Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Mechanical Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

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[WITHDRAWN] Small Amplitude Hunting Instability of High-speed Train Diagnosis Method Based on Modified Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition, Shannon Entropy and Least Square Support Vector Machine

Yunguang Ye, Jing Ning
To monitor the state of small hunting instability for the train at a high speed, aiming at the problem of mode splitting of ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD), a new methodology which combines modified ensemble empirical mode decomposition (MEEMD), Shannon entropy feature and least squares...
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Electrochemical deposition of ZnCO2O4 nanosheets on Ni foam for supercapacitor applications

Bingjun Guo, Haicheng Xuan, Yangyang Hao, Yuekui Xu
This study describe the method of electrochemical deposition to create ZnCO2O4 supported on nickel foam for capacitor applications. Using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and other electrochemical methods to of sample materials demonstrates the nanostructure and chemical performance of substances grown...
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Prediction in sustainable development capacity of water resources

Yu Guo
In accordance with the variation, this paper divides the indexes for sustainable development of water resources into five categories. And the appropriate forecasting methods to predict the direction of the data in future is given, to lay the foundation for further study of changes in sustainable development...
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Reliability Assessment of Wind Power Growth Planetary Gear Train Based on Dynamics

Chunguang Wang, Shuai Yue
From the reliability point of view, the main failure modes of load-split wind power growth planetary gear train are determined by failure mode and effect analysis method. The engineering practice and typical stress and intensity distribution are considered, the probability distribution of random variables...
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The rotor fault prediction based on support vector regression and phase space reconstruction

Xiao Han
Support vector regression (SVR) is a popular machine learning method that develops these years and has been widely used in the prediction field. But the input feature vectors largely affect the accuracy of the forecast er-ror, so the feature vector choice has been the hot issues of attention and research...
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Research on Sample Dataset Balance Method of SVM Based on GA

Xiao Han
SVM was widely used in fault diagnosis, and achieved good results. However, the unbalance between normal sample datasets and fault sample datasets made it very difficult to establish a proper diagnosis model. For ac-tual diagnosis, the normal samples are usually more than the fault ones, and it will...
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The solution to water shortage in Ukraine based on Multi-objective programming model

Bo Dong
Proposing solution to clean water shortage is of great importance to all citizens of the world. In this paper, we do a research on water conditions of Ukraine, which indicates that a perfect intervention plan for solving the problem of water shortage is needed. We provide the solution on the two aspects,...
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Path Planning for Robot Based on Improved Artificial Potential Field

Guoqing Qiu, Ting Niu, Qianqian Kou, Cheng Liu
Aiming at the disadvantages of the traditional artificial potential field method, target is not reachable and the robot is easy to fall into local minimum point, the paper proposes an improved potential field function of arti-ficial potential field, a formula factor is added to the repulsive force field...
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Micro-video Data-Acquisition System Design

Zhengzheng Liu, Hai Ji, Sanxing Cao
In recent years, more and more studies about micro-video emerged with the increasingly rapid development of micro-video. This Micro-video Data-Acquisition System gives a method that how to obtain the structured da-ta and the unstructured data of the micro video, and the system has got data of micro-video...
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Study on Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Risk Analysis

Tianxiao Nan
The water conservancy and hydropower engineering is built to make full use of the amazing power of water, while there exist variety kinds of risks in the process of the system building and operation. Based on the anal-ysis of the definition and structure of water conservancy and hydropower engineering,...
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Membrane Separation Technology for Wastewater Treatment and its Study Progress and Development Trend

Jianwen Gao
This paper introduced the definition and characteristic of membrane separates technology. Stated several con-ditional methods such as micro filtration, reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, nanofiltration, electro dialysis, liquid membrane, etc. Prospected the development of membrane separation technology.
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Thermodynamic Studies on Simultaneous Desulfurization and Denitrification by Chlorine-based Composite

Yunyang Wang
This paper studied the reaction mechanism and got the overall reaction equation based on the experimental study and the analysis results of desulfurization and denitrification by chlorine-based composite. And studied the chemical and thermodynamic properties of simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification...
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The Development and Research of the Thermal Material

Biyao Yuan
The year 2016 has witnessed the booming of the thermal material in the field of clothing. Scientists are trying to explore three prime means to make the idea that materials themselves can spontaneously produce heat and warm into reality, including hydrophilic material, solar-energy storage material and...
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The study of phenolics content in the emblica fruit wine

