the gap between expected sales and actual sales at the same time. We set the numbers...
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Research and Comprehensive Evaluation College Coaching Legends

Xue Yang
This paper studies the problem of who are the top five coaches in the world. We choose the Winning rate, the Contribution rate and the cycle of the honors to evaluate each coach, then we select the time from 1913 to 2013 to be a century. After standardizing the metrics by using the Coefficient of Variation...
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The component of traditional Hakka residential architecture decoration and its cultural spirit

Liwu Zeng
At the landscape painting time of guiding students to appreciate the beauty of Hakka traditional architectural decorative, through recording and discovering decorative creation art from dwelling ancestors, mining the spirit of traditional culture and education function which contains ,we will extract...
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The research on the design concept of the campus planning of national Taiwan university-Taking National Kaohsiung First University of science and technology as an example

Shuai Yang
This paper is about the development process of higher education in Taiwan, compared the four different age characteristics of campus planning in Taiwan .And it explained the concept of the formation of Taiwan's campus planning, development. It summed up the characteristics of the design in Taiwan today,...
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Construction Waste Management in Urban Renewal

Caijin Rao, Qian Zhang
For nearly a decade, along with the acceleration of the process of urbanization, construction waste has become the difficult issue in urban renewal process. As a complicated systematic project, construction waste recycling requires that governmental departments should enact relevant regulations scientifically...
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Research on the Characteristics of Indoor Small Waterscape

Qinhua Sun
In recent years, with the improvement of people's living conditions, indoor living environment are increasingly high requirements. In order to improve the quality of environment to meet the taste of living space and living space of their spiritual needs, small waterscape indoor emerge as the times require....
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Study of Oriented Organization of Fixed Assets Investment Project Management Mode

Yongli Lou
Investment in fixed assets is the unit normal operation, the completion of the basic conditions and material basis for various tasks. With investment projects continue to expand in size, number and geographical, of the tradition of innovation project organization model posed new challenges. This paper...
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Performance Research on the Cost Control of Third Party Logistics Enterprises

Xiaobing Pei, Mengying Liu
the cost control is an important problem that the logistics enterprises are faced with. This study attempts to redevise the cost and build a cost performance evaluation system within the enterprise from the cost control factors and according to activity-based costing.
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Application of Quality Control Methods in Lowering Rejection Rate of Casting Products

Zechao Du, Youkun Su
through analysis on some enterprise’s main product, I find that there are most wasters in furnace tag. For the sake of ameliorating status quality, I use one method namely Pareto Diagram of quality tools to analyze and deal with data. Then the main quality vice can be identified well, we should set down...
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The Research on Soldier’s Personalized Learning Based on improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Dong Li, Huqiang Wang
Confronting the situation of uneven educational background, knowledge comprehension and master speed of soldiers, stereotype education system of soldier’s occupational skill no longer adapts the demand of network era development and informational military construction. The paper puts forward to the tactic...
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Research on Information Security of Digital Library under the Cloud Computing Environment

Yun Lei
Cloud computing model as the information system of modern digital library operation infrastructure, it in the data sharing, application platform, software environment and so on the continuous optimization of the library reform, improve the library service, deeply affect the operation and service mode...
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The teaching model reform of curriculum design practices for materials molding and control engineering in the machine direction

Huayang Zhao, Li Li, Fang Qian, Chun Ying, Yuntao Wang
Combined with practical teaching status quo in the current mechanical undergraduate majors, the paper analyzes the material forming and control engineering major practice teaching mode and the main problems, then it gives ideas and implementation of practical teaching reform. The paper creatively gives...
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The Analysis of Wuxi Real Estate Market Based on the House Price-to-Income Ratio

Yao Meng, Xun Liu, Ziqi Wang
On the basis of house price-to-income ratio we analyze the present Wuxi real estate market from the aspect of the districts, income levels and the comparison with other cities by controlling variables. Besides we predict that the Wuxi house price-to-income ratio of 2015 will probably goes to 7.71 by...
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A method of Assessing Country’s Sustainable Development Capacity

