Proceedings of the 5th Progressive and Fun Education International Conference (PFEIC 2020)

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Integration of Learning Interconection in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Abdul Muhith
Islamic civilization shows the reality in history that the dichotomy of education that lasted for centuries separating religious education and general education gave anxiety to scientists who are faithful in the face of the industrial revolution 4.0 related to the problems of modern society, then practically...
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Individual Approach in Improving the Compliance of the Learning Process of Children With Special Needs in Autism in SLB Asuhan Kasih, Kupang City

Abdul Syahril Muh, MBK Megawati
Children with autism have severe developmental disorders or neurobiological factors that are widespread and can occur in children in the first three years of life. An individual approach can be used by the teacher as a solution to improve the compliance of learning processes for students with autism...
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Students Perception about Entrepreneurship Course Using Quantum Learning Model

Adevia Indah Kusuma, Diana Pramesti
Learning model are useful for helping students to learn and to provide an environment for interactive students experiences. Therefore, learning model has a strategic role especially for the achievement of entrepreneurial character building in students. Furthermore, the challenges that occur in the internalization...
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The Faith Experience as the Base Character Development Psychology

Alivermana Wiguna
This study seeks to examine the faith experience as a basis for character development psychology. With the development of Islamic psychology, which is one of the essential studies is the Fitrah, and the great general of human beings is to compensate God as his Lord, it will be excavated the psychology...
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Internalization of Character Education in Era 4.0 as A Moral Conservation Solution for Students in Kupang City

Amirulah Datuk, Arifin
The social and cultural conditions of students, from cities to remote villages, have been worrying lately.Education faces a social pathology that is almost at a chronic level where kindness, polite, courtesy, honest and responsibility as self-identity are lost with the times, replaced by the production...
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Construction Representations of Student on Solving Word Problems Inconsistent Comparison

Anwar Muttaqien, Ariati Dwi Prasetya Rini, Apuanor, Teguh Wibowo, Muhamad Supian, Muhammad Hadianur, Istadi
This study investigates the use of representation of middle and high school students in solving inconsistent additive comparison problem word problems. The study was conducted by analysing the answer to the task of solving word problems and the results of interviews of 5 students aged 12-16 years to...
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Implementation of 21st-Century Learning on Psychomotor Learning Outcomes in Science Materials With Learning Motivation as Co-Variable

Dian Meilani, Ummu Aiman
Learning outcomes are a reference to the extent to which students succeed. Psychomotor learning outcomes are an important aspect of learning outcomes related to motor skills. The low psychomotor learning outcomes, especially in elementary school science material, demands to be completed one way by applying...
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Design of Telegram Assisted E-Work Team Based Blended Learning in Entrepreneur Learning

Diana Pramesti, Adevia Indah Kusuma
The background of this research were: (1) optimizing the learning subject potential and optimize the use of technology to support learning; (2) discipline students in collecting assignments; (3) directing students to get a relevance of references to supporting their assignments; (4) improve student literacy...
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The Use of Educational Technology in Teaching and Learning Process Towards Covid 19 Pandemic at Senior High Schools in Palu

Ernitasari Mulyadi, Surni Kadir, Fikriani A. Omolu, Rahayu Prasetyaningsih, Normawati
The objective of the research is to explore the use of educational technology in the teaching and learning process for Senior High School students in Palu during outbreak of corona virus pandemic. This research is an exploration research to find out the real condition of the teaching and learning process...
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Shift-learning: Suburban Teachers’ Perspectives Towards Readiness and Media Learning Application During Pandemic Period

Fatimah Setiani, Muhammad Sandy Al Fath, Nikmah Sistia Eka Putri, Rahmah Dwi Sistiarini, Ajah Saputra, Herlina Hidayati, M. Fatchurahman
In state-of-the-art era, technology leads people to changes of life. In the education context, especially in the pandemic situation, there is a transmission of learning way, from conventional to online which is called as Shift-learning. Not excuse, the remote area was affected too. Consequently, this...
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Development of Blended Learning Based MOODLE in Fiction Appreciation at Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program