Minjie Li, Ya Xiong
Emblic fruit wine rich in alcohol, phenolics. This experiment adopts the reverse high performance liquid chro-matography (HPLC) method for emblic leafflower fruit wine representative of phenolics gallic acid, quercetin content determination of study; And the emblic leafflower fruit forint phenol method...
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Hydrogen sulfide gas drilling site online spectra monitor Feasibility Study

Guoliang Li, Mingzhu Chen, Mengjie Gao
Through the hydrogen sulfide and other common small molecular gas near infrared absorption spectrum analy-sis, propose that analyzing spectral absorption peak at a wavelength of hydrogen sulfide 1.578um neighbor-hood undisturbed common gases and water vapor from small molecules, which can be used for...
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The Application of Post-Stack Geostatistics Inversion in the Prediction of Narrow Channel Sand Body

Jianhua Huang
Aiming at the big difficulty in predicting the inner front narrow channel sand body, by the example of P group reservoir of the G oilfield, we have discussed the application of post-stack geostatistics inversion in the prediction of narrow channel sand body. During the process of application, combing...
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Study on Synthesis and Properties of Multi-amine Imidazoline as Asphalt Emulsifier

Xiangjun Kong, Chengduo Qian, Yan Lin, Weiyu Fan
Two kinds of multi-amine imidazoline E1 and E2 are synthetized as asphalt emulsifier by the long-chain organ-ic acids and polyethylene polyamine. The purpose of adjusting the mixing time of asphalt emulsion and aggre-gate can be achieved by controlling the head group number of hydrophilic group. The...
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Storage stability and its relationship with microstructure of SBS modified de-oiled asphalt

Ming Liang, Shisong Ren, Weiyu Fan, Xue Xin
SBS modified hard asphalt was prepared by de-oiled asphalt and radial SBS at 170 by high speed mixer. The samples were evaluated by conventional properties and fluorescence microscopy. Conventional properties showed that SBS drastically improve the high temperature stability and low temperature crack...
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Analysis of several ferroelectric materials

Donghui Wang
Nowadays, ferroelectricity materials are widely used. Many researchers have put effort into it to make further exploratory. This template explains and demonstrates several ferroelectricity materials. It includes piezoelectric materials, BaTiO3 ceramics and multi-material iron. We take their nature and...
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Study on Joint Driving Characteristics for Powered Exoskeleton Based on All-Joints Driving Model

Mingkui Zhang, Wenming Cheng, Fang Liu, Huaixian Li
In order to study the changing characteristics of the driving torque, the driving power and the driving energy of all joints for the powered exoskeleton in the squat stance, multi-rigid-body system dynamics model of the powered exoskeleton was established based on the somatic structure characteristics...
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Transmission-type Window of HFCVD Diamond Film for Microfocus X-ray Tube

Lei Zheng, Huarong Liu, Junting Wang
Operating the microfocus X-ray source at high power is required to achieve high temporal resolution. Howev-er, the thermal loading of the anode focal spot is a limiting factor in determining the maximum power of an x-ray tube. In this paper, a transmission window based on polycrystalline diamond, for...
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Modeling and kinematic simulation of the telescopic sleeve anti-swing device based on Adams depend on crane rotating

Guangdong Han, Haiquan Chen, Wenhua Li, Shanghai Wang
For offshore crane in the operation process, due to the suspension of lifting wire rope belongs to the flexible parts and wind, wave and ocean environment. These cause the load swing. A new type of offshore crane tele-scopic sleeve anti-swing device was proposed. It uses the casing of the rigid constraints...
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Tunnel Robot Obstacle Avoidance Control Based On Ultrasonic and Vision

Xiaorui Hu, Xiaolong Zhou, Xiaoxue Guo, Xinpin Li
Knowing the distance information of the obstacles is good for planning process path for mobile robot. Based on ultrasonic and machine vision range finding principle, we design a mobile robot multi-sensor ranging system, the measurement of 0 ~ 200 cm distance obstacle, measurement error is less than 1%....
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Design of a new Type of Artificial Reef

Shaojie Jiang, Wei Wu, Linglong Zong
Because of over fishing and environmental pollution, global fisheries resources is declined shapely, many natu-ral fisheries were severely damaged. At present, marine ranching construction has been developed rapidly in the coastal countries, and has obtained the good effect. Artificial fish reef is the...
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Research on Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for Tunnel Mobile Robot Based on Visual Navigation

Xiaolong Zhou, Xin Wan, Xiaoxue Guo, Xinpin Li
With the development of science and technology, the mobile robot has been widely concerned at home and abroad. Great potential for mobile robot applications. Applications include automatic driving, unknown field exploration, industry and agriculture production automation, dangerous environment no work,...
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Research Progress of the Modified Wood Powder for 3D printing