Ming Wen
This paper use PCA and DEA to establish a sustainable development model. First, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method is used to cluster the twelve factors which have selected. Then extract four indexes from all the factors, which are environmental pollution, resource consumption, economic and technology...
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Regional Differences of China's Social Security Efficiency Based on DEA

Xiuzhi He, Chaoqi Li
Using the DEA model, this paper evaluated China's social security efficiency of 2013a, studying the financial investment degree and output of social security in every province. The study showed that the economic and financial input into social security in a majority of areas in our country is not adequate,...
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An Analysis of Driving mechanism of Enterprise Management Innovation Based on Lean Thinking

Shuwei Jing, Zhanwen Niu
With the method of case study, implementation of lean management in four enterprises, FAW Car Company (FAW), China International Marine Container (CIMC), Junlebao Diary Co. (JLBC) and Tianjin General Water Co. (TJCGE), are analyzed in this research. It is concluded that lean thinking drives enterprise...
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Construction of the sub-level website of a newly established college Cite Shang Luo Academy as an example

Bin Li
According to the two website construction in newly built undergraduate universities lack of autonomy, based on the ASP web site on the basis of understanding, from the Shangluo College School of art website template construction, namely: the whole frame set, site before and after the set, image database...
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A Study of the Influence of Chinese language and Culture on Second Language Communicative Competence Acquisition

Dongmei Li, Xiaoxiao Mao
Second language acquisition is the process by which people develop proficiency of a second or foreign language. Native language may unavoidably play a function in this process. In this thesis, the author discusses the results of the study on the influence of language transfer on the communicative competence...
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Evaluation Indexes Design for Sustainability Development of a Country Based on the Intelligent Systems

Nianji Tang
Our paper provide select human health, food security, equitable sustainable development, local environmental quality, and energy access, livelihoods, community vulnerability, and access to clean water as indexes to evaluate whether a country is sustainable. With the research of the Intelligent Systems...
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Intelligent Evaluation of the New Policy in Family Planning Based on the Differential Equation

Nianji Tang
In this paper, by collecting typical research review report, according to the national population census data, the difference equation model is established to predicting the aging of the population dividend and results. Then, according to the sex ratio at birth and fertility, we forecast the population...
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Effect Analysis of the Feed-in Tariff of Renewable Energy in China

Xingang Zhao, Yahui Yang
A series of supporting policies have been issued in China. Among them, power price policy plays a crucial role for promoting the development of renewable energy. An effective renewable energy power price policy is propitious to change the status of serious pollution and unreasonable power supply structure...
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E-commerce Virtual Business Circle Build upon Big Data Base

Linlin Lu
The research, take the most representative of Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao for example, discussed how to establish virtual values of electronic commerce by data mining method. Based on the characteristics of Taobao business, huff’s model is applied to the Taobao. Sellers in the same industry were...
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Discussion on the optimal portfolio of insurance companies

Sixing Zhang
With the rapid development of China's insurance industry, the insurance funds are becoming larger and larger. However, behind the rapid development of the insurance industry, some problems have become increasingly prominent such as lower revenue and insufficient repayment. The purpose of this paper is...
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The Design and Implementation of Equipment Academy Educational Management Information System Based on the Web Environment

Huizhen Xue, Kuo Yang
In universities, educational administration is a key link in the university management, the quality is directly related to the status of competition in college in contemporary society and even the survival and development. Combined with the actual needs of educational administration, using Microsoft...
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A sustainability classification for a country based on PCA

Guojin Zhao
This paper offers a method about how to judge countries’ sustainability based on principal component analysis (PCA). Considering the present situation that there only exists unilateral methods that judge the sustainability of a country according to one indicator, I put forward the method of quantitative...
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Review on Chinese Sport Industry and Corresponding Management and Financial Methodologies: Opportunities and Prospects