Idawati, Salamah, Andri Wicaksono, Khaerunnisa
This research aimed to produce a MOODLE learning system integrated with Blended Learning. This research is collaboration between Indonesian Language Education Programs at University of Muhammadiyah Lampung and STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung. The object of this research were students from both universities....
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Genetic Diversity of Rhizopora mucronata in the Timor Island as Learning Sources on Genetic Course Based on Local Natural Resources

Ihwan, Nurdiyah Lestari, Uslan
This research aimed at discovering genetic diversity of Rhizopora mucronata in the Timor Island, in which it could be implemented as learning sources on the genetic course based on local natural resources. There were two stages of this research, namely quantitative-qualitative descriptive research, and...
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Improving Students’ Science Process Skills for Material of Forces Through the Contextual Teaching Learning Model (CTL) in Elementary School

Julhidayat Muhsam, Muhammad R. Letasado
Science process skill is an important aspect in learning natural science. However, previous studies revealed that students’ science process skills were still low so that various efforts are needed to improve it. One of the efforts to be done is implementing a learning model that can facilitate these...
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The Advantages of Personal Documentation Video in Improving Students’ Speaking Skill for Presentation

Madya Giri Aditama, Dwi Haryanti, Musiman, Fitria Wulan Sari
Speaking is one of the most important skills in English. Speaking English in public is difficult for Indonesian students because English is learnt as foreign language. Speaking practice should be done continually and effectively. Personal presentation is used as a practice method for students to be able...
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Character Education in Junior High School

Mahmuddin, Siti Halimah, Nurma Yunita, Norhayatun, Apuanor, Sudarmono, Gita Anggraini
Character education is the best preparation to meet students’ personalities better in their lives. This research was conducted to determine the planting of character education in SMP Negeri 10 Sampit. The subjects in this study were all students of SMP Negeri 10 Sampit, totaling 202 students. Data collection...
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The Influence of the Implementation of Affection-Based Learning With the Help of Poster Media to Improve Bahasa Indonesia Learning Outcome on Students of Grade V SD Inpres Sikumana 3 Kota Kupang

Muhamad R. Letasado, Julhidayat Muhsam
This research aims to identify the influence of the implementation of affection-based learning with the help of poster media to improve the learning outcome of Bahasa Indonesia of students of grade V SD inpres Sikumana 3 Kota Kupang. This research used quasi experiment method by applying research design...
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EYL in Indonesia: Implementations, Problems, and Challenges

Musiman, Anam Sutopo, R.Muhammad Ali, Madya Giri Aditama, Alivermana Wiguna, Ahmad Syafiq
English is becoming more and more important language in th2 21st century. To respond this condition, some countries start introducing English to their school students earlier. In the newest Curriculum 2013, Indonesian government changes the status of English in elementary school to be an extracurricular...
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The Effectiveness of Distance Learning for Elementary School

Novia Wahyu Wardhani
The existence of covid 19 made many changes occur, especially in the world of education. One of the changes that occurred is the shift from conventional learning to distance learning. Distance learning turns out to be ineffective when a learner does not focus on himself to fully learn. However, not much...
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Character Education Implementation in SMP Negeri 3 Sampit

Novianti Rahmawati, Muhamat Qahfi, Sasqia Anna Karina, Alivermana Wiguna, Riza Amalia, Khairil Anwar, Husna Mariyani, Jayadi, Agus Heriyanto
Character education has a very important role, because of various problems regarding the character of the nation’s children today. The Ministry of National Education is also moving fast, declaring cultural education and national character as a national movement. Character education must be carried out...
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The Readiness of School Health at The New Habits Adaptation Era