J.S. Zhang, Y.T. Yang, Z.K. Qin, J.J. Luo, W. Gao, S.L. Wei
3D printing leads to the changes in manufacturing process, and the research and development of 3D printing supplies is considered as the core competitiveness of this technology. In this paper, it reveals the wood pow-der modification by establishing performance index of impulse process model to realize...
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A Live-working Robot with a Fast Line up And down Function

N.C. Ou, W. Li, L.F. Li, S. Zheng
In this paper, mainly research on a Live-working robot in power transmission line, it composed with Live-working robot unit and operation platform. The operation platform use to support the whole robot line up and down. Under the action of machine, insulation winch and the rope concerted action in order...
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Application of MM40 Invert in Direct Torque Control of PHEV

Zhixue Tong, Baozhen Zhang
In order to meet the problem of motor torque control for plug in hybrid electric vehicle, direct torque control system is designed with Profibus-DP bus and Ethernet communication by using Siemens S7-300 series PLC and MM 440. Structure and control scheme of the system is described. Hardware design of...
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Design and Implementation of Grid Data Asset Management Platform Based on SOA

P. Lou, J. Chen, L.M. Lu, S.P. Ji, X.H. Li, Y. He, Y. Lin
Power grid data has become an important asset of the enterprise, but power grid enterprises lack effective technical means to solve the grid data assets life cycle monitoring and management. From the design principle of component, loose coupling and standardization, the power grid data assert management...
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A privacy protection scheme based on certificateless aggregate signcryption and masking random number in smart grid

Juqin Chen, Xiaoxi Ren
Security of data transmission and privacy protection are key issues in smart grid. Aiming at the improvement of the above issues, a privacy protection scheme is proposed based on certificateless aggregate signcryption and masking random number. In the proposed scheme, the building gateways generate masking...
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Simulation Analysis of Negative-Pressure Chip Removing Device of Deep-Hole Processing Based on FLUENT Software

Zhen Dong, Fenghua Hao, Paul Kwon
The negative-pressure chip removing device is a powerful tool to ensure chip removal smoothly in deep-hole processing. The paper establishes a mathematical model of the negative-pressure chip removing device, ana-lyze the key factors which influencing the effect of pumping crumbs, simulated and contrast...
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Calculation and Analysis on Characteristic of hydraulic sheave buffer by AMESim

K. Bi, X. Li, Y.M. Wei, Z.Y. Tang, G. Wu
In order to enhance the sheave buffer damping efficiency of the carrier-based aircraft arresting system, and improve the damping characteristics of the buffer and the suitability of the load, the multi-hole hydraulic buffer is brought to substitute the conventional hydraulic buffer, the two type hydraulic...
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Study on Front Axle of a Dump Truck with Assisted Electric Drive Based on HyperWorks

Zhixue Tong, Yinan Lin
In view of the traditional rear wheel drive mining equipment has such problems as lack of climbing perfor-mance and skid in harsh environments, a front axle drive scheme is proposed. That increases the driving force of the overloading uphill and the braking force of the overloading downhill of the dump...
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The Numerical Simulation of High Aspect Ratio Vertical SLAT Type Otter Board

Junting Yuan, Junchi Ma, Qi Li, Xuchang Ye, Shiming Wang
Fluid simulation software FLUENT was used to study the flow distribution of vertical SLAT type otter board, when the SLAT angle ( ) ranging from 28 to 40 degree, and analyzed the relationship between SLAT angle and lift coefficient, drag coefficient, lift-to-drag ratio. Simulated the flow distribution...
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A simulation and analysis of electron beam welding based on dynamic focus

Weipeng Yin, Shouqi Wei
According to the characteristics of electron beam welding (EBW) heat source and thermal effect, a mathemat-ic model of rotary Gaussion body heat source based on the dynamic welding focus was developed, and the finite element model (FEM) is established. A numerical simulation experiments of the vacuum...
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Unmanned Leg-Wheel Vehicle Design and of Vertical Step Passability Performance Analysis

Ruotian Wang, Huaying Li, Yunhai Wang, Zhixiong Wang
In order to achieve high mobility for country crossing and the ability of climbing vertical obstacles, a new lo-comotion mechanism that combines legs and wheels is proposed, and a prototype mobile robot that adopts the mechanism is introduced, actions for obstacle climbing is designed. Focused on forces...
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Paint thickness control method Based on the film accumulation model

L. Yu, Y.Y. Zhang
Since parameters of the traditional paint thickness accumulation rate model is difficult to determine, the model has issues as requiring a lot of repeat painting and so on. This paper presents a model of paint spray control model based on the film accumulation model to analyze how different trajectory...
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Design of control system based on D-H method for live-maintain robot on Energized Transmission