Yingwei Zhao, Lina Zhu
With the bursting development of the market economy in China, the importance of consumer demand to economic growth is becoming more and more apparent. Currently, our country sports management major has different types of colleges and universities set up breakthrough single the construction mode of public...
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Research on the Chinese Sport Industry and Related Policy Guided Beneficial Pattern: Theoretical Analysis and Novel Perspective

Yingwei Zhao, Lina Zhu
With the rapid development of sport science, the management policy and beneficial pattern is urgently needed to be developed. The importance of consumer demand to economic growth is becoming more and more apparent, and sports consumption as an important part of life consumption, not only the change of...
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A Research on Novel Human Resource Model

Yanda Li
In this paper, two simulation models are built to describe the dynamic change of human resources and come to some conclusions on which the great decisions of HR manager are based. First of all, we introduce the personnel structural model on the basis of stochastic simulation. We analyze the churn, promotion...
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The urban and rural minimum living security system fairness analysis of problems left over by history

Ziqianhong Wan
Due to transition to a specific political, economic, and social background, combined with the urban and rural segmentation limit of thinking, at the beginning of the minimum living security system of our country, it has obvious characteristics of urban-rural division, the architecture, though in a specific...
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Integration of urban and rural minimum living security system obstacle of realistic considerations under the background of new household registration system reform

Ziqianhong Wan
Since July 30, 2014, "To further promote the reform of the household registration system view" has released, the current discussion about the household registration system focused more on urban and rural subsistence allowances system as the main content of the basic public service system. I try to pass...
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Research on the Application of Cloud Computer Assisted Instruction

Lehui Huang, Miaomiao Li
With the development of cloud computing network, cloud computing assisted instruction (CCAI) has consequently drawn increasing attention. The application of cloud computing in education and teaching has injected fresh blood into our education field and has promoted the development of education informationization...
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The Construction of Interactive Teaching Mode under the Network Environment

Ying Luo, Miaomiao Li
It is emphasized in the new course standard, the teaching course should be one course that teachers and students exchange each other, interact actively and develop mutually. The writer has made a discussion on the “interaction-type” teaching mode that teachers and students exchange and share equally...
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Analysis on the Connotation of Green Logistics

Xin Zou, Mengqin Zhang, Huaitao Chen
Green logistics which based on ecological environmental protection and sustainable development changed the unilaterally influencing relations between development and logistics, life of consumption and logistics, and it represented the future development direction and trend of logistics. Based on existing...
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A method for analysis and assessment of system safety based on hazardous source

Bohua Li, Shiyu Gong, Guopeng Song
Hazardous source will exist according to the characteristic or operational need of the system, and the existence of hazardous source is the fundamental reason of accident occurrence. Hazardous source needs to be identified, and the corresponding safety requirement should be proposed. Assuring the source...
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A method of judging the sustainability of a country based on SVM

Guojin Zhao
This paper explains and demonstrates how to distinguish between sustainable countries and unsustainable ones by using sport vector machine (SVM). There are many methods to analyze and judge the sustainability at home and abroad. However, considering that there only exists methods to judge the sustainability...
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Study on Adaptive Learning System based on Network

An Wang, Miaomiao Li
With the continuous development of network education in China, how to develop a web-based and learner-centered on-line adaptive learning system has become a hotspot in the research of network education and learning platform, which can stimulate the greatest interest of learners to realize the real autonomous...
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Simulating the Spread of Ebola based on Cellular Automaton Model

De Di Li
To eradicate Ebola and reduce the current strain, we simulate the spread of it based on cellular automaton to obtain the spread regularity to control the outbreak and reduce death in time. We establish a basic SEIR model at first, base on which we extend the model with a cellular automaton-based approach....
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Research on Prevention and Control of Ebola

Dianjun Ju
In this paper, we will establish two realistic, sensible, and useful Ebola virus eradication models: a basic model. In the basic model, we consider several factors in the basic model: the quantity of the medicine needed, speed of manufacturing of the vaccine and drug, locations of delivery. First, the...
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Micro–blog Emotion Orientation Analysis Algorithm Based on Tibetan and Chinese Mixed Text