Nugroho Kuncoro Yudho, Apuanor, Muhamat Qahfi, Mahmu’ddin, Sudarmono, Siti Halimah, Anwar Muttaqien, Khilmi Zuhroni, Alivermana Wiguna
Health and education are human rights and investments in improving the quality of human resources, as well as contributing to improving the human development index. The implementation of learning is the most important part of education, should be in principle to the health and safety of students, educators,...
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Blended Learning Model Implementation in the Normal, Pandemic, and New Normal Era

Rahmat Mahmud
The Covid-19 pandemic has made all of us stay at home while learning needs to continue. The only option is to take advantage of an online platform for learning, but the sudden implementation leaves everyone unprepared. This unpreparedness can be seen before us, not only in one or two schools but throughout...
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Effectiveness of Learning Using Online Discussion Methods Pandemic Period

Siti Halimah, Norhayatun, Norlela, Ifan Julianta, M. Hadianur, Alivermana Wiguna, Nugroho Kuncoro Yudho
This research was conducted to find out the effectiveness of learning using online discussion methods pandemic period. The hypothesis proposed in this research is how the effectiveness of learning using online discussion methods pandemic period. Researcher used quantitative descriptive as research method....
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Symbolic Deixis in Persuasive Discourse: Review of Learning Media with Forensic Linguistic Perspective

Sri Waljinah, Khudzaifah Dimyati, Harun Joko Prayitno, Chryshnanda Dwilaksana, Purwadi Wahyu Anggoro
Persuasive speech becomes a strategy to attain certain goals and objectives in the communication process. The present study aims at revealing symbolic deixis in persuasive discourse on road signs/lane markings, specifically popular jargons as learning media based on the perspective of forensic linguistics....
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An Evaluation of Indonesian English Textbook for Secondary School: Teachers’ Perspective

Susiati, Elok Mufidati
This study aims to explore teachers’ views on the quality of When English Rings a Bell as a nationally used English handbook in Indonesia. Employing the criteria of a good textbook from Cunningsworth, the textbook was analysed. English teachers were interviewed to give their insights about the textbook...
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Quality Improvement of Contextual Accounting Learning Management Based on Lesson Study in Senior High School

Suyatmini, Sutama, Wafrotur Rohmah, Titik Asmawati
The objective of this study is to analyze and describe the quality improvement of contextual accounting learning management based on lesson study in senior high school of Surakarta. This is a qualitative study. The subjects of the study were principal, teachers, and students. The data was collected through...
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Pluralism Consciousness for Students at Muhammadiyah University of Kupang Through Multicultural Education

Syahrul, Siti Susanti M. Djaha
The Muhammadiyah University of Kupang (UMK) is famous as a pluralistic institution because this campus has Islamic ideology, but it is dominated by Christian students (75% Christian and 25% Moslem). The pluralism is increasingly strengthened through the vision of a multicultural institution as well as...
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The Diversity of Tree Strata Vegetation in Ancient Volcano Mujil Kulon Progo Region as A Learning Source for Biology Subject in the First Grade of Senior High School

Trikinasih Handayani, Alpendi, Nugroho
Mount Mujil is an ancient volcano which is located in Kulon Progo district with elevation of 265 msl. Currently this area is mostly overgrown by various vegetations, in which one of them is tree strata vegetation. Researches regarding the vegetation has not been done quite much. Hence, this research...
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The Improvement of Science Learning Outcomes of Primary School Students Through the Model of POGIL- Supplemented With the Student Worksheet

Ummu Aiman, Sunimbar, Uslan
This research aimed at discovering the improvement of students’ learning outcomes using the mode of POGIL- supplemented with the student worksheet. This research was a quasi-experiment using post-test only control group design. The data of learning outcomes ability were obtained through test. The data...
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Heutagogy Approach: The Implementation of New Normal Era Learning

Yogianti dwi Rahayu Wismaningrum, Harun Joko Prayitno, Eko Supriyanto
This research looks at the Heutogogy Approach, a form of self-determined learning in the New Normal Era. The method used was literatu observation and review. For the heutagogical approach carried out with learning and teaching, in this case students are very independent because of the emphasis on determining...