J.J. Zhang, X.Q. Liu, J. Niu, D.H. Zou, Q.W. Pan, X.Q. Xiao
On the foundation of a kinematics modeling based on D-H method, in this paper, we designed the control system of live-maintain robot on energized transmission. After analysis requirements of practical and control of robot, the control system is designed by being integrated, which is good to coordinate...
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Design and Simulation of the Control Algorithm for Vehicles of Geophysical Exploration

Jie Liu, Yang Lv, Zekun Liu, Zhiyan Dong
In this paper, we select the quadrotor as the airbone geophysical exploration platform. By comparing the cur-rent quadrotor control algorithm, the classical closed-loop PID theory is selected. And then the platform flight control system is divided into three control loops, that is, position control loop,...
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Design and Simulation of Car Windshield Broken Mechanism Based on ABAQUS

Tao Jiang
Automotive glass is one of the most important parts of automobile, the performance of automobile glass is di-rectly related to an important indicator of the safety of passengers and fuel economy. But in the face of all kinds of natural disasters and in the traffic accident, the doors and windows can't...
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A Lunar Terrain Auto Recognition Algorithm by Gushing and Immersion

Yiren Chang, Zhankai Li
Due to the rapid development of science and technology, automatic terrain recognition is becoming more and more important. Mare and highland are two main lunar terrain units. Quick and accurate identification for mare and highland is important basis for various lunar researches. This paper provides an...
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Stability Control for Four-wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehicle Based on Variable Universe Fuzzy Control

Jun Wang, Zi Yang, Jinrui Nan, Mingxing Qiao
For fully taking the advantage of independently controllable of torque of Four-wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehicle to enhance its stability, a 2-DOF vehicle reference model is set up based on Vehicle Dynam-ics foundation. On this basis, a variable universe fuzzy control strategy witch chose yaw...
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Recommendation Model Based on Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm

Jun Huang
There are problems concern the current recommendation model such as the information recommended is not inaccurate enough. This paper presents a collaborative filtering algorithm based on K-means algorithm. Firstly, we analyzed the similarity calculation method of collaborative filtering recommendation...
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Research of subway tunnel staff positioning system based on UWB technology

Mingdong Wang, Yawen Dai
Aiming at the problems of short transmission distance, low multipath effect and low positioning accuracy in the common tunnel personnel positioning technology, proposed a new system of personnel positioning system for subway tunnels based on the Impulse UWB (Impulse Radio-Ultra Wideband, IR-UWB). According...
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The Data Concentration Collection Technology Scheme for Public Utilities

Qi Qian, Guang Chen, Haifeng Lin, Tao Liu
Collection and acquisition of water meter, electric meter, heat meter and gas meter is an effective way to im-prove the intelligence and automation level in the energy field. In this paper, the data collection technology scheme of public utilities was introduced. Using construction achievements and experience...
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Simulation Analysis of DDS Signal in Dynamic Environment

Yang Liu, Gang Fu, Dongxu Zhu
Spread spectrum technology is an information transmission technology, which channel bandwidth occupied by the information that far exceed the minimum bandwidth necessary for transmission; the spectrum is ex-panded by a separate code sequence is complete, the coding and modulation method to achieve regardless...
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Phase Measurement Method for Medium Voltage Power Line Channel Based on GPS

Zhiyuan Xie, Xiao Zhang, Lichong Wang
Medium voltage power line communication has attracted the attention of researchers for its unique ad-vantages. But it has been very little research on the frequency characteristics of medium voltage power line channel for a long time. Proposed based GPS remote synchronization zero-IF quadrature demodulation...
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Pseudo-code Parallel Acquisition Algorithm Based on Cycle-Related

Yang Liu, Gang Fu, Dongxu Zhu
In the field of measurement and control, spacecraft trajectories are known, in most cases you can use the spacecraft trajectories of spacecraft in terms of the motion brought by the Doppler effect. In the Doppler search range smaller conditions, based on cycle-related pseudo-code parallel acquisition...
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Design and Implementation of Rehabilitation Training and Positioning System Based on Multi-Sensor Information Fusion

Qiuzhan Zhou, Yongchao Xue, Shuozhang Chen, Songling Zhang, Zongheng Lei, Yujuan Si
Towards human motion intention recognition in active rehabilitation, an algorithm of pattern recognition and localization is proposed. Large changes in the overall action signal were paid more attention rather than accu-racy of local signal. The ARM of Cortex-M3 core was used in data acquisition and...
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Simulation Spread Spectrum Signal Based on MATLAB