Tao Jiang, Jing Jiang, Yugang Dai, Ailing Li
Chinese and English microblog is mostly expressed by single language, nearly 80% Tibetan Microblog presented by Tibetan and Chinese mixed text. If only do emotion orientation analysis of Tibetan or Chinese will lose emotion information, cannot get better effect. By emotion orientation analyzing and studying...
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The Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation Model on Coaches

Lei Li
This article is a comprehensive evaluation problem. We build a fuzzy synthetic evaluation model. Start with the performance of the coaches’ teams only and establish an AHP model according to the official data, in order to rank all the coaches by an overall evaluation. Then according to this rank, select...
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An Efficient Delivery System to Control and Eradicate Ebola

Dedi Li
In view of the delivery and distribution of emergency supplies such as vaccine and medication for disaster area of Ebola, an efficient delivery system has been proposed in this paper. Taking into account that there are only several country such as the U.S., Canada, Britain et al. can produce vaccine...
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Study of emergency care issues based on regions

Sicheng Zhu
In this papers, we study the emergency problems. Under different circumstances, with 6 areas, for example, we discuss about how to allocate ambulances. We consider the emergency response time T as the deciding factor. When the accident occurred in any region, there will be one or more ambulances arriving...
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Study on the Spread model of Ebola

Jialiang Fu
In this paper, we will set a negative feedback system to realize automatic adjustment through the feedback coefficient. This system reflects the relationship between actual situation and control strength. We can take timely control measures to make the illness spread decrease rapidly in order to achieve...
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Computer aided technology applied in decoration design

Ling Su
The paper constructed the object orientation system structure, summed up the methods to realize computer aided decorate design based on the technology of simulation technology and OpenGL technology. The testing result of this system showed that the method of system building is feasible, and could be...
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Discussion on teaching of Chinese information processing

Chunhui Hou
At present, some problems of the Chinese information processing teaching are that: teachers ' teaching methods are not suitable, there are fears in students ' learning, and teaching knowledge is not standard, too random. According to the principle of unity of the students ' abilities and knowledge, the...
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Application of corpus linguistics in Chinese teaching

Yali Li
Under the influence of corpus linguistics and corpus technology progressive, as the center of research methods and research areas of Linguistics, the application of corpus linguistics is popularized. Therefore, this paper describes the concept, the real meaning and application of corpus linguistics in...
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Research on incentives and constraints of agent construction projects

Dongjie Ye, Lvming Wang
In cognizance of incentive mechanism, this article analysis from interior incentive and exterior incentive of agent construction. The interior incentive, Mainly inducted the principal-agent model, it assumed that the agency the one of "social" which break the traditional for the purpose of maximize the...
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Research on the physical fatigue recovery and Training Method of Taekwondo Athletes

Qi Lv
Through the origin of fatigue recovery training, fatigue recovery competitive ability structure, fatigue recovery physical training content, fatigue recovery training and traditional training aspects such as comparative analysis the content of study provide theoretical basis for fatigue recovery the...
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Guizhou Cigarette Sales Prediction based on Seasonal Decomposition MLP

Jian Tan
We combine with seasonal decomposition method, and employ multi-level sensor prediction (MLP, Multilayer Preceptor) method, take prediction of 2014 cigarette sales in Guizhou as example, monthly and quarterly cycle MLP prediction models were put forward, results of the prediction precision were analyzed,...
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Congestion Pricing Design based on Gini Coefficient under the Combined Travel

Chaohui Luo, Dalong Mo
Considering three travel modes of taking a bus, self-driving and park-and-ride, it studies the congestion pricing under the combined travel. While designing the congestion pricing, it considers the fairness, takes road resources occupied by each mode as the fairness indicator, transforms the traditional...
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Environmental Risk Assessment of Chemical Industry Park Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Yuan Tian
The rapid development of chemical industry park in China has brought considerable economic benefits for the country, but also caused the complexity of environmental issues. Chemical enterprises in the park intensive, complex production processes, many kinds of hazardous substances, so it is necessary...
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A Theoretic Revelation of Strategic Positioning, Value Co-Creation and Innovation Performance

Junlan Jia
In recent years, with the extensive use of 4G and wireless network technology, the development of mobile Internet industry has shown explosive growth, which leads to rapid development of intelligent mobile phone industry. The coming of a new era, not only changes people's way of life, study and work,...
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Study on the Evaluation of the Exploitation Efficiency of Creative Scientific Talents Based on DEA

Yinling Song, Chengjun Wang
Taking Shaanxi Province Youth Science and technology new star plan as an example, establish the input and output index of exploitation on creative scientific talents, use data envelopment analysis method to evaluate the exploitation efficiency about the 45 youth science and technology new stars on this...
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Optimal Medicine Distribution by Using AHP

Xinli Zhou
When an epidemic disease break out, vaccines will be not enough at first, so we should take so many factors into consideration when distribute the medicines. In this paper, we take Ebola epidemic for example. To allocate the limited medicine reasonably to epidemic regions, we adopt the Analytic Hierarchy...
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Sustainability Index (SI) Model by Using PCA

Haodong Liu, Xi Wang, Demin Liu
The problems caused by the unbalanced and fragmented development has become more and more obvious. In order to help these government and organizations to make a better decision to give support to the country’s most in need, we need to develop a model to assess the sustainability of a country. On the...
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Emergency Enterprise Marketing Strategy under the product-public opinion double crisis

Xingfu Shi, Lingnuo Xiao
The crisis is an important factor in the formation of products with emergencies, when the product of public opinion crisis, in what marketing is directly related to the contingency strategies to achieve business goals or not. Emergency policy research under the effect of different products use public...
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A comparison between Chinese and Australia background students’ performance in NMIT

Zonghan Yang, Con Nikakis, Lin Tang
The purpose of current research is to determine whether there is difference between Chinese and Australia background students’ academic performance. Furthermore, we apply the analysis of variance to see if there is any difference between the academic performances of different student groups on some variables....
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Application of Human Settlement Science in Urban Planning

Fang Chen, Jinglun Liu
The sciences of human settlements emphasizes to discuss the relation between human and environment in the holistic way. In this paper, we try to parse the sciences of human settlements in different levels. Through analyzing "whole thought" of the sciences of human settlements and problems of disassembling...
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How to Improve Journal of Local Universities and Colleges’ Periodical Influence

Chunwei Shi, Wenfeng Zhou, Ping Chen, Jinyu Song, Yaxin Wang
Journal of diffusion through the analysis of a small local colleges factors reasons put forward to improve the school's academic influence, build Sinica cards, multi-channel manuscripts and asked him to actively enhance, improve service levels Journal of ways to solve the draft Local University external...
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Study on Employees’ Turnover in a Human Capital Network

Lirong Deng
This study investigates employees’ turnover problems in a human capital network. We take 2015 ICM problem C as an example to form a network in which employees are nodes, and links are relationships of employees in an organization. We model the probability of job hopping as a sigmoid function of a linear...
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Construction of Mathematical Evaluation Model of the Countries’ Sustainable Development Degree

Yazhu Wang
In order to study the sustainable development of a country, we establish a model to evaluate its sustainable development degree. Before modeling, 20 indicators are selected from three aspects of social development, economic growth and resource environment. Then the cluster is applied to examine the index...
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Construction of evaluation index system of The Countries’ Sustainable Development Degree

Zhen Wang
The method of combining qualitative analysis and quantitative calculation is adopted to build evaluation index system of sustainable development for countries. To complete the indicators set, two steps are needed: Primary election and improvement of indicator set. Starting from the definition and the...
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The optional obstacle avoidance method of Change’s 3—based on direction division