Xingyuan Xu, Lili Xia, Sheng Liang
In this paper, the structure and characteristics of the spread code and spread spectrum telemetry signal is ana-lyzed in detail, the design language MATLAB simulation model based on spread spectrum telemetry signals and verify its correctness, for the study of acquisition and tracking algorithm provides...
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Analysis of signal transmission performance of radio frequency cable under the multiple factors

Chunquan Li, Xinghua Xie, Hongyan Huang, Yuling Shang
Radio frequency (RF) cable is the main physical carrier of signal transmission. Signal transmission of RF per-formance is affected by multiple factors. In the paper, 3D finite element analysis of RF cable was built and signal attenuation characteristics of single factor for RF cable was studied, such...
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Chinese-Thai-English Translation Audible Electronic Dictionary Design and Implementation

R. Lin, J.M. Wang, B.Z. Li, C.S. Yuan, F. Liu
This software is complete by Visual C+ + 6.0 and QT, It designed in the Unicode character set patterns , Con-tribute to ASEAN's cooperation and exchanges, It's solve the problem that system use compatibility and character output garbled in current national language software development. This development...
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Analytic Hierarchy Process (ahp) in the Application of Logistics Center Location Selection Process

Qiang Yang, Lu Meng
Under the background of increasingly standardized logistics market and more intense market competition, there are more needs to establish logistics centers with sound logistics functions and improved information network. Choosing a reasonable location is particularly important to build the logistics...
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Dynamic behavior analysis of Vibro-impact System with Two Motion Limited Constraints

Mei Lin, Guangshun Song, Yongqiang Liu, Yanbo Zhu, Xiaolu Zhang
Poincaré map is established for the dynamical model of a two-degree-of- freedom system with two con-straints. Conditions of sticking are analyzed. Periodic motion is found by shooting method, namely fixed point of Poincaré section. Hopf bifurcation and period-doubling bifurcation are analyzed under suitable...
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RFCM clustering algorithm based on adaptive weights for radar signal sorting

Qiang Zhang, Hongwei Wang, Yuanzhi Yang, Wenzhe Wang
Rough Fuzzy C-Means (RFCM) clustering algorithm is a valid algorithm to process the inseparability of bor-der of clusters, which handles isolated data well and reduces influence of noise on clusters results. However, different data objects are unified with fixed weights, which influences clusters results...
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A New Weighed Recursive Filter Constant False Alarm Rate Detection Algorithm in Multiple-target Interference Process

Chaoyi Luo, Siyi Chen, Yubing Wang
For multi-target interference reference unit in the process of target detection unit, presenting a new CFAR al-gorithm. The algorithm based on the history of the selected reference samples respectively weighted recursive estimate clutter power level. Simulation results show that weighted recursive filter...
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Modeling and Simulation Based on Improved Particle System

Wenqiao Zhang, Jing Zhang
Particle system is an Effective method to simulate the irregular objects which has characteristics of flexibility and adaptability, this paper take in-depth study for particle system, introducing the idea of genetic algorithm, made the improvement of traditional simulation model. The experimental results...
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The Data Analysis of Information and Man-Machine Interaction in the Unconscious Design

Lixian Luo
"Unconscious design" (Without Thought) is also known as the "intuitive design", which is a design idea. Namely: "Turning the unconscious actions into visible". Unconscious design embodies the interaction experi-ence between person and product, it is not only improved the design field, so as to change...
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Multi-Agent Based Distributed Vehicle Deployment Planning for Shipment Yard of Automobile Assembly Workshop

Lingge Zhang
Vehicle deployment for shipment yard of automobile assembly workshop refers to selecting an appropriate parking slot for a vehicle released to shipment yard from assembly shop when it's parked in the shipment yard for temporary storage. Based on analysis of shipment yard's operation way, a mathematical...
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Research on Optimize the Test Cycle of SIMU

Jianchun Chen, Zhanchang Zhen, Junhui Xu, Yanfeng Gao
The use performance of SIMU is constrained by its stability. In view of a short stability period, frequent test-ing and the problem of low efficiency of the test about SIMU in present, A optimization method is proposed to choose test cycle, Using least square method combined with the stability index,...
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Ambiguity Solution of Relative Position of Carrier Phase Differential

Xuke Yang, Hao Jiang, Dong Liu
In view of the ambiguity solution is the technical difficulty in the relative position of the carrier phase differ-ential. This paper introduces the principle of the carrier phase differential relative positioning and the process of integer ambiguity solution in detail. The ambiguity is solved by LAMBDA...
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Optimization and improvement of tread pattern pitch arrangement