Chenhao Zhang
This paper studied the obstacle avoidance problem during the falling-to-moon stage of the Change’s 3. Thus the optimal control strategies were obtained for both the rough obstacle avoidance stage and the precise obstacle avoidance stage. Using “the optional obstacle avoidance method—based on direction...
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"Jingle" pollution problem solving path analysis

Zhen Wang
With the economic development and life rhythm speeding up, a lot of college students jingle. But at the same time, it has brought a surge in household garbage. This article is based on energy conservation and emissions reduction as the research background, to ease the take-away junk for the purpose....
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Infectious disease model with the latent period and quarantine and Comparison of drug distribution scheme based on Ebola virus

Jie Zhang
Without considering the crowd with births and deaths, the model with the latent period and quarantine which based on the Ebola virus was established through using the method of dynamics. Compared the control effect of the outbreak under different medicine distribution scheme, and analyzed the key factors...
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Error Analysis in article

Zirui Liu
This paper analyses actual errors coming from a Chinese learner of English as her second language. To compare with other errors in English learning, grammatical errors are more serious than others because of misunderstanding. Error analysis would be reveal the developmental features of Chinese students...
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Sustainable Development of Energy under the Perspective of Ecological Civilization

Liying Yin, Enze Liu
Ecological civilization is human society and the natural environment of equality, common, sustainable development for the purpose of civilization development. Energy is the material basis of the premise of the economic and social development, there is no human civilization and social progress without...
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Research on Values and Approaches to Setting up Volunteer Models

Fangbing Meng
Voluntary services play an important role in the following areas: social moral establishment, improvement of citizen qualities, formations of harmonious relations of all kinds during social transformation period. From the perspective of social cognition, this paper analyses the relation between social...
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Design and Research on the Device Based on the Using of Exhaust Gas Heat for Fuel Heat Strengthening

Cen Sun
Fuel heat strengthening based on automobile exhaust heat can improve the efficiency of the diesel engine effectually.The heat exchanger mentioned in this thesis is gas - liquid heat pipe heat exchanger.We analyzed the feasibility and the cost of the heat exchanger after calculation of the size of the...
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Ebola Infectious Model Based on SEIR

Ji Tao
This paper build two mathematics models to study the spread of the disease. In model 1, we collect the number of total cases and deaths of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone from WHO’s website. There is no vaccine or medication which can protect people from the disease in this period, so in order...
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Optimal Distribution of Medicine in Ebola

Yiming Xiao
First, we use the adjusted SEIR model as the infection model in the chosen area. We choose Sierra Leone, the country where Ebola is the most serious, as the study case to give detailed analysis. Next, we build a multi-step medicine shipping model. First we use the GRA (Grey Relationship Analysis) method...
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Quantitative analysis of Identification system of country's sustainable development degree

Lei Wang
To consider all the possible parameters connected to the sustainability of a country, divide them into four aspects: Society, Humanity, Resource and Economy. Coordination coefficient is defined by analyzing the mutual influence and restriction between aspects and parameters. The point when coordination...
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Research of Ebola-Propagation Model

Haoyuan Weng
To face with the outbreak of Ebola, we construct an accurate models to study the spread-behavior of the virus. We develop our precise model with the method of cellular automaton. Taking three factors into account, we can establish differential equation and expect the change of the proportion of the infective...
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Analysis on the Current Situations of Excessive Goods Packaging and Its Protection

Yanling Tang, Xijia Zhang
With China’s economic development, its domestic enterprises are attaching more importance to goods packaging. Packaging is playing an important role as an essential part of the circulation of commodities. But in recent years, excessive packaging has aroused extensive attention in the field of commodity...
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The impact of women consumers’ psychology and behavior on marketing strategies

Yanni Li, Zhijuan Li, Yiqun Liu, Yang Teng
Modern women are the combination of knowledge, intelligence, and ability. They are financially independent and pursue the fulfillment of self-value. . The paper mainly illustrates how modern marketers develop their marketing strategy in terms of the three important elements (product, price and communication)...
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The school-enterprise docking accounting professional training mode research under the multi-dimensional perspective

Yan Jia
With the rapid advances in the development of market economy and social enterprises for talent Urgent needs, the importance of accounting personnel in enterprises has become increasingly prominent. This requires schools and businesses were cultured docking mode of accounting personnel, school-enterprise...
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External Environment Analysis of Commercial-use drones

Zhiyao He
The main purpose of this report is to analyze the external business environment for a research group that has developed a fantastic GPS technology. This group wants their technology to be used on commercial-use drones so the estimates of UK drones market in this year and next three years will be shown...
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A Medication Distribution Model against Ebola

Peigen Zou
The epidemic of Ebola which has stirred up worldwide concern calls for efforts to control the infection. We present an infection spread model to visualize the tendency of Ebola epidemic and devise a medication distribution model embedding Analytic Hierarchy Process to eradicate the spread of Ebola. Firstly,...
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Dual Social Effect of Internet Mass Incidents on Social Stability

Yanning Gao, Haihe Jin
In recent years, the internet mass incidents already become a prominent problem that affects the social stability in China. Under the new circumstance, the research on the dual social effect of internet mass incidents on social stability has practical significance and theoretical values. Firstly, the...
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Investigation report and countermeasures analysis of express package pollution

Jiaqian Dong
With the gradual population of e-commerce and online shopping ,together with the rapid development of logistics industry, the pollution caused by express packages has intensified.In order to solve the pollution of express packages, this paper employed qualitative and quantitative research methods of...
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Study on Countermeasures of coordinated development of new Urbanization and Agricultural modernization of Jilin province under the perspective of Financial support

Jinjie Gao
This article contains the concept of coordinated development of new urbanization and agriculture modernization and the theory of financial development, shows the actuality of the coordinated development of Jilin Province new urbanization and agriculture modernization under the perspective of financial...
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Time Series Forecasting Model Based on Wavelet Denoising Application in Manufacturing PMI Prediction

Dongdong Bai, Jinyu Wei
PMI is of great significance in terms of business analysis and economic forecasts. To accurately grasp the running of macroeconomic trend the right strategic decisions and auxiliary enterprises, this article takes our country manufacturing PMI as the research object, the wavelet noise reduction as the...
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A Method for QR Code Decryption Based on SMS4

Ye Yuan
The QR code to pay not only represents people’s new way of life, is also one of hot topics in the study of the current electronic payment field. But for the sake of lack of mature and safe payment scheme, being unable to further open up capital chain to complete settlement of funds to guarantee the safety...
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Analysis and development prospects of thermoelectric power generation

Mu Wang
Thermoelectric power generation technology has many advantages, no medium leakage, no wear, no noise, small size, light weight, convenient movement and high reliability. It is also not limited by temperature, so it shows great superiority in the recovery of low grade heat source utilization. This paper...
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The medicine distribution scheme to eradicate Ebola

Fei Lu
The spreading of infectious diseases is a process of evolution with time going. In this paper we set up a model to simulate the dynamic spreading process of the virus basing on the general model: cellular automata model. Through the improved cellular automata model, this paper finally provides an optimal...
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Construction of Chinese Coal Enterprises’ Ethic System

Gang Liu, Yufeng Sun, Zhangliang Chen, Junwei Shi, Lifeng Li, Shuhu Feng, Guibing Li
Enterprise ethic relationships include relationships between enterprises and investors, employees, customers, upstream and downstream partners, competitors, government, media, ecological environment, etc. As a kind of special enterprise, coal enterprise ethical system plays a very important part in aspects...
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Study on Effective Fusion of the Traditional Chinese Culture and Graphic Design

Saihua Xu
This paper first interprets the concept of the traditional Chinese culture and modern graphic design, and then discusses effective fusion of the traditional Chinese culture and modern graphic design and its advantages through analyzing the application of the traditional culture in graphic design. In...
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The design of solar temperature difference power generation device