Xia Chen, Lanxiang Deng
Tire noise is one of the main sources of car noise. In order to research on the tire noise, analysis method based on wavelet transform was proposed. Compared with traditional analysis methods, wavelet transform can ef-fectively and intuitively find the effect of tire pattern arrangement on measurement...
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Finding Contrast Patterns in Imbalanced Classification based on Sliding Window

Xiangtao Chen, Zhouzhou Liu
In the process of the contrast patterns mining, people usually assume that the datasets distribution is basic bal-ance, but in the real world, there are many data sets which class distribution is imbalanced. Considering the problem of contrast patterns mining on the imbalanced data sets, in this paper,...
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Military Requirements Development based on Synthetic Microanalytic Approach

Xiaolei Zheng, Ji Ren
This paper analyzes the synthetic microanalytic approach (SMA) and its principles in the systematics field, ap-plies those principles to military requirements development, and proposes a method of military requirements development based on synthetic microanalytic approach (MRDSMA). The development methods...
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Short-term power load forecasting based on BAT-BP neural network model

Jian Di, Tao Yao
Accurate short-term forecasting of power load has important significance in Safe and stable operation and im-provement of economic benefits of electric power system. The electric power system load forecasting usually adopts BP neural network (BPNN) method, but this method has slow convergence speed,...
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Maintenance optimization for warm standby system based on availability

Yutao Wu, Liang Wen, Xinfeng Yu, Yachong Deng
To ensure low cost and high maintenance cost protection devices can be used for a long time. In order to im-prove availability of protection system, the methods of adding redundancy and periodic replacement are pro-posed. First we establish the equivalent model of cumulative failure probability and convert...
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Research on PageRank Algorithm parallel computing Based on Hadoop

Pengfei Yang, Liqing Zhou
PageRank algorithm is improved by MapReduce programming model thought based on research and study of PageRank algorithm. MapReduce-based PageRank algorithm run distributed parallel in Hadoop cloud compu-ting platform environments, thereby improving the efficiency of PageRank. The experimental results...
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A Feature Selection Method for Anomaly Detection Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

Shi Chen, Zhiping Huang, Zhen Zuo, Xiaojun Guo
Since anomaly detection systems often need to handle large amounts of data, feature selection, which is an ef-fective method for reducing data complexity, is usually applied for anomaly detection. In this paper, an im-proved genetic algorithm based feature selection method is proposed to obtain optimal...
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Particle Swarm Optimization in Immune Network Mechanism

Jing Chang
In this paper, based on the particle swarm optimization in the environment of all the particles and their own search experience, using immune network mechanism of the clonal selection mechanism, this paper proposes a particle swarm optimization algorithm based on immune network mechanism. Based on the...
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Research on Key Technologies of Bandwidth Optimizations for Ad Hoc Networks

Hua Zhang
The bottleneck in the development of ad hoc network is analyzed. Points out the physical layer application of new transmission technology is network bandwidth optimization approach, however, strengthen the its effec-tiveness and performance needs reasonable design of MAC layer and routing layer and cross...
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Application of Embedded Technology in Smart Home

Xiuguo Zhang
The history and current status of smart home are described and the basic idea of intelligent control is intro-duced .And the application of embedded system in intelligent control system is also discussed. Using embed-ded system, various network information, multiplex automatic control function, as well...
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C2C electronic business logistics analysis based on grounded theory

Xiaoqing Bi, Dong Zhang
With the increase in online sales and purchasing, logistics and e-commerce market, competition between the doomed more intense. Faced with the great potential of e-commerce logistics market, many specialized logis-tics services for e-commerce and e-commerce logistic company self-logistics are beginning...
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Application Research of Cloud Computing in the Smart Grid Information Processing

Di Mou, Xuanxuan Tian, Tianshu Zhang, Jinwei Zhang, Zhenhua Li, Chenjun He
With the rapid development of national economy, our demand for power resources has also increased rapidly. The traditional power grid can not be achieved operational status of equipment for effective monitoring and control, we will not be able to ensure the quality and quality of electricity service....
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An Evaluation Method for Accident Network Node Importance

Song Wang, Renjun Zhan, Yongzhong Ma
In order to realize the risk control of complex system, make sure its safety operation which have a number of nodes and complex associated, using implicated control of important nodes to suppression system crashes, from the perspective of accident network, based on static network node degree, node central...
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Study on Reinforcement Technology of Application in Android Terminal

Chao Zhou, Haitao Jiang, Jing Guo, Wei Huang, Jinming Chen
Android system is the most widely used smart phone operating system at present. As the Android system is a Linux based open source operating system, so anyone can operate it on the smart terminal, which brings seri-ous security problems. A security reinforcement scheme for mobile applications based on...
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Network Security Risk Prediction Based on Time-Varying Markov Model

Chao Zhou, Yajuan Guo, Wei Huang, Jing Guo, Daohua Zhu
With the application of network technology, the risk of network security is gradually increasing. In order to predict the likelihood of network risks in real-time, a Time-Varying Markov Model (TVMM) for real-time risk probability prediction was proposed. The real-time risk probability prediction method...
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A Network Coding architecture base on OpenFlow network

Jian Di, Jingtao Dong
By allowing the exchange node to operate data, network coding can effectively improve the network throughput, ease network congestion and improve the network performance. Due to the closure of switching device in the current network structure and the cost of coding and decoding, the network coding can...
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Topology Control Based on Double Cluster Head Ellipse Model in WSN

Hongbin Ma, Xiao Li
Aiming at the problem that the cluster head node overload and cannot effectively control the edge node based on routing protocol in wireless sensor networks. We designs a kind of ellipse model with double cluster heads and uses Matlab to carry on the network simulation experiment. Through the analysis...
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Neighborhood-Hypernetwork for Classification of Imbalanced Data

J. Jiang, H.Q. Ran, K. Yang
There exists several characteristics in imbalanced dataset, such as classes imbalance, between-class imbalance, overlapping, influenced noise, multi-classification with class imbalance, etc., which will greatly influence the classification performance of algorithms on imbalanced datasets. So far, the...
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A Multi-Level Cross-Domain Access Control Model Based On Role Mapping

Bin Lv, Di Zhang, Rui Mao, Haitian Yang
Inter-domain access control can guarantee the safety of resources sharing among different domains, role map-ping is one of the key technologies which realizing access control. Traditional mapping mechanism, which in-volves congested traffic, has massive computational complexity and has a big traffic....
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Online detection technology research on agricultural product quality deterioration

J.X. Zhang, J. Xu, X.J. Wang
According to agricultural products logistics links prone to deterioration of the quality, and the outstanding is-sues of lacking of monitoring technology and equipment, for the fruits, vegetables, meat and aquatic products distribution process, the quality of agricultural products of fission online detection...
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Research of multi-channel data acquisition system based on Wi-Fi Technology

Jun Fan, Yawen Dai
As the main content of the modern information technology system, the data acquisition technology has been widely used in various fields of production and life. Traditional wired data acquisition system has good relia-bility, but it has the disadvantages of high cost, difficult maintenance, poor adaptability...
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Micro-damage Identification Method of Metal Plate Based on Wavelet Packet Energy Spectrum

Mo Li, Guidong Xu
In this paper, the dynamic model of the intelligent plate with the pasted piezoelectric material is built. Through the dynamic model, the dynamic response signal is simulated when the damage has slightly changes. The re-sponse signal is decomposed by using wavelet packet analysis and a series of sub...
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Fuzzy evaluation of risk for transmission lines on-line monitoring

Wei Song, Haibing Zhang
Now many on-line monitoring systems of the transmission are relatively in a single mode. But the transmission lines are often in a more complex environment. A single monitoring cannot meet the requirements of safe, economic and efficient operation of transmission lines. So this paper proposes a fuzzy...
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Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Based on Deep Learning

Dezan Zhao, Jun Xing, Zhisen Wang
Deep learning is a new field in machine learning research, whose motivation is to build neural network simu-lating the human brain to analyze. Stacked autoencoder, which is a style of deep learning structure, is used to solve analog circuit fault diagnosis problem. An experiment is done, whose results...
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Comparative Analysis of the Difference of the Vegetation Indexes between FY-3A/VIRR, FY-3A/MERSI and Terra/MODIS data

M.X. Ge, J. Zhao, B. Zhong, A.X. Yang
In order to demonstrate the feasibility of cooperative inversion of the vegetation indexes between FY-3A/VIRR, FY-3A/MERSI and Terra/MODIS, the NDVI from these data was compared. The authors selected 2012 year's data of FY-3A/VIRR, FY-3A/MERSI and Terra/MODIS which is covering the upstream of the Heihe...
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Methods of the National Vegetation Classification Based on Vegetation Partition

Y.Y. Hao, X.B. Luo, B. Zhong, A.X. Yang
The high precision land cover classification products has a very important significance for the study of quanti-tative remote sensing and remote sensing applications. Now there has a lot of free and global coverage land classification products, which is mostly developed by foreign research institutions...
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An automatic method to extract Populus Euphratica forest in a large area using remote sensing

Y.Y. Wang, B. Zhong, F.J. Shang
Populus Euphratica is a haloduric desert vegetation growing in arid regions. It is a drought-enduring plant and it is also a wind barrier to fix sands in desert areas. The distribution of Populus Euphratica forest is required to carry out the management of water resources in the arid region, such characteristics...
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Analysis and Simulation on Measurement Error of PLL Loop

Xingyuan Xu, Lili Xia, Sheng Liang
In receiver design, how to select the frequency discriminator loop the loop filter carrier tracking loop is critical. Due to the Doppler frequency difference uncertainty exists, the carrier phase direct capture a greater degree of difficulty, but was able to capture the frequency quickly eliminate most...
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Research and Design on Real-time Tracking and Controlling Data Processing System Based on Multi-Agent

Libing Guo, Xinbing Fang, Xiangming Li, Wen Mao, Wei Huang
This paper analyzes the technical features of agent and the main business of aerospace tracking ship tracking and controlling data processing system; establish a multi-agent system model of real-time data processing; take example of USB data processing of trajectory measurement, describes the running...
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Flexible moving targets research based on contour coefficient variation analysis and video detection

Tianshu Zhang, Di Mou, Wenshi Ren, Zhenghua Feng
This paper through the existing video files, moving object is obtained by matlab programming background subtraction division of the foreground image, to extract the contour parameters. Contour parameters of the foreground image can be gained by analyzing the variation coefficient, then through the analysis...
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The Methods of Displaying DWF Image File on the Web Pages Accurately

Liu Qin
For various sectors ask to browse accurate positioning information's corresponding to the DWF image file of hot point on the map on the website platform, this paper proposes efficient and quick ways to archive brows-ing DWF image file online and position specific point precisely. After click the specific...
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High Voltage Transmission Line Environment Characteristics of Image Edge

Weihua Niu, Jiangman Zhao, Peng Zhao
According to different environment around the high voltage transmission lines, the analysis of image charac-teristics under different environment, different environment image segmentation method applied to image feature extraction method and edge of image, and compare the effect of two kinds of methods,...
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An Improved Fractal Coding Method based on K-means Clustering

Hui Guo, Jie He
This paper focuses on a fast fractal coding algorithm based on k-means clustering. First of all, the variance method is employed to divide the sub-blocks into simple sub-blocks and complex sub-blocks; then, the k-means clustering algorithm is applied to classify the complex sub-blocks and father blocks,...
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Research and Design of Precision Optical Interference Methane Concentration Detection System

Yanyu Zhang
Currently, the stable optical interference type methane detector performance, long life, but due to manual reading, the low degree of automation, before the test, in order to prevent the emergence of large temperature changes in pressure calibration zero drift, scale values and must be Location temperature...
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Image Noise Reduction Processing Research Based on Wavelet Transform Combination with Homomorphic Filtering

F.C. Sun, W.Y. Song, X. Zhang, Z.D. Du
The condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of has attracted more and more attention by the infrared tech-nology. The image acquired infrared thermal imaging system is affected by some factors, which needs to be enhanced, so in order to deal with the low contrast and fuzzy human visual defect of the...
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Intelligent Image Segmentation and Synthesis

Qizhi Xu
With the rapid development of the e-commerce, shopping online has gradually become one of the most im-portant way of shopping in our life. But there are still some problems, such as size, color, quality and other is-sues. We can always find some comments that some clothes have color difference. The consumers...
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Weighted Fusion of Multi-Featured of Gait Recognition Algorithm

Hui Wang, Taijun Li, Haoli Zhou, Zezhong Yang
Gait recognition has become one of the hottest directions in study of long-range identification. Joint angle feature is an important gait feature, but extracting joint angle feature using traditional skeleton model is too idealistic. Therefore, a method of extracting joint angle feature based on skeleton...
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A Novel Scheme in Lossless Compression of Medical Image

Hongying Han, Yanguang Liu, Qiuling Wang, Yan Li, Tengfei Li, Jianfeng Chu, Haiou Huang
With the arrival of digital era as well as networked era, it is inevitable for medical field to realize digitization and network. Nowadays medical imaging has been in widespread use. However, the increasing number of im-ages and their large-size character put much pressure on the storage space. What's...
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Realization of Streamline Visualization Based on MATLAB and CFD Database

Yirui Yang
The CFD numerical calculation result visualization is an important part of the numerical simulation. Streamline visualization is an important technique for flow field visualization. Matlab is a widely used development tool with powerful graphics capabilities. It is very easy to realize the visualization...