Peng Cheng
Solar temperature difference power generation technology as a new generation of green environmental protection way, has the characteristics of simple structure, no noise, no pollution, has a broad development prospects. A for solar energy, is developed using semiconductor temperature difference power...
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Research on the Evolution of Sports Industry Structure in Developed Countries

Sanying Peng
As the most developed countries in the world, the Structure of Sports Industry in the United States, Japan, Britain and other developed countries is unique in terms of market mechanisms, financial support, mindset, industrial policy support and innovation ability. Through literature review, expert interview...
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Dynamic Electronic Commerce based Novel Management Platform

Jinhai Lu
In this paper, we research on dynamic electronic commerce based novel management platform. The majority of logistics information system is a closed and fixed, its strain capacity is not strong, hindered the enterprise development. E-commerce negotiation is an important problem in electronic commerce...
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The Entire E-commerce Application in Guangxi Fruit Industry

Jinhai Lu
The development of electronic commerce in Chinese city is well conducted, while agriculture has become more difficult for e-commerce. Small-scale of decentralized management and the majority of market demand contradiction is typical of Chinese agriculture, it means the agricultural development model...
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Analysis of Multiple Cyanobacteria in Chaohu Lake

Xuan Hu
Cyanobacteria are the most simple and most primitive algae, which bloom in some serious eutrophicative lake. When they form a layer of blue-green bubbles which smell, they are called water blooms. The most typical lakes in China where the cyanobacterial blooms break out are Taihu Lake and Chao Lake....
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Exploration and practice of University Computer Specialty Curriculum Examination Reform

Yali Feng, Ping Zhang
Examination is an important method of knowledge degree evaluation process for students to master. Through the examination reform causes students in attach great importance to the basic knowledge of learning. At the same time, pay more attention to the formation of the cultivation of practice ability...
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The usability evaluation indicators for IS prototype development process

Mei Luo, Jianhong Jiang
At present, most of the researches are focused on the IS usability in company users. This paper discusses the government IS prototype development process evaluation. To analyses whether the IS function performance and effectiveness could achieve the anticipated goal, firstly, summarized the usability...
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Analysis of the credit risk of financial development of Internet based on large data

Wencun Shu
Cost accounting experience with hitherto unknown change, this change is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the cost accounting techniques and methods are constantly updated, the accounting computerization has been or is being replaced the manual bookkeeping, and in the establishment of the internal...
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Discussion on the classroom teaching model of task-driven and education combined with research in Computer programming courses

Lanzhen Chen, Rudan Lin, Xiaopeng Li
Computer programming courses is a compulsory course in many universities. Learning this course is helpful to cultivate students' ability of analytical thinking and dealing with issues, to promote the formation of logical thinking and rigorous scientific attitude, to promote the innovative development...
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Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Library

Chunxu Guan, Yujiao Liang
Virtual reality technology has three characteristics of immersion, interactivity and imagination, and has added new method of multi-dimensional touch and human-computer interaction, which can be widely applied in library construction, information resource construction and reader service. Therefore, the...
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Discussion on University English Teaching under the Network Environment

Yufeng Xu
The network, as a new thing, plays a decisive role in promoting English teaching. In order to promote university English teaching through the network, it is necessary to do a good job in the construction of hardware and software, and deal with the role and positioning of teachers and students properly,...
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Enterprise Data Backup and Validation Strategy Selection based on Cloud Computing

Fanli Meng
According to the survey, more than 75% of the database data had abuse and security risks. Data security and compliance audit for the necessity of enterprise data management enhanced increasingly. This article embarks from the status quo of information security enterprise data backup and calibration solution...
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Assessment System of College Coaching Legends

Rui Chen
In order to rank the top college coaches, we choose seven metrics to help us set up the evaluation model, which are historical records, performance, honors, media popularity, game gold content, contributions to sports, coaching experience. And we get all the data we need in our model from the Internet